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MS Acc13.098

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Albie Thoms
Papers of Albie Thoms
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MS Acc13.098
10.95 metres (30 ms boxes + 9 cartons + 4 large folio boxes)
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Item Descriptions

Class MS Acc13.098. Original Consignment


File. Lever Arch Files: A, B, F, K-L-M. Articles, essays, interviews, profiles in alphabetical order, 1960S, 1970S - Box 1 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Lever Arch Files: S, T-U-V, W-X-Y-Z. Articles, essays, interviews, profiles, 1960s, 1970s - Box 2 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Lever Arch Files:'1960s films - US & UK Archives', 'Yellow House', 'Push', 'Blunderball photos', 1960s, 1970s - Box 3 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Lever Arch Files: 'Ephemera', 'Film,' 'Literature & Protest', 1960s,1970s - Box 4 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Lever Arch Files: 'Suds programs', 'My Gen, SS footage', Oz Magazine, 'Theatre & Television', 1960s-1990s - Box 5 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Lever Arch Files: 'Photos, 1970s', 'Vietnam'; 'Ubu Films', 1960s, 1970s - Box 6 (MS Acc13.098)
File. 7 x manila folders, notes, secondary material, script for proposed film, correspondence with funding bodies; four CDs annotated: 'Book backup' (nd), 'Thoms family tree', 'My Generation Nov 09 PDF', and 'Thoms 25/3/11', 1960s-1990s - Box 7-8 (MS Acc13.098)
File. 7 x Lever Arch Files: G, N-O, C, P-R, H-J, D-E, 1 file large-format photos from productions; 1 large folder 'Magazine Issues Edited' (Revolution, London Oz, UBU News,); 1 x large folder 'Rubbish, on the spot newspaper'; 1 file posters, photos; copies of feature articles written by Thoms; copies of various magazines/newsletters including Thorunka and 'Broadsheet', and 'Barefoot Servants', 1960s-1970s - Box 9-12 (MS Acc13.098)

NOTE: Boxes 11-12 are in the folio run.

File. General Research Material - magazines; 1 large cloth banner advertising a Martin Sharp exhibition at the Museum of Sydney, c2004, 1960s-1970s - Box 13-15 (MS Acc13.098)

NOTE: Boxes 14-15 are in the folio run.

File. General Research Material - Magazines, 1960s-1970s; 2000s - Box 16-17 (MS Acc13.098)
File. General Research Material - cuttings; magazines; Thoms' filmography (1964-1992); a group of colour negatives - no annotation or date; a small amount of biographical material about Thoms; notebook containing script and rehearsal schedule for 'A revue of the Absurd', nd; typescripts of talks given by Thoms, 1960s - Box 18-19 (MS Acc13.098)
File. General Research Material - files and loose papers comprising mostly cuttings, 1960s - Box 20-22 (MS Acc13.098)


File. Folder of cuttings, articles, etc relating to Martin Sharp - Box 23 (MS Acc13.098)


File. Correspondence with the National Film & Sound Archive; and a folder which includes film related photos, negatives, cuttings and the transcript of an interview with Aggy Read, nd; 1 x file of correspondence which includes: reference from Nick Waterlow, Filmography, letters to and from Graeme Blundell (about Kinsellas), Robin Hughes (ABC), Aviva Ziegler (Film Australia), Nadia Wheatley (re George Johnston & Charmian Clift), Archim Forst (Berlin), Bruce (?) (artist, illustrator), Peter Kingston (artist), and letters looking for openings, making semi-offers, solicitations for help etc (c1978-1990) - Box 23 (MS Acc13.098)


File. Includes a copy of 'The Thoms Family', self-published by Thoms in 2011; research notes, photos and negatives; biographical material about Thoms; and 11 x CDs of family history related content - Box 24 (MS Acc13.098)


File. Company records for Thoms' production company - comprises financial records, 2009-2013 - Box 25 (MS Acc13.098)

Series. PHOTOS

File. Black & white photos, colour photos, negatives; sets of Greg Weight photo-postcards from the Yellow House; photos from the movies 'Ubu' and 'Blunderball'; and research into early 20th century beaches, including copies of photos of life saving, beach scenes and images of women in bathing suits; 1 file containing issues of Oz Newsletter, dating from the period October 1969-November 1970 (box 29), c.1960s - Box 26-29 (MS Acc13.098)

Note: Box 29 is in the folio run.


File. Films, interviews, documentaries - 77 x VHS videos - Box 30-34 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Films, interviews, documentaries. Albi Thoms interviews, CD of 'My Generation' 2009. (1 x Beta and 8 x VHS videos; 12 x CDs/DVDs, 1 x external hard drive) - Box 35 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Albi Thoms interviews. Films & film clips 1963-1990, including Palm Beach, Bohemians of the bush, Marinetti, King of Belle-Ile, Sydney Underground Movies, Garry Shead, Experimental Films; 1 stop watch (approx 50 x CDs/DVDs) - Box 36 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Films & film clips 1963-1990, including Palm Beach, Bohemians of the bush, Marinetti, King of Belle-Ile, Sydney Underground Movies, Garry Shead, Experimental Films (approx 50 x DVDs, many commercially produced) - Box 37-38 (MS Acc13.098)


File. Appointment diaries: 1965, 1967, 2 x 1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, 3 x 1973, 1974-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2011, 1965-2011 - Box 39-42 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Hand written journal from Paris, 1976; 3 address books - Box 43 (MS Acc13.098)


File. The Alternative Press: Jim Anderson (Oz), Lee Dillow (Daily Planet), David Elfick (GoSet, Revolution, Tracks, 29 letters to and from Albie Thoms, '70-74), Paul Elliott (Eye Ball), John Hawkes (Revolution), Colin James (GoSet), Susan Jansen (Suck), Richard Neville (4 re. Oz trial), Marsha Rowe (Oz), Louise Ferrier (OZ) - Box 43 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Artists: Michael Callaghan, Bruce Goold, Jon Lewis, Philippe Mora (hand-painted card), Martin Sharp (5 substantial, one with drawing), Edwin Tannner - Box 43 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Poets: Vincent Buckley (2), Don Maynard (5, esp. re Four Poets), Adrian Rawlins, (dozens) Nigel Roberts, K.J. Walker & Leon Fink (re Harry Hooton) - Box 43 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Playwrights, Composers, Agents etc: Edward Albee, Fernando Arrabal, John Beckett, Meredith Burgman, Graeme Blundell, Roger Covell (letter plus transcript of the case brought against AT for having an obscene song sung in a Revue at Sydney University 29/3/63.In the letter Covell explains why he can't testify for Albie), Ross Chambers, Chester, Richard Coe, H. R. Fischer (for Oskar Kokoschka), Lee Harwood, Eugene Ionesco, Kenneth Koch, Bran Mooney, Jim Sharman, N.F. Simpson, Stefan Themerson, Glenn Tomasetti, Kenneth Tynan, Simon Watson Taylor, La Monte Young, & others - Box 43 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Filmmakers: Phillip Adams, Bruce Beresford (24 long, typewritten, full of gossip), Gil Brealey, Jane Campion (re AT's film Palm Beach, full of praise, & offering to work with him), A&C Cantrill (dozens), Pier Farri, Birgir & Wilhelm Hein, Jack Lee, Alfredo Leonardi, Dusan Marek, Harry Miller, Phillip Noyce (9 long letters), Jane Oehr, Andrew Pike (10 long), Aggy Read (dozens, to and from AT), Garry Shead, Ken Watts, Peter Weibel, Michael Weisse, Peter Weir, Craig McGregor, & others - Box 43 (MS Acc13.098)
File. London Expatriates: Greg Curran, Christine Hill, John Hoddinott - Box 43 (MS Acc13.098)
File. Art Week, Brisbane, 1972: 1 file of letters of Aggy Read (1970s) - Box 43 (MS Acc13.098)