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Rodney Hall
Papers of Rodney Hall
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Scope and Content

The collection includes correspondence, scripts for radio and television, papers relating to Hall's positions as poetry editor of The Australian and chairman of the Australia Council, handwritten manuscripts and typescripts of some of his books, papers relating to the Queensland Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, papers relating to Hall's musical activities, subject files, financial and family papers, cuttings, photographs and printed material.

Hall's published writings represented in the collection are Focus on Andrew Sibley (1968), The Law of Karma, a progression of poems (1968), The autobiography of a gorgon and other poems (1968), The ship on the coin: a fable of the bourgeoisie (1972), A place among people (1975), J.S. Manifold: an introduction to the man and his work (1978), The Collins book of Australian poetry (1981), Just relations (1982), The Australians (1984), Kisses of the enemy (1987), Michael Dransfield: collected poems (1987), Captivity captive (1988), Journey through Australia (1988), Australia, image of a nation 1850-1950 (1989), The second bridegroom (1991), The grisly wife (1993), Sydney harbour (1993) and The island in the mind (1996).

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Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

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The Library purchased the papers from Rodney Hall in several small instalments between 1974 and 1998. The bulk of the collection was acquired from Hall in 2000.

The smaller consignments are Series 5 and 6 (acquired in 1977), Series 9 (acquired in 1974), Series 12 (items 1-15 were added in 1988), Series 13 (items 1-11 were added in 1988), Series 14 (items 1-5 were added in 1989), Series 19 (added in 1998), Series 23 (item 22 was acquired in 1974), Series 26 (item 8 was acquired in 1974) and Series 30 (item 1 was acquired in 1974).

The Oral History Collection holds the following recordings:

A lecture on poetry given to students at the Australian National University by seven different poets (including Rodney Hall), 1969 TRC 568/1-3;

Hazel de Berg interview with Rodney Hall, 1972 DeB 562-563;

Interview recorded by Rodney Hall with Robert Adamson, [1973? and 1974?] TRC 562/30-31;

Interview recorded by Rodney Hall with John Manifold, [1973?] TRC 562/18-19;

Book launch of Just relations, including a speech by Rodney Hall, recorded by Bill Tully, 1982 TRC 1162;

Address delivered by Rodney Hall on his novel Just relations to the Canberra Times Literary Luncheon, 1983 TRC 1436/1-3.


Some groups of the files in the collection formed natural sequences, but in general the arrangement of the papers into 30 series and the order of the files within the series has been imposed by the Library.

The bulk of the collection was received loose in boxes, although some of the papers (such as the subject files and some of the drafts) were in manila folders and spring back binders. For preservation reasons the Library has transferred the contents of the files into archival folders. The arrangements of the papers within the file and the file titles have been preserved.

Biographical Note

Rodney Hall was born on 18 November 1935 in Solihull, Warwickshire, England. He came to Brisbane, Queensland with his parents in 1947. Between 1948 and 1950 he was a boarder at Brisbane Boys College. After passing the Junior Public Exam in 1951, Hall left school and started work at an insurance company in Brisbane. At the same time he began to learn the clarinet and the recorder.

He joined the National Service in 1954. Between 1958 and 1961 Hall travelled to Europe and India. After his return to Australia he began working as a freelance writer. In 1962 he married Bet MacPhail. They have three daughters.

In the early 1960s Hall worked as a freelance writer and actor, as well as a book and film reviewer. He was often engaged by the Australian Broadcasting Commission in Brisbane. Between 1967 and 1978 he was the Poetry Editor of The Australian.

In 1967 Hall was awarded a Creative Arts Fellowship at the Australian National University. While living in Canberra, he played the recorder with early music groups such as Thomas Anonymous and Friends and the Consort of Musick of Canberra. He was also the Musical Director of the Musica da Camera Chamber Orchestra (1981-1983).

Rodney Hall was appointed Chairman of the Australia Council in 1991 and he held the position until 1994. He was made OAM in 1994.

Since the late 1970s Hall has lived at Bermagui, on the south coast of New South Wales.

His published volumes of poetry include The Law of Karma, a progression of poems (1968), The autobiography of a gorgon and other poems (1968), The ship on the coin: a fable of the bourgeoisie (1972) and A place among people (1975). Some of his novels include Just relations (1982), Kisses of the enemy (1987), Captivity captive (1988), The second bridegroom (1991) and The grisly wife (1993). He collaborated with the photographer David Moore to produce Australia, image of a nation 1850-1950 (1989) and Sydney Harbour (1993). He also wrote travel books (such as Journey through Australia (1988)), a biography of the artist Andrew Sibley (1968), numerous articles and other writings, as well as editing a number of publications including Michael Dransfield: collected poems (1987).

Hall has won a number of literary prizes, including the 1973 Grace Leven Poetry Prize for A soapbox omnibus, the Cook Bicentennial Celebrations Competition Prize for A place among people (1975), the 1982 Miles Franklin Award for Just relations and the 1988 Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Captivity captive.

Biographical Reference(s)

Oxford companion to Australian literature (1995), p. 338

Who's who in Australia 2002, p. 827

Item Descriptions

Series 1. General correspondence, 1963-1999

Throughout his adult life Hall has maintained an extensive correspondence with other writers, publishers and friends. The letters deal with business matters, publications and personal news. Other correspondence can be found in Series 4, 26 and 27.

The correspondents include Robert Adamson, Murray Bail, Faith Bandler, Carmel Bird, Alec Bolton, R.F. Brissenden, Vincent Buckley, Clem Christesen, Tim Curnow, Dymphna Cusack, Helen Daniel, James Devaney, Pat Dobrez, Rosemary Dobson, Geoffrey Dutton, Dorothy Green, Gwen Harwood, Dorothy Hewett, Vivian Hopkirk, Rae Desmond Jones, Antigone Kefala, Thomas Keneally, Michael Kieran Harvey, Roger McDonald, Humphrey McQueen, David Malouf, Aubrey Mellor (Artistic Director of Playbox), David Moore, James Murdoch, Matt Ottley, Olaf Ruhen, Clem Semmler, Geoffrey Tozer, Barbara Williams, Judith Wright, Bolt and Watson (London) and Faber and Faber (London).

Of special note are the numerous Sappho cards from Gwen Harwood, usually featuring engravings from 19th century magazines.

Correspondence concerning the Australian National University Creative Arts Fellowship, 1963-1969 (bulk 1968-1969) (File 1)

Fellowship correspondence and letters of congratulations, 1967-1968 (File 2)

Correspondence, 1968-1977 (File 3)

Correspondence, 1970-1979 (File 4-10)

Correspondence with Penguin, 1973-1974 (File 11)

Correspondence, 1980-1989 (File 12-20)

Correspondence, 1990-1999 (File 21-23)

Correspondence, undated (File 24)

Series 2. Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1962-1976

The series comprises scripts for ABC radio and television (including the Natural Science Series and education programs for children), book reviews, film reviews, reader's reports, some correspondence, pay slips and printed material.

Some of the scripts were originally housed in spring-back folders. For preservation reasons, the papers have been transferred to archival folders. The Library has preserved the order of the papers within each folder.

Correspondence and pay slips, 1965-1976 (bulk 1966-1967) (File 1)

Pay slips, 1970-1971 (File 2)

Correspondence, 1967, 1974-1976 (File 3)

Scripts for Natural Science Series, 1961 (File 4)

Scripts for Natural Science Series and other radio scripts, 1961 (File 5)

Scripts for Natural Science Series, 1962 (File 6)

Scripts for General Science (Channel 2) and sundry scripts for radio, 1961 (File 7)

Scripts for Natural Science Series, 1963 (File 8-9)

Scripts, mostly for ABC TV Children's program 'Partyland', 1965-1966 (File 10-11)

Scripts for Poets and Poetry Series, 1970 (File 12)

Corrected typescripts for Books and Writing Series : 'Best book of the year', c.1981 (File 13)

Scripts for Men at Work Series (File 14)

Typescripts for 'Scope' (File 15)

Typescripts of film reviews, 1966-1967 (File 16)

Typescripts of book reviews for the ABC, 1969-1970 (File 17)

Typescripts for ABC radio classical music programs (File 18)

Scripts for Radio Drama and Features for Sunday Night Radio 2 programs (File 19)

Scripts for Junior Social Studies Series, 1965-1966 (File 20)

Scripts for Junior and Intermediate Social Studies series, 1962-1967 (File 21)

Scripts for Secondary English Series, 1965-1971 (File 22)

Scripts for Secondary English Series, 1967 and 1970 (File 23)

Scripts for Middle and Senior English Series, 1971 (File 24)

Miscellaneous typescripts by Hall (File 25)

Reader's reports (File 26)

Miscellaneous scripts not written by Hall, 1971 (File 27)

Miscellaneous material (File 28)

Series 3. The Australian, 1967-1977

Hall was appointed Poetry Editor of The Australian in 1967 and held the position until 1978. This small series contains poems sent by the public and related correspondence, as well as Hall's pay slips. The authors of the poems and the correspondents include R.A. Simpson, John A. Fuerst, John Blight, Gwen Harwood, R.F. Brissenden, Thomas Shapcott, Robert Adamson, Vivian Smith, Geoffrey Dutton and Max Williams.

2 files

Series 4. Australia Council, 1990-1994

Hall was appointed Chairman of the Australia Council in 1991 and held the position until 1994. The main groups of papers in the series are agenda papers and minutes of meetings (Files 54-77), correspondence (Files 1-7), subject files (Files 16-53), general papers (Files 8-15) and printed material (including annual reports and ephemera).

Some of the papers in this series were in files and some were loose. Wherever possible, the Library has preserved the arrangement of papers that were kept in files. It has imposed its own arrangement on the loose material.

The correspondence files include enclosures such as cuttings, reports and notes. The main correspondents are Darani Lewers, Max Bourke, Diana Temby, Lin Onus, Sandra Forbes, James Murdoch, Wendy Fatin, Bob McMullan, and David Simmons. Copies of out-letters written by Hall and Max Bourke are also included.

The general papers comprise reports, cuttings, papers on the achievements of the Council, discussion papers, press releases, arts facts sheets, as well as some correspondence and faxes.

The subject files includes cuttings, reports, notes written by Hall, memoranda and some correspondence.

Cuttings and letters of congratulations on Hall's appointment, 1991 (File 1)

Correspondence, 1991 (File 2-3)

Correspondence, 1992 (File 4-5)

Correspondence, 1993 (File 6)

Correspondence, 1994 (File 7)

General papers, 1991 (File 8-9)

General papers, 1991-1992 (File 10)

General papers, 1992 (File 11-13)

General papers, 1994 (File 14)

General papers, 1994 (File 15)

[ALP] Cultural Policy papers, 1994 (File 16)

[Visit of Max Bourke and Hall to] Adelaide and Perth, 1991 (File 17)

Artforce amendments by Hall (File 18)

[Conference of] Australasian Institute of Tertiary Education Administrators (Western Australia Branch), June 1991 (File 19)

Australia - Korea Foundation, 1993 (File 20)

Australian Artists Creative Fellowship Advisory Panel: minutes of meetings, 1989 and 1993 (File 21)

Australian Exhibition Touring Agency (AETA): report entitled 'Australia's involvement in the 45th Venice Biennale 1993' (File 22)

[Visit to] Central Australia - Queensland, August 1991 (File 23)

[Australian] Dance, 1992 (File 24)

[Report of] Max Bourke's overseas visits to Asia, London and Dublin, August-September 1991 (File 25)

[Report of] Max Bourke's overseas visit to Malaysia, December 1993 (File 26)

[Visit to] Brisbane, July 1991 (File 27)

Commonwealth Government's Cultural Policy papers, 1993-1994 (File 28-29)

[Draft of] Corporate plan, 1993 (File 30)

Cultural Policy Advisory Panel meeting in Canberra, November 1993 (File 31)

East Timor, 1991 (File 32)

Evaluation of Australia Council by Ernst and Young, 1992 (File 33-34)

High profile projects, 1993 (File 35)

Invitations, 1992-1993 (File 36)

Visit to Korea in 1992 (File 37)

Darani Lewers, 1994 (File 38)

Letters and notes sent to Hall concerning the Australia Council's General Manager position

Darani Lewers, 1991 (File 39)

Letter and essay, entitled 'New directions 1952-1962: an exploration of the art movement known as abstract expressionism'

Literature Board: discussion papers, 1992 (File 40)

Melbourne Writers' Festival, September 1991 (File 41)

[Federal and State funding for] Music, 1991 (File 42)

[Report to Prime Minister on] Orchestra Australia Project, 1991-1992 (File 43)

James Murdoch was engaged as a consultant to do a feasibility study on the project

Performing Arts and Sydney Theatre Company, 1992 (File 44)

[Hall's visit to] Perth, December 1993 (File 45)

[Evaluation report of Australia Council by] Peter Alexander and Associates, 1992 (File 46)

Planning meeting: background papers, notes and correspondence (Durani Lewers), 1992 (File 47-48)

Policy manual (File 49)

Second Australian Documentary Conference, Canberra, November 1991 (File 50)

Speeches, seminars and talks: notes and typescripts (including 'Why should the State support the arts?'), 1991 (File 51)

Tabled papers, 1993 (File 52)

Visual arts, 1993 (File 53)

Agenda and other papers for 98th meeting, Sydney, 1990 (File 54)

Agenda and other papers for 99th meeting, Sydney, 1991 (File 55)

Agenda and other papers for 101st meeting, Ballarat, 1991 (File 56)

Agenda and other papers for 102nd meeting, Sydney, 1991 (File 57)

Agenda and other papers for 103rd meeting, Adelaide, 1991 (File 58)

Agenda and other papers for 105th meeting, Sydney, 1992 (File 59)

Agenda and other papers for 106th meeting, Sydney, 1992 (File 60)

Agenda and other papers for meetings, 1991-1992 (File 61)

Agenda and other papers for 110th meeting, Sydney, 1992 (File 62)

Agenda and other papers for 112th meeting, Sydney, 1993 (File 63)

Agenda and other papers for114th meeting, Sydney, 1993 (File 64-65)

Agenda and other papers for 115th meeting, Sydney, 1993 (File 66-67)

Agenda and other papers for 116th meeting, Sydney, 1993 (File 68-70)

Agenda and other papers for 119th meeting, Brisbane, 1993 (File 71-72)

Agenda and other papers for 120th meeting, Sydney, 1993 (File 73)

Agenda and other papers for 121st meeting, Adelaide, 1994 (File 74)

Performing Arts Board - unconfirmed minutes, 1992 (File 75)

Performing Arts Board - minutes of meeting, 1993 (File 76)

Agenda and other papers for 'Special telephone meeting', September 1992 (File 77)

Black and white photographs of Rodney Hall, 1993 (File 78)

Copy of a farewell address by Hall on his retirement from the Australia Council, 18 March 1994 (File 79)

Newspaper cuttings (1991-1993) and miscellaneous notes (File 80)

Ephemera (File 81)

Printed material (for example Annual reports 1989-1991, Artburst! 1992 and Arts Media Watch 1993) (File [unnumbered])

Series 5. Focus on Andrew Sibley, 1968

The biography of the painter and teacher, Andrew Sibley was published by Queensland University Press in 1968. This series contains Hall's correspondence with Sibley and the University of Queensland Press (1968), a typescript, two black and white photographs of one of Sibley's works 'The dance', reviews, cover of the book and a mock-up.

3 files

Series 6. The Law of Karma, 1968

Poems and other stories written by Hall in 1968.

2 files

Series 7. The autobiography of a gorgon and other poems, 1968

The autobiography of a gorgon and other poems was published in 1968 by F.W. Cheshire. The series includes correspondence with the publisher, typed drafts, reviews and black and white photographs of Rodney Hall.

For preservation reasons the spring back binders were replaced with archival folders.

2 files

Series 8. The ship on the coin: a fable of the bourgeoisie, 1972

The small series consists of typescript of The ship on the coin, the first novel written by Hall and reviews. It was published in 1972 by University of Queensland Press.

1 file

Series 9. A place among people, 1975

Originally entitled 'Collocott', Hall's second novel was published in 1975 as A place among people. It won the Cook Bicentennial Celebrations Competition. The series comprises a handwritten draft, a typescript and reviews.

For preservation reasons the spring back binders were replaced with archival folders.

2 folders

Series 10. J.S. Manifold: an introduction to the man and his work (), 1978

The series comprises a typescript of Hall's biography of the Australian poet and collector of bush ballads, J.S. Manifold (1915-1985). A recording of Rodney Hall's interview with John Manifold, [1973?] can be found in the Oral History Collection (TRC 562/18-19).

1 Folder

Series 11. The Collins book of Australian poetry, 1979-1981

Rodney Hall selected the poems for The Collins book of Australian poetry, which was published by William Collins in 1981.

Most of the papers in folders 5-6 were in a rather disordered state and some of them were mixed with the papers in Series 13. The Library has endeavoured to reconstruct the original order.

The series includes correspondence, research material and drafts. The correspondents include R.M.W. Dixon (concerning Professor Dixon's translation of poems from Australian Aboriginal languages into English), Bruce Dawe, William Collins and Fontana Paperbacks.

Correspondence with Fontana Paperbacks and William Collins, 1978-1980 (File 1)

General correspondence (including Bruce Dawe), 1979-1981 (File 2)

Correspondence with R.M.W. Dixon, 1980 (File 3)

Correspondence with William Collins, 1981 (File 4)

Research material, notes, drafts and reviews (File 5-6)

Series 12. Just relations, 1982-1983

The novel Just relations (1982), with a working title 'Blood relations', won the 1982 Miles Franklin Award. The series comprises eight notebooks containing handwritten drafts, typescripts (some with corrections), reviews of the book (1982-1983), index cards and other papers.

For preservation reasons, the typescripts that were originally housed in spring back folders have been transferred into archival folders.

Note books of handwritten drafts (File 1-8)

Handwritten manuscript (File 9)

Typescript with corrections (File 10-15)

Reviews, 1982-1983 (File 16)

'Odds and ends' (includes cuttings and miscellaneous drafts) (File 17)

Index cards (File 18)

Series 13. The Australians, 1983

The Australians is a travel book by written by Hall and illustrated with photographs taken by Rene Gordon. In writing the book, Hall was assisted by Tony Kewlemans. It was published by Currie O'Neil in 1984.

Correspondence (1983) with Lloyd O'Neil and background material (File 1)

Research material with correspondence (1983) with research assistant Tony Kewlemans (File 2)

Index (File 3)

Typescripts, notes and correspondence with Lloyd O'Neil and Tony Kewlemans (File 4)

Series 14. Kisses of the enemy, 1987

The novel was first published in 1987. The series includes typescripts, proofs, reader's report, dust jackets and Hall's application to the New South Wales Minister for the Arts for financial assistance to enable him to work full time on the novel.

Typescripts (Penguin 1) (File 1-2)

Typescripts (Penguin 2) (File 3-5)

Typescripts (File 6-7)

Proofs (File 8-10)

Dust jackets (File 11)

Application to New South Wales Minister for the Arts and other papers (File 12)

Series 15. Michael Dransfield: collected poems, 1987

The poet Michael Dransfield died in 1973 when he was only 24 years of age. His three volumes of poetry are Streets of the long voyage (1970), The inspector of tides (1972) and Drug poems (1972). Michael Dransfield: collected poems was selected and edited by Rodney Hall and was published by University of Queensland Press in 1987.

Typed drafts (File 1)

Typescripts from University of Queensland Press (File 2-3)

Index cards (File 4)

Series 16. Captivity captive, 1989

Although Captivity captive (1988) was the last book of a trilogy, it was published before the first (Series 19) and the second (Series 20) books. It won the 1988 Victorian Premier's Literary Award.

Notebooks containing handwritten manuscripts (File 1-3)

Typescript with corrections, notes and dust jackets (File 4)

Galley (File 5)

Dust jacket, reviews (1989) and photographs of the book launch (File 6)

Uncorrected proof (File 7)

Series 17. Journey through Australia, 1983-1987

Journey through Australia is a travel book, which was published simultaneously in 1988 in Melbourne by William Heinemann and in London by John Murray. The series contains correspondence with Duncan McAra (John Murray Publisher, 1986), a notebook and research material (notes, cuttings, travel brochures and maps, 1983-1987).

Correspondence with Duncan McAra, 1986-1987 (File 1)

Notebook (File 2)

Research material: general (File 3-4)

Research material: New South Wales (File 5)

Research material: Northern Territory (File 6)

Research material: Outback (File 7)

Research material: Queensland (File 8)

Research material: South Australia (File 9)

Research material: Tasmania (File 10)

Research material: Victoria (File 11)

Research material: Western Australia (File 12)

Series 18. Australia, image of a nation 1850-1950, 1989

The photographer David Moore was commissioned by William Collins to produce Australia, image of a nation 1850-1950. It is a visual record of all aspects of life in Australia: urban and rural life, domestic life, employment, leisure, transport, communications, celebrations, religion and social events, race relationships, calamities and war and peace. Rodney Hall wrote the text for the book.

Handwritten and typed drafts of the captions (File 1)

Notes and drafts (File 2-5)

Typescript (File 6)

Series 19. The second bridegroom, (1991)

The novel, the first book of a trilogy (see Series 16 and 20), was published by McPhee Gribble in 1991. The series comprises two notebooks and typescripts.

Two notebooks (File 1-2)

Typescript with corrections (File 3)

Bound typescript with corrections (File 4)

Clean typescript from Faber and Faber, London (File 5)

Series 20. The grisly wife, (1993)

The novel, the second book of a trilogy (see Series 16 and 19), was published by Macmillan in 1993. The series comprises miscellaneous notes.

folder (File 1)

Series 21. Sydney Harbour, (1993)

Rodney Hall wrote the text for Sydney Harbour and it is illustrated with photographs taken by David Moore. The book was published by Chapter and Verse in 1993 in association with the State Library of New South Wales. This small series contains typescripts with corrections.

folder (File 1)

Series 22. The island in the mind, (1996)

The novel The island in the mind comprises three parts: 'Terra incognita', 'The lonely traveller by night' and 'Lord Hermaphrodite'. It was published by Macmillan in 1996.

Draft 'Terra incognita (File 1)

Edited manuscript 'Terra incognita' (File 2)

Draft 'The lonely traveller by night' (File 3)

Third draft 'Lord Hermaphrodite' (File 4)

Author's proof 'Terra incognita' (File 5)

Author's proof 'The lonely traveller' (File 6)

Author's proof 'Lord Hermaphrodite' (File 7)

Series 23. Other writings, 1970-1981

The series comprises handwritten drafts, typescripts, notes, cuttings and some correspondence relating to Hall's various writing activities. They include plays for radio and television, a chapter on Judith Wright for The literature of Australia, lectures, his collaboration with the Australian composer Andrew Ford in 'Whispers', and the libretto for 'We are Adam's children', an opera for radio.

Working manuscripts for 'Environment studies', 'Social Studies' and 'Sunday 1970 poems' (File 1)

Typescript and correspondence with Geoffrey Dutton and Penguin concerning 'Themes in Judith Wright's poetry' written by Hall for the Literature of Australia (edited by Geoffrey Dutton, 1976) (File 2)

Typescript of Hall's adaptation of Thomas Middleton's Changeling, 'A tour of a madhouse' and correspondence with the Old Tote Theatre Company in Sydney, 1976 (File 3)

Typescript review of Shaw's music, 1981 (File 4)

Typescript and correspondence with Andrew Ford and Jo Jacobs concerning 'Whispers' (File 5)

Typescript of a lecture entitled 'Poetry in a technocratic society', Perth, 1971 (File 6)

Typescript 'Paradise as labyrinth' (File 7)

Typescript 'From land into landscape; the vocabulary of Australian poetry' (File 8)

Typescript 'Looking for a friend' (File 9)

Typescript 'Selected poems' (File 10)

Handwritten drafts 'Archbishop verse' (File 11)

Typescript a play for radio 'The living only' (File 12)

Typescript television play 'Striving after the wind' (File 13)

Typescript 'Under the old gum trees at sunrise' (words by Rodney Hall, music by George Dreyfus) (File 14)

We are Adam's children': correspondence (with Donald Hollier and Lois Bogg), 1973-1974 (File 15)

'We are Adam's children': corrected typescript (File 16)

Typescript lecture 'A personal approach to poetry' (File 17)

Typescript talk on nuclear 'Bases' (File 18)

Typescript lecture 'One in the eye for Plato' (File 19)

Typescript lecture 'Poetry in the technological world' (File 20)

Typescript lecture 'The image through a prism' (File 21)

Typescript 'A personal comment on the ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) Seminar on Australian and Indian literature' (File 22)

Typescript for untitled lecture (File 23)

Handwritten drafts and typescripts of poems, including 'Romulus and Remus' (File 24)

Nine notebooks containing notes and drafts (File 25)

'Old working drafts' (File 26)

Typescripts and handwritten drafts of poems (File 27)

Miscellaneous drafts of poems (File 28)

Miscellaneous drafts, mostly handwritten (File 29)

Miscellaneous typescripts and handwritten drafts (File 30)

Series 24. Queensland Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 1964-1970

This small series reflects Hall's strong interest in Aboriginal issues and in particular his association with the Queensland Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, which was affiliated with the Federal Council for the Advancement Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (FCAATSI).

The papers comprise newsletters of the Queensland Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, minutes of meetings of FCAATSI, cuttings, ephemera, notes, photographs and printed material.

2 folders

Series 25. Musical activities, 1968-1983

Hall is a musician with a particular interest in the recorder and early music. His musical activities have included teaching music at summer schools of the University of New England, University of Adelaide, Canberra School of Music and the Canberra College of Advanced Education.

Hall came to Canberra in 1967 when he took up a Creative Arts Fellowship at the Australian National University. While living in Canberra, he joined early music groups such as Thomas Anonymous and Friends and the Consort of Musick of Canberra. Between 1981 and 1983 he was the Musical Director of Musica da Camera Chamber Orchestra.

Between 1986 and 1990 Hall was employed by the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University as the text translator and editor for their Fourteenth Century Recording Project.

The series comprises correspondence, notes, manuscripts and published recorder music, leaflets, concert programs and other papers.

University of New England, 1968-1980 (File 1)

Musical performances in Canberra, 1968-1983 (File 2)

University of Adelaide, 1973-1974 (File 3)

Adelaide Music School, 1973 (File 4)

Correspondence concerning Hall's work as a tutor in recorder and early music at the summer school

Canberra Recorder and Early Music Society, 1975 and 1980 (File 5)

Canberra College of Advanced Education, 1978-1979 (File 6)

Canberra School of Music: Summer School, 1978-1983 (File 7)

Thomas Anonymous and Friends, 1980-1982 (File 8)

Musica da Camera Chamber Orchestra, 1981-1983 (File 9)

Fourteenth Century Recording Project, 1986-1997 (File 10-11)

Miscellaneous papers (File 12)

Manuscripts of recorder music (File 13-14)

Published recorder music (File 15)

Series 26. Subject files, 1965-1996

The papers in this series include correspondence, cuttings, drafts of his writings, brochures, leaflets, notes and travel souvenirs (including air tickets and receipts). Many of the files relate to Hall's participation in various writers' festivals and conferences.

The papers were originally stored in manila folders. For preservation reasons the Library has transferred the contents of the files into archival folders. The arrangements of the papers within the file and also Hall's subject headings have been preserved.

AAB [Aboriginal Arts Board] Editing Program, 1986 (File 1)

ABC / TV, 1984-1986 (File 2)

Adelaide Festival, 1996 (File 3-4)

Hall chaired the 'Meet the author' session with Humphrey McQueen in the 1996 Writers' Week

The Age (File 5)

Australian Geographic, 1985-1987 (File 6)

Australian National University: Creative Arts Fellowship papers (including a copy of Hall's application),, 1967 (File 7)

Belltrees / Moore, 1990 (File 8)

Correspondence with David Moore concerning An Australian place: the Upper Hunter Valley (1991) for which Hall wrote the text

[Visit to] Canada, 1988 (File 9)

Hall attended the 'Olympian Authors' Week', which was held in conjunction with the XV Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta.

[Visit to] Canada / USA, 1987-1988 (File 10)

Canberra School of Music, 1981-1982 (File 11)

Ceduna / NBC / workshops (File 12)

The papers relate to a tour of the Ceduna district organised by the National Book Council in 1986

China, 1987-1988 (File 13-14)

Hall visited China in 1988 for a residency at the Australian Studies Centre at East China Normal University in Shanghai. He also attended a Conference on Australian Literature in Beijing. The papers include correspondence with Chinese writers and students

'Duplicates of reviews of my books', 1975-1978 (File 15)

Four Winds Festival, 1993-1996 (File 16-17)

Hall and his wife, Bet, have played an active role in the annual Festival in Bermagui

Germany, 1981-1982 (File 18)

Hall attended the Fifth Symposium on Commonwealth Literature entitled 'Modern Commonwealth poetry' in Kiel, West Germany in 1982

Indian Literary Conference, 1988 (File 19)

Invitations to talk, 1973-1974 (File 20)

Law suit, 1980-1981 (File 21)

Correspondence with lawyers concerning a lawsuit by Angus and Robertson

Literature Board, 1976-1991 (File 22)

Magabala Books, 1989 (File 23)

Rodney Hall attended the Kimberley Writers' Week, organised by Magabala Books, in Broome

Medea: notes probably for a play (File 24)

National Book Council, 1987-1990 (File 25)

National Word Festival, 1984-1987 (File 26)

New York 'Y' reading, 1988-10989 (File 27)

Correspondence concerning Festival of Australian Literature at the Poetry Centre in 92nd Street Y in New York

[Notes for] 'The night the hunter' from The island in the mind (London: Granta, 1996) (File 28)

[A reference for] Ouyang Yu, 1994 (File 29)

Overseas visits [to Europe and US], 1981-1988 (File 30)

Pascall Prize, 1987 (File 31)

Copy of Hall's letter of application to the Geraldine Pascall Foundation

Penguin poetry proposal (File 32)

Perth [Writers'] Festival, 1986-1987 (File 33)

[Joint US - Australia nuclear facilities at] Pine Gap, 1988-1989 (File 34)

Playbox, 1990-1994 (File 35)

Hall was commissioned to write a play for Playbox

'Poetry index - [Marianne] Erhardt, for reading list for Collins Book of Australian Poetry', 1980 (File 36)

PW I, II, III B and V/VI D (File 37-38)

Papers accumulated while Hall was a part-time teacher of Professional Writing course at the Canberra College of Advanced Education, c. 1981-1983

[Notes for] 'Quicksote'? (File 39)

Ramli performances, 1985-1986 (File 40)

Papers relating to Hall's collaboration in the production of 'Adorations' with the Indian classical dancer, Ramli Ibrahim

Robert Sessions Publisher: correspondence, 1986-1987 (File 41)

Rejections and acceptance slips (including The Bulletin: Vincent Buckley, Meanjin: Clem Christesen and The Atlantic Monthly), (File 42)

'Report to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Literature Board of the Australia Council on conferences attended by Hall at Kiel (November 1980), Venice (December 1980) and Messina (January 1981)' (File 43)

Report to the Literature Board, 1978 (File 44)

'The rich': newspaper cutting, 1989 (File 45)

Riverina College of Advanced Education, 1978 (File 46)

Hall was writer-in-residence at the College

Save the ABC, n.d (File 47)

Seminar on Australian and Indian Literature, 1970 (File 48)

Steele Rudd Award, 1988 (File 49)

Hall was one of the speakers at the award ceremony

Beverley Tait's letter and typescript of her book Court in the act, 1992 (File 50)

[Gerry] Turcotte, 1988-1989 (File 51)

Turner Tomorrow (File 52)

Hall was invited to be one of the judges for Ted Turner Publishing's Tomorrow Awards. The file includes correspondence (1989-1991) with Thomas H. Guinzburg and Mary Jane Batson

University of Queensland: cuttings, 1965-1966 (File 53)

University of Queensland Press, 1971 and 1978 (File 54)

Vogue Italia, 1987 (File 55)

Hall contributed an article entitled 'News from a comfortable frontier' in Casa Vogue

WANA (Writers Against Nuclear Arms) (File 56)

Correspondence (1987-1988) with David Headon concerning a speech given by Hall at the WANA Second National Symposium

Warana Festival, 1986-1989 (File 57-58)

William Collins, , 1987-1988 (File 59)

Wollongong, 1991 (File 60)

The papers relate to Hall's participation in a conference in January 1992

Wollongong / writer-in-residence, 1986 (File 61)

Work, 1980-1981 (File 62)

Workshops, 1988-1989 (File 63-64)

Series 27. Financial and family papers, 1968-1996

The series includes papers dealing with the Bermagui house (building permit, invoices and receipts for building material), financial papers, tax papers and family papers (postcards from daughters and school reports).

Correspondence with Wilcox and Lehmann Solicitors, 1974-1975 (File 1)

Bermagui house, 1976-1983 (File 2)

Winston' property, Potts Point, 1987 (File 3)

Financial papers, 1968-1996 (File 4)

Tax papers, 1980-1982 (File 5)

Tax papers, 1989-1990 (File 6)

Family papers, 1974-1993 (File 7)

Other papers, 1973-1990 (File 8)

Series 28. Cuttings, 1964-1989

The cuttings in this series comprise some articles about Hall, but they mainly deal with political and other general subjects of interest to him. Reviews and other cuttings relating to Hall's books can be found in the relevant series.

2 bags

Series 29. Photographs, 1975-1982

Almost all the photographs are of Rodney Hall.

Black and white proof sheets by Robert Walker (File 1)

Black and white photographs by Kevin Jardine and Wesley Stacey, 1978 (File 2)

Australian Information Services photographs, 1982 (File 3)

Other photographs, n.d (File 4)

Series 30. Miscellaneous papers, 1954-1973

List of Hall's published works, reviews, lectures, talks, seminars, conferences and musical activities, 1954-1968 (File 1)

'Report on Malaysian visit 15-24 September 1973' by Tom Shapcott (File 2)

Typescript sent to Hall by Shirley [?] (File 3)

Business cards (File 4)

Concert and theatre programs, exhibition leaflets and other ephemeral material (File 5-8)

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