MS 43
Papers of Alexander Dalrymple (1737-1808)

Biographical Note

Hydrographer and author. Entered the service of the East India Company, and became hydrographer to the Company in 1779. He became Hydrographer of the Royal Navy in 1795. Fellow of the Royal Society.

1.  Dalrymple to Lord ?, 17 July 1784: advantages of basing                
    Governor-General and Superior Council in Bombay rather than Bengal;    
    relations with Indian states. (2 ff)                                   
2.  Dalrymple to Henry Dundas, 23 July 1784: seeks interview to discuss    
    claims. (2 ff)                                                         
2a  Case of Alexander Dalrymple Esq., 14 July 1784 (printed) Refers to     
    his service with East India Company since 1752. (2 ff)                 
3.  Dalrymple to Lord Morton, 4 Aug. 1784: submits clause for India Bill   
    to protect his rights of employment with East India Company.  (2 ff)   
3a  Lord Morton to Lord Sydney, n.d. : petition of Dalrymple.(2 ff)        
4.  Dalrymple to Court of Directors of East India Company, 13 July 1785:   
    criticizes proposal for settlement at Norfolk Island; route to         
    China; consequences of forming colony in New Holland; risk of piracy   
    in Chinese waters; threat of illicit trade and Company's charter.      
    (4 ff)                                                                 
5.  Memorial of Dalrymple, 1 Sept. 1786: opposes convict settlement at     
    Botany Bay; encouragement to crime; costs; suggests convicts be sent   
    to Tristan da Cunha.  (copy, 2 ff)                                     
6.  Dalrymple to Lord Mulgrave, 30 April 1787: memorandum on Diego         
    Garcia; summarizes visits by English ships.  (4 ff)                    
7.  Dalrymple to H. Dundas, 12 March 1791: sends sheets of first number    
    of Oriental Repertory; examination of Lieut. Meares before Privy       
    Council.  (1 f)                                                        
8a  Alexander Cefors Le Gou. Plan of city and environs of Seringapatnam,   
    1775. Printed in London, 1791.  (1 f)                                  
8b  Map of South and East Asia and New Holland annotated to show routes    
    to China n.d.  (1 f)                                                   
9.  Dalrymple to H. Dundas, 1 Feb. 1792: quotes from letter of W.          
    Roxbrugh on despatch of bread-fruit trees from Samulcotta. (2 ff)      
10. Dalrymple to H. Dundas, 4 June 1792: forwards paper from W.            
    Roxbrugh.  (1 f)                                                       
10a W. Roxbrugh (Samulcotta) to H. Dundas, 16 Dec. 1791: list of plants    
    despatched to Fort St. George.  (2 ff)                                 
11. Dalrymple to H. Dundas, 28 Sept. 1792: sends proof of plan of Poonah   
    and pamphlet; encloses form of general table of  Indian coins.  (2     
12. Dalrymple to H. Dundas, 2 Nov. 1792: Dalrymple's ailment; seeks        
    appointment to position at Madras; sends extracts from letter of       
    Lieut. J. McCluer on expedition to New Guinea. (2 ff)                  
13. Minutes of meeting of inhabitants of Madras and copy of address from   
    Mayor and Aldermen of Madras to Lord Cornwallis congratulating him     
    on success of war against Tippoo Sultan, 21-22 May 1792.  (8 ff)       
14. Dalrymple to H. Dundas, 3 Feb. 1784: sends extract from letter of      
    Lieut. J. McCluer from Peloo Islands; distinguished character of       
    Sultan. (2 ff)                                                         
15. Dalrymple to H. Dundas, 27 July 1795: Dutch force at Amboina and       
    Boura; suggests China ships at Bombay be sent to capture Amboina. (2   
15a Extract from letter of Lieut. J. McCluer describing voyage of          
    Panther to Boura and Amboina, Sept. 1791.  (5 ff)                      
16. Note by Dalrymple, 8 Dec. 1796: paper by Andrew Ross; problems         
    caused by recruiting Indian natives for Army.(2 ff)                    
16a Andrew Ross (Madras) to Dalrymple, 3-10 Oct. 1795: problems of         
    removing natives from Indian villages to serve in Army; advantages     
    of recruiting soldiers in Celebes, Macassar and other eastern          
    islands; sends copies of letters to Col. Brathwaite.  (14 ff)          
17. Dalrymple to Lord Spencer, 21 Feb. 1797: printing of drawings          
    received from Capt. J. Blankett; seeks permission to include them in   
    India collection.  (2 ff)                                              
18. Dalrymple to H. Dundas, 7 Nov. 1797: sends map of districts on         
    Malabar coast.  (2 ff)                                                 
19. Dalrymple to Duke of Portland, 28 June 1802: lease of premises in      
    Marylebone; Dalrymple's library.                                       
20. Dalrymple to H. Dundas, 26 July 1802: relations with Cochin China;     
    advantages of sending surgeons to work with natives of distant         
    countries; letter to Duke of Portland.                                 
21. Dalrymple to H. Dundas, 4 Sept. 1802: sends paper received from        
    India; response of Duke of Porltand.  (2 ff)                           
21a Desultory but well-meaning thoughts on the English government in       
    India, n.d.  (8 ff)                                                    
22. Dalrymple to George Chalmers, 28 Jan. 1803: location on Spanish        
    charts of capes and rocks of Turks Island.  (2 ff)                     
23. Dalrymple to Lord Grenville, 6 Oct. 1806: need for survey of River     
    La Plata; recommends Capt. P. Heywood and Capt. Edmonds for work. (2   
24. Sir Joseph Banks to Dalrymple, 20 Nov. 1800: notice of election of     
    Council and officers of Royal Society.  (1 f)                          
25. Dalrymple to [Lord Melville], 4 April 1805: remarks on paper of Sir    
    Joseph Banks and trial of chronometer.  (5 ff)