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Lawrence Hargrave
Papers of Lawrence Hargrave
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MS 352
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Item Descriptions

Second, but not up to date copy of Lope de Vega Manuscript (File 1)

Illustrations of Hawaiian rock carvings (File 1)

Royal Society paper 2/6/1909 with copious amendments (File 1)

Mines Dept. Publication: Article on aboriginal carvings at Point Piper (File 1)

Drawings and negatives for Lope de Vega pamphlets Nos. 1 and 2 (File 2)

Lone Hand article on Mendana's 1st voyage (File 2)

Govt. Papers of 1855 (File 3)

Reports on Gladstone; Port Curtis and Search for Boyd (File 3)

Record of aboriginal carvings. (In folio run) (File 4)

Illustrations for third Lope de Vega pamphlet and bronze coin (File 5)

Lope de Vega correspondence, 1908-1910 (File 6)

Lope de Vega correspondence, 3/8/1912-19/8/1913 (File 7)

Lope de Vega correspondence, 1913/1915 (File 8)

Lope de Vega correspondence, 29/12/1910-9/9/1912 (File 9)

Lope de Vega pamphlet No. 3 (File 10)

Rough copy of Manuscript on Lope de Vega, 25/6/1912 (File 10)

Copy of Lope de Vega Manuscript, 11/3/1915 (File 10)

Lope de Vega Manuscript, 13/1/1914 (File 11)

Drawings used to illustrate Lope de Vega Manuscript (File 12)

Drawings used to illustrate Lope de Vega Manuscript (File 12)

T. C. Roughley Bulletin on the aeronautical work of Lawrence Hargrave (File 13)

Mr Justice Hargrave's Law Lectures published in 1860 and presented by him to his brother, Richard (File 13)

Three papers on Lope de Vega and three other Royal Society papers, two on flying machines and one on the Port of Sydney (File 13)

(copies?) of Judge Hargrave's book, apparently by Farmer Whyte (File 13)

24 photographs of Hargrave's family (File 14)

Press cutting book with articles and illustrations on Hargrave - not all of them accurate, apparently also belonging to Mrs. Dixon (File 15)

Newspaper cutting book, apparently Mrs. Dixon's containing some Hargrave records (File 16)

Printing Block for Royal Society papers (File 17)

Photostat copies of Lope de Vega pamphlets (File 18)

Letter to Mrs. Hargrave from Petherick (File 19)

Booklet of discovery of Aust. by De Quiros by Cardinal Moran (File 19)

A reply to Cardinal Moran (File 19)

5 spare copies of Lope de Vega booklets (File 19)

Booklet on excursions for the British Assoc. for Advancement of Science (File 19)

Booklet on aboriginal workshops in NSW (File 19)

Description of lantern slides and illustrations in Lope de Vega Manuscript (File 19)

G. Collingridge "First Discovery of Australia" (File 19)