Series 12: Photographs (now in Pictorial Section)

1251 Edmund Barton as mature man, facing left n.d.
1252 Edmund Barton when about 17 years old [monotone] 1869
1253 Edmund Barton when about 17 years old [sepia toned] 1869
1254 Edmund Barton as young man n.d.
1255 Sydney University cricket team Dec. 1871
1256 Edmund Barton, Melbourne Christmas 1870
1257 Edmund Barton as a young graduate n.d.
1258 Edmund Barton 1869
1259 Sydney University cricket team Dec. 1870
1260 Edmund Barton 1872
1261 Edmund Barton in academic gown, hands in pockets 1870
1262 Edmund Barton in academic gown, holding a book 1870
1263 William Barton, standing 1876
1264 William Barton, aged 81 years, seated 1876
1265 Mary Louisa Barton, wife of William Barton n.d.
1266 Edmund Barton as a mature man, seated at desk [hand coloured] n.d.
1267 Edmund Barton as a mature man, facing right [sepia toned] n.d.
1268 Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin n.d.
1269 Edmund Barton, Jany [January] 1914
1270 Portrait of a woman, seated, facing to the right n.d.
1271 Portrait of an old woman wearing a fur stole n.d.
1272 Edmund Barton, middle aged
1273 Interior of house with woman in the middle distance n.d.
1274 Dog and cat n.d.
1275 Edmund Barton as Justice of the High Court of Australia 1903
1276 Lady Barton as an elderly woman [leaning on hand]
1277 The Drafting Committee of the Commonwealth Constitution appointed at the Adelaide Convention in 1897 1897
1278 Edmund Barton in uniform marching with other soldiers n.d.
1279 Edmund Barton as Speaker of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly n.d.
1280 Mature Edmund Barton, facing left n.d.
1281 Edmund Barton wearing robe and wig in the garden 1871?
1282 Capt. R.R. Armstrong 1901
1283 Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh 1868
1284-93 Numbers not used
1294 Postcard entitled 'Harefield Park, 1915' containing four images 1915
1295 Number not used
1849 Edmund Barton Nov. 1883
1850 Lady Barton as an elderly woman [face towards camera] n.d.
1851 Lady Barton as an elderly woman [face turned to the side] n.d.
1852 Lady Barton wearing court dress 1902