Guide to the Papers of Kylie Tennant

MS 10043

National Library of Australia

Date completed: December 2007
Last updated: December 2007

This finding aid was revised and published with the assistance of the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust.

Collection Summary

Creator: Tennant, Kylie, 1912-1988
Title: Papers of Kylie Tennant
Date Range: 1891-1989 (bulk 1933-1988)
Collection Number: MS 10043
Extent: 7.25 m. (45 boxes + 2 folio boxes) + 1 elephant folio
Repository: National Library of Australia


Scope and Content

The papers reflect the personal and professional life of Australian writer, Kylie Tennant. They include correspondence, personal documents, notes and notebooks, literary manuscripts, press cuttings, photographs and graphic material. The bulk of the collection comprises correspondence and research material, notes and drafts relating to Tennant's literary works. The papers of Tennant's husband, L.C. Rodd, are present throughout the collection, largely in the form of correspondence. Series 7 also contains material documenting Rodd's school and church affiliations.

The correspondence is both personal and professional in nature. The majority of the business correspondence relates to Tennant's positions as Australian Literary Adviser with Macmillan Ltd (1960-1969) and Member of the Advisory Board of the Commonwealth Literary Fund (1961-1973), and to the publication of her books.

Australian literary figures amongst the correspondents include: Kay Brown, Nancy Cato, Clem Christesen, Robert Darby, Beatrice Davis, Geoffrey Dutton, Miles Franklin, Mary Gilmore, Dorothy Green, Max Harris, Elizabeth Harrower, Tom Inglis Moore, Elizabeth Jolley, Nancy Keesing, David Martin, Stephen Murray-Smith, Nettie Palmer, Nancy Phelan, Hal Porter, Colin Roderick, Peter Scriven, Thomas Shapcott, Douglas Stewart, Judah Waten, Patrick White and Patricia Wrightson. Other correspondents represented in the collection by significant amounts of papers include long-term friend and Maitland City Librarian, Mavis Cribb, the Reverend Alfred Clint, Doris Chadwick, Jack Ross and Tennant's children, Bim (John) and Benison Rodd.


Until 2007, the papers of Kylie Tennant comprised two separate collections: MS 4734 and MS 7574. In 2007 the two collections were amalgamated into a single sequence and at this stage two small consignments, received in 2006 (Acc06/32) and 2007 (Acc07/72), were incorporated into the sequence. A series arrangement largely reflecting that of MS 7574 was applied to the entire collection, now numbered MS 10043.

The order of folders within each series follows the order of receipt of material, ie MS 4734, followed by MS 7574, followed by the 2006 and 2007 instalments. Disruption to the order of folders moved from the original two collections to the new arrangement has been kept to a minimum, ie runs of folders containing similar material have been maintained unless the contents strongly warranted moving them to a separate series. For example, papers of L.C. Rodd (Tennant's husband) appear throughout the collection, whilst folders containing only material created or compiled by Rodd can now be found in Series 7. Similarly, papers relating to Tennant's biography of H.V. Evatt are collated in Series 4.

The internal order of material in folders has been retained. In many instances the contents of folders comprise a mix of correspondence, drafts, notes, research material and press cuttings. To facilitate discovery of material within folders, folder descriptions from the original guides have been utilised and enhanced to represent the contents as accurately as possible. Alternatively, where similar material appears in most folders in a series, this fact is highlighted in the series description.

Researchers wishing to locate material from the original Tennant collections should refer to the Appendix to this list, 'Locations of material moved in 2007 rearrangement of Tennant collections'.


The collection is available for reference.


The papers of Kylie Tennant were received by the Library in a number of instalments between 1973 and 2007: in 1973 Tennant donated papers relating to her biography of Evatt; in 1976 a large instalment was purchased from Tennant (originally MS 4734); in 1988 an instalment was purchased from Tennant's daughter, Benison Rodd, and her literary executor, Mavis Cribb, via her agents, Curtis Browne (originally MS 7574); and between 1988 and 2007 several small instalments were donated by Benison Rodd (including Acc05/188 (originally MS 7574, folder 81a), Acc06/32 and Acc07/72).

Copying and Publishing

Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

Related Material

Correspondence of Kylie Tennant can be found in the personal papers of other individuals and in organisational records which are held in the Manuscript Collection, including the papers of Doris Chadwick (MS 6666), Ray I. Harding (MS 7115), Judah Waten (MS 4536), Rudolph Brunswick (MS 6246), Walter Murdoch (MS 2987), Nancy Cato (MS 757), Mrs B. McLachlan (MS 8451), L.C. Rodd (MS 7575) and the records of the Australian Society of Authors (MS 4572). To locate correspondence in collections with online finding aids, search via the Library's website at

A typescript copy of Tennant's play, 'Here or nowhere', is held in the Manuscripts Collection in literary papers collected by the Aboriginal Treaty Committee (A.C.T.) (MS 6856).

In the Oral History Section, interviews with Kylie Tennant are held at ORAL TRC 1/92, ORAL TRC 1/341-342 and ORAL TRC 801.

A Biography file on Kylie Tennant is available in the Newspaper and Microform Reading Room.

The Pictures Section of the Library holds photographs of Tennant and a portrait of her by Nan Paterson. The Pictures catalogue can be searched and some of these images viewed online via the Library's website at

Tennant's published works are listed on the Library's catalogue.

Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Papers of Kylie Tennant, National Library of Australia, MS 10043, [series and/or folder number]'.

Biographical Note

Kathleen ('Kylie') Tennant was born in 1912 and raised in Manly, NSW. Her parents were Thomas Walter and Katherine (née Tollhurst) Tennant. She was educated at a private school in Manly, Brighton College. As a child her interests were reading, writing and acting. In 1932 Tennant married Lewis Charles Rodd, a teacher and social historian, who was to become her typist and unofficial editor. They had two children, Benison and John Laurence ('Bim').

In early life Tennant worked as a journalist, publicity officer for the ABC, barmaid and church sister. With the aim of acquiring first hand experience for her novels, she took to the roads with the unemployed during the 1930s Depression, lived in Sydney slums and with Aboriginal Communities and spent a week in gaol. As her reputation as a writer grew and she took over the role of breadwinner for the family, Tennant took on work as a book reviewer, lecturer, literary adviser and Commonwealth Literary Fund Advisory Board member.

Tennant's novels include Tiburon (1935); The battlers (1941); Ride on stranger (1943); Time enough later (1943); Lost Haven (1946); The joyful condemned (1953, published in its unabridged form with the title Tell morning this in 1967); The honey flow (1956); and Tantavallon (1983). She also wrote Speak you so gently (1959), an account of life in an Aboriginal community; Australia: her story (1953), a popular history of Australia; a biography of H.V.Evatt, Evatt: politics and justice (1970); Ma Jones and the little white cannibals (1967), a collection of short stories; a series of plays and books for children including All the proud tribesmen (1959); Tether a Dragon (1952), a play about Alfred Deakin; The man on the headland (1971), an account of the Diamond Head area of N.S.W.; and an autobiography, The missing heir (1986). She also edited three collections of short stories.

Amongst the awards won by Tennant for her work were the S.H. Prior Memorial Prize for Tiburon and The Battlers, for which she also won the Australian Literature Society's Gold Medal, a Commonwealth Jubilee Stage Award for Tether a Dragon, and the Children's Book Council Medal for All the proud tribesmen. Tennant was made AO in 1980.

Tennant's personal life was dogged by tragedy. She nursed her mother, husband and father through their last illnesses. Her son, John ('Bim'), was diagnosed with schizophrenia and died in mysterious circumstances at a young age. Nearing her own death from cancer, Tennant wrote and circulated a 'Last letter to a friend', in which she pleaded for the legalisation of euthanasia.

Tennant died in February 1988, survived by her daughter, Benison Rodd.

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Series List and Descriptions

Series 1 Correspondence, 1929-1988

This series comprises correspondence of Tennant and her husband, L.C. Rodd. Many folders contain both business and private correspondence, including outgoing business letters of Tennant and Rodd. Much of the business correspondence was produced or received by Tennant during her period as Macmillan Ltd's Australian Literary Adviser in the 1960s, including many reports on submitted manuscripts and letters to writers. Literary drafts (mainly excerpts), notes, press cuttings, correspondence between Rodd and Tennant, and letters from Tennant's publishers, literary colleagues Kay Brown and Elizabeth Harrower, long-term friend and Maitland City Librarian, Mavis Cribb, appear throughout the series. Generally names of other correspondents are highlighted in the folder descriptions only where there is more than one letter.

Australian literary figures amongst the correspondents include Nancy Cato, Clem Christesen, Robert Darby, Beatrice Davis, Geoffrey Dutton, Miles Franklin, Mary Gilmore, Dorothy Green, Max Harris, Tom Inglis Moore, Elizabeth Jolley, Nancy Keesing, David Martin, Stephen Murray-Smith, Nettie Palmer, Nancy Phelan, Hal Porter, Colin Roderick, Peter Scriven, Thomas Shapcott, Douglas Stewart, Judah Waten, Patrick White and Patricia Wrightson. Other correspondents represented in the collection by significant amounts of papers include the Reverend Alfred Clint, Doris Chadwick, Jack Ross, and Tennant's children, Bim (John) and Benison Rodd. Correspondence is also to be found in other series, particularly in Series 3.

Folder 1 Correspondence and other papers, c. 1966-1970

Includes: dustjackets for Frank Dalby Davison's Man-shy: a story of men and cattle and Ivan Southall's Hills End; a report on the trial of Alexander McLeod Lindsay; and personal and business correspondence. Correspondents include Nancy Phelan and Alf Clint.

Folder 2 Personal and business correspondence, 1966-1970

Includes Tennant's letters to writers in her capacity as Macmillan's Australian Literary Adviser, and letters from Judah Waten (1 letter), Alf Clint, Benison Rodd, Jack Ross and Dorothy Green.

Folder 3 Correspondence and other papers, 1969-1970

Includes: a bank statement (1970) and publishers' brochures for books of poetry by Amy Cumpston and C.B. Christesen. Correspondents include Nancy Phelan.

Folder 4 Correspondence and other papers, 1966

Includes photographs of Tennant. Correspondents include Jack Ross, Patsy Adam-Smith and Archie Price (National Library of Australia).

Folder 5 Correspondence and other papers, 1970

Includes personal and business correspondence, a grant application and newsletters.

Folder 6 Correspondence and other papers, c. 1965-1969

Includes newsletters and personal and business correspondence. Correspondents include Hal Porter (1 letter) and Jack Ross.

Folder 7 Correspondence and other papers, 1969-1970

Includes: newsletters; a bank statement; book reviews from The New Yorker; a catalogue for an art show in which Benison Rodd was an exhibitor; and personal and business correspondence. Correspondents include Jack Ross.

Folder 8 Correspondence and other papers, 1970-1971

Includes letters to the editor of Nation, an ACT map and guide and business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Mary Alice Evatt (1 letter).

Folder 9 Business correspondence, c. 1941-1957

Includes printed item: 'An urgent call to prayer and action: an intercession for the building up of a truly Christian civilisation in the territory of Papua and New Guinea'.

Folder 10 Correspondence, 1941-1955, 1964

Largely personal correspondence. Correspondents include Martin Boyd (1 letter) (plus copies of Tennant's letters to Boyd), Mary Gilmore (1) and Eleanor Dark (1).

Folder 11 Business correspondence, c. 1943-1952

Includes financial papers relating to the Sirius Publishing Company and legal papers associated with a claim against Tennant's book, Ride on stranger.

Folder 12 Letters from James Benson to Alf Clint, c. 1948-1954

Benson writes about the activities of the Anglican Church in Papua New Guinea and government-mission relationships.

Folder 13 Business correspondence, 1944, c. 1954-1961

Largely concerned with publication of Tennant's books in languages other than English.

Folder 14 Correspondence and other papers, 1952-1957, 1965

Papers relating to the Lockhart River Aboriginal Christian Cooperative Ltd, including: letters from Alf Clint; draft articles by Tennant, 'How not to travel by air' and 'Lead me to Lockhart'; and an exercise book belonging to a child from Lockhart River Mission.

Folder 15 Correspondence and other papers, 1934, c. 1941-1964

Includes a certificate regarding a coronation medal sent to Tennant and business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Patrick White (1 telegram), Tom Inglis Moore, David Martin, Stephen Murray-Smith and Mary Gilmore (1 letter).

Folder 16 Correspondence and other papers, 1955

Largely papers relating to a visit by Tennant to Lockhart River Mission, including personal correspondence and an exercise book belonging to school pupil, Isaac Hobbs.

Folder 17 Correspondence and other papers, 1971-1973

Includes: an issue of Report: International Catholic News; a recipe; a royalty statement; a pamphlet entitled 'A drive and walk through historic Hunters Hill'; and business and personal correspondence. The correspondents include Bim (John) and Benison Rodd and Nettie Palmer (copy of a letter).

Folder 18 Correspondence and other papers, c. 1970-1972

Includes a royalty statement, legal papers and a medical report relating to a motor vehicle accident in which Bim (John) Rodd was involved in 1968.

Folder 19 Correspondence and other papers, 1971-1972

Largely business correspondence, but including: drafts of articles by Tennant, 'Alfred Deakin: the day of vindication', 'Martin Boyd' and 'The good life of the heart'; a brochure entitled 'The poor man's wealth'; and a letter regarding the purchase of property in Blackheath. Correspondents include Judah Waten, Nancy Phelan and Dorothy Green.

Folder 20 Correspondence and other papers, 1972-1973

Includes: scraps of poetry in Bim (John) Rodd's handwriting; newsletters from the Labor Party, Fellowship of Australian Writers and Society of Women Writers; publications Tides flow: poems by Marjorie Pizer (1972) and 'A note after reading the Old Testament in the New English Bible, published in early 1970'; and business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Bim (John) Rodd, Nancy Phelan and Lord Casey (1).

Folder 21 Correspondence and other papers, 1972-1974

Includes: papers dealing with the family's car; a 1974 issue of 'Impact: the official organ of the Central Methodist Mission', Sydney; and business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Eleanor Dark (1 letter), Hal Porter (1), Elizabeth Jolley and Judah Waten (1).

Folder 22 Business and personal correspondence, 1972-1974

Correspondents include Manning Clark (1 letter), Judah Waten (1) and Benison Rodd.

Folder 23 Correspondence and other papers, 1964, 1972-1974

Includes: financial papers, some relating to Tennant's Blackheath property (1964); a photograph, possibly of Ernie Metcalfe; and business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Bim (John) Rodd.

Folder 24 Correspondence and other papers, 1961-1963

Includes an Australian Board of Missions report (1961) and business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Stephen Murray-Smith.

Folder 25 Correspondence and other papers, 1961-1963

Includes a list of residents at Tranby Aboriginal College and Durungaling Training Centre (1962) and business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Clem Christesen, Tom Inglis Moore, Hal Porter (1 letter) and Judah Waten (1).

Folder 26 Correspondence and other papers, 1961-1964

Includes a draft of an article by Tennant, 'The dark people'. Correspondents include Blacktown Girls High School, the Minister for Social Services (inviting Tennant to join the Committee of the Commonwealth Literary Fund, 1961), Clem Christesen and Alf Clint.

Folder 27 Business correspondence, 1958-1961

Correspondents include Mary Durack, Vincent Serventy (1 letter), Max Harris and Clem Christesen.

Folders 28-32 Business correspondence, 1960-1963

Largely correspondence relating to Tennant's position as Macmillan's Australian Literary Adviser.

Folders 33-34 Correspondence and other papers, c. 1938-1943, 1966

Includes: letters in diary form written by Tennant to Rodd whilst she was travelling through New South Wales probably in the 1930s; press cuttings from 1966; and a copy of a university seminar paper by Judith Wright, 'Poetry as a bridge between people'.

Folders 35-36 Business correspondence, c. 1936-1964

Includes a contract for a biography of Henry Parkes by L.C. Rodd and a letter from Marjorie Barnard.

Folder 37 Financial papers and business correspondence, 1941-1961

Includes a certificate registering 'Kylie Tennant' as a business name, 1942.

Folder 38 Correspondence, c. 1940-1956

Largely personal correspondence. Correspondents include Xavier Herbert (1 letter).

Folders 39-40 Correspondence and other papers relating to Tennant's book, The honey flow, 1950-1956
Folder 41 Correspondence 'from famous and notorious persons', c. 1929-1961

Includes personal references written for Tennant by various people. Correspondents include Nettie Palmer, Hector MacQuarrie, Frank Dalby Davison (1 letter), John Hope, Arthur Calwell (1), Colin Roderick (1) and Clive Evatt.

Folder 42 Personal correspondence, 1935, c. 1945-1964
Folder 43 Business correspondence, 1966-1968
Folder 44 Correspondence and other papers, 1953, 1960-1962

Includes correspondence dealing with manuscripts sent to Tennant for advice after Marion Dreyer of New idea suggested Tennant was interested in the work of Australian women writers. Other correspondents include Jack Ross.

Folders 45-46 Business correspondence, 1966-1968
Folder 47 Correspondence and other papers, 1932-1933, 1951, 1967

Includes souvenir postcards of Brisbane and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Hal Porter (1 letter).

Folder 48 Correspondence and other papers, 1967-1968

Largely business correspondence, but including a draft report by Tennant, 'The Anglican Mission in New Guinea'.

Folder 49 Correspondence and other papers, 1967-1969

Largely business correspondence. Includes: case notes and correspondence relating to the 'Mystery of the near-murdered wife'; and a hand-drawn map of Japan.

Folder 50 Correspondence and other papers, 1967-1968

Includes: issues of Nation: an independent journal (1968); a statement and notes of John (Bim) Rodd regarding a traffic accident; and business and personal correspondence.

Folders 51-54 Business correspondence, 1965-1967
Folder 55 Correspondence and other papers, 1964-1965

Largely business correspondence. Includes notes, possibly documenting Tennant's trip to Japan.

Folder 56 Business and personal correspondence, 1971-1972
Folder 57 Correspondence and other papers, 1961-1964

Includes: a radio script by Tennant for University of the Air on 'The fortunes of Henry Handel Richardson'; a brochure for the Second Adelaide Festival of the Arts (1962); a draft article by Tennant, 'Books that have influenced me'; and business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Jack Ross, Paddy McCallum, Clem Christesen, Geoffrey Dutton (1 letter), Hal Porter (1), Aileen Palmer (1) and Judah Waten (1).

Folder 58 Correspondence and other papers, 1963-1965

Includes: a poster for All the proud tribesmen; a book dust jacket for Summer's tales 1, which Tennant edited; and correspondence, largely business-related. Correspondents include Hal Porter and one from Mary [Durack?] of WA, describing a visit to Perth by Xavier Herbert.

Folder 59 Business and personal correspondence and other papers, 1967-1968

Correspondents include Jack Ross, Patrick White (1 letter) and Hal Porter (1).

Folder 60 Correspondence and other papers, 1973

Includes: copies of The Terrace times and Hemisphere: an Asian-Australian Monthly; personal correspondence, including some from Tennant whilst in Japan and Hong Kong; and business correspondence.

Folder 61 Correspondence and other papers, 1968-1969

Includes: the Fellowship of Australia Writers president's annual report; an autographed copy of Len Fox's Gumleaves and people; minutes of the Commonwealth Literary Fund's Committee and Advisory Board meetings of 7 November 1968; and business and personal correspondence.

Folder 62 Correspondence and other papers, 1969-1974

Includes: signed circulars from Gough Whitlam; legal papers relating to the sale of a property in Artarmon; a draft article by Tennant, 'The ABC and the adolescent'; and business and personal correspondence.

Folder 63 Business correspondence, 1964-1966
Folder 64 Business and personal correspondence, 1970-1972

Correspondents include Patrick White, Nancy Phelan and Hal Porter (1 letter).

Folder 65 Business and personal correspondence, 1970-1972

Correspondents include Nancy Phelan.

Folder 66 Correspondence and other papers, 1969-1970

Includes: a newsletter from the Co-operative for Aborigines Ltd (1969): and business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Jack Ross.

Folder 67 Business and personal correspondence and other papers, c. 1961-1970

Correspondents include Helen Palmer (1 letter) and Jack Ross.

Folder 68 Business and personal correspondence and other papers, 1968-1970

Includes legal papers relating to Bim (John) Rodd's traffic accident and mining on land owned by Tennant.

Folder 69 Correspondence and other papers, 1969-1971

Includes a letter to Tennant announcing she has won second place in a Captain Cook Bicentenary Competition for Evatt: politics and justice, and other business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Judith Wright (1 letter), Nancy Phelan and Patrick White.

Folder 70 Business and personal correspondence, 1970-1971

Correspondents include Patrick White (1 card) and Nancy Phelan.

Folder 71 Correspondence and other papers, 1971

Includes; newsletters from Ecology Action, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the National Trust; and business and personal correspondence.

Folder 72 Personal correspondence, 1971

Correspondents include Bim (John) and Benison Rodd.

Folder 73 Business and personal correspondence, 1971-1972
Folder 74 Business correspondence, 1964-1968
Folder 75 Business correspondence and other papers, c. 1965-1967

Includes a copy of B. Linden Webb's The sun shines on.

Folder 76 Business correspondence, 1965-1966

Includes a letter from Frank Hardy with Tennant's reply.

Folder 77 Business correspondence, 1963-1967

Includes correspondence with Patsy Adam-Smith.

Folder 78 Business correspondence and other papers, 1965-1968

Includes a confidential report by Alf Clint on Cabbage Tree Island, Numbahging Co-operative Society Ltd, November 1965.

Folder 79 Business correspondence and literary typescripts, 1965-1966

Includes a list entitled 'Stories returned to authors', typescripts and correspondence relating to Summer tales 2, which Tennant edited. Correspondents include Elizabeth Jolley.

Folder 80 Business correspondence, 1966-1967

Correspondents include Patsy Adam-Smith and Dame Ngaio Marsh (1 letter).

Folder 81 Business and personal correspondence, 1959-1964
Folder 82 Business correspondence and other papers, 1962-1964

Includes a letter from Hal Porter and one from Stephen Murray-Smith regarding a Commonwealth Literary Fund grant to John Morrison and enclosing a copy of a letter from Morrison.

Folder 83 Business correspondence and other papers, 1963-1964

Includes a copy of a lecture transcript, 'A history of co-operatives in the Territory of Papua New Guinea' and case notes and correspondence relating to the 'Mystery of the near-murdered wife'.

Folders 84-85 Business correspondence, 1963-1965
Folder 86 Business correspondence and other papers, 1963-1964

Includes copies of letters from Dal Stivens to Macmillan Ltd with a note from Stivens to Tennant.

Folder 87 Correspondence and other papers, 1958-1969

Largely personal correspondence, including legal papers relating to Tennant's mother's estate and postcards from Tennant's father ('The Parent'). Other correspondents include Mary Durack (a.k.a. Mary Miller), John Hope (1 letter) and Benison Rodd.

Folder 88 Correspondence and other papers, 1949, 1959-1967

Includes single letters from John Morrison, Ion Idriess and Alan Marshall. Other correspondents include Tom Inglis Moore and Nettie Palmer.

Folder 89 Correspondence, c. 1934-1961

Includes single letters from Marjorie Barnard, Mary Gilmore, Xavier Herbert, Katharine Susannah Prichard, A.D. Hope, Alan Marshall, Patrick White and Robert Menzies (officially inviting Tennant to become a member of the Commonwealth Literary Fund (CLF)). There is also an exchange of letters between Dal Stivens and Tennant regarding an unsuccessful grant application to the CLF for funding for Overland . Other correspondents include Herbert and Ivy Brookes.

Folder 90 Business and personal correspondence, c. 1945-1961

Correspondents include Alf Clint and Vincent Serventy (1 letter).

Folder 91 Correspondence and other papers, 1961-1964

Business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Judah Waten (1 letter), Cecil Holmes, Jack Ross, Nancy Phelan and David Martin.

Folder 92 Correspondence and other papers, 1963-1968

Business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Katharine Susannah Prichard, Hal Porter, Nancy Phelan, Dal Stivens, Judah Waten and Patrick White (1 letter).

Folder 93 Correspondence and other papers, 1963-1964

Business and personal correspondence. Correspondents include Clem Christesen, Alf Clint, Martin Boyd (1 letter), Vincent Serventy, Jack Ross and Hal Porter (1 letter).

Folder 94 Business correspondence, 1964-1965
Folder 95 Largely business correspondence, 1967-1969
Folder 96 Correspondence and other papers, 1951-1959

Includes: correspondence relating to Tennant's appearance at a Festival of Perth event in 1959; a Frank Hardy Defence Fund petition, 1951; and a submission to the Chief Secretary, NSW, regarding the 'Obscene and indecent publications act', 1954.

Folder 97 Correspondence, 1960-1972

Correspondents include Patrick White (1 letter).

Folder 98 Correspondence, 1972-1974

Correspondents include Elizabeth Jolley.

Folder 99 Correspondence and other papers, 1975

Correspondents include Bim (John) Rodd and Elizabeth Jolley.

Folder 100 Correspondence and other papers, 1975-1976

Includes one letter from Patrick White.

Folder 101 Correspondence, 1976

Correspondents include Patrick White and Dorothy Green.

Folder 102 Correspondence , 1977

Includes one letter from Patrick White.

Folder 103 Correspondence, 1978

Includes one letter from Patrick White.

Folder 104 Correspondence, 1979

Includes letters and cards of condolence on the death of L.C. Rodd in July 1979.

Folder 105 Correspondence and other papers, c. 1976-1981

Includes two cards from Patrick White.

Folder 106 Correspondence, 1980

Includes: correspondence relating to Tennant's appointment as an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia; single letters from Peter Scriven, Dal Stivens and Nancy Keesing; and financial reports of the Co-operative for Aborigines Ltd.

Folder 107 Correspondence, 1980
Folder 108 Correspondence and other papers, 1980
Folder 109 Correspondence and other papers, 1981

Includes one letter from Patrick White.

Folder 110 Correspondence and other papers, 1980-1981

Correspondents include Judith Wright (1 letter) and Peter Scriven.

Folder 111 Correspondence, 1982-1987

Includes 'letters from Harold Sheather on Diamond Head 1983-1987'.

Folder 112 Correspondence, 1983

Includes single letters from Peter Scriven, Patrick White and Nancy Keesing. Other correspondents include Harold Sheather and Alec Bolton (making plans to photograph Tennant).

Folder 113 Correspondence, 1984

Correspondents include Harold Sheather.

Folder 114 Correspondence and other papers, 1985

Includes a detailed response by A.C. Clarke to a thesis by Paul Wilson on conscientious objectors during World War II.

Folder 115 Correspondence, 1986
Folder 116 Correspondence, 1986

Correspondents include Harold Sheather and Rosemary Dobson.

Folder 117 Correspondence, 1987-1988

Includes: papers from Monash University relating to an honorary doctorate bestowed on Tennant in 1987; and the original and signed copies of Tennant's 'Last letter to a friend' pleading for the legalisation of euthanasia. Correspondents include Thomas Shapcott (Australia Council), Dale Spender, Caroline Jones, Stephen Murray-Smith and Nancy Phelan.

Folder 118 Correspondence between Tennant and Mavis Cribb and other papers, c. 1954-1977

Includes papers relating to Hal Porter: copies of two critiques by Kenneth Slessor of Porter's poems (1954); copies of three reports by Porter for the Commonwealth Literary Fund (c. 1956-1960); and a hand-corrected draft of Porter's short story, 'Boy meets girl'.

Folder 119 Correspondence between Tennant and Mavis Cribb and other papers, 1978-1983

Includes a document by Dr John Aitkens: 'History of the relationship of the Honourable Medical Board and the Hospital Board'.

Folder 120 Business correspondence, 1969-1979

Largely correspondence and royalty statements from Angus and Robertson. Includes a typescript of a stage adaptation of Tennant's The battlers by John Ratter.

Folder 121 Personal correspondence and other papers, c. 1970-1981

Largely undated letters from Tennant to her husband, L.C. Rodd. Includes a copy of Dr George Selby's report to the NSW Coroner's Court regarding a patient at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Mr Ian Cameron, 1981.

Folder 122 Business correspondence, 1975-1987
Folder 123 Letters, cuttings and other material on euthanasia, 1987-1988
Folder 124 Miscellaneous correspondence, largely 'fan mail', 1974-1988
Folder 125 Undated correspondence

Includes single letters from Peter Scriven and Nancy Keesing.

Series 2 Personal, family and business papers, 1891-1989

This series contains: early written work of Kylie Tennant; a small number of Tennant's appointment diaries and an address book; her award medals and related documents; papers relating to her funeral and will; and a small number of royalty statements and contracts. Other business papers can be found amongst correspondence in Series 1. Series 2 also includes birth, marriage and death certificates and other papers of members of the Rodd and Tennant families, and cuttings about Tennant collected by her mother, Katherine Tennant.

Folders 1-2 Family papers kept by Tennant's mother, c. 1891-1907, c. 1926-1961

Includes: newspaper cuttings about Tennant; Tennant's school reports; a hand-written 'newspaper' (probably created by Tennant); a greetings card hand-made by Tennant when a child; correspondence; and Masonic Lodge admittance certificates, belonging to Tennant's father and grandfather.

Folder 3 Programs, 1925-1928, 1934

Programs, some hand-illustrated, for school plays and recitals, Trinity College recitals and Canowindra Theatre Group performances.

Folder 4 Correspondence, 1986

Two letters, one providing information about the adoptive parents of Tennant's grandson, and the other a medical report of Tennant's partial blindness.

Folder 5 and Bag 6 Correspondence and documents relating to awards, 1926-1927, c. 1980-1987

The awards include: the Order of Australia (1980); the 'Alice' Award (1984); scholastic achievements (1926-1927); and an Honorary Doctorate from Monash University (1987).

Folder 7 Certificates and tickets, c. 1953

Copies of a passenger's ticket and a Masonic Lodge admittance certificate for L.C. Rodd.

Folder 8 Letters of sympathy after Tennant's death, 1988
Folder 9 Family documents, c. 1905-1988

Birth, marriage and death certificates for various Tennant and Rodd family members, and a 1973 passport of Tennant's. Includes an unidentified handwritten 'Reminiscence' recounting a man's fortunes in England, America and Australia.

Bag 10 Remembrance book and copy of the sermon read at Tennant's funeral, 1988
Bag 11 Juvenilia, 1922

A notebook containing poems and stories written by Tennant at the age of 10 years and dedicated to her mother.

Bag 12 School exercise book containing botany class notes, 1928
Bag 13 Address book and correspondence list, c. 1967
Bag 14 Diaries, 1974, 1980, 1987-1988
Folder 15 Exercise book of juvenilia and press cuttings, 1922-1926

Includes: poems by Tennant published in the Sunday Sun and Farmer and Grazier; other press cuttings about Tennant; and typescript poems.

Folders 16-17 Contracts and royalty statements, 1946-1982

Largely publishers' contracts.

Folder 18 Details of the auction of Tennant's private library, 1989
Bag 19 Photocopies of contracts
Folder 20 Legal papers, c. 1988-1992

A copy of Tennant's will, probate documents and optioning agreements for a film treatment of Tennant's The battlers.

Bag 21 Children's Book Council Book of the Year medal, 1960
Bag 22 Order of Australia (AO) medal, 1980

Series 3 Writings of Kylie Tennant, 1933-1987

Contained in this series are draft literary works, typescripts, bound manuscripts, notes and notebooks, research material, correspondence, personal papers and press cuttings. Many of the papers relate to Tennant's published books. Included is a significant amount of material collected during the writing of her account of life in Aboriginal cooperatives and the activities of Anglican minister, Father Alf Clint, Speak you so gently; articles on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme; draft plays, poems, short stories and reviews by Tennant; and press cuttings of her published short stories and other works. Papers relating to Evatt: politics and justice can be found in Series 4.

Drafts and typescripts of unpublished stories, poems and plays which can be found in this series include 'Murder Mountain', 'Firehead', 'Here or Nowhere', 'To Hail the Queen', 'A Room at the Royal', 'Horseman in the Night', 'The Wishing Tree', 'The Yellow Shoes' and 'Bayeaux Tapestry'.

Folder 1 Draft excerpt of The man on the headland with a covering letter from Tennant to L.C. Rodd
Folder 2 Drafts, notes and research material, c. 1945, c.1956-1958

Includes: draft excerpts, research material, a glossary of gaol vocabulary and notes relating to Tell morning this; a draft article, 'Alf [Clint] remembers New Guinea'; and notes and other papers relating to the Lockhart River Mission.

Folder 3 Research material, drafts and printed items, [c. 1945]

Includes: research material on immigration, maternity allowances, gaols and prostitution, wages and Aboriginals; specifications for a house to be built at Diamond Head; draft articles on the Snowy Mountain Hydro-electric Scheme; a copy of an 'Act relating to the care and treatment of mentally defective prisoners'; and a brochure for 'Belhaven: the Youth Welfare Association of Australia's first home'.

Folder 4 Notes, research material and drafts, c. 1942-1950

Includes: early draft excerpts of, and research material relating to, Tell morning this, Speak you so gently and The honey flow; a photograph of Tennant with a baby and Ernie Metcalfe in a horse-drawn carriage; and a Child Welfare Advisory Council report.

Folder 5 Typescript copy of Peter Scriven's musical play, ' A man's mad'

Words and music by Hal Saunders and Kurt Herweg, dialogue by Tennant.

Folder 6 Draft articles and correspondence, 1956-1957

Includes: articles on Alf Clint, 'The Borah' and 'The old stones' (about Lockhart River Mission); and correspondence between Tennant and L.C. Rodd, and from Alf Clint.

Folder 7 Reference material, correspondence and drafts (MISSING)
Folders 8-9 Drafts, notes, research material relating to the Lockhart River Mission, c. 1952-1958

Folder 9 includes: draft articles, 'Defence of villains' and 'Hansen the representative of Lloyds'; and correspondence between Tennant, Rodd and Benison Rodd and from Alf Clint.

Folder 10 Drafts, notes and research material, c. 1945-1959

Includes: draft excerpts and research material on Aboriginal themes, including Report of visit to Pindan Camps by Jessie Street , 'Can we assimilate the Aborigine?' by F.B. Vickers and 'Report: Weipa Bauxite Field and Thursday Island'; an ABC radio script for a program on We of the Never-Never; and miscellaneous drafts including 'Literature and the life illusion'.

Folder 11 Drafts, research material and correspondence, c. 1940-1959

Includes: an issue of 'Lockhart news' (1959-60); research material relating to Aboriginal themes, prisons and World War II; miscellaneous drafts; and correspondence between Tennant and L.C. Rodd.

Folder 12 Drafts, correspondence, notes and research material, c. 1944-1957

Includes: drafts and research material about Thursday Island and Papua New Guinea; and correspondence between Tennant and L.C. Rodd.

Folder 13 Autographed typescript of Tennant's play, 'Tether a dragon'
Folder 14 Notes, drafts and correspondence, c. 1969

Includes drafts, a notebook and loose notes relating to Man on the headland

Folder 15 Draft excerpts of Man on the headland
Folder 16 Miscellaneous draft excerpts, research material and business correspondence, c. 1969-1971
Folder 17 Drafts, correspondence and other papers, c. 1933-1939, c. 1966

Includes: personal correspondence including a letter from Tennant to Naomi Lewis describing her life as a new wife; a partial draft of Ma Jones and the little white cannibals; and a Coonabarabran Repertory Society program listing Kylie and L.C. Rodd amongst the cast (1933).

Folder 18 Drafts and notes

Material on the Rocks in Sydney and its history.

Folder 19 Drafts, correspondence, notes and research material, c. 1961-1964

Largely on Aboriginal themes. Includes a draft article, 'The sorrow of Lockhart River Mission'.

Folder 20 Drafts, correspondence and other papers, c. 1970-1971

Includes: draft poems and press cuttings of published poems by Tennant; and photographs, including an envelope containing 'Photographs for possible inclusion in 'Portrait of a gentleman' (The man on the headland).

Folder 21 Drafts, notes and other papers, c. 1953-1959

Includes: a draft children's play, 'A United Nations Day pageant'; draft articles on the Lockhart River Mission and the Snowy River Scheme; and ABC Youth Education Deptartment radio scripts.

Folder 22 Drafts, notes, research material and correspondence, c. 1952-1956

Includes: a notebook, loose notes, research material and correspondence relating to the Lockhart River Mission; draft of an unnamed play; ABC radio scripts for a program on Tennant's All the proud tribesmen; and an ABC Radio Repertory script of her play, 'Tether a dragon'.

Folder 23 Typescript of Ma Jones and the little white cannibals
Folder 24 Drafts, correspondence and other papers, c. 1952-1961

Includes: an autographed typescript copy of 'Tether a dragon'; a softbound copy of 'The Australia story: presenting Australia to the world'; a draft radio script for We of the Never Never; and personal and business correspondence.

Folder 25 Drafts, notes and correspondence, c. 1952-1972

Includes: drafts and press cuttings of published articles by Tennant; notes and drafts relating to the Lockhart River Mission; a letter from Guido Baracchi entitled 'My last letter to Dr Evatt' (1960) and one from Katharine Susannah Prichard to Baracchi (1965).

Folder 26 Bound draft of 'The Australia story'
Folder 27 Drafts and other papers, c. 1958

Includes: drafts of articles on Aboriginal themes and of Ma Jones and the little white cannibals; and the text of a Commonwealth Literary Fund lecture by Tennant on 'The development of the Australian novel'.

Folder 28 Research material and correspondence relating to Speak you so gently, 1940, c. 1947-1958

Includes: various published items, such as South Pacific (1957); Australian Board of Mission reports; extensive correspondence between members of the Mission of the Holy Cross, Papua New Guinea; and reports and letters relating to a 1949 'Good Friday incident' in New Guinea.

Folder 29 Research material, draft, notes and photograph, c. 1945-1950

Includes: pamphlets published by the NSW Department of Agriculture and the Department of Conservation on rice growing and beekeeping; Australian Board of Missions pamphlets; drafts and notes relating to Tennant's The honey flow; and a photograph of beekeepers.

Folder 30 Research material, correspondence, drafts and notes, 1940-1946, 1961

Includes: material on conscientious objectors (CO) and L.C. Rodd's application to register as a CO with supporting letters; research material on the juvenile justice system and gaols in Australia; and drafts and notes on Australian history.

Folders 31-32 Draft play, 'Firehead'
Folder 33 Drafts, research material and notebook

Papers relating to Australia: her story and 'Firehead'.

Folder 34 Typescript, 'Firehead'
Folder 35 Typescript, 'Tether a dragon'
Folder 36 Draft reviews by Tennant of various authors' essays
Folder 37 Typescript, 'Portrait of a gentleman' (The man on the headland)
Bags 38-40 Bound typescripts, Tell morning this
Bag 41 Bound typescript, 'The brown van' by 'Antiene' (The battlers)
Bag 42 Bound typescript, All the proud tribesmen
Bag 43 Bound typescript, Speak you so gently
Bags 44-46 Notebooks
Folder 47 Typescript, 'Murder mountain'
Folder 48 Drafts, poetry
Folder 49 Miscellaneous typescripts, plays, poems and reviews by Tennant
Folder 50 Miscellaneous typescripts, 1920, c. 1975-1978

Includes: reviews; Tennant's views on autobiography; a paper on Australian prose; a eulogy to Donald McLean (1975); a copy of a statement by Tennant relating to her son's death (1978); and four pages of hand-written stories by Tennant (1920).

Folder 51 Miscellaneous drafts and notes, c. 1960-1981

Includes: a paper on H.H. Richardson; Tennant's horoscope by Dymock Brose (1980); and correspondence.

Folder 52 Bound autographed typescript, 'The firehead'
Folder 53 Miscellaneous rough typescripts
Folder 54 Bound autographed typescript of a book of short stories, 'The rake off'
Folders 55-60 Draft typescripts of The missing heir, c. 1980-1984

Folder 58 includes a transcript of an oral history interview of Tennant by Ken Henderson (1980).

Folder 61 Typescript of Man on the headland
Folders 62-65 Draft typescripts of Tantavallon, 1983
Folders 66-67 Typescript of 'The first battle of Tantavallon'
Folders 68-69 Imperfect draft typescripts of Tantavallon
Folders 70-75 'Roughs' of Tantavallon
Folder 76 Bound typescript of the play, 'Here or nowhere' ('The firehead'), [c. 1960]
Folders 77-78 Draft plays and reviews, [c. 1941-1959]

Includes publications, Tennant's The bushrangers' Christmas eve and other plays (1959) and school magazines (1941-1942).

Folders 79-80 Draft short stories and press cuttings of published stories by Tennant, c. 1952-1974
Folders 81-82 Draft hand-written and typescript articles on literary subjects
Folder 83 Miscellaneous draft articles and plays, marked 'In progress'
Folder 84 Notes and memorabilia from a trip to Japan on the ship 'New Holland', 1973
Folder 85 Reviews, drafts and other papers, c. 1954-1987

Includes: an outline for a proposed television series based on The battlers; and draft book reviews and press cuttings of published reviews by Tennant.

Series 4 Evatt: politics and justice, 1942, 1965-1972

Papers relating to Tennant's biography of Dr Herbert Vere Evatt, including: notes and notebooks; research material; drafts and typescripts; a rough-bound copy of the published book; photographs of Evatt; and correspondence. The correspondence includes letters sent by people who knew Evatt in response to Tennant's solicitation of personal anecdotes about him, and letters received by Tennant after publication of the book. Some of the research material is about the Petrov Affair (1954).

Bags 1-2 Notes and notebooks, c. 1966-1969
Folder 3 Notes, notebook and extract from Hansard, c. 1966-1969
Folder 4 Photographs of Evatt and research material, c. 1966-1969

Includes: a photocopied extract from C. Hartley Grattan's book, The United States and the Southwest Pacific (1961); and photographs of Evatt with his family, in his professional capacity, and of his funeral.

Folders 5-12 Draft typescript
Folder 13 Corrected footnotes, references and index, 1970
Folders 14-17 Notes and research material, c. 1967-1972
Folder 18 Notes, research material and correspondence, 1968-1971

Includes letters received by Tennant after the publication of the book. Correspondents include Kim E. Beazley, Lord Casey, John Reed, (Judge) William Dignam, C. Hartley Grattan and Patrick White.

Folder 19 Notes, c. 1966-1969
Folder 20 Notes and correspondence, 1968-1971

Includes correspondence received by Tennant after publication of the book. Correspondents include C. Hartley Grattan and Norman Makin.

Folder 21 Petrov case (1951) synopsis
Folder 22 Notes and correspondence

Includes: notes taken from the Minutes of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party (1935-1960) and on the Family Endowment Bill (1927); and a letter from W. Macmahon Ball.

Folders 23-27 Typescript
Bag 28 Rough-bound copy of published book, 1970
Folders 29-30 Drafts and notes, c. 1968
Folder 31 Drafts, notes and correspondence, c. 1970

Includes a letter from the Australian Council for the Arts inviting Tennant to join the Aboriginal Arts Advisory Committee.

Folders 32-36 Drafts and notes
Folder 37 Research material, drafts, notes, correspondence and other papers, 1967-1972

Includes: text of a radio program by Max Harris comparing Tennant's biography with The measure of the years by Sir Robert Menzies; press cuttings on the Petrov case; and correspondence following the publication of Tennant's book.

Folders 38-39 Letters concerning Evatt, 1967-1971

Correspondents include C. Hartley Grattan, 'V. and G.B.' (probably Guido Baracchi and wife), Arthure Calwell, Garfield Barwick, Kim E. Beazley and Judah Waten.

Folder 40 Correspondence, drafts and research material, c. 1965-1971

Includes: press cuttings about Evatt; and correspondence concerning Evatt and following publication of the book. Correspondents include Eleanor Dark, Katharine Susannah Prichard, C. Hartley Grattan and Arthur Calwell.

Folder 41 Drafts, notes and research material, 1968-1969
Folder 42 Drafts, notes and research material, c. 1967-1969

Includes a copy of Evatt's father's death certificate.

Folder 43 Press cuttings, 1970

Serialisation of Menzie's book, The measure of the years, in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Folders 44-45 Press cuttings, notes, rough draft and discarded material and stories, 1942, 1966-1970

Series 5 Press cuttings and publications, c. 1923-1988

A large proportion of the press cuttings in this series are of reviews of Tennant's published work. In addition there is a series of weekly columns written by Tennant for the Australian woman's mirror and a serialised version of Tiburon published in The bulletin. Other cuttings cover a range of subjects, including drugs, Aborigines, Evatt, mining and the Vietnam Moratorium. One scrapbook of cuttings, also containing a small amount of correspondence, relates to the accusation by Member of Parliament, William Wentworth, that Tennant was a member of the Australian Communist Party. Publications include journal and magazine issues, newsletters, programs and pamphlets.

Folders 1-3 Press cuttings, largely reviews by Tennant and of Tennant's books, c. 1954-1960
Folder 4 Reviews of The honey flow and Lost Haven, 1946-1947, 1956
Folder 5 Reviews of The battlers, Australia: her story, Time enough later and The joyful condemned, c. 1941-1945, 1953
Folder 6 Press cuttings of Tennant's weekly column in the Australian woman's mirror, 1961
Folder 7 Press cuttings, chiefly from social pages, 1953-1961
Folder 8 Miscellaneous press cuttings, 1925, c. 1935-1961
Folder 9 Miscellaneous publications, 1969-1970

Includes: The Seamen's journal; Expression (Writers Guild of Queensland); a festival of drama program, ACT-IN; Australian Society of Authors reports and agendas; a program for a performance of 'Ten thousand miles away: a collage for voices' by David Malouf and Rex Cramphorne; and a typescript of 'Mollie-O: interlude in Knock ten', by Kay Brown.

Folder 10 Lecture notes, correspondence and other papers, c. 1969-1970

Largely lecture notes, including Commonwealth Literary Fund lectures and Correspondence School lesson notes.

Folder 11 Miscellaneous newsletters and publications, 1969-1970

Includes: addresses; pamphlets; newsletters and bulletins from the National Trust, Australian Society of Authors, South Africa Defence and Aid Fund, Society of Women Writers, Fellowship of Australian Writers, Co-operative for Aborigines and other organisations; and anti-conscription and Vietnam Moratorium campaign material.

Folder 12 Reviews of Margaret Dick's The novels of Kylie Tennant and various Tennant books, c. 1965-1968
Folder 13 Press cuttings, largely reviews, and publications, c. 1970-1974

Includes reviews of Tennant's Man on the headland and programs for a performance of 'Ten thousand miles away'.

Folder 14 Press cuttings, largely reviews, c. 1969-1973
Bag 15 Cuttings book and loose press cuttings, 1940-1944, c. 1970-1974
Bag 16 Miscellaneous press cuttings, c. 1971-1972
Bag 17 Publications and loose press cuttings, 1926-1929, c. 1956-1961

Includes issues of Southerly, Meanjin, The Australasian book news and library journal, The Brighton chronicle, The Bridge, Observer and The Australian woman's mirror.

Bag 18 Press cuttings and publications, c. 1968-1971

Includes an envelope of material relating to the Sir Walter Scott Bicentenary.

Bag 19 Miscellaneous press cuttings, 1934-1960
Bag 20 Press cuttings, mostly about drugs, c. 1970-1973
Bag 21 Miscellaneous press cuttings, c. 1973
Bag 22 Press cuttings, mostly about Aborigines, c. 1971-1972
Bag 23 Publications, 1939-1940, 1969-1974

Serials and pamphlets: Indochina (1971); What boat is that; Living at Nhulunbuy; Australia's international aid; Mili Mili; Referendums; and Fact - a news service (September 1939-July 1940).

Folio 24 Press cuttings - MISSING
Bag 25 Press cuttings, mostly related to Evatt, c. 1970
Folio 26 Press cuttings and publications, c. 1935-1971

Includes an issue of Sydney Grammar School's Sydneian (1971).

Folio 27 Miscellaneous press cuttings, c. 1943-1965
Folio 28 Press cuttings of The bulletin's serialisation of Tennant's Tiburon, 1936-1937
Folios 29-30 Miscellaneous press cuttings, 1935, 1952-1974
Bags 31-34 Four books of press cuttings, 1923, c. 1931-1960

Includes: biographical information; reviews of books by Tennant from overseas and Australian newspapers; articles, short stories and poems by Tennant; and cuttings and correspondence relating to William Wentworth's accusation of Tennant's Communist Party membership (1952).

Folder 35 Miscellaneous press cuttings, c. 1966-1970
Folios 36-39 Miscellaneous press cuttings, c. 1967-1974
Folder 40 Published material, c. 1967-1970

Includes: maps, brochures and other published material on mining; the Vietnam moratorium; and national parks.

Folder 41 Material dealing with Meanjin quarterly, c. 1960-1962

Includes: papers on funding; a list of articles in preparation; a questionnaire; and a report on the Meanjin questionnaire.

Folders 42-46 Miscellaneous press cuttings, c. 1950-1988
Folder 47 Press cuttings of the Sydney Morning Herald's serialisation of Tennant's Lost Haven, 1946
Folder 48 Miscellaneous press cuttings, including Tennant's letters to the editor, c. 1958-1983

Subjects include environmental politics and campaigns, and neglected Australian authors.

Series 6 Photographs, 1915-1988

This series consists of photographs of Tennant, on her own and in company with others, and family photographs. The majority are uncaptioned. Some of the photographs were reproduced in Tennant's autobiography, The missing heir (1986), and a biography by Jane Grant, Kylie Tennant: a life (2006).

Folder 1 Photographs of Tennant and other people, c. 1915-1987

Includes photographs of: Tennant at various ages, from childhood to old age; her visit to the Lockhart River Mission (1954); Tennant with her husband and children; and Tennant at Monash University to receive her Honorary Doctorate (1987).

Bag 2 Portrait photographs of Tennant

Two photographs, one of Tennant with her typewriter.

Folder 3 Photographs of Tennant, family and friends, 1915-1988

Approximately 125 photographs, as well as a partial list of photographs proposed for publication in Jane Grant's biography, Kylie Tennant: a life (2006).

Folder 4 Reprints of selected original photographs

Includes photographs, some captioned, of Tennant and family members used in Tennant's autobiography, The missing heir (1986).

Bag 5 Photographs of Tennant

Originals of four photographs used in Tennant's biography and autobiography.

Series 7 Papers of Lewis Charles Rodd, 1922, 1934-1973

Tennant's husband, L.C. Rodd ('Roddy'), was a published author of biography, juvenile literature and history. His correspondence can be found throughout the collection. Material in this series consists of papers identifiably written or collected solely by him. Much relates to Rodd's involvement in the Anglican church, and comprises correspondence, research material, draft essays and articles. In addition there are lecture notes and publications relating to his work as a teacher and headmaster.

Folder 1 Drafts, correspondence and research material, c. 1968-1973

Includes: draft articles on church themes; a list of publishers' corrections to Rodd's John Hope of Christ Church; and a hand-drawn family tree for John Hope.

Folder 2 Press clippings, photographs, publications, correspondence, drafts and notes, 1922, c. 1935-1961

Includes: published items, The school magazine of literature for our boys and girls (1949), The law and the teacher and Rodd's Australian imperialism; a report on a draft of a book by Rodd; notes for a speech against war by Rodd; papers dealing with the registration of Rodd as a conscientious objector; articles, essays, programs and music manuscript.

Folder 3 Essays, lecture notes, articles and other papers, c. 1935-1947

Includes a typed court case transcript of an appeal by Dudley Rex McGilvray in relation to film screenings at Laurieton (1947).

Folder 4 Drafts, essays, articles, correspondence and press cuttings, 1934, c. 1950-1960

Includes a copy of a letter from Rodd to Christ Church St Laurence, Sydney (1960), resigning from the position of warden at the church.

Folder 5 Press cuttings, draft of a thesis by Rodd and other papers, c. 1934-1945

Includes an official memo claiming the cost of transporting Tennant from Long Bay Gaol to the Reception House after she refused to answer the gaol doctor's questions (1945).

Folder 6 Correspondence, research material and press cuttings, c. 1947-1973

Includes: correspondence between Rodd and the Diocese of Sydney; material about John Hope; research material on the history of Christ Church St Laurence, Sydney; and papers relating to the 31st Synod of the Diocese of Sydney (1958).

Series 8 Miscellaneous papers, c. 1952-1988

This series includes draft manuscripts of writers other than Tennant, publications, a map and a drawing.

Folder 1 Draft of 'The roo shooter' by Keith Watson
Folio 2 A Department of Conservation Map of New South Wales, showing organisations, projects and works for water, soil and forest conservation, 1952
Folder 3 Draft manuscripts of other authors, and other papers, 1965-1966, 1987-1988

Includes: an exercise book listing manuscripts read and returned to Macmillan Ltd by Tennant (1965-1966); a Monash University graduation ceremony booklet (1987); and an issue of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature's Notes and furphies (1988).

Folio 4 Drawing of Bim (John) Rodd by Benison Rodd, published in The missing heir, 1975

Container List

Series Folder/Item Box
1 1-7 1
1 8-16 2
1 17-23 3
1 24-30 4
1 31-37 5
1 38-46 6
1 47-53 7
1 54-60 8
1 61-67 9
1 68-76 10
1 77-84 11
1 85-91 12
1 92-99 13
1 100-106 14
1 107-113 15
1 114-121 16
1 122-125 17
2 1-4 17
2 5-14 18
2 15-22 19
3 1-2 19
3 3-11 20
3 12-18 21
3 19-25 22
3 26-30 23
3 31-37 24
3 38-40 25
3 41-46 26
3 47-54 27
3 55-61 28
3 62-70 29
3 71-77 30
3 78-84 31
3 85 32
4 1-4 32
4 5-13 33
4 14-22 34
4 23-31 35
4 32-38 36
4 39-45 37
5 1-2 37
5 3-10 38
5 11-15 39
5 16-18 40
5 19-22 41
5 23-25 (24 MISSING) 42
5 26-30 Folio Box 1
5 31-32 42
5 33-35 43
5 36-39 Folio Box 2
5 40-44 43
5 45-48 44
6 1-4 44
6 5 45
7 1-6 45
8 1 45
8 2 Elephant folio
8 3 45
8 4 Folio Box 1

Appendix: Locations of material moved in 2007 rearrangement of Tennant collections

Old location New location
MS 4734, Box 1 (notes and notebooks) MS 10043/4/1-2
MS 4734, Box 1, Folders 1-2 MS 10043/4/3-4
MS 4734, Box 2, Folders 3-11 MS 10043/4/5-13
MS 4734, Box 3, Folders 12-20 MS 10043/4/14-22
MS 4734, Box 4, Folders 21-22 MS 10043/5/1-2
MS 4734, Box 4, Folders 23-24 MS 10043/2/1-2
MS 4734, Box 4, Folders 25-30 MS 10043/5/3-8
MS 4734, Box 5, Folders 31-35 MS 10043/4/23-27
MS 4734, Box 5 (Evatt book) MS 10043/4/28
MS 4734, Box 6, Folders 36-43 MS 10043/1/1-8
MS 4734, Box 7, Folders 44-51 MS 10043/1/9-16
MS 4734, Box 8, Folders 52-58 MS 10043/4/17-23
MS 4734, Box 9, Folders 59-67 MS 10043/1/24-32
MS 4734, Box 10, Folders 68-75 MS 10043/1/33-41
MS 4734, Box 11, Folders 76-84 MS 10043/1/42-50
MS 4734, Box 12, Folders 85-91 MS 10043/1/51-57
MS 4734, Box 13, Folder 92 MS 10043/1/58
MS 4734, Box 13, Folder 93 MS 10043/7/1
MS 4734, Box 13, Folders 94-100 MS 10043/1/59-65
MS 4734, Box 14, Folder 101 MS 10043/3/1
MS 4734, Box 14, Folders 102-105 MS 10043/ 7/2-5
MS 4734, Box 15, Folders 106-113 MS 10043/1/66-73
MS 4734, Box 16, Folders 114-120 MS 10043/ 1/74-80
MS 4734, Box 16, Folder 121 MS 10043/7/6
MS 4734, Box 17, Folders 122-133 (Folder 127 MISSING) MS 10043/3/2-13 (Folder 7 MISSING)
MS 4734, Box 18, Folders 134-136 MS 10043/3/14-16
MS 4734, Box 18, Folders 137-139 MS 10043/5/9-11
MS 4734, Box 18, Folder 140 MS 10043/3/17
MS 4734, Box 18, Folder 141 MS 10043/8/1
MS 4734, Box 18, Folder 142 MS 10043/3/18
MS 4734, Box 19, Folders 143-145 MS 10043/3/19-21
MS 4734, Box 19, Folders 146-153 MS 10043/4/29-36
MS 4734, Box 20, Folders 154-160 MS 10043/3/22-28
MS 4734, Box 21, Folders 161-169 MS 10043/3/29-37
MS 4734, Box 21, Folder 170 MS 10043/4/37
MS 4734, Box 22, Folders 171-176 MS 10043/3/38-43
MS 4734, Box 23, Folders 177-184 MS 10043/4/38-45
MS 4734, Box 24, Folders 185-192 MS 10043/1/81-88
MS 4734, Box 25, Folders 193-199 MS 10043/1/89-95
MS 4734, Box 26, Folders 200-204 MS 10043/5/12-16
MS 4734, Box 27, Folders 205-207 MS 10043/5/17-19
MS 4734, Box 28, Folders 208-213 (Folder 212 MISSING) MS 10043/5/20-25 (Folder 24 MISSING)
MS 4734, Box 29 (loose press cuttings) MS 10043/5/26-30
MS 4734, Box 30 (cuttings books and loose cuttings) MS 10043/5/31-35
MS 4734, Box 31 (loose cuttings) MS 10043/5/36-39
MS 4734, Box 32, Folder 214 MS 10043/5/40
MS 4734, Box 32, Folder 215 MS 10043/2/3
MS 4734, Box 32, Folder 216 MS 10043/ 5/41
MS 4734 (unlisted map) MS 10043/8/2
MS 7574, Box 1, Folders 1-9 MS 10043/1/96-104
MS 7574, Box 2, Folders 10-16 MS 10043/1/105-111
MS 7574, Box 3, Folders 17-22 MS 10043/1/112-117
MS 7574, Box 4, Folders 23-30 MS 10043/1 /118-125
MS 7574, Box 5, Folder 31-35 MS 10043/2/4-10
MS 7574, Box 6 (diaries) MS 10043/2/11-14
MS 7574, Box 6 (notebooks) MS 10043/3/44-46
MS 7574, Box 7, Folders 36-43 MS 10043/3/47-54
MS 7574, Box 8, Folders 44-50 MS 10043/3/55-61
MS 7574, Box 9, Folders 51-58 MS 10043/3/62-69
MS 7574, Box 10, Folders 59-64 MS 10043/3/70-75
MS 7574, Box 11, Folders 65-72 MS 10043/3/76-83
MS 7574, Box 12, Folder 73 MS 10043/2/15
MS 7574, Box 12, Folders 74-80 MS 10043/5/42-48
MS 7574, Box 13, Folders 81-82 MS 10043/6/1-4
MS 7574, Box 14, Folders 83-84 MS 10043/2/16-17
MS 7574, Box 14, Folders 85-86 MS 10043/3/84-85
MS 7574, Box 14, Folder 87 MS 10043/8/3
MS 7574, Box 14, Folder 88 MS 10043/2/18-19