MS 7989
Papers of the de Salis Family

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Biographical Note

Leopold Fabius Dietegan Fane de Salis (1816-1898) migrated to Australia in 1840 with his brother-in-law. He married Charlotte MacDonald in 1844 and had five children; Leopold William (1845-1930) who married Jeanette Caroline Armstrong in 1895; Rodolph (1841-1876); George Arthur Charles (1852-1932) who married Mary St Irving Galliard Smith in 1878; Henry Gubert (1858-1931); Nina who married William Farrer. Leopold acquired large pastoral interests including Darbalara Station which he bought in 1840 and which he sold in 1855 when he moved higher up the Murrumbidgee to Cuppacumbalong, Tharwa. He lost extensive holdings in Queensland in the 1892 crisis. He was Member of the Legislative Council 1874-1898 in the Queanbeyan District. Leopold William was MLA 1872-1874 and George Fane de Salis was MLA 1885-1885.

See MS 2623 for the Family Tree

Collection Summary

The collection consists of correspondence between family members, friends and business associates; political notes; post cards; published material; press cuttings.

See also MS 2656 for papers of Pierce Galliard Smith

  • Date Range: c.1840-c.1930
  • Quantity: 8 metres
  • Access:
    • Boxes 1-14 and 36-55 are available for reference
    • Boxes 15-35 are Restricted

Series List

  1. Papers of Leopold Fane de Salis (1816-1898) - Boxes 1-14
  2. George Fane de Salis (1852-1932) - Boxes 15-23
  3. Mary Fane de Salis (nee Smith) - Boxes 24-30
  4. Charlotte Fane de Salis - Box 31
  5. Mary Fane de Salis - Box 32
  6. Emily Fane de Salis - Box 33
  7. Nina Farrer (nee de Salis) with papers of William Farrer - Box 34
  8. Family correspondence to Eric, Rodolph, William , Charlie and Mary - Box 35
  9. Miscellaneous - Boxes 36-38
  10. Press Clippings - Box 39
  11. Post cards and greeting cards - Box 40
  12. Published books, etc - Boxes 41-55
  13. Folio items

Detailed List

Series 1 - Papers of Leopold Fane de Salis (1816-1898)


Insurance documents.

Land conveyance and indenture documents.

Includes Conveyance Documents of the following:

1882     Bernard McTiernan to James McTiernan
1881     Mary McTiernan to J.&B. McTiernan
1872     William Roohan to Hugh McTiernan
1870     Thomas Wilson to William Roohan
1895     William Cosgrove and another, to William Lenane
1865     William Lenehan Jr. to Thomas Wilson
1860     Charles Bolt to William Lenane
1859     W. O'Neill to C. Bolt
1866     T. Kennedy to J. Maher
1858     Land Purchase document.  William O'Neill
1901     Supplementary abstract of Title of William Lenane
1862     Michael Commins to William Lenehan Jr.
1879     Indemnity.  George MacDonell to Hon. Leopold Fane de Salis M.L.C.
         Indenture agreement.  The Scottish Australian Investment Co. Ltd
         to Hon. Leopold Fane de Salis M.L.C. 1879
1883     James Gray to Leopold Fane de Salis
1881     Thomas Long to Leopold Fane de Salis

Agreement between Pastoralists' Federal Council and the Amalgamated Shearers' Union of Australasia, 7 August 1891.

Map of N.S.W. issued by Pastures Protection Board of Braidwood.

Conveyance Documents:

1886     Kurts to G. Fane de Salis
1887     T. Warner to L. Fane de Salis
1890     T. Gale to L. Fane de Salis

Mortgage Documents. 1896 T. Tong to E.F. Foster.

Letters of Administration. 1886 Thomas Warner.

1857 Grant by purchase to William O'Neill.

Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage and Companionage. DE SALIS, COUNT (de Salis).

1890 Agreement between Leopold and George.


Bank books for Messrs de Salis and Smith 1860, 1871-1872, 1872, 1877-1884, 1884, 1885-1890, 1866-1871, 1838-1866, 1873-1876, 1866 and 1859-1893.

BOXES 3- 4

18661897 Accounts, receipts and related letters. Some concern land and wool sales.

BOXES 5-11

Political notes and press clippings, some correspondence; meteorological records kept by Leopold Fane de Salis: notes referring to issues of a non-political nature on the subject of land purchase laws, meat and wheat exports and wool; papers created while a Member of the Legislative Assembly 1864-1869 and Legislative Council 1874-1898. He was also a Magistrate from 1844.

BOX 12

Papers concerning land purchase and some correspondence.

BOXES 13-14

Mainly letters to Leopold concerning business: (include correspondence regarding survey of Runs); agreement with Rev. Smith and de Salis Brothers 1880; and letters from Henry Parkes; letters from family.

Series 2 - Papers of George Fane de Salis

BOXES 15-16

Family letters to George, Father, Dad or Papa.

BOXES 17-23

Mainly business letters to George: may include some family letters. Box 17 contains letters of sympathy on death of Eric Fane de Salis who was killed in action during World War 1.

Series 3 - Papers of Mary Fane de Salis (nee Smith)

BOX 24

Letters addressed to Mary Smith from School friends 1868; letters from family members.

BOXES 25-28

Letters from family and friends; some business letters.

BOXES 29-30

Letters addressed to 'Marie', but actually sent to Mary. Most are from her sister Emily.

Series 4 - Letters to Charlotte Fane de Salis

BOX 31

Letters to Charlotte, mostly from family and friends. Some are addressed to Lottie.

Series 5 - Letters to Mary Fane de Salis

BOX 32

Letters to May Fane de Salis, mostly from family and friends.

Series 6 - Letters to Emily Fane de Salis

BOX 33

Letters to Emily Fane de Salis, mostly from family and friends.

Series 7 - Letters to Mina Farrer (nee de Salis)

BOX 34

Letters to Nina Farrer (nee de Salis) with some letters to William Farrer.

Series 8 - Family Correspondence

BOX 35

Letters to Mary de Salis, daughter of George and Mary Fane de Salis. Other letters may be with Mary Fane de Salis (nee Smith) Series 3. Letters to William Fane de Salis; Henry Fane de Salis; Eric and Mrs E.C. de Salis; Rodolph Fane de Salis; Charlie Fane de Salis and Nina Fane de Salis, daughter of George and Mary Fane de Salis.

Series 9 - Miscellaneous

BOX 36

Prescriptions, remedies, recipes, map of Gundagai, letters found in books, parts of letters and letters to unidentified people.

BOX 37

  • Photographs. Queanbeyan aborigines.
  • Prayer book.
  • Dance programmes, menus.
  • Handwritten poems.
  • Letters to MacDonald.
  • Autographs.
  • Telegrams.
  • Mementoes.
  • Flockowners Diary 1918.
  • Bookplate for Charlotte Fane de Salis.

BOX 38

Accounts, notes, 1 Ledger 1851.

Series 10 - Press Cuttings

BOX 39

Series 11 - Post Cards and Greeting Cards

BOX 40

Series 12 - Published Books

BOX 41

  • Kennedy's handbook of Scottish song with the melodies. Melbourne: Stillwell and Knight, 1872.
  • The King Who Walked With God. Orange: Central Western Daily, 1939 (with inscription to Charlotte, Mary, Nina and Em, dated 1952).
  • Official programme, New South Wales National Regatta Anniversary Day, 26th January 1886.
  • Visitors' guide to Bath and District by electric car and motor bus issued by the Bath Electric Tramways Co. Ltd.
  • New South Wales: her commerce and resources by G.W. Griffin. Sydney: Charles Potter, 1888.
  • New South Wales: the Mother colony of the Australias. Sydney: Charles Potter, 1896
  • The soldiers' poems, The Dardanelles and other verses by C.N. Hutchinson. Sydney: The Central Press.
  • The Queens Hotel, Kandy, Ceylon.
  • Australian Ballads: the Canterbury poets, edited by William Sharp. Walter Scott Publishing Co.
  • The Charm of Whistler. London: T.C. AND E.C. Fack, (inscription to Charlotte).
  • The little dream by John Galsworthy. London: Duckworth & Co. (inscription to 'Dear Charlotte with best Xmas wishes from Una and Ros, Xmas 1911').
  • Rules, & c., of the NSW Polo Association 1898
  • Picturesque London. Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. (inscription to 'Miss de Salis ... 1911')
  • Catalogue of publications by W.M. Power Westmister Victoria Gallery, 1908.
  • The Charm of Leighton. London: T.C.&E.C. Jack (inscription 'Wishing you a happy Xmas .... Una, Xmas 1912').
  • Slate drawings. Belding Bros & Co's.
  • Fables and moral maxims in verse and prose, selected by Anne Parker. London: John W. Parker, 1835 (inscription to 'Emily Phillippa Davies ... 8th birthday').
  • Sacred songs and solos and New hymns and solos, compiled and sung by Ira D. Sankey. London: Morgan & Scott.
  • Narrative hymns for village schools. London: Joseph Masters, 1861 (inscription 'Emily E.G. Smith, St John's Parsonage, Canberra).
  • Records of the raids. London: Society for promoting Christian knowledge, 1918 (inscription Charlotte de Salis from ...).
  • History of the Bunhill Fields Burial Ground. London: Charles Skipper & East, 1893.
  • The nature lovers' note book by Eric Pochin. Leicester: The Brockhampton Book Company (belonged to M.F. de Salis).
  • Rafferty, king of Australia by Sandy McTavish. Melbourne, 1931 (inscription 'The Misses de Salis from ...').
  • The Pacific and you by R.C. Blumer and E.C. Rowland. Sydney: The Australian Board of Missions, 1943.
  • By air to battle : the official account of the British Airborne Divisions. London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1945.
  • Tender grass for Christ's lambs by W. Weldon Champneys. London: Wertheim and MacIntosh, 1848.
  • Edinburgh: official guide by John Menzies & Co.

BOX 42

  • The letters of Rachel Henning with forty pen drawings by Norman Lindsay, introduction by David Adams. Sydney: Bulletin Newspaper Co.
  • The coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, approved souvenir programme, 1952.
  • Madame Tussaud's exhibition guide by GeoAugustus Sala. London: Baker Street Station.
  • The harvest of the years Houghton Mifflin Company, 1927 (inscription 'Mrs Farrer from Angus & Robertson').
  • The climbs of NormanNerunda by May NormanNerunda. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1899.
  • Tent life in Tiger Land and sport and work on the Nepal frontier, by James James Inglis. Sydney: A. Hutchinson & Son, 1888.
  • The art of marine painting in oil colours by J.W. Carmichael. London: Windsor and Newton.
  • In your hands Australian by C.E.W. Bean. London: Cassell & Company, 1918 (inscribed "with kind regards from C.E.W. Bean").
  • Australian museums : hints for collectors of geological and mineralogical specimens by F. Rattle. Sydney: Charles Potter, 1887.
  • Mrs Beeton's shilling cookery book with more than 600 recipes by Isabella Beeton. London: Ward Lock & Co. (inscribed 'E.P. Smith July 1989').
  • Animals by Harrison Weir and other artists (has 'Emily' on cover)
  • Sketchbook of trees (cover missing) Blackie & Son.

BOX 43

  • Hutchinson's Popular and illustrated dog encyclopaedia, volume one, AFo edited by Walter Hutchinson. London: Hutchinson & Co.
  • The Canberran: the magazine of the Canberra Grammar School, Canberra. Vol.3, no.11 Sept. 1933; no.4, 1934; no.6, 1936; no.7, 1937.
  • The new review, Vol.15, no.87, Aug. 1896 (cover missing).
  • Pearson's magazine, Vol.4, Sept. 1897 no.21.
  • Tell us another, or funniest shooting and fishing stores ever told on earth or flying by Rowland Oliver S.M.
  • The Englishwoman's domestic magazine, Vols.1, 5-7, 1858, 1862-1864.

BOX 44

  • The Works of Harrison Ainsworth III, Windsor Castle. London:
  • George Routledge & Sons. Covered in maroon cloth with school emblem. Inside cover has bookplate : given to E.G. De Salis June 1908 for a mathematic prize.
  • On heroes, hero workship and the heroic in history by Thomas Carlyle. George Routledge & Sons. Covered in maroon cloth with bookplate stating 'Prize for hard work E.G. de Salis Xmas 1907'.

BOX 45

  • Ladies Treasury plate from Jan. 1881.
  • Ladies Treasury, Jan.-Nov. 1882; Jan., Feb., May, Aug. 1883; Apr., Oct., Nov., Dec. 1886; Jan.-June, Aug.-Dec. 1885.

BOX 46

  • Ladies Treasury Jan.-Dec. 1865, Jan.-Dec.1876.

BOX 47

  • Ladies Treasury Jan.-Feb. Apr.-July, Sept.-Dec. 1879; Jan.-Nov. 1877; Jan.-May, July-Dec. 1880; 1878 (plates for Aug., Sept. & Nov. missing).

BOXES 48-50

Annotated copy of Crown Lands Bill, 1883; newspaper clippings (probably collected by George de Salis) dated early 1900s to 1950s on matters such as taxation, land and farming. Some articles refer to William Farrer. There are also some handwritten notes. Note: much of the material is in poor condition.

BOX 51

  • Anzac bulletin, no.75, June 1918.
  • Home chat, no.293, 1900.
  • London and North Western time tables, 1894.
  • Complete guide to Tasmania, 1920 (very poor condition). Pages from a book belonging to Leopold Fane de Salis, damaged at Darbalara during Gundagai flood in 1852.
  • The Weekly Times book of patterns. Melbourne (no cover).
  • Scrap Book with poems and press cuttings. Newspaper cuttings in large volume with some handwritten notes.

BOX 52

Maroon volume of newspaper cuttings (cover damaged).

BOX 53

The Land Act, 1897; Engineering and Electrical Exhibition, 1897; A manual of the licensing law, 1883; Abstract - Meteorological Observations, 1871; Handbook of information for intending settlers of British New Guinea, 1892; The Crown Lands Alienation Act, 1861-1880; The Crown Lands Act of 1884; Impounding Law amendment Act, 1881.

BOX 54

Various printed pamphlets and booklets.

BOX 55

Drawing books

Folio items

Note: 1-6 are in very poor condition.

  1. Cauppacbalong Day Book, 1852-1861.
  2. Ration A/C Tharwa, 1879-1892.
  3. Ledger, 1851. Dabalara Station, Junee Station, Oura (near Wagga).
  4. Cauppacumbalong, 1869-1878.
  5. Darbalara property near Gundagai. House and contents in Gundagai Flood, 1852. Day book dated 1845-1849.
  6. Letterbook. Cuppacumbalong, 1856-1860.
  7. Nina Farrer's Flower book.
  8. Newspaper clippings, 1914.
  9. Rainfall observations, 1885-1899.
  10. Scrap album, 1877. Photographs.
  11. Photographs of George Fane de Salis and May Fane de Salis.
  12. Framed photograph of William Farrer in Cambridge Rifles Regiment and framed group photograph.
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