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The papers include correspondence, notebooks, drafts of published and unpublished writings, drafts and copies of speeches and talks, reviews, newspaper clippings, photographs, printed material and papers relating to Gleeson's community activism.

The major correspondents are Robert Sessions, Jenny Rowe, Larry Lucas, Aidan Chambers, Jill Hickson, Nadia Wheatley, Diana Greentree, Margaret Wild, Jane Converton, Penny Matthews, Donna Rawlins, Craig Smith, Armin Greder and Mark Barnard. Copies of some of Gleeson's letters are included.

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The papers were purchased by the Library from Libby Gleeson in 1998.


Libby Gleeson kept her papers in good order with most of her material in labelled files. The order has been preserved by the Library with the file titles and notes recorded on the folders and in the descriptive list.

Biographical Note

Elizabeth (Libby) Gleeson was born at Young, New South Wales, 19 September 1950, the daughter of Bill and Gwynn Gleeson. When she was three years old, the family moved to Glenn Innes where her father took the position of English/History Master at the Glenn Innes High School. In 1960 her father was appointed Deputy Principal of the Dubbo High School and the family moved to Dubbo.

Gleeson attended the Dubbo Primary and Dubbo High Schools where she had a distinguished academic, sporting and debating career. In 1970 Gleeson entered the University of Sydney to study for a Bachelor of Arts degree. She graduated in 1973 with honours in history and completed a Diploma in Education in 1974. Gleeson taught English and History with the New South Wales Department of Education at Picton High School for two years until she resigned to travel overseas.

Gleeson spent five years living and travelling in England and Europe before returning to Australia in 1980. While in England she did further academic studies to qualify as a teacher of English as a second language (ESL). She taught ESL in England and Italy between 1976 and 1980.

In 1981 Libby Gleeson married Euan Tovey, a New Zealand research scientist in biochemistry. They have three children, Amelia, born 1982, Josephine, born 1985 and Jessica, born 1987.

As well as writing, parenting and community activities, Gleeson has been variously employed as a teacher of ESL at the University of New South Wales, a coordinator of teacher training programs in ESL, an occasional lecturer in children's literature and creative writing to post-graduate students at the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Macquarie University and University of Western Sydney and to teachers' and librarians' professional associations.

Gleeson's other activities and awards include:

1986, 1987 - recipient of a fellowship for new writers from the Literature Board of the Australia Council

1992, 1993 - supported by a category A fellowship from the Literature Board

1989-1997 - writer representative on the Public Lending Right Committee

1991-1997 - Deputy Chair of the Public Lending Right Committee

1998 - executive member of the Australian Society of Authors

1994-1997 - Committee member for the Sydney Writers' Festival

1998 - Board member of the Sydney Writers' Festival

1997 - Lady Cutler Award for Services to Children's Literature.

Gleeson's novels and short stories are written for children of various ages from pre-schoolers to teenagers. In her stories, she explores a wide range of social issues, emotions and problems associated with growing up, such as, fear, jealousy, loneliness, conflict and death. Gleeson's work has consistently received good reviews and many of her books have won awards. Several of her works are available in braille and as sound recordings and have also been published in the United States and translated into foreign languages including Danish, Italian, German and Dutch.

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Eleanor Elizabeth, 1984

Eleanor Elizabeth, Libby Gleeson's first book, was begun while she was living in England. Written for children of pre-adolescent years, and published in 1984, the book won the Angus & Robertson Award for Writers for Young Readers, 1984, was Highly Commended for the Australian Children's Book of the Year Award, 1985, and short listed for the Guardian Newspaper's Award for Children, 1985, the South Australian Premier's Award, 1985 and the New South Wales Premier's Awards, 1985.

The series consists of notes, drafts, correspondence and contracts with publishers, reviews, schoolchildren's assignments and correspondence associated with the book, newspaper clippings and an audiotaped interview with Gleeson.

File 1-4. Notes, early drafts, 1977-80, includes notebook of 'real conversations' - Box 1

File 5-7. Notes, early drafts, 1977-86 - Box 1

File 8-9. Notes, drafts, 1979-88, 'Draft 2' - Box 2

File 10-12. 'Penultimate draft - photocopied and sent back from England 1980' - Box 2

File 13-14. 'Almost final version 1980?-83?' - Box 2

File 15-16. 'Final copy edited MSS 1983', edited by Jenny Rowe, publisher, Angus Robertson, includes annotations and changes - Box 3

File 17-18. 'Final MSS', 1983 - Box 3

File 19. Correspondence, agreements and contracts with publishers - Box 3

Agreement with Angus & Robertson, 1983-84

Agreement between Angus & Robertson and Penguin, 1985

Agreement between Angus & Robertson and Sommer &Sørensen Forlag, Denmark, 1986

Contracts for Eleanor Elizabeth with Angus & Robertson, Penguin and Sommer &Sørensen, 1983-86

File 20. Correspondence, 1981-89 - Box 3

Thomas Nelson Publishers: letters from Robert Sessions, Publishing Director, including readers' reports, encouraging comments and rejection notification, 1981-82

Angus & Robertson: letters, editing notes

Penguin: letters about the paperback edition, sketches for cover, portrait of Gleeson

Holiday House, USA publishers: contracts, letters, language edit sheets

File 21. Reviews, 1985-86, includes comment on censorship - Box 3

File 22. School assignments, playscripts about Eleanor Elizabeth, correspondence, 1985-87 - Box 4

File 23. Photocopies of drafts for Geoff Williams workshops, 1986, BEd course, University of Sydney - Box 4

File 24. Newspaper clippings, 1985 - Box 4

Correspondence from children, 1985-86

File 25. Other material - Box 4

Includes covers


Cassette of taped interview for ABC Radio 2CN with Belle Alderman, Canberra College of Advanced Education, 2 November 1984

Copy of Eleanor Elizabeth published by Holiday House, New York, 1990

Copy of Danish translation of Eleanor Elizabeth published by Sommer &Sørensen, Denmark, 1986

Series 2. I am Susannah (1987)

I am Susannah was highly commended in the CBC Awards, and shortlisted for the Victorian Premier's Award, 1988. The opening chapter was filmed by Network 10 Australia for the children's program Ridgy Didge, 1988.

The series consists of notebooks, drafts, correspondence including comments by editors, material related to the production of a film based on the book, reviews and photographs.

File 1. Notebooks 1-3, 1984-85 - Box 4

File 2. Notes and fragments of first draft, handwritten - Box 4

File 3-5. Notes and first draft, mostly handwritten, some typescript, August 1984 - Box 4, 5

File 6-7. Notes on character structure, February 1986 - Box 5

File 8-9. 'Draft 3.5-4?', annotated typescript, July-November 1986 - Box 5

File 10. 'Draft copy', annotated typescript, November 1986 - Box 5

File 11. 'Draft 4', typescript, notes, December 1986 - Box 6

File 12. 'Draft 4, incomplete prior to writing ending', includes notes of comments by Jenny Rowe and Richard White, Angus Robertson, January 1987 - Box 6

File 13. 'Draft 3/?4, early 1987', annotated typescript - Box 6

File 14-15. 'Typescript as submitted', January 1987, annotated 'subsequently re-titled 'I am Susannah', February 1987' [submitted title was 'The tapestry'] - Box 6

File 16-17. Final edited manuscript; four 5¼ inch computer discs of drafts - Box 6

File 18. Correspondence, 1987-89 - Box 6

Angus & Robertson: contract, cover design, United States publisher, reviews

Children's Book Council of Australia

John Briggs, President, Holiday House, New York (US publisher)

File 19. Reviews, 1987-88 - Box 7

File 20. Film related material - Box 7

Correspondence, 1988

Network 10 Australia

Larry Lucas of Back and White Films

Outline of film script and short treatment by Libby Gleeson and Larry Lucas

Computer disc of 'Blue Lady' [the film title of I am Susannah]

File 21. Education related material associated with I am Susannah - Box 7

Notes of talk for BEd students, University of Sydney

File 22. Teacher's pack (1995 version) in association with the National Trust of Australia 'Pews, plots and past-times' - Box 7

Children's assignments, 198?-95

File 23. Copy of a thesis on a linguistic analysis of the text of I am Susannah by Lorraine McDonald, 1992-96 - Box 7

File 24. Miscellaneous - Box 7

Photographs from the launch of the book

Catalogue from Holiday House, New York; audiotape of 'Offspring program' ABC, based on the book, August 1988

Copy of I am Susannah published by Holiday House, New York, 1989

Paperback copy of I am Susannah published by Beech Books, New York, 1992

Series 3. Dodger (1990)

Gleeson received a Literature Board New Writer's grant to work on this book. On publication, Dodger was awarded the Children's Literature Peace Prize, 1991 and the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) Award, 1992.

The series consists of notes, research ideas, drafts, proofs, correspondence, reviews, playscripts, children's work related to Dodger, photographs, audiotapes of interviews and a videotape of the promotional tour. Correspondents include Aidan Chambers from Turton&Chambers Publishers.

File 1. Research ideas, notes, 1988-89 - Box 8

File 2. Notebook, November 1989-June 1990 - Box 8

File 3. Notebook - Box 8

File 4. Early notes, mostly handwritten, and Draft 1, 1987-88 - Box 8

File 5-6. 'Draft 2', annotated typescript, 1988-89 - Box 8

File 7. 'Draft 3', annotated typescript, 1989 - Box 8

File 8. 'Draft 4', annotated typescript, 1990 - Box 9

File 9. 'Draft 5', annotated typescript, 1990 - Box 9

File 10. Submitted version, typescript (under original title 'The play'), June 1990 - Box 9

File 11-12. 'Edited and marked up manuscript, 1990' - Box 9

File 13. Galley proofs, marked for correction - Box 9

File 14. Final page proofs, cover art, 1990 - Box 9

File 15-16. Correspondence, 1989-1994 - Box 9, 10

Aidan Chambers, director, Turton& Chambers Publishers concerning contract, editing, launch, promotional tour

File 17. Correspondence, 1991-92 - Box 10

Children's Peace Literature Award, 1991

International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), honour list, 1992

File 18. Reviews, including poster, 1990-92 - Box 10

File 19. Playscript, 1994, adapted for the stage by Diana Greentree, includes correspondence 'Write stuff', material for educational resource - Box 10

File 20. Children's work and correspondence about Dodger, 1997 - Box 10

File 21. Photographs - Box 10

Book launch, 1991

Children's Literature Peace Prize presentation, Adelaide, 1992

File 22. Audiotapes - Box 10

Interview, Children's Hour, ABC

Launch of Dodger, 1991

Interview, Radio 3RPM (Melbourne)

Interview, Radio 5AN (Adelaide)

File 23. Videotape, promotional tour, 1991 - Box 10

Copy of Dutch translation of Dodger published by Van Goor, Amsterdam, 1994

Copy of Italian translation of Dodger published by Edizioni E. Elle, Trieste, 1995

Series 4. Love me, love me not (1993)

The book is comprised of nine linked stories about a group of inner-Sydney Year 8 students. The book can be read as a novel or as individual short stories. Several of the stories have appeared in other publications. Love me, love me not was shortlisted for the Children's Book of the Year Awards for Older Readers, 1994.

The series consists of notebooks, drafts, proofs, correspondence, reviews, publicity and newspaper clippings. Correspondents include Aidan Chambers, Hickson Associates (literary agents) and Nadia Wheatley.

File 1. Notebook from a Sydney University Continuing Education course on love stories, 1991 - Box 11

File 2. Notebook, working notes for love stories, 1992-93 - Box 11

File 3. Drafts 1-4, 'The excursion (Rebecca)', 1992, annotated typescript of 'finished draft' - Box 11

File 4. Drafts 1-4, 'Neighbours (Maria)', 1992, annotated typescripts - Box 11

File 5. Drafts 1-4, 'Andrew', 1992, annotated typescripts - Box 11

File 6. Draft 1, 'Pete', 1992, annotated typescript - Box 11

File 7. Draft 1-3 'Thomas', 1992, annotated typescripts - Box 11

File 8-9. Drafts, 'very late' drafts of 'Love stories', annotated typescripts October 1992, February 1993 - Box 12

File 10-11. Drafts, 'penultimate drafts', notes, annotated typescript, November 1992 (notes include comments, suggestions by a second unnamed party) - Box 12

File 12-13. Edited manuscript, marked up by Penguin editor - Box 12

File 14-15. Final edited version - Box 12

File 16. Galley proofs, some notes - Box 13

File 17-18. Correspondence, 1992-97 - Box 13

Aidan Chambers, Turton&Chambers Publishers

Hickson Associates [literary agent]

Nadia Wheatley

Penguin Books

Julie Watts [editor?]

Children's Book Council of Australia

Italian contract, 1995

St Clair Press, manuscript for teaching publication, Reading the world in fiction : ideas for teaching fiction, Years 7-12

File 19-21. Reviews, publicity, press clippings, 1993-97 - Box 13

Includes: Australian Book Review, Courier Mail, Times educational supplement (UK), Weekend Australian, The Age, Reading Time, Penguin Books, Timeout for kids magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, Adelaide Advertiser, Magpies and the Children's Book Council of Australia

File 22. In the swim - Box 13


Correspondence, 1990-91


Published in Landmarks, Turton& Chambers, 1991

Subsequently published as Cass in Love me, love me not

File 23. Her room - Box 14


Correspondence, 1990-92


Published in Goodbye and hello, Penguin, 1992

Subsequently published as Fran in Love me, love me not

File 24. Farewell - Box 14


Correspondence, 1990-91


Published in The blue dress, Heinemann, 1991

Series 5. Picture books

Big dog was awarded the Prime Minister's Multicultural Award, Picture Book, 1992. Where's mum? was highly commended, Children's Picture Book of the Year, 1993, and in the same year Mum goes to work was short-listed for the Multicultural Awards. The princess and the perfect dish, although not winning an award, was highly acclaimed for its approach to concepts of body image and eating.

The series consists of drafts, notes, correspondence, drawings, proofs, reviews, publicity and photographs related to the writing, illustrating and publication of Gleeson's picture books for young children. Correspondents include Margaret Wild (Angus & Robertson), Jane Converton, Penny Matthews (Omnibus Books), Donna Rawlins (Ashton Scholastic) and illustrators, Craig Smith and Armin Greder.

File 1. One Sunday, illustrated by John Winch, Angus and Robertson, 1988 - Box 14


Correspondence, 1985-92

File 2. Mum goes to work, illustrated by Penny Azar, Ashton Scholastic, 1992 - Box 14

Drafts, 1987-91

Research notes, 1987-91


Collins/Angus & Robertson

File 3-5. Correspondence, 1990 - Box 14

Ashton Scholastic

Rough illustrations, layout, design

Galley proofs

File 6. Correspondence, 1987-96 - Box 15

USA editor

Angus & Robertson

Ashton Scholastic

File 7. Reviews, publicity, 1992-1993 - Box 15


Photographs of launch, May 1992

File 8. Copy of Scholastic US paperback edition, 1995 (Mom goes to work) - Box 15

File 9. Where's mum? illustrated by Craig Smith, Omnibus Books, 1993 - Box 15

Drafts, annotated typescript, rough illustrations, 1987-88

File 10. Correspondence, 1987-95 - Box 15

Angus & Robertson, Margaret Wild, editor

Omnibus Books, Jane Converton, Penny Matthews

Children's Book Council of Australia

Craig Smith, illustrator

Ashton Scholastic

File 11. Reviews, publicity, 1992-97 - Box 15

File 12. Copy of Scholastic US paperback edition, 1996 (Where's mom?) - Box 15

Copy of Omnibus small format edition, 1997

File 13. Big dog, illustrated by Armin Greder, Ashton Scholastic, 1992 - Box 15

Drafts, annotated typescript, 1989-90

File 14-17. Rough illustrations (4 drafts) - Box 16

File 18. Correspondence, 1988-96 - Box 16

Donna Rawlins, editor, Ashton Scholastic

Ashton Scholastic re contract

Armin Greder, illustrator

Assistant Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, 1992

File 19. Reviews, publicity, 1991-96 - Box 16

Reviews by school children

Photographs of book launch, 1991

File 20. Salamanca Theatre Company, Hobart, Tasmania - Box 16

Copy of script of Big dog, adapted for the theatre by Bruce Keller

Teachers' kit and children's responses to the play

File 21. Copy of Scholastic Australia small format edition, 1997 - Box 16

File 22. Uncle David, illustrated by Armin Greder, Ashton Scholastic, 1992 - Box 17

Rough illustrations

Galley proofs

File 23. Notes, handwritten and typescript annotated drafts, 1990-92, including changes made for US edition, 1992 - Box 17

Correspondence, 1992

Ashton Scholastic

Children's Book Council of Australia

Tambourine Books, New York

File 24. Reviews, publicity, 1992-94 - Box 17

Photographs of launch

File 25. US hardback edition, 1995 - Box 17

File 26. Sleep time, illustrated by Armin Greder, Ashton Scholastic, 1994 - Box 17

Rough illustrations

File 27. Notes, drafts, 1992 - Box 17

Correspondence, 1992

Donna Rawlins, editor

Armin Greder, illustrator

File 28. Reviews, publicity, 1993 - Box 17

File 29. The princess and the perfect dish, illustrated by Armin Greder, Ashton Scholastic, 1995 - Box 18

Rough illustrations

Galley proofs

File 30. Drafts, notes, annotated typescripts - Box 18

Correspondence, 1994-95

Donna Rawlins, editor Ashton Scholastic

Armin Greder, illustrator

File 31. Reviews, publicity, launch, 1995-97 - Box 18

File 32. Academic articles, 1997, professional journal articles The literature base, Oct. 1995 (vol. 6 issue 4), The primary educator, 1997 (vol. 3 no. 5) - Box 18

Series 6. Community and other writing activities

This series consists of papers relating to Libby Gleeson's other writing activities and to her role as a community activist. Gleeson's involvement includes support for the preservation of May Gibbs' home, Nutcote, participation in the Victorian Women Writers' train and in the Australia Today Indonesia Cultural Expo. She has given continuing support to the Melbourne and the Sydney Writers' Festivals and presented a paper at the First National Conference of the Children's Book Council of Australia. Gleeson was commissioned by the Department of Employment, Education and Training (DEET) to write short, relevant dialogues and scenarios for classroom use by teachers, teaching a program to heighten awareness of gender and violence. She was a member of the Public Lending Right Committee, 1989-97.

The papers include correspondence, programs, reports, newsletters, photographs, printed matter, newspaper cuttings and minutes of various meetings.

File 1. Children's Book Writers' and Illustrators' Poster, 1988 - Box 18

Protest against cuts in Government spending on education in New South Wales; instigated by Libby Gleeson, Nadia Wheatley, Donna Rawlins

File 2. Nutcote - Box 18

Correspondence, flyers, newsletters, photographs concerning the campaign to preserve May Gibbs' home in Neutral Bay, Sydney, 1990-91

File 3. Victorian Women Writers' train, 1992 - Box 18

Correspondence, publicity, itineraries, workshop proposals, photographs

File 4. Melbourne Writers' Festival, 1993 - Box 19

Correspondence, brochures, profiles of participating authors, program for 'Asialink youth literature workshop'

File 5. Literature Board, Australia Council, 1985-93 - Box 19




Curriculum vitae for Libby Gleeson, 1992

File 6. Children's Book Council of Australia, 1985-95 - Box 19



Koala Awards, 1991-92

Prize notification, 1985, 1988, 1993, 1994


Discussion papers concerning changes to award systems

File 7. First National Conference Children's Book Council, 1992 - Box 19



Presented paper

List of participants

File 8. Australia Today Indonesia, 1994, Cultural Expo - Box 19

Correspondence, 1993-94

Cultural program


File 9-11. Australia Today Indonesia, 1994 - Box 19

List of participants, including Libby Gleeson, Maureen Watson, David Cox




Reports on visit by Sandra Forbes to Literature Board of the Australia Council

File 12. Gender and Violence Project commissioned by DEET, 1993 - Box 20

Position paper by Debbie Ollis and Irene Tomaszewski (DEET, 1993)

Research notes, teachers' and students' perspective on sexual harassment

Newspaper cuttings

File 13-14. Gender and Violence Project commissioned by DEET, 1993 - Box 20

Correspondence, 1994-95

Annotated drafts, of Gleeson's prose pieces on gender and violence

Reading list of books relevant to gender and/or violence issues

File 15. Sydney Writers' Festival Committee - Box 20


Correspondence, 1993-96

Committee meeting minutes, notes 1995

File 16. Sydney Writers' Festival, 1996 - Box 20


Articles about Amy Whiting

Details of cast and credits of film How to make an American quilt, based on a novel by Whitney Otto (Gleeson was Australian host to Otto)

File 17-18. Sydney Writers' Festival Committee, January-July 1996 - Box 20

Minutes of meetings


Reports and structural review of festival

Planning for 1997 festival

File 19-20. Sydney Writers' Festival Committee, July 1996-January 1997 - Box 20, 21

Minutes of meetings

Correspondence, 1996-97

Drafts and final program

Article on Maurice Gee

File 21-22. Public Lending Right Committee (PLRC) - Box 21

Information given to Gleeson on joining the PLRC committee, 1989, by Christobel Mattingley

Agenda, minutes of meetings 1-6 (July 1987-November 1988)

File 23. PLRC - Box 21

Agenda, minutes of meetings 6-10 (November 1988-April 1990)

File 24. PLRC - Box 21

Agenda, minutes of meetings 11-13 (May 1990-November 1990)

File 25. PLRC - Box 22

Agenda, minutes of meetings 14-15 (April 1991-May 1991)

File 26. PLRC - Box 22

Agenda, minutes of meetings 16-18 (March 1992-May 1992)

File 27. PLRC - Box 22

Agenda, minutes of meeting 19 (November 1992)

File 28. PLRC - Box 22

Papers regarding changes to the Act (Public Lending Right Act 1985), 1988-89

File 29. PLRC - Box 22

Correspondence, 1989-92

Clyde Holding

Harrison Bryan

Alan Johnson

Barbara Jeffries

Lorraine Wilson

David Simmons

File 30. PLRC, miscellaneous documents, 1989-92 - Box 23

Report on holdings of Australian books in selected Victorian school libraries

Library survey results

Subcommittee reports, 1990-92

Program of visit by John Sumsion

Table of Provisions of Public Lending Right Scheme, effective 1 July 1988

File for the Australian Society of Authors, including copies of outletters to the Minister of Arts and Tourism, 1989

Claim forms for authors and publishers


Clyde Holding

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Department of the Arts, Sports, the Environment, Tourism and Territories

Attorney General's Department

File 31. PLRC, miscellaneous documents, 1992-94 - Box 23

Correspondence, including outletters to Australian author

Claim forms for authors and publishers

Australian Labor Party Cultural Policy, 1993

Speech notes

File 32. PLRC - Box 23

Miscellaneous documents

Guldberg report : Educational Lending Right, 1992

Series 7. Video and television, talks and writings

This series consists of scripts for pre-school television programs, Bananas in pyjamas and Magic Mountain commissioned by ABC TV Australia, notes, drafts, correspondence, printed matter and copies of talks given to schools, libraries, university students and conference groups. Correspondents include Mark Barnard and Jill Hickson. There are a large number of letters from children commenting on Gleeson's books.

File 1. Bananas in pyjamas, Children's Department, ABC TV - Box 23

Program philosophy and educational intent

Synopsis of existing episodes

Correspondence, 1995

Jill Hickson

Mark Barnard

Drafts of story lines, handwritten, annotated notes

Synopsis of The magic pumpkin and Springtime party

Annotated script for The magic pumpkin

Annotated script for Springtime party

Script of Pink spots by Richard Tulloch

File 2. 'Bananas in pyjamas/Magic mountain' notebook, 1995-96 - Box 23

Ideas for stories, storylines, development of storylines

File 3. Magic Mountain - Box 23

Correspondence, 1995

ABC TV Children's and Educational Television

Story ideas submitted to Ron Sanders, Claire Henderson (ABC TV)

Annotated drafts of Bedtime story and 'Stuck'

File 4. The hollow tree - Box 23

Ideas, annotated drafts, 1996

Drafts 1-3, including amendments

Final script (original title 'Stuck')

File 5. Bedtime story - Box 24

Annotated drafts, 1997

Copy of Southern star pacific, a book on set design; character descriptions for Magic Mountain characters

File 6. Libby Gleeson video, Insight profile, 1995 - Box 24

Outline, drafts 1-4

Call sheet from film shoot

Teacher's notes for use with children using video in the classroom

File 7. Copy of video, 1995 - Box 24

File 8. How's your etiquette with authors? an article for Primary English Teaching Association (PETA), 1996 - Box 24


Drafts, final version

File 9. Meet the Author Program: workshops in New South Wales and Queensland - Box 24

Correspondence, 1984-88



File 10. National Book Council Training Program, 1994-95 - Box 24

Correspondence about presenting writers workshops

Planning, 1994-95

Drafts of Gleeson's presentation

Writers performance and presentation training course, Adelaide, May 1-5, 1995, National Book Council

File 11-14. Correspondence from children, 1984-93 - Box 24, 25

File 15. Talks given to schools, libraries, university students, conference groups: 1985-89 - Box 25

File 16. 1990-92 - Box 25

File 17. 1993-94 - Box 25

File 18-19. 1994-95 - Box 25

File 20. 1996 - Box 25