Series 10: Programs, menus, pamphlets 1883-1910

1236 Menu for a dinner [given] to the South Ward Committee and Workers by F. Stroud, Cheltenham 1903
1237 Menu for Hardwicke Society annual dinner, Holborn 1901
1238 Ticket to the Citizens' Farewell Banquet, Sydney Town Hall, given to Sir Edmund Barton, to commemorate his departure to London for the King's coronation 26 April 1902
1239 Program for the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York to Sydney in 1901 1901
1240 Leaflet concerning a monument, erected in the Waverley Cemetery, in memory of R.C. Critchett Walker 12 March 1904
1241 Order of the memorial service on the death of King Edward VII, St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney 20 May 1910
1242 Hymns for the memorial service for King Edward VII in Centennial Park, Sydney 20 May 1910
1243 Souvenir of the opening of Parliament House in Canberra 9 May 1927
1244 Official program of ceremonial and entertainments commemorative of the inauguration of the Australian Commonwealth at Sydney 1 Jan. 1901
1245 Menu for a dinner held in the Sydney Town Hall 21 Aug. 1883
1246 Official program for the Commonwealth Aquatic Demonstration in Sydney 4 Jan. 1901
1247 Invitation to Federation celebrations in Sydney 4 Jan. 1901
1248 Program of the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York to Sydney 1901
1249 Pamphlet on the Chapel of St Michael & St George. n.d.
1249a Program for the review of the Imperial, Indian, Commonwealth, Colonial and other military and naval forces by the Governor-General at Centennial Park. 3 Jan. 1901
1249b Manuscript proclaiming Barton a burgess and guild brother of the city of Edinburgh. 16 July 1902
1249c Illuminated manuscript relating to a marble bust of Barton. 22 Sept. 1900