MS 437
Papers of John Antill (1904-1986)

Biographical Note

John Henry Antill was born on 8 April 1904 and grew up in Sydney. He was educated at St. Andrew's Cathedral Choir School (1914-18) and Trinity Grammar School (1918-19) where he showed an early interest in music. In 1920 he left school and was apprenticed to the engineering workshops of NSW Railways, composing music in his spare time. After completing a five year apprenticeship, Antill resigned to concentrate fully on his music. Antill studied at the NSW State Conservatorium of Music where his teacher for composition was Alfred Hill.

After graduating from the Conservatorium, Antill joined the J.C. Williamson's Imperial Opera Company as a singer and rehearsal conductor, touring Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand during 1932 and 1933. In 1933 he formed the Mastersingers Male Quartet and began broadcasting work with the ABC. From 1934-35 he joined the Fuller Opera Company as a chorus member, backstage conductor and clarinet player and in 1936 played bass clarinet with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

In 1936 Antill joined the permanent staff of the ABC as Assistant Music Editor and director of the Sydney Wireless Chorus. He remained with the ABC until his retirement from the position of Federal Music Editor in 1968.

Antill composed music throughout his life, and rose to international prominence with the performances of his symphonic ballet Corroboree in 1946. He was awarded the OBE for his services to Australian music in 1971, and received an Honorary Doctorate in Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong in 1985.

John Antill died on 29 December 1986.

See also Gentle genius : a life of John Antill by Beth Dean and Victor Carell (Sydney: Akron Press, 1987)

Scope and Content Note

  • Papers
  • 1872-1987 (bulk 1907-1987)
  • 14.7m (39 boxes + 42 folio boxes)
  • Available for reference

The score of Corroboree was presented to the Library by John Antill in 1956. After Antill's death, six consignments of his papers were received by the Library between 1987 and 1993.

Half of the Antill Papers consists of music manuscripts and other papers relating to the composition and performances of his works. Most of Antill's works are represented in the papers. The works span over 65 years of Antill's life and include a range of musical forms such as opera, ballet, oratorio, orchestral, fanfares, anthems, choral music, songs and film, television and radio music.

The remainder of the papers relate to Antill's education; employment as a musician, conductor and music editor with the Australian Broadcasting Commission; participation in the South Pacific Festival of Arts in Fiji; and his personal life. The papers include correspondence, diaries, notebooks, financial papers, speeches and broadcasts, scrap albums, photographs, newspaper cuttings and programs.

The Antill Papers also contain Antill Family papers inherited and collected by Antill throughout his life. The family papers include correspondence and memorabilia dating from his father's service in the Middle East during the First World War, and a collection of early postcards.

Due to the lack of a discernable order, the Antill Papers have been entirely rearranged to form the present series structure, with the exception of the contents of some files which are in original order.

Series List

1       Family correspondence, 1907-85                                                        
2       Personal correspondence, 1929-86                                                      
3       General correspondence, 1922-86                                                       
4       Diaries and notebooks, 1924-86                                                        
5       Biographical papers                                                                   
6       Financial papers, 1933-86                                                             
7       Writings, c.1930-84                                                                   
8       Music, c.1919-85                                                                      
        (a)    Orchestral music, 1936-76                                                      
        (b)    Operas, c.1919-69                                                              
        (c)    Oratorio, 1952-59                                                              
        (d)    Ballets, 1925-62                                                               
        (e)    Film music, 1945-63                                                            
        (f)    Television music, 1960-82                                                      
        (g)    Incidental music, 1947-64                                                      
        (h)    Fanfares, anthems and brief works, 1950-85                                     
        (i)    Choral, 1936-70                                                                
        (j)    Songs, 1926-74                                                                 
        (k)    Miscellaneous music, 1925-80                                                   
9       St Andrew's Cathedral School, 1917-81                                                 
10      NSW State Conservatorium of Music, 1926-30                                            
11      Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1933-65                                           
        (a)    Melody Makers Quartet, 1933                                                    
        (b)    Master Singers Male Quartet, 1933-36                                           
        (c)    Wireless Chorus, 1936-41                                                       
        (d)    ABC correspondence, 1937-65                                                    
        (e)    General ABC papers, 1942-63                                                    
12      South Pacific Festival of Arts, Fiji, 1971-72                                         
13      Subject files, 1948-84                                                                
14      Scrap albums, 1924-86                                                                 
15      Photographs, 1878-1986                                                                
16      Newspaper cuttings, 1920-85                                                           
17      Programs, 1917-86                                                                     
18      Miscellaneous papers, 1904-86                                                         
19      Family papers, 1872-1987                                                              
        (a)    Constance Antill, 1908-56                                                      
        (b)    Jill Antill, 1951-87                                                           
        (c)    John Henry Antill, 1901-30                                                     
        (d)    Marianne Elizabeth Antill, 1888-1951                                           
        (e)    Dorothy Antill, 1906-61                                                        
        (f)    Elsie Florence Baker, 1958-63                                                  
        (g)    Marianne Elizabeth Baker, 1872-1925                                            
20      Music by other composers                                                              

Series Description

SERIES 1 - Family correspondence, 1907-85

Correspondence received by Antill from his wife and other family members. Other Antill Family correspondence can be found in series 19 (Family papers).


1       Cards, 1907-26. Includes World War I postcards to Antill from his father in England  
2       Correspondence, 1928-40. Includes letters from Constance Peaker before their         
3       Cards, letters and telegrams received by John and Constance Antill from family and   
        friends on the occasion of their marriage in 1939                                    
4       Correspondence, 1944-51. Includes letters to Antill from his wife while he was in    
        London, 1946-47 and on tour, 1951                                                    
5       Correspondence, 1970-85. Includes correspondence from cousins in England and 80th    
        birthday cards                                                                       
6       Undated cards and correspondence                                                     

SERIES 2 - Personal correspondence, 1929-86

Correspondence received by Antill from personal friends and by others in a private capacity. Includes some draft replies by Antill. Correspondents include Pat Flowers, Constance Paul, T.W. Bearup, Beth Dean and Victor Carell, Daphne Connell, Betty Roland, Eugene and Marjorie Goossens, Victor Massey, Ethel Anderson, Valerie Tweedie and George Dreyfus.


1       Correspondence, 1929-39. Includes letters regarding an early job offer refused by    
2       Correspondence, 1944-45. Contains letters and cards of condolence on the death of    
        Antill's mother and congratulations on the birth of his daughter                     
3-4     Correspondence, 1946. Letters and telegrams of congratulations on the success of     
        Corroboree and his trip to London. Also includes a draft of a letter to Eugene       
        Goossens and invitations in London                                                   
5       Correspondence, 1947-49. Includes letters and cards of condolence on the death of    
        John Henry Antill senior, June 1948; and a letter by Marjorie Goossens               
6       Correspondence, 1950-51. Includes correspondence relating to the Corroboree ballet   
        and the Antill's cottage at Faulconbridge                                            
7       Correspondence, 1953-59. Includes correspondence relating to the cottage at          
        Faulconbridge; Endymion; the Royal Command performance of Corroboree; death of       
        Constance Antill; and Song of Hagar                                                  
8       Correspondence, 1960-69. Includes correspondence relating to Pageant of nationhood   
        and Antill's attendance at the Annual Orchestral Concert at the Brigidine Convent,   
9       Correspondence, 1970-79. Includes congratulations on Antill's O.B.E., and            
        congratulations for his 70th birthday from Peter Sculthorpe, Ernest and Ruth         
        Llewellyn, Don Banks and others                                                      
10      Correspondence, 1980-83                                                              
11-12   Correspondence and carols 1984, on Antill's 80th birthday                            
13      Correspondence, 1984-86                                                              
14      Undated cards and correspondence                                                     

SERIES 3 - General correspondence, 1922-86

Correspondence relating to Antill's musical career, business affairs, public appearances and performances, clubs and organisations. Includes invitations to judge competitions, attend performances, contribute to articles and deliver speeches; poems, plot outlines etc. sent to Antill for his consideration; requests for permission to use his works; and enquiries on the availability of works.

Correspondents include the Australian Performing Rights Association, Victor Carell and Beth Dean; Arts Council of Australia; St Andrew's Cathedral School and National Library of Australia.

Also includes some drafts of letters by Antill.

Other general correspondence is located in series 12 (South Pacific Festival of Arts), series 14 (scrap albums) and series 13 (subject files). ABC correspondence is located in series 11(d).


1       Correspondence, 1922-39. Includes correspondence relating to his retirement from     
        service with NSW Railways                                                            
2       Correspondence, 1941-49. Includes correspondence relating to his return to           
        Australia from England; a proposal for a ballet by E.C. Lough; offer of a grant to   
        study in Paris; and enquiries about recordings of Corroboree                         
3-4     Correspondence, 1950-51. Relates to the ballet of Corroboree including orchestral    
        requirements and tour details; invitations to write articles; and the score for The  
5       Correspondence, 1952-54. Includes correspondence on the 1954 season of the ballet    
        Corroboree; a letter by Charles Chauvel approaching Antill to undertake the score    
        for the film Jedda; and correspondence on lunchtime lectures for the Arts Council    
        of Australia                                                                         
6       Correspondence, 1955-59. Includes correspondence relating to Symphony on a City      
7       Important correspondence and invitations to official functions, 1959-73. Relates to  
        the visit of Princess Alexandra of Kent, 1959; the Pageant of Nationhood, 1963,      
        luncheon with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh on H.M.Y. Britannia, 1963; Government  
        House invitations, 1963 and 1969; letter appointing Antill an Officer of the Order   
        of the British Empire, 1971; visit of the Queen to St Andrew's Cathedral, 1973; and  
        the Sydney Opera House opening, 1973                                                 
8       Correspondence, 1960-62. Includes correspondence on Arts Council lunchtime           
        lectures; Waratah Spring Festival of Historical Events; and Antill's involvement in  
        various clubs and organisations                                                      
9       Correspondence, 1963-67. Subjects include the Australian Composers' Seminar; Snowy;  
        and The First Christmas                                                              
10      Correspondence, 1968-73. Includes correspondence file maintained by Austin Goldberg  
        during Antill's absence in Fiji, 1972; and correspondence on The First Christmas;    
        and the opening of the Perth Concert Hall, 1973                                      
11      Correspondence, 1974-79                                                              
12      Correspondence, 1980-81                                                              
13      Correspondence, 1982-86. Includes correspondence from the Lord Mayor of Sydney       
14      Undated correspondence. Includes drafts of letters by Antill                         

SERIES 4 - Diaries and notebooks, 1924-86

The diaries cover the years 1924-47 and 1958-86. The diaries are generally very brief and document the daily schedule of practice, rehearsals and composition in Antill's musical life as well as performances attended, outings, family events and holidays. On the whole there is little personal detail, particularly in the later diaries, although there are references to illness and depression periodically throughout the years. The diaries contain a reasonable record of the works Antill composed and their performances.


1      Diaries, 1924-29. Diaries for 1925 and 1926 document Antill's             
       unhappiness with his job with NSW Railways; anxieties for the future;     
       and his musical and composition activities. Diary for 1929 contains       
       references to Endymion.                                                   
2      Diaries, 1930-34. Diaries for 1930 and 1931 refer to Antill's             
       relationship with Constance, and his works Endymion, Here's Luck and The  
       Glittering Mask. The diaries for 1932 refer to his work and New Zealand   
       tour with J.C. Williamson's Imperial Opera Co. The diaries for 1933 and   
       1934 document rehearsals with the Mastersingers Quartet and the Melody    
       Makers Quartet; broadcasting work with 2CH, 2FC and 2BL; and opera        
       rehearsals with Fuller Opera Co.                                          
3.     Diaries, 1935-41. Very brief diaries documenting rehearsals with the      
       Fuller Opera Co., 1935; broadcasts on 2FC and 2BC, 1935-36; work          
       rehearsing and arranging music for the Quartet, 1935; rehearsals with     
       the NSW State Orchestra, 1935-36; his employment with the ABC and work    
       on the Wireless Chorus, 1936-37. Also mentions celebrity artists          
       including Lotte Lehmann and Essie Ackland; and his engagement and         
       marriage to Constance.                                                    
4      Diaries, 1942-47, 1958-62 and appointment book, 1946. Diaries for         
       1942-45 contain references to Antill's work on Corroboree. The diary for  
       1946 refers to the first performance of Corroboree conducted by Goossens  
       on August 18 and Antill's departure for London. The 1958-62 diary         
       includes references to G'day Digger (1958), Symphony on a City (1959),    
       Hagar (1959), The Serpent Woman (1959), Snowy (1961) and his Harmonica    
       Sonata (1961) as well as music for the films Dark Rain (1958), New        
       Guinea Patrol (1958), Sands of Yellow Rock (1959, 1960) and The Patriots  
5      Diaries, 1963-67 and appointment diaries for 1965-66. The personal        
       diaries include references to Royal pageant (1963), Snowy (1963),         
       Everyman (1964), A Little Symphony for Dancing (1966), Songs of Praise    
       (1967), Unknown Land (1967) and Songs of Righteousness (1967).            
6      Diaries, 1968-72 and appointment diary, 1967 and 1971. Personal diary     
       includes references to Paen to the Spirit of Man (1968); Centenary        
       Fanfare (1969); and performances of The First Christmas, Corroboree,      
       G'day Digger and Hagar in 1970 and Australian Quadrilles (1971).          
7      Diaries, 1973-77 and appointment diary, 1973-74. Personal diary includes  
       references to his fanfares Jubugalee (1973) Fugetta (1974), Fanfare       
       Sutherland and City Fathers (1976) and his Five Australian Dances         
8      Appointment diaries, 1975-77.                                             
9.     Diary, 1978-82 and appointment diaries, 1978-79.                          
10     Appointment diaries, 1980-81.                                             
11     Diary, 1983-86 and appointment diaries 1983-85                            
12-13  Notebooks (undated). Includes music and song lyrics; notes on             
       conducting; notes on musical theory; a plot outline for a jazz opera;     
       text for The Poisoned Kiss by Terence Gray; scripts for Here's Luck, The  
       Glittering Mask, Endymion and other notes.                                

SERIES 5 - Biographical papers

Biographical notes and typescripts produced for publicity material, Antill's Who's Who entry and for biographies of Antill.


1-5    Includes chronologies of Antill's life; chronologies of Antill's works;   
       background information on various works including Corroboree;             
       transcripts of a 1975 interview with Antill and publications featuring    
       articles on Antill.                                                       

SERIES 6 - Financial Papers, 1933-86

Financial correspondence; ledgers; tax returns; cheque butts; receipts; statements of earnings; insurance papers; car registration papers; royalty statements; medical papers and other financial papers.

The financial papers relate both to Antill's domestic affairs and to his earnings from the sale and broadcasting royalties of his works. There are also some papers relating to fees paid for works commissioned.


1      Loose financial papers, 1933-50                                           
2      Ledger containing financial correspondence and other papers, 1945-52      
3      Ledger containing correspondence, 1958-73                                 
4      Papers relating to discharge of mortgage and purchase of land, 1963-73    
5      Cheque butts, 1969-83; statement of earnings, 1969-70 and broadcasting    
       fees received, 1969-71                                                    
6      Royalty statements and other papers, 1970-71                              
7      Cheque butts, 1970-73 and papers relating to a baggage claim, 1970-73     
8      Royalty statements, 1971-72                                               
9      Income tax papers, 1971-72                                                
10     1972/73 financial year file                                               
11     Correspondence file, 1972-73                                              
12     Payment advice, 1973 and 1973/74 cashbook                                 
13     1973/74 financial year file                                               
14-15  1974/75 financial year file                                               
16     1975/76 financial year file                                               
17     Register of income and expenditure, 1976-85; financial correspondence     
       and papers, 1975-76                                                       
18-19  1976/77 financial year file                                               
20-21  1977/78 financial year file                                               
22     1978/79 financial year file                                               
23     Financial papers, 1978-79                                                 
24     1979/80 financial year file                                               
25     1980/81 financial year file                                               
26     Financial papers, 1981                                                    
27-28  1981/82 financial year file                                               
29-30  1982/83 financial year file                                               
31-32  1983/84 financial year file                                               
33     Financial papers, 1984-86 including medical papers and vehicle            
       registration and taxation papers                                          

SERIES 7 - Writings, c.1930-84

After the success of Corroboree in 1946, Antill delivered numerous speeches to societies and at functions, including a series of Arts Council music lectures in the 1950s and broadcasts on musical subjects. In his early years at the ABC, Antill also wrote an unpublished piece on radio broadcasting of live music. Other writings include drafts, notes and typescripts on musical theory, Aboriginal music, Corroboree, the process of composing, and autobiographical accounts of car tours in New South Wales. Most of Antill's writings are undated.


1      Speeches, 1946-1984. Includes speeches delivered at the BBC in London,    
       1946; speeches on Aboriginal music, musical composition and Australian    
       music; a speech in honour of Austin Goldberg; and two speeches by Antill  
       on his 80th birthday                                                      
2      Broadcasts, 1948-74 and undated. Subjects include corroborees;            
       translating the Australian scene and spirit into music; Antill's life;    
       and Corroboree. Also includes episodes from the series 'Let's discover    
3      Drafts of 'Design for broadcasting' by John Antill, with comments by      
       W.G. James                                                                
4      Writings on music, 1956-59 (mainly undated). Subjects include Australian  
       music, Aboriginal music, music on television, music for the theatre,      
       music for the ballet, Alfred Hill, and Corroboree                         
5      Miscellaneous writings, 1930-1970. Includes plot outlines; poetry         
       inspired by an overseas trip, 1970, and narratives of two car trips       
       through NSW, possibly in the 1930s                                        

SERIES 8 - Music, c.1919-85

Papers relating to works composed or arranged by Antill. Includes original music manuscripts; transparencies, dieline and printed copies of his scores; and papers such as correspondence, posters, notes, articles, newspaper cuttings and tour itineraries relating to the composition and performances of his works.

See appendix for abbreviations used in describing the music manuscripts.

(a) Orchestral music, 1936-76

Corroboree, 1936-44

Corroboree was composed between 1936 and 1944, based on the rhythms that had impressed Antill during a trip to the La Perouse Aboriginal settlement in about 1912. The music for Corroboree was first performed in 1946 by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Eugene Goossens at the Sydney Town Hall. Goossens later toured the work to London and Cincinatti.

Corroboree was first performed as a ballet in 1950 by the National Theatre Ballet Company at the Empire Theatre. The ballet was choreographed by Rex Reid, with set design by William Constable. It toured all states with their respective orchestras.

The ballet's second season premiered in 1954 at the Tivoli Theatre in Sydney before Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. It was conducted by Antill with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, choreographed by Beth Dean and with set design by William Constable. The ballet toured New South Wales. Corroboree was also performed for the Captain Cook Bicentenary in 1970 at the Gunnamatta Park amphitheatre in Cronulla.

The series contains manuscript and published scores, as well as other papers relating to the 1946, 1950/51, 1954 and 1970 performances.

Correspondence relating to Corroboree is also in series 2 and 3. Other papers on Corroboree can be found throughout the collection.


1      Transcripts of broadcasts, artwork, correspondence and other papers,      
       1946-47 (1 folder)                                                        
2      Poster and invitations relating to recorded music recital of Corroboree,  
       1948 (1 bag)                                                              
3-4    Correspondence and telegrams, 1950-51 (2 folders)                         
5      Itineraries and notes relating to the 1950/51 ballet season (1 folder)    
6      Colour, mounted newspaper clipping of William Constable's stage setting   
       for Corroboree (1 item)                                                   
7      Typescript summary of performances of the 1954 production and NSW tour;   
       and papers relating to the 1970 production (1 folder)                     
8      Posters for the 1970 production and the 1957 Advertising Corroboree Ball  
       (1 bag)                                                                   
9      Typescripts including transcripts of broadcasts, a cutting and a letter,  
       1948; lists of instruments; choreography outline; notes on Aboriginal     
       music and other commentary on Corroboree (1 folder)                       
10     Articles, newspaper cuttings and other printed material, 1946-84 (1       
11     Manuscript notes and music (1 folder)                                     
12     Corroboree : symphonic ballet by John Antill (full score) published by    
       Boosey & Hawkes (1 vol.)                                                  
13     Photographs and negatives of the original, illustrated Corroboree score   
       (1 folder)                                                                

Folio packages

1      1 f. score, ms. ink & ann; illustrated                                    
2      1 f. score, ms. p.                                                        
3      1 f. score, ms, p/copied, app. 200 pp. (2 copies)                         
4      1 f. score, ms, dl copy, 84 pp; (No.1 (a)-(b)); complete work in red      
       spiral binding; Boosey & Hawke                                            
5      1 f. score, ms, dl copy, 84 pp (No.7A-B); complete work in black spiral   
       binding; Boosey & Hawke                                                   
6      1 f. score, ms, dl copy, 84 pp. (No. 8A-B); complete work in black        
       spiral binding; Boosey & Hawke                                            
7      1 piano score, ms, dl copy, 7 pts (2 copies of pts 4 & 5); 1 piano        
       score, ms. ink (No's 2, 3 in ms book); 1 piano score, ms. ink, 20 pp      
8      1 piano score, ms, dl copy, 7 pts; 1 piano score, tp, 7 pts               
9-13   1 set orch. pts, ms. ink & ann (set 1), bound                             
14-16  1 set orch. pts, ms. ink & ann (set 2), bound                             
17     1 set orch. pts, ms. ink (by copyist), in cloth wrappers                  
18     1 f. score, ms. ink, 80 p; 1 set orch. pts (Boosey & Hawkes, 1953); 1     
       set orch pts, ms. ink (& few p/copies) & ann.                             
19     1 set orch. pts, tp                                                       
20     1 set orch pts (viola & violin) (Boosey & Hawkes, 1953); 1 f. score, ms.  
       ink (5p)                                                                  

Unknown Land (1953)

Ballet suite composed as a solo ballet piece for Coralie Hinkley, based on poems by Reg Ingamells. Initially written for piano only, but later scored for string orchestra. Orchestral piece was first performed for the ABC in 1956, conducted by Antill.

Folio packages

21     1 f. score, ms p., 20 p. (No's 1-3); 1 f. score, ms, dl copy & ann, 19    
       p; 2 f. scores, ms, dl copy, 19 p; 2 f. scores, p/copies; 1 piano score,  
       tp, 20 p; 1 piano score, dl copy, 20 p; 1 piano score, dl copy, 4 p; 1    
       piano score, ms. p; 1 pt. piano score, ms. p., 8 p (No.1); 1 pt. piano    
       score, ms. p, 5 p. (No.3); 1 pt. piano score, ms. p., 7 p. (No.3)         
22     Parts for violin I, II, viola, cello, bass, ms. ink (No.1); Parts for     
       violin (solo), I, II, viola, cella, bass & ann, tp; Parts for violin      
       (solo), I, II, viola, cello, bass, dl copies                              

Outback Overture (1954)

First performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Tivoli Theatre in 1954 for the Royal Visit.

Folio packages

23     1 f. score, ms. p., 21 p; 2 f. scores, p/copies of ms. p; 1 f. score (by  
       copyist), tp, 29 p; 1 f. score, ms dl copy, 29 p; 1 f. score, ms, tp; 1   
       set orch. pts, ms, tp, 12 p; Typescript notes; 1 f. score titled          
       "Outback overture" and "Overture for an Australian comedy", ms. p.        
24     1 set orch. pts, tp; 1 set orch. pts, ms, dl copy                         

A Sentimental Suite for Orchestra (1955)

First performed in 1957 by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Folio packages

25     "Instructions and suggestions for sentimental suite"; 1 f. score, ms. p;  
       1 f. score, tp                                                            
26     2 f. scores, ms, dl copy                                                  
27     1 f. score; p/copy of ms dl copy; 1 piano score; "Original sketches",     
       ms. p., (inc.); 1 short piano score, ms, dl copy                          
28     1 set orch. pts, tp, (strings); 1 set orch. pts; tp                       
29     1 set orch. pts; ms. ink & dl copies                                      

Nullabor Dream Time (1956)

Improvisation for violin on G string.

Folio packages

30     1 score, ms. p; 1 score, ms, ink, tp; 1 piano score, tp, 3 p. (by         
       copyist); 1 violin pt, tp, 1 p. (by copyist); 3 violin and piano pts (by  
       copy 1st), dl copies, 4 p; orch. pts, ms. ink & p/copies                  

Overture for a Momentous Occasion (1956-57)

Written to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ABC's Youth Concerts. First performed in 1957 at the Sydney Town Hall conducted by Antill.

Folio packages

30    1 f. score, ms. p, 29 p; 1 f. score, p/copy of ms. p., 29 p; 1 f. score,  
      ms. p. 19 p ('overture' used in title); 1 f. score, tp, 31p; Sketches,    
      ms. p. (including one titled 'Fanfare for an important occasion');        
      (Sketch, ms. p. (in ms book) 6 p (Titled 'Aurora Australis Festival       

Symphony on a City (1959)

Commissioned for the centenary of the City of Newcastle in 1959. First performed at the Century Theatre, Broadmeadow, by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra conducted by Antill.

Folio packages

31     1 f. score, ms p, 103 p.                                                  
32     1 f. score, p/copy of ms. p. 103p.                                        
33     1 f. score, ms. tp, 103 p.                                                
34     1 set orch. parts, ms. ink                                                
35     1 set orch. parts, (copy)                                                 
36     1 set orch. parts, tp; 1 f. score, ms. p; orch. parts, dl copy;           
       sketches, ms. p. (1 folder); orch. part (oboe II), ms. ink (1 p.); 1 f.   
       score, photo reproduction; cartoon by Lumsdon, ms. ink; notes; script of  
       "Sydney today : a symphony of a great city" by James J. Donnelly and      
       itinerary for Antill's visit to Newcastle, 1958 (1 folder); and           
       publication entitled Symphony on a city produced by Oswald L. Ziegler     

Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra (1960)

Commissioned by the ABC. First performed in 1960 by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Antill.

Folio packages

37     1 f. score, ms. p; 1 f. score, p/copy of ms. p; Spring 1979 issue of      
Harmonica Review containing a reference to the concerto (in Japanese)     

Sonata for Harmonica and Pianoforte (1960)

Folio packages

37     3 f. scores, ms. p; 3 f. scores, p/copies of ms. p; 2 f scores, dl        
       copies, 19 p; Sketches and a letter to Larry Adler, 1961                  
38     3 f. scores, p/copies (spiral bound); 1 orch. pt, ms. p, 7 p; 2 orch.     
       pts, dl copies; 1 orch pt, tp; 6 orch. pts, p/copies (3 spiral bound)     

Australian Themes : Aboriginal, Native, Tribal (1962)

Folio packages

39     1 score, ms. p; 15p (incomplete); 1 score, ms. ink, 38 p                  

South Pacific Islands Themes : New Guinea, Papua, Borneo, All Islands South of Equator (1962)

Folio packages

39    1 score, ms. ink, 26 p; 2 scores, p/copies, 26 p; Sketches, ms. p., 40    
      p; Notes, ms. p & t/s, 2 p                                                

Music for a Royal Pageant of Nationhood (1963)

Commissioned by the NSW Government for the Royal Visit for the 175th Anniversary of white settlement of Australia. The ballet "Burragorong Dreamtime" was also performed at the Pageant of Nationhood.

Folio packages

40     1 f. score, ms. p., 72 p. (Pageant for Princess Alexandra, 1959 and       
       Queen Elizabeth, 1963); 1 f. score, ms. p., 83 p. (Royal Pageant, 1963);  
       1 score, ms. p., 26 p. (Pageant - The Legend of the Boomerang and the     
       Waratah, 1959); 1 piano score, ms, photo reproduction, 27 p.; 1 score,    
       ms. p., 27 p. (incomplete); Sketches, ms. p; Sketch entitled "Seascape",  
       ms. ink; "Hymn of Praise : Royal Pageant, 1963", ms. ink, tp, 2 p.;       
       Programs of events, 1959 and 1963; Scripts for Burragorang Dreamtime      
       Letter , 18 Oct. 1962 from Asher Joel to John Antill                      
41     Orch. pts, dl copies and ms. ink, ann.; Orch. pts, tp.                    
42     Orch. pts, dl copies & ann.                                               

Paean to the Spirit of Man (1967)

Commissioned for the 20th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. First performed on Human Rights Day, 8 December 1968 at the Sydney Town Hall, conducted by Antill.

Folio packages

43     1 f. score, ms, p/copied, 27 p. containing ms and t/s notes and an ABC    
       program; Sketches, ms. p. and ms. ink                                     

Triduum March (arranged 1969)

by J.A. Debny; arranged by Antill

44    1 f. score, ms. p., 26 p.; 1 piano score, ms. p., (incomplete), 6 p.;     
      Sketches, ms. p.; Letter, 1970                                            

Australian Quadrilles (c.1970)

44    1 f. score, ms, p/copy, 6 p.; Sketches, ms. p.; 14 p.                     

Australiana : Your Partners Please (1975-76)

Folio packages

44     1 set of scores, ms. p.; 1 set f. scores, ms, p/copied, 3 p (No. 1        
       incomplete) 1 f. score, ms, p/copied, 19 p. (No. 2); 1 f. score, ms,      
       p/copied, 15 p. (No. 3); Sketches, ms. p., 13 p.; Notes, t/s, p/copied,   
       2 p.; Notes in folder, t/s, p/copied, 2 p.                                
45     Sets of f. scores (ms, p/copies) and orch. pts (printed & ann.)           

Contrasts : a cycle in five pieces

By Roy Agnew. Arranged for strings by John Antill

46     1 f. score, ms. p., 13 p.; 3 sets orch. pts, ms, dl copies; 1 set orch.   
       pts, ms, tp.                                                              

(b) Operas, c.1919-69

Princess Dorothea (c.1919)

Never performed. Libretto by Antill

Folio packages

1     1 f. score, ms. p. & ann. (in 2 ms books); 1 piano vocal score, ms. p.;   
      1 vocal score, ms. p. (carbon copies); 1 set orch. pts, ms. p.; 1 piano   
      vocal score, ms. ink, 8 p.; Plot outlines, 4 p.                           

Endymion (1920)

A lyric masque, with libretto by John Keats. Staged by the National Opera of Australia at the Tivoli Theatre in 1953, conducted by Antill.

Folio packages

2      Libretto (ms. p. & t/s); letter, 12 January 1971 from George Dreyfus;     
       notes; miscellaneous scores, tp, p.17, 18, 41 (1 folder); 1 score, ms.    
       p. (in 3 ms books); 1 score (revised), ms. p. (in 2 ms books); 1 score,   
       ms. ink of the Prologue                                                   
3      1 f. score, ms. p., 98 p. (incomplete); 1 f. score, ms. ink, 86 p & ann   
       (and p/copy)                                                              
4      1 f. score, ms. ink, 156 p & ann. Includes set designs in colour,         
       lighting diagrams, libretto, notes and a sketch                           
5      1 vocal score, ms. ink, & ann, 145p. & notes in ms. p.; 1 vocal score,    
       ms, dl copy & ann, 70 p. (includes 1 libretto; 1 piano score "Capriccio   
       from Endymion" (6 p), notes (2 p), 1 choral pt, (9 p.); 1 vocal score,    
       ms dl copy & ann, 69 p. (includes light plan (2 p.), 1 soprano pt (2 p),  
       miscellaneous pts (2 p)                                                   
6      1 vocal score, ms dl copy, 69 p. [includes cue sheet, ms. ink & ann. (2   
       p.)]; 1 vocal score, ms. dl copy & ann, 69 p. (includes libretto); 1      
       vocal score, ms. ink, tp, 69 p. (1 folder); 1 set orch. pts, ms. ink      
7      1 set orch. pts (by copyist in ink); Choral pts, roneoed (1 folder);      
       Sketches and basic short score (ms. p. 9 p.) (1 folder)                   

The Glittering Mask (1932)

Comic opera in two acts with Libretto by Margerie Browne - never performed.

Folio packages

8      1 f. score, ms. ink; 1 vocal score, ms. p. (sketches); 1 vocal score,     
       ms. ink, 1932; Miscellaneous sketches, ms. p.; Song lyrics, ms ink        

Here's Luck (c.1932)

Light opera in two acts depicting life on a cattle station and containing a corroboree scene. Libretto by Margerie Browne. Never performed.

Folio packages

9      Libretto, ts (1 folder); 1 vocal score, ms. p. (sketches); 1 vocal        
       score, ms. p. (sketches, in 5 ms. books, includes lyrics of songs         
       written by M. Browne); 1 vocal score, ms. ink, 118 p.;                    
10     1 vocal score, p/copy of ms. ink; 1 score, ms. ink (in 3 ms books); 1     
       set orch. pts, ms. ink (in 3 ms books)                                    

The Gates of Paradise (1934)

Incomplete opera with libretto by Margerie Browne.

Folio packages

11     Script, ms. ink., 34 p, 1934; Sketches, ms. p. (in 3 ms books),           
       (includes poems, 2 p.)                                                    

The Serpent Woman (c.1938)

Incomplete symphonic drama with libretto by John Wheeler.

Folio packages

12    Script, ts carbon (8 p.) (2 copies); Sketches, ms. p. (including vocal    
      score); Letter, 1937 and song, "The ghosts of ANZAC" by E.D. Darby        

The Lost Child (c.1940)

Incomplete opera with libretto by John Wheeler.

Folio packages

13    1 f. score, ms. p. (incomplete); Sketches, ms. p. & ink (in 3 ms books);  
      Script, t/s, 7 p. (2 copies)                                              

The Scapegoat (c.1943)

Incomplete opera with libretto by John Wheeler.

Folio packages

13    Sketches, ms. p. (in ms book)                                             

The Music Critic or the Printers Devil (1952)

Burlesque opera in once act with libretto by Antill. Never performed.

Folio packages

14     Synopsis and libretto, t/s (folder); 1 f. score, ms. p. & ink, 61 p.; 1   
       f. score, ms, tp, 57 p.; 1 f. score, ms, tp, 89 p.; 1 f. score, ms, dl    
       copy, 89 p. (includes ann, script [5 p.], and notes [10 p.] ); 1 piano    
       vocal score, ms. p. (in 8 ms. books); Sketches, ms. p. & ink; Notes, p.   
       & ink, 3 p. (incomplete)                                                  
15     1 set orch. pts, ms. ink; 1 set orch. pts, ms, tp                         

The First Christmas (1968-69)

Commissioned by the NSW Government in 1966 with libretto by Pat Flower. Broadcast by the ABC on Christmas Day, 1969 and repeated in 1970, conducted by Verdun Williams.

Folio packages

16     1 piano vocal score, ms. p. 72 p.; Sketches, ms. p. & ink; Plot           
       outlines, drafts of scripts, letters by Pat Flower, 1967, notes and       
       prints of Rose Cottage, Wilberforce                                       
17     1 f. score, ms. p., 151 p. (& p/copy)                                     
18     Set orch. pts, ms. ink;                                                   
19     Vocal scores, p/copies (4 copies)                                         

Body Politic

Incomplete opera (undated)

Folio packages

20     Sketches, ms. p. (in 3 ms book) and script, ts; 1 f. score, ms. p;        

(c) Oratorio, 1952-59

Song of Hagar to Abraham the Patriarch (1957)

Oratorio for men and boys' choirs and orchestra based on the poem by Ethel Anderson. First performed in 1957 by the ABC (recorded for Italia Prize, 1960).

Folio packages

1      Correspondence, 1952-59 including letters from Ethel Anderson; author's   
       notes and drawings; typescripts of the script for the first performance   
       (in English and French); biographical notes on Antill and Ethel Anderson  
       and other papers.                                                         
2      1 f. score, ms. p., 84 p. (including author's notes, text & sketches); 1  
       f. score, ms, tp, 95 p.; 1 f. score, ms, dl copy, 95 p.                   
3      1 vocal piano score, ms. ink. tp, 57 p.; 3 vocal piano scores, dl         
       copies, 57 p.; 3 short vocal scores, dl copies, 28 p.                     
4      4 short vocal scores, ms. p., (4 ms books); 1 short vocal score, ms.      
       ink, tp, 28 p.; Orch. pts, ms. ink. & 1 dl copy; Orch. pts, ms. ink, tp.  

(d) Ballets, 1925-62

Capriccio, 1925

First performed at the Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne.

Folio packages

1      1 f. score, ms. p.                                                        

The Circus Comes to Town, 1925

Unfinished ballet. Never performed.

Folio packages

1     Sketches, ms. p.; 1 f. score, ms. p.                                      

Wahkooka, 1956

First performed in 1957 by the Elizabethan Opera Ballet Company, choreographed by Valrene Tweedie.

Folio packages

1     1 piano score, ms. p.; 1 piano score, dl copy; 1 piano score, ms. ink,    

G'day Digger (1958)

First performed in March 1970 for the Bi-Centenary celebrations at Cronulla Amphitheatre.

Folio packages

2     1 piano score, ms, tp, 29 p.; Sketches, ms. p.; 1 piano score, ms. dl     
      copy, 29 p.; Scripts, ts, 2 p.                                            

Snowy, 1961

Ballet of the story of the Snowy Mountains Scheme devised by Margaret Barr. Premiered in 1961 by the Sydney Dance-Drama Group at the Science Theatre, University of New South Wales. Originally scored for piano only, but later arranged for a small orchestra, becoming the first Australian ballet performed for television.

Folio packages

2      1 piano score, ms. p., 28 p.; 1 piano score, ms. ink; 1 set orch. pts,    
       ms. ink; Sketches, ms. p.; Papers relating to 1961 stage and television   
3      1 f. score, ms. p., 188 p.; 1 f. score, ms. photographic copy, 118 p.     

Dreaming Time Legends : The Birth of the Waratah and The First Boomerang

Antill rearranged the music he composed for the ballets in the Pageant of Nationhood for an ABC television performance he entitled Dreaming Time Legends. The ballet was choreographed by Beth Dean.

Folio packages

3      Scripts for Dreaming Time Legends, ts.                                    

Black Opal (1961)

Folio packages

4     2 f. scores, dl copies, 22p.                                              

Corroboree - see Orchestral (series 8a)

Unknown Land - see Orchestral (series 8a)

Burragorang Dreamtime - see Orchestral (series 8a)

(e) Film music, 1945-63

School in the Mail Box (1945)

Folio packages

1     1 f. score, ms. p., 27 p. & 7 p. (incomplete); 1 set orch. pts, ms. ink;  
      Scripts, ts, 6 p. & ann; Shot list, ts, 4 p. & ann.                       

Port Jackson (1948)

Folio packages

2     1 set orch. pts, ms. ink; Sketches, ms. p. (in ms book); Scripts, ts.     

Turn the Soil (1948)

Folio packages

2     1 piano score with narration, ms. p. (incomplete)                         

This is the ABC (1954)

Folio packages

2     2 scores, ms. ink; Sketches, ms. p.; Scripts, ts & notes.                 

Australia Now (1957)

Folio packages

2     Sketches, ms. p. 20 p.; Shot lists and notes.                             

Dark Rain (1958)

Folio packages

3     Script, ts, 6 p.; music cue sheet, ts, 4 p; commentary, ts, 6 p.          

New Guinea Patrol (1958)

Folio packages

3     Sketches, ms. p., 17 p.; commentary and notes                             

Australian National University (1959)

Folio packages

3     Sketches, ms. p.; shot list : music, ts, 4 p.                             

The Sands of Yellow Rock (1959)

Folio packages

3     1 f. score, ms. p., 112 p.; 1 set orch. pts, ms. ink; Sketches, ms. p.;   
      Notes, script and continuity list.                                        

Mantle of Safety (1959)

Folio packages

4      1 f. score, ms. p. (in 20 ms. books); 1 score, ms. p. (in 5 ms. books);   
       1 script, ts.                                                             
5      1 set orch. pts, ms. ink.                                                 

Challenge of Water (1961)

Folio packages

6      Sketches, ms. p., 21 p.; Shot list, ts. & ann., 8 p.; Draft commentary,   
       ts, 7 p.                                                                  

The Land that Waited (1963)

Folio packages

7     Sketches, ms. p.; 1 f. score, ms. p. (Reel 1&2); 1 f. score, ms. p., 34   
      p. (Reel 3); 1 f. score, ms. p., 47 p. (Reel 4); 1 f. score, ms. p., 37   
      p. (Reel 5); Orch. pts, ms. ink; Operational instructions, proposed       
      stills, music cues, director's notes, final shot list, music              
      measurements, certificates, pamphlets and other papers.                   

(f) Television music, 1960-82

Wambidgee (1960)

ABC TV puppet show.

Folio packages

1     1 f. score, ms. p., 49 p.; 1 set pts (by copyist), ink; Sketches, ms.     
      p., 15 p.; Notes                                                          

The Patriots (1961)

Folio packages

2     1 f. score, ms. p., 12 p.; 1 set pts. (by copyist), ink; Sketches, ms.    
      p., 5 p.; Notes, ms. p., t/s & ann, 22 p.; Pamphlet.                      

Jonah (1982)

Folio packages

3     1 score, ms. p.; Pts, ms, p/copies; Film theme music (printed), 4 p.;     
      Title sequence, p/copy, 1 p.; 2 assignment of copyright contracts, 8 p.;  
      Letter, 1982; Scripts for episodes 1-4.                                   

(g) Incidental music, 1947-64

Hassan (1947)

Folio packages

1     1 f. score, ms. ink, 11 p.; 1 f. score, ms. ink, 15 p; Sketches, ms. p.,  
      14 p.; Pts, ms. ink; Scripts, music cue sheets and notes.                 

Australian Rhapsody (1948)

2     1 f. score, ms. p., 36 p. (incomplete); Sketches, ms. p., 4 p.; Scripts,  
      letter and notes.                                                         

The River (1948)

3     Sketches, ms. p., 5 p.; 1 set pts., ms. ink; Scripts.                     

Salute to Danger (1948)

4     Sketches, ms. p.; 1 set orch. pts, ms. ink; Scripts, t/s.                 

Insect Play (1950)

5     1 f. score; ms. p., 18 p.; Sketches, ms. p., 5 p; Script and letter.      

Singing Dust (1952)

6     1 f. score, ms. p.; 1 f. score (by copyist), ink, tp, 8p.; 2 f. scores,   
      p/copies, 8 p.; Sketches, ms. p.; 1 set orch. pts, ms. ink; Notes, 2 p.   

Kelly Koncerto (1956)

7     1 score, ms. p.; 1 score, ms. ink; Sketches, ms. p.; Notes; Script for    
      "Ned Kelly" by Douglas Stewart.                                           

The Tempest (1963)

8     1 f. score, ms. p., 21 p.; Piano vocal scores, ms, p/copied, 9 p. (scene  
      8A only); Sketches, ms. p.; Parts (by copyist), ink.; Script and music    
      notes, t/s, roneoed, 49 p.                                                

Everyman (1964)

9     1 f. score, ms. p., 24 p.; 1 set pts (copyist), ink & ann.; Sketches,     
      ms. p., 11 p.; Letters from the ABC, notes and telexes.                   

(h) Fanfares, anthems and brief works, 1950-85

Queen's journey (1953)

Fanfare for the Queen's Christmas Day broadcast, 1953.

Folio packages

1     1 f. score, ms. p.; 1 f. score, ms. ink; Orch. pts, ms. ink (includes     
      inserts); Orch. pts, ink, tp; Sketches, ms. p.; Music cues; timing and    
      continuity sheet, ts.                                                     

Queen's Christmas Broadcast 1959

2     1 f. score, ms. p.; Sketches, ms. p.; Script, ts.                         

Jubugalee (A Flourish) (1973)

Composed for the Royal Concert held in the presence of the Queen and Prince Philip for the opening of the Sydney Opera House in October 1973.

2     1 f. score, ms. p., 6 p.; 1 f. score, ms. ink, & p/copies, 6 p.; Short    
      scores, ms. ink & p/copies, 11 p.; Choir pts (by copyist), p/copies, 3    
      p.; Organ pt., ms. ink; 1 sketch, ms. p.; 12 p.; Research material and    
      notes on Bennelong Point.                                                 

Fanfare for the Lord Mayor of Sydney (1984)

3    f. scores, ms, p/copies, 7 p.; Orch. pts, ms, p/copies.                     

An Alma Mater for the University of Wollongong (1985)

3      Piano scores, ms. p. & p/copies, 2 p.; Sketches, ms. p.                   

Fanfare on ABC (1950)

4     1 score, ms p., 2 p.                                                      

Praised Be Australia (1963)

4     1 score, ms. ink, 3 p.; 1 vocal score, ms. p., 4 p.; 1 vocal score, ms.   
      ink, 4 p.; Sketches, ms. p., Sp.; Notes                                   

Centenary Fanfare (1969)

4     1 score, ms. p., 3 p.; Sketch, ms. p. 3 p.                                

Fughetta : Fanfare for a Festival (1974)

4     1 score, ms, p/copied, 12 p.; Sketch, ms, p/copied, 1 p.                  

Fanfare Sutherland (1976)

4     1 score, ms. p., 10 p.; 1 score, ms, p/copy, 12 p.; Sketch, ms. p., 4 p.  

Chorale for Brass (1977)

4     1 score, ms. p., 3 p.; Set orch. pts, ms. ink, 11 p.; Sets orch. pts,     
      ms, p/copies, 11 p.; Organ pts, ms, p/copies, 8 p.; Sketches, p & ink.    

Conservatorium International Piano Competition (1981)

4     1 piano score, ms. p., 4 p.; Piano cadenza, ms, p/copies, 2 p.            

Introduction for a Distinguished Occasion (n.d.)

4     Arrangement of Conservatorium International Piano Competition Score; 1    
      score, ms, p/copy, 7 p.                                                   

Australia II (1983)

4     1 f. score, ms. p., 9 p.; 1 piano score, ms. p., 2 p.; Sketch, ms. p., 1  

Fugal Fanfare (1974)

5     1 score, ms. p., 4 p.                                                     

Queen's Visit (1977)

5     Sketches, p., 9 p.                                                        

Transition Fanfare

5     1 sketch, p. & ink, 2 p.                                                  

Fanfare Civic Fathers

5     1 sketch, p., 1 p.                                                        

Fughetta Fanfare

5     1 sketch, p., 3 p.                                                        


5     1 sketch, p.& ink, 6 p.                                                   

Fanfare for an important occasion

5     1 score, ms. p., 4 p.                                                     

Battle song of New England (1952)

6     1 score, ms. ink, 3 p.; Sketches, ms. p. & ink, 2 p.                      

International Anthem (1953)

6     Scores, ms. ink (one dated 1972); Notes, ts., roneoed.                    

Tongan National Anthem (1953)

6     1 piano score, ms. p., 1 p.                                               

Make a Joyful Noise : Anthem for Wenona School (1966)

6     1 vocal score, ms. p., 3 p.; Letter, 1966.                                

The School Hymn (1981)

6     Vocal scores, ms. p. & p/copies; Sketches, ms. p., 4 p.                   

Chant for St Andrews Cathedral Special Service (1981)

6     Sketch, ms. ink, 1 p.                                                     

Olympic Hymn (n.d.)

6     1 score, ms. p.; 1 score, ms. p. (incomplete) 2 p.; 1 f. score, ms, tp,   
      4 p.; 2 f. scores, ms, dl copy, 5 p.; 1 piano score, ms, tp, 2 p.; 2      
      piano scores, ms, dl copy, 2 p.; Sketches, ms. p., 2 p. Lyrics, 1 p. and  
      letters from Rosina Shaw                                                  

United Nations Hymn

6      1 score, ms. ink, 1 p.; 1 score, ms. ink, 2 p.; 1 sketch, ms. p., 1 p.;   
       Lyrics, ts, 1 p.                                                          

An Austral Hymn

6     1 sketch, ms. p., 1 p.; Notes and letter, 4 p.                            

(i) Choral, 1936-70

The Lover's Walk Forsaken (1936)

Lyrics by J. Wheeler

Folio package

1     1 vocal score, ms. p., 4 p.; 1 vocal score, ms. ink, 6 p.; 1 vocal        
      score, ms. ink, 7 p.; Vocal scores, ms, roneoed, 6 p.; Vocal scores &     
      words, ts & ms, roneoed, 7 p.                                             

My Sister the Rain (1936)

Lyrics by J. Wheeler

2     1 piano vocal score, ms. ink, 5 p.; 1 piano vocal score, ms, tp, 8 p.;    
      Piano vocal scores, ms dl copies, 8 p.; Lyrics and vocal score, ts & ms,  
      roneoed, 5 p.; Vocal score, ms, roneoed, 4 p.; 1 set pts, ms, ink, 30 p.  
      (includes parts for Cradle Song); 1 set vocal pts, ms. ink, 5 p.          

Cradle Song (1936)

Lyrics by J. Wheeler

3     1 f. score, ms. ink, 4 p.; 2 vocal scores, ms. ink, 1 p.; 1 vocal score,  
      ms. ink, 1 p.; Vocal scores, ms, roneoed, 3 p.; Vocal scores and lyrics,  
      ts & ms, roneoed, 4 p.; 1 set pts, ms. ink, 4 p.                          

Festival Te Deum (1966)

Written for St Andrew's Cathedral for organ and choir. Performed in 1966 by the Cathedral Choir Society, conducted by Antill.

4     Scores, ms, p/copies, 15 p.; 1 published score Festival Te Deum for       
Chorus and Orchestra by Paul Paviour; Sketches, ms. p; Programme notes,   
      ts, 3 p.                                                                  

Cantate Domino (1970)

Composed for the ecumenical welcome service to Pope Paul VI at the Sydney Town Hall on December 1970. Text from Psalm 98, Sing a New Song to the Lord or Cantate Domino.

5     1 f. score, ms. p., 12 .; 1 f. score, ms. ink, 27 p.; 2 f. scores, ms,    
      p/copies, 27 p.; 1 piano vocal score, ms. ink, 14 p.; Piano vocal         
      scores, ms, p/copies, 14 p.; Vocal scores (by copyist), dl copies, and    
      p/copies, 9 p.; 10 pts, (by copyist), 10 p.; 7 pts, (by copyist),         
      p/copies; Sketches, ms. p., 14 p.; Notes, letters and programme for       
      Ecumenical Service, 1970.                                                 

(j) Songs, 1926-74

Antill composed and arranged hundreds of songs, carols and settings of psalms. Other songs are in series 11b. (Mastersingers Male Quartet)

Folio package

1      Piano Vocal Scores, ms. ink & p. of the following songs:                  
The Lost Joy (lyrics Harry Lee), 1926;                                    
Blue Eyed Mary (lyrics Gene Stretton Portec), 1927;                       
My Star (lyrics Robert Browning), 1928;                                   
The Garland (lyrics John Dryden), 1928;                                   
There is Sweet Music (lyrics Alfred Tennyson), 1928;                      
Four by the Clock (lyrics Longfellow), 1928;                              
Flow Gently Sweet Afton (lyrics Burns), 1928;                             
A Choice (lyrics M.G. Stewart), 1929;                                     
Melbourne Centenary Song (lyrics Margerie Browne), 1934;                  
There is Ever a Song Somewhere (lyrics F.W. Riley), 1934;                 
Remembrance (lyrics Castles), 1935;                                       
It's Fine to Say Good Morning (lyrics Anon), 1935;                        
The Little Things (lyrics by William Allingham), 1935;                    
O Ever Earnest Sea (lyrics H. Bona), 1935;                                
If the Heart's Full of Song all Day Long (lyrics Anon), 1935;             
To the Heart that Sings Alway (lyrics F.L. Stanton), 1935;                
What Inspires Me (lyrics Antill), 1935;                                   
Don't Get Blue (lyrics Anon), 1935;                                       
Moon at Sea (lyrics H. Pease, V. Rose, L. Stock), c.1937;                 
Beauty of Spring (lyrics John Wheeler), 1941                              

West Bound (c.1948)

Lyrics by John Wheeler.

2      1 score, ms. ink, 3 p.; 1 score, ms, tp, 3 p.; 2 scores, ms, dl copy, 3   
       p.; 1 score (printed), tp, 3 p.; 3 scores (printed), dl copy (1957), 3    
       p.; 3 scores (printed), p/copies, spiral bound (1 with attached letter,   
       1982), 3 p.                                                               

Prospector's Song (c. 1948)

Lyrics by John Wheeler.

2      Sketches, ms. p., 3 p.; 1 score, ms. ink, 4 p.; 1 score, ms. tp., 4 p.;   
       2 scores, ms, dl copy, 4 p.; 1 score, tp, 4 p.; 3 scores (printed 1957),  
       dl copy, 4 p.; 3 scores (printed 1957), p/copies, spiral bound, 4 p.      
       2 Piano vocal scores, ms. ink. & printed, of the following songs:         
Sweet Scented Sandlewood Bloom (lyrics Ann Lethbridge, 1951);             
In an Old Homestead Garden (lyrics Ann Lethbridge, c.1952);               
Barbara's Song (lyrics B. Bradshaw, c.1953)                               

Five Australian Lyrics (1953)

Lyrics by Harvey Allen.

3      Sketches, ms. p., 26 p.; 1 f. score, ms. p., 15 p.; 1 set, piano vocal    
       score, ms. ink.; 1 set parts, ms, dl copies; 2 published scores for       
       piano & voice (Boosey & Hawkes, 1953), 19 p.; Letters, 1965 & 1967;       
       programme notes; biographical details; lyrics; notes.                     

Five Songs of Happiness (1953)

Settings of Psalms. First performed by the ABC in 1953.

4     Sketches, ms. p.; 1 f. score, ms. p.; 1 f. score, ms. ink.; 1 f. score,   
      ms. ink. dl copy, 23 p.; 1 score & pt (by copyist) dl copy, 21 p.;        
      Scores & pts (printed), dl copies, 20.; Test of psalms, ms. p.            

Five Songs of Praise (1954)

Settings of Psalms. First performed by the ABC in 1954. Scores of Psalm 36 (Thy Righteousness is Like a Mountain) are also marked "Songs of Righteousness, No.2".

5      Piano vocal scores, ms. p.; Piano vocal scores, ms. ink.; Piano vocal     
       scores, ms, p/copies; Sketches, ms. p.                                    
6      Piano Vocal Scores and Sketches of the following songs:                   
Happy Wanderer (lyrics H. Cannon), c1957;                                 
Beauty of Spring (Lyrics John Wheeler, 1967);                             
Black Eyed Susan (lyrics Richard Leveridge);                              
Blue Mountain Blue;                                                       
Comin' thro' the Rye;                                                     
Don't Tickle Me;                                                          
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow;                                             
Home, Home, Home;                                                         
January, February, March;                                                 
Little Jack Horner;                                                       
Little Miss Muffet;                                                       
Little Tommy Tucker;                                                      
Mary Mary Quite Contrary;                                                 
Over the Hills and Far Away;                                              
Simple Simon;                                                             
Sing a Song of Sixpence;                                                  
Songs of the Empire (Rule Britannia, Advance Australia, O Canada, Maple   
Leaf Forever);                                                            
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star;                                             
Waltzing Matilda                                                          
6      Piano vocal scores, sketches and lyrics to the following carols arranged  
       and composed for St Andrews Choir:                                        
The Bathurst Carol (D. Hulme Moir);                                       
Christmas Cradle Song, 1965;                                              
The Dunedoo Carol (D. Hulme Moir);                                        
The First Noel, 1965;                                                     
The George St Carol (D. Hulme Moir);                                      
God Came Down at Christmas (D. Hulme Moir), 1965;                         
God Keep You Merry Gentlemen, 1965;                                       
Good Christian Men Rejoice (John Mason Neale), 1965;                      
Nathan's Song (D. Hulme Moir), 1974;                                      
Noel Champenois, 1965;                                                    
St Andrew's Carol (D. Hulme Moir), 1965;                                  
Twas in a Stable, 1965.                                                   

(k) Miscellaneous music, 1925-80

Folio package

1      Piano scores (ms. ink) of Lyric Pieces and Burlesque; full scores of      
       Overture to a Chinese Opera (incomplete) and Nature Studies, 1925;        
       folder entitled "Early sketches" containing a script for the play "The    
       Prince and the Apple Dumplings" by John Antill, a score entitled          
       "Serenade", an untitled full score, notes on music and miscellaneous      
       sketches; full score of "Serenade"; short score, possible of Endymion     
       and other early sketches.                                                 
2      Full score (ms. ink) of Andante and Allegretto for bassoon solo and       
       small orchestra arranged from duet 'Come my Saviour' by J.S. Bach, 1930;  
       ms book of sketches containing score for Melbourne Centenary Song, 1934;  
       ms book of sketches dated 1934; scrap book containing Pastoral for        
       dancing by Antill and songs by other composers; full score of Four        
       Abstract Pieces for Orchestra, 1946; score of Theme Song: MV New Zealand  
       Star, 1947; and ms book of sketches, 1945.                                
3      Sketches dating from the 1950s; folder containing verse, a letter (1955)  
       and sketches entitled "Royal visit 1963"; a folder of sketches dating     
       from the 1960s including "Gemini Opera"; sketches for "A Little Symphony  
       for Dancing", 1966; scores for "Pinchgut Polka" and "Bennelong Bounce";   
       score of "Elegy on a theme by a former cathedral organist Joseph          
       Massey", 1966; sketch dated 1974; sketch entitled "Festival in            
       Paradise', 1978; sketch entitled "South Pacific Festival Overture" and    
       sketch dated 1980.                                                        
4      Undated music. Includes scores and sketches for "Wobbly Wombat", "Song    
       of Australia", Will ye no come back again", "Symphony", "Burragorang      
       Adagio for Strings", "Serenade for Sarah", as well as numerous            
       miscellaneous and unidentified sketches and notes.                        

SERIES 9 - St Andrew's Cathedral School, 1917-81

Antill attended St Andrew's Cathedral Choir School, (as it was then known) in 1914-18, where he received an important musical grounding. Throughout his life, Antill maintained a close association with the school and St Andrew's Cathedral. Antill was married at St Andrew's; attended services there; composed Festival Te Deum, conducted a variety of pieces of the Cathedral, and was on the School Council.

The papers contain printed material and momentos documenting his ongoing interest and involvement in St Andrew's.


1      Programs, 1917-81 of concerts and services; invitation, 1965 and other    
       memorabilia (1 folder).                                                   
2      Newsletters; St Andrew's Cathedral School Council meeting papers etc,     
       1957-76 (1 folder).                                                       
3-12   85 and other school publications (10 vols).                               

SERIES 10 - NSW State Conservatorium of Music, 1926-30

Antill studied at the Conservatorium in 1926-30, studying violin with Gerald Walenn and composition with Alfred Hill. Antill also played violin and bass clarinet with the Conservatorium Orchestra.


1-2    Exercise books containing copies of exam questions on harmony, 1925-27    
       (2 folders).                                                              
3      Manuscript music books, 1927-28 (3 vols).                                 
4      Text book Harmony and Melody by Alfred Hill; lecture notes; receipts for  
       fees, 1928-30; certificate, 1927 (1 folder).                              
5      Manuscript, 'The bass clarinet' by John Antill (1 v).                     


Certificate, 1928 for completion of studies in bass clarinet (Elementary Grade)

SERIES 11 - Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1933-65

(a) Melody Makers Quartet, 1933

The Melody Makers Quartet was one of two quartets Antill directed for ABC radio programs. The Melody Makers Quartet provided vocals for the 2CH radio series "Down Memory Lane" in 1933.


1      Typescript scripts for 'Down Memory Lane' and manuscript music used for   
       the series, 1933 (1 bag).                                                 

(b) Mastersingers Male Quartet, 1933-36

The Mastersingers Male Quartet (also known as the Studio Quartet) was formed in 1933 at the suggestion of the ABC as a quartet for regular radio work. The foundation members of the group were George Livermore (tenor), Albert Miller (tenor), Norman Hastelow (bass) and Harry Bond (male alto) with Antill conducting, arranging and composing music for the quartet. Other vocal music is in series 8i and 8j.


1      Scrapbook, August 1933-August 1936 containing press cuttings, programs    
       and notes by Antill listing songs performed by the Mastersingers (1       
2-4    Manuscript music arranged by Antill for the Mastersingers, 1933-34 (3     

(c) Wireless Chorus, 1936-41

After Antill was appointed to the full-time staff of the ABC in May 1936 he directed the Wireless Chorus. The Wireless Chorus was made up of the 12 members of the Grand Opera Chorus and the four members of the Mastersingers Male Quartet. Antill selected, arranged and composed music for the Chorus' wide repertoire.


1-2    Folders of papers containing Wireless Chorus rosters, 1937; scripts of    
       'Great Hymns and their Stories', (1936); manuscript music;                
       correspondence, programs and song lists relating to the Mastersingers     
       Male Quartet and other papers.                                            
3      Scrapbook, October 1936-September 1941 containing press cuttings,         
       articles, programs on performances by the Chorus (1 vol.).                
4      Manuscript of 'Wireless Chorus theme song', by John Antill and Wireless   
       Chorus roster, 1938.                                                      

(d) ABC correspondence 1937-65

Correspondence received by Antill while Assistant Music Editor, Music Supervisor and Federal Music Editor at the ABC. Contains carbon copies of ABC inter-office memos; ABC letterhead correspondence; some carbon copies of replies by Antill; and telegrams. Much of the correspondence is administrative, concerning superannuation, job applications and travelling expenses. Includes correspondence relating to invitations for Antill to speak and adjudicate competitions; Antill's articles and broadcasts for children on musical appreciation; and the 1963 Australian Composers Seminar. Works referred to include Corroboree, Hassan, G'day Digger, Song of Hagar, Symphony on a City, Five Australian lyrics, the text 'Design for broadcasting' and film scores for The Land that Waited; the Australian Inland Mission and for the ANU.

Other ABC/correspondence is located in series 14 (scrap albums).


1      Correspondence, 1937-49                                                   
2      Correspondence, 1950-59                                                   
3      Correspondence, 1961-65                                                   

(e) General ABC papers, 1942-63

1      Includes stage plans; ABC staff pass; papers relating to his 1946-47      
       trip to London and secondment to the BBC; leave applications for          
       conducting, rehearsing and touring his works; and other papers.           
2      Tape of string quartet annotated "Florestan, Manfred Kelkel (Sarre) [1st  
       prize of the International String Quartet Competition]".                  

SERIES 12 - South Pacific Festival of Arts, Fiji, 1971-72

In 1971, Antill was invited to prepare and conduct performances of Mendelssohn's Elijah at the First South Pacific Festival of Arts, held in Suva in May 1972. The choir was comprised of over 200 Fijian singers and the Dorian Singers of New Zealand, and was accompanied by the Sinphonia of Auckland.


1.     Correspondence from Victor Carell, Executive Director of the Festival,    
       1971-72; photographs; publicity information on Antill and the Festival;   
       and other papers.                                                         
2      Menus from SS Monterey, 1972; an invitation from the captain; and a       
       notice for disembarking passengers.                                       
3      Fiji papers, 1972 including the soloists schedule for Elijah;             
       invitations; tourist information and other papers.                        
4      Printed programs, leaflets, stickers and a poster on the Festival.        
5      Personal correspondence received by Antill in Fiji, 1972.                 

SERIES 13 - Subject files, 1948-84

Antill was an office holder and member of numerous musical societies and was involved in other activities such as adjudicating musical competitions and participating in seminars. The subject files reflect these interests, particularly in the 1950s and 60s.


1      National Opera of Australia, 1952-54. Includes notes, correspondence and  
       financial papers.                                                         
2      UNESCO Seminar for Composers, 1959-60. Includes correspondence and a      
3      Fellowship of Australian Composers, 1959-62. Includes agenda,             
       newsletters and constitution.                                             
4      International Society for Contemporary Music, 1960-62 and 1967. Includes  
       correspondence, cuttings, rules, notices of meetings, invitations to      
       events at Antill's home, programs, financial statements and agenda.       
5-6    Alfred Hill Fund Committee, 1960-69. Includes letters, correspondence,    
       minutes, notes, account books and other papers relating to the Alfred     
       Hill dinner and Alfred Hill Memorial Prize.                               
7      Royal Academy of Dancing, 1961. Includes correspondence, programs,        
       notes, receipts, minutes and printed material.                            
8      Sydney Music Club, 1960-62 and 1974. Includes programs, receipts,         
       agenda, financial statement, constitution and notes for a speech by       
9      Ballet and Accompanists Seminar, 1962. Includes questionnaires and        
10-11  "Ballantyne" papers, 1973-75. Includes receipts, notices of meetings,     
       agenda, "Ballantyne" newsletter, correspondence, plans, and other papers  
       relating to Antill's flat in Cronulla.                                    
12     Instrumental and vocal competition, 1975. Includes notes, receipts,       
       program, and remarks by Antill on performers.                             
13     Sydney Savage Club correspondence and printed material, 1948, 1950,       
       1974, 1983-84 and the constitution and bulletin of the Probus Club of     
       Cronulla, 1984.                                                           

SERIES 14 - Scrap albums, 1924-86

Scrap albums containing programs, newspaper cuttings, correspondence, telegrams, extracts from reviews and articles; invitations; and other memorabilia relating to Antill's career.

See also series 17 for other programs and series 16 for newspaper cuttings.


1      Book I, 1924-80. Includes programs of performances of the NSW State       
       Conservatorium of Music and the ABC.                                      
2      Book II, 1944-70. Includes material on Corroboree.                        
3      Book III, 1929-51. Mainly cuttings on Corroboree.                         
4      Book IV, 1951-57 includes cuttings on Corroboree, and Endymion.           
5      Book V, 1957-75. Includes cuttings on Wakooka, G'day Digger and Symphony  
       on a City.                                                                
6      Book VI, 1932-79. Miscellaneous cuttings.                                 
7      Book VIII, 1970-86.                                                       
8      Scrapbook entitled "Captain Cook Bi -centenary Corroboree season, at      
       amphitheatre, Gunnamatta Pk, Cronulla, March 1970".                       

Folio package

1      Scrap album, 1984-85. Includes cuttings on Antill's 80th birthday and     
       the citation delivered on the conferring of the degree of Doctor of       
       Creative Arts to John Antill by the University of Wollongong, 1985.       

SERIES 15 - Photographs, 1878-1986


1      Early photographs, 1878-1935 including photos of family at Bristol;       
       Antill's maternal grandmother, Marianne Elizabeth Baker; Constance        
       Peaker as a young girl; Antill family portrait; Antill residence at Alt   
       Street, Haberfield and photos from Antill's period in the Fuller Opera    
       Co., 1935 (1 folder).                                                     
2      Photographs, 1939-66. Includes studio portraits of Antill as a young      
       man; wedding photos of John and Constance Antill; photos of Antill's      
       departure from Australia in 1946 and his return in 1947; scenes of        
       Antill at home with his family, c.1950; photographs of the set of         
       "Corroboree", 1950; and photos of the Antill family homes, 1966 (1        
3      Photographs of John, Constance and Jill Antill at home, c.1950 and a      
       photograph of graduates of St Andrew's Cathedral School including Antill  
       and Charles Kingsford-Smith (1 bag).                                      
4      Photographs of the Tattoo, Edinburgh Castle, 1961; portraits of           
       Australian soprano Elsie Morison and overseas stars who toured Australia  
       with the ABC, 1963-64; 1979 Edinburgh Festival photos; and photos of a    
       dinner held for Austin Goldberg, musical teacher at St Andrew's           
       Cathedral School (1 folder).                                              
5      Photographs, 1984-86 including the bust of Eugene Goossens; photos of     
       Antill as an old man; photo of Antill's 80th birthday; photos after the   
       presentation of the Honorary Doctorate of Creative Arts, 1985; and        
       photos of Antill, Beth Dean Carell and Bill Constable in 1986 (1          
6      Slides of the Northern Territory (1 bag)                                  
7      Photographs from album (Book I), 1946-72. Includes photos of Eugene       
       Goossens; the dancers and set for the Corroboree ballet; scenes from      
       Endymion; portraits of Antill; and the chorus of the 1972 South Pacific   
       Festival of Arts, Fiji, 1972.                                             
8      Photographs from album (Book II), c.1921-c.1978. Includes photos from     
       Fiji, 1972; 1921 portrait of Antill; wedding photos, 1939.                
9      Photographs from album (Book III), 1921-c.1975. Includes photos of Jill   
       Antill-Rose's wedding; family births, death and marriage notices; and     
       domestic scenes.                                                          
10     Photographs from album (Book III), 1915-c.1980. Photographs of Antill     
       including street scenes in London with Eugene Goossens, 1946.             

SERIES 16 - Newspaper cuttings, 1920-85

Newspaper cuttings kept by Antill relating to his career and other items of interest. Subjects include his work Corroboree; birthday tributes and concerts; his 1946 trip to London; Eugene Goossens; his trip to Fiji; his awards and biographical pieces.

SERIES 17 - Programs, 1917-86


1-8    Programs and notices of performances of works written, conducted and      
       attended by Antill, 1917-86. Includes programs of St Andrew's Cathedral   
       Choir School; NSW State Conservatorium of Music; Sydney Symphony          
       Orchestra; J.C. Williamson Imperial Grand Opera Co; Fuller Opera Co;      
       Australian Broadcasting Commission; performances of Wakooka, Corroboree   
       and other works.                                                          


1     Royal Gala Performance program, 1954; A.P.R.A. Music Foundation           
      Inauguration, 1954; Inaugural concert, Perth Concert Hall, 1973; Sydney   
      Opera House opening, 1973; Sutherland Civic Centre Opening, 1976.         

SERIES 18 - Miscellaneous Papers, 1904-86

Contains personal documents and other papers spanning Antill's life.


1      Papers, 1904-18. Includes a copy of Antill's birth certificate and        
       military service book, 1918.                                              
2      Papers, 1920-39. Includes drivers' licenses, papers relating to his 1933  
       Bowral concert, and Antill's 1937 will.                                   
3      J.C. Williamson's Imperial Opera Co. New Zealand tour papers, 1932.       
       Includes photographs of New Zealand, cuttings and momentos.               
4      The Silver Troubadour papers, 1935. Includes program, script, cast list   
       and other papers, relating to the performance of the light opera          
       conducted by Antill.                                                      
5      Papers, 1942-49. Includes ration cards, papers relating to Antill's       
       1946/47 trip to London; identity card, and papers on the estate of J.N.   
       Antill, 1948.                                                             
6      Papers, 1950-58. Includes agendas of the State Arts Committee for the     
       Commonwealth Jubilee Celebrations, papers relating to the death of        
       Constance Antill and Antill's 1957 will.                                  
7      Papers, 1960-69. Includes papers relating to the Sydney Opera House       
       Appeal Aria Competition which Antill judged in 1962; and papers relating  
       to the estate of Ada I. Burton.                                           
8      Papers, 1970-78. Includes a list of telegrams and letters received        
       congratulating Antill on his OBE; receipts; notes relating to the estate  
       of John Henry Antill; and a copy of "Report on Aoba, New Hebrides: field  
       work in ethnomusicology 1974" by Peter Crowe.                             
9      Papers on Peter Antill-Rose's bankruptcy, 1976 and the mortgage on        
       Antill's Cronulla flat, 1980.                                             
10     Papers, 1979-80 containing correspondence, and cuttings relating to       
       Antill and Corroboree.                                                    
11     Papers, 1980-86. Includes papers relating to Antill's 80th birthday;      
       funeral program for Austin Goldberg; citation delivered on the occasion   
       of the admission of Antill to the degree of Doctor of Creative Arts,      
       1985; and autographed order of service for the funeral of John Antill,    
12     Material given to Antill by E.A. Crome, 1984                              
13     Invitations, 1947-86                                                      
14     Menus, 1932 - c.1979                                                      
15     Church papers, 1945-86                                                    
16     Travel papers, 1947-84                                                    
17     "Here is Venus" by H.B. Cyran, 1957                                       
18-21  Undated miscellaneous papers including notes, typescripts, printed        
       material, plans and drawings.                                             

Folio packages

1      Picture of house at Windsor, NSW; copies of APRA Music Awards for         
       Corroboree, 1982, 1985 and 1989; copy of Doctor of Creative Arts          
       (honoris causa), 1985 and painting books.                                 
2      Painting books                                                            
3      Sketch of John Antill and Eugene Goossens by Stanley Parker; and a        
       certificate, 1920 admitting Antill to the Independent Order of            

SERIES 19 - Family Papers, 1872-1987

Papers of the Antill and Baker families including papers of Antill's wife, Constance Antill (neé Peaker) (d.1957); his daughter Jill (b.1945); his parents, John Henry Antill (1873-1948) and Marianne Elizabeth Antill (neé Baker) (1874-1944); his sister Dorothy Antill (b.1899); his aunt, Elsie Florence Baker; and his maternal grandmother, Marianne Elizabeth Baker (d.1925).

(a) Constance Antill, 1908-56


1      Letters and correspondence, 1908-56                                       
2      Wedding acceptances, 1939                                                 
3-4    Letters from John Antill, 1932, 1946-47, 1951 including letters from      
       London, 1946-47                                                           
5      Invitations of Florence and Constance Peaker, 1911-21                     
6-7    Personal papers, 1915-43 including school exercise books, school          
       certificates, cuttings and letters                                        

(b) Jill Antill, 1951-87


1      Correspondence, 1951 and 1969; cards; and a biographical note             
2-4    Sympathy cards and correspondence received after Antill's death, 1987     

(c) John Henry Antill, 1901-30


1      Papers, c.1901-20 including specifications for Louisa Cottage, Ashfield   
2-3    World War I papers, 1914-17 including a 1917 diary containing a           
       chronology of war service, 1915-16; notes; newspaper cuttings;            
       photographs of troops in Egypt; letters and postcards from family and     
       others, 1914-16 and other memorabilia                                     
4-5    Minute book and record book of "J" and "G" Company Rifle Clubs,           
6-7    Papers of Albert W. Antill, 1892-1915 and John Antill (d.1922),           
       1899-1911 and papers relating to the administration of their estates by   
       John Henry Antill                                                         
8      Papers relating to the family cottage at Faulconbridge, NSW, 1929-30      

Folio item

1      AIF Warrant, 1919 appointing J.H. Antill Warrant Officer Class II from    
       May 1916                                                                  

(d) Marianne Elizabeth Antill (1874-1944), 1888-1951


1      School exercise books, 1888 (1 folder)                                    
2      Post card album c.1906-16 (1 vol)                                         
3      Autograph book, 1909-10 (1 folder)                                        
4      Postcard album containing World War I postcards from J. H. Antill, 1915   
      (1 folder)                                                              
5      World War I papers, 1916-19 including cards, telegrams and casualty       
6      First aid certificates and Justice of the Peace certificate, 1937-51      

(e) Dorothy Antill, 1906-61


1      Birthday and Christmas cards, 1906-20                                     
2      Postcards from her father, 1916-17 and other cards; poem on World War I   
       by D. Antill, 1914; invitation, 1961                                      

(f) Elsie Florence Baker, 1958-63


1      Papers relating to her parents' graves at Rookwood Cemetery               

(g) Papers of Marianne Elizabeth Baker, 1872-1925


1      Receipts; correspondence, 1916-18 from family and death certificate,      

SERIES 20 - Music by other composers

Manuscript and printed music by other composers collected by Antill.


1-3    Manuscript copies, photocopies and transparencies of music by other       
       composers (3 bags)                                                        
4-5    Printed vocal music (mainly ballads and light classics). Includes solos,  
       duos, part songs and two song cycles (2 bags)                             
6-9    Printed music for clarinet, harmonica, carillon, violin and banjo (4      
10-13  Printed piano music                                                       
14     Printed orchestral score for piano, orchestra and choir by Handel (1      

Folio package

1      Manuscript music                                                          


dl copy                            dieline copy                        
f. score                           full score                          
ms                                 manuscript                          
orch                               orchestral                          
ms. ink                            manuscript ink                      
ms. p.                             manuscript pencil                   
p.                                 page/pages                          
p/copy / p/copied                  photocopy/photocopied               
pt / pts                           part / parts                        
tp                                 transparencies                      
t                                  typescript                          
&ann                               and annotations                     

Box List

Series                  Folder/piece            Box/location            
1                       1-6                     1                       
2                       1-7                     2                       
                        8-14                    3                       
3                       1-7                     4                       
                        8-14                    5                       
4                       1-6                     6                       
                        7-13                    7                       
5                       1-5                     8                       
6                       1-3                     8                       
                        4-11                    9                       
                        12-18                   10                      
                        19-25                   11                      
                        26-31                   12                      
                        32-33                   13                      
7                       1-5                     13                      
8a                      1-9                     14                      
                        10-13                   15                      
9                       1-12                    15                      
10                      1-5                     16                      
11a                     1                       16                      
11b                     1                       16                      
                        2-4                     17                      
11c                     1                       17                      
                        2-4                     18                      
11d                     1-3                     18                      
11e                     1-2                     18                      
12                      1-5                     19                      
13                      1-3                     19                      
                        4-10                    20                      
                        11-13                   21                      
14                      1-2                     22                      
                        3-5                     23                      
                        6-8                     24                      
15                      1-5                     21                      
                        6-10                    25                      
16                      1-8                     26                      
17                      1-8                     27                      
                        9-10                    28                      
18                      1-5                     28                      
                        6-13                    29                      
                        14-21                   30                      
19a                     1-7                     31                      
19b                     1-4                     32                      
19c                     1-3                     32                      
                        4-8                     33                      
19d                     1-2                     33                      
                        3-6                     34                      
19e                     1-2                     34                      
19f                     1                       35                      
19g                     1                       35                      
20                      1-3                     35                      
                        4-5                     36                      
                        6-9                     37                      
                        10-11                   38                      
                        12-14                   39                      

Folio Box List          Folio package           Folio box/location      
8a                      1                       Strongroom              
                        2-3                     1                       
                        4-8                     2                       
                        9                       3                       
                        10-12                   4                       
                        13-14                   5                       
                        15-17                   6                       
                        18                      7                       
                        19-21                   8                       
                        22-23, 25               9                       
                        24, 29                  10                      
                        26-28                   11                      
                        30,34                   12                      
                        31-33, 35               13                      
                        36-37                   14                      
                        38-41, 46               15                      
                        42-44                   16                      
                        45                      17                      
8b                      1-3                     18                      
                        4-5                     19                      
                        6-7                     20                      
                        8-10                    21                      
                        11-14                   22                      
                        15-17                   23                      
                        18                      24                      
                        19-20                   25                      
8c                      1                       25                      
                        2-3                     26                      
                        4                       27                      
8d                      1-2                     27                      
                        3                       28                      
                        4                       15                      
8e                      1-2                     28                      
                        3-4                     29                      
                        5-6                     30                      
                        7                       31                      
8f                      1                       31                      
                        2-3                     32                      
8g                      1-2, 6-7, 9             33                      
                        3                       32                      
                        4-5                     34                      
                        8                       35                      
8h                      1                       35                      
                        2-6                     36                      
8i                      1-3, 5                  37                      
                        4                       38                      
8j                      1-4                     38                      
                        5-6                     39                      
8k                      1,3                     40                      
                        2                       39                      
                        4                       41                      
10                      1                       42                      
14                      1                       42                      
18                      1-2                     42                      
                        3                       Plan drawer 2           
19c                     1                       42                      
20                      1                       42