Series 5: Speeches, articles 1898-1901

973  Speeches made on Mr Barton's motion for distribution to the electors of copies of 'The Commonwealth of Australia draft constitution bill'. 17th March, 1898
974-974c Draft and typescript copies of Barton's policy speech delivered at Maitland (974c is a duplicate of 974b and has not been digitised). 18 January 1901
975 'Justice and vengeance'. Typescript with handwritten emendations relating to post-World War I German separations. 1919
976-976c Three copies of typescripts with handwritten emendations of 'The godfathers of federation' (item 976: 5 leaves, item 976a: 5 leaves, item 976b: 15 leaves, item 976c: 4 leaves). (n.d.)
977 Untitled speech on Federation. Typescript with handwritten emendations. 1900