Series 8: Notes, extracts 1835-1903

1031 Letter from G. Barton to cousin Edmund Barton 10 April 1911
1032 Letter from E. Rusell Barton to Edmund Barton 9 April 1911
1033 List of siblings of Barton and their dates of death 1 June 1912
1034 Biographical information on Edmund Barton
1034a Biographical information on William Barton
1034b Biographical information on Edward Barton
1035 Biographical information on Barton and Maughan families
1036-36b Typescript copy of letter of Sir David Maughan to A.H. Chisholm 30 July 1948
1037 Cutting of cartoon of Thomas R. Bavin n.d.
1038 Biographical information on Sir Alfred Stephen
1039-39b Draft minute of a Federation meeting in Brisbane n.d.
1040 Handwritten note containing 'question' from James Lane regarding Clause 127 on the mode of altering the Constitution n.d.
1041 A page containing notes, possibly from a diary 9-24 May [1903]
1042 Typescript of a poem by D.W. in The Brisbane Worker 6 Feb. 1919
1043-43g Typescript entitled 'A Chinese poem: the garden of Sse-ma-Kouang'
1044 A poem dedicated to Barton by Richard Hingston 17 July 1898
1045 Note taken from 'The valour of ignorance'
1046 A poem by Owen Hall entitled 'An injustice', Harper's weekly 16 Oct. 1897
1047 Envelope containing items 1047a-g
1047a 'Two sonnets' by William Gray Sept. 1894
1047b 'Resurge - sonnet' by William Gray 19 May 1894
1047c 'A soul in hell: a sonnet by William Gray Aug. 1894
1047d 'A federation sonnet'
1047e 'Sonnet'
1047f Untitled sonnet Aug. 1894
1047g Untitled sonnet Oct. 1894
1048 A handwritten note in French
1049 Miscellaneous notes
1050 'To our blessed lady' by W. Edmunds 1 Sept. 1906
1051 Note written on an envelope 'Model advertisement for a house (written at Manly)' n.d.
1051a Note entitled 'Mrs Barton's Model Advertisement' n.d.
1052-52a Pages 13 and 14 of typescript about Barton at the Federal Convention
1053 St Paul's College Register
1054 Information leaflet on Trinity College, London 1903
1055 Letter from the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies to Sir Edmund Barton concerning invitation to the King's coronation, annotated by Barton 16 July 1902
1056 'Extracts from recent speeches and writings of political leaders and public men in the United Kingdom' [c. 1911]
1057 A printed letter from D.S.D.S. Agnihottri of Cawnpore, India to the Private Secretary of King Edward VII 11 Dec. 1902
1058 Pamphlet entitled The ends of the earth 1906
1059 Signature of Sir John P. Mahaffy
1059a Signature of George Peel
1059b Signature of Marquess of Northampton
1059c Signature of Lord Hopetoun
1059d Signature of W.A. McArthur
1059e Signature of Sir George Reid
1059f Signature of Herbert Reed
1059g Signature of Sir Herbert Warren
1059h Signature of Sir George Strickland
1845 New South Wales. Legislative Council. Committee on Immigration. New South Wales : final report of the Committee on Immigration 1835
1846  An address delivered before the University Union by the Hon. Mr. Justice Windeyer, LL.D., (Sydney: S.T. Leigh & Co., 1895) 1895
1847  Visit of the Prime Minister of the empire beyond the seas to the Ardeer Factory of Nobel's Explosives Company Limited, Glasgow, n.d. n.d.
1848 Notes relating to the St. Patrick's Day luncheon. 1903