MS 3673
Papers of Rae Else-Mitchell

Scope and Content Note

  • Papers
  • c.1914-95
  • 31.6 metres (212 boxes plus 1 folio box)
  • Access to be determined

Justice Else-Mitchell first placed papers in the National Library in 1981. He had earlier donated a considerable quantity of papers to the Mitchell Library in Sydney but decided that the later papers documenting his involvement in a range of national organisations should be in the National Library. Further papers were received in 1984, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1991 and 1995. The 1989 and 1991 instalments were donated under the Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme.

Although there are some personal papers extending back to Else-Mitchell's childhood and early career, the great bulk of the papers held in the National Library date from the period 1974-94, when he was living in Canberra. The largest series relates to the Commonwealth Grants Commission, of which he was Chairman for 15 years, and there are also files on other agencies of the Commonwealth Government, such as the Commonwealth Legal Aid Council and the National Library. There are substantial series on the Royal Australian Institute of Public Administration, the Australian Institute of Urban Studies, the Canberra College of Advanced Education and the Royal Australian Historical Society and the collection as a whole provides a comprehensive record of Else-Mitchell's work for a great diversity of official, legal, professional, educational and cultural institutions. The papers include correspondence, diaries, reports, speeches, articles, manuscripts, cuttings, photographs, printed ephemera and publications.

In addition to the collection in the Mitchell Library, further papers of Else-Mitchell are held in the Australian Archives and Canberra University Library.

Biographical Note

Rae Else- Mitchell was born in Sydney on 20 September 1914. He was educated at Middle Park Central School, Melbourne High School and the University of Sydney, where he graduated as a Bachelor of Laws in 1936. He was called to the New South Wales Bar in 1939 and the Victorian Bar in 1954. In 1943-45 he was Secretary of the Commonwealth Rationing Commission. He was editor of the Australian Law Journal in 1946-58 and a lecturer in Constitutional Law at the University of Sydney in 1951-58. He was made a Queen's Counsel in 1955.

Else-Mitchell was appointed a Judge of the New South Wales Supreme Court on 8 September 1958. In 1962 he was appointed a Judge of the Land and Valuation Court. He was Chairman of the New South Wales Royal Commission into Local Government Land Valuation and Rating Systems in 1965-67 and Chairman of the Commonwealth Royal Commission on Land Tenures in 1973-75. In October 1974 he retired from the Supreme Court and moved to Canberra to take up the position of Chairman of the Commonwealth Grants Commission. He held this position until July 1989.

Throughout his life Else-Mitchell has held office in an extraordinary number of public, legal, historical, educational, cultural and community organisations. At various times he has been President or Chairman of the Library Council of New South Wales, the Royal Australian Historical Society, the Federation of Australian Historical Societies, the Royal Australian Institute of Public Administration, the Australian Institute of Urban Studies, the New South Wales Medico-Legal Society, St Vincent's Hospital Board and the ACT Library Service. He was the first Deputy Chancellor of Macquarie University and a member of the Councils of the Canberra College of Advanced Eucation, the National Library of Australia, the National Trust of Australia, the Centre for Research on Federal Financial Relations at the Australian National University and the Australian Bicentennial Authority.

Else-Mitchell was the author of Hire purchase law (1941), edited Essays on the Australian Constitution (1952) and Canberra; a people's capital? (1988) and has written numerous articles on Australian history, law, public administration, planning, public finance and land valuation.

Else-Mitchell was awarded the C.M.G. in 1977. He received a Doctorate of Letters from Sydney University in 1984 and a Doctorate of Letters from Macquarie University in 1987.

Series List

  1. Personal papers, 1914-95
  2. Diaries, 1975-90
  3. Financial papers, 1954-85
  4. Addresses and writings, 1939-95
  5. Newspaper cuttings, 1914-90
  6. Photographs, 1960-93
  7. New South Wales Supreme Court, 1958-74
  8. Land and Valuation Court, 1965-75
  9. New South Wales Royal Commission on Local Government, 1965-67
  10. Local government, 1965-92
  11. Commonwealth Grants Commission, 1973-89
  12. Royal Commission into Land Tenures, 1973-79
  13. Local Housing Approvals Review Committee, 1989-92
  14. Libraries, 1972-94
  15. State Library of New South Wales, 1972-89
  16. National Library of Australia, 1977-93
  17. Australian Advisory Council on Bibliographical Services, 1975-87
  18. Canberra College of Advanced Education, 1974?-81
  19. Commonwealth Legal Aid Council, 1980-84
  20. ACT Legal Aid Commission, 1977-79
  21. Royal Australian Institute of Public Administration, 1977-90
  22. Australian Institute of Urban Studies, 1966-95
  23. Australian Institute of Valuers, 1974-89
  24. Centre for Research on Federal Financial Relations, 1972-94
  25. Historical research, 1950-91
  26. Royal Australian Historical Society, 1966-89
  27. Federation of Australian Historical Societies, 1975-89
  28. Australian Bicentennial Authority, 1978-84
  29. Melbourne High School Old Boys Association
  30. Organisations, 1969-93
  31. Canberra, 1971-94
  32. Very Fast Train, 1988-91
  33. Conferences, 1966-94
  34. Constitutional Centenary Foundation, 1989-95
  35. Speeches and addresses by other people, 1935-88
  36. ACT Library Service, 1979-94
  37. Theses
  38. Publications
  39. Miscellaneous papers

Series Description

Series 1 Personal papers, 1914-95

This series contains correspondence, invitations, Christmas cards, legal documents, certificates, travel documents, speeches, biographical notes, cutting books and other papers. They extend back to Else-Mitchell's early childhood, but the bulk of them date from 1974, when he moved to Canberra. Wherever possible, the original files have been retained. There were, however, large bundles of unfiled correspondence. They have been sorted by year and placed in folders 42-78.

Among the correspondents are Pearl Else-Mitchell, Colin Roderick, Russell Mathews, John Minter, Robert Minter, Dulcie Stretton, Fred Larcombe, Dal Stivens, Michael Kirby, Harold Fredman, Andrew Rogers, Thistle Stead, Russell Doust, Geoffrey Sawer, Peter Crockett, S.S. Richardson, Ken Cable, Marsden Hordern and Sir Harry Gibbs.

1Cutting book, 1932-41
2Cutting book, 1942-87 [includes letters, photographs]
3Correspondence, 1964-70
4Correspondence, 1971-72
5Correpondence, 1973-78
6Correspondence, 1974
7Letters of congratulation, 1974-84
8Correspondence, 1974-75
9Correspondence, 1975-76
10Correspondence, 1976-77
11Correspondence, 1977-78
12Correspondence 1977
13Correspondence, 1978
14-15Correspondence, 1979
16Correspondence, 1980
17Correspondence, 1980-82
18Correspondence, 1982-83
19Correspondence, 1983-84
20Correspondence, 1984-85
21-22Personal papers, 1985
23-28Personal papers, 1986
29Reprints, 1968-88
30Correspondence, 1985-86
31Correspondence, 1986-87
32Correspondence, 1987-88
33-36Personal papers, 1987
38-41Personal papers, 1988
42Unfiled correspondence, 1975
43Unfiled correspondence, 1976
44Unfiled correspondence, 1977
45Unfiled correspondence, 1978
46Unfiled correspondence, 1979
47-50Unfiled correspondence, 1980
51-53Unfiled correspondence, 1981
54-57Unfiled correspondence, 1982
58-60Unfiled correspondence, 1983
61-64Unfiled correspondence, 1984
65-67Unfiled correspondence, 1985
68Unfiled correspondence, 1986
69Unfiled correspondence, 1987
70Unfiled correspondence, 1988
71-75Unfiled correspondence, 1989
76-77Unfiled correspondence, 1990
78Unfiled correspondence, 1991
79Christmas cards, 1976
80Christmas cards, 1983
81Christmas cards, 1984
82Christmas cards, 1984-85
83-85Christmas cards, undated
86Christmas card lists, 1984-86
87Letters on appointment as Q.C., 1955-56
88Letters on death of father, Frank Else-Mitchell, 1965
89Letters on death of mother, Pearl Else-Mitchell, 1974
90-91Letters on award of C.M.G., 1977
92Letters on nominations in Order of Australia, 1975-89
93Invitations, 1979-82
94Invitations, 1982-87
95Invitations, 1987-89
96Letters concerning accident, 1985-86
97Letters concerning Adelaide schools, 1980-82
98Biographical notes, 1980-82
99Biographical notes, 1982-89
100Bookshelves, 1979
101Bowral project, 1975-77
102Douglas Campbell, 1976
103Canberra universities, 1988
104G. Clarke: reference, 1978
105Committee of Inquiry into Valuation and Ratings, Brisbane, 1989
106-7Early documents and photographs, 1914-70
108Margaret Else-Mitchell
109Jim Else-Mitchell, 1927-77
110Papers of Pearl Else-Mitchell, 1965-72
111Estate of Pearl Else-Mitchell, 1974-75
112-13Estate of Pearl Else-Mitchell, 1974-78
114Estate of Pearl Else-Mitchell, 1979-82
115Estate of Pearl Else-Mitchell, undated
116Harold White Fellowships, 1989
117Marsden Hordern, 1988
118Intergovernmental News, 1988
119Kings Cross property, 1985
120Legal education correspondence, 1975-76
121Macquarie University: conferring of degree, 1987
122Macquarie University, 1970-88
123Macquarie University: thesis of D.R. Daines, 1981-83
124Bruce Mansfield, 1977-78
125Matchbox labels
126Russell Mathews, 1984-87
127Mowat Street unit, 1983-87
128Order of St Michael and St George, 1977-94
129Passports, 1955-84
130Renault, 1974-75
131Roseville property, 1973-75
132Roseville property, 1973
133Jack Stafford, 1982-87
134Dulcie Stretton, 1986-88
135Superannuation, 1975
136-37Sydney University: Doctor of Letters, 1984
138Treatise on international planning and land law, 1982-83
139Visit to Adelaide, 1980
140Visit to Berlin, 1983
141Visit to Fiji, 1978
142Visit to Japan, 1982
143Visit to New Zealand, 1983
144Visit to Northern Territory, 1979
145Visit to Singapore, 1983
146Visit to United States, 1971
147Visit to United States, 1979
148Wills and other documents, 1966-86
149-50Personal correspondence, 1991
151-53Personal correspondence, 1992
154-56Personal correspondence, 1993
157-60Personal correspondence, 1994
161-63Personal correspondence, 1995

Folio box

School certificates, graduation certificates, legal certificates and other documents, 1927-87

Series 2 Diaries, 1975-90

The series comprises desk and pocket diaries containing brief entries on appointments.


Series 3 Financial papers, 1954-85

1Income tax returns, 1954-89
2Bank statements, 1974-81
3Bank statements, 1975-85

Series 4 Addresses and Writings, 1939-95

This series contains manuscript drafts, typescripts, roneoed copies and reprints of speeches, lectures, addresses, articles and introductions written by Else-Mitchell over a period of 55 years. Speeches and articles written by other people are filed in Series 34.

1Lists of speeches and articles
2Speeches and articles, 1939-43
3Speeches and articles, 1944-47
4Speeches and articles, 1950-58
5Speeches and articles, 1959-65
6Speeches and articles, 1966-69
7Speeches and articles, 1970-71
8Speeches and articles, 1972-73
9-10Address to Institute of Municipal Administration, 1973
11Speeches and articles, 1974
12Address to Town Clerks' Society of New South Wales, 1974
13Camberwell Seminar, Australian Municipal Journal, Nov. 1974
14Address to Royal Australian Institute of Public Administration (NSW), 1975
15Address to Royal Australian Institute of Public Administration (WA), 1975
16-17Article for Local Finance, 1975
18Address to Australian Council of Local Government Associations, 1975
19Address to Local Government Week, Perth, 1975
20-21Address to Local Government Engineers Association of New South Wales, 1975
22Speeches and articles, 1975
22Speeches and articles, 1976
24Introduction to essays of Geoffrey Sawer, 1976
25Address to Federalism and urban affairs seminar, 1976
26Address to Royal Australian Historical Society, 1976
28Speeches and articles, 1977
29Speeches and articles, 1978
30Address to Canberra Rotary Club, 1978
31Speeches and articles, 1979
32Address to American Bar Association, 1980
33Address to Accounting Congress, 1980
34Speeches and articles, 1980
35Speeches and articles, 1981
36Speeches and articles, 1982
37Address to Economic Society of Australia, 1982
38Address to Royal Australian Planning Institute Congress, 1982
39Address to Australian Institute of Political Science, 1982
40Speeches and articles, 1983
41-42Speeches and articles, 1984
43Speeches and articles, 1985
44Speeches and articles, 1986-91
45Miscellaneous drafts
46Republican lecture, University of New England, 1992
47Canberra Day address, 1993
48Book reviews, 1993
49Justice Roper and land jurisdiction, 1995

Series 5 Newspaper cuttings, 1911-90

The series begins with some issues of newspapers published around the time of Else-Mitchell's birth. They include copies of the Bulletin (1911, 1914), Sydney Morning Herald (1914), Daily Telegraph (1914), Sun (1914), Sunday Times (1914) and a bound set of the Socialist Standard (Jan.-Dec. 1914).

The rest of the series comprises cuttings from about 1973 onwards arranged roughly chronologically. They include some cuttings on Else-Mitchell and the Commonwealth Grants Commission and other general cuttings on Australian history, Federal politics, the 1975 constitutional crisis, land values, Federal-State relations, ACT self-government and federal politics.

Series 6 Photographs, 1960-93

This small series contains both negatives and prints of photographs of Else-Mitchell, the opening of Macquarie University (1966), the Commonwealth Grants Commission, meetings, lunches, the opening of libraries and other functions. There are one or two older photographs of Else-Mitchell.

Series 7 New South Wales Supreme Court, 1958-74

Else-Mitchell was appointed a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales on 8 September 1958. He remained a Judge of the Court until 1974. Most of the papers from this period are held in the Mitchell Library.

1-2Letters on apointment as Judge, 1958-59
3Dinner on elevation to Bench, 1958
4NSW Supreme Court Judges' Handbook, 1973
5Memoranda on Judges' Rules and Administrative Directions to Police, 1964
6N.J. Warton. Report on the higher criminal courts of NSW 1973-2000
7Notes on sentences 1967-73
8J.H. McClemens. Lecture on police interrogation and admissibility of confessional statements, 1970
9Papers on NSW judicial system, 1968-74
10Circuit sittings, Tamworth, Aug. 1961
11Circuit sittings, Armidale, March-April 1962
12-13Transcript of R. v. Bulmer, 1959
14Transcript of R. v. Turner, 1960
15Transcript of R. v. Colefax, 1961
16Transcript of R. v. Lindsay, 1961
17Transcript of R. v. Osborn, 1961
18Transcript of R. v. Sutcliffe, 1961
19Transcript of R. v. Unwin, 1961
20Transcript of R. v. Levy, 1970
21Transcript of R. v. Poskart, 1970
22Transcript of R. v. Franklin, 1970
23Transcript of R. v. Jones, 1970
24Transcript of R. v. Simms and Dorbie, 1970
25Transcript of R. v. Jolliffe, 1971
26Transcript of R. v. Davis, 1971
27Transcript of R. v. Mills, 1971
28Transcript of R. v. Russell, 1973
29Transcript of R. v. Wood, 1973
30Transcript of R. v. McIntyre, 1973
31Transcript of R. v. Cutri, 1973
32Transcript of R. v Marshall, 1973
33Money-Lenders and Infants Loan Act, 1941-65

Series 8 New South Wales Land and Valuation Court, 1965-74

The New South Wales Land and Valuation Court was created in 1921. It was responsible for hearing objections to valuation and appeals from boards which had power to assess values, determining compensation for resumption of land, and dealing with appeals against rateability of land. Else-Mitchell was appointed an Additional Judge of the Land and Valuation Court in January 1962 and Deputy Judge in August 1968. He was appointed Judge of the Court on 31 July 1972. He retired from the Court in 1974.

1A.M. Woodruff. Strengths and weaknesses of the Property Tax, 1973
2Queanbeyan structure plan, 1974
3-5Queensland Land Appeal Court. Melwood Units Pty Ltd v. Commissioner of Main Roads, 1970-76
6British official papers on Land Commission and related matters, 1965-75

Series 9 New South Wales Royal Commission on Local Government, 1965-67

In August 1965 Else-Mitchell was appointed by the New South Wales Government to chair a Royal Commission to inquire into rating, valuation and local government finance. The other members were S. Haviland and R.S. Luke. Hearings were held in Sydney, Bathurst, Broken Hill, Goulburn, Griffith, Katoomba, Lismore, Newcastle, Nowra, Tamworth and Wagga. The report of the Royal Commission was presented in May 1967.

1-2Draft report
3Report, 2 May 1967 (Typescript)
4Transcript of evidence, Sept. 1965-Jan. 1966
5Transcript of evidnce, Jan.-April 1966
6Transcript of evidence, May-Sept. 1966
7Transcript of evidence, Sept.-Dec. 1966
8United Kingdom. Central Advisory Water Committee. Report, 1963

Series 10 Local government

Apart from his work on the 1965-67 Royal Commission, Else-Mitchell had a long interest in a variety of issues relating to local government. This series contains reports, lectures, addresses and correspondence and also some early publications on local government in New South Wales.

1Papers by R.A. Hingston and A. Mainerd, 1965-68
2United Kingdom. The future shape of local government finance, 1971 (Cmnd.4741)
3Lectures, addresses, correspondence and other papers on local government, 1969-74
4Articles, lectures, addresses and other papers on local government, 1974
5Papers on local government, 1978-86
6Draft report on perceived rating problems and their relationship to the financial patterns of local government in Victoria, 1983
7Municipal Association of New South Wales. Reports, 1988-92
8R.J. Browning. Local government ordinances. Sydney, 1925
9R.J. Browning. The Municipalities Act of 1867 and amending acts. Sydney, 1884
10The Municipal Association of New South Wales. Sydney, 1898
11-12R.J. Browning, J. Young and E.H. Tebbutt. Local government ordinances applying to shires. Sydney, 1908
13R.D. Stuckey. Survey and investigation of local government finance in Australia for submission of a case for more financial assistance from central government. 1972

Series 11 Commonwealth Grants Commission, 1976-89

The Commonwealth Grants Commission, which has been in existence since 1933, inquired into and reported to the Government on requests from claimant States and the Northern Territory for special assistance; reviewed State entitlements under the States (Personal Income Tax Sharing) Act 1976 and the Local Government (Personal Income Tax Sharing) Act 1976, and assessed amounts payable to various States under the Government's federalism policy. Else-Mitchell was appointed Chairman, a full-time position, in 1974. He was at first assisted by six other Commissioners, but after 1978 there were only two other part-time Commissioners, W.R. Lane and Professor R.L. Mathews. The Secretary was A.A. Glasson.

1Whites [i.e. out-letters], Oct.1976-Jan. 1977
2Whites, Feb.-May 1977
3Whites, June-Sept. 1977
4Whites, Oct.1977-March 1978
5Whites, April-June 1978
6Whites, July-Oct. 1978
7Whites, Nov. 1978-Feb. 1979
8Whites, March-July 1979
9Whites, July-Sept. 1979
10Whites, Sept.-Dec.1979
11Whites, Dec. 1979-April 1980
12Whites, April-May 1980
13Whites, June 1980
14Whites, July-Aug. 1980
15Whites, Sept.-Oct. 1980
16Whites, Nov. 1980-Jan. 1981
17Whites, Feb.-March 1981
18Whites, April-May 1981
19Whites, June-July 1981
20Whites, July 1981-April 1982
21Whites, May-Nov. 1982
22Whites, Dec. 1982-June 1983
23Whites, July-Aug. 1983
24Whites, Sept.-Oct. 1983
25Whites, Nov.-Dec. 1983
26Whites, Jan.-Oct. 1984
27Whites, Nov. 1984-Sept. 1985
28Whites, Oct. 1985-May 1986
29Whites, June 1986-March 1987
30Whites, March-Dec. 1987
31Whites, Jan.-June 1988
32Summary of grants, 1973-75
33Ministerial statement by T. Uren, 23 Aug. 1973
34Land Reform Training Institute, Taiwan, 1975
35Grants Commission. First report on financial assistance for local government, 1974
36-38Grants Commission. Second report on financial assistance for local government, 1975
39Statutory officers, 1976
40N.J. Cook. Comments on study by M.D. Herps of land property valuations, 1973
41Canberra transcripts, May-July 1975
42Staff papers 76/1-76/90
43Documents for Queensland hearing, Dec. 1975
44Brisbane transcript, Dec. 1975
45Queensland and Commonwealth Treasury submissions, 1975-76
46Visit to Queensland, Oct. 1976
47Brisbane transcript, Dec. 1976
48Documents for Queensland hearing, Dec. 1976
49Canberra transcript, March 1977
50Local Government Division meeting, Sept. 1975
51Draft report on local government, May 1976
52State Division meeting, Sept. 1976
53Local government guidelines inquiry, Sept. 1978
54Report on financial assistance for local government, 1979
55Melbourne Interest Group, 1979
56Staff papers SG 84/18-22
57Staff papers SG 85/3-4, SRD 85/49-53
58Staff papers SRD 85/56-60
59Staff papers SRD 85/61-64
60Staff papers SRD 85/66-70
61Staff papers SRD 86/1-10
62Staff papers SRD 86/11-13
63Staff papers SRD 86/18-23
64Staff papers SRD 86/24-29
65Staff papers SRD 86/30-31
66Staff papers SRD 86/32-34
67Staff papers SRD 86/35
68Staff papers SRD 87/1-3
69Staff papers SRD 87/4-9
70Staff papers SRD 87/10-17
71Staff papers SRD 87/19-28
72Staff papers SRD 87/30-34
73Staff papers SRD 87/35-42
74Staff papers SRD 87/45-49
75Staff papers SRD 49/50
76Staff papers SG 86/3-11
77Staff papers SG 87/1-2, ACT 87/1-5, NT 86/1
78Staff papers SRD 87/51-59
79Staff papers SRD 87/61-65
80Staff papers SRD 87/67-69
81Staff papers SRD 87/70-75
82Staff papers SRD 87/77-85
83Staff papers SRD 87/86-90
84Staff papers SRD 87/91-96
85Staff papers SRD 87/97-100
86Staff papers SRD 87/101-6
87Staff papers SRD 87/107-8
88Staff papers SRD 87/109-11
89Staff papers SRD 87/113-16
90Staff papers SRD 87/117-24
91Staff papers SRD 87/126-30
92Staff papers SRD 87/131-38
93Staff papers SRD 87/139-43
94Staff papers SRD 87/144-45
95Staff papers SRD 87/146-50
96Staff papers SRD 87/151-57
97Staff papers SRD 87/158-62
98Staff papers SRD 87/163-70
99Staff papers SRD 87/171-75
100Staff papers SRD 87/176-81
101Staff papers SRD 88/1-13
102Staff papers SRD 88/14-23
103Staff papers SRD 88/24-25
104Staff papers SRD 88/27-36
105Staff papers SRD 88/38-58
106Staff papers ACT 88/1-12
107Staff papers ACT 88/13-15
108Staff papers ACT 88/16-19
109Staff papers ACT 88/20-21
110Staff papers ACT 88/22-26
111Report on Tax Sharing Relativities, vol. 1, 1985
112Report on Tax Sharing Relativities, vol. 2, 1985
113Report on Tax Sharing Relativities, vol. 3, 1985
114Report on Tax Sharing Relativities, vol. 4, 1985
115Report on Tax Sharing Relativities, vol. 7, 1985
116Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Hobart, 16 Feb. 1987
117Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Hobart, 17-18 Feb. 1987
118Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Darwin, 9 March 1987
119Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Darwin, 10 March 1987
120Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Darwin, 11 March 1987
121Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Melbourne, 24-26 March 1987
122Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Melbourne, 25-26 March 1987
123Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Sydney, 30 March 1987
124Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Sydney, 31 March 1987
125Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Sydney, 1 April 1987
126Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Perth, 4 May 1987
127Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Perth, 5 May 1987
128Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Perth, 6 May 1987
129Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Adelaide, 2-3 June 1987
130Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Melbourne, 17 June 1987
131Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Melbourne, 18-19 June 1987
132Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Brisbane, 13 July 1987
133Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Brisbane, 14-15 July 1987
134Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Canberra, 21 July 1987
135Review of per capta relativities. Transcript, Canberra, 9 Nov. 1987
136Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Canberra, 10 Nov. 1987
137Review of per capita relativities. Transcript, Canberra, 11 Nov. 1987
138-41Review of general revenue grants relativities. Commonwealth Treasury submissions, 1986-87
142-43Review of general revenue grants relativities. NSW submission, Dec. 1986
144-45NSW Treasury. Organisation and delivery of government services in major urban areas, 1987
146D.J. Collins. Partial and global measures of States' taxable capacities, 1987
147New South Wales submission, Nov. 1987
148-49Northern Territory submission, Dec. 1986
150Northern Territory submission, Aug. 1987
151Northern Territory submission, Nov. 1987
152-53Queensland submission, Dec. 1986
154Queensland's rail haulage on export coal, Dec. 1986
155Queensland submission, Aug. 1987
156Queensland submission, Dec. 1987
157South Australian submission, Dec. 1986
158South Australian submission, Aug. 1987
159South Australian submission, Nov. 1987
160Tasmanian submission, Dec. 1986
161Tasmanian submission, Feb. 1987
162Tasmanian submission, Aug. 1987
163Tasmanian submission, Oct. 1987
164Tasmanian submission, Nov. 1987
165-66Victorian submission, Dec. 1986
167Victorian submission, Aug. 1987
168Victorian submission, Nov. 1987
169Western Australian submission, Jan. 1986
170Western Australian submission, Aug. 1987
171Western Australian submission, Nov. 1987
172Inspection of Western Australia, May 1987
173Briefing notes: Northern Territory inspection, March 1987
174Briefing notes: Queensland inspection, July 1987
175Briefing notes: Western Australian inspection, May 1987
176Travers Morgan Pty Ltd. Discussion paper on transport matters, May 1987
177-78Travers Morgan Pty Ltd. Working papers on metropolitan and non- metropolitan transport, Oct. 1987
179M.D. Herps. Relative capacities of States and Northern Territory to raise land revenue, Jan. 1988
180P.F. Amos. Report on metropolitan and non-metropolitan transport categories, Feb. 1988
181Northern Territory submission, Jan. 1987
182-84Report on general reserve grant relativities: drafts
185Report on general reserve grant relativities, Dec. 1987
186Report on general reserve grant relativities, Feb. 1988
187Report on general reserve grant relativities, March 1988
188Northern Territory papers, 1973
189-91Northern Territory. Supplementary submission, June 1979
192-96Northern Territory working papers, vols. 1-5, 1981-82
197-98Northern Territory submission, May 1986
199Northern Territory submission, July 1986
200Commonwealth Treasury. Submission on Northern Territory finances, July 1986
201Transcript of proceedings on inquiry into Northern Terrritory funding, 15 July 1986
202-9Report on financing ACT: working papers, vols. 1-8, 1979-82
210ACT Council of Social Services submission, Sept. 1987
211W.M. Willoughby submission, Sept. 1987
212ACT submission, Sept. 1987
213ACT Electricity Authority submission, Sept. 1987
214ACT Teachers Federation submission, Sept. 1987
215ACT Health Authority Services Strategic Plan, 1987
216Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools submission, Sept. 1987
217ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations submission, Sept. 1987
218Commonwealth Treasury submission on ACT finances, Oct. 1987
219Australian Federal Police submission, Aug. 1987
220Political developments in ACT since second CGC inquiry, Nov. 1987
221Canberra Association for Regional Development submission, Nov. 1987
222Submissions of cultural institutions, Nov. 1987
223ACT TAFE submission, Nov. 1987
224-25ACT Government final submission, Dec. 1987
226Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools submission, Jan. 1988
227ACT Electricity Authority submission, Jan. 1988
228Briefing notes, June 1987
229Preliminary briefing, July 1987
230Transcript of proceedings, 24 Nov. 1987
231Draft report
232Correspondence on ACT finances, 1982-84
232aMailing list for report on financing ACT. 1984
233-34Third report on financing the ACT, 1984
235ACT miscellaneous papers, 1987-88
236First report on Cocos (Keeling) Islands, 1985
237Cocos leaders' submission, Oct. 1985
238Department of Territories submission, Oct. 1985
239Administrator of Cocos Islands submission, n.d.
240Commonwealth Treasury submission, Oct. 1985
241-45Draft report on Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Sept.-Oct. 1985
246-48Cocos Islands inquiry, 1984-85
249Visit to Cocos Islands, Oct. 1986
250Cocos Islands inquiry, 1987-88
251-52Cocos (Keeling) Islands Council submission, Sept. 1988
253-54Cocos Islands Cooperative Society submission, Sept. 1988
255Department of Arts, Sport, Environment and Territories submission, Oct. 1988
256Letter from Commonwealth Treasury, Sept. 1988
257Pauline Bunce submission, Sept. 1988
258Cocos Islands sporting clubs submission, Oct. 1988
259ACT Library Service submission, Oct. 1988
260Dr Richard Tomlins submission, Sept. 1988
261J. Clunies Ross submission, Oct. 1988
262Cocos Islands Cooperative Society preliminary submission, Oct. 1988
263W. Liedie submission, Nov. 1988
264Commonwealth Treasury submission, Nov. 1988
265Cocos (Keeling) Islands Council submission, Nov. 1988
266Department of Arts, Sport, Environment and Territories supplementary submission, Nov. 1988
267-72Miscellaneous submissions, Nov. 1988-Feb. 1989
273Cocos Islands Cooperative Society submission, Oct. 1988
274Discussion paper on second report, Jan. 1989
275Submission by sporting and social clubs, Oct. 1988
276Submission by Cocos (Keeling) Islands Council, Oct. 1988
277Conference at Home Island, Oct. 1988
278-80Cocos Islands miscellaneous papers, 1984-89
281Draft discussion paper, n.d.
282Conference at Home Island, Feb. 1989
283Cocos Islands discussion paper, Jan. 1989
284-85Working papers, 1978-79
286Canberra Conference, Nov. 1987
287Agenda papers, Sept. 1986-June 1988
288-90New Zealand valuation materials, 1981
291C.A. Fletcher. Report on land and property valuation, n.d.
292M.D. Herps. A study of land and property valuation in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and rents, taxes and other revenue derived therein, 1977
293-313Reports, seminar papers and publications on valuation, 1969-88
314Correspondence concerning valuation, 1981-87
315-16Valuation: Claremont Lectures
317Fiscal equalisation for local government, 1973
318Australian Research Grants committee, 1975
3191975 Grants Commission Bill
320Program of hearings and inspections, 1975-76
321-22Australian Council of Local Government Associations, 1971
323Miscellaneous papers, 1978
324Miscellaneous papers, 1979-80
325Papers by Else-Mitchell, 1979-80
326Miscellaneous papers, 1981
327Miscellaneous papers, 1982
328Inquiry into equity of rating system, 1981
329Discussion with Parliamentary Committee on Federalism and Urban Affairs, 1982
330Correspondence with Department of Administrative Services, 1980-83
331Official hospitality guidelines, 1981-82
332Grants Commission and Treasury, 1983
333Miscellaneous papers, 1983
334Register of Commonwealth-States cooperative arrangements, 1984
335Miscellaneous papers, 1984
336Review of taxation system, 1985
337Draft 52nd report, 1985
338Miscellaneous papers, 1985
339Automated data processing, 1986
340-41Papers 86/1-11
342Miscellaneous papers, 1986
343Tasmanian hearings, Feb. 1987
344Western Australian hearings, May 1987
345Commonwealth hearings, July 1987
346-51Miscellaneous papers, 1987
352Travers Morgan Pty Ltd. Working paper on non-metropolitan transport, 1988
353Treasury documents, 1988
354Remuneration Tribunal, 1988
355Remuneration of members, 1988
356Reconstitution of Commission, 1988
3571988 report
358-60Miscellaneous papers, 1988
361Miscellaneous papers, 1985-89
362Miscellaneous papers, 1989
363-64A.M. Woodruff. Property taxation in America (extracts)
365Social Welfare Commission. The role of local government in welfare, 1976
366Miscellaneous papers, 1986
367-71Legislation, 1919-82
372Queensland tour, 1977
373M.D. Herps. A study of official land valuations of Australian States and their capacity to raise revenue from land transactions, 1980
374Correspondence with Minister for Administrative Services, 1981-82
375National Inquiry into Local Government Finance, 1985: Treasury submission
376-77National Inquiry into Local Government Finance, 1985: Department of Local Government and Administrative Services submission
378National Inquiry into Local Government Finance, 1985: Department of Finance submission
379South Australia. Local Government Grants Commission. Annual report, 1980
380Draft report on perceived rating problems in Victoria, 1983
381Interim statement on National Program for Urban and Regional Development, 1974
382M.D. Herps. Advice on 1988 Review of Tax Relativities
383Australian Capital Territory. Sales of residential properties, 1987
384-85Australian Capital Territory finances, 1986-88
386Canberra planning systems, 1988
387Australian Capital Territory finances, 1988
388Government Accounting Conference, 1988
389-90Miscellaneous papers

Series 12 Royal Commission into Land Tenures, 1973

In 1973 Else-Mitchell was appointed Chairman of the Royal Commission into Land Tenures. The other Commissioners were Professor Russell Mathews and G.J. Dusseldorp. The Commission considered the appropriate methods of leasehold administration and management of land for urban purposes in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory and land acquired by a Land Commission in any State. Hearings were held in Canberra, all the State capitals, Darwin and Alice Springs. The report was presented to the Commonwealth Parliament in November 1973.

1Report, 1973
2United Kingdom reports and papers, 1964-72
3United Kingdom legislation, 1965-73
4United Kingdom command papers and legislation, 1961-73
5New Zealand legislation and parliamentary papers, 1973
6Papers on Canberra and the Northern Territory, 1972-74
7Miscellaneous papers and reports, 1973
8Miscellaneous papers and reports, 1970-73
9Miscellaneous papers and reports (U.K.), 1966-74
10Miscellaneous papers and reports, 1967-74
11United Kingdom reports and papers, 1970
12Not used
13J. Pullen. Review of evidence presented to Commission, 1973
14Australian Labor Party and Liberal Party policies, 1972-73
15Lists of submissions to Commission
16Alan Wilson. Where the price of land is heading, 1974
17United Kingdom. Ministry of Housing and Local Government. Report, 1955
17aUnited Kingdom. Ministry of Local Government and Planning. Town and country planning 1943-51
18-19United Kingdom. Royal Commission on Local Government, 1966-69
20-21Seminar on Supply, Development and Allocation of Land for Housing and related purposes, Paris, March-April 1965
22Miscellaneous background papers
23Letters patent and additional terms of reference, 1973
24Letter from Special Minister of State, Sept. 1974 (sealed)
25Transcript, 19 June 1973
26Background papers, 1965-74
27-28Background papers, 1974
29Background papers, 1973-74
30Background papers, 1974
31Background papers, 1969
32Correspondence, 1976-79
33Correspondence, 1976-77
34R.W. Archer. Case study of municipal land pooling project in Perth, 1978
35United Kingdom Land Commission, n.d.
36Submission by Department of the Northern Territory, June 1973
37-38Submissions by the Department of the Capital Territory, June 1973

Miscellaneous Australian and overseas publications on land tenure, rating, national estate, land use and related subjects

Series 13 Local Housing Approvals Review Committee, 1989-92

In 1989 the Commonwealth Government set up a National Steering Committee to provide policy guidance on reform of land and building approvals with particular reference to housing. Else-Mitchell was the Chairman. The last meeting of the Committee was held in May 1992.

The series contains agenda papers, minutes, background and conference papers and a small amount of correspondence. The correspondents include D.G. Wheen, G. Hoffman, Stan Parks and Mark Lynch.

1Establishment of Committee, 1989
21st meeting, Oct. 1989
32nd meeting, Nov. 1989
43rd meeting, Feb. 1990
54th meeting, April 1990
65th meeting, May 1990
76th meeting, July 1990
87th meeting, Nov. 1990
98th meeting, Feb. 1991
109th meeting, April 1991
1110th meeting, May 1991
12Addresses by Else-Mitchell
13Building Regulation Review, 1989-91
14Correspondence, 1989-91
15Correspondence and minutes, 1989
16List of NSW municipalities, 1975-81
17Local Planning and Building Approvals Seminar, Nov. 1990
18-21Miscellaneous papers
22National Building Regulation Reform Forum, May 1991
23National Conference on Planning and Building Approvals, Aug. 1990
24Building Control Ministers meeting, Canberra, July 1991
Publications on building regulation and approvals
2511th meeting, July 1991
26Correspondence, 1991-92
27Miscellaneous papers, 1989-92
28Publications and cuttings

Series 14 Libraries, 1972-94

Else-Mitchell was actively involved in the administration of libraries at the national, State and local level for many years. In 1986 he was awarded the Redmond Barry Award by the Library Association of Australia for outstanding service to Australian libraries. This series contains correspondence, speeches, cuttings, newsletters and National Library Council papers on miscellaneous library matters. Other library papers can be found in Series 15 (State Library of New South Wales), Series 16 (National Library of Australia), Series 17 (Australian Advisory Council on Bibliographical Services) and Series 36 (ACT Library Service).

1Archives, 1972-78
2Copyright Law Committee on Reprographic Reproduction, 1975
3Ferguson Lecture, 1975
4Library Association of Australia, 1973-75
5Library Association of Australia, 1980-89
6Penrith City Library, 1978
7State Library of Queensland, 1988
8Redmond Barry Award, 1986
9Sydney Inter-Library Loan Van Service. Annual report, 1973
10Redmond Barry Award, 1994

Series 15 State Library of New South Wales, 1972-89

Else-Mitchell was appointed a Trustee of the Public Library of New South Wales in 1961. In 1969 he became Vice-President of the Council of the Library of New South Wales and he was President of the Council in 1974-79. Most of the papers relating to his work for the Library are held in the Mitchell Library, but this series contains a small amount of correspondence and a number of reports, speeches and publications. The correspondents include Dulcie Stretton, R.F. Doust and R.F. Brian.

1Correspondence, 1973-75
2Correspondence, 1972-89
3Federal funds, 1974
4Miscellaneous papers, 1975-77
5Library Council meeting, Jan. 1978
6Publications in print
7Seminar on joint use of library facilities, March 1979
8Address presented to Else-Mitchell by Council of the Library, 1979
9Opening of new building, May 1988
10Committee of Enquiry into role and needs of Library of New South Wales, 1975
11-12W.J. Weedon. Review of public library services in New South Wales, 1972
13Working party on reorganisation of Technical Services of State Library of New South Wales, 1976
14-15State Plan for development of public libraries, 1977
16Seminar on local government, libraries and the community, 1977
17-18Library Council of New South Wales. Annual reports, 1975, 1978
19-21Public Libraries Division. Report, 1975-76
22-24Miscellaneous publications

Series 16 National Library of Australia, 1977-93

Else-Mitchell was appointed a member of the Council of the National Library in December 1974. He served for three terms, retiring in February 1984. The series consists largely of Council agenda papers and information papers, often annotated by Else-Mitchell. There is also some correspondence, mostly dating from his later years on the Council. The correspondents include George Chandler, Alec Bolton, W.D. Thorn, Harrison Bryan and Judith Baskin.


Council agenda and reports
14 Feb. 1977
21 April 1977
317 June 1977
45 Aug. 1977
528 Oct. 1977
616 Dec. 1977
73 Feb. 1978
87 April 1978
92 June 1978
104 Aug. 1978
116 Oct. 1978
121 Dec. 1978
132 Feb. 1979
146 April 1979
151 June 1979
163 Aug. 1979
175 Oct. 1979
1812 Dec. 1979
191 Feb. 1980
2011 April 1980
216 June 1980
221 Aug. 1980
233 Oct. 1980
2410 Dec. 1980
256 Feb. 1981
263 April 1981
275 June 1981
287 Aug. 1981
292 Oct. 1981
304 Dec. 1981
315 Feb. 1982
322 April 1982
334 June 1982
346 Aug. 1982
351 Oct. 1982
363 Dec. 1982
37Annual report 1980-81
38Address list, 1982
39Council documents, Aug. 1982
40Correspondence, 1975-76
41Correspondence, 1975-79
42-43Correspondence, 1980
44Correspondence, 1981
45Correspondence, 1982
46Council minutes 1975-76
47Council information papers, Jan. 1977
48Council information papers, March 1977
49Council information papers, May 1977
50Council information papers, July 1977
51Council information papers, Sept. 1977
52Council information papers, Nov. 1977
53Council information papers, Jan. 1978
53aCouncil information papers, March 1978
53bCouncil information papers, May 1978
53cCouncil information papers, July 1978
54-55Correspondence, 1983
56Advisory Committee on the Social Sciences, 1981-82
57Annual report, draft, 1979
58Council reports, 1970-74
59Annual reports, 1977-78
60Papers and reports, 1982
61For information sheets, 1982
62Draft estimates, 1981-82
63Library reports, 1974-75
64Library reports, 1978
65Library reports on services to the handicapped, 1979
66Selection policy, 1980
67Discussion paper on publications and services, 1980
68Trust funds, 1983
69Oral history meetings, 1985
70Papers, including obituary of G. Chandler, 1993
71Australian Archives, 1978-79

Series 17 Australian Advisory Council on Bibliographical Services, 1975-87

AACOBS was established in 1956 to coordinate the work of Australian libraries in developing bibliographical services. It included representatives of the National, State and university libraries, CSIRO and the Library Association of Australia. The Secretariat was based in the National Library. Else-Mitchell represented the Library Council of New South Wales on AACOBS from 1975 to 1979. He presumably acquired the later AACOBS papers while serving on the National Library Council.

1Agenda papers, 1975
2Agenda papers, 1979
3-4Agenda papers 1981
5Agenda papers 1981-82
6Agenda papers 1982-87

Series 18 Canberra College of Advanced Education, 1976-87

Else-Mitchell was appointed a member of the Council of the Canberra College of Advanced Education in April 1976 and remained on the Council until 1984. At various times he was a member of its Legislation Committee, Administrative Sciences Advisory Committee and Valuation Consultative Committee. The series mostly comprises Council agenda papers and there are also some correspondence, reports and job applications. The correspondents include R.L. Jory, A Kouzmin, G. Eadie and S.S. Richardson.


Council agenda papers
129 June 1977
227 July 1977
330 Nov. 1977
422 Feb. 1978
529 March 1978
626 April 1978
731 May 1978
828 June 1978
926 July 1978
1027 Sept. 1978
1125 Oct. 1978
1229 Nov. 1978
1328 Feb. 1978
1428 March 1978
159 May 1978
1627 June 1978
1725 July 1978
1829 Aug. 1978
1926 Sept. 1978
2031 Oct. 1978
2128 Nov. 1978
2227 Feb. 1978
2326 March 1978
2430 April 1980
2528 May 1980
2630 July 1980
27-2826-27 Aug. 1980
2926 Oct. 1980
3026 Nov. 1980
3125 Feb. 1981
3227 May 1981
3324 June 1981
3429 July 1981
35Staff development project, 1975-76
36-37Submissions and proposals, 1977-78
38Reaccreditation of B.A. in Modern Languages course, 1979
39Applications for Head of School of Liberal Studies, 1979

Series 19 Commonwealth Legal Aid Council, 1979-84

The Commonwealth Legal Aid Council was established under the 1981 Commonwealth Legal Aid Commission Amendment Act and took over most of the research and advice functions of the Commonwealth Legal Aid Commission. The Council made recommendations to the Attorney-General on the need for legal aid and the effectiveness of arrangements for financial assistance. Else-Mitchell was Chairman of the Council from 1980 to 1984. The series contains reports, legislation, correspondence, cuttings and addresses. The correspondents include J.P. Harkins.

1Commonwealth Legal Aid Commission. Annual report, 1979-80
2Correspondence, 1980
3Visit to New Zealand, 1983
4Northern Territory inquiry into motor accidents compensation, 1979
5-6Accident compensation, 1984

Series 20 ACT Legal Aid Commission, 1977-79

The Commission was established under the 1977 Legal Aid Ordinance to provide services of either private legal practioners or officers of the Commission. Else-Mitchell was Chairman of the Commission from November 1977 to February 1980 and P.J. Sharkey was Director. This small series contains newsletters, correspondence, financial papers and cuttings. The correspondents include P.J. Sharkey, Peter Durack and D.C.D. Harper.

1Correspondence, 1977-79
2Correspondence 1979
3Address by Else-Mitchell, July 1978
4Staff estimates, 1978
5Miscellaneous papers, 1978
7Legal aid and criminal justice, 1981

Series 21 Royal Australian Institute of Public Administration, 1974-90

The New South Wales Regional Group of the Royal Institute of Public Administration was formed in 1935. In 1980 the Australian groups separated from the British organisation to form the Australian Institute of Public Administration. The name was changed to the Royal Australian Institute of Public Administration in 1982. Else-Mitchell had a long association with the Institute and was National President from 1981 to 1986. He was made a Fellow of the Institute in November 1983. The series consists of correspondence, minutes, agenda papers, reports, conference papers, circulars and publications.
1Adelaide Congress, 1978
2National Conference, 1981
3-4National Conference, 1982
5National Conference, 1983
6-7National Conference, 1985
8-10National Conference, 1986
11-14National Conference, 1987
15National Conference, 1988
16National Conference, 1989
17National Council correspondence and agenda papers, 1977-79
18National Council correspondence, 1979-81
19National Council correspondence, 1981
20National Council correspondence, 1982
21National Council agenda papers, 5 March 1982
22-23National Council correspondence, 1982
24National Council agenda papers, 1983-87
25National Council correspondence, 1984-85
26National Council correspondence, 1985
27National Council correspondence, 1986
28National Council agenda papers, 1986-87
29National Council correspondence, 1986-88
30National Council agenda papers, 1988
31National Council correspondence 1988-89
32National Council agenda papers, 1989-90
33ACT Group, 1979-80
34ACT Group, 1980
35ACT Group, 1980-81
36ACT Group, 1981-92
37ACT Group, 1983-86
38ACT Group Centenary celebrations, 1985-86
39ACT Group, 1987-89
40NSW Group, 1979-82
41NSW Group, 1982
42NSW Group, 1985-86
43NSW Group, 1987
44NSW Group, 1987-89
45Not used
46Northern Territory Division, 1983-86
47Queensland Division, 1984-89
48Queensland Conference, July 1981
49Queensland Seminar, July 1982
50South Australian Division, 1985
51Tasmanian Division, 1986-89
52Victorian Group, 1981-88
53Western Australian Division, 1986
54Royal Institute of Public Administration. Australian Regional Groups Conference, Canberra, Nov. 1974
55Australian Regional Groups papers, Nov. 1979
56Conference of Regional Groups, Nov. 1980
57New Zealand conferences, 1981-82
58Academics Conference, 1985
59Administrative History Conference, Canberra, Nov. 1982
60Seminar, Hobart, Oct. 1979
61American Society for Public Administration National Conference, 1982
62American Society for Public Administration National; Conference, 1988
63National Council reports, 1984
64Autumn seminar, March 1980
65Autumn seminar, April 1981
66Centenary of the first meeting in Hobart of the Federal Council of Australasia, Jan.-Feb. 1986
67Colloquium on Public Inquiries, Sydney, June 1984
68Annual reports and constitutions, 1983-86
69Federation movement: publication of 1890 Convention debates and Parkes' speeches, 1987-89
68Sir Robert Garran Oration; foreward and orators
69Incorporation, 1985
70Interim Steering Committee on Courses/Programmes in Public Administration, 1983
71-72International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration. Round Table, Canberra, July 1981
73International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration. Round Table, Tokyo, 1982
74-77International Congress of Administrative Sciences, West Berlin, Sept. 1983
78-79International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration. Round Table, Tunis, 1985
80Islands of the world conferences, 1986-88
81Logo, 1983-84
82National Essay Competition, 1982
83National Fellows, 1983-86
84New Zealand Jubilee Convention, Oct. 1984
85-86New Zealand Institute of Public Administration, 1986
87President's correspondence and report, 1988-89
88Publication Committee, 1985
89Report on Institute by Dulcie Stretton and Associates, Feb. 1983
90-91Miscellaneous reports, 1985-86
92Publications 1983-86
93International Institute of Administrative Sciences papers, 1986
94J. Nethercote. Public service reform, 1983
95South African Institute of Public Administration, 1985

Series 22 Australian Institute of Urban Studies, 1966-95

The Australian Institute of Urban Studies was founded in 1967 on the initiative of the Australian Planning Institute and the Social Science Research Council. Its aims were to promote research into urban affairs and organise training and conferences. Else-Mitchell was a foundation member and was President in 1986-88.

The series contains agenda papers, minutes of meetings, correspondence, annual reports and research papers. The correspondents include Derek Cartwright, Patrick Troy, R.J. Solomon, L. Hawkins, P.D. Day and R.J. Stimson.

The records of the Institute are also held in the National Library (MS 7594).

18th Annual Conference, 1975
2-310th Annual Conference, 1977
4Annual Conference, 1988
5Annual general meeting, 1988
6Board of management, 1967-74
7Board of management, 1980-81
8Board of management, 1983
9-10Board of management, 1988
11Executive minutes, 1980-81
12Finance committee minutes, 1980
13Research Committee minutes, 1980-81
14ACT Group, 1980
15NSW Division, 1966-74
16Early papers, 1967-69
17Correspondence, 1972-74
18Correspondence, 1975
19Papers, 1978
20Papers, 1977-79
21Papers, 1978-79
22Papers, 1979-80
23Papers, 1980-82
24Papers, 1982
25Papers, 1982-86
26Papers, 1987-88
27Constitution, 1967-69
28Land Tenure Group, 1987
29Third Triennium, 1975
National Symposium on 'Habitat', Canberra, 1976
30-32Canberra, a people's capital, 1987
33Speech to NSW Division, Aug. 1981
34Seminar, Aug. 1988
35Photographs of meeting with Tom Uren
36Papers, 1991-95
37Constitution, 1991

Series 23 Australian Institute of Valuers, 1974-90

The Commonwealth Institute of Valuers was established in 1926 and its name was changed to the Australian Institute of Valuers in 1976. Else-Mitchell was not a member of the Institute, but he had a long interest in many aspects of valuation, especially land valuation, and attended some meetings of the Institute. The series contains correspondence, conference papers, notes, annual reports and newsletters. Correspondents include B.V. Raison, John Worthington and John Horrigan.

1-3Conference, 1977
4Federal Convention, 1982
5Annual general meeting, 1989
6Conference, 1990
7Correspondence and papers, 1977-80
8Correspondence and papers, 1980-84
9Correspondence and papers, 1984-87
10ACT Division. Demonstration court, 1984
11ACT Division. Annual general meeting, 1989
12NSW Division, 1974
13NSW Division, 1980
14History of Land Appeal Court, 1977
151975 Valuers Registration Act, 1975-79
16Senior Q.R.V. Valuers Discussion Group, 1977

Series 24 Centre for Research on Federal Financial Relations, 1972-95

The Centre for Research on Federal Financial Relations at the Australian National University was set up in 1972. Its aims were to carry out research into financial and economic analysis of Australia and other federal systems, the criteria for the allocation of resources between governments, and the impact of the federal financial system on major functional areas of government. The Centre had an active publishing program, producing about 18 publications per annum. Else-Mitchell was a member of the Research Advisory Committee from 1972 onwards and chaired the Committee for a number of years.

The series comprises correspondence, annual reports, reports of the Director, minutes of the Research Advisory Committee and seminar papers. The correspondents include Professor Russell Mathews, Professor Geoffrey Brennan and Professor Cliff Walsh.

1Correspondence and other papers, 1972-79
2Correspondence and other papers, 1980-82
3Correspondence and other papers, 1983-84
4Correspondence and other papers, 1984-87
5Correspondence and other papers, 1988-89
6Correspondence and other papers, 1989
7Correspondence and other papers, 1989-91
8Research Advisory Committee, 1978
9Research Advisory Committee, 1982-85
10Research Advisory Committee, 1985-86
11Research Advisory Committee, 1986-89
12Public conference, 'Local government in transition', Australian National University, May 1987
13Seminar on tax reform and the States, 1985
14Seminar on local government finance, 1986
15Seminar on constitutional reform and fiscal federalism, 1987
16Publius workshop, June 1988
17Research Advisory Committee seminar and Commonwealth Grants Commission, 1988
18Seminar on Cabinet operations of the Australian Government, 1989
19Miscellaneous papers
20Research Advisory Committee minutes and papers, 1992-94
21Appointment of Director, 1993
22Review of Centre, 1994
23Conference program and miscellanous papers, 1995
24Conference on Aboriginal peoples and Federalism, Townsville, Aug. 1993
25-28Canada-Australia Colloquium, 1981
29Australia-Canada Colloquium, 1985
30Seminar on hospital funding, 1983

Series 25 Historical research, 1965-91

Else-Mitchell had a lifelong interest in history and wrote occasional articles and lectures on historical subjects. As early as 1940 he had contributed articles to the Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society on George Caley and the wild cattle of Cowpastures and he maintained a strong interest in the exploration of the Blue Mountains, as well as legal history. This small series contains a history of the Commonwealth Rationing Commission, of which Else-Mitchell was Secretary in 1943-45. There are also drafts of addresses, photocopies of documents, correspondence and cuttings. The correspondents include Dan Sprod, Alan Andrews and Hazel King.

1'History of the Commonwealth Rationing Commission 1942-1950' (roneoed)
2Judge Sir William Burton: photocopies of documents
3George Caley, 1982-83
4Govett's sketches of New South Wales, 1978
5Discovery of Bell's Line, 1979
6Miscellaneous papers, 1965-91

Series 26 Royal Australian Historical Society, 1966-89

Else-Mitchell joined the Royal Australian Historical Society in 1938 and was an active member for the next fifty years, He was Senior Vice-President in 1964-70 and 1977-78, President in 1970-77 and was made a Fellow of the Society in 1966. The series consists of correspondence, agenda papers, minutes, addresses, reports, cuttings and newsletters. Most of the papers date from the 1980s, when Else-Mitchell was no longer living in Sydney, but he continued to take a strong interest in the affairs of the Society. The correspondents include Ken Cable, H.C. Harper, John Bennett, Hazel King, Marsden Hordern and John Vaughan.

1Correspondence, 1976-79
2-3Correspondence, 1985
4-6Correspondence, 1986
7Correspondence, 1987
8Correspondence, 1985-88
9Correspondence, 1988
10Correspondence, 1988-89
11Articles Review Committee, 1985-88
12Canberra Conference, 1977
13Affiliated Societies Conference, 1983
14Default summons, 1986
15Fellowship, 1966
16Memorandum and Articles of Association

Series 27 Federation of Australian Historical Societies, 1974-89

The Federation was formed in 1977, with delegates from historical societies in every State and also the ACT and the Northern Territory. Else-Mitchell was the first President and held office until 1986. The series contains correspondence, reports, conference proceedings, lectures and newsletters. There are also some earlier papers documenting Else-Mitchell's association with historical societies outside New South Wales. The correspondents include Nan Phillips, E.M. Johnston, Ken Cable, Dan Sprod, Peter Howell, Hazel King, Harrison Bryan, D.I. McDonald, H.N. Warren, Ian Woodroffe and David Armstrong.

1Augustus Walkel Memorial Lecture, Melbourne, 1975
2Biennial Conference, Canberra, 1979
3Correspondence, 1979-81
4Proceedings of conferences, 1979, 1981
5President's reports, 1981-84
6Correspondence, 1983-86
7Goulburn Historical Society, 1986
8Historical Society of South Australia 1974-76
9Royal Historical Society of Queensland, 1979
10Royal Historical Society of Victoria, 1989
11Royal Historical Society of Victoria Heritage Week Lecture, 1983
12Bicentennial project, 1977-81
13Bicentennial project, 1983-85
14Newsletter, 1985
15-16Biennial conference, Melbourne, 1981

Series 28 Australian Bicentennial Authority, 1978-84

Else-Mitchell was a member of the Board of Directors of the Australian Bicentennial Authority in 1980-83 and he was Chairman of the ACT Council in 1981-83. The series contains agenda papers, correspondence, speeches, addresses, reference papers, cuttings, press releases and reports. The correspondents include David Armstrong and J.B. Reid.

1Memorandum and articles of association, 1980
2Correspondence and minutes, 1979-80
3Correspondence and minutes, 1980-81
4Correspondence and minutes, 1981
5Correspondence and minutes, 1981-84
6Papers for first meeting of the Board, Feb. 1980
7Papers, 1981
8ACT Council, 1981-83
9-10Papers, 1982-83
11Early proposals, 1978
12-13Speeches and addresses, 1980-81
14Opening of National Office, 1981
15Remuneration of members, 1982
16List of addresses and organisation chart
17Material for addresses
18Report on possible exposition in Sydney, 1980
19Report on possible exposition in Melbourne, 1980
20Evaluation of status of planning of Australian Bicentennial program, 1982
21Australian Bicentenary: marketing stategy, 1982

Miscellaneous publications

Series 29 Melbourne High School Old Boys' Association, 1974-91

This small series mostly contains magazines and printed items which Else-Mitchell received as a member of the Melbourne High School Old Boys' Association.

1The Old Unicornian, 1974-79
2The Old Unicornian, 1980-84
3The Old Unicornian, 1985-91
4Address by Else-Mitchell at the Sydney-Melbourne High Schools Old Boys Canberra Dinner, 1986
5Building Fund Appeal, 1990
6Miscellaneous papers, 1985-91

Series 30 Organisations, 1969-93

The series contains correspondence, circulars, notes for speeches, programs, leaflets of a large number of other organisations with which Else-Mitchell was associated in the period 1973-93. Other papers can be found in series relating to specific organisations or in Series 34, Conferences.

1ACT Heritage Committee, 1989
2American Biographical Institute, 1984-89
3Asia-Pacific Foundation, 1985
4Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences, 1973
5Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record, 1985
6Australian Conservation Foundation, 1979-83
7Australian Dictionary of Biography, 1975
8Australian Institute of Health Surveyors, 1978-79
9Australian Institute of Judicial Administration, 1982-86
10-11Australian Institute of Political Science, 1981-88
12Australian National Gallery, 1988
13Australian Opera, 1984-85
14Australian Opera National Council, 1983-87
15Australian Society of Accountants, 1979-86
16Australian Society of Accountants. ACT Division, 1988-89
17-19Australian Society of Authors, 1981-89
20Australian Tourist Industry Association, 1989
21Automobile Club, 1980-85
22The Blue Friars, 1988
23Brisbane City Council, 1987
24Building Owners and Managers Association of Australia, 1988-89
25Business Council of Australia, 1989
26Butterworths Book Company, 1983-84
27Canberra Club, 1977-86
28Canberra College of Technical and Further Education Land Valuation Consultative Committee, 1980-87
29Civic Design Committee, 1980
30Constitutional Commission, 1986-88
31Dunmore Lang College, 1986
32-35Foundation for Australian Literary Studies, James Cook University of North Queensland, 1969-86
36Institute of Arbitrators Australia, 1981
37-38Institute of Municipal Administration, 1972-73
39Institution of Engineers, 1988
40-42International Institute of Administrative Sciences, 1984-88
43International Institute of Valuers, 1977-82
44-46Law Reform Commission, 1976-83
47Local Government Association of Northern Territory, 1982
48Local Government Engineers Association of New South Wales, 1975
49Medico Legal Society of New South Wales, 1975-89
50Middle Park School, Melbourne, 1987
51Museum of Australia, 1982
52-54National Book Council, 1974-85
55National Estate, 1975
56Order of St Michael and St George, 1978-86
57-61Royal Australian Planning Institute, 1978-93
62-63St Vincent's Hospital, 1974-76
64Society of Land Economists, 1987-88
65University House, Australian National University, 1976-77
66University of New South Wales, 1981
67Victorian College of Pharmacy, 1976-77
68Young Men's Christian Association, 1981-83
69Hyde Park Barracks, 1993

Series 31 Canberra, 1971-94

Papers relating to Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory can be found in a number of series, including Series 20, 30, 32 and 36. This series contains reports, correspondence, seminar papers, cuttings and circulars on a variety of matters relating to the city. The correspondents include Frank Brennan, R.H. Webster, L.W. Engledow, Julie Carroll and Michael Grace.

1Seminar on Canberra and rural development, Aug. 1971
2-3Canberra: abolition of land rent, 1971-73
4-5Hawker Residents Action Committee, 1979-80
6Seminar on Canberra leasehold, 1980
8-17Acton/West Basin Community Consultative Committee, 1992-93
18Review of City Hill master plan, 1992-93
19Review of Russell master plan, 1994
20Guidelines for residential development: North Canberra and Kingston/Griffith
21Ainslie Village, 1994
22Miscellaneous papers
23Committee of Review on National Capital Development Commission, 1983
24G. Scholes. Self-government for the people of the ACT, 1986
25Australian Capital Territory (Constitutional Provisions) Bill, 1987
26Hawker Shopping Centre, 1983
27Select Committee on Casino, 1983

Series 32 Very Fast Train, 1988-91

In 1989 Else-Mitchell was asked by the Victorian Government, which was considering proposals for a very fast train between Melbourne and Sydney, to report on Government powers to resume ownership of land and to limit the escalation of land values, and also the viability in law of separate machinery of government to undertake the process of land acquisition. In addition to his report, this series contains correspondence, reports and publications relating to the Very Fast Train proposals. The correspondents include Jim Kennan and Helen Martin.

1Report by Else-Mitchell for the Victorian Minister for Transport, Sept. 1989
2Correspondence, 1989-91
3-4Reports and papers, 1989-90
5-6VFT Concept report, 1988
7Australian Urban Studies, July 1989
8VFT. Progress report, Oct. 1989
9-10Dames and Moore. The VFT; preliminary appraisal of impacts on Victoria, Nov 1989
11ACT Government. Response to VFT Concept report, Jan. 1990
12Report for ACT Office of Industry and Development, Jan. 1990
14-18VFT News, 1990-91
19-23Miscellaneous publications

Series 33 Conferences, 1966-94

Conference papers can be found in several of the series relating to organisations. This series contains conference papers, brochures, leaflets, cuttings, invitations, correspondence and other papers relating to a great variety of conferences which Else-Mitchell attended, mainly in the period 1975-94.

1-5Joint Urbanization Seminar, Canberra, Oct.-Dec. 1966
6-8Intergovernmental Relations Conference, Canberra, Nov. 1971
9Australian Legal Convention, Canberra, July 1975
10Building Science Forum, Sydney, Sept. 1976
11-13Central Western Region Advisory Council Seminar, Orange, April 1977
13Rural Producer and Urban Growth, 1977
14Royal Australian Planning Institute Congress, Aug.1978
15Building Science Forum of Australia, Sydney, March 1978
16Royal Australian Planning Institute Congress, Canberra, May 1980
17Colloquium on Public policies in Two Federal Countries: Canada and Australia, Canberra, Aug.-Sept. 1981
18Australian Institute of Political Science Summer School, Canberra, Jan. 1982
19ANZAAS 52nd Congress, Sydney, May 1982
20Australian Institute of Urban Studies Seminar on ACT Self-Government, Canberra, July 1982
21Not used
22South Pacific Judicial Conference, Canberra, May 1982
23International Institute of Administrative Sciences Round Table, Tokyo, Sept. 1982
24Judges conference, Canberra, Jan. 1983
25Accounting Convention, Sydney, Feb. 1983
26-27Law and History Conference, La Trobe University, Feb. 1983
28International Institute of Administrative Sciences Congress, Berlin, Sept. 1983
29Institute of Management Consultants in Australia Seminar, Canberra, June 1983
30-31National Conference on Coordination of Commonwealth Land related data, Adelaide, Nov. 1984
32-33Valuers-General Conference, Aug. 1984
34Not used
35Conference of Public Accounts Committees, Adelaide, 1985, Sydney, 1987
36International Union for Land-Value Taxation and Free Trade Conference, Vancouver, May 1986
37-39Australian Federalism Review Seminar, Canberra, July 1987
40Federalism Project Conferences, 1981-88
41Australian Federalism Seminar, Australian National University, 1987
42Conference of Public Accounts Committees, Sydney, May 1987
43National Government Accounting Convention, Perth, March 1987
44New South Wales Farmers Association Conference, Sydney, July 1987
45-46Constitutional Commission and Referenda Proposals Seminar, Canberra, July 1988
47New South Wales Farmers Association Conference, Sydney, July 1988
48Regional Science Association Conference, Brisbane, Aug. 1988
49Local Government Planners Association of Queensland Annual Conference, Brisbane, Aug. 1988
50Australian Federalism Project Conference, Canberra, Feb. 1988
51-53Valuers-General Biennial Conference, Surfers Paradise, May 1988
54Australian National Association for Mental Health Conference, Sydney, Aug. 1988
55Conference of Public Accounts Committees, Brisbane, May 1989
56Electoral Option for Canberra Forum, May 1989
57Valuers-General Biennial Conference, Melbourne, April-May 1990
58-59Public Sector Budgeting, Sydney, March 1991
60Performance Based Regulation Conference, Kooralbyn, Oct. 1991
61-62Georgist Council of Australia Conference, Melbourne, Sept. 1993
63Sydney-Canberra Growth Corridor Symposium, Goulburn, April 1993
64Building Owners and Managers Association of Australia Leaders' Workshop on Planning, Canberra, Aug. 1994
65Local Government Conference, Townsville, Aug. 1994
66Institute of Management Consultants Seminar, Canberra, March 1985

Series 34 Constitutional Centenary Foundation, 1989-95

The Constitutional Centenary Foundation was established in 1991 as an independent body which sought to encourage public discussion and debate on the Australian system of government. Sir Ninian Stephen was the first President. Else-Mitchell was a member of the committee of the ACT Chapter, which was formed in June 1994. This small series contains minutes, agenda papers, correspondence, reports, circulars and cuttings. There is also some correspondence concerning the Centenary Conference on Australian Federalism which was held at the University of Melbourne in February 1990. The correspondents include Denis Tracey, Dame Leonie Kramer and Donald Nairn.

1Annual general meeting, 1993-94
2Correspondence, 1989-94
3Circulars and booklets
4ACT Chapter, 1994-95
5Press cuttings, 1992-93
6Conference on Constitutional Change, Darwin, Oct. 1992

Series 35 Speeches and addresses by others

This series contains typescript, roneoed or published copies of speeches, addresses, articles and other works written by people other than Else-Mitchell. The bulk of them deal with the law, politics, federalism, public administration, public finance, land valuation

1Speeches and articles 1936-88: R.G. Casey, G. Clarke, A. Gotlieb, J. Cairns, Sir Zelman Cowen, D. Bok, B. Cohen, G. Brennan
2Speeches and articles 1975-82: P. Fellowes, P. Durack, N.T. Daley
3Speeches and articles 1976-89: I. Greenwood, D. Hunt, B. Higgins, C. Harris, L. Hielscher, C. Halton, B. Hayden, P. Grossman
4Speeches and articles 1985: G. Haygarth
5Speeches and articles 1974: L. Jaffe, P. Lawler, R.L. Mathews
6Speeches and articles 1972-74: A.L. Morse, L. Murphy
7Speeches and articles 1975-82: L. Punch, M. Fraser, A. Prest, J. Power
8Speeches and articles 1978-89: G. Reid, J. Rydon, K. Robson
9Speeches and articles 1973-89: T. Uren, Sir Ninian Stephen, J. Warden, J. Stewart, C. Walsh
10Speeches and articles 1975: Sir Frederick Wheeler, L. Whalan
11Speeches and articles 1936-88: R.G. Casey, M. Zander, W. Lane, G. Blainey, R.L. Mathews, D.A. Low, J. Rydon, M. Kirby
12Speeches and articles 1975-89: R.L. Mathews, P. Hain, R.S. Parker, C. D. Wickenden, R.F. Henderson
13Speeches and articles 1968-88: M. Kirby, J. Thomson, C. Saunders, R. Gyles
14Speeches and articles 1964-77: W. Hewitt, G. Sawer, Sir Paul Hasluck, P.H. Lane, G. Reid, B. Shtein, Sir John Barry, J. Badgery-Parker, D.C. Corbett, Y. Grbich
15Speeches and articles 1943-85: F. Hansman, E. von Hofmannsthal, T.P. Fry, B. Sugerman, O. Schmalzbach, E. Campbell, M. Kirby, A. Walker, J. Manning, H. Gibson, D. Dunstan, Sir John Barry
16Speeches and articles 1976-87: A. Kouzmin, D. Pearce, B. O'Brien, A. Evans, D. Stewart, B. Cohen, C. Saunders, R. Douglas, P. Wilenski
17Speeches and articles 1940-86: B. Harris, G. Hawker, G. Stephenson, R. Scott, J. Manning, H. Carver, J. Richards, H. Evans, A. Rodgers, C. Hosking, W. Woodhead, F. Bromilow, H. Wilkinson, M. Neutze
18Speeches and articles 1966-79: R. Hamer, R. Brain, H. Manning, P. Morton, P. Heimburger, J. Marsden, F. Bird, J. Kacirek, B. McDonald, W. Burger
19Speeches and articles 1937-67: K. Bailey, L..F. Giblin, Sir John Barry, E. Cunningham Dax, Sir Garfield Barwick, Lord Asquith, Lord James, H. Farouque, B. Schwartz, K. Hintikka
20Speeches and articles 1944-76: H. Linstead, F. Hutley, J. Stone, W. Hindmarsh, B. Sugerman, L. Herron, R. Cross, F. Gahan, Sir Gerald Fitzmaurice, G. Sawer, C. Jenks, Sir John Barry
21Speeches and articles 1960-84: G. Sawer, Sir Victor Windeyer, R. Baker, B. Chapman, F. Gruen, R. Wettenhall, D. Horne, B. Laskin
22Speeches and articles 1942-86: G. Sawer, E. Miller, I. Tammelo, Sir Richard Kirby, Lord Reid, J. Stone, Sir Victor Windeyer, G. Blainey, Sir Garfield Barwick, N. Karlin, B. Chapman
23Speeches and articles 1935-85: Sir Owen Dixon, J. Uhr, P. McDonald, D. Bok
24Papers on constitutional alteration, 1944-46

Series 36 Australian Capital Territory Library Service, 1978-94

Else-Mitchell was appointed Chairman of the Canberra Public Library Service Advisory Committee in 1975 and retained that position for nearly twenty years. In 1981 the Service was transferred from the National Library to the Department of the Capital Territory. The name was changed to the ACT LIbrary Service in 1986. The series contains correspondence, minutes, agenda papers, reports, leaflets and cuttings. The correspondents include A.L. Ketley, David Barron and J.D. Enfield.


Agenda Papers
1April 1978-Aug. 1979
2April-Oct. 1979
3Sept. 1979-Jan. 1980
4Jan.-July 1980
5Sept.-Nov. 1980
6Jan.-May 1981
7July 1981
8Nov. 1981
9Feb. 1982
10May 1982
11June 1982
12Aug. 1982
13Oct. 1982
14Dec. 1982
15Feb. 1980-March 1982
16Feb. 1983
17April 1983
18June. 1983
19Aug. 1983
20Oct. 1983
21Dec. 1983
22April 1984
23Feb. 1983-Dec. 1984
24Feb.-June 1985
25Aug.-Dec. 1985
26March-June 1986
27Aug. 1986-Feb. 1987
27aApril 1987-Oct. 1988
28Correspondence and papers, 1982-84
29Correspondence and papers, 1984-87
30Correspondence and papers, 1987
31Correspondence and papers, 1988
32-33Correspondence and papers, 1992-93
34Job applications, 1987
35New Zealand visit, 1987
36New Central Library, Civic Centre
37ACT Library review, 1992
38D. Barron, 1988-91
39Opening of Belconnen Town Centre Library, 1981
40Correspondence on development of ACT Library Service, 1981-85
41Proposal for National Cultural Centre in Kingston, 1986
42ACT House of Assembly debate on annual report, 1986
43Notes on ACT Library Service, 1989
44Correspondence and papers, 1986
45Miscellaneous papers 1989-91, including opening of Tuggeranong Town Centre Library, 1990
46ACT Regional Studies network, 1994

Miscellaneous publications

Series 37 Theses

The series contains a small number of theses on legal, historicl and town planning subjects. They include theses by C.M. Collins, C.J. Sisley (1959), P.H. Lane (1960), G.E. Caiden, Roger Pegrum (1977), Eddy Neumann and James Thomson (1981).

Series 38 Publications

Many of the series on specific activities or organisations contain a range of publications. Miscellaneous publications on law, planning, public finance, public administration and other subjects have been placed in this series.

Series 39 Miscellaneous papers

The series mostly comprises roneoed and published material, together with a small amount of correspondence, on such disparate subjects as the Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme, the Anzac Fellowship Scheme, infrastucture economics, commercial dispute resolution, regional growth centres, town planning , housing, rationing in World War II and valuation.

Box List

BoxSeries Folder/Item
221 142-48
34 71-6
35 77-17
36 718-27
37 728-34
4110 9-14
10615 10-24
11818 3-6
133 18 69-77
164 26 12-16
18333 11-20 (21 not used)

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