MS 5781
Papers of Judith Wright (1915-2000)

The 2005 additions to this collection were arranged and described with the assistance of the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust.


Creator: Wright, Judith (1915-2000)

Title: Papers of Judith Wright

Date Range: 1944-2000

Collection Number: MS 5781

Extent: 15.75 metres (105 boxes + 1 folio box) + 2 oversized items

Administrative Information


Boxes 102 and 103 are restricted during the life of Meredith McKinney

Box 72 is closed until 1 January 2009

The remainder of the collection is available for reference


The papers were acquired from Judith Wright in a number of instalments, the first of which was received in 1978. In 2002 and 2005, further papers were acquired from Wright's daughter, Meredith McKinney. In 2005, a small consignment of papers, consisting of autobiographical material given to Patricia Clarke by Wright in 2000, was received from Patricia Clarke.

Scope and Content Note

The papers of Judith Wright comprise literary manuscripts, correspondence, research material, newspaper cuttings, subject files, financial records and other papers. A significant proportion relates to conservation and Aboriginal concerns, with extensive files on the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, the Australian Conservation Foundation and other organisations. Literary material includes requests for use of Wright's poems and drafts of her books Because I was invited, The coral battleground, The generations of men, Charles Harpur, The cry for the dead and We call for a treaty and of her autobiography, Half a lifetime. Correspondents include A.W. Sheppard, Rosemary Dobson, Barbara Blackman (including Wright's own letters to Blackman), Dorothy Green, Kevin Gilbert, Roberta Sykes, David Brooks, Ian Hudson, Thistle Stead, Stefanie Bennett, Julian Croft, John Reed, Roger McDonald, Henry Reynolds, Kathleen McArthur and Len Webb. Wright's family relationships are represented by a substantial correspondence between Wright and her husband, J.P. (Jack) McKinney, between Wright and her daughter, Meredith McKinney, and by Wright's letters to her brother, Peter Wright.


The papers have been listed by instalment. Wright grouped her papers into manila folders, and the order of the papers within each folder has been maintained. Where provided, the title of the folder has been used in the folder descriptions for each box. This also applies to the instalments of papers received in 2005 from Wright's daughter, Meredith McKinney, and Patricia Clarke, the contents of which appear to have been arranged by the donors. Because the papers are listed by instalment, there is no discernible order.

Related Material

Correspondence of Judith Wright can be found in the personal papers of numerous writers and activists which are held in the Manuscript Collection. To locate the correspondence, search the online finding aids to personal papers via the Library's website at

The Oral History Section of the Library holds a number of sound recordings relating to Wright, including interviews and poetry readings. The Oral History catalogue can be searched online via the Library’s website at Catalogue.

The Pictures Section of the Library holds photographs of Wright, a portrait of her by Kahan, Louis and the Britannica Australia Awards Literature medal awarded to her in 1964. The Pictures catalogue can be searched and some of these images viewed online via the Library’s website at Catalogue.

Wright's published works, including anthologies of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, children's books and musical settings of her poems, are listed on the Library's catalogue, which can be searched online via the Library’s website at Catalogue.

Digitised material

A small number of items have been digtised and are available online. Three poems from Box 37, folders 281 and 282 have been digitised as part of the Library's Treasures Gallery.

The items that have been digitised are available online as 'related records' via the catalogue record for the collection.

Biographical Note

Judith Arundell Wright was a poet, essayist, conservationist and campaigner for Aboriginal rights. She was born into a family of pioneering pastoralists on 31 May 1915, at Thalgarrah station near Armidale, New South Wales, the daughter of Phillip Wright and his wife Ethel (neé Bigg). At first, Wright was educated home, but following the death of her mother, went to New England Girl’s School in Armidale. She completed an Arts course at the University of Sydney in 1936 and was awarded an Hon D Litt from the following universities: University of Queensland (1962), the University of New England (1963), the University of Sydney (1977), Monash University (1977) and the Australian National University (1981).

Wright was 25 when her first poem was published and her first collection of verse, The moving image, was published in 1946. She went on to publish many other works including poetry, a biography of her pioneering family, children’s books and her autobiography.

Wright was awarded Commonwealth Literary Fund Fellowships in 1949 and 1962, a Creative Arts Fellowship (ANU) in 1974, a Senior Anzac Fellowship in 1976 and a three-year Australia Council Literature Board Senior Writers Fellowship in 1977. Further recognition of her writing includes the following awards:

  • Grace Leven Poetry Prize, 1949
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Prize, 1963
  • Christopher Brennan Award, Fellowship of Australian Writers, 1974
  • Robert Frost Memorial Award, Fellowship of Australian Writers, 1976
  • Alice Award, Society of Women Writers of Australia, 1980
  • Order of the Golden Ark (Netherlands), 1980
  • NSW Premier’s Special Award for Poetry, 1991
  • The Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry, 1991

Wright was actively involved with issues relating to conservation, wildlife preservation and Aboriginal rights. These interests were reflected in her poetry and writings, which included her book, The cry for the dead (1981), about the treatment of Aborigines by settlers in Queensland from the 1840s to the 1920s. Organisations with which Wright was involved include:

  • Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland - founding member and President, 1962-1976
  • Australian Society of Authors - foundation council member, 1963
  • Australian Conservation Foundation – council member, 1964-1972. Made an honorary life member in 1980
  • Committee of Enquiry into the National Estate – committee member, 1973-1974
  • Australian National University – council member (1975-1979) and the first woman to be appointed to the council as the Governor-General’s nominee
  • Aboriginal Treaty Committee – Secretary, 1979-1983

Judith Wright died of a heart attack in Canberra on 25 June 2000.

Box List

Box 1

Folders 1-4      Webb woodchip                                            

Folder 5         Australian Conservation Foundation                       

Folder 6         Newspaper cuttings - conservation                        

Folder 7         Westernport                                              

Folder 8         Correspondence - R. Wiggs, 1972                          

Box 2

Folder 9         The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Newsletters 1 - 33                                       

Folder 10        The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Newsletters 34 - 50                                      

Folder 11        The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Newsletters 51 - 62                                      

Folder 12        Concorde - correspondence 24.6.1971 - 21.2.1972          

Folder 13        Concorde - correspondence 6.3.1972 - 9.5.1972            

Folder 14        Concorde - correspondence 10.5.1972 - 26.12.1975         

Folder 15        Concorde - undated correspondence: Newspaper clippings   

Folder 16        Australian Heritage: correspondence 1970 -1972           

Box 3

Folder 17        The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland:         

                 minutes,newsletters etc. 1962 - 1968                     

Folder 18        Minutes - 1969                                           

Folder 19        Minutes - 1970                                           

Folder 20        Minutes - 1971                                           

Folder 21        Minutes - 1972                                           

Folder 22        Minutes - 1973                                           

Folder 23        Minutes - 1974                                           

Folder 24        Minutes - 1975 - 76                                      

Box 4

Folder 25        Seminar on Wildlife Conservation in Eastern Australia,   

                 University of New England, January 1965                  

Folder 26        Fraser Island report by Napier Roffey-Mitchell           

Folder 27        Seminar on Literature, University of New England, 1965   

Folders 28-29    44th ANZAAS Congress Sydney, 1972                        

Folder 30        Proceedings of First National Conservation Study         

                 Conference, November 1973                                

Folder 31        Conservation - Educational documents: Poems              

Folder 32        Ecology Action Newsletter: Application for membership    

Box 5

Folders 33-34    Publications                                             

Folders 35-36    Various conservation documents                           

Folders 37-39    Newspaper cuttings - minerals and energy                 

Box 6

Folder 40        Newspaper cuttings:Woodchip                              

Folder 41        Newspaper cuttings:Environmental policy planning         

Folder 42        Newspaper cuttings:Pesticides                            

Folder 43        Newspaper cuttings:Timber, forests, parks                

Folder 44        Newspaper cuttings:Aboriginal affairs                    

Folder 45        Newspaper cuttings:Cooloola, sandmining                  

Folder 46        Newspaper cuttings:Pollution, wildlife, kangaroos        

Folder 47        Newspaper cuttings:Miscellaneous                         

Papers added 5 June 1984

The cry for the dead

Box 7

Folders 48-55     Notes, summaries, extracts from books and articles      

                  etc.  Also from archival material in Queensland State   

                  Archives, A - H.                                        

Box 8

Folders 56-63     Notes, summaries, extracts from books and articles.     

                  Also from archival material in Queensland State         

                  Archives, J - W.                                        

Folder 64         List of references noted and consulted                  

Box 9

Folders 65-69     Copied extracts from Parliamentary papers, reports,     

                  debates etc.                                            

Folders 70-71     Correspondence with editor and publisher, 1980 - 1981   

Folder 72         Copies of maps, sketches, C.S.I.R.O. and other          

                  information on Dawson Valley area                       

Box 10

Folders 73-75     Copies of maps, sketches, C.S.I.R.O. and other          

                  information on Dawson Valley area.                      

Folders 76-78     Early drafts                                            

Folder 79         Final copy for typist. Chapters 1-7                     

Folder 80         Final copy for typist. Chapters 8-12                    

Box 11

Folders 81-84     Copied extracts from Albert Wright's Diaries 1867 -     

                  1885, and from later diaries of C. May Wright.  Also    

                  from family letters relating to Queensland stations     

Folder 85         Information from Queensland Lands Department files on   

                  various runs in Central Queensland area.  CSIRO         


Folders 87-89     Draft of all chapters, final revisions.                 

Box 12

Folders 90-91     Drafts, discarded drafts and spare pages.               

Folders 92-95     Copy returned from publisher.                           

Folders 96-97     Author's copy.                                          

Box 13

Folder 98         Author's copy.                                          

Folder 99         Book reviews                                            

Folder 100        Galley proofs.                                          

Folder 101        Page proofs                                             

Box 14

Reference cards, source material

Papers added 19 September 1984

Boxes 15-20: Conservation, Great Barrier Reef

Box 15

Folder 102       Australian Conservation Foundation Correspondence        


Folder 103       Australian Conservation Foundation. Correspondence       

                 1970-1975 + undated                                      

Folder 104       Focus on Cape York: Workshop, seminar papers             

Folder 105       Focus on Cape York :Reports, workshop ideas, talks etc.  

Folder 106       Focus on Cape York:Correspondence 1976-1979              

Folder 107       National Estate:Correspondence 1973-1981:Record of       
                 phone calls etc.                                         

Folder 108       National Estate:Reports etc.                             

Folder 109       National Estate:Forests - correspondence 1973-1975       

Box 16

Folder 110       Fraser Island                                            

Folder 111       Wildlife Preservation Society Submissions, talks,        

                 reports etc.                                             

Folder 112       The Cooloola Committee: Wildlife Preservation Society:   

                 Symposium 'The Future of Noosa'                          

Folder 113       Submission - Cooloola and the Noosa River                

Folder 114       National Forest Action Council: Canberra and South East  

                 NSW Branch                                               

Folder 115       Woodchip - correspondence 1971 - 1973                    

Folder 116       Kangaroos - correspondence 1969 - 1973                   

Folder 117       Civil Liberties - Qld.                                   

Box 17

Folder 118       Queensland Littoral Society: Surveys: Minutes Royal      

                 Commission Committee, 24.7.1970                          

Folder 119       Report, submissions                                      

Folder 120       Petroleum Drilling                                       

Folder 121       Ellison Reef                                             

Folder 122       Top End National Park: Yirrkala and woodchip proposals   

Folders 123-124  Amnesty International Queensland section                 

Folder 125       Correspondence - formation of Wildlife Preservation      

                 Society of Queensland (WPSQ), 1962 - 1969                

Box 18

Folders 126-127  Correspondence - formation of WPSQ 1970                  

Folder 128       Correspondence - formation of WPSQ 1971                  

Folder 129       Undated correspondence, press releases, notes            

Folder 130       Correspondence whilst president of WPSQ 1970             

Folder 131       Correspondence whilst president of WPSQ 1971             

Folder 132       Correspondence whilst president of WPSQ 1972             

Folder 133       Correspondence whilst president of WPSQ 1973             

Folder 134       Presidential correspondence 1974-1976                    

Box 19

Folder 135       Undated correspondence, memos, drafts etc. WPSQ          

Folder 136       Addresses at rallies, book reviews, talks                

Folder 137       Addresses at rallies, book reviews, talks                

Folders 138-139  Australian Conservation Foundation- Great Barrier Reef   

Folder 140       Press cuttings - State rights resources, 1973            

Folder 141       Congress on Human Relations, Melbourne, 1972: Delegates  


Folder 142       Articles by others                                       

Box 20

Folders 143-148  Articles by others                                       

Folder 149       Restoration seminar papers, Ballina, 13-14 September     


folder 150       The Cooloola Committee                                   

Boxes 21-28: Literary Papers

Box 21

Folders 151-153  The coral battleground - typescript                      

Folder 154       The coral battleground - correspondence, reviews etc.

Folder 155       Australian Copyright Council                             

Folder 156       Copyright Agency Limited                                 

Folder 157       Black and White - correspondence, 1980-1983              

Folder 158       Black and White - typescript                             

Box 22

Folder 159       Charles Harpur - correspondence 1960-1977                

Folder 160       Charles Harpur - drafts, notes etc.                      

Folder 161       Personal involvement with Copyright Council              

Folder 162       Poems by Brian Medlin                                    

Folder 163       Poems by Rosemary Dobson, Frank Kellaway, Kevin Gilbert  

Folder 164       Poems by Shelton Lea and others                          

Folder 165       Poems by John Tennant                                    

Folder 166       The Australian Society of Authors                        

Box 23

Folder 167       The American Poetry Review Sept./Oct. 1980, Vol. 9, No.  
                 5: Screenplay by Dano R. Gunzburg. Adapted from the      
                 short story "The Clown and the Mind-reader" by Judith    

Folder 168       World Poetry Conference, Montreal 1967                   

Folders 169-172  The double tree - selected poems 1942-1976               

Folder 173       Reviews, articles, maps etc.                             

Folder 174       Articles of interest by others                           

Box 24

Folders 175-177  Because I was invited                                    

Folder 178       The East-West Center, 1973                               

Folder 179       ABC script                                               

Folder 180       Anzac Fellowship, 1976: Trip to New Zealand              

Folder 181       Sisters Publishing Ltd. 1979-1984                        

Folder 182       Queensland University Press, 1975                        

Box 25

Folders 183-184  Portable Australian authors: I                           

Folder 185       Australian Council for the Arts, 1972-1974               

Folder 186       The Terranian: Shorter Poems of the Month                

Folder 187       Requests for use of work, 1.5.1979 - 12.8.1980           

Folder 188       Requests for use of work, 1.9.1980 - 8.4.1981            

Folder 189       Requests for use of work, 9.4.1981 - 20.10.1981          

Folder 190       Requests for use of work, 23.10.1981 - 22.12.1981        

Box 26

Folder 191       Requests for use of poems, 1975 - 1976                   

Folder 192       Requests for use of poems, 1977 Undated correspondence   

Folder 193       Witnesses of Spring - typescript : notes and correspondence, 1968 - 1971                              

Folder 194       Witnesses of Spring, foreword, notes etc.                

Folder 195       Requests for articles and talks, 1967 - 1971             

Folder 196       Requests for articles and talks, 1972 - 1973             

Folder 197       Requests for articles and talks, 1975 - 1977             

Folder 198       Requests for articles and talks, 1978                    

Box 27

Folder 199       Requests for articles and talks , 1979                   

Folder 200       Requests for articles and talks (undated),plus           

                 miscellaneous items                                      

Folders 201-203  Requests for use of poetry, includes correspondence      

                 with A. W. Sheppard 1966, 1968, 1977-1980.               

Folder 204       Undated letters, miscellaneous items                     

Folder 205       Correspondence and agreement re A. W. Sheppard as agent  

                 1962, 1964 - 1969                                        

Folder 206       French newspaper                                         

Box 28

Folder 207       Correspondence - A. W. Sheppard as agent, 1970-71        

Folder 208       Correspondence - A. W. Sheppard as agent, 1972-73        

Folder 209       Correspondence with publishers and agents 1970-73        

Folder 210       Correspondence with publishers and agents 1974 - 76      

Papers added 2 August 1985

Folder 211       Correspondence 1960-1965                                 

Folder 212       Correspondence 1966-1967                                 

Folder 213       Correspondence 1968-1970                                 

Box 29

Folder 214       Correspondence 1971-1972                                 

Folder 215       Correspondence 1973                                      

Folder 216       Correspondence 1974                                      

Folder 217       Correspondence 1975                                      

Folder 218       Correspondence 1976                                      

Folder 219       Correspondence 1976-1977                                 

Folder 220       Correspondence 1977-1978                                 

Folder 221       Correspondence 1978-1979                                 

Box 30

Folder 222       Correspondence 1979                                      

Folder 223-224   Correspondence 1980                                      

Folder 225-226   Correspondence 1981                                      

Folder 227       Correspondence 1982                                      

Folder 228-229   Correspondence 1983                                      


Box 31

Folder 230       Correspondence 1937-1954                                 

Folder 231       Prose not published in Because I was invited             

Folder 232       Newspaper cuttings, reviews                              

Folders 233-234  Articles by others                                       

Folder 235       The other side of the frontier - draft by Henry          

Folder 236       ABC scripts                                              

Folder 237       Addresses and articles - Civil Liberties: Addresses -    

Box 32

Folders 238-240  Addresses                                                

Folders 241-243  Published articles and addresses                         

Folder 244       Unpublished drafts, prose                                

Folder 245       Published reviews                                        

Papers added 6 May 1987

Box 33

Folder 246       Correspondence 1976-1977                                 

Folder 247       Correspondence 1978                                      

Folder 248       Correspondence 1979                                      

Folder 249       Correspondence 1980                                      

Folder 250       Correspondence 1981, January-June                        

Folder 251       Correspondence 1981, July-December                       

Folder 252       Correspondence 1982, January-May                         

Folder 253       Correspondence 1982, June-December                       

Box 34

Folder 254       Correspondence 1983, January - April                     

Folder 255       Correspondence 1983, May - June                          

Folder 256       Correspondence 1983, July - December                     

Folder 257       Correspondence 1984, January - June                      

Folder 258       Correspondence 1984, July - December                     

Folder 259       Correspondence 1985                                      

Folder 260       Undated correspondence                                   

Folder 261       Miscellaneous items                                      

Box 35

Folder 262       Free Speech Committee                                    

Folder 263       Ecopolitics Conference, August 1986                      

Folder 264       Council for the Arts, 1973                               

Folder 265       Land Rights Conference, Townsville 1981                  

Folder 266       Correspondence, 1979-1980                                

Folder 267       Correspondence, 1981-1983                                

Folder 268       Newsletters, articles etc.                               

Folder 269       Articles, maps, newsletters etc.                         

Box 36

Folder 270       Uranium, Peace issues.  Peace Panel, Nuclear             

                 Disarmament Party                                        

Folder 271       Uranium, Peace issues.  Peace panel, Nuclear             

                 Disarmament Party                                        

Folders 272-274  United Nations Conference on Science and Technology for  

                 Development, 1979 (correspondence and papers)            

Folders 275-277  Uranium and Peace issues                                 

Box 37

Three poems from Folders 281 and 282 have been partially digitised and are available via the catalogue record for this collection.

Folder 278       Phantom dwelling 1985, typescript drafts, manuscript     
                 notes, reviews.                                          

Folder 279       Various drafts and copies of poems later published in Phantom dwelling                                         

Folder 280       Phantom dwelling - carbon copy of final version          

Folder 281       Drafts of poems from Fourth quarter and Phantom dwelling                                                 

Folder 282       Final typed versions for Fourth quarter.  Author's       

Folder 283       Daedalus (Journal of the American Academy of Arts and    

Folder 284       Daedalus - correspondence, 1983 - 1985                   

Folder 285       Correspondence re The generations of men, 1980 - 81      

Box 38

Folder 286       Correspondence re The generations of men, 1982-83        

Folder 287       Correspondence re The generations of men, 1984 86        

Folder 288       The generations of men - adapted for television by F.    
                 R. Harvey, 1982                                          

Folder 289       Agreement between Frank Harvey and Judith Wright         
                 McKinney, 1981                                           

Folder 290       We call for a treaty, reference cards A-C                

Folder 291       We call for a treaty, reference cards D-W                

Folder 292       We call for a treaty, drafts                             

Box 39

Folder 294-298   We Call For a Treaty - early drafts                      

Folders 299-301  We Call For a Treaty - drafts                            

Box 40

Folders 302-309  We Call For a Treaty - drafts                            

Folders 310-316  We Call For a Treaty - drafts                            

Folio item       We Call For a Treaty - Proofs

Papers added 21 October 1988

Box 42

Folder 317       Personal letters, 1979-84                                

Folder 318       Personal letters, 1984                                   

Folder 319       Personal letters, 1985                                   

Folders 320-321  Personal letters, 1986


Here is an incomplete list of correspondents: Tim Aslanides (9), Stefanie 

Bennett (9), Barbara Blackman (6), John Bligh (6), Winifred Cawley, 

Dymphna Clark, Julian Croft (2), Margaret Diesendorf (4), Rosemary Dobson (14)

Silvana Gardner (3+), Barbara Giles (6), Dorothy Green (2), A. D. Hope, 

Lou Klepac, Patricia Laird, Joyce Lee, Kathleen MacArthur (10), Mark O'Connor,

Elizabeth Perkins (6), Barrie Reid (2), A. L. Rowse, Heather Rusden (2), 

W. N. Scott (6), Peter Skrzynecki (10), Thistle Stead (4), John Tarrant (3+)

Box 43

Folder 322       Requests for use of work, 1966-82                        

Folder 323       Requests for use of work and correspondence with Angus   

                 and Robertson, 1983                                      

Folder 324       Requests for use of work, 1984                           

Folder 325       Requests for use of work, Jan-June 1985                  

Folder 326       Requests for use of work, 1985                           

Folder 327       Requests for use of work, Jan-July 1986                  

Folder 328       Requests for use of work, Aug-Dec 1986                   

Folio package    Photocopies and tracings of 19th-century maps of Queensland

Box 44

Folder 329       Copies of the literary journal Language vol. 1, nos. 1   
                 and 2, 1952                                              

Folder 330       Letter from David Stead, 4 July 1988, containing old     
                 newscuttings on Aborigines.                              

Folder 331       Correspondence re The Life of Bill Cohen, 1985-87        

Folder 332       Papers re 'Imagining the Real' Symposium, 11 November    

Folder 333       Papers re proposed biography of Saxe Bannister, 1981-86  

Folder 334       Correspondence and papers re Foster Parents of           
                 Australia, 1973-77                                       

Folder 335       Correspondence and papers re Foster Parents of           
                 Australia, 1978-84                                       

Box 45

Folders 336-337  Papers re ANZAAS Congress, 1987                          

Folder 338       Papers re 'How many more Australians?' Conference,       

                 September 1986                                           

Folder 339       Papers re Ecopolitics Conference, Aug 1986               

Folder 340       Papers re the Association for the Study of Australian    

                 Literature, 1984-85.                                     

Folder 341       Papers re peace movement, 1982-84, including material    

                 on the Pacific Peacemaker                                

Folder 342       Papers re peace movement, 1985-88                        

Folder 343       Papers re Adelaide Festival, 1982 and re opposition to   

                 the Commonwealth Games Writer's Week in Brisbane, 1982.  

Folder 344       Papers re deep ecology and rainforest preservation,      

                 1982-88.  Includes correspondence with John Reed.        


Box 46

Folder 345       Papers re Yipirinya School, Alice Springs, 1981-88.      

Folder 346       Correspondence re Aboriginal education and               

                 imprisonment, 1970-86, including Kevin Gilbert, Richard  

                 Martin and Les Russell                                   

Folder 347       Correspondence and papers re landrights and uranium      

                 mining, Jan 1972-July 1984                               

Folder 348       Copies of Black Women's Action newsletter and            

                 correspondence with Bobbie Sykes, 1979-88                

Folder 349       Papers re review of Henry Reynold's book The Law of the Land,
                 published in the Age on 12 December 1987           

Folder 350       Papers re, and draft of article 'What became of that     
                 treaty? for Aboriginal Studies, 1988.                    

Folder 351       Newspaper clippings on Aboriginal land rights, 1984-85   

Folder 352       Newspaper clippings on Aboriginal land rights, 1986-87   

Papers added 1990

Box 47

Folders 353-360  Many cuttings and photocopies re Aboriginal rights and   

                 the movement for a treaty.  Photocopied papers           

                 including court transcripts re a jailed Aboriginal       

                 elder, Denis Walker.  Two letters from Susan Ryan and a  

                 copy of her address to International PEN, 1988.  Copies  

                 of seminar papers by Judith Wright and others (eg G. S.  

                 Lester, R. Falk, V.G. Venturini, Peter Bayne, Henry      

                 Reynolds, Penny Figgis) on human rights issues           

                 especially concerning Aborigines.  (Most material in     

                 this box is photocopied.)                                

Box 48

Folders 361-364  Folder with about 115 letters, late 1980s, some with     

                 notes of her replies, re permissions etc. for the        

                 publication of work by Judith Wright; correspondents     

                 include David Brooks, Angus & Robertson (Richard Walsh,  
                 Jane Scurr, Sue Phillips), Brian Sweeney, A. W.          
                 Sheppard (Wright's agent) and others.                    

                 Interesting small folder re proposed (later failed)      
                 Braidwood Festival, 1989, with one or two letters from   
                 Vincent Plush (musical director).  Wright was a patron.  

                 Thick file 1982-89 re restoration of Dalwood House,      
                 Branxton, on the Wyndham estate.  (Wright a Wyndham      
                 descendant.)  Some letters of Wright's: many from Ian    
                 Hudson, prime mover in the restoration.                  

                 Thick folder of cuttings and photocopies, 1984-86, on    
                 Aboriginal questions.  Used by Wright 'as references     
                 for articles'.                                           

Box 49

Folders 365-369  Folder of about 90 requests, 1980s, for publication,     

                 support, patronage, etc.  Requesters include Roger       

                 McDonald, Rod Shaw.                                      

                 Copy of Jane Ahlquist's play Growing Up With Judith.     

                 Folder of about 170 requests, 1987-88: rainforest        
                 action groups, Amnesty, the Save Wyewurk committee, the  
                 Sydney Peace Squadron, etc. contains a good letter to    
                 Joan Davis about the Commonwealth Literary Fund, also    
                 three or four letters from Roberta Sykes, two or three   
                 from Malcolm Williamson, two or three from Anne Boyd,    
                 Thistle Stead, and others.                               

                 Box of coloured photos, 'Jewellery exhibition based on   

Box 50

Folder 370       Prose folder This folder, "typed copies, drafts,        
                 rejects", contains two prose pieces.  The first is       
                 "Save the First Dance", a boarding-school story of 6     
                 pages, about a girl from the Dutch East Indies at what   
                 seems to be the New England Girls Grammar School.  It    
                 is not in Judith Wright's collection of stories The      
                 Nature of Love (1966), and may be unpublished.  The      
                 same goes for "For Christine", 4-1/2 pages, a            
                 first-person story by a white woman about an Aboriginal  
                 child and family in an alien community.                  

Folder 371       Australian Conservation Foundation folder. Contains     
                 extensive documentation relating to the ACF conference   
                 of 1988 in Sydney, at which Judith Wright delivered the  
                 keynote address, "Facing the Past and the Future".       
                 There are several drafts and a final version, 8-1/2      
                 pages of one-and-a-half-spaced typing.                   

Folders 372-373  Miscellaneous folder. This is endorsed "Drafts of       
                 talks and articles, conservation and literature" and     
                 contains various pieces, mostly on conservation and      
                 related topics, but some indeed on literature,           
                 including the literature of New Zealand. A good deal of  
                 the material has been printed in publications such as the Age 
                 Monthly Review, Nation Review, Australian Quarterly,
                 Social Alternatives, Landfall,Australian Society
                 and Overland. Items that appear to be            
                 unpublished include:  "A philosophy of urban wildlife",  
                 a 1976 talk for the Wildlife Preservation  Society of    
                 Australia, revised 1989, 8 pages; Opening speech for     
                 the Forests Art exhibition, Studio Altenberg,            
                 Braidwood, August 1989, 2 pages (several copies); One    
                 page of thoughts on the prime-ministry (ie, what I       
                 would do if I were PM), noted as requested by the        
                 Herald and Weekly Times but "returned"; "The nucleus     
                 and my generation", superseded draft talk for a Writers  
                 Against Nuclear Arms meeting, 3-1/2 pages.  Another      
                 version appeared in the Canberra Times;  "It's not the   
                 planet that's the problem.  It's us."  Two drafts for a  
                 1982 talk in Queensland, noted as "not delivered";       
                 Peace Movement talk, 3-1/2 pages, for a 1984 meeting in  
                 Albury Wodonga.  Also another version, entitled "We are  
                 all of us afraid"; Opening speech for the opening of     
                 the Association for the Study of Australian Literature   
                 meeting, University of New England, 1985, 3 pages        
                 (several Vopies); Three versions of "Trees protect       
                 us--protect them", conservation addresses in Queensland  
                 and Victoria, 1981, each about 9 pages; "Looking back    
                 from 2010" - 5 pages for the Commission for the Future,  
                 noted as having been commissioned in early 1990, but     

Papers added 27 May 1991

Box 51

Folders 374-378  Royalty and permission statements, 1959-84               

Papers added 7 May 1992

Folder 379      Drafts and correspondence re article "A Shaft of Light"  
                for Island magazine re the Mabo land rights case         

Box 52

Folder 380       Broadsheet poems by David Brooks, Geoff Page, Alan       

                 Gould, Kevin Hart, Vincent Buckley, Mark O'Connor and    

                 others, 1975-77                                          

Folder 381       Photocopy of typescript "Taming the Great South Land"    
                 by W.J. Lines, 1990 (Judith Wright was asked to write    
                 an introduction for this work, but declined)             

Folder 382       Typescript and MS poems by Stef Bennett, John Tarrant    
                 and others, 1984-89                                      

Folder 383       Poetry by Ken Gardiner and Timoshenko Aslanides,         

Folder 384       Typescript poems by Victoria Williamson, 1977-88.        
                 Carbon typescript of "Sea Sonnets" by John Blight, n.d.  

Folder 385       Typescript and photocopies of articles by Judith         
                 Wright, 1976-90, collected in Born of the conquerors.    
                 Ecopolitics Conference papers, Brisbane, 1986            

Box 53

Folder 386       Correspondence, etc re Writers Against Nuclear Arms,     

                 1987-89 Papers re Environmental Defender's Office and    

                 Infoterra, 1986-87                                       

Folder 387       Dalwood House [Hunter Valley] Conservation Plan by       

                 David Logan, 1983                                        

Folder 388       Correspondence and other papers re the Australian        

                 Conservation Foundation and south-eastern New South      

                 Wales, 1978-91 (includes articles by JW on               


Folders 389-390  Requests for talks and articles, 1984-91                 

Folder 391       Roneoed copy of Lambert Wilson's Agony in the Pacific,   
                 1969, a history of sealing in Bass Strait                

Box 54

Folders 392-394  Correspondence and other papers re successful  campaign  

                 to prevent gold and mercury mining and dredging of the   

                 Mongarlowe River near Braidwood, 1986-89                 

Folders 395-396  Papers re anti-woodchipping campaign in Gippsland and    

                 S.E. NSW, 1980-89                                        

Folder 397       Papers re conservation, including anti-Concord           

                 campaign, 1975; uranium mining, 1977 and the Australian  

                 Conservation Foundation Conference, 1988                 

Folder 398       Photocopy of play "Growing up with Judith" by Jane       

Box 55

Folder 399       Papers re Technical Advisory Group on Aboriginal Lands,  


Folder 400       Drafts and proofs of articles by J.W. on conservation    

                 and Aboriginal Australians, 1980s                        

Folder 401       Newsletters and other papers re Australian Society of    

                 Authors, National Book Council and PEN, 1984-88          

Folder 402       Correspondence re translations of Judith Wright's works  

                 into German, Italian and Chinese, 1982-90                

Folders 403-404  Miscellaneous correspondence, 1990-91 (includes          

                 requests for support/assistance)                         

Box 56

Folders 405-406  Correspondence and other papers re We Call for a treaty, 1980-88                              

Folders 407-412  Not to be listed until 1997

Papers added 7 July 1992

Box 57

Folders 413-420  Not to be listed until 1997

Papers added 31 July 1992

Box 58

Folders 421-427  Secondary material (leaflets, circulars, photocopies,    

                 reports, newscuttings and articles) re Aboriginal        

                 rights, mostly 1988-92                                   

Box 59

Folders 428-432  Secondary material re Aboriginal rights, 1988-92         

Folders 433-435  Newscuttings re Aboriginal issues, 1991-92               

Papers added 27 November 1992

Box 60

Folder 436       Correspondence with Angus and Robertson and other        

                 publishers, 1988-92                                      

Folder 437       Correspondence, drafts and contracts for A human         
                 pattern (A & R, 1990)                                    

Folder 438       Requests for use of poems, 1989-92                       

Folder 439       Requests for use of prose, 1985-92                       

Folder 440       Miscellaneous requests, 1991-92                          

Folders 441-442  Interviews - clippings, transcripts and correspondence,  

Box 61

Folders 443-444  Correspondence re support for Aborigines in Queensland   

                 and Tasmania, 1975-91                                    

Folder 445       Correspondence, etc, re the National Foundation for      

                 Australian Women, 1989-91                                

Folders 446-447  Papers re peace and the Nuclear Disarmament Party,       


Folder 448       Papers re uranium mining, pollution and Kakadu, 1984-91  

Folder 449       Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population:  

                 correspondence and newsletters, etc, 1989-92             


Box 62

Folder 450       Correspondence re Aboriginal land rights and             

                 conservation, 1982-84 and 1991-92                        

Folder 451       Correspondence, etc, re conservation, 1986-90            

Folder 452       Papers re conservation in Queensland, 1983-91            

Folders 453-454  Papers re Rainforest Ecology Trust, 1985-92              

Folder 455       H.C. Coombs - correspondence, photographs, clippings     

                 and other papers, including papers re the Nugget Coombs  

                 Forum for Indigenous Studies, 1973-92                    

Folder 456       Great Barrier Reef and Greenpeace, 1990-92               

Folder 457       Fraser Island and Kombumerri Centre proposals, 1976,     



Box 63

Folder 458       Papers re Mabo Case, 1990-92 Miscellaneous unfiled       

                 papers, July-August 1992                                 

Folders 459-462  Personal correspondence, including daughter Meredith,    


Folder 463       Various newscuttings, 1991-92                            


Box 64

Folder 464-465   Miscellaneous requests, fan mail, etc, 1964-88           

Folder 466       Draft of article on the National Estate, 1992 Drafts of  

                 "Accepting a Landscape" by Mark O'Connor and "Sealskin"  
                 by Val Plumwood.Notes re Saxe Bannister, 1990            

Folder 467       Correspondence re proposed Clayton Joyce tribute to      
                 Judith Wright, 1990-92. Correspondence with Butterfly    
                 Books re Going on talking 1990-92                        

Folder 468       Proofs of Going on talking, 1992                         

Folder 469       Newsletters, etc, re Black Women's Action in Education   
                 Trust, 1987-91. Correspondence with Oodgeroo Noonuccal   
                 and papers re the Noonuccal scholarship, 1989-91         

Folder 470       Correspondence with Kath Walker/Oodgeroo Noonuccal,      
                 1966-84.  Includes 53 letters from Walker and 21 carbon  
                 and fair copies of letters by Wright.  Also includes a   
                 further 42 items of related correspondence, both         
                 personal and official in original and copy, and other    
                 material.  Notable correspondents include Charles        
                 Perkins, Dennis Walker (Kath's son), Katrina Smith,      
                 Jean Battersby, Al Grassby, the Australian Society of    
                 Authors, the National Aboriginal Cultural and            
                 Educational Centre, the Office of the Minister for       
                 Aboriginal Affairs and the Federal Council for the       
                 Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders.   
                 Other related items include an 11 page carbon            
                 typescript of Wright's account of the Moongalba          
                 Museum/Art Gallery - "An island meeting place"; an       
                 inscribed corrected typescript of the poem "Sister       
                 Poet" written by Walker for Wright with Wright's         
                 response in carbon typescript attached; and material     
                 related to Oodgeroo's participation in a Fullbright      
                 Scheme based at Bloomsburg State College, Pennsylvania.  

Folder 471       Correspondence, clippings and other papers re Oodgeroo   
                 Nonuccal, 1986-92                                        

Box 65

Folders 472-473  Correspondence, photographs and other papers re awards   

                 and honorary degrees bestowed upon Wright, 1976-92       

Folder 474       2 exercise books of juvenilia, mostly handwritten        

                 poetry and prose with some illustrations, c. mid 1920s.  

Folio run        Honorary Doctor of Letters degrees: Sydney University, 1976;

                 Monash University, 1977; Australian National University 1981;

                 University of NSW, 1985; Griffith University, 1988;

                 University of Melbourne, 1988.

Papers added 14 May 1993

Box 66 - Aboriginal papers

Folder 475       Correspondence with Goss Government, 1989-90.            

Folder 476       Aboriginal Rights Support Group (Canberra) file on       

                 Aboriginal Treaty negotiations, 1987-90.  Includes       

                 correspondence, notes of meetings, statements by the     

                 Prime Minister and a letter from Kevin Gilbert.          

Folder 477       File relating to fundraising for Aboriginal treaty       

                 negotiations, 1988-90.  Major correspondents are         

                 Professor Garth Nettheim of the Aboriginal Law Centre    

                 and Dymphna Clark.                                       

Folder 478       Printed items on the Mabo Case and the Nature            

                 Conservation Act 1992.                                   

Folders 479-80   Papers re Aborigines and law, 1982-86.  Contains drafts  

                 entitled "Malo's law at Murray Island, Torres Strait"    
                 by Nonie Sharp; "Inhabited national parks: approaches    
                 to indigenous use of protected landscapes" by Stan       
                 Stevens and a transcript of evidence before the          
                 Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs,  
Folder 481       Cuttings file, 1975-88 relating to uranium and other     
                 mining, land rights and other issues.  Also includes     
                 notes for a chronology of Aboriginal land rights         
                 events, 1983-87.                                         
Folder 482       "Post-Barunga documents", 1988-91.  Includes             
                 correspondence, articles, cuttings, speeches and notes.  

Box 67 - Aboriginal papers

Folders 483-84   "Treaty '88 documents".  Contains correspondence with    
                 Kevin Gilbert and others, copy of a draft treaty,        
                 cuttings and articles, 1985-87.                          
Folder 485       Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community   
                 Futures Conference, Townsville 1990.                     
Folder 486       Aboriginal Land Rights National Support Group papers,    
Folder 487       Network of news for supporters of Aboriginal rights,     
Folder 488       Papers on Aborigines, 1986-92 including correspondence,  
                 cuttings, articles, speeches, and notes.                 
Folder 489       Reports by H.C. Coombs on the role of the National       
                 Aboriginal Conference, 1983.                             

Box 68 - Aborigines and conservation

Folder 490       Aborigines and conservation, 1985.  Includes letters     

                 from Sylvia Monk and Tom Errey.                          

Folder 491       Aborigines and conservation, 1986. Includes letters      

                 from Tom Uren and Vincent Serventy.                      

Folder 492       Aborigines and conservation, 1987.  Includes             

                 correspondence by Geoff Mosley, Nonie Sharp, Katrina     

                 Makovec and Milo Dunphy, a draft article "Aborigines     
                 and the pastoral industry", and notes of meetings.       


Folder 493       Papers on conservation, 1981-85, including cuttings,     

                 articles, reports and newsletters.                       

Folders 494-495  Drafts of writings by H.C. Coombes on Aborigines,        

                 conservation and other matters (sent to Wright for       

                 comment) 1972-1992.                                      

Box 69 - Personal and family papers

Folders 496-497  Miscellaneous personal correspondence, 1984-89.          

                 Correspondents  include Winifred Cawley, Nancy Cato,     

                 Rosemary Dobson, Manning and Dymphna Clark, Kath         

                 Walker, Stephanie Bennett, Dorothy Green, Thistle        

                 Stead, Bill Scott, Mark O'Connor, Barbara Giles, Peter   

                 Dwyer, Janette Condon, Timoshenko Aslanides and Alf.     


Folders 498-501  Personal correspondence, 1989-91.  Includes letters      

                 from Wright's daughter, Meredith, friends and members    

                 of the public.                                           

Box 70

Folder 502        Letters and cards of congratulations on receiving the   

                  Queen's Medal for poetry, 1992.  Correspondents         

                  include Michael and Honor Thwaites, Helen Lomax, Ted    

                  Hughes and Buckingham Palace.                           

Folder 503        Papers, 1974-9, on ecologically oriented construction   

                  (assembled for the construction of Wright's home at     

                  Half Moon Ridge).                                       

Folder 504        Roneoed volume "Extracts from Dinton-Dalwood letters    
                  from 1827 to 1853 (source for Generations of men).      

Papers relating to publications

Folder 505        Correspondence relating to the publication of The
					moving image by Meanjin Press.  Mostly correspondence   
                  with Clem Christesen, 1945-1967, and with Colin         
                  Roderick, 1962-83.  Also includes royalty statements,   
                  letters from John Farquarson Ltd., Alan Sheppard and    
                  Meanjin Press.                                          
Folder 506        Letters and poems re Oxford University Press            
                  anthology, 1981.                                        
Folder 507        Virago Press file, 1985-90.  Includes publisher's       
                  letters, royalty statements,  newsletters, agreements,  
                  cuttings and some poems.  Also includes letters  from   
                  Angus and Robertson, National Book Council and          
                  Australian Society of Authors.                          
Folder 508        File of letters on The day the mountains played,        
Folder 509-510    File on Born of the conquerors, 1990-91.  Includes     
                  correspondence, cuttings and articles.                  

Box 71 - Miscellaneous

Folder 511        Drafts of prose, 1969-92. Includes an article by John   

                  Rowland, 1992                                           

Folder 512        File on Gulf Crisis, 1990.  Includes correspondence     

                  with Ross Free, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime    

                  Minister; cuttings; and papers relating to press        

                  statements from Wright and Michael Denborough of the    

                  Nuclear Disarmament Party, 1982-92.                     

Folder 513        Miscellaneous papers, 1982-92, including proofs of      

                  "Judith Wright: a written interview" with Carolyn       
                  Masel and Michael Schmidt, 1992; reprint of an article  
                  on Wright, 1982-3, "The sea wasp", by John Bright, and  
                  a typescript  "New lamps for old", possibly by Leonard  
Posters           Rolls of printed poems by Kevin Gilbert, posters        
                  issued by the Australian Promotion Council, and         
                  printed Wright poems used for "Poems on the             
Folio             Interpretations in linocut prints of Wright's Seven
					songs for a journey by Armidale art students            

Box 72

Folder 514        Correspondence, Mar. - July 1993 (Added 14 July 1993).  

Folder 515        Correspondence, July - Aug. 1993 (Added 28 September    


Folder 516        Correspondence, Dec. 1993 - Jan. 1994 (Added 28         

                  January 1994).                                          

Folder 517        Correspondence, Sept. 1993 - Feb. 1994 (Added 13 April  


Folder 518        Correspondence, Jan. - Apr. 1994 (Added 21 April        


Folder 519        Correspondence, 1994 (Added 6 July 1994).               

Folder 520        Correspondence, 1994 (Added 7 Dec 1994).                

Folder 521        Correspondence, Feb 1993, Nov 1994 - Jan 1995 (Added    

                  16 Mar 1995).                                           

Folder 522        Correspondence, 1995 (Added 16 Aug 1995).               

Folder 523        Correspondence, 1995 (Added 12 Oct 1995).               

Papers added 21 April 1994

Box 73

Folder 524       Letters from Professor Martin Robertson (Cambridge UK),  


Folder 525       Papers relating to Wright's efforts to have              

                 conservation groups adopt policies on Aboriginal land    

                 rights, 1988-94.                                         

Folders 526-528  Correspondence and other papers relating to Aboriginal   

                 rights, the Mabo decision, East Timor and environmental  

                 issues, 1990-94.                                         

Folder 529       Papers relating to the Iguana Films Three Women project  
                 (Judith Wright, Oodgeroo, Elizabeth Riddell), 1992.      
Folder 530       Papers relating to Rhonda Craven's draft Aboriginal      
                 Studies Subject curriculum, 1993.                        
Folder 531       Correspondence received after publication of Good        
                 Weekend article, 1993.                                   

Box 74

Folder 532       'Being white woman', 1993.                               

Folders 533-534  Papers relating to Oodgeroo by Kathie Cochrane,          
                 including a draft chapter on Oodgeroo's poetry by        
                 Judith Wright, as well as tributes and correspondence    
                 received during Oodgeroo's final illness and after her   
                 death, 1990-94.                                          
Folder 535       Typescript of Oodgeroo by Kathie Cochrane (published     
Folder 536       Papers relating to the proposed Welcome Reef Dam, 1992.  
Folder 537       Papers relating to the Greens and Democrats, 1993-94.    
Folder 538       Articles on East Timor and Canadian writer Elizabeth     
                 Smart, 1992; story by Tanabé Seiko, n.d.                 

Box 75

Folders 539-540  Family and personal correspondence, 1993.
Folders 541-542  Personal correspondence, 1992.               
Folders 543-544  Correspondence with and about Rae Bass, 1970-71.                         
Folders 545-546  Papers and receipts relating to Wright's Mongarlowe      
                 house, 1975-78.

Papers added 29 September 1994

Box 76

Folder 547       Drafts of foreword to Collected Poems, 1993-94.          
Folders 548-549  General correspondence (mostly miscellaneous requests),  
Folder 550       Articles 1993-94.                                        
Folder 551       Mongarlowe River Development and Welcome Reef Dam /      
                 local conservation action, 1990-93.                      
Folder 552       Request for articles, 1992-93.                           
Folder 553       Academy of the Humanities environment theme, 1990-91.    
Folder 554       Writer's fellowship / Literature Board of the Australia  
                 Council, 1976-92.                                        

Box 77

Folders 555-556  Half Moon Wildlife Refuge, mining and water issues,      


Folder 557       Miscellaneous requests, 1992.                            

Folder 558       Miscellaneous requests, 1993.                            

Papers added 3 July 1995

Box 78

Folder 559       Correspondence with Len and Doris Webb, 1993-95.         

Folder 560       Requests for use of work, 1992-93.                       

Folder 561       Aboriginal land rights and National Parks in             

                 Queensland, 1991.                                        

Folders 562-563  Miscellaneous letters, 1992-93.                          

Folders 564-565  Australian Society of Authors, copyright and royalties,  


Folder 566       Miscellaneous letters, 1993.                             

Folder 567       Problems with a Vitalcall electronic distress pager,     


Papers added 17 August 1995

Folder 568       Letters to Kathleen McArthur, 1951-54.                   

Folder 569       Letters to Kathleen McArthur, 1955-59.                   

Folder 570       Letters to Kathleen McArthur, 1960-69.                   

Box 79

Folder 571       Letters to Kathleen McArthur, 1970-90.

Folder 576       Recollections of Nugget Coombs

Papers added 29 September 1994

Box 80

Folder 572       Half conversations, early 1990s(?): handwritten replies  

                 of people conversing with Wright.
Folders 573-575  Papers and notebook re difficulties in communicating by  
                 fax, and Network of news for supporters of Aboriginal rights, Issue No. 7.

Papers added 6 February 1997

Folder 586       Papers relating to the Black Women's Action in Education Foundation,

                 including correspondence with Bobbi Sykes, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Mary

                 Ann Vin-Sallik and H.C. Coombs. 
Folder 590       Papers relating to Oodgeroo and the Oodgeroo Trust, including letter
                 from Bobbi Sykes.

Box 81

Folder 577       Typescript extract from Wright autobiography (16 pp.)

                 Photocopies of correspondence with Barbara Blackman, 1950-59

Folders 578-580  Correspondence, 1992-96

Folder 581       Correspondence, mostly relating to 1995 Japan earthquake and Meredith

                 McKinney who was living there at the time. Other correspondents 

                 include Heather Rusden, Anne Edgeworth, Bruce and Barbara Wright,

                 H.C. Coombs and John Sinclair

Folder 582       Correspondence, 1995-96

Folder 583       Correspondence, 1992-95 regarding management of 'The Edge', a 

                 wildlife refuge near Braidwood, now belonging to the ANU

Folder 584       Correspondence, 1990-94 with the Copyright Agency Limited regarding 


Folder 585       Correspondence, 1995-96 with Catherine Moore of the Australian 

                 Conservation Foundation, and Bill Birnbauer, The Age

Box 82

Folder 587       Typescripts, and cuttings of reviews and articles

Folder 588       Requests and invitations, 1994-96

Folder 589       Correspondence with police, 1992, 1996

Folder 591       Papers concerning NSW 'Pay the Rent' project
Folders 592-594  Corrected proofs of Judith Wright : selected poems, 1942-1985
Folder 594a      German translation of Wright's poems Schweigen zwischen wort und 
                 wort, c.1990, together with a copy of 'Mabo : the Aboriginal 
                 Provisional Government perspective', APG papers, no. 4

[See Box 80 for Folders 586 and 590]

Papers added 7 October 1997

Box 83

Folder 595       Correspondence, personal, 1993

Folder 596       Correspondence with Veronica Brady, 1994-97

Folder 597       Correspondence with publishers, 1992-93

Folder 598       Correspondence with publishers, 1994-97

Folder 599       Correspondence concerning new edition of 'Coral Battleground',1996

Folder 600       Requests for use of work, 1993-97

Folder 601       Miscellaneous requests, 1996-97

Box 84

Folder 602-603   Agreements with publishers,1953-89

Folder 604-606   Drafts and versions of early sections of autobiography; lists of 

                 available photographs

Papers added 4 August 1998

Folder 607       Personal correspondence, 1993-97, including notes to Bobbi Sykes, 

                 H.C. Coombes

Folder 608       Personal correspondence, 1993, 1997, including letter from Dymphna 

                 Clark, notes to H.C. Coombes

Folder 609       Correspondence with Veronica Brady, 1997-98, relating to South of 
                 my days, including brief note referring to the death of H.C. Coombes

Box 85

Folder 610       Correspondence with publisher Tom Thompson, 1994-96, concerning 
                 reprint of Generations of men : a human pattern and his company, 
                 Editions Tom Thompson 
Folder 611       Correspondence with David Horton, 1998, concerning draft foreword by
                 Wright for his book on the environment; typescript drafts of Wright’s 

Papers added 20 May 1996

Box 85

Folder 612-615 General correspondence, 1992-1995. Correspondents include Kathleen McArthur and Stefanie Bennett, together with various publishers and conservation organisations. There are also many requests to reproduce Wright’s work.

Box 86

Folder 616 Correspondence between Wright and Kathleen McArthur (1970, 1979, 1992-1996) together with letters of Len Webb (1995-1996)
Folder 617 Correspondence relating to Wright’s support for various environmental causes, 1989-1991
Folder 618 Correspondence relating to the purchase of land comprising part of the Half Moon Wildlife Refuge at Mongarlowe, as part of a proposed Wildlife Conservation Group, 1974-1975
Folder 619-622 Correspondence and papers relating to management of ‘Edge’, Wright’s property within the Half Moon Wildlife Refuge, 1975-1992

Box 87

Folder 623 Correspondence and statements relating to the Public Lending Rights Scheme, 1974-1991
Folder 624 Draft of one of the chapters of Tim Rowse’s biography of H.C. Coombs, sent to Wright for comment, 1996
Folder 625 Typescripts of a paper by Wright entitled ‘Recollections of Nugget Coombs the Public Servant’
Folder 626 Copies of three letters written by H.C. Coombs (1995) about Aboriginal matters and research projects, together with four articles written by others.

Papers added 6 August 2002

Box 87

Folder 627 Payment advice slips, mainly from publishers and the Australia Council, 1976-1992
Folder 628 Royalty statements, 1994-1995
Folder 629 Public Lending Rights Scheme: payment advice statements, 1994-1995

Box 88

Folder 630 Australia Council Literature Board Fellowship: correspondence, 1993-1997
Folder 631 Miscellaneous address and contact lists
Packet 632 Aboriginal Treaty News, issues 1-9, Oct 1980-Oct 1983, Newsletters of the Aboriginal Treaty Committee, 1980
Folder 633-635 Investment records, 1973-1989

Box 89

Folder 636 Income tax papers, 1990-1993
Folder 637 Royalty statements and payment advice statements from publishers, 1973-1992
Folder 638 Letters that Wright considered ‘worth keeping’, 1958, 1995-1998. Correspondents include Barbara Blackman, Bob Brown, Dymphna Clark, Sir William Deane, Anne Edgeworth, Kathleen McArthur, Henry Reynolds, Vincent Serventy and Len Webb.
Folder 639 Family and personal correspondence, 1988-1996
Folder 640-641 Family and personal correspondence, 1990-1997
Folder 642 Family, personal and some general correspondence, 1992-1997

Box 90

Folder 643 Personal and some general correspondence, 1995-1998
Folder 644-645 Family and personal correspondence, 1997
Folder 646-647 Personal correspondence, 1997-1998
Folder 648-650 Family and personal correspondence, 1999

Box 91

Folder 651 Faxes out [personal], 1999-2000
Folder 652 Family and personal correspondence, 2000
Folder 653-656 Correspondence with Meredith [McKinney] and Stephen, 1992-1996

Box 92

Folder 657-659 Correspondence with Meredith [McKinney], 1997-1999
Folder 660 Letters from Jack McKinney’s family, 1991-1992, 1997
Folder 661 Cards from family and friends, 1997-1998
Folder 662-1963 General and some personal correspondence, 1995-1996

Box 93

Folder 664 General correspondence, 1996-1997
Folder 665-666 General correspondence and papers, 1997
Folder 667 General correspondence, 1997-1998
Bibliography of Wright’s work
Folder 688 General correspondence and papers, 1997-1999
Folder 669 General correspondence together with newspaper cuttings featuring Wright, 1998
Folder 670 Requests for use of Wright’s work, 1997-1999

Box 94

Folder 671-672 Requests for use of Wright’s work, 1998-1999
Folder 673-674 Correspondence with the National Library of Australia, 1985-1999
Folder 675 Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings, 1999-2000
Folder 676 Protest letters written by Wright, together with related newspaper cuttings, 1997-2000
Folder 677 Correspondence with the Australia Council, 1998-1999
Folder 678 Correspondence regarding management of funds in Perpetual Investments, 1993-1998

Box 95

Folder 679 Correspondence regarding Wright’s health care, 1998-1999
Folder 680-681 Correspondence with the Australian Society of Authors, 1995-1999
Folder 682 Correspondence regarding charges for use of Wright’s poems, 1999
Folder 683 Correspondence regarding ‘Women for Wik’ and ‘Reconciliation ACT’, 1997-1998
Folder 684 Correspondence with Janet Hadley Williams, regarding research, 1999-2000
Folder 685 Correspondence with Margaret Kennedy, Wright’s literary agent, 1999
Folder 686 Correspondence with various publishers, 1989, 1997-2000

Box 96

Folder 687-688 Correspondence and papers regarding Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR), 1997-2000
Folder 689 Miscellaneous papers relating to Aboriginal issues, 1999
Folder 690 Letters from Uganda seeking Wright’s financial support, 1999
Folder 691 Correspondence regarding use of Wright’s property, ‘Edge’, by the Australian National University, 1999
Folder 692 Correspondence with various environmental groups, 1999
Folder 693 Correspondence and papers relating to the Australian Greens Party and the Australian Conservation Foundation, 1997-1999

Box 97

Folder 694 Correspondence and cuttings regarding The nature of love, 1997
Draft of a review by Wright of Kombumerri: Aboriginal people of the Gold Coast, 1997
Folder 695 Correspondence and brochures regarding equipment available from the Blind Society, 1997-1998, Brochures about teletypewriters
Folder 696 Correspondence regarding the Oodgeroo Trust and the ACT Treaty, together with copies of poems by Kevin Gilbert and Alan Watts, 1998
Folder 697 Correspondence regarding Jack McKinney’s book Crucible, 1996
Folder 698 Papers by and about Wright, 1980-1994
Folder 699 Copies of book contracts, 1977, 1992-1996
Folder 700 ‘Born of fire’ – 80th birthday tribute to Wright: program and copies of poems, 1995

Box 98

Folder 701 Research relating to Half a lifetime
Folder 702-703 Early drafts of Half a lifetime
Folder 704-708 Edited typescripts of Half a lifetime

Box 99

Folder 709-710 Correspondence with Patricia Clarke regarding Half a lifetime
Folder 711 Correspondence with Text Publishing about, and reviews of, Half a lifetime, 1999
Folder 712 Draft typescript of Tales of a great aunt, nd
Folder 713 Copies of scripts by Kathleen McArthur for the Caloundra Lunch Hour Theatre, nd
Folder 714 Copies of papers written by H.C. Coombs, 1992
Folder 715-716 Correspondence and papers mainly relating to the death of H.C. Coombs. Included is a copy of Wright’s ‘Recollections of Nugget Coombs the Public Servant’, 1997-1998

Box 100

Folder 717 Correspondence and newspaper cuttings regarding ASIO’s alleged interest in Wright, 1996
Folder 718 Photocopies of photographs and captions for South of my days
Folder 719 Typescripts of stories by Wright: ‘At the point’ (published in Overland), ‘My account of Rae Bass’ and ‘The granite rocks of New England’
Folder 720-724 Correspondence with ETT Publishing, principally with Tom Thompson, 1995-1999

Folio Box 1

Folio packet 2 Royalty statements from Angus and Robertson, 1984-1992
Folio packet 3 Royalty statements from McGraw-Hill (1989-1992) and Oxford University Press (1985-1992)

Papers added 2 March 2005

Box 101

Folder 725 Correspondence between Wright and Jack McKinney, 1945-1946, the majority from Wright in Brisbane to McKinney at their Mt Tamborine home. Also letters from McKinney to editors, 1966, and copies of unsigned letters to Wright and McKinney, 1963-1964
Folder 726 Correspondence between Wright and McKinney, the majority from Wright in Brisbane to McKinney at their Mt Tamborine home, c. 1946-1950
Folder 727 Correspondence between Wright and McKinney, written whilst Wright was in hospital in Brisbane for the birth of their daughter, Meredith, 1950. Also notes and letters, c. 1966
Folder 728 Letters and cards from Wright to Lucy Ellnor (née McKinney), Jack's eldest daughter, 1994-1999
Folder 729 Miscellaneous letters from Wright, including letters to Alf Wesson of Oxford University Press and a letter to Jack's son, Donald McKinney, c. 1958-1984
Folder 730 Letters from Wright to Barbara and Charles Blackman, 1964-1986
Folder 731 Letters from Wright to her brother, Peter Wright, 1965-1979

Box 102

Folders 732-733 Letters from Wright to her daughter, Meredith McKinney, 1978-1990
Folders 734-737 Correspondence (largely by fax) between Wright and her daughter, Meredith McKinney, 1991-1994

Box 103

Folders 738-740 Correspondence (largely by fax) between Wright and her daughter, Meredith McKinney, 1994-2000
Folder 741A Correspondence (largely by fax) between Wright and her daughter, Meredith McKinney, 1999-2000. This correspondence has been removed from Folder 741 (Box 104) as it is restricted during the life of Meredith McKinney.

Box 104

Folders 741-742 Miscellaneous correspondence remaining in Wright's flat at the time of her demise, 1999-2000. Includes: letters, faxes and cards sent for Wright's 85th birthday; papers relating to the gifting of Wright's former property to the Duke of Edinburgh Award; papers from the National Portrait Gallery regarding a gift by Barbara Blackman of a Charles Blackman portrait of the Wright-McKinney family; faxes organising Wright's participation in a 'People's walk for reconciliation' in Canberra shortly before her death, 2000; and business and financial correspondence. Correspondence between Wright and her daughter, Meredith McKinney, that was originally in Folder 741, has been removed and placed in Folder 741A (Box 103) as it is restricted during the life of Meredith McKinney.
Folder 743 A small ring file containing notes taken from correspondence between Wright and Jack McKinney (1944-1947), possibly used in the preparation of Wright's autobiography, Half a lifetime
Folder 744 Chapter 'summaries', probably for a proposed second volume of Wright's autobiography, nd
Folder 745 Research notes relating to Wright's involvement in Aboriginal rights issues, 2000
Folder 746 Drafts and notes for a proposed second volume of Wright's autobiography, nd
Folder 747 Articles and poems by various writers, written for a 'Tribute' publication for Judith Wright (never published), with a letter from Wright outlining her objections to most of them, 1991. The writers are Peter Skrzynecki, Rod Usher, Nancy Cato, Val Vallis, Jeff Guess, Oodgeroo Nunukul, Heather Rusden, Bruce Dawe, Paul Sherman, Rosemary Dobson, Jocelyn Saeed, Stewart Harris, Robin Wallace-Crabbe, Launa Partlett, Kathleen McArthur, Stefanie Bennett, Geoff Page, Finola Moorhead, Paul Knobel, neighbours Greg Baker and Robin Jean, and Ric Throssell.

Papers added 22 April 2005

Box 105

Folder 748-749 Material for a proposed second volume of Wright's autobiography, given by Wright to Patricia Clarke for editing in 2000
Folder 750 Notes by Wright for her autobiography, Half a lifetime, nd

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