Guide to the Papers of Guido Baracchi

MS 5241

National Library of Australia

Date completed: February 1992
Last updated: July 2000

Collection Summary

Creator: Baracchi, Guido, 1887-1975
Title: Papers of Guido Baracchi
Date Range: 1870-1975
Collection Number: MS 5241
Extent: 2.52 m (18 boxes)
Repository: National Library of Australia
Abstract: Correspondence, diaries, notebooks, handwritten notes from talks, a large amount of research notes, cuttings, handbills, leaflets, translations, photographs and poetry.


Scope and Content

The collection consists of correspondence, diaries, notebooks, handwritten notes from talks, a large amount of research notes, cuttings, handbills, leaflets, translations, photographs and poetry. It covers such organisations as the Communist Party of Australia, the Australian Labor Party, the Revolutionary Socialist Alliance, the Revolutionary Workers League, the Victorian Labour League, the Congress for Friendship and Aid to the Soviet Union, the Fourth International and the Seamen's Union. Other topics covered are conscription, the Vietnam War and the Spanish Civil War. There are also essays and biographical notes and cuttings on such people as H. Alwyn Lee, Baracchi's father (Pietro Baracchi), E.T. Brown, Percy Laidler and Victoria Cramp.

The box of correspondence includes letters from Ralph Gibson, May Brodney, K.S. Prichard, Nettie and Helen Palmer, Dr Lotte Fink, Miriam Dixon, Eric Aarons, David and Bertha Walker (daughter of Percy Laidler), Neura and Michael Hall, Frederick Macartney, President Caballero, Tom Mann, Chris O'Sullivan, Erik Quirk, Jean Battersby, E.E. Jones, Lord Bruce, Will H. Turner, Prof. John Anderson, E.M. Higgins, Maurice Blackburn and Sydney Williams.


This collection has been arranged in the order in which the three instalments were received. The contents of some series overlap.


The collection is available for reference.


The papers of Guido Baracchi were donated to the National Library by Gilda Baracchi in 1976. Further instalments were received in 1991 and 1992.

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Related Material

Papers of Pietro Baracchi are held at MS 8913.

Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Papers of Guido Baracchi, National Library of Australia, MS 5241, [series and/or folder number]'.

Biographical Note

Guido Baracchi was born in 1887 and died in 1975. He was one of the founders of the Australian Communist Party. After the war he went to Europe and was active with the British Labour and Communist parties and worked as an underground member of the German Communist Party in Berlin. Baracchi returned to Australia in 1935 and he rejoined the Australian Communist Party.

He was married four times and his children include Gilda Baracchi.

Pietro Baracchi, Guido's father, was born in Florence in 1851. He was the government astronomer to the State of Victoria from 1900 to 1907. In 1910 the Commonwealth government invited Baracchi and a party of four to the Yass - Canberra area to select a suitable site for an astronomical observatory. Baracchi led expeditions to observe solar eclipses to Bruny Island, Tasmania in 1910 and Tonga in 1911. He died in 1926 and was buried in Melbourne.

Series List and Descriptions

Series 1 Correspondence, 1919-1970

See also Series 10 for correspondence received in 1991 and 1992.

Folder 1-5 Correspondence, 1919-1970

Includes letters by Ralph Gibson, May Brodney, K.S. Prichard, Nettie and Helen Palmer, Dr Lotte Fink, Miriam Dixon, Eric Aarons, David and Bertha Walker (daughter of Percy Laidler), Neura and Michael Hall, Frederick T. Macartney, President Caballerio, Tom Mann, Chris O'Sullivan, Eric Quirk, Jean Battersby, E.E. Jones, Lord Bruce, Will H. Turner, Professor John Anderson, E.M. Higgins, Maurice Blackburn and Sydney Williams.

Series 2 Communist Party of Australia

See also Series 12.

Folder 6 Newsletters, leaflets, reports, letters
Folder 7 Expulsion from Communist Party of Australia, 1939-1945
Folder 8 Tribune, (1941, 1945, 1970), Communist Review (1945)
Folder 9 J. Normington-Rawling. The Communist Party of Australia, 1930-1945
Folder 10-13 'History of the C.P.A.'

Author unknown. Roneoed. 17 chapters.

Series 3 Trotsky and the Fourth International

See also Series 12.

Folder 14-15 Leon Trotsky: hail and farewell. Address, 1940

Mss and transcript.

Folder 16 Roneoed articles, copies of The Militant, 1941, 1945
Folder 17 Mss. notes on Trotsky
Folder 18 Fourth International publications

Series 4 Subject files

See also Series 12.

Folder 21-22 Australian Labor Party
Folder 23 Alsatian Defence Committee. Minute book, 1929
Folder 24 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament,
Folder 25 Conscription, World War I and II
Folder 26 Cramp, Vittoria
Folder 27 Left Book Club
Folder 28 Margaret Throsby and Marc Chambers
Folder 29 Revolutionary Socialist Alliance
Folder 30 Revolutionary Workers League

Also material on Left Book Club, Federated Clerks' Union, World Peace Campaign, Victorian Labour League and the Socialist Discussion Group.

Folder 31 Seamen's Union
Folder 32-33 Socialist Scholars Conference, 1970
Folder 34 Vietnam and conscription

Series 5 Manuscripts

See also Series 11, 12 and 13.

Folder 35-36 Analysis of Marx's Capital, by "Radix"
Folder 37-38 Interest under capitalism and the Soviet Union (4 copies)
Folder 39 Rebel Girl, and other articles
Folder 40 Story of a meaningful day [i.e. May Day]
Folder 41-42 To take arms
Folder 43 Tribute to an editor: H. Alwyn Lee
Folder 44 The twenties, and other articles
Folder 45-53 Miscellaneous mss. and transcript
Folder 54 Poetry: some mss., some printed

Includes poems by Baracchi, L. Harford, R.H. Long, Irene Price and H. Alwyn Lee.

Series 6 Notebooks

See also Series 13.

Folder 55 Spanish language course, Berlitz School
Folder 56 Australian history. Books I and II
Folder 57 Australian history. Books III and IV
Folder 58 Australian history. Books V and VI
Folder 59-60 History of philosophy
Folder 61-62 Notebook on botany
Folder 63-65 Miscellaneous notebooks

Series 7 Cuttings

See also Series 14.

Folder 66-73 Miscellaneous
Folder 74 The Proletarian Review

Vol.1, no.1 June 1940 - vol.1, no.13 June 1941.

Folder 75 The Week

Nos. 259-63; 267-8; 270-74; 278; 335-8; 345; 346; 349.

Series 8 Printed material

See also Series 17.

Folder 76 Leaflets, broadsides

Including items by the Kisch Reception Committee, League Against Imperialism, Victorian Council Against War and Fascism, United Peace Council, Australian Coal and Shale Employees Federation, and the Spanish Relief Committee.

Folder 77-80 Printed and roneoed material
Folder 81-84 Miscellaneous printed material

Series 9 Other material

See also Series 15 and Series 16.

Folder 85 Photographs
Folder 86 Miscellaneous, including items on Baracchi's father, Pietro Baracchi

Series 10 Correspondence, 1911-1975

The series comprises letters written to Baracchi and drafts of some of his letters. See also Series 1.

Folder 1-7 Correspondence, 1926-1975

Correspondents include E.V. Cramp, Glen Tomasetti, Aileen Palmer, Helen Palmer, Bertram Higgins, Margaret Kidd, Dora Birtles, Margaret Throsby, Paddy Pearl and Betty Roland.

Folder 8 Correspondence, 1911-1968

The correspondents include Pietro Baracchi, Pavey Wilson, Betty Roland and H. Cassels. Letters written by Guido Baracchi are also included.

Series 11 General writings

Essays and poetry. Titles include: 'The Human Adventure', 'An Essay on Dress', 'Camaraderie', 'Conservation of Energy', 'Wings', 'A Song', 'Surface Rights', 'Luck', 'Battle Ardour', 'An Epitaph', 'A Fable for Sloughmen', 'Invitation', 'The End of Day', 'A Woman's Farewell', 'The Despoiler', 'Two Cities', 'Rose and Christopher', 'Lament', 'Bedrooms', 'S. Coleridge', 'The Astral Flame', 'The Wastrels', 'Roses of a Dream', 'The Net of Memory', and 'Apocalyptic'. See also Series 5.

Folder 1-9 Handwritten drafts and a few transcripts of poems, verses and some essays by Baracchi
Folder 10 General writings

There are handwritten drafts of poems, verses and essays (see titles list). Some are untitled.

Series 12 Political writings

See also Series 2, 3, 4, 5, 11 and 14.

Folder 1-4 Contains handwritten drafts and typescripts relating to Baracchi's political interests, including material on anti-conscription

Series 13 Notebooks

See also Series 6.

Folder 1 Notebooks containing handwritten drafts of poems, verses and thoughts

Series 14 Cuttings, 1946-1947

Some of the cuttings are political in their nature. See also Series 7.

Folder 1 Cuttings, 1946-1947

Series 15 Photographs

See also Series 9.

Folder 1 Miscellaneous undated photographs
Folder 2 Photographs

Subjects include Pietro Baracchi (including trips to Bruni Island in 1910 and Tonga in 1911), Ethel Victoria Cramp (Guido's last wife), Lelia (Guido's first daughter) and other members of the Baracchi family. There is also a small photograph album of a French school.

Series 16 Miscellaneous, 1904-1976

See also Series 9.

Folder 1-7 Miscellaneous documents, 1921-19391966-1976

Includes transcript of an interview on conscription [n.d.]; typescript entitled 'Reminiscences of Evatt'; an interview with the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission); miscellaneous financial papers, including tax returns; and personal documents, such as a copy of Baracchi's birth certificate.

Folder 8-9 Miscellaneous documents

Includes photographs, notes, cuttings and sketches.

Folder 10 Miscellaneous documents and papers

Includes Guido's school reports from Church of England Grammar School (1904-6) and University of Melbourne (1906); programs for the Wallaby Club Christmas dinners (1909-12); typescript of letter to editor of Daily Mail (1914, unknown author); divorce papers between Ellis Harvey Davies and Mary Isabel Davies (1934); divorce papers between Harriet Elizabeth Baracchi and Guido Carlo Luigi Baracchi (1938); and floral tributes of Guido Baracchi's death (1975).

Folder 11 Miscellaneous documents and papers.

Includes financial statements of G.W. Petty's estate (Guido Baracchi's grandfather) 1943-1945.

Folder 12 Miscellaneous documents and papers.

Financial statements of G.W. Petty's estate (Guido Baracchi's grandfather) 1954-1975.

Series 17 Printed material, 1925-1968

Miscellaneous journals. See also Series 8.

Container List

Series Folder/Item Box
1 1-5 1
2 6-13 2
3 14-18 3
4 21-34 4-5
5 35-54 5-8
6 55-65 8-9
7 66-75 9-10
8 76-84 10-11
9 85-86 11-12
10 1-7 13
10 8 18
11 1-9 14
11 10 18
12 1-4 15
13 1 15
14 1 15
15 1 16
15 2 18
16 1-7 16
16 8-12 18
17 17