Guide to the Papers of Katharine Susannah Prichard

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Created: 2009

Online Items

Series 1. Family papers and photographs, 1851-1970

This series is comprised of 16 files...

Hugo Throssell's war diary, 1915-17 (File 7)

Includes some inserts: newsclippings, a photograph of a camp near Jericho and a letter from Hugo's father, 1909.

Selected pages

Hugo Throssell's personal journal re Palestine campaign, 1918 (File 8)

Includes inserts: two photographs, newsclippings and a typescript of A Memorable Fight: Captain Throssell's Story, 1916.

Leaflet "To-night! To-night! Thursday, Jan. 9. Attraction extraordinary"

Newsclippings and letters re Hugo Throssell's Victoria Cross award. Copies of the pamphlet The Man I want to follow: full story of the deeds of the hero of Gallipoli's Hill 60, reprinted from the London Daily Mail, 27 October 1915. Pamphlet The Late George Throssell: an appreciation. Hugo Throssell's citations/commendations for gallantry at Gallipoli (removed from HVT's map case) (File 9)

Card "Fighting Jim"

Booklet "Lieut. Throssell, V.C.. An old Northam State School boy"

Letter from G.H. Reid to Hugo Throssell, dated 26.10.1915, London.

Letter to Hugo Throssell, dated 25.10.15, Harsfield. Lacks following page/s.

"Recommendation for mention, to accompany Despatch covering period September to December, 1915"

Telegram from Brigadier General Hughes to Lieut Throssall [sic], 28/10/15.

Cover and internal pages, programme for an "At home" ANZAC Club and buffet, London.

Certificate commemorating mention in Despatches.

Certificate of Officer's Commission.

Press cutting tittled Crowning distinction for P.A.C. [Prince Alfred College]. [picture]

Hand drawn map of "Hill 60" at Gallipoli.

Papers re Eric Throssell's (Hugo's brother) War service, 1914-18. Papers re George Throssell's estate, 1920. Copy of a letter from C.E.W. Bean to C. Smith of the Argus, 2/1/1918, informing him of Alan Prichard's (KSP's brother) death at Ypres. Typescript by KSP describing Alan Prichard's War service experiences (File 10)

Photograph of the grave of A.R.H. Prichard.

Newsclippings, correspondence, leaflet and photographs re Hugo Throssell's Greenmount Rodeo, 1933. Letter to Hugo from KSP, June 1933, written on board the S.S. Baradine. Three letters to Ric Throssell from KSP in the USSR, October - November 1933. Newsclippings re Hugo's death, 1933 (File 11)

Hugo Throssell's correspondence re his resignation from the Soldiers' Settlement Board, 1931. Hugo's correspondence with the Greenmount Roads Board re its order to demolish a kraal he had built to accommodate horses, 1931. Papers re Hugo Throssell's estate, 1933-48 (File 12)

30 family snapshots, including scenes at Greenmount and portraits of Hugo, c.1920-c.1940. Photograph album containing c.40 snapshots of family life at Greenmount, 1920s - late 1940s. (File 14)

Photograph of Hugo Throssell with son Ric, the latter in a wheelbarrow.

Photograph of Hugo Throssell, with son Ric sitting on a cow.

Photograph of Hugo Throssell and wife, Hugo sitting on a motorcycle. Inscribed on rear "1919, on our honeymoon".

Photograph of Hugo Throssell standing by a tree in working clothing, water bottle slung over shoulder. Inscribed on rear "All my love Sweetness and Great things for 26".

Series 2. Notebooks, literary fragments and jottings, 1914-c.1940

This series is comprised of 8 files.

Notebook for Working bullocks. Two notebooks, 1928-29 (File 3)

Three notebooks, early 1930s (File 4)

Series 7. Literary drafts - articles, lectures and broadcasts, 1908-1960

This series is comprised of 8 files. The material consists of corrected typescripts unless otherwise stated.

Katharine Susannah remembers, [broadcasts], 1941-45; The Land I love, 1958; Treasure trove: our wildflowers; Wild flower walkabouts; Brolga ballet (File 5)

Series 10. Correspondence, 1908-38

This series is comprised of 24 files.

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1967-68 (includes letters from Kylie Tennant; Guido Baracchi; Norman Cusack; James Murdoch) (File 22)

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1968-69 (File 23)

Miscellaneous correspondence, (File 24)

Includes correspondence with Catherine Duncan, 1964-69; David Hellgott, 1969.