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Fox, Mem, 1946-
Papers of Mem Fox
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MS 9190, MS Acc07.011
6 metres (34 boxes and 1 carton + 1 folio box)
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Scope and Contents

The papers include correspondence, drafts of published, unpublished and juvenile writings, speeches and talks, scrapbooks, photographs, papers relating to Fox's academic career, cuttings, printed material and family papers.

The major correspondents are Terry Denton, Lorraine Ellis, Morris Gleitzman, Andrea Goldsmith, Vivienne Goodman, Kilmeny Niland, Pamela Lofts, Patricia Mullins, Craig Smith, Barbara Wels, Paul Jennings, Julie Vivas, Nancy and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (parents), Jan Delacourt (sister), Caroline Lurie (Australian Literary Management), Omnibus (Publisher) and Harcourt Publisher. Copies of many of Fox's letters are included.

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Mem Fox donated, under the Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme, the bulk of MS 9190 to the Library in 1997. Papers in MS 9190, Boxes 19-30 and Folio Box 2 were donated under the Cultural Gifts Program in October 2002. Further papers were added in 2007.


Mem Fox has kept her papers in very good order. Wherever possible, the Library has preserved the original order and the file titles.

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Papers of Mem Fox are also held at the Lu Rees Archives at the University of Canberra.

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Biographical Note

Mem (Merrion) Partridge, daughter of Nancy and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, was born in Melbourne in 1946. In the same year, Fox's parents moved to Rhodesia to work as missionaries. Fox spent her childhood in the Hope Fountain mission near Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia. She went to school in Bulawayo.

In 1965 Fox went to London to study drama at the Rose Bruford College. She graduated from the College in 1968. Between 1968 and 1969 she taught in Zimbabwe and Rwanda.

In 1969 she married Malcolm Fox, whom she had met at Rose Bruford College. The following year they left Africa and emigrated to Adelaide, where Fox taught drama at Cabra Dominican College, Adelaide. Later she taught at the South Australia Institute of Technology (1973 and 1979), Sturt College of Advanced Education (1973-79) and Flinders University (1973-1996).

Her first book, Possum magic, was published in 1983. It was to become her best selling book and has sold more copies than any other Australian children's book. Possum magic won the New South Wales State Literary Award.

Fox has published numerous children's books, an autobiography and three textbooks. Her books have been translated into many languages, including Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, German and Hebrew. She has won numerous awards and was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1993.

Item Descriptions

Class MS 9190. Original Consignment

Comprises correspondence with Australian and overseas writers and illustrators, children, literary agents and publishers; papers relating to the Wombat Book Club; drafts of 17 books, including Possum magic and other writings; scrapbooks, photographs and cuttings; and, papers relating to Mem Fox's academic career. The major correspondents are Terry Denton, Lorraine Ellis, Morris Gleitzman, Andrea Goldsmith, Vivienne Goodman, Kilmeny Niland, Pamela Lofts, Patricia Mullins, Craig Smith, Barbara Wels, Paul Jennings, Julie Vivas, Nancy and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (parents), Jan Delacourt (sister), Caroline Lurie of Australian Literary Management, Omnibus (publisher) and Harcourt Publisher. Copies of many of Fox's letters are included.

Contained in 30 boxes + 1 carton.

Series 1. General Correspondence, 1961-2002

The series comprises correspondence concerning Fox's writings, the publication of her books, personal news and her work as an Associate Professor of Literacy Education at Flinders University (1994-1996). In some cases the letters are in the form of printouts of email messages she received.

The correspondents include other academics at Flinders University, Fox's students, Jan Delacourt (sister), Chloë Fox (daughter), Nancy and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (parents), Barbara Aldworth, Phillip Adams, Phyllis Hohnen, Mark Woodforde (one card), Lucy Calkins (Teachers College, Columbia University), American fans, Harcourt Publisher, Mondo Publishing and The Trumpet Club (School Book Club based in New York). Copies of some of Fox's letters are also included.

Papers in Files 8-14 were added in October 2002.

Correspondence, 1961, 1984-1989 (File 1) - Box 1
Correspondence, 1990-1991 (File 2) - Box 1
Correspondence, 1992-1994 (File 3-4) - Box 1
Correspondence, 1995-1996 (File 5-6) - Box 1
Letters of Sandy McClelland (File 7) - Box 17
Jan Delacourt (while studying in California), 1995-1996 (File 8) - Box 19
Phillip Adams, 1997-1999 (File 9) - Box 19
Friends from drama school, high school and childhood mission friends, 1997-2002 (File 10) - Box 19
Correspondence, 1997-2002 (File 11) - Box 19
Correspondence, 1998-2002 (File 12) - Box 19
A card from Chloë Fox, 1999 (File 13) - Box 19
Letters from 'fabulous ex-students' (mostly Barbara Wels), 1999-2002 (File 14) - Box 19

Series 2. Correspondence with Australian writers and illustrators, 1985-2001

The series includes correspondence with illustrators who have worked with Fox on some of her books, as well as other Australian writers, including children's writers. They discuss their writings and reviews of their books, as well as personal news. Copies of some of Fox's letters are also included.

The major correspondents include Terry Denton (Night noises and an untitled forthcoming book), Lorraine Ellis (Feathers and fools), Morris Gleitzman, Andrea Goldsmith, Vivienne Goodman (Guess what?), Kilmeny Niland (Just like that), Pamela Lofts (Koala Lou and Sail away), Patricia Mullins (Shoes for grandpa and Hattie and the fox), Craig Smith (Sophie), Barbara Wels, Paul Jennings and Julie Vivas (Possum magic and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge).

The series also include correspondence, usually only one letter or card, with Colin Thiele, Gillian Rubenstein, Leslie Rees, Christobel Mattingley, Robin Klein, Carmel Bird, James Bradley, Duncan Ball, Pam Gilbert, Hazel Edwards, Janine Baker, Tim Winton, Nadia Wheatley, Eleanor Nilsson, Sophie Masson, Sally Morgan, Thomas Keneally, Max Harris, Marion Halligan and Phil Cummings.

Papers in Files 10-12 were added in October 2002.

Terry Denton, 1988-1995 (File 1) - Box 2
Lorraine Ellis, 1987-1990 (File 2) - Box 2
Morris Gleitzman, 1990-1995 (File 3) - Box 2
Andrea Goldsmith, 1992-1994 (File 4) - Box 2
Vivienne Goodman, 1989-1995 (File 5) - Box 2
Various correspondence, c.1985-c.1995 (File 6) - Box 2

Kilmeny Niland, 1989

Pamela Lofts, 1986-1992

Patricia Mullins, 1985-1995

Craig Smith, n.d.

Barbara Wels, 1989-1995 (File 7) - Box 2
Julie Vivas, 1984-1986 (File 8) - Box 2
Other correspondents, 1985-1994 (File 9) - Box 2
Paul Jennings, Elizabeth Jolley, Patricia Mullins, Richard Flanagan and Judy Horacek, 1986-2001 (File 10) - Box 20
Vivienne Goodman, 1996-1999 (File 11) - Box 20
Julie Vivas, 1998-2001 (File 12) - Box 20

Series 3. Correspondence with overseas writers and illustrators, 1984-2001

The correspondence is mostly with British and American writers, illustrators and educators, including Natalie Babbitt, Nick Bantock, Jim Gurney, Shelley Harwayne, Charlotte Huck, Pat Hutchins, Lois Lowry, Margaret Mahy, Daniel Pennac, Marc Rosenthal, Elivia Savadier, Barbara Trapido, Jim Trelease. The subjects include comments on Fox's books, their own writings, books they have read and personal news.

Papers in File 5 were added in October 2002.

A-B, 1987-1993 (File 1) - Box 3
B-D, 1990-1994 (File 2) - Box 3
D-P, 1984-1996 (File 3) - Box 3
R-Y, 1975-1996 (File 4) - Box 3
Correspondence, 1986-2001 (File 5) - Box 20

Series 4. Correspondence with school children, 1989-1995

The series comprises children's letters from primary schools in Australia and America and Fox's transcripts of some of the letters.

Primary school children in Australia, 1989-1992 (File 1) - Box 3
Primary school children in Brooklyn, NY, 1995 (File 2) - Box 3
Sample of the types of information and gifts usually included in Fox's replies to children (File 3) - Box 3

Series 5. Correspondence with literary agents and publishers, 1986-2000

The bulk of the series comprises business and personal correspondence with Caroline Lurie of Australian Literary Management and Jenny Darling (Fox's literary agent). Other correspondents include Goodman Associates (literary agent), Rigby Heinemann, Harcourt Publisher, Penguin Group, Curtis Brown (literary agent), Writers House and V.R. Dye and Co. (accountants).

Papers in Files 6 and 7 were added in October 2002.

Personal correspondence with Caroline Lurie, including copies of Fox's letters and a poem by Fox, 1993-1997 (File 1) - Box 3
Australian Literary Management, 1986-1988 (File 2) - Box 4
Australian Literary Management, 1989-1990 (File 3) - Box 4
Australian Literary Management, Goodman Associates and Rigby Heinemann, 1991 (File 4) - Box 4
Australian Literary Management, Goodman Associates, Harcourt Publisher, Penguin Group, Curtis Brown, Writers House and V.R. Dye, 1992-1993 (File 5) - Box 4
Jenny Darling, 1998-2000 (File 6-7) - Box 20

Series 6. Correspondence with Omnibus, 1984-1992

Omnibus, an Adelaide publisher, was the first publisher to accept Possum magic for publication and subsequently published four of Fox's other books. The series comprises correspondence with the directors (Sue Williams, Jane Coverton and Pam Evers), as well as copies of Fox's letters, cuttings and a photocopy of illustrations for Possum magic.

Correspondence, 1983-1986 (File 1) - Box 17
Correspondence, 1987-1989 (File 2) - Box 17
Correspondence, 1990-1992 (File 3) - Box 17
Cuttings and photocopy of illustrations for Possum Magic (File 4) - Box 17

Series 7. Copies of letters written by Mem Fox, 1989-2001

Fox kept copies of her own letters, including those written to Caroline Lurie, Frank Hodge, Jan Delacourt (sister), Chloë Fox (daughter), Malcolm Fox (husband), Nancy and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (parents), Louise Howton and Allyn Johnston. Among the subjects she describes were her writings, teaching, staff appointments at Flinders University and personal news.

Papers in File 4 were added in October 2002.

Letters, 1989-1991 (File 1) - Box 4
Letters, 1991-1992 (File 2) - Box 4
Letters, 1995-1996 (File 3) - Box 4

Includes copies of best seller list and a newspaper article by Chloë Fox.

Letters, 1997-2001 (File 4) - Box 20

Series 8. Wombat Book Club, 1985-1987

Fox contributed monthly letters to the Wombat, a book club journal for school children. The file contains copies of the journal, draft of some of Fox's letters and cuttings.

Various papers (File 1) - Box 4

Series 9. Writings, 1982-2001

Handwritten drafts, typescripts, correspondence with the publishers, drawings, cuttings, mock-ups, signed copies of the books and other papers relating to the books listed.

Papers in Files 31-72 were added in October 2002.

Subseries 9.1. Possum Magic (1983)
Scrapbook, 1983-1985 (File 1) - Folio-Box 1
First draft, 1978 (File 2) - Box 5
Miscellaneous papers, 1982-1985 (File 3) - Box 5
Two signed copies of the book (one of them is the German translation) (File 4) - Box 5
Subseries 9.2. Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (1984)
Handwritten draft entitled 'Precious as gold', 'Round five', 1983 (File 5) - Box 5
Typescripts, including 'Memories, memories', 1983 (File 6) - Box 5
Play script adapted by Mem Fox and Sheryn Dee, 1987 (File 7) - Box 5
Correspondence with Sue Williams (Omnibus), Jenny King, Julie Smith, Kane/Miller Book Publisher (Fox's US Publisher) and Martin Bachmann, concerning the creation of the Wilfrid puppet show, 1982-1995 (File 8) - Box 5
The Wilfrid Award, 1996-1997 (File 9) - Box 6

The Award, established by the Hammond Care Group, recognises schools that offer special curriculum activities focussing on building bridges between children and senior citizens in their community.

Miscellaneous papers, including cuttings and photocopies of reviews, 1981-1987 (File 10) - Box 6
Cassette and a roll of film produced by Weston Woods Studios (USA) A signed copy of the book (File 11) - Box 6
Subseries 9.3. Zoo looking (1986)
Correspondence with Maureen Sullivan, Louise May, Diane Snowball and Mark Vineis of Mondo Publishing, New York, 1995-1996 (File 12) - Box 6

The corrected drafts are often included.

Illustrations (File 13) - Box 6
Two signed copies of the book Press cuttings, American reviews, leaflets and other papers, sent by Louise May,, 1995-1996 (File 14) - Box 6
Subseries 9.4. The straight line of wonder (1987)
A mock-up and a signed copy of the book Correspondence with Maureen Sullivan and Louise May, 1995-1996 (File 15) - Box 7
Subseries 9.5. A bedtime story (1987)
A mock-up and two signed copies of the book Correspondence with Maureen Sullivan and Elivia Savadier, 1995 (File 16) - Box 7
Subseries 9.6. Guess what? (1988)
A signed copy of the book Miscellaneous papers and a mock up, 1984-1990 (File 17) - Box 7
Subseries 9.7. Koala Lou (1988)
Drafts A signed copy of the book (File 18) - Box 7
Subseries 9.8. With love at Christmas (1988)
A signed copy of the book Correspondence with Abingdon Press and Lutheran Publishing, drafts and other papers, 1987-1995 (File 19) - Box 7
Subseries 9.9. Night noises (1989)
Drafts, correspondence with Harcourt Publisher and other papers, 1985-1989 (File 20) - Box 8
Subseries 9.10. Feathers and fools (1989)
Correspondence with Ashwood House (Publisher), drafts and other papers, 1985-1989 (File 21) - Box 8
Mock-up of the US edition A signed copy of the book and a video (File 22) - Box 8
Subseries 9.11. Shoes from Grandpa (1989)
Three signed copies of the book (Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese editions) Correspondence and other papers, 1987-1990 (File 23) - Box 8
Subseries 9.12. Sophie (1989)
Two signed copies of the book Correspondence with Harcourt Publisher and Ian Drakeford Publishing, drafts and other papers, 1985-1995 (File 24) - Box 9
Subseries 9.13. Mem's the word (1990)
A mock-up and a signed copy of the book (File 25) - Box 9
Subseries 9.14. English essentials (non-fiction, 1993)
A signed copy of the book Correspondence with Macmillan and other papers, 1991-1993 (File 26) - Box 9
Subseries 9.15. Radical reflections (non-fiction, 1993)
Three copies of the book (one Australian and two American editions) Correspondence with Harcourt Publisher, 1992-1993 (File 27) - Box 9
Subseries 9.16. Tough Boris (1996)
Typescript, a mock up and a signed copy of the book (File 28) - Box 10
Subseries 9.17. Boo to a goose (1996)
A signed copy of the book Correspondence with Hodder Headline Australia, reviews, illustrations and other papers, 1995-1996 (File 29) - Box 10
Subseries 9.18. Other writing
Drafts of 'The paths of story lead but to the graves' published in Primary education, May/June, 1984 (File 30) - Box 10
Subseries 9.19. Just like that (1986)
Signed copy of the book (Hodder and Stoughton Australia) (File 31) - Box 21
Subseries 9.20. Time for bed (1993)

The book was on Oprah's list of the '20 all time best books for children' and Fox's biggest seller in America.

Correspondence with Jenny Darling (literary agent), Jane Dyer (illustrator) and Harcourt Publisher, and production first proof, 1991-1995 (File 32) - Box 21
Signed copy of the US hardcover edition of the book (File 33) - Folio-Box 2
Signed copy of the US paperback edition of the book (File 34) - Folio-Box 2
Subseries 9.21. Wombat divine (1995)
Drafts, notes, cuttings and correspondence, 1992-1997 (File 35-36) - Box 21
Signed copies of the book (File 37-38) - Box 21
Subseries 9.22. Whoever you are (1997)
Drafts (File 39) - Box 22
Signed copy of the paperback edition (File 40) - Folio-Box 2
Subseries 9.23. Sleepy bears (1999)
Notes and drafts, 1996-1999 (File 41) - Box 22
Copy of the book (File 42) - Folio-Box 2
Subseries 9.24. Harriet you'll drive me wild (2000)

The book was originally published as Just like that in 1986.

Drafts, 1998 (File 43) - Box 22
Signed copy of the book (File 44) - Box 22
Subseries 9.25. Handbook for writers of children's books (2001)

While in Uganda and Tanzania in January/February 2000, to run writing workshops under the auspices of UNESCO, Fox was invited to write a booklet that can be used worldwide by the organization.

Drafts and correspondence, 2000 (File 45) - Box 22
Signed copy of the book (File 46) - Box 22
Subseries 9.26. Reading magic (2001)

Pan Macmillan in Australia and Harcourt Publisher in America published the book.

Papers relating to the book, 1993-2000 (File 47) - Box 22
Drafts, n.d. (File 48) - Box 23
Redrafted chapter of the Read aloud miracle, 1Aug. 1999 (File 49) - Box 23
One notebook containing Allyn Johnston's (Fox's editor) suggestions, Mar. 2000 (File 50) - Box 23
Draft 7, Feb. 2000 (File 51) - Box 23
Draft 8, 2000 (File 52) - Box 23
Chapters 1-12, 11 Sept. 2000 (File 53) - Box 24
The first final draft, Adelaide, 11 Sept. 2000 (File 54) - Box 24
Draft, 20 Sept. 2000 (File 55) - Box 24
Discarded drafts, post 20 Sept. 2000 (File 56) - Box 24
Draft, c. Nov. 200 (File 57) - Box 24
Draft 14, 11 Nov. 2000 (File 58) - Box 24
Draft 15, 23 Nov. 2000 (File 59) - Box 25
Draft 16, 27 Nov. 2000 (File 60) - Box 25
Draft 18, 4 Dec. 2000 (File 61) - Box 25
Final draft (US edition), 29 Jan. 2001 (File 62) - Box 25
Third and final lot of drafts, March 2001 (File 63-65) - Box 25-26
Third and final lot of drafts (Australian edition), 2001 (File 66-69) - Box 26-27
Signed paperback (Australian edition) copy of the book (File 70) - Box 28
Signed paperback (US edition) copy of the book (File 71) - Box 28
Signed hardcover (US edition) copy of the book (File 72) - Box 28

Series 10. Unpublished writings, c.1987-2002

Papers in Files 2-7 were added in October 2002.

Miscellaneous drafts, c.1987-1992 (File 1) - Box 10
Draft of sequel to Possum magic, 1984 (File 2) - Box 28
Drafts of 'Ben again', 1990-1997 (File 3) - Box 28
Drafts of 'Miss Zest', 1991-2002 (File 4) - Box 28
Typescript of 'Miss Rosie moves on', 1993 (File 5) - Box 29
Drafts of 'Wide awake', 2000 (File 6) - Box 29
Typescript of 'Finding Clem', n.d. (File 7) - Box 29

Series 11. Juvenile writings, c.1962-1980

Drafts of poems and a short story, c.1962-1980 (File 1-2) - Box 10

Series 12. Miscellaneous drafts and notes, 1984-1995

Fox was one of the founding members and President of the South Australia Story Telling Guild. The papers include notes and drafts for story telling and talks of speeches and talks given at various conferences and lectures.

Drafts, 1982-1985 (File 1) - Box 10
Drafts, 1985-1992 (File 2) - Box 11
Drafts, 1984-1992 (File 3) - Box 11
Drafts, 1993-1995 (File 4) - Box 11
Draft of 'Halt! Who goes there?' delivered at the National Conference of the Australian Reading Association, Adelaide, 1991 (File 5) - Box 11
Draft of 'What we do with language and what language does to us' delivered at the Australian Reading Association Conference, 1993 (File 6) - Box 11

Series 13. Scrapbooks, 1965-1985

'The beginning of the history of Merrion Partridge after she left Rhodesia on Feb. 24 1965' (File 1) - Box 11
Scrapbook containing photographs, selected fan letters and cuttings relating to the launch and publicity of Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, 1984-1985 (File 2) - Box 11

Series 14. Personal papers, 1975-1996

The series includes financial records, employment records (South Australia College of Advanced Education and Flinders University), letter of application and supporting documents used when Fox applied for the position of Associate Professor/Reader at Flinders University in 1995, essays and other papers.

One sealed envelope containing record of earnings, 1992-1995 (File 1) - Box 18
Employment records: South Australian College of Advanced Education and Flinders University, 1975-1994 (File 2) - Box 12
Assignments, including Fox's first English essay, 1967-1986 (File 3-7) - Box 12
Letter of application and supporting papers used when Fox applied for the position of Associate Professor/Reader, Flinders University, 1995 (File 8) - Folio-Box 1
Miscellaneous, 1987-1990 (File 9) - Folio-Box 1

Includes Kids Own Australia Literature Award (K.O.A.L.A.), which was awarded to Possum magic in 1987, Poster 'Koala Lou I do love you!' and Honorary Citizen of the State of Alabama certificate presented in 1990

Series 15. Photographs, 1963-1997

The series comprises personal and family photographs, including photographs of Fox's wedding.

Photographs (File 1) - Box 13

Series 16. Academic career, 1963-1997

The series includes papers relating to Fox's teaching career at the South Australian College of Advanced Education and the School of Education, Flinders University.

Papers in Files 13 and 14 were added in October 2002.

Notes used in teaching at the South Australian College of Advanced Education (File 1) - Box 13

'Memories are made of this', 1990

'Putting on the brakes: avoiding the wrecks in whole language', 1996

'The weighty compendium', 1996

'The Noarlunga Basin Schools: Literacy and Poverty Project', 1995-1996

'Making language come alive!' n.d.

'The metamorphosis of a teenage non-writer: a study in overcoming writing reluctance', 1981

Handbooks, 1980s (File 2) - Box 13
Lecture notes and transparencies, c.1990-1996 (File 3) - Box 13
Mime notes, c.1970s (File 4) - Box 13
Notes and transparencies for Language and Literacy I course, Flinders University, 1996 (File 5) - Box 13
'The fat book', used for teaching the last semester of Fox's teaching career at the School of Education, Flinders University, 1996 (File 6) - Box 14
Miscellaneous notes, 1991-1994 (File 7) - Box 14
Course handouts, 1970s (File 8) - Box 14
Completed students' evaluation forms of Fox's teaching of the Language Arts I, Flinders University, 1993 (File 9) - Box 14
Assessment by students, Semester II, 1996 (File 10) - Box 14
Notebooks containing assessments and marks of students (File 11) - Box 18
Class lists and notes (File 12) - Box 18
'Random unsorted notes from my teaching career', 1973-1996 (File 13-14) - Box 29

Series 17. Cuttings, book reviews and other papers, 1984-1997

The series contains cuttings, bestseller lists, book reviews and photocopies of articles concerning Fox and her books.

Papers in File 3 were added in October 2002.

Cuttings, book reviews, etc., 1985-1996 (File 1) - Box 14
Bestseller lists (Australian and American), 1984-1994 (File 2) - Box 14
Book reviews, 1997 (File 3) - Box 29

Series 18. Printed material, 1984-1995

Copies of Fox's books and miscellaneous journals.

How to teach drama to infants (Without really crying), 1984 (Item 1) - Box 15-16
Just like that, 1986 (Item 2) - Box 15-16
Hattie and the fox (English, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese editions), 1986 (Item 3) - Box 15-16
Teaching drama to young children, 1987 (Item 4) - Box 15-16
Goodnight sleep tight, 1988 (Item 5) - Box 15-16
Memories: an autobiography, c.1991 (Item 6) - Box 15-16
Dear Mem Fox, I have read all your books even the pathetic ones, 1992 (Item 7) - Box 15-16
Time for bed, 1993 (Item 8) - Box 15-16
Wombat divine, 1995 (Item 9) - Box 15-16
Miscellaneous journals (Item 10) - Box 15-16

Series 19. Videos, 1986-1996

'Wombat divine' (Item 1) - Box 16
'Authors on display' (Item 2) - Box 16
'Reading story' (Item 3) - Box 16
'Trumpet Mem Fox 5/4/1992' (Item 4) - Box 16
Fox's graduation ceremony, University of Wollongong, 1996 (Item 5) - Box 16
Interview with Fox, Brisbane, 1986 (Item 6) - Box 16

Series 20. Papers of Chloë Fox, 1994-1996

This series comprises cuttings and photocopies of articles from the Advertiser written by Chloë Fox.

Cuttings and copies of writings by Chloë Fox (File 1) - Box 16

Series 21. Papers of Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, 1972-1992

Fox's father, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, worked as a missionary in Southern Rhodesia/Zimbabwe between 1946 and 1992. The papers include photocopies and cuttings of articles written by and about Partridge, a copy of United College of Education: Bulawayo 1967-1981 (1985) and a card from Mem Fox from London (1979).

Various papers (File 1) - Box 16

Series 22. Other papers, 1978-2001

The papers in this series were added in October 2002.

Appointment diaries, 1995-1997 (File 1) - Box 30
Miscellaneous drafts and other papers, 1996-2000 (File 2) - Box 30
Awards, 1978 and 1997 (File 3) - Box 30
Papers relating to events attended by Fox in Australia, USA and Africa, 2000-2001 (File 4) - Box 30

These include conferences, talks, book signings and meet the author events.

Class MS Acc07.011. Consignment Added 2007

Comprises drafts and correspondence relating to various projects, including: The green sheep (2004), 2002-2006, Hunswick's egg (2005), 1996-2006, A particular cow (2006), 1995-2006, The magic hat, 1995-2002, The hungary giant/Horatio the hungry, 2003-2005, and, the new edition of Possum magic (2004). There is also an expanding file of letters to and from Fox, 2001-2006, a letter from Tim Winton (1995), press clippings, an artwork by Nicholas Wilton, an expired passport, handwritten financial records, 1995-1998, papers relating to Fox's Flinders University Convocation medal, publications, including audio books, and promotional material such as photographs, articles, stickers and a toy.

Contained in 4 boxes + 1 folio box.

Expanding file of letters to and from Mem Fox, 2001-2006 (File [unnumbered]) - Box 1

Drafts, correspondence and other papers relating to The Green Sheep (2004), 2002-2006 (File [unnumbered]) - Box 2

Drafts, correspondence and other papers relating to A Particular Cow (2006), 1995-2006 (File [unnumbered]) - Box 3

Drafts, correspondence and other papers relating to Hunwick's Egg (2005), 1996-2006 (File [unnumbered]) - Box 3

Drafts, correspondence and other papers relating to The Magic Hat (2002), 1995-2002 (File [unnumbered]) - Box 4

Drafts, correspondence and other papers relating to 'The Hungry Giant'/'Horatio the Hungry' (not published), 2003-2005 (File [unnumbered]) - Box 4

Artwork by Nicholas Wilton (File [unnumbered]) - Box 4

Press clippings (File [unnumbered]) - Box 4

The book of success (containing contribution from Fox) (File [unnumbered]) - Box 4

Letter from Tim Winton to Mem Fox (1995) (File [unnumbered]) - Box 4

Fox's weight loss plan June-July 2006 (File [unnumbered]) - Box 4

Papers relating to the new edition of Possum Magic (2004) (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5

Publications, including audio books (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5

Promotional material such as badges, stickers and a stuffed toy (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5

Papers relating to Fox's Flinders University Convocation medal, including certificate and speech (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5

2001 diary (little used) (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5

Expired passport (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5

Promotional photographs (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5

Handwritten financial records, 1995-1998 (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5

Photographs of Myer Christmas 2006 windows, Melbourne and Brisbane, which featured Wombat Divine theme (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5

Memories shared by admired and well known people - book with contribution by Fox (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5

DVD Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, Windmill Performing Arts, Adelaide (File [unnumbered]) - Box 5