Guide to the Papers of Vivian Smith

MS 4853

National Library of Australia

Date completed: March 2009
Last updated: July 2009

This finding aid was revised and published with the assistance of the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust.

Collection Summary

Creator: Smith, Vivian, 1933-
Title: Papers of Vivian Smith
Date Range: c.1931-2003
Collection Number: MS 4853
Extent: 5.5 metres (29 boxes, 1 folio box, 1 folio item)
Repository: National Library of Australia


Scope and Content

The content of this collection spans most of Dr Smith's career and consists of five different instalments between 1975 and 2004. It includes correspondence, manuscript poetry, transcripts of interviews, publications (including copies of Smith's published poems), articles by or about Smith, reviews, newspaper cuttings, works by other poets and writers, ephemera, notebooks, Smith's PhD thesis on Vance and Nettie Palmer, research notes relating to Smith's publications on the Palmers, (including original and photocopied letters of Vance and Nettie Palmer), notebooks and typescript drafts. Also included are papers relating to Smith's position in the English Department at the University of Sydney, and his role as literary editor of Quadrant. A major component of this collection is the correspondence which includes numerous letters from other poets, writers, academics and individuals involved or interested in Australian literature. Three appendices have been attached to highlight the range and names of principle correspondents.


This collection has been arranged according to the order of each of the five instalments received from Dr Smith. The original list incorporated the 1974, 1977 and 1979 instalments, which make up the letters and papers relating to Vance and Nettie Palmer. The 1983 instalment was arranged and described by the donor into three series - Series 1 'Manuscripts, typesets and related correspondence'; Series 2 'Correspondence'; and Series 3 'Miscelleanous materials'. These series were added to the original boxlist.

In March 2009 the list was amended to incorporate the 2004 instalment. This instalment, arranged and described by Library staff, has been split. Parts have been added to the existing three series (Series 1-3); and a new series has been created for the audio cassette tapes (Series 5). At this time, the existing group of Palmer papers (received in the 1970s) was assigned a new series title. This is now Series 4.


Part requires permission for research (Series 2, Folders 36-40 and 1 letter from Series 1, Folder 20 requires Christopher Koch's permission for research during Koch's lifetime; Series 2, Folders 90-91 require Vivian Smith's permission for resarch until 2024); remainder available for research.


The papers arrived to the Library in a number of different instalments. Three instalments relating to the Palmer material were donated to the Library in 1974, 1977 and 1979. In 1983 20 boxes were acquired from Dr Smith; and in 2004 a further instalment of three boxes was donated to the Library under the Cultural Gifts Program.

Copying and Publishing

Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

Related Material

As well as a number of Smith's published works highlighted below in the Biographical Note, the Library holds an interview with Vivian Smith, conducted by Hazel de Berg (1971), available at ORAL TRC 1/560.

A number of the Library's other Manuscript Collections contain correspondence and other material relating to Smith, including the Papers of Ray Mathew (MS 8264), Rosemary Dobson (MS 4955), Geoffrey Dutton (MS 7285) and A D Hope (MS 5836). The Papers of Vance and Nettie Palmer (MS 1174) are also held by the Library.

Further material relating to Vivian Smith is located in the Papers of Vivian Smith, at the Australian Defence Force Acadmey (ADFA), Canberra, at MS 41.

Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Papers of Dr Vivian Smith, National Library of Australia, MS 4853, [series and folder number]'.

Biographical Note

Vivian Smith was born in Hobart in 1933. He graduated with an MA in French from the University of Tasmania, where he taught the language for 10 years. He moved to Sydney in the 1950, obtained a Ph.D in English and taught at the University of Sydney from 1967-1996, progressing to the position of Reader. From 1975 to 1990 he was the Literary Editor of Quadrant. Dr Smith has written, edited or co-edited numerous books on poetry and other subjects, such as Vance and Nettie Palmer. Some of his titles include The other meaning (1956), James McAuley's recent poetry (1964), An island south (1967), Vance Palmer (1971), Letters of Vance and Nettie Palmer (1977), Tide country (1982) (which won the New South Wales Premier's Prize for Poetry and the Grace Leven Prize), Quadrant, twenty-five years (1982, co-edited with Peter Coleman and Lee Shrubb), Selected poems (1985), Australian poetry (1986), Nettie Palmer: Her private journal "Fourteen Years", poems, reviews and literary essays (1988, edited by Smith), New selected poems (1995), Late news (2000), Patrick White: a Bibliography (2004, co-edited with Brian Huber), Windchimes: Asia in Australian poetry (1986, co-edited with Noel Rowe) and, most recently, Along the line (2007). Dr Smith also wrote the poetry section of The Oxford history of Australian literature and has contributed to many other reference works on Australian and world literature.

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Series List and Descriptions

Series 1 Manuscripts, typesets and related correspondence

This series consists of manuscript poetry, typescript drafts of articles, some publications, a PhD thesis and correspondence. The correspondence includes a letter from Patrick White.

Folders 21-25 contain papers on Vance and Nettie Palmer. Further papers on the Palmers are available in Series 4 'Research papers relating to Vance and Nettie Palmer'.

Folder 1 Edited manuscripts of the Tide Country
Folder 2 The poetry of Robert Lowell
Folder 3 Script of Kenneth Slessor cassette
Folder 4 [Script for] Kenneth Slessor cassette
Folder 5 Corrected typescript of V. Smith's poems
Folder 6 Correspondence relating to V. Smith's poems
Folder 7 Monograph on James McAuley and C.L.F. lecture; and letter from G. Dutton and reply
Folder 8 James McAuley material [ in ] the possession of Vivian Smith and important McAuley manuscripts of autobiographical poems
Folder 9 E. Morris Miller - manuscripts/essay on Thomas Lichard
Folder 10 Poetry Australia (Special Tasmanian issue)
Folder 11 Poetry Australia (Special Tasmanian issue) and correspondence relating to it
Folder 12 Typescript fragments of The other meaning
Folder 13 A.B.C. Scripts 1967, 1981
Folder 14 One of my first poems 1949, with comments by Douglas Stewart
Folder 15 Typescript (with correction) of Oxford history Australian literature : Poetry Section
Folder 16 Typescript (with corrections) of Oxford history of Australian literature : Poetry Section and related correspondence
Folder 17 Typescript (with corrections) of Oxford history of Australian literature : Poetry Section
Folder 18 Typescript (with corrections) of Oxford history of Australian literature : Poetry Section
Folder 19 Typescript (photocopy - with corrections) of Oxford history of Australian literature: Poetry Section
Folder 20 Correspondence relating to V. Smith's Ph.D. thesis; and miscellanous letters. Letter from Christopher Koch (not available for research) and Ph.D. thesis "Vance and Nettie Palmer: a study of their contribution to a national literary culture"
Folder 21 Typescripts on Vance and Nettie Palmer
Folder 21A Palmer note book and letter from Patrick White
Folder 22 Typescript on Vance and Nettie Palmer
Folder 23-24 Typescript on Vance and Nettie Palmer
Folder 25 Correspondence relating to edition of Palmer letters (mostly from the Publication Section of the National Library of Australia)
Folder 26 Typescript (with corrections) by Murray Bail and related correspondence

Series 2 Correspondence

This series consists of correspondence received by Smith. It contains correspondence from the 1983 instalment and the 2004 instalment of correspondence has been added to this series and comprises Folders 85-107.

The 2004 instalment of correspondence arrived in 11 envelopes and plastic bags, with each bundle being placed into archival folders. The order of each bundle has been maintained and, where titles have been created by Smith, these too have been retained. Where correspondence is not titled, a title has been applied by the archivist. The folders have been arranged into alphabetical order.

The series contains correspondence from friends, colleagues, students as well as other general correspondence. Folders 85-107 cover a range of topics, from letters from Smith's children and other family members to correspondence to Smith as Quadrant editor. A large component of the correspondence consists of offers for Smith to contribute to anthologies, dictionaries, and other literary projects; or friends, colleagues and students asking him to read and comment on their poetry. Many of the letters are written to both Vivian and his wife, Sybille.

Appendices A-C contain lists of principle correspondents found in this series. Appendix A relates to correspondence of Smith's editorship of Quadrant (Folders 31-33, Box 10); Appendix B is titled 'Partial listing of Smith correspondence' (Folders 51-78, Boxes 15-19) and Appendix C lists the main correspondents from the 2004 instalment (Folders 85-107, Boxes 21 -25).

Folder 27-30 Papers associated with V. Smith's literary editorship of Quadrant
Folder 31-32 Papers associated with V. Smith's literary editorship of Quadrant
Folder 33 Correspondence

A list of the correspondents relating to Folders 31-33, Box 10, is attached as Appendix A

Folder 34 Letters from Anne Matz (nee Popper)
Folder 35 Letters from Ray Mathew
Folder 36-37 Letters from Christopher Koch

These folders are not available for research.

Folder 38 Christopher Koch: a very good caricature (c. 1958-60)

This folder is not available for research.

Folder 39-40 Letters of Christopher Koch

This folder is not available for research.

Folder 41-42 Letters from Gwen Harwood
Folder 43 Letters from Gwen Harwood
Folder 44 Letters from Edwin Tanner (painter)
Folder 45 Letters and notes from James McAuley
Folder 46 Letters from Margaret and Eric Irvin (Poet and theatre historian)
Folder 47 Letters from Margery Sinclair (nee Mink)
Folder 48 Letters from Les Murray
Folder 49 Letters from Desmond O'Grady
Folder 50 Letters from Charles Higham
Folder 50A Early letters from Lloyd Robinson (historian)
Folder 51-55 General correspondence

Appendix B provides a partial listing of Smith's general correspondence folders (Folders 51-78, Boxes 15-19).

Each folder also contains a handwritten list of correspondents created by Smith.

Folder 56-63 General correspondence
Folder 64-70 General correspondence
Folder 71-76 General correspondence
Folder 77-78 General correspondence
Folder 85-86 Personal and literary correspondence, c.1951-2003

These folders were originally one bag of correspondence. Corespondents include Alec Bolton, Robin Lucas and Michael Kluse. A list of other correspondents can be found in Appendix C

Folder 87-88 Personal and literary correspondence, c.1952, 1989-2003

These folders were originally one bag of correspondence. Correspondents include Gavin Souter, Rosemay Dobson, Murray Bail, Michael Ackland and Thomas Shapcott. A list of other correspondents can be found in Appendix C

Folder 89 Personal and literary correspondence, c.1954, 1960, 1985-2003
Folder 90-91 Letters from R J Brain, c.1955-1979

These folders were originally one bag of correspondence. Richard Brain and Vivian Smith first met in 1959 and have remained friends. Richard Brain is a former publishers' editor, reader and literary advisor and worked for a number of different publishers: Hamish Hamilton, Faber and Oxford University Press. He also worked as an editorial assistant at the Times Literary Supplement.

Folder 92 Personal and literary correspondence, c.1961, 1983-2003

Correspondents include Christopher Koch, Nicolas Jose and Anne Fairbairn. A list of other correspondents can be found in Appendix C

Folder 93-94 Personal and literary correspondence, c. 1962, 1983-1996

These folders were originally one bag of correspondence. Correspondents include Les Murray, Michael Brain, David Malouf, Kevin Hart and Rosemay Dobson. A list of other correspondents can be found in Appendix C

Folder 95-96 Various letters: Literary, 1963, 1983-1996

These folders were originally in one large envelope. Correspondents include Michael Sharkey, Laurie Hergenahan and Paul Hetherington. A list of other correspondents can be found in Appendix C.

Folder 97 Personal and literary correspondence, c.1963-1996

A list of other correspondents can be found in Appendix C.

Folder 97A Literary correspondence, c.1966-1986

A list of correspondents prepared by Smith is included in this folder. A list of other correspondents can be found in Appendix C.

Folder 98-100 Mixed letters, c.1975-1999

These folders were originally in one large envelope. A list of correspondents can be found in Appendix C.

Folder 101-102 Personal and literary correspondence, c.1977-1996

These folders were originally in one plastic bag. Includes family correspondence. Correspondents include Bruce Dawe and Michael Thwaites. A list of other correspondents can be found in Appendix C.

Folder 103 Miscellaneous literary correspondence, c.1978-1995

A list of correspondents can be found in Appendix C.

Folder 104-105 Personal and literary correspondence, c.1985-2001

The archivist has created these folders of correspondence which arrived as loose papers in the 2004 instalment. A list of correspondents can be found in Appendix C.

Folder 106-107 Various letters: Literary, c. 1986-1996

Letters were originally in one large envelope. Correspondents include Alec Bolton, Dorothy Green, Christopher Koch, Michael Thwaites and Kevin Hart. A list of other correspondents can be found in Appendix C.

Series 3 Miscellaneous materials

This series consists of an array of materials such as poems, reviews, articles and publications. The series came to the Library in 1983. The 2004 instalment has been added to the end of the series as folders 108-127 and has been arranged in chronological order.

Given that most of the 2004 instalment of miscellaneous material arrived with no apparent order, the archivist sorted the papers into various groups. Where files and titles already existed, the order of these were maintained. For loose papers, the Archivist imposed order and assigned titles.

Folder 79-81 Various literary matters
Folder 82 Poems set to music by James Penberthy, Barrie de Jersey, ael Jones, F.R. Nieman, Simon Wade
Folder 83 Various University matters
Folder 84 Rosamond McCulloch papers
Folder 84a Printed matter, 1958-1975

Consists of copies of Nation, Blacksmith and an article from the Australian.

Folder 84b Printed matter, 1950-1951

Includes a complete set of The Austrovert.

Folder 84c Printed matter, 1959-1966

Includes copies of Biblionews.

Folder 84d Printed matter, c.1956-1978

Includes copies of works by Smith including An Island South (1967), The poetry of Robert Lowell (1974), Poetry magazine (1969), Les Vigé en Australie (1967), The other meaning (1956), Vance Palmer (1971). Also included are newspaper cuttings (c. 1967-1978), mostly reviews of Smith's works.

Folder 84e Printed matter, 1965-1967

The journals, English, includes poems by Smith.

Folder 84f Exhibition catalogue: Homage to Roy de Maistre, 1971
Folio 84g Typescript of Vance and Nettie Palmer, New York: Twyane, c.1974
Folder 84h Poem of the month club
Folder 108 Article: 'Australian modernism: the case of Kenneth Slessor'
Folder 109 Poetry

Four manuscript typescript poems, as well as 7 pages of biographical information for Contemporary authors new revision series.

Folder 110 Reviews

Includes a list of articles on Smith, as well as a 1997 letter from Smith to the Literature Board, Australia Council.

Folder 111 Works by other poets and writers
Folder 112 Programs, art and theatre catalogues and other published material, c.1951-1966
Folder 113 Various literary papers, c.1963-2001

Includes newspaper cuttings, an article by Sybille Smith and a 1983 program of the Instrumental and Poetry Ensemble held in Hobart.

Folder 114 Poetry, 1975, 2000-2002
Folder 115 Articles by Smith, c.1979-1993
Folder 116 Works by other poets and writers, c.1981-1993
Folder 117 Writings, talks and reviews, c.1981-1999
Folder 118 Southerly, Translation edition: papers, c.1986-2003

Correspondence and drafts of poems.

Folder 119 Various working papers, c.1988-1997

An array of papers from writings, reviews, correspondence and talks to papers relating to Smith's 1996 retirement from the University of Sydney. Several papers also relate to Smith's role in Rosemary Dobson receiving a 1996 honorary degree from the University.

Folder 120 Writings and reviews, c.1990-1994
Folder 121 Articles by Smith, c.1990-2000
Folder 122 Writings about Vivian Smith, c.1994-1999

Inlcudes a typescript of an interview with Smith.

Folder 123 Reviews by Smith, c.1995-1999
Folder 124 Publications, c.1995-2001

Three publications relating to Smith.

Folder 125 Works by other poets and writers, c.1996-2001
Folder 126 Festival Franco-Anglais de poésiè, 1997

In 1997, Smith attended the 20th Festival Franco-Anglais de Poésièin Paris. This folder contains correspondence, brochures and programs relating to this event.

Folder 127 Vance Palmer, 2001-2002

Papers relating to Smith's writings on Vance Palmer for the Dictionary of literary biography in the USA and includes typescript drafts of the article with editorial amendments.

Series 4 Research papers relating to Vance and Nettie Palmer

This series consits of correspondence, drafts and other research papers used by Smith in his research on Vance and Nettie Palmer. Smith published a number of publications on the Palmers including Vance Palmer (1971), Letters of Vance and Nettie Palmer (1977) and edited Nettie Palmer: her private journal 'Fourteen years', poems, reviews and literary essays (1988).

This series of 4 archive boxes were donated to the Library over three instalments in the 1970s. Since that time, the four boxes have been described at the box level, with no series titles. In updating the collection with the 2004 insalment, Library staff decided to assign a series title to the four boxes. While the titles and box numbers for these group of papers remain the same, each folder has been assigned a new number. Details of the changes to this series, including the numbering, is available on request.

Folder 1-3 Copies of letters by V.and N. Palmer (mostly typescripts)
Folder 4-7 Copies of letters from Nettie Palmer (mostly typescripts)
Folder 8 Letters from Nettie Palmer
Folio 9 Copies of letters by Vance and Nettie Palmer

These papers are located in Folio Box 1.

Folder 1a-3a Miscellaneous correspondence. Copies of Palmer letters (mostly typescripts). Some original letters from Nettie to Bertram Higgins, 1931-73
Folder 4a Miscellaneous letters from Nettie Palmer and to V. Smith, 1932-67 (mostly typescripts).
Folder 5a-7a Photocopy of draft of Letters of Vance and Nettie Palmer, 1915-63
Folder 8a-9a Copies of Palmer letters (typescript)
Folder 1b-2b Copies of Palmer letters (typescript)
Folder 3b-5b Copies of Palmer Letters (typescript). "Added 1979"'.
Folder 6b-10b Copies of Palmer letters and draft of book (all typescript) "Added 1979"
Folder 11b Various copies of Palmer letters (some handwritten).
Folder 1c-4c Letters to V. Smith
Folder 5c Accounts, receipts, notebook, miscellaneous
Folder 6c-7c Letters to V. Smith
Folder 8c-9c Letters to V. Smith from Nettie, Aileen and Helen Palmer

Series 5 Audio cassettes, c.1995-1998

A series of 9 audio cassette tapes relating to Australian poetry, including an interview with Gwen Harwood; a concert of poetry and music to celebrate Michael Thwaites' 80th Birthday; and a copy of the ABC Radio National program, Hindsight, which focused on Quadrant magazine.

Container List

Series Folder/Item Box
1 1-6 5
1 7-14 6
1 15-20 7
1 21-26 8
2 27-30 9
2 31-35 10
2 36-40 11
2 41-42 12
2 43-45 13
2 46-48 14
2 49-55 15
2 56-63 16
2 64-70 17
2 71-76 18
2 77-78 19
2 85-89 21
2 90-93 22
2 94-97a 23
2 98-102 24
2 103-107 25
3 79-83 19
3 84-84f 20
3 84g Folio 84g
3 84h Folio Box 1
3 108-114 26
3 115-120 27
3 121-125 28
3 126-127 29
4 1-8 1
4 Folio 9 Folio Box 1
4 1a-9a 2
4 1b-11b 3
4 1c-9c 4
5 128 29

Name Index to Correspondence - Appendix A

Appendix A contains correspondence relating to Quadrant, located in Series 2, Folders 31-33, Box 10.

Marc Radzner
Harry Roskolenko
Anne Fairbairn
Gary Catalano
Michael Costigan
David Parker
Thelma Forshaw
Alan Gould
Philip Mead
Robert Adamson
Graeme Kinross-Smith
Elizabeth Durack
Jamie Grant
Alec Hope
Geoffrey Dutton
Jennifer Maiden
W. Hark-Smith
Tim Aslanides
Beate Josephe
Graham Rowlands
Judith Roriguez
Peter Steele
Barry Oakley
Vin Buckley
Peter Porter
Nick Jose
Barbara Blackman
Tony Morphett
Jamie Grant
Dal Stivens
Anthony Maniaty
Graham Jackson
Hal Colebatch
Victor Kelleher
Sweeney Reed
Bruce Davis
Val Ikin
Hal Colebatch
Richard Tipping
Dal Stivens
J.R. Rowlands
Bob Brissenden

Name Index to Correspondence - Appendix B

Appendix B is a partial listing of correspondence from Series 2, Folders 51-78, Boxes 15-19). The number assigned against each name indicates amount of letters contained in the correspondence.

J. Abbott
A. E. Abela (2)
Graham Ackroyd
Glenda Adams (2)
Robert Adamson (4)
B. Ali
Syed Amanuddin
Edwin Anderson (2) (+5 poems)
L.J. Austin
Bail, Murray (4) (+5 chapter from Homesickness)
Marjorie Barnard
John Barnes (4)
Jean Batt (3)
Bruce Beaver (2)
Jean Bedford
Tony Bellette (3)
Djunia Blick (2)
Harry Bicknell
Earle Birney (2)
Neal Blewett
John Blight
Alec Bolton (2)
W. D. Bornie
Martin Boyd
Richard Brain (5)
Vincent Buckley (3)
Hilde Burger
Alan Cadman
David Campbell (4)
Enid Campbell (2)
Leon Cantrell
Garry Catalano (3)
Nancy Cato (2)
Dorothy Catts
Nan Chauncey
Neil Chick (2)
A. R. Chisholm
C. B. Christesen (9)
Christopher Clancy
C. M. H. Clark
Robert Clark
Peter Coleman (3)
Richard Connolly
Peter Corris (2)
James Cowan
D. H. Crowley
Julian Croft
D. C. Cunningham (2)
Eleanor Dark
Jim Davidson
Beatrice Davis
B. Davis
Frank Dalby Davison (5)
Bruce Dawe (3)
Margaret Diesendorf (2)
Rosemary Dobson
Henrietta Drake -Brockman (2)
Beverly Dunn
Geoffrey Dutton (5)
Tony Eveinhuis
Frank Eyre (3)
Arthur Falk
Ralf Farrell
Stephanie Farrell (3)
Michele Field
Diana Fisher Kraj
R. D. Fitz Gerald (3)
James Galanis
Barbara Giles (2)
Lionel Godfrey
Alan Gould (2)
C. Hartley Grattan
Louis Green
Dorothy Green
Syd Gregory
John Gloss (2)
Cecil Hadgraft
Rodney Hall (4)
Frank Halloran (H. Lawson Society) (2)
Syd Harrex (2)
Keith Harrison (3)
Les Harrop
Nicholas Hasluck
H. W. Hauserman
Xavier Herbert
Laurie Hergenhan (18)
Harry Heseltine
Graeme Hetherington (2)
Bernard Hickey (3)
Bertram Higgins (6)
Charles Higham (15)
Ian Hill (2)
Alberta Hines
Rex Hobcroft (2)
Edith Holmes (2)
Elizabeth Holthaus
A. D. Hope (10)
Joy Hooton
Andrew Hoyen
John Iremonger
Herbert Jaffa (8)
Evan Jones
Joseph Jones (3)
Deborah Jordan (2)
Beate Joseph (5)
Nancy Keesing
George Kennedy
Christopher Koch
H. Kolenberg
Leonie Kramer (3)
F. R. Leavis
L. A. Leclaire
Paul LaRiviere (3)
Geoffrey Lehmann (2)
Joan Levic (Amy Witting)
Elaine Lindsay (3)
Audrey Longbottom (3)
Noel Mc Ainsh (3)
Andrew Mc Donald (3)
Roger MacDonald (3)
Roger MacDonald (3)
Grant Mc Gregor (3)
Frank Mc Kay (2)
Mark Mc Leod (3)
Rhyll Mc Master
James Mc Queen (2)
Joan Maas
Kevin Magarey
Carmel Maguire
Leonard Mann
Barbara Manning
Eve Masterman
David Martin
Philip Martin (2)
Ray Mathew
Anna Matz nee Popper
Ian Maxwell
Adrian Mitchell
Susan Moore
Geoffrey Moore (4)
T. Inglis Moore (2)
Frank Moorhouse
R. H. Morison (3)
Ian Mudie (5)
Les Murray (3)
Stephen Murray-Smith
Jeremy Nelson
John O'Brien
Mark O'Connor (5)
Stan Ostaja-Ko Tkowski
Barrie Ovenden
Geoff Page (8)
Aileen Palmer
Helen Palmer (2)
Philip Parks (28)
James Penberthy
Elizabeth Perkins (4)
Bill Perkins
Grace Perry (2)
Arthur Pollard (4)
Hal Porter (3)
Peter Porter
Roy Porter
Craig Powell (4)
Marjorie Pratt (+ poems)
Horst Priessnitz (2)
John Quinlan (4)
A. Randall (2)
Jennifer Rankin
Herbert Read
Lu Rees
Jane Reid
Christopher Richardson
Elizabeth Riddell
Frank Rigg
Philip Roberts (2)
Roland Robinson (12)
Lloyd Robson (3)
Judith Rodriguez (3)
Michael Roe
Patricia Rolfe
Bruce Ross
Jennifer Rowe
Anna Rutherford
Paul St Riviere
Clive Sansom
Margaret Scott (12)
Geoffrey Serle
Howard Sergeant
Thomas Shapcott (17)
V. S. Sharma
Paul Sharrad
R. A. Simpson(3)
Kenneth Slessor (2)
John Slavin
Ian Smith
Peter Steele (2)
Douglas Stewart (16)
Harold Stewart
Randolph Stow (2)
Ted Sturges
R. T. Sussex
Norman Talbot (8)
Kylie Tennant
Colin Thiele
John Thompson (3)
Patricia Thompson
Tim Thorne (4) (+2 poems)
Malcolm Titt
Peter Townley (2)
Louis A. Triebel (7)
Greg Triffitt (2)
Chris Wallace-Crabbe (5)
David Warren (2)
Rosemary Wighton
K. M. Wilder (2)
Michael Wilding
G. A. Wilkes (2)
Tony Woods (5)
Judith Wright (3)
Merril Yule (2)
Maurice Zifcak (3)

Name Index to Correspondence - Appendix C

Below is a list of correspondents for the 2004 instalment, Series 2, Folders 85-107, Boxes 21-25. The principal correspondents are Robert Brain (Hobart, 1955-77), Gary Catalano (1983-2002), Richard Brain (London) and Michael Hulse (Cologne).

Michael Ackland (1991-1997)
Murray Bail (2002)
John Barnes (1993)
John Blight (1984)
Alec Bolton (1991-1996)
Bob Brissenden (1984)
Bob Carr (2001)
Axel Clark (1985)
Bruce Dawe (1985)
Sarah Day (1991)
Michael Denholm (1985-1994)
Rosemary Dobson (1995-1996)
Margaret Drabble (1991)
Martin Duwell (1994)
Diane Fahey (1985)
Elizabeth Harrower (1988)
Kevin Hart (1994)
Dennis Haskell (1985)
Laurie Hergenahn (1984-1997)
Graeme Hetherington (1996-2002)
Helen Hewson (1996-2001)
A. D. Hope (1984)
Ivor Indyk (1992-2001)
Herbert Jaffa (1984)
Nicholas Jose (1998)
Christopher Koch (1997)
Leonie Kramer (1988)
Greg Kratzmann (1993-1999)
Angelo Laukakis (1995)
Jenny Lee (1994)
Robin Lucas (2002)
David McCoog? (1994)
David Malouf (1993)
Philip Martin (1984)
Marie-Louise Maudra (1951)
Gerald Murnane (1988)
Les Murray (1983-1995)
Lloyd O'Neil (1966)
Geoff Page (1984-1985)
Nancy Phelan (2003)
Peter Pierce (1995)
Cassandra Pybus (1991)
David Rowbotham (1989-1990)
J R Rowland (1983-1988)
Pierre Ryckmans (2003)
Margaret Scott (1984)
Tom Shapcott (2002)
Gavin Souter (2003)
Peter Steele (1985)
Peter Strzynecki (1985)
Andrew Taylor (1985)
Ian Templemann (2000)
Michael Thwaites (1995)
John Tranter (1988-1997)
Chris Wallace-Crab (1985)
Richard Walsh (1985)
Judith Wright (1985)
Fay Zwicky (1984)