[Ephemera relating to the Australian federal election campaigns : including press releases, policy speeches, advertising material, how to vote cards, etc.].
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Item 1 Mr. Calwell and the Faceless Men

Item 2 Go for Gunn. David Gunn Liberal Senate Candidate. [1970 Federal Election]

Item 3 For the Senate vote Liberal. Go for Gunn. [1970 Federal Election]

Item 4 Go for Gunn. David Gunn Liberal Senate Candidate. [1970 Federal Election]

Item 5 Gough. A bigger mouth than 'Jaws'.

Item 6 What Labor has done for Tasmanian Housewives - the Facts.

Item 7 Bob Hawke. Bringing Australia Together [bumper sticker]

Item 8 Hawke [portrait]

Item 9 Bob Hawke for Australia [bumper sticker]

Item 10 For Australia. [badge with portrait of Bob Hawke]

Item 11 Shame on you Fraser, shame. [bumper sticker]

Item 12 Labor cares [front]

Item 13 Vote Labor [back]

Item 14 Don't blame me - I vote Liberal [bumper sticker]

Item 15 The Defender. The Ram (to Caw-cuss Unifactionists). - "I know you would like to pick his bones but you must pull me down first."

Item 16 Rescue Australia! [Federal Election 1931]

Item 17 Why Elect Employers? Vote "Labor!" Wage-Earners Only!! [Federal Election 1917]

Item 18 Dr. Crook is the 1. ALP [Federal Election1969?]

Item 19 Our Security is THREATENED. Don't Let AUSTRALIA Stand Alone.

Item 20 It's a Labor Wall - Help Prevent it Fall... [Federal Election 1955?]

Item 21 Appeal to Women Electors [Federal Election 1955?]

Item 22 Watch your step ... Vote for Country Party candidates.

Item 23 Study this Picture ... Help the Bruce-Page combination to drag these burdens from the backs of the countrymen.

Item 24 Continuous 'phone services for the country.

Item 25 A Countryman's Government.

Item 26 Postmaster-General Gibson is a Farmer Himself...

Item 27 Give Whitlam a Fair Go [bumper sticker]

Item 28 It's time. [badge]

Item 29 we want Gough [bumper sticker]

Item 30 Australia Deserves Better.

Item 31 He reckons he'll get away with it again.

Item 32 Ever made $1.3M while sleeping on the job?

Item 33 Who is the fellow in the boat? Labor will tell you.

Item 34 Did WE say that?

Item 35 Keep Evans Clean. Vote 1 Mackay Liberal. [litter bag]

Item 36 Health. It's time.

Item 37 To the women of Australia...

Item 38 What is a "woman's issue?"

Item 39 Women win with Labor!

Item 40 Only a Liberal Government Can Free Australia's Workforce.

Item 41 The only way to keep your job is to make sure Reith loses his job. [fake $90 note]

Item 42 Mr. Howard's GST would be a real headache.

Item 43 Give Mr. Howard's GST the brush!

Item 44 Achievements of the Keating Labor Government.

Item 45 The Christmas Waits. [1922 Federal Election]

Item 46 Women and the A.L.P. Bringing Australia together.

Item 47 A better deal for tertiary students.

Item 48 The Adventures of Patch ... Mr. Howard's GST makes a really bad read.

Item 49 Operation Education. A nation invests in the future...

Item 50 Medicare stays. This card and its benefits are yours for keeps with the Liberals.

Item 51 Save life on planet Earth. Give children a future.

Item 52 The future has forests. Vote 1 Nuclear Disarmament Party.

Item 53 Pauline Hanson's One Nation. The voice of the people.

Item 54 Pauline Hanson preparing for take off. Her policies have been launched.

Item 55 Peace, Social Justice, Environment, Democracy. The Greens.

Item 56 Australian Democrats. The Australian Democrats are the only major political party to oppose the destruction of the Tasmanian south west wilderness.

Item 57 An invitation from Peter Staples, ALP candidate for Diamond Valley to a 'No Dam' rally/picnic.

Item 58 No Dams.

Item 60 Joh for PM [sticker-1987 election]

Item 61 Life with Keating. Life with Hewson. [1993 election]

Item 62 "To the woman of the house" Letter from Ann Bott [wife of candidate Bill Bott 2001 election]

Item 63 Will your vote bring illegal immigrants to the Tweed? [2001 election]

Item 64 Labor's 4WD Tax [1998 election]

Item 65 Who is the most dangerous man in Australia? [image of Evatt. 1958 election]

Item 66 This road leads to WAR [communist party - 1958 election]

Item 67 He's got them where he wants them! ... Vote Labor Against Conscription By Marking Your Ballot Paper Thus: 1 Dedman, J.J. [1940 election]

Item 68 Selstra: putting profits before people. Call John Howard. Date of issue 03/03/96. If John Howard is elected on 2 March the Liberals will sell off Telstra.

Item 69 Lapel pin approx. 1.5 cm diameter. Yellow border surrounding green Australia on white background. (Nationals 1990 Federal Election).

Item 70 Sticker approx. 21 x 7 cm. (Federal election 1990 Nationals)