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Papers of Arch Grant (1911 - 1976)

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Creator: Arch Grant

Title: Papers

Date range: 1917-79

Extent: 75 cm. (2 boxes + 1 folio box)

Reference number: MS 9496

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The papers were donated to the Library by the Rev. Arch Grant in 1994.

In 1994 the original of Partridge’s journal was in the possession of his daughter, Mrs Grace Reid of Victor Harbour, S.A.

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The papers mostly relate to Grant's biography of Reverend Kingsley Foster (Skipper) Partridge, entitled Camel train & aeroplane : the story of Skipper Partridge. The bulk of the collection comprises photocopies of Partridge’s journal ‘Highlights of inland trip’ which Grant used in writing the biography. Other paper include a card index, notes and typescripts of Camel train & aeroplane.


Grant had kept the photocopies of Partridge’s journal came to the Library in five volumes of arch lever files. The folios were originally housed in non-archival plastic bags. To comply with the Library's preservation guidelines, some of the papers were transferred into archival sleeves.

Biographical note

Archibald Wesley Grant was born in New Zealand on 5 February 1911. He held various positions with the Australian Inland Mission in the Northern Territory and New South Wales. He was an A.I.F. chaplain, serving in the Northern Territory, New Guinea and Borneo, between 1941 and 1946. He was a Minister at the John Flynn Memorial Church in Alice Springs, 1956-60, and an executive member of the Australian Council of Churches, 1966-67. He is the author of four books: Camel train & aeroplane: the story of Skipper Partridge (1981), Palmerston to Darwin: 75 years service on the frontier (1990), Australia's frontline matron, Edith McQuade White (1991) and Aliens in Arnhem Land (1995).

Kingsley Foster (‘Skipper’) Partridge, MBE was born in 1892 and died in 1976. He was an outback Presbyterian minister and a long time friend and partner of Dr John Flynn, founder of the Australian Inland Mission.


Camel train & aeroplane : the story of Skipper Partridge / Arch Grant. Rigby, 1981

Summary Box/Folder list

Box 1


1-2. Chapter ‘A’ - photocopies of the handwritten journal of the Rev. ‘Skipper’ Partridge, pages 1-120 plus 2 pages of notes.

3. Chapter ‘B’- photocopies of typed journal ‘Highlights of inland trip’, 1931, pages 1-48

4. Chapter ‘C’ – photocopies of typed journal ‘Highlights of inland trip’, 1932, map, pages 1-35, photocopy of an article written by Partridge under the pen name Mac Clark in Walkabout‘..

5. Chapter ‘D’ – photocopies of typed journal ‘Highlights of inland trip’, 1933. Map and pages 1-31.

6. Chapters ‘E-G’ – photocopies of typed journal ‘Highlights of inland trip’, 1934, 1935, 1936.

7. Chapters ‘H-K’ – photocopies of typed journal, 1937, 1938, 1939 plus some pages of handwritten notes.

8. Photocopies of typed journal, 1940, 1941, 1942 plus 4 pages of handwritten notes.

9. Photocopies of typed journal, 1943, 1944, 1945.

Box 2


10. Photocopy of typed journal, 1946 pages 1-20 and 1947 pages 1-40 (p. 20 missing)

11. Typed photocopies and some handwritten original pages, 1948, 1949 and 1950.

12. Handwritten notes relating to Chapters 18, 20-22 of Grant’s Camel trains & aeroplanes, notes on Kingsley and Gertrude Partridge, financial receipts 1979, Clark and Partridge Family trees, 1918 death certificate of Peter Partridge and photocopies of newspaper clippings, 1934-1963.

13. Draft of Arch Grant’s book Camel train & aeroplane, Book II : 1930-1939, Book III : 1940-1976.

Folio Box 1


14. 3 packets of alphabetical index cards to the journal of Rev. Kingsley Partridge compiled by Arch Grant for his biography Camel train & aeroplane

15. Old marriage certificates from Darwin, 1946-48.

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