Guide to the Papers of Sir Alan and Lady Mildred Watt

MS 3788, MS Acc09.023, MS Acc13.165

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Sir Alan and Lady Mildred Watt
Papers of Sir Alan and Lady Mildred Watt
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MS 3788, MS Acc09.023, MS Acc13.165
0.66 metres (4 boxes, 2 packets)
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Item Descriptions

Class MS 3788. Original Consignment

Comprises 45 letters written by Alan Watt in Washington DC to colleagues in the Department of External Affairs including Colonel W.R. Hodgson (Secretary) and John D.L. Hood (Acting Secretary). Lady Watt's papers consist of typed copies of her diaries written in Moscow, 1947-1949, Malaya, 1954-1956, Japan, 1956-1959, and Germany, 1959-1962, written en route to Australia from Cologne in 1962 and to Japan, Moscow, the Hague and London in 1963, written in Papua New Guinea in 1967 and in China in 1974. Also included are typescript copies of her literary manuscripts. The collection includes a copy of the 1969 publication by Robert F. Randle, Geneva 1954: the settlement of the Indochinese War.

Contained in 4 boxes.

File 1. Letters, Alan Watt to colleagues, Washington posting, 1941-45 - Box 1

File 2-3. Mildred Watt's Moscow diary, June-October 1949 - Box 1

File 4. Mildred Watt's diary, trip to China with Australian Institute of Foreign Affairs group, 8-22 April 1974 - Box 1

File 5-6. Mildred Watt's German diary, December 1959 and February 1962 - Box 1

File 7. Mildred Watt's Malayan diary, 1954-56 - Box 1

File 8. Mildred Watt's diary, trip to Papua New Guinea, June-July 1967 - Box 1

File 9. Mildred Watt's diary, 1962 journey to Australia from Cologne and 1963 journey to Japan, New Delhi, Moscow, The Hague, London - Box 1

File 10-11. Typescript of Mildred Watt's Ebbtide of Empire in Southeast Asia - Box 2

File 12-18. Diary of our years in Japan, April 1956-December 1959, Mildred Watt, typescript - Box 2

Item [unnumbered]. Book, Geneva 1954 by Robert F. Randle, with annotations by A.S.W - Box 3

Added to collection 12.2.75

File 19. Notes by A.S.W. on National Bank China tour, 14 February-6 March 1978 - Box 3

Including photograph, itinerary, articles relevant to tour.

Added to collection 17.2.83

File 20-21. English translation (by Mildred Watt) of book, Australian Policy, by Igor Lebedev - Box 3

Including review of book by Alan Watt; copy of Russian text of book.

Added to collection 17.2.83

File 22. Political journals containing articles by A.S.W - Box 3

Added to collection 17.2.83

File 23. Typescripts of published articles and lectures by A.S.W.; newspaper cuttings - Box 4

Added to collection 12.2.75

File 24. Typescripts of articles and lectures by A.S.W - Box 4

Added to collection 12.2.75

File 25. Typescripts of articles and lectures by A.S.W - Box 4

Added to collection 12.2.75

Class Acc09-023. Consignment Added 2009

Comprises transcriptions made by the son of Sir Alan and Lady Mildred Watt, Peter James Vallack Watt, "From the diaries of Lady Mildred Mary Watt, Germany, April 1959-February 1962" and "An account of the years spent in Moscow (June 1947-1949)". There is a bound paper copy and an electronic version on CD-ROM.

Contained in 1 packet.

Class Acc13-165. Consignment Added 2013

Comprises transcripts on CD-ROM of 6 diaries and 1 letter of Lady Mildred Watt written in Moscow (June 1947-October 1949); Singapore (1954-1956); Japan (March 1956-December 1959); Germany (April 1959-February 1962); journey to Australia from Bonn by way of Vienna, Belgrade, Athens, Ankara, Istanbul, Greece and Rome (March-May 1962); trip to Japan, Delhi, Tashkent, Moscow, The Hague and London (September-October 1963); letter to family (August 1954). Transcriptions completed by Lady Watt's son, Peter James Vallack Watt.

Contained in 1 packet.