MS 8084

Records of Currency Press

Scope and Content Note

Creator: Currency Press

Title: Records

Date range: 1970-94

Extent: 16.94 m. (122 boxes + 1 folio package)

Reference number: MS 8084

Administrative Information

Access: Restricted


The Currency Press records were purchased by the National Library in two instalments in 1990 and 1995

The collection was not sorted into series. The 1990 instalment is arranged as a summary box list, with the authors listed in alphabetical order. The 1995 instalment is also arranged as a box list with both the files and published plays and then the unpublished plays arranged alphabetically. This addition has been further arranged by subjects.

The records consist of literary drafts, files relating to productions, correspondence, financial statements, promotional material, theatre programs and papers relating to Tasman Theatre Foundation and the Australian National Playwrights Centre.

Organisational Note

Currency Press is a perfoming arts specialist publisher. Katharine Brisbane and her husband, Dr Phillip Parsons, established the company in 1971. They set about publishing Australian drama, critical and historical writing on the performing arts in Australia as well as screenplays, study guides, works of reference and the works of most leading Australian playwrights.

Consignment 1990

The files (1962-88) relating to authors, which make up most of the consignment, have been arranged in alphabetical order. The consignment also includes drafts, correspondence, minutes, financial papers and printed material.

Summary Box List

Box 1

Adams, Shirley. Australian Cinema: Its Fall and Rise. MS

Adams, Shirley. Permissions Australian Cinema, Exclusive Contracts, Production, Correspondence, 1976-84

Adamson, Judith. Australian Film Posters 1906-58. MS

Adamson, Judith. Correspondence, 1975-80

Allen, David. Cheapside. MS

Allen, David. Correspondence, 1984-85

Ansell, Percy. Correspondence, 1986-88

Aronson, Linda. Redinka’s Lesson. MS

Aronson, Linda. Correspondence, 1989

Aronson, Linda. Dinkum Assorted. MS

Box 2

Bailey / Rudd. On Our Selection. MS

Bailey / Duggan. On Our Selection. MS

Bailey / Grant. On Our Selection. MS

Whaley, George. On Our Selection. MS

Editor’s Correspondence On Our Selection, 1977-85

Box 3

Rudd, On Our Selection. MS (3)

Rudd, Promotional Correspondence,1975-84

Rudd, Legal and Copyright Correspondence, 1975-1982

Balodis, Janis. Too Young for Ghosts. MS

Balodis, Janis. Correspondence, 1985

Box 4

Barrett, Richard. The Heartbreak Kid. MS

Barrett, Richard. Correspondence, 1987-88

Bertrand, Ina & Collins, Diane. Government and Film in Australia. MS

Bertrand, Ina & Collins, Diane. Correspondence, 1979-82

Blair, Ron. Amature Companies Questionaire

Australian Drama, 1946-73: a Bibliography of Published Works. MS. Correspondence,1983-85
Australian Drama, 1946-73: a Bibliography of Published Works: Correspondence, 1983-84

Box 5

Blair, Ron. Marx. MS

Blair, Ron. Biographical Note, Correspondence, 1978-83

Blair, Ron.(Ed). Popular Short Plays for the Australian Stage, Vol.1 & 2. MS

Blair, Ron. (Ed). Popular Short Plays for the Australian Stage, Vol.2 MS

Blair, Ron. Correspondence, 1983-85 [missing]

Blair, Ron. President Woodrow Wilson in Paris. MS. Correspondence, 1973-82

Blair, Ron. Correspondence, 1979-86 [missing]

Bond, Burnett. Boys Own Macbeth. MS

Bond, Burnett. Correspondence, posters and miscellaneous, 1980-81

Boddy, Michael & Ellis, Bob. The Legend of King O’ Malley: Correspondence, Posters and miscellaneous, 1985-87

Booth, Michael & Payne-Heckenburg, Pamela. Hits of the Empire: Notes, Correspondence, Newspaper Cuttings, 1984-87

Box 6

Borg, Sonia & Hyllus, Maris. Women of the Sun: Alinta the Flame. MS

Bovell, Andrew. After Dinner: Biographical Note, Correspondence, 1988

Bradshaw, Richard. Roos. MS & Draft Script. Correspondence, 1978

Buzo, Alexander. Tom, Macquarie, Coralie Landsdowne Says No. MS

Buzo, Alexander. Martello Towers(Paperback), Coralie Landsdowne Says No(Paperback), Correspondence, 1974-76

Buzo, Alexander. Macquarie. MS (3) Makassar Reef. (MS) (Paperback)

Buzo, Alexander. Correspondence, 1979-84

Buzo, Alexander. Correspondence, 1972-79

Buzo, Alexander. Macquarie Study Guide

Box 7

Buzo, Alexander. Rooted, Norm and Ahmed, The Roy Murphy Show. MS

Buzo, Alexander. Studies in Australian Drama Series – Rooted, Norm and Ahmed

Buzo, Alexander. The Marginal Farm. MS

Buzo, Alexander. Biographical Note, Big River, The Marginal Farm. MS

Carey, Dean. The Actor’s Audition Manual. MS (2)

Carey, Dean. Correspondence, 1983-86

Box 8

Caswell, Robert. Shout!, MS. (Part 1 and superseded pages)

Caswell, Robert. Shout!, MS (Part 2)

Caswell, Robert. Biographical Note and Correspondence, 1983-84

Caswell, Robert. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1985

Caswell, Robert. Scales of Justice, Act 1: The Job, Act 2: The Game. (MS)

Caswell, Robert. Scales of Justice, Act 3: The Numbers. (MS)

Caswell, Robert. Notes and Correspondence, 1983-84

Caswell, Robert. Correspondence, 1986

Cathcart, Sarah & Lemon, Andrea. The Serpent’s Fall. MS

Cathcart, Sarah & Lemon, Andrea. Correspondence, 1987-88

Box 9

Claire, Jennifer. The Butterflies of Kalimantan. MS

Claire, Jennifer. The Butterflies of Kalimantan. MS (3). Correspondence, 1983

Clarke, Doreen. Roses in Due Season, Bleedin Butterflies. (MS)

Clarke, Doreen. Correspondence, 1985-86

Clarke, Doreen. Reviews, Correspondence, 1980-82

Compton, Jennifer. Crossfire, They’re Playing Our Song. MS

Compton, Jennifer. No Man’s Land, Crossfire. MS

Compton, Jennifer. Correspondence, 1975-89

Cook, Patrick. Correspondence, 1977-78

Cooper, Walter Hampson. Colonial Experience. MS (bound)

Box 10

Cooper, Walter Hampson. Colonial Experience. MS

Cooper, Walter Hampson. Correspondence, 1976-79

Cornelius, Patrica. Lilly and May. MS

Cousins, John. Correspondence, 1987

Creyton, Barry. Double Act. (MS)

Creyton, Barry. Biographical Note, correspondence, 1987

Cusack, D. Morning Sacrifice.(MS)

Davis, Jack. Kullark. MS

Davis, Jack. Correspondence, Dampier, Robbery Under Arms,1981-83.

Davis, Jack. No Sugar. MS

Davis, Jack. Correspondence, 1981-83

Davis, Jack. Miscellaneous

Box 11

Davis, Jack. No Sugar. MS

Davis, Jack. Correspondence, articles, 1985-88

Davis, Jack. Correspondence, rough sketches for The Honey Spot, 1987-88

De Groen, Alma. The After Life of Arthur Craven. MS

De Groen, Alma. Going Home. MS and Paperback

De Groen, Alma. Correspondence, Vocations, 1976-83

Box 12

De Groen, Alma. The Rivers of China. MS (2)

De Groen, Alma. Correspondence, 1987-88

De Groen, Alma. Vocations. MS

De Groen, Alma. Production Notes

Dermody, Susan. The Screening of Australia, Vol. 1 MS

Dermody, Susan. The Screening of Australia, Vol. 2 MS

Dermody, Susan. Correspondence, 1981-88

Box 13

Dermody, Susan. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1983-87

Dickins, Barry. Beautland. MS

Dickins, Barry. Correspondence, Death of Mini Banana Vendor, Musaphia, 1981-87. (3 files)

Double Bill. New Life, The Foreman, The Christian Brothers, A Lesson in English,

Bananas, The Guerilla, The Fourth Wall, Norm and Ahmed, The Woman Tamer. (MS) (3 files)

Double Bill. Correspondence, 1975-79

Box 14

Elisha, Ron. Pax Americana. MS

Elisha, Ron. Safe House. MS

Elisha, Ron. Two. MS (2)

Elisha, Ron. Two. MS (for typesetting)

Elisha, Ron. Correspondence, 1984-85

Elisha, Ron. Press Reviews, Two.(MS)

Ellis, Bob. Correspondence, Miscellaneous, Right & Wrong, 1978-80

Enright, Nick. Don Juan. (MS)

Enright, Nick. On the Wallaby. MS and Paperback.

Enright, Nick. Press Reviews, Correspondence, 1997-83

Box 15

Esson, Louis. The Time is Not Yet Ripe. MS and Hardback.

Esson, Louis. Correspondence regarding the reprint of The Time is Not Yet Ripe, includes correspondence with Hugh Esson, 1971-84

Fisher, Rodney. Seven One Act Plays. (MS)

Fisher, Rodney. Correspondence, 1979-84

Fisher, Rodney. Miscellaneous

Foran, Barney and Sharp, Bob. Come Hell or High Water. MS (2)

Box 16

Francis, Gordon. God’s Best Country. MS

Francis, Gordon. Correspondence, 1986

Gage, Mary. Correspondence and miscellaneous, My name is Pablo Picasso, 1977-84 (3 files)

Geoghegan, Edward. The Currency Lass. MS

Geoghegan, Edward. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1974-75

George, Rob. Percy and Rose. MS

George, Rob. Sandy Lee Live at Nui Dat. MS

George, Rob. Correspondence, 1982-83

George, Rob. Press Cuttings, Pamphlets

Box 17

Giles, Mike. Correspondence, 1985

Gordon, Felicity. Kiwi Koala. MS

Gormon, Clem. A Night in the Arms of Raeleen, The Harding Women. MS

Gormon, Clem. A Fortunate Life. MS (2)

Gormon, Clem. A Manual of Trench Warfare. MS

Gormon, Clem. Correspondence, 1979-88

Gow, Michael. Correspondence, Away, 1986-88

Harpour, Charles. Stalwart the Bushranger, edited by Elizabeth Perkins. Review of this play by Australian Literary Studies, Volume 14, 1

Box 18

Gow, Michael. On Top of the World. MS

Gow, Michael. Europe, On Top of the World. MS (2)

Gow, Michael. Correspondence, Media Releases, 1986-87

Gow, Michael. 1841. MS

Gow, Michael. The Kid. MS

Gow, Michael. The Kid. MS. Correspondence, 1983-84

Green, Cliff. Burn the Butterflies. (4 files)

Green, Cliff. Correspondence, 1977-81 [correspondence missing?]

Box 19

Guide to Australian Drama and Theatre – correspondence, 1984

Gunzberg, Darrelyn. Hiccup. MS (2 files)

Hamilton, Peter. American Dreams : Australian Movies. MS

Hamilton, Peter. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1984-87

Harding, Alex. Only Heaven Knows. MS

Hawley, Suzanne. Mummy Loves You Betty Ann Jewel. MS (2 files)

Hawley, Suzanne. Biographical Note, Correspondence, 1988

Correspondence with printers, 1987-88, regarding Stalwart the Bushranger

Box 20

Herbert, Bob. The Last Wake at She-Oak Creek. MS

Herbert, Bob. No Names. No Pak Drill. MS (2 files)

Herbert, Bob. Correspondence, 1981-82

Herbert, Bob. Biographical Note, Correspondence, 1979-80

Hewett, Dorothy. Bon Bons and Roses for Dolly; The Tatty Hollow Story. MS

Hewett, Dorothy. Legal Material, Correspondence, 1976-89

Hewett, Dorothy. Correspondence, Reviews, Bobbin Up; Cats Poor, 1983-87

Box 21

Hewett, Dorothy. Song of the Seals, Golden Valley. MS

Hewett, Dorothy. The Golden Oldies. MS [missing]

Hewett, Dorothy. The Chapel Perilous. MS (2)

Hewett, Dorothy. This Old Man Comes Rolling Home, Bon Bons and Roses for Dolly, Tatty Hollow Production

The Chapel Perilous, The Golden Oldies Susannah’s Dreaming (Paperbacks), Correspondence, 1972-81

Hewett, Dorothy. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1971-81

Box 22

Hewett, Dorothy. This Old Man Comes Rolling Home. MS (2)

Hewett, Robert. Gulls. MS

Hewett, Robert. Correspondence, 1983-84

Hibbard, Jack. A Stretch of the Imagination. MS

Hibbard, Jack. A Man of Many Parts. MS

Hibbard, Jack. Correspondence, 1981-85, interview, 1978, miscellaneous

Hibbard, Jack. Correspondence, 1972-78, miscellaneous

Hodda, Noel. Correspondence and miscellaneous, The Secret House, 1989

Box 23

Holloway, Peter. Contemporary Australian Drama - correspondence (5 files)

Currency Press, Biographical Forms

Box 24

Holloway, Peter. Contemporary Australian Drama. MS (2) (3 files)

Holman, David. No Worries, The Small Poppies, Beauty and the Beast. MS

Holman, David. Biographical Note, Correspondence, 1988-89, reviews and miscellaneous

Box 25

Humphries, Barry. A Nice Night’s Entertainment. (hardback)

Allen, John. The Humour of Barry Humphries. MS

Humphries, Barry. Correspondence, 1973-89

Humphries, Barry. Edna – verses etc.

Humphries, Barry. Miscellaneous MS, Correspondence, 1981-82

Humphries, Barry. Correspondence 1981-84

Box 26

Humphries, Barry. Memorabilia – programmes, reviews, newspaper clippings. (3 files)

Humphries, Barry. A Nice Night’s Entertainment. MS

Humphries, Barry. Miscellaneous MS

Humphries, Barry. Edna’s Prayer – verse in a frame

Box 27

Hutchinson, George. No Room for Dreamers. MS

Hutchinson, George. Henry and Peter and Henry and Me. MS

Hutchinson, George. Natural Mystic. MS

Hutchinson, George. Miscellaneous, 1985

Hutchinson, George. No Room for Dreamers, MS for Typesetting, Correspondence, 1981

InterPlay 1985, (1st International Festival of Young Playrights), Information pack- program etc.

InterPlay, Miscellaneous correspondence

InterPlay, Rejected Plays. Various MS

Box 28

InterPlay. Plays.Various, LaPaine, MS

Industries Assistance Commssion (IAC) Reports, 1976, Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous.

John, Rosemary. Correspondence, 1986

Johnson, Eva. Murras. MS

Kalamaras, Vasso. The Rich Man, Correspondence, 1989

Box 29

Keene, Daniel. Cho Cho San. MS

Keene, Daniel. Program, Correspondence, 1986-88

Keneally, Thomas. Bullie’s House. MS (2)

Keneally, Thomas. Childermas. MS

Keneally, Thomas. Correspondence, 1980-85 [missing]

Bishop of Kontum’s Nativity Play: Correspondence

Kenna, Peter. Correspondence, Cuttings, Miscellaneous, 1976-78 (3 files)

Patrick White letter to Phillip Parsons, 22/10/66

Spears, Steve. Dragshow

Box 30

Kenna, Peter. Furtive Love, The Slaughter of St Theresa’s Day, Mates. MS

Kenna, Peter. Talk to the Moon, Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted, Listen Closely. MS

Kenna, Peter. Correspondence, 3 Plays, Hard God, Slaughter, 1973-77. Miscellaneous

Krauth, Nigel. Muse of Fire. MS (3)

Krauth, Nigel. Correspondence, 1985. Miscellaneous. [missing]

Lawler, Ray. Correspondence, 1976-85

Box 31

Lawler, Ray. Kid Stakes. MS

Lawler, Ray. Other Times. MS

Lawler, Ray. The Doll Trilogy. MS

Lawler, Ray. Program, Media Release and Correspondence, 1984-85

Lawler, Ray. Critics Views, Correspondence, 1988 [missing]

Lette, Kathy. Grommitts. MS

Lette, Kathy. Biographical Note, Correspondence, 1987-88

Lilley, Merv. Lives of a Dissident Cook. Parts1-4. MS (2 files)

Box 32

Lilley, Merv. Lives of a Dissident Cook. Parts 1-2. MS

Lilley, Merv. Correspondence, 1980-89

Locke-Elliot, Sumner. Rusty Bugles. MS and Paperback

Locke-Elliot, Sumner. Correspondence, 1978-80

Lonie, John. Learning From Life. MS (2 files)

Lonie, John. Correspondence, 1983-84

Box 33

Love, Harold. The Lyster Opera Companies in Australia, 1861-1880. MS (3)

Love, Harold. Correspondence, 1980-82

Love, Harold. Correspondence, The Golden Age of Australian Opera, 1980-86

Love, Harold. Miscellaneous

Box 34

Love, Harold. The Lyster Opera Companies in Australia, 1861-1880. MS

Lyssa, Alison. The Boiling Frog. MS. Press Release, miscellaneous correspondence.

MacDonald, Donald. Caravan. MS

MacLeod, Doug. My Son the Lawyer is Drowning. MS

McNeil, Jim. How Does Your Garden Grow? MS

McNeil, Jim. Biographical Note, Interview

McNeil, Jim. Collected Plays. MS. Jack. MS

Box 35

McNeil, Jim. How does Your Garden Grow? MS (2)

McNeil. Jim. The Chocolate Frog, The Old Familiar Juice. MS

Malouf, David. Blood Relations. MS (2)

Malouf, David. Correspondence, 1987-88

Manning, Ned. Us or Them. MS

Manning, Ned. Correspondence, 1984

Box 36

Maris/Borg. Women of the Sun, 1-2. MS

Maris/Borg. Women of the Sun, 3-4. MS

Maris/Borg. Correspondence

Masters, Olga. A Working Man’s Castle. MS

Masters, Olga. Correspondence, 1987-88

Mathew, Ray. A Spring Song. MS

Mathew, Ray. Correspondence, 1983-85

Merritt, Robert. The Cake Man. MS (3 files) and Aboriginal Welfare Board documents.

Box 37

Merritt, Robert. Correspondence, 1974-82

Merritt, Robert. The Cake Man. Paperback. Correspondence, 1983

Merritt, Robert. Correspondence, 1978-86

Mooney, Ray. Black Rabbit. MS (2)

Moran, Albert, O’Reagan, Tom. (Eds). Australian Film Reader. MS

Australian Film Reader : Correspondence, posters, cuttings, etc

Box 38

Moran, Albert. Images and Industry. MS (2 files)

Moran, Albert. Correspondence, 1983-85, and miscellaneous (2 files)

Moran, Albert. Making a T.V. Series: Bellamy. MS

Moran, Albert. Correspondence, 1981-83. (2 files)

Box 39

Morris, Jill. Almost a Dinosaur. MS. Correspondence, 1987-88, illustration

Motherwell, Phil. Steal Away Home. MS

Musaphia, Joseph. Skindeep, Obstacles. MS.

Musaphia, Joseph. Mothers and Fathers. MS

Musaphia, Joseph. Correspondence, 1977-85 and miscellaneous

Nimmo, Heather. Steal Away Hope. MS

Nimmo, Heather. Correspondence, 1986-87

Nimmo, Heather. The Hope. MS

Nowra, Louis. The Golden Age. MS

Nowra, Louis. Correspondence, 1975-88

Nowra, Louis. Correspondence, 1988-89

Box 40

Nowra, Louis. Inner Voices. MS

Nowra, Louis. Sunrise. MS

Nowra, Louis. Sunrise. MS (first draft)

Nowra, Louis. The Song Room. MS

Nowra, Louis. The Precious Woman. MS

Nowra, Louis. Inner Voices, Visions. MS

Nowra, Louis. Inside the Island. MS

Nowra, Louis. Inner Voices. Paperback. Correspondence, 1982-83

Nowra, Louis. Correspondence and miscellaneous, The Golden Age,1985

Box 41

O’Donoghue, John. A Happy and Holy Occasion. MS

O’Donoghue, John. Essington, Lewis: I am Work. MS

O’Donoghue, John. Correspondence, 1976-89

O’Flynn, Mark. Paterson’s Curse. MS

O’Flynn, Mark. Correspondence, 1988

Oakley, Barry. Bedfellows. MS ( 2 files)

Oakley, Barry. Marsupials. MS

Oakley, Barry. Correspondence, 1979-82

Oliver, Murray. The Buck Stops Here. MS

Oliver, Murray. Confessions and Couples . MS

Oliver, Murray. Correspondence, 1984-85

Box 42

Osbourne, Charles, Oldaker, Max. Correspondence, 1983-85

Oswald, Debra. Dags. MS

Parsons, Phillip. Shooting the Pianist. MS

Parsons, Phillip. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, miscellaneous, 1987

Peterson, Ralf. The Third Secretary. MS (3)

Peterson, Ralf. Correspondence, 1971-72

Box 43

Prichard, Katharine Susannah. Brumby Innes. MS

Prichard, Katharine Susannah. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1973-83 (2 files)

Pulvers, Roger. Drop Drill. MS

Pulvers, Roger. Yamashita. MS

Pulvers, Roger. Peaceful Circumstances, Full Circle. MS

Pulvers, Roger. Biographical note, correspondence, and miscellaneous, 1976-82

Radic, Therese. Madame Mao. MS

Radic, Therese. Peach Melba. MS

Radic, Therese. Sundowner series correspondance. 1985

Radic, Therese. Correspondence, 1986-87

Reed, Bill. Truganinni. MS

Rees, Leslie. Sub Editors Room. MS

Richardson, Wendy. Windy Gully. MS

Richardson, Wendy. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1989

Box 44

Rogers, Jennifer. Jigsaws. MS

Rogers, Jennifer. Correspondence, 1988-89

Roland, Betty. Granite Peak. MS

Roland, Betty. The Touch of Silk, Granite Peak. MS

Roland, Betty. The Touch of Silk. MS

Roland, Betty. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1973-88 (4 files)

Box 45

Romeril, John. The Floating World. MS

Romeril, John. I Don’t Know Who to Feel Sorry For. MS (2 Files)

Romeril, John. Six of the Best. MS

Romeril, John. The Floating World. Paperback Correspondence, 1975

Romeril, John. The Floating Word, Correspondence, 1970-88

Rutherford, Mervyn. Departmental. MS

Rutherford, Mervyn. Correspondence, 1977-1981, Posters.

Searle, James. The Lucky Streak. MS(2)

Box 46

Searle, James. First Theatre of Pollution Play. The Lucky Streak. MS

Searle, James. Correspondence, 1971-79

Sewell, Stephen. Dreams in an Empty City. MS

Sewell, Stephen. The Blind Giant. MS

Sewell, Stephen. The Blind Giant. MS (Working Draft.)

Sewell, Stephen. The Blind Giant. Paperback. Correspondence, 1985.

Sewell, Stephen. The Blind Giant. Correspondence, 1983

Box 47

Sewell, Stephen. The Father We Loved on a Beach by the Sea. MS

Sewell, Stephen. Hate. MS

Shand, John. Don’t Shoot the Best Boy. MS (2 files)

Seymour, Alan. Biographical Note, Correspondence, Review, 1979-1980

Shearer, Jill. Shimada. MS

Shearer, Jill. Correspondence, 1989

Shearer, Jill. The Foreman. MS

Shearer, Jill. Correspondence, 1975-89

Box 48

Shorts. vol. 1 & 2. MS

Spears, Steve. J. Biographical Note, Correspondence, 1988-89

Spears, Steve. The Elocution of Benjamin Franklin. MS

Strachan, Tony. The Harlequin Shuffle. MS

Strachan, Tony. State of Shock. MS

Summons, John. Lamb of God. MS

Summons, John. Correspondence, 1979

Summons, John. Kamikaze Kate and the Sword of Captain Kuroda. MS

Sykes, Arlene. 5 Radio Plays. MS (2 files)

Throssell, Ric. For Valour. MS

Throssell, Ric. Correspondence, 1981-82

Throssell, Ric. Correspondence, 1967- 77

Box 49

Tulloch, Richard. The Cocky of Bungaree. MS

Tulloch, John and Moran, Albert. Responsible Soap: Making a Country Practice. MS

Tulloch, John and Moran, Albert. Correspondence, 1985-86 and miscellaneous

Tulloch, John. Legends on the Screen. Vol. 1 MS

Tulloch, John. Legends on the Screen. Vol. 2 MS

Tulloch, John. Correspondence, 1980-82

Turner, Graeme. Time for a Break. MS

Box 50

Wadds, Gillian.M. Who Cares? MS

Wadds, Gillian. M. Correspondence, 1987-90

Walley, Richard. Coordah. MS

White, Patrick. Four Plays. Hardback.

White, Patrick. Big Toys. MS (2 files, 1 paste book)

White, Patrick. Correspondence, 1978-79

Box 51

White, Patrick. Netherwood. MS (2 files)

White, Patrick. The Season at Sarsaparilla. MS

White, Patrick. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1982-83. (4 files)

Wilkinson, Linden. Nice Girls. MS

Williamson, David. Correspondence, 1971-81. (2 files)

Box 52

Williamson, David. The Club. MS (3 files)

Williamson, David. The Coming of Stork. MS

Williamson, David. Don’s Party. MS

Williamson, David. The Department. MS (2 files)

Williamson, David. Biographical Note, Correspondence, 1984-87, The Removalists,

The Club. Paperbacks.

Box 53

Williamson, David. Emerald City. MS (2) and Paperback. (3 files)

Williamson, David. A Handful of Friends. MS

Williamson, David. Jugglers Three. MS

Williamson, David. The Removalists. MS (3 files)

Williamson, David. The Perfectionist. MS and correspondence

Williamson, David. Sons of Cain. MS

Box 54

Williamson, David. Sons of Cain. MS. Early Drafts

Williamson, David. What If You Died Tomorrow. MS

Williamson, David. Travelling North. MS

Williamson, David. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1973-87. (4 files)

Young, David. Eureka. MS

Young, David. Correspondence, 1975-81

Box 55

Rejected MS, 1973-1983. (5 files)

Box 56

Rejected articles, MS under consideration, Minutes, 1973-1986

Box 57

Financial records including royalties, 1975-1981. (7 files)

Box 58

Promotional material, correspondence, clippings and miscellaneous items, 1971-1986 (9 files)

Box 59

Promotional material, correspondence, press releases, Currency Methuen logos, advertisements and miscellaneous items 1971-77 (7 files)

Box 60

Price Milburn & Co Ltd, correspondence 1977-84

Janet Wilkins Manus (Literary Agency), correspondence, 1984-1988

Japan – Asia market, correspondence, booklets, clippings, 1978-81

Various correspondence (4 files)

Box 61

Griffin Theatre Company, correspondence, minutes, 1984-88. (3 files)

Talon Books Ltd, correspondence and invoices, 1978-80

Promotional material, publishing USA and Canada, 1971-76

Box 62

Literature Board correspondence, 1975-88. (4 files)

Belvoir Street Theatre, correspondence, minutes, clippings, 1984-86

Theatre Australia, figures and board meetings, 1978-82

Theatre Quarterly, correspondence, 1977-81

Box 63

Johnson, Chris. After the Last Frontiers. Thesis

Box 64

Currency Methuen Drama Dispute, 1976

Minutes, 1977, 1982-86

Correspondence, 1977-78

Correspondence – rejected MSS 1980-88 (5 files)

Financial incl. accounts, receipts, correspondence, 1972-73

Material for Newsletter, 1971-73

Box 65

Various Publications, 1962-81


Harpur, Charles. Stalwart the Bushranger. MS

ADDITION 19 July 1995

Summary Box List

Files and Published Plays, 1974-94

These files are arranged alphabetically by author and include the manuscript of the plays and occasionally correspondence with the author.

Box 66

Allen, David. Modest Expectations. MS

Ansell, Rod/Percy, Rachel. To Fight the Wild. MS

Ansell, Rod/Percy, Rachel. Corrrespondence, 1979-88

Archer, Robyn. Cafe Fledermaus. MS

Archer, Robyn. Correspondence, 1990

Balodis, Janis. Too Young for Ghosts. MS

Balodis, Janis. Wet and Dry. MS

Balodis, Janis. Correspondence, 1993

Box 67

Becher, Alan & Britton, David. The Newspaper of Claremont Street. MS

Becher, Alan & Britton, David. Correspondence, 1991

Bevan, Ian. Theatre Royal. MS

Bevan, Ian. Correspondence, 1992-4

Beynon, Richard. Simpson, J 202. MS

Beynon, Richard. Correspondence, 1986

Beynon, Richard. Correspondence, 1990-92

Box 68

Beynon, Richard. Summer Shadows. MS - (2)

Bierworth, Judy. Alive and Kicking. MS

Bierworth, Judy. Correspondence, 1992

Bray, Erroll. Playbuilding. MS - (2)

Box 69

Bray, Erroll. Correspondence, 1989-91

Brisbane, Katharine. Correspondence, 1987-91

Brisbane, Katharine. Correspondence, 1993

Brown, Mary-Ellen. Television and Women's Culture. MS

Brown, Paul. Aftershocks. MS

Brown, Paul. Correspondence, 1993

Box 70

Bunn, Rex. Basic Theatre Lighting. MS

Bunn, Rex. Correspondence, 1989-94

Buzo, Alexander. Macquarie, 2d ed.; pub. 1973

Buzo, Alexander. Correspondence, 1991-93

Buzo, Alexander. Correspondence, 1993

Caine, Peggy. Who'll Come A Waltzing?. MS

Cameron, Neil. Correspondence, 1994

Carlsson, Susanne. Correspondence, 1983-1989

Caswell, Robert. Children of the Dragon. MS

Caswell, Robert. Correspondence, 1988-9

Caswell, Robert. Correspondence, 1991-2

Charlton, Peter. Wolfboy. Correspondence

Chi, Jimmy. Bran Nue Dae. MS(2)

Box 71

Christian, Beatrix. Correspondence, 1994

Crowley, Shauna. Screen Test Handbook. MS

Crowley. Shauna. Correspondence, 1988-90

Dann, George Landen. Correspondence, 1974-91

Dann, Max & Knight, Andrew. Spotswood. MS

Dann, Max & Knight, Andrew. Correspondence, 1991-2

Davis, Jack. Moorli the Leprechaun. MS

Box 72

Davis, Jack. Our Town. MS

Davis, Jack et al. Correspondence, Plays from Black Australia, 1989-88

Davis, Jack. Correspondence, 1989

Davis, Jack. Correspondence, Moorli, 1993-4

Darrell, George. Sunny South. MS

Darrell, George. Correspondence, 1974-5

Dickins, Barry. A Dickins Christmas. MS

Dickins, Barry. Correspondence, 1989-93

De Groen, Alma. The Girl Who Saw Everything. MS

De Groen. Alma. Correspondence, 1992-3

Duigan, John. Correspondence, 1989-90

Box 73

Elisha, Ron. Choice. MS

Elisha, Ron. Esterhaz. MS

Elisha, Ron. Safety House. MS inserts

Elisha, Ron. Correspondence, 1989-90

Elisha, Ron. Correspondence, 1993-4

Emmerson, Darryl. Earthly Paradise. MS

Emmerson, Darryl. Correspondence, 1985-88

Emmerson, Darryl. Press cuttings, The Pathfinder, 1986

Enright, Nick. Daylight Saving. MS

Enright, Nick. Good Works. MS

Enright, Nick. Mongrels. MS (2)

Box 74

Enright, Nick. Semi-Life. MS

Enright, Nick. St James Infirmary. MS (2)

Enright, Nick. Correspondence, 1988-93

Enright, Nick. Correspondence, 1992

Enright, Nick. Correspondence, 1993-4

Esson, Louis. Australia Felix. Shipwreck. Vagabond Camp. The Quest. MS

Esson, Louis. Dead Timber. The Drovers. The Woman Tamer. MS

Fitzpatrick, Peter. The Playwright as Revolutionary. MS

Ginger. (script written by syndicate of authors, calling themselves 'What's the Deal?'). MS

Graham, Gordon. The Boys. MS

Box 75

Gordon, Felicity. Kiwu Koala. MS

Gordon, Felicity. Correspondence, 1985-9

Gow, Michael. All Stops Out. MS

Gow, Michael. Away. MS

Gow, Michael. Correspondence, 1986-9

Gow, Michael. Correspondence, 1993-4 (file empty)

Gunzberg, Darrelyn. Behind the Beat. MS

Gunzberg, Darrelyn. Correspondence, 1988-9

Gunzberg, Darrelyn. Correspondence, 1990

Gurr, Michael. Sex Diary of an Infidel. MS

Gurr, Michael. Correspondence, 1992

Gyger, Alison. Correspondence, 1988-90

Box 76

Hardy, Frank. Mary Lives. MS

Harmer, Wendy. Backstage Pass. MS

Harmer, Wendy. Correspondence, 1988

Herbert, Robert. Correspondence, 1988

Hewett, Dorothy. The Beautiful Mrs Portland. MS

Hewett, Dorothy. Catspaw. The Rising of Pete Marsh. MS

Hewett, Dorothy. Fields of Heaven. MS

Hewett, Dorothy. Mrs Porter and the Angel. MS (2)

Hewett, Dorothy. Pandoras Cross

Box 77

Hewett, Dorothy. Mrs Porter and the Angel. MS

Hewett, Dorothy. The Rising of Pete Marsh. M

Hewett, Dorothy. Chapel Perilous. Sheet music. Pandora's Cross.

Hewett, Dorothy. [Untitled novel]. MS

Hewett, Robert. The Adman. MS

Box 78

Holloway, Peter Correspondence, 1985-88

Hyde, Miriam. Complete Accord. MS (2)

Hyde, Miriam. Correspondence, 1988-91

Inter Play (International Festival of Young Playwrights). Correspondence, 1985-88

Box 79

James, Lana. Correspondence, Your child on TV, 1992-3

Kenna, Peter. Correspondence, 1978-88

Kinsela, David. Organ Australis. MS

Kinsela, David. Correspondence, 1993

Learner, Tobsha. Wolf. MS

Leversha, Pam. Early Days Under the Old Hat. MS

Lindstrom, Tom. Heroic Measures. MS

Box 80

Loukakis, Angelo. Enemy Aliens. MS

Lyssiotis, Tes. The Forty Lounge Cafe. MS

Lyssiotis, Tes. Correspondence, 1989

McNeil, Jim. No Penny for the Plate. MS

Manning, Ned. Close to the Bone. MS

Mays, Sally. Australian Piano Music (2 vols). MS

Box 81

Moran, Albert. Projecting Australia. MS

Morris, Jill. Correspondence, The Ark of Oz, 1988

Morris, Mary. Boss of the Pool. MS

Morris, Mary. Two Weeks with the Queen. MS

Morris, Mary. Correspondence, Boss of Pool, 2 Weeks, 1993

Murray, Peta. Wallflowering. MS

Murray, Peta. Correspondence, Wallflowering, 1990-92

Murray-Smith, Joanna. Atlanta. MS

Murray-Smith, Joanna. Love Child. MS

Murray-Smith, Joanna. Correspondence, 1993

Nowra, Louis. Cosi. MS (draft)

Box 82

Nowra, Louis. Cosi. MS

Nowra, Louis. Summer of the Aliens. MS (draft)

Nowra, Louis. Summer of the Aliens. MS (3)

Nowra, Louis. The Temple. MS

Nowra, Louis. Correspondence, 1991-93

O'Donoghue, John. Abbie and Lou, Norman and Rose. MS

O'Donoghue, John. Correspondence, 1992

O'Donoghue, John. Correspondence, 1993

Oswald, Debra. Correspondence, Dags, 1991-93

Box 83

Pearce, Craig & Luhrman, Baz. Strictly Ballroom. MS

Peterson, Ralph W. The Mating of Ulich Dooley. MS

Peterson, Ralph W. Night of the Ding Dong. MS

Porter, Hal. Eden House. MS

Prichard, Katharine Susannah. Good Morning. MS

Prichard, Katharine Susannah. Penalty Clause. MS

Radic, Therese. The Emperor Regrets. MS

Radic, Therese. Correspondence, 1990

Box 84

Rayson, Hannie. Hotel Sorrento. MS

Richards, Keith. Writing Radio Drama. MS

Robinson, Keith & Taylor, Tony. The Popular Mechanicals. MS

Roland, Betty. Daddy Was Asleep. MS

Roland, Betty. Daddy Was Asleep; Feet of Clay; The Gate of Bronze; The Lotus Flower; Prosperity Around the Corner; The Touch of Silk (2); War on the Waterfront; The Willow Pattern Set. MS

Romeril, John & John, Alan. Jonah Jones. MS

Box 85

Romeril, John. Koorie Radio. MS

Rosenberg, Marc. Dingo. MS

Rosenberg, Marc. Making Up Dingo. MS

Sewell, Stephen. Dream. MS

Sewell, Stephen. The Garden of Grand daughters. MS

Sewell, Stephen. Sisters. MS

Shirley, Graham & Adams, Brian. Correspondence, 1985-89

Shorts 1 & 2. Correspondence, 1984-85 (authors: Kathy Lette, Patricia Johnson, Karen Vickery, Lyssa Beynon, Rex Cramphorn, May-Brit Akerholm)

Box 86

Stewart, Douglas & Hewett, Dorothy. Ned Kelly. MS

Strachan, Tony. State of Shock. Strictly Ballroom correspondence, 1992-93

Sutherland, Margaret. Sonata for Clarinet and Violin. MS

Thomson, Katherine. Barmaids. MS (2)

Thomson, Katherine. Diving for Pearls. MS

Thorn, Benjamin. Correspondence, 1992-93

Tulloch, Richard. Could Do Better. MS

Turcotte, Gerry. Correspondence, 1989-90

Box 87

Vella, Richard. Correspondence, 1989-90

Watkins, Dennis & Harriot, Chris. Burger Brain. MS

White, Patrick. Big Toys. MS

White, Patrick. Collected Plays. MS (2)

White, Patrick. Shepherd on the Rocks. MS

Box 88

Williams, Margaret. Dorothy Hewett. MS

Williamson, David. Brilliant Lies. MS

Williamson, David. Celluloid Heroes. MS

Williamson, David. Siren. MS

Williamson, David. Top Silk. MS

Williamson, David. Correspondence.

Unpublished Plays A-W

These plays are arranged alphabetically by author.

Box 89

Archer, Robyn The conquest of Carmen Miranda

Ashton, Manuel. If Johnny jumped off the Harbour Bridge, would you!; Clay soldiers

Ashworth, Arthur and Philip Kelly Ashes of roses

Backhouse, Elizabeth Rosie Fishman

Barnes, Helen Verona Park

Bulley, Helen Going home; Relativity

Buzo, Alex Shellcove Road (2)

Box 90

Brisbane, Katharine A Country Practice (script)

Bryson, John A cry in the dark (release script)

Cavanaugh, Tony and Graham Hartley Father (a feature film)

Children’s Plays – correspondence 1973-83 + manuscripts

Compton, Jennifer Adolf: fantasies between bars (See O’Sullivan, Mathew, Box 93)

Cranney, P. P. Busted S.E.

Box 91

Dell’oso, Anna-Maria Bride of fortune (an opera libretto)

Ellis, Bob and Stephen Ramsay The true believers (a television miniseries) (4 vols)

Foquarty, Faye The mistletoe dilemma

George, David E.R. and Bilie Reiter Anything for the cause (2)

Giles, Zeny The declaration; The naming

Guy, Bette Djalu (a stage play)

Box 92

Hepburn, Dick High on Pilet’s Bluff MS

Hughes, Daniel Paul Care MS

Hunt, Albert The white man’s mission : a musical entertainment MS

Jose, Nicholas Children of the dragon MS (2 copies); Diving for Pearls

Jose, Nicholas. Children of the dragon summary.

Keller, James Holy wedlock MS

Ley, Graham Media : Euripides’ tragedy adapted for radio MS

Loukakis, Angelo Enemy aliens MS

McKenna, Elaine. Eighty Eight Eighty Eight MS

Mellen, James Wheeling and dealing, with feeling MS

Moss, Warwick Down an alley filled with cats MS

Box 93

Nowra, Louis Byzantine flowers MS

O’Grady The heart of the wise MS

Osborne, Charles Max Oldaker MS (first draft)

O’Sullivan, Mathew Eva: the best dream of all; Compton, Jennifer Adolf: fastasies between bears. MS

O’Sullivan, Vincent Billy MS (2 copies)

Parson, Philip Philip Parson’s file on Frank Hardy’s Faces in the street

Paynter, Jennifer God’s people MS

Park, Ruth and Leslie Rees The harp in the south : a play MS

Box 94

Racine, Jean Petty sessions (Les Plaideurs)

Radic, Leonard Side-show : a play on Gallipoli

Ramsay, Stephen and Bob Ellis The true believers (a television miniseries) (4 vols) [missing]

Romeril, John Top end (2 copies)

Seymour, Alan A break in the music (2 copies)

Sharman, Jim Shadow and splendour : a masquerade of love and intrigue

Stapleton, Terry Some night in Julia Creek

Symons, Alex Goodbye to Number Six : a play in three acts

Box 95

Taylor, Cory Alterations : a telemovie in two parts ( 2 vols)

Telfer, Phyllis and Hemea Goodman The banana bird : a three act play for children

Walker, Vivian No trouble

Warrington, Lisa J.V. Allan Wilkie in Australia : the work of a Shakespearean actor-manager

West, John Theatre in Australia (an index compiled by Janet. D. Hine, 1987)

Rejections, 1982-1993

Box 96

Correspondence and some scripts which were rejected by Currency Press between 1982 and 1993. Correspondents include Katharine Brisbane and Sandra Gorman, Publishing Manager of Currency Press. (6 folders)

Correspondence relating to the rejection of proposed music publications, 1988-1993. One folder of scores, including ‘Alcheringa : four songs for young people with piano accompaniment by Edwin Carr; poems by Patricia Brennan. Correspondents include Katharine Brisbane, Sandra Gorman, Music Viva. (2 folders)

Arts, Minister? / Justin Macdonnell

Boxes 97-98

Arts, Minister? : government policy and the arts by Justin Macdonnell was published in 1992. It is a history of Federal government patronage of the arts in Australia , 1967-87 and examines the actions of successive Ministers holding the Arts portfolio over this period. It closely examines the changing role of the Australia Council.

Papers include correspondence with Justin Macdonell and Katharine Brisbane concerning publication, an address to the National Press Club (1988-92); various drafts including a superseded first draft to Vols. 1 and 2, a 1990 draft toVol. 1, revised draft, an annotated draft (pages 414-698) and a corrected version of Chapters 1 and 9.

Financial papers, 1971-92

Box 99

Royalty statements, 1982-88 (4 folders)

Royalty totals, 1977-88 (2 folders)

Brendan O’Connell royalty figures, 1982-88 (1 folder)

Tax records, 1985-87 (1 folder)

Box 100

Printers’ quotations, 1991-92 (1 folder)

Memorandum and Articles of Association of Currency Press (1 folder)

Profit and loss budget, 1971-89 (incomplete) (1 folder)

Bankcard statements, 1986-92 (1 folder)

National Australia Bank, 1986-92 (1 folder)

Cash flows, 1977-91 (3 folders)

Box 101

Production costs, July 1977-Sept. 1981 (1 folder)

Balance sheets and accounts, publishers’ contract, February 1974 and sales figures, 1975-88 (1 folder)

Financial statement computer printouts, etc. (2 bags)

Correspondence, policies, etc. re cars, 1984-1990 (1 folder)

Overseas – agencies and sales, 1983-93

Currency Press overseas sales consists of consignment remittance accounts, correspondence, etc.

Boxes 102

Consignment remittance, Absolute Press (U.K.), Nov 1989-Dec. 1993

Consignment remittance, Seagull Books (India), July 1990-Dec. 1993

Consignment remittance, Victoria University Press (N.Z.), May 1989-Dec. 1993

Consignment remittance, Applause Theatre Books (US), 31 May 1989-April 1992

Consignment remittance, Nick Hern Books, Sept 1989-July 1991

Box 103

Correspondence with Nick Hern, of Methuen London and later of Nick Hern Books. Correspondents include Katharine Brisbane, Sarah Foster, Philip Parsons, Sandra Gorman, Tim Curnow, 1983-92 (6 folders)

Box 104

Correspondence relating to overseas sales payments, 1990-1993 (2 folders)

Overseas agencies sales, 1990 (1 folder)

Correspondence with Betterway Publications, USA. Correspondents include Robert F. Hostage, 1988-92 (1 folder)

Correspondence with overseas publishers, including Applause Theatre Books and Broadway Play Publishing Inc., 1988-91 (3 folders)

Box 105

Correspondence, consignment remittance advice, invoices, photocopies, book lists, news clippings and catalogues relating to Performing Arts Journal (PAJ) Publications, New York, 1988-1992. Correspondents include Bonnie Marranca, Katharine Brisbane and Kim Harris of Cambridge University Press (6 folders)

Tasman Theatre Foundation, 1974-85

The Tasman Theatre Foundation was established in 1980 by Dr Philip Parsons, School of Drama, University of NSW to establish closer links between the theatre profession in Australia and New Zealand.

Box 106

Arrangements regarding the 1980 Australian visit. Correspondents include Melbourne Theatre Company, Queensland Theatre Company, Philip Parsons, Tasman Theatre Program. (1 folder)

Material on Tasman Theatre Exchange, 1979-89 including correspondence, The Tasman Theatre Bulletin, May 1983, press releases, income statements. (4 folders)

Correspondence relating to Tasman Award applications, 1980-84. Correspondents include Katharine Brisbane, Nonnita Rees, Association of Community Theatre (a.c.t.), New Zealand (3 folders)

Box 107

Papers relating to Playmarket, New Zealand including correspondence, 1980-88, newspaper clippings and journals including act, vols. 5-11 (incomples). (3 folders)

‘Blood of the lamb’ – notes, clippings and photos (1 folder)

Trans-Tasman Theatre Guide, 1984-85 (1 folder)

‘World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre’,1982-89 – proposals, memorandums, correspondence, WECT newsletter, Committee meeting minutes. Correspondents include Australian Centre-International Theatre Institute and Philip Parsons (2 folders)

Second exchange visit to New Zealand, 1981 (1 folder)

Box 108

General correspondence with theatres, 1980-81, including Queensland Theatre Company, Theatre Corporate, NZ (1 folder)

Interim Constitution and Articles of Association (1 folder)

Policy statement, 1980 (1 folder)

Information on New Zealand Theatre, 1979-81 (1 folder)

Correspondence with New Zealand. playwrights, 1980-82, including Bruce Mason, Philip Parsons (1 folder)

Season of 3 New Zealand plays, 1984-85 (1 folder)

New Zealand plays, 1974-76. Correspondents include Joseph Musaphis, Robert Lord (N.Y.) and Katharine Brisbane (1 folder)

Aarne Neeme, Tasman fellow 1983 (1 folder)

Box 109

Report, minutes of meetings, agendas, 1980-81 (1 folder)

Tasman Theatre Exchange visits of Leonard Radic, Richard Tulloch and newspaper clippings, 1984-85 (1 folder)

Travel expenses and receipts, 1980-81 (1 folder)

Australian Theatre Record correspondence, 1986-88 (1 folder)

General correspondence, invoices, minutes of meetings, press releases, notes, 1980-85. Correspondents include Sir Laurie Francis, Philip Parsons, R.P Throssell (4 folders)

Australian National Playwrights Centre, 1985-91

The Australian National Playwrights Centre (ANPC) was set up in 1972 to support and encourage the work of Australian playwrights, to workshop plays and send plays into professional production. A Conference is held annually. The Conference is supported by donations and grants, including grants from the Australia Council.

Boxes 110-111

Minutes of meetings, agendas, reports, new releases, promotional material, some photographs, correspondence, financial statements, issues of Dialogue, a publication of ANPC (issues 1-3, 5 and 16). The chairperson during this period was Katharine Brisbane and the artistic director was Anne Harvey.

Literary Awards – miscellaneous, 1980-92

Box 112

Literary awards such as Book of the Year, National Book Council, Miles Franklin Literary Award, Premier’s Literary Award and Sydney Myer Perfoming Arts Award, 1980-92. Includes correspondence, nominations, programmes, brochures and entry forms. Correspondents include Children’s Book Council of Australia and Katharine Brisbane.

Catalogues and Publicity, 1972-88

Includes promotional material relating to new productions, brochures, art work, correspondence, posters, news clippings and price lists. Correspondents include Sandra Gorman and Sandra Johnson.

Box 113

Past promotions Shout! : the story of Johnny O’Keefe by Robert Caswell, 1986-87 (1 folder)

To fight the wild by Rod Ansell (1 folder)

Promotional material for Bran Nue Dae (1 folder)

Promotional material relating to plays for young people and other material (1 folder)

Promotional material relating to plays, 1983-85 (1 folder)

Material relating to Shauna Crowley’s The screentest handbook (2 folders)

Box 114

Promotional material, 1972-83 (1 folder)

Promotional-educational correspondence relating to drama, 1981-84 (1 folder)

Promotional-educational correspondence relating to drama, 1985-88 (1 folder)

Brochures, catalogues, price lists, etc. 1986-94 (2 folders)

TV and women’s culture (1 folder)

Publication of ‘Don’t shoot the best boy’, 1988 (1 folder)

Box 115

Past Promotions: (1) Images and industry (a television drama) and (2) Actor’s audition manual : a handbooks for the Australian actor by Dean Carey (1 folder)

Past Promotions: ‘A country practice’, 1986-88 (1 folder)

Past Promotions: ‘Contemporary Australian drama’ edited by Peter Holloway, 1987 (3 folders)

Past Promotions: ‘American dreams: Australian movies’ by Peter Hamilton and Sue Matthews, 1986-87 (1 folder)

20th Anniversary and Entertaining Australia, 1989-95

Entertaining Australia, a book of Australian social history, was published by Currency Press in 1991 to celebrate its twentieth birthday. Katharine Brisbane edited and published the book.

Box 115 (cont.)-116

Material includes correspondence on the production and costing, the marketing plan, direct sales including invoices and receipts, promotional material, sales presentations, book reviews, thank you notes, Oz Arts Magazine, Issue 4, 1992, 2 folders of newspaper clippings and reviews. Correspondents include Sandra Gorman, Deborah Franco and Katharine Brisbane. The period covered is 1989-95 with the majority being 1991.

Theatre Programs, 1978-81, 1992-94

Box 117

Theatre programs and promotional material, 1978

Box 118

Theatre programs, promotional material and a small amount of correspondence, 1978-81

Box 119

Theatre programs, 1980-81

1 glass slide of Don’s Party from David Koffel Australia

7 audio tapes – ‘Whistle up the chimney’ / Nan Hunt. read by Pamela Lloyd; ‘Bluey Koala!” audition tape; Valekie Bader / Max Lambert; ‘Brer Rabbit’ aution tape / Herbert McCue; ‘The last wake at She Oak Creek, Act 1 / Herbert/McFadden (2 tapes); one unnamed tape

Box 120

Theatre programs, 1992-94

Miscellaneous scripts

Box 121

Various annotated parts of TV scripts, including ‘A Country practice’, ‘Careful he might hear you’ and ‘Rafferty’s rules’ (5 folders)

Unused scripts and a computer disc untitled ‘TV/Film audition manual belonging to Shaua Crowley of Currency Press, 1989 (2 folders)

‘The Shiralee’ post production script, video version – 162 minutes (1 folder)


Box 122

Notes and correspondence relating to Denise Roberts and her proposed book ‘Get your act together’. Correspondents include Sandra Gorman, Publishing Director of Currency Press and Hugh Barry of Shanahan Management (1 folder)

Author correspondence, 1981-93. Authors include Dorothy Hewett and Veronica Brady (1 folder)

Vancouver/USA trip, 1993 by Katharine Brisbane (1 folder)

Adelaide Writers’ Festival, 1989-92 (1 folder)

Publication of ‘Australian Aboriginal literature : an anthology’ edited by Jack Davis, Stephen Muecke and Adam Shoemaker and ‘Aboriginal literature in English’ by Jessie H. Langshaw (1 folder)

Griffin Theatre Company minutes, budgets, Griffin News and director’s report, 1989-90 (1 folder)

Australian Film Commission correspondence, 1984-86 (1 folder)

Australia Council correspondence, 1982-84 (1 folder)

Newspaper clippings and miscellaneous correspondence, 1974-92 (1 folder)

Folio Box

Hewett, Dorothy. The Man from Mukinupin (sheet music)

Packham, Jane & Thompson, John. A Dramaturgical Report on The Floating World, by John Romeril. MSS

Parsons, Harriet. ‘Australian National Playwrights Centre retrospective’ (art work)

White, Patrick. Signal Driver (sheet music)

January 2001