MS 1465
Papers of G.M. Mathews

Series Description

Series 1 (Folders 1-8)

Box 1        Mathews, G.M.Untitled ms. notes in pencil by Mathews        
             listing and describing bird genera, on the verso of         
             typescript lists of bird species.                           

Series 2 (Folders 1-4)

Box 2       Mathews, G.M.Unpublished Mss of projected Handbook of the   
            Birds of Australia. (plus several un-numbered  pages, and   
            notes on species)                                           

Series 3 (Folders 1-7)

Box 2       Mathews, G.M.Manuscript material, probably unpublished,     
            including the following titles:Remarks on Petrels (t.s.,    
            probably an address); Annual Report on British New Guinea,  
            remarks; Catalogue of books in the British Museum; Proc.    
            Linn. Soc. of N.S.W.  Also ms. notes on Petrels and other   

Series 4 (Folders 1-4)

Box 3       Black and white proofs of plates, most with ms.             
            inscriptions "One complete set of spare coloured plates;    
            final proofs" (13 plates)                                   

Series 5 (Folders 1-7)

Box 3       One bundle marked "Ornithology typescript", being           
            narrative notes on bird genera (591 pp.)                    

Series 6 (Folders 1-7)

Box 3 & 4   "Notes on the Moa and others" - MSS.Correspondence from     
            R.Kemp, and notes and correspondence from Allan             
            Brooks.Tickets, programmes etc. from International          
            Ornithological Conferences.Arms of the Appleton Club -      
            original, glazed and framed. Irrediparra - ts. notes and 1  
            coloured plate by Beryl Ireland, original, plus 1           
            photo.Envelope fromTom Iredale to Mathews marked on front   
            "Generic character of Australian Birds", and on back "21    
            plates B. and W. for new Handbook,Australia". Plates black  
            and white, original. Some Medland, some B.Ireland. Ms.      
            list of plates headed "Generic Character of Australian      
            Birds". Plates numbered, one coloured.                      

Series 7 (Folders 1-6)

Box 4       Proofs of plates for Manual of Birds of New Zealand.        
            Bulletins of the British Ornithological Club 1931-5.        
            Printers proof of Petrels Off-prints of some of Mathews'    
            articles, papers read ar the B.O.C., etc. Album of          
            newspaper cuttings re transfer of Mathews' library to       

Series 8 (Folders 1-8)

Box 4       Mathews, G.M. Plates, various, and 1 notebook: Notebook,    
            ms., of "Books Wanted" Envelope marked "Odd plates from     
            Emu and other publications. Also plates of G.M.M.'s by      
            Lilian Medland". Black and white "legs and feet of          
            Petrels" not original. Few printed pages of Emu. Plates     
            for other of Mathews' books, some hand-coloured. Envelope:  
            "Drawings of Birds Austr. B. and white". Originals for      
            Birds of Australia; heads, feet, feathers, etc. Envelope:   
            "Sketches and drawings (believed all Petrels)". Black and   
            white mock-up plates 0f heads etc., and seperate sketches   
            in numbered envelopes. Envelope: reprints, two articles     
            from Emu, are "with complements Neville Cayley". Envelope:  
            "Odd sketches and plates probably for Lord Howe and         
            Norfolk Is." Black and white, original. Mainly beaks and    
            claws. Envelope: "Lord Howe and Norfolk Book. Plates to be  
            added to by Systema Avium large paper edition". Plates by   
            the lithograph and hand-colouring process; some not yet     

Series 9 (1 Folder)

Box 5       One bundle of printer's proofs, marked "to Compositer",     
            with ms. revisions to lists.                                

Series 10 (Folders 1-8)

Box 5       Petrels.Original drawings, coloured, showing bone           
            structures, sgnd. R.Kemp.Original sketches; some signed     
            F.W.F., some B.I., some P.C.Ms. and ts. notes including     
            material on Petrels, other bird genera; several bundles.    

Series 11 (Folio run)

One bound volume "Extracts, newspaper cuttings etc." from 1910-30

Series 12 (1 Folder)

Box 6       Correspondence, A.B.Crawford to Mathews, on Petrels. 1949   

Series 13 (Folders 1-3)

Box 6       Mathews: ms. and ts. notes concerning Emus and              
            Cassowaries. Annotated copies of following publications:    
            Roberts, Brian  British Graham Land Expedition 1934-7:      
            Scientific Reports Vol.1. The Life Cycle of Wilson's        
            Petrel. Forbes W.A.  Voyage of H.M.S.Challenger -           
            Zoology-Report on Anatomy of Petrels.                       

Series 14 Folders 1-6)

Box 6       Mathews, G.M. One folder marked "Petrels, rough notes",     
            ts. and ms, by G.M.M. Photos of Puffins, photos by Bell     
            and Oliver. "Storm Petrel tails" - black and white          
            original, sgd. F.W.F. "Skeletons of wings" - original       
            sketches. Letters and sketches: Talbot Keeley, Kemp. Proof  
            prints of beaks etc.                                        

Series 15 (Folders 1-5)

Box 6       One ts. bundle marked "Mathews. Ms. of Systema Avium        
            Australasianarum. G.M.M.", with ms. corrections.            

Series 16 (Folders 1-3)

Box 7       R.Bowdler Sharpe's ms. on Godman's Petrels, with Mathews'   
            ms. of Birds of Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands on verso.     
            One bundle of ts. notes on bird genera.                     

Series 17 (Folders 1-9)

Box 7       Mathews, G.M. Folders 1-7: Ms. of Systema Avium             
            Australasianarum. Folders 8,9 - Closed: Lettters to         
            G.M.Mathews,1907-1949, itemised 1-180                       

Series 18 (Folders 1-3)

Box 8       Gray, G.R. Four notebooks, 1869-71. Ms. notes of part of    
            G.R.Gray's publication Hand-list of Genera and Species of   
            Birds, published 1869-71, being sections Scansores,         
            Gallinae,and Conirostres of Part II                         

Series 19 (Folders 1-2)

Box 8       Gray, G.R. Three notebooks, 1869-71 ms. Ms. notes of        
            sections Tenuirostres and Dentirostres of Part I of Gray's  
            Hand- list of Genera and Species of Birds.                  

Series 20 (Folders 1-7)

Box 8       Bowyer-Bowyer, Thomas Henry. Six ms. notebooks containing   
(folders    ornothological notes presented to Mathews by  the author's  
1-2),Box   mother. Also four letters to Bowyer-Bowyer from R.          
9 (folders  Bowdler- Sharpe, Director B.M. of Natural History,          
3-7)        1886-1887                                                   

Series 21 (Folders 1-4)

Box 9       Offprints of articles, some by Mathews. Mostly annotated    
            by Mathews, and containing ms. and ts. notes and some       
            sketches. A.C.Bent: Life Histories of North American        
            Petrels and Pelicans and their Allies (U.S. National        
            Museum, Bulletin 121) C.A.Fleming: The Phylogeny of the     
            Prions (reprint from The Emu) G.M.Mathews: Pachyptila,
            the Prions (reprint from The Emu) G.M.Mathews: A
            Shearwater for Western Australia (reprint from The  Emu)    
            G.M.Mathews: Remarks on Prions (reprint from The Emu)       
            G.M.Mathews: Key of the Storm-petrels (reprint from The     
            Emu) G.M.Mathews: Remarks on Petrels (reprint from The      
            Emu) L.Glouert: The Little Shearwater's Year (reprint from  
            The Emu) G.M.Mathews: On Fregetta Bonaparte and Allied      
            Genera (reprint from Novitates Zoologicae)  G.M.Mathews:    
            The Birds of Tristan da Cunha (reprint from Novitates       
            Zoologicae) .M.Mathews: A Check-list of the Order           
            Procellariiformes (reprint from Novitates Zoologicae        

Series 22 (1 Folder)

Box 9       Ts. of pages 1-260 of Handbook of the Birds of Australia    

Series 23 (Folders 1-3)

Box 10      Mathews, G.M. and Hallstrom, E.J.L.: Notes on the Order     
            Procellariiformes, 1943 Proof copies (3) with ms.           
            additions, corrections etc., and some correspondence        
            inside. Voous, J.H.Jnr.: printed notes and letter to        

Series 24 (Folders 1-9)

Box 10      Gould material:Photostat copies of letters from John Gould  
            to E.P.Ramsay, 1866-9 One folder marked "John Gilbert"      
            with ts. copies of letters from J.Gilbert to J.Gould,       
            1839-42 and containing article reprints by A.Chisholm and   
            others on John Gilbert. One folder marked "Gouldiana" with  
            reprints of articles concerning John Gould and various      
            letters with reference to Gould. One folder marked          
            "Mrs.John Gould" with tss.copies of 18 letters to and from  
            Mrs.Gould, 1838-39, and two letters from Lady Franklin to   
            Mrs.Gould, 1838, and one letter to Mrs.Gould from           
            J.B.Williamson (originals held in Mitchell Library - VH     
            12.9.95) One folder marked "John Gould", containing         
            correspondence 1938-41 between K.Hindwood, A.Chisholm, and  
            others concerning historical research on the  work of John  
            Gould, and maps showing the places visited by Gould in      
            Tasmania, S.A. and N.S.W. Bulletins of the N.S.W.branch of  
            the Royal Australian Ornithologists' Union, 1936-37.        
            Mathews G.M.: Proofs of Birds of Norfolk and Lord Howe      
            Islands, also of A Check List of the Order                  
            Procellariiformes (Notitates Zoologicae,v.XXXIX)            

Series 25

Folio run   Mathews, G.M.Ms. of Systema Avium Australasianarum          

Series 26 (Folders 1-7)

Box 11      Mathews, G.M.:One bundle of preliminary ts. of Birds of     
            New Zealand, with ms. plates for same (some coloured, some  
            black and white; original and not original) Medland,        
            L.:Coloured plates, not original                            

Series 27 (1 folder + folio run)

Box 11       Folder: Mathews, G.M., Petrels ms.; Sharpe, ms. on          
             Godman's Petrels                                            

Folio run     Mathews, G.M., ms. of Birds of Norfolk and Lord Howe       
              Islands (two parcels. Parcel i) mainly ms., some ts.;       
             parcel ii) ms. include some rough notes and                 

Series 28 (Folders 1-4)

Box 11       Photographs of Mathews' collectors, artists and             
             colleagues. Mathews, G.M.: Offprints; ts. catalogue of      
             Ornithology library of G.M.M.; ms. and ts. notes; original  
             bird sketches. Original Lionel Lindsay sketch for           
             bookplate for the library of H.L.White of "Belltrees",      
             Scone; cutting with reference to White stamp collection.    

Series 29 (Folders 1-6)

Box 12      Mathews, G.M.: miscellaneous plates, hand coloured and      
            black and white sketches for various publications; black    
            and white water-colour, original (Birds of Lord Howe        
            Island ? - not signed.  Sketches, plates, notes for beaks   
            etc., black and white; some original. Mainly  by            
            F.W.Frohawk. Coloured plates, not original; some by         
            F.L.Jaques. Storm Petrels. Black and white original, by     
            F.W.Frohawk Medland, L.: Colour plates of petrels, and      
            petrel sketches In Pictorial: original watercolours (birds  
            of New Zealand?); two original water-colours of petrels.    

Series 30

Folio run   Sharpe: Ms. on Godman's Petrels, with, on verso, Mathews:   
            Ms. of Birds of Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands.              

Series 30A

Folio run,  Sharpe and Chubb:Ms. text of work on Godman's Petrels       
also Box                                                                

Series 31

Folio run   Sharpe: Ms. on Godman's Petrels - includes proof pages .    

Series 32 (1 folder)

Box 13      Sharpe: Ms. on Godman's Petrels.                            

Series 33

Folio run   Sharpe: Ms. on Godman's Petrels with, on verso,Mathews      
            G.M., Ms. of Systema Avium Australasianarum, 50 pp.         

Series 33A

Folio run   Sharpe: Ms. on Godman's Petrels, with, on verso,Mathews:    
            Proof pages of Systema Avium (including portion dealing     
            with New Zealand birds). Report on the cataloguing of the   
            Mathews collection. Bulletins of Royal Australasian         
            Ornithologists' Union. Some correspondence.                 

Series 34 (Folders 1-6)

Box 13      Mathews, G.M.:Ms. for Birds of New Zealand (ts. with ms.    
            corrections). Marked in Mathews' hand "all ready to be      

Series 35 (Folders 1-10)

Box 14      Mathews, G.M.:Ms. for Birds of New Zealand. Ts. with ms.    
            (includes small amount of printed material e.g. reprint of  

Series 36 (Folders 1-10)

Box 14      Mathews, G.M.:Ms. for Birds of New Zealand pp.364-591; in   
            ts. with some ms. notes.Plates, coloured and monochrome,    
            for same; not original The notes marked "ready for          
            printing from here on".                                     

Series 37 (1 folder)

Box 15      Plates of Petrels: "Godman's originals given me by Dame     
            Mary Godman" in G.M.M.'s handwriting. Hand-coloured,        
            original. Plates from Mathews' Birds of Australia;          
            Petrels. Originals. Some hand-coloured plates, some         

Series 38 (Folders 1-10, also folio run)

Box 15      Miscellaneous ms. notes and illustrations: includes ts.     
            notes on New Zealand Birds not included in the Australian   
            bird list. Spare plates of Mathews' books. Some original    
            sketches of beaks etc.Painted sandpaper representation of   

Series 39

In Pictorial section (204/14/56)

Series 40 (1 folder)

Box 16      Temmink, C.J.: Coup d'oeil sur la faune des Isles de la     
            Sonde et de l'Empire du Japan. 1835. Ms. copy. 1 volume.    

Deleted from this collection

  • Diggles, Sylvester: Letterbook, 1871-77 (244pp.) Being copies of letters written from Brisbane to fellow collectors, mainly entomologists and ornithologists, and to his family. The letterbook also contains 11 page index to contents. Now at ms. 1551
  • Mathews, G.M.:My Life Story. Ts., 40 pp. Now at ms.1134

Series 41 (Folders 1-6, microfilmed)

Box 16      Ireland, Tom:5 folders of chapter drafts and notes in Tom   
            Ireland's hand, being material for the projected Handbook   
            of Birds of New Zealand, in which he was collaborating      
            with G.M.Mathews. Includes some plates, not original, and   
            some correspondence Ireland to Mathews; also                
            correspondence re G.M.Mathews Ornithological Collection.    

Series 42 (Folders 1-6)

Box 17      Black and white plates for Handbook of New Zealand Birds,   
            plates of beaks, claws, heads, etc., a few original.        
            Envelope:"Illustrated key, spare proofs"; black and white   
            heads etc. in miniature for key. "Envelope: "....           
            Important. Receipt for N.Z.plates (Lilian Iredale), and     
            notes on N.Z. plates ..." Receipt dated 1935. Alexander,    
            W.B.: Reprints of several articles in Journal of Royal      
            Society of Western Australia, Emu, etc.                     

Series 43 (Folders 1-6)

Box 17      Envelope of press cuttings concerning Mathews, l940-44.Ts.  
            notes by Mathews "The history of my Ornithological career   
            and of my Birds of Australia", with ms. corrections etc.    
            Ts. notes on penguins, petrels etc. Ms. and ts. notes for   
            Birds of New Zealand                                        

Series 44

Box 18-21:   44 i) (Folders 1A-3J; 4A-5K; 6A-8J; 9A-10L; also folio      
             run, folder 11) Ms. and ts. notes in 11 concertina          
             folders; filed under subject. One parcel black and white    
             plates, not original.                                       

Box 22-23    44 ii) (Folders 1-13, also folio run, folder 13A)           

Box 23       Plates and drawings, 17 bundles:Original drawings,          
             water-colours, and ink-and-wash sketches. Tracings.         
             Original water-colours by J.G.Keulemans, A.Stahl, R.Green,  
             N.W.Cayley (and others). Black and white plates, not        
             original, patterns for printer. Leaflet: List of Birds
             the A.C.T.                                                  

             Addition of 1991 to collection, added to Box 23:C.B.E.      
             medal; photograph of G.M.Mathews; water-colour of Mathews,  
             caricature, "The Weary Drover"; letter from the Headmaster  
             of King's School, Parramatta; table rules etc., invitation  
             to inverstiture, June 1939; letter from W.C.Hankinson; 6    

Series 45 (1 book)

Box 24       Press clippings concerning Gregory Mathews, 1939-1943, 1    

Series 46 (2 books - microfilmed)

Box 24       Bell, Roy Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island journal,      
             July 8th 1912 to March 18th, 1914, containing his           
             observations on bird life there. Ts., 2 volumes. Folder     
             with letter to G.M.M. from C.E.Hillman.                     

Box 25:      Added May 1993. Two volumes of G.M.Mathews' Systema Avium   
             Australasianarum (London, 1927-30) interleaved with         
             numerous ms. additions by Mathews.                          

Folio:        Added 3.3.88 Illuminated testimonial from the              
             Commonwealth National Library, 28.7.41                      
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