Guide to the Papers of Patrick White

MS 9982

National Library of Australia

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Series 2. Literary notebooks, 1930s-1970s

Over the course of his writing career, White kept a...

Item 1. Notebook with handwritten French poems, c.1932-1935 - box 4 Show all (150)

Notebook, probably compiled while White was studyin...

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Item 2. Notebook, including material for Happy Valley (1939), The living and the dead (1941), The aunt's story (1948) and Voss (1957), c.1939-1941 - box 4 Show all (186)

Small quarto, upper cover missing, in pencil and in...

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Item 3. War journal, including material for The aunt's story (1948), c.1941 - box 4 Show all (119)

Exercise book (56pp), ruled, handwritten in ink and...

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Item 4. Notebook, including material for Voss (1957), Riders in the chariot (1961) and A fringe of leaves (1976), c.1947-1976 - box 4 Show all (123)

St George brand exercise book, handwritten in penci...

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Item 5. Notebook containing research for Voss (1957), c.1955-1957 - box 4 Show all (84)

Small exercise book with 'Groβe Fugel In B Flat Opu...

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Item 6. Notebook, including material for The solid mandala (1966), The vivisector (1970), Memoirs of many in one (1986), The eye of the storm (1973) and other works, c.1964-1976 - box 4 Show all (92)

Medium-sized notebook with faux marbled cover; entr...

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Item 7. Notebook, including material for A fringe of leaves (1976), 'For binoculars - Helen Nell', The Twyborn affair (1979), Netherwood (1983), Big toys (1977) and other works, c.1976-1983 - box 4 Show all (118)

Swain's brand small exercise book; in characteristi...

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Item 8. Notebook, containing draft material, 1970s-1980s - box 5 Show all (68)

Spriax brand, foolscap. Comprising: first draft [?]...

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Item 9. Notebook, containing draft material, 1970s-1980s - box 5 Show all (68)

Foolscap torn-out sheets, 14pp, 14pp, 7pp. Comprisi...

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Item 10. Notebook, containing draft material, 1970s-1980s - box 5 Show all (38)

Spirax brand, foolscap. Comprising 'Four [strikethr...

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Series 4. Novels and novellas, c.1965-1986

Drafts and draft material for novels and a novella ...