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Committee of Inquiry into Education and Training
Records of the Committee of Inquiry into Education and Training
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Item Descriptions

Frank Jelley (Item SU1)

Training of Apprentices

P. G. Longrigg (Item SU2)

(a)(vi)(vii)(viii) (b)(i)(ii)(iii)(v)

Armidale and District Learning Difficulties Association (Item SU3)

(b) (iv) work with illiterate people

G. J. Byrne (Item SU4)

Shortage of tradesmen

Dr J.P, Lea, Dept. of Town Country Planning University of Sydney (Item SU5)

Paper 'Environmental Planning Education for Developing Countries'

J. Perriment (Item SU6)

(a)(v) (v)(iii)(iv)

G.J. Galt and L.L. March (Item SU7)

(b)(iv) Mildly Mentally Handicapped, Education of

Mary Owen and Sylvie Shaw (Item SU8)

b(iv) Working Women

Royal District Nursing Society of South Australia Inc. (Item SU9)

District Nurse Training

Ms I. Dallas (Item SU10)

General TORS.

Law Council of Australia (Item SU11)

Legal Education

Dr D. Sherman (Item SU12)

(a)(i)(iv)(v)(vii) (b)(i)(iii)(v)

Mr H.J. Harrington (Item SU13)


Mr J.B. Polya (Item SU14)

(a)(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)(vii)(viii) (b)(iv)(vii)(iii)

Mr A.A. de Souza (Item SU15)

Essay 'Education for Maturity'

Mr G.A. Mottershead (Item SU16)

Paper 'Base Paper on the Total Curriculum'

L.P. Fricker (Item SU17)

New types of educational institutions - Community Colleges in Nth America

Australian Council of Social Services (Item SU18)

Migrant issues committee recommendations

Mr B.E. Lloyd (Item SU19)

'Functional Rationalisation of Post-Secondary Education in Victoria'

Dr B.W. Smith - Schools Commission (Item SU20)

OECD Draft Report - Comments on

Professor G.G. Meredith - University of New England (Item SU21)

A case for financial support, small business adviser/consultant training

Australian Federation of University Women - Victoria (Item SU22)

General terms of reference

Community Education Unit (Item SU23)

'Secondary Education for Aborigines'

Professor C. O'Connor Univ of Qld. (Item SU24)

Senior and University student assessments

Committee on the Teaching of Migrant Languages in Schools (Item SU26)

Report of the Committee

Public Service Board (Item SU27)

Info. paper on Equality of Opportunity

Public Service Board (Item SU28)

Employment of Aboriginals

Public Service Board (Item SU29)

New Recruits Survey

Dr Owen Cartledge (Item SU30)

Education - funding

L.R. Blackett (Item SU31)


Public Service Board (Item SU32)

Manpower Planning for Senior Positions APS

Royal Australian Nursing Federation (Tasmanian Branch) (Item SU33)

Nursing Education

Chester, Max (Item SU34)

'Education Resources and Buildings - what ultimate purpose?'

Albury/Wodonga University Committee (Item SU35)

Provision for a University for Albury Wodonga

South Australian Council for Educational Planning and Research (Item SU36)

Provision for pregnant school age girls

Dr D.J. Davis (Item SU37)

'Manpower Planning, Rates of Return Analysis of University & Med. Schools

N.S.W. Department of Education (Item SU38)

'Community Investment in N.S.W. Public Schools'

N.S.W. Department of Education (Item SU39)

'6 year high school vs. junior senior high school

N.S.W. Department of Education (Item SU40)

'The role of the educational system in preparing people for work and influencing their choice of occupation.

N.S.W. Department of Education (Item SU41)


N.S.W. Department of Education (Item SU42)

Special education - handicapped children aboriginals, migrants etc.

N.S.W. Department of Education (Item SU43)

Report - 'Enquiry into Literacy and Numeracy'

N.S.W. Department of Education (Item SU44)

'Teacher manpower planning N.S.W.'

Queensland Department of Education (Item SU45)

Prevocational (trade based) education course

Queensland Department of Education (Item SU46)

OECD report to - 'Transition from School to Work or further study'

Queensland Department of Education (Item SU47)

Teacher Supply And Demand - Primary and Secondary

McDonnell, Patrick (Item SU48)

Comparative Study of School Effects on Educational Intentions

Dr J. G. Williams (Item SU49)

'Part-time post-secondary education as the norm'

Dr D. J. Downs (Item SU50)

The Role of Multipurpose CAE's

Victorian College of Pharmacy Limited (Item SU51)


Mr and Mrs D. Shaw (Item SU52)

General terms of reference

Senator Jessop/Senator Carrick - constituents letter (Item SU53)

General terms of reference

South Aust. Department of Education (Item SU54)

OECD report to - 'Transition from school to work to further study'

Dept. of Environment, Housing Community Development (Item SU55)

Education and Training of Local Govt. Administrators in Australia

Business Education Council/Technician Education Council BEC/TEC (Item SU56)

Policy statements of both Councils 1976 and 1974 resp.

Walsh - Brian (Item SU57)

General terms of reference

Houbein - Lob (Item SU58)

Alternative 'Total Education' - bush campus

Australian Mineral Foundation Incorporated (Item SU59)

a(vii) (b)(iii)(iv)(v)

Young Dr Christabel M. (Item SU60)

Occupational Categories and Socio-economic Measures

Mr Bennett Bill (Item SU61)

Survey of 1967 HSC Exam Results

Board of Secondary Education/McKenzie F.E., Director (Item SU62)


Hart, Gaye (Item SU63)

Career Education

Davie, R.S., Doyle, K.J., Russell, J.K.W. Stern (Item SU64)

Development of Co-operative Sandwich Education

Gleeson Mrs J. and Dr David Kiejer (Item SU65)

An analysis of part-time and full-time study at CAEs

Lloyd-Davies Professor H. (Item SU66)

Tertiary Training for Rural Industries

Australian Federation of University Women - N.S.W. (Item SU67)


Law, Dr P.G. (Item SU68)

Graduate Supply and Oversupply - the Numbers Game

Green, Professor D.H. (Item SU69)

General terms of reference.

Bates, Erica (Item SU70)

Education in Communication

W.A. Council of State Schools Organisations Inc. (Item SU71)

General terms of reference

Heavy Engineering Manufacturers' Asscn. (Item SU72)

Education and the Engineering Industry

Duke, Dr C. (Item SU73)

Recurrent Education

Roman, Mr E. (Item SU74)

General terms of reference

Bromlee, Mr.T. (Item SU75)

Defence Force Academy

Hopkins, Ms Edna (Item SU76)

Teaching migrants English

Bendall, Ms Grace (Item SU77)

General terms of reference

N.S.W. Association of Occupational Therapists (Item SU78)

Terms of reference related to Occupational Therapists

Boothroyd, R.G. (Item SU79)

CAE's and Engineering Training

The Printing and Allied Trades Employers Federation of Australia (Item SU80)

Training for the printing industry

Board of Teacher Education - N.S.W. (Item SU81)

General terms of reference

Australian Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled (Item SU82)

Future education for handicapped

Lynch, Brother Michael (Item SU83)

Technical Facilities at schools - Apprentices

Whitmore, Professor R. L. (Item SU84)

Structure of post secondary education

Davies, K. J. (Item SU85)

General terms of reference

Galton Monica Townsend Judith (Item SU86)

Nursing Education

Kable, Mr J.C. (Item SU87)

'Role of Undergraduate Management Training in Australian Tert. Inst.'

Nurses Education Board of N.S.W. (Item SU88)

Nursing education

Stace, Mr D. A. (Item SU89)

Rationalisation of Post Secondary Education

Flak, Mr J. H. (Item SU90)

General terms of reference

The Australian Chiropody Association (N.S.W.) (Item SU91)

General terms of reference re: chiropody training

Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (Item SU92)

General terms of reference

Ms Jenny Simons (Item SU93)

General terms of reference re: Nursing school teaching

Wagga Wagga Technical and Further Education Committee (Item SU94)

Tafe Colleges

Osmak Robert (Item SU95)

'The failure of Secondary level school

Roberts, Mr G. (Item SU96)

'Preparation of the less academically able for life'

Overten, Dr D. L. (Item SU97)

Education in the computer field

Zonta Club (Item SU98)

General terms of reference

The Australian Workers Union (Item SU99)

Effects of part-time employment of study

Macquarie University (Item SU100)

General terms of reference

Francis, Professor John C.B.E. (Item SU101)

Veterinarians Training

Sydney Kindergarten Teachers College (Item SU102)

Preschool Facilities

N.S.W. Institute of Technology - Faculty of Engineering (Item SU103)

Professional Engineering

Radvansky, John (Item SU104)

Teacher Education

Victorian Institute of Colleges (Item SU105)

General terms of reference

Blair, Mr Jack R. (Item SU106)

Physically handicapped

The Pharmaceutical Society of Tasmania (Item SU107)

Recurrent education

Gibbons, A. (Item SU108)

Nurses Education

Jones, Dr Basil (Item SU109)

Re: Qld Conservatorium of Music

Tasmanian High Schools Principals Assoc. (Item SU110)

Vocational Training - Role of the High School

N.S.W. State Brickworks (Item SU111)

Training for the Ceramics Industry

Kay, Russell Willis (Item SU112)

Vocational training

Agricultural Technologists of Australia (Item SU113)

Education for primary producers

The Australian Institute of Engineering Associates (Item SU114)

Education for engineers

South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (Item SU115)

Terms of reference re: Catholic Schools

Women's Electoral Lobby (NSW) (WEL) (Item SU116)

Education and Training re: Women & Girl’s

The Careers Advisers' Assoc. of N.S.W. (Item SU117)

Careers Education

University of Melbourne (Prelim. sub.) (Item SU118)

The Australian College of Education - Tasmanian Chapter (Item SU119)

General terms of reference

The Australian College of Education (prelim. sub.) (Item SU120)

Western Australian Institute of Technology (Item SU121)

1. Provision of education facilities

2. Education and labour market

Armidale District Learning Difficulties Association (Item SU122)

Special groups

Shelton, Dr Barrie (Item SU123)

Environmental design education

Riverina College of Advanced Education (Item SU124)

General terms of reference

Association of Technician Surveyors Incorporated (Item SU125)

General terms of reference, Courses for Surveyors

National Association for Drama in Education (Item SU126)

Arts Education

Working Party on Post Secondary Education (Item SU127)

CAE's in Tasmania

Braithwaite, Ms Jean (Item SU128)

Child care - training

Apprentice Training Office Association (Item SU129)

Apprentice training etc.

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (Item SU130)

Training chemists etc.

SPELD W.A. (Inc.) (Item SU131)

Jones, Shirley - Degens, Patricia (Item SU132)

Sexism in education

Uniting Church in Australia (Item SU133)

Youth, education and employment c'ttee

Sabine, T. M. (Item SU134)

General terms of reference

South Australian Association of State School Organizations Inc. (Item SU135)

General terms of reference

Victorian Federation of Catholic Mothers' Clubs and Parents' Associations (Item SU136)

(a)(ii)(iv)(v)(vi)(vii) (b)(i)(ii)(iii)

The Federation of Parents Citizens' Associations (N.S.W.) (Item SU137)

Personal growth rather than vocational training

Australian Computer Society Incorporated (Item SU138)

Training for computer industry

Underwood, Dr K. L. (Item SU139)


Master Builders' Association of N.S.W. (Item SU140)


Watt, Emy Dr (Item SU141)


Australian Council for Overseas Aid (Item SU142)

'Wham Report'

Bliss, Charles K. (Item SU143)


SPELD - Australian Federation (Item SU144)

Specific learning difficulties

Royal Australian Nursing Federation (prel.) (Item SU145)

Nursing education

Australian Management (Graduates) Society (Item SU146)

Management education

Department of Public Works - N.S.W. (Item SU147)

Educational role of schools and tertiary institutions

Association of Self-Help Organisations and Groups (Item SU148)

Physically handicapped

Catholic Teachers College - North Sydney (Item SU149)

CTC role

Treasury - Hobart (Item SU150)

a(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(vi) (viii) b(iv)

The University of Wollongong (Item SU151)

Future prospects

Mr Penny, Roger S. (Item SU152)

Estab. Aust. Cll. of Educ. Tech. as in U.S.

(WEL) Womens Electoral Lobby - A.C.T. (WEL) Womens Electoral Lobby - Townsville (Item SU153)

Discrimination against females

Recruiting of mature age women

Western Australian High Schools Principals Association (Item SU154)

Secondary education options

Blest, Dr D. C. (Item SU155)

Expansion of non-vocational studies

Board of Education Diocese of Sydney (Item SU156)

Individual needs

Esperance Tertiary Education Committee (Item SU157)

Estab. of Techn. Educ. facilities at Esperance

SPELD - Victoria (Item SU158)

Sharke, Professor N. R. (Item SU159)

CAE's be rationalised

Manly-Warringah Citizens Advice Bureau (Item SU160)

Educational advising service

Harris, Mr P. J. (Item SU161)

Problems of rehabilitation of physically handicapped

O'Connor, Professor C. (Item SU162)

CAE's - Engineering courses

Bank Education Service (Item SU163)


Institute of Early Childhood Development (prelim. sub) (Item SU164)

General terms of reference

Davidson, Dr T. M. (Item SU165)

Special Education - handicapped

Committee on Foreign languages - Australian Academy of the Humanities (Item SU166)

Teaching of foreign languages

Morland, Mr R. F. (Item SU167)

Special groups

Mt. Lawley CAE (Item SU168)

Recurrent education; access for special groups

Iceton, Ned (Item SU169)

Community colleges

The Mentally Retarded Childrens Society of South Australia Inc. (Item SU170)

Mentally handicapped - special ed.

Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (Item SU171)


Academic Staff Association - N.S.W. Institute of Technology (Item SU172)

Single system for tertiary institutions

University of New England (Item SU173)

External studies

Australasian Council on Chiropractic Educ. (Item SU174)

Chiropractic education

Swinburne College of Technology (Item SU175)

(a)(i) to (viii)

Public Service Board Department - Hobart (Item SU176)

Recruiting and training for P.S. in

Campbell, Professor Keith (Item SU177)

Agricultural education

The Institution of Engineers, Australia (Item SU178)

Engineering education

Dept. of Technical and Further Education (prelim. sub.) (Item SU179)

Worker's Educational Association of N.S.W. (WEA) (Item SU180)

Adult education - recurrent education

Parr, Mr Lenton (Item SU181)

Education in the arts

Middleton, Mr Peter (Item SU182)

'Universities and Universities'

Crowley, Dr D. W. (Item SU183)

Further education, rationalisation post secondary

Australian University Graduate Conference (Item SU184)

Role of Unis, selecting entrants, etc.

Harrison, Mrs H. A. D. (Item SU185)

(a)(i) (a)(iii)

Nilsson Neil, Sheldrake, Peter (Item SU186)

Enquiry into Post Secondary Enquiries (a) and (b)

Standing Committee of Convocation of University of Sydney (Item SU187)

Simpson Pope Limited (Item SU188)

Flexibility in education institutions

Bishop, E. J. Ms (Item SU189)

Update business studies training

Morgan, Professor J. P. (Item SU190)

Role of education system, trends in unemployment

Polack; A. E. Dr (Item SU191)

(a) (i to viii)

N.S.W. Teachers Federation (Item SU192)

Office of Child Care - Dept. of Social Security (Item SU193)

Training in child care

Beddie, Professor B. D. (Item SU194)

Australian Defence Force Academy

SPELD (Victoria) (Item SU195)

b(i) Role of the education system

Jevons, Dr F. R. (Vice C. Deakin Uni) (Item SU196)

Planning for Flexibility

Western Australian Education Department (Item SU197)

Secondary Education and TAFE

Mitchell College of Advanced Education (Item SU198)

Relevance of post-secondary resource allocation

Leo Cussen Institute for Continuing Legal Education (Item SU199)

(a)(i)(iv)(vii) (b)(i)(ii)(v)

The Australian Institute of Building (Item SU200)

(a)(vi) (b)(i)(iii)(iv)(v)(vi)

Department of National Resources (Item SU201)

National Mapping, Bureau of Mineral Resources

The Law Society of South Aust. Incorporated (Item SU202)

Legal education (see SU11)

Tatz, Professor Colin, M. (Item SU203)

aboriginal studies in schools and tertiary institutions

Graylands Teachers College (Item SU204)

(a)(i) to (viii) (b)(i) to (iv)

The Library Association of Australia (Item SU205)

librarians education

Rutland Professor R. W. R. (Item SU206)

needs of geology & geophysics education

The Australian Inst. of Mining Metothurgy (Item SU207)

needs of the mineral industries

Royal Far West Children's Health Scheme (Item SU208)

handicapped physically

Australian Academy of Technological Sciences (Item SU209)

Unis & Colleges, external & further studies

Skinner Mr G. (Item SU210)

isolated students

Newton Turner Dr Helen (Item SU211)

text, books - supply and cost

Douglas Mr Daryl (Item SU212)

'Higher Education, Training and the Workforce'

Briton Dr N. W. (Item SU213)

Queensland Agricultural College

State College of Victoria, Frankston (Item SU214)

Coordination of Post Secondary Education

Department of Construction - Commonwealth (Item SU215)

importance of recurrent education and manpower planning

Northern Territory Apprentices Board (Item SU216)

future plans for apprentices in N.T. diversity of University programs

Australian National University Staff Association (Item SU217)

Ethnic Communities Council of N.S.W./Grant in aid Social Work Group (Item SU218)

migrant needs for education

Stewart Dr A. M. (Item SU219)


Liveris Dr M. (Item SU220)

Australian Health Manpower

Wastewater Purification Plant Superintendents' and operators' association (Item SU221)

training for personnel

Wright Mr K. C. (Item SU222)

'Reading Research and teaching reading in Sweden'

Hawkesbury Agricultural College (Item SU223)

goals of CAEs, employment of graduates

Research Branch - Education Dept. of W.A. (Item SU224)

(a)(v) (a)(vi) (b)(i)

Academic Staff - School of Business (Item SU225)

role of regional CAE's

Australian Association of Speech and Hearing - Tas. Branch (Item SU226)

education facilities and service, education and labour market

Belmont Technical and Further Education Committee (Item SU227)

funds for TAFE

Queensland Special Education Association (Item SU228)

training of general teachers re: handicapped needs

Mahony Professor J. J. (Item SU229)

trends in university education

Unwin Dr Derek (Item SU230)

technology/media techniques, recurrent education

Royal Australian Nursing Federation (S.A. Branch) (Item SU231)

need for changes in nursing education

Council of the City of Sydney (Item SU232)

education & training for local govt.

St Gabriel's School for Hearing Impaired Children (Item SU233)

integration of handicapped children

The Australian Federation of Adult Deaf Societies (Item SU234)

education for deaf

Department of External Studies - Uni of Qld (Item SU235)

external study

South Australian Institute of Technology (Item SU236)

Role of major Institutes of Technology

Male Dr D. J. (Item SU237)

Role of CAEs and Universities

Camp N.S.W. (Item SU238)

Sexism in schools

Australian Institute of Physics (Item SU239)

physicists and labour market

Illawarra Regional Advisory Council (Item SU240)

development of continuing and higher education in region

University of Newcastle (Senate) (Item SU241)


SAIT Union (prelim. sub.) (Item SU242)

CIET circulate proposals for comment

Temora Technical College (Item SU243)

general terms of reference

Yorke Peninsula Further Education Centre (Item SU244)

visual aids

Davis, Dr D. J. (Item SU245)

'The Distribution Function of Education in the Labour Market'

Mirsky, Dr M. H. (Item SU246)

CAEs rationalization & consolidation

State College of Victoria, Toorak (Item SU247)

general terms of reference

Australian High Schools Principals Association (Item SU248)

Lack of coordination, community colleges

Gilmour, Peter - Lansbury Russel - Monash Uni. (Item SU249)

'Ticket to nowhere: Education and work in Australia'

Royal Australian Planning Institute (Item SU250)

planning courses at CAEs

Qld Conference of DOCAEs (Item SU251)

Postgraduate Committee in Dentistry, Uni. of Adelaide (Item SU252)

continuing education for dentists

Healey, Dr D. T. Adelaide Uni. (Item SU253)

Asian Studies

Evans, Charles R. (Item SU254)

'Need for New Universities'

McCartney, Prof. E. R. Uni of N.S.W. (Item SU255)

'Development of Ceramic Engineering'

Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education (Item SU256)

need for coordination in Vic. P.S.

Allsop, Dr J. W. University of Sydney (Item SU257)

industry responsibility for technical training - continuing education

N.S.W. Association of Special Education Teachers (Item SU258)

physically handicapped - secondary education

Roach, Dr P. M. - Legal Practice Course TCAE (Item SU259)

need for further education after u/g of university level

Lamb, Br. Barry Marist Br. High Kogarah (Item SU260)

regular work experience for yr 10

DOCIT (Item SU261)

vocational higher education, community colleges

North Brisbane CAE (Item SU262)

Roles of P/S institutes

Dr W.K. Birrell, Principal, Goulburn CAE (Item SU263)

Regional colleges, long term developments

Prof. A.L. Basham, Asian Civilisations, ANU (Item SU264)

Asian cultures and languages

Telecom Australia (Item SU265)

Organisation of training

Mr C.D. Kohlhoff (Item SU266)

general tors - access

Queensland Catholic Education Office (Item SU267)

general tors

Australian Insurance Institute (Item SU268)

Information on activities

Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (Item SU269) primarily concerned with literacy and numeracy

Dr. C.J. (Kim) Morgan, Phillip College (Item SU270)

Transition from school to work

CSR (Item SU271)

Falling standards of school cert. entrants

Yanco Agricultural College (Item SU272)

Insufficient emphasis on linking education to labour market need.

Mr C. Kerby - Careers Advisory Board, Uni of Adelaide (Item SU273)

Work experience - 1 yr all students

Master Builders Association of Victoria (Item SU274)

Need for educ. system objs. to be matched to labour market

Department of Community Medicine, Uni of Adelaide (Item SU275)

Proposal for centre for community health studies

James Cook University of North Qld. (Item SU276)

role of T.C.

Department of Adult Education, Uni of Adel. (Item SU277)

recurrent education

WEL (Victoria) (Item SU278)

special groups - women

Federation for Junior Deaf Education (Item SU279)

special groups

Master Builders' Association ACT (Item SU280)

training, more funds for TAFE

Australian Institute of Management (Item SU281)

University of NSW - Students Union (Item SU282)

access, recurrent ed.

Qld Chamber of Mines (Item SU283)

mineral educ. - needs

Inter-Church Trade Industry Mission (Item SU284)

school system and work place

Public Service Board, NSW (Item SU285)

educ. funding

Griffith University (Item SU286)

Role of unis, quality and efficiency

University of Qld (Item SU287)

Unis/CAEs distinguish areas for both

Prof R. Laurens - Uni of W.A. Commerce Dept (Item SU288)

problem of unspecified national needs

SA Institute of Teachers (Item SU289)

excess provision of CAEs in SA

Victorian Hospitals' Association Ltd (Item SU290)

shortage of doctors and dentists

Assn. of Independent Secondary Schools of WA (Item SU291)

educ. distorted by emphasis on preparation for careers

Mrs D.A. Hayes, Secretarial Studies, Sydney Tech College (Item SU292)

motivation of students for vocational training

Prof. J. Walton, Uni of N.E. Centre for Curriculum Studies (Item SU293A)

education/training terminology

Prof. O.E. Potter - Monash Uni - Chemical Engineering (Item SU293)

chemical engineering - productivity

Staff of the Division of Travel and Tourism - Sydney Tech College (Item SU294)

needs of tourism educ.

Kuring-gai CAE, G.W. Muir, Principal (Item SU295)

future of smaller institutions, adult needs

Dept of Education, Tasmania (Item SU296)

transition from school to work

Industry Advisory Panel, Elec. Eng., U. of Sydney (Item SU297)

surplus of engineers

Aust Conference of Principals of CAEs (Item SU298)

general tors

NT Council of Govt. School Organisations (Item SU299)

need for educ. system to monitor job market

Mr P. Bowler (Item SU300)

apprentices, CAEs, school to work

Aust Department of Social Security (Item SU301)

special groups, educ. and labour market

Department of the Capital Territory (Item SU302)

Deptmtl. needs for recruits, shortage of tradesmen

Public Service Board of Victoria (Item SU303)

types of recruits, influence of prof. associations

Williams David, Education Adviser, Crafts Board, Australia Council (Item SU304)

need for craft courses

Isolated Childrens' Parents' Asscn. (Item SU305)

limited access to tec. and further education

Australian College of Education - ACT Chapter (Item SU306)

purposes of education

Institute of Personnel Management Aust. (Item SU307)

reappraisal of tertiary sectors, need for manpower planning

Mr Richard Willey, Multicultural Studies Armidale CAE (Item SU308)

multi-cultural studies in teacher education

Townsville CAE - (preliminary submission) (Item SU309)

Canberra CAE (Item SU310)

South Australian Board of Advanced Edn. (Item SU311)

National Catholic Education Commission (Item SU312)

Federation of the Parents and Friends Assn. of Queensland (Item SU313)

University of Sydney, Faculty of Engineering (Item SU314)

training of engineers

Australian Broadcasting Commission (Item SU315)

general terms of reference

NSW Secondary Schools Board (Item SU316)

general terms of reference

NSW Board of Senior School Studies (Item SU317)

senior secondary school edn. in NSW

Catholic College of Education (Item SU318)

Catholic teacher education

Australian Medical Students Association (Item SU319)

medical education

Burnie Technical College (Item SU320)

(a)(i)(ii), (b)(i)(iii)(vi)

Queensland Career Education Association (Item SU321)

vocational guidance and training

Darwin Community College (Item SU322)

post - secondary education in NT

Dr Clive B. Pascoe (Item SU323)

music education

Toowoomba Technical College (Item SU324)

general terms of reference

Dr P.G. Law (Item SU325)

Future role of VIC

Renton T. Smith, Principal, Moorabbin Technical College (Item SU326)

TAFE in Victoria

Tumut TAFE College Committee (Item SU327)


Granville Tech. and Further Edn. Cttee (Item SU328)


Headmasters Conference of Independent Schools of Australia - S.A. Members (Item SU329)

education and labour market, with reference to secondary student

Schools Sixth Form Tertiary Entrance Certificate Group (STC Group) (Item SU330)

senior secondary education

Mr G.A. Brennan, Principal, Perth Tech.Coll. (Item SU331)

general terms of reference

Victorian College of Pharmacy, Ltd. (Item SU332)

general terms of reference

Department of Defence (Item SU333)

(a)(i)(ii)(iv)(v)(vi)(vii)(viii), (b)(i)-(vi)

Victorian High Schools Principals Assn. (Item SU334)

secondary education

Catholic Education Commission of W.A. (Item SU335)

Catholic secondary education

Australian Institute of Training and Development (Item SU336)

vocational education, education and the labour market

Dr D.F. Smith, Acting Principal, TCAE, Newnham Campus, Launceston (Item SU337)

Multi-campus institutions, N.W.Tas educational problems, regional eduction (3 separate papers)

Mr J.C. Siddins, Principal, Tamworth Tech. College (Item SU338)

vocational education

W.A. Teacher Education Authority (Item SU339)

Teacher education in W.A.

Australian Dental Association Inc. (Item SU340)

training of dentists

Royal Australian Institute of Architects (Item SU341)

training of architects, more general comments

State School Teachers Union of W.A. (Inc.) (Item SU342)

need for more resources for TAFE

Melbourne University Staff Association (Item SU343)

post-secondary education inquires; post-secondary education

G. Creais (Item SU344)

training and education of marine engineers

St George Technical College (Item SU345)

needs of TAFE students and colleges

Lector: Technical and Further Education Committee (Item SU346)

general terms of reference

Queensland Board of Advanced Education (Item SU347)

general terms of reference

West Coast Community College (Item SU348)

functions of plans for the college

Mr A.D. Pead (Item SU349)

training for apprenticeship trades

N.S.W. Council of Technical Further Education (Item SU350)

(a)i, iii, v, vii, viii, (b) i

Wauchope TAFE Committee (J.D. Graham, A/g Ch.) (Item SU351)

Needs of TAFE (esp. fn Wauchope surrounds)

Prof. R. Selby Smith (Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania) (Item SU352)

P-S Education generally

High School Councils Association of S.A. (Mr G. Allen, President) (Item SU353)

(a)vi, (b)i, iii

Prof. P. G. Martin (Dept. of Botany, Adelaide U) (Item SU354)

The problem of keeping pace with now knowledge

Mr S.E. Barratt (Item SU355)

Training for skilled trades, technician occupations

C. B. Alexandar Agricultural College (G. C. McFarlane, Principal) (Item SU356)

Training of farmers (a)i

Prof. C.H. Miller (pro-vice-chancellor University of Tasmania personal sub) (Item SU357)

Training of engineers

Dr Brian W. Smith (head, school of elec. eng., RMIT) (Item SU358)

Training of engineers

Dr J. P. Gastelow (head, school of mech. eng., NSWIT) (Item SU359)


Institute of Catholic Education, S.C.V. (B.J. Gailinan, Chairman of Council) (Item SU360)

Catholic education in Victoria

University of Tasmania (D.A. Kearney, Reg.) (Item SU361)

General t of r

Technical Teachers Association of Victoria )R.B. Dedman, Gen. Sec.) (Item SU362)

TAPE and vocational education

Caulfield Institute of Technology (Director, H.J. Halstead) (Item SU363)

P/S Education in Victoria

College of Nursing, Australia (Ms P. V. Slater, Director) (Item SU364)

Nursing education

Mr R. E. Janes (Principal, Blacktown Tech. College) (Item SU365)

TAFE and vocational education

Monash University (Item SU366)

Close exam. of objectives, overlap - universities and colleges

Randwick Technical College (Item SU367)

high dropout rate in TAFE

Beanland Mr G.H. Principal - Ballarat School of Mines and Industries (Item SU368)

documents for Vic. Inquiry

Australian Council for Educational Standards (Item SU369)

educational stages over last 3 decades.

MeL. Holmes Dr E. Senior lecturer - acctoh V. of Melb. (Item SU370)

uniqueness of Uni sector

Bendigo CAE - Dr M.H. McKay Director (Item SU371)

community colleges, regional features

Victorian Institute of Secondary Education (Item SU372)

problem facing VISE

Duke Dr C. - Centre for Continuing Education - ANU (Item SU373)

continuing education in Aust. Unis.

Cooper Dr A. A. Max Cooper and Sons P/L (Item SU374)

Manpower Resources - Building Construct Industry

Career Education Association - Victoria (Item SU375)

career choice and community needs

Australian Heritage Commission (Item SU376)

educ. & training re: preservation of National Estate.

Townsville CAE Dr A. R. McKee Director (Item SU377)

present opportunities for P/S participation limited

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Item SU378)

emergency of TAFE

Federation of Staff Ass. of Austn. CAE's (Item SU379)

detailed recommendation on t of r

NSW Institute of Rural Studies (Dept. of Agriculture) (Item SU380)

training needs in agriculture etc

Old Technical and Further Educators Professional Association (Item SU381)

role of TAFE, colleges, labour market

Fenton Drs K. B. A.G. Uni of Tasmania (Item SU382)

research and living standards

Griffith TAFE Committee (Item SU383)

community college for Griffith

Crawford Mr A.M. (Item SU384)

nature of educ. system

Conference of Principals of TAFE Inst. Qld (Item SU385)

aims, philosophy of TAFE, colleges

Graham-Taylor Mr R. (Item SU386)

decline of family etc.

Delandro Mr F. (Item SU387)

Manual arts subjects

Flanagan Mr J.D.C. (Item SU388)

tech. career subjects in yrs 1-12

Lever Mr H. (Item SU389)

senior sec. curric.

Knowles Mr E. (Item SU390)

community colleges

Whitebrook Mr F.C. (Principal Northern Rivers CAE) (Item SU391)

history of educ. developments

Headmasters Conference of Independent Schools (NSW) (Item SU392)

objectives of secondary schools

A.C.T. School Authority (Item SU393)

senior secondary colleges

Dept. of Health - Commonwealth (Item SU394)

health manpower planning

Association of Special Teachers of Vic. (Item SU395)

handicapped needs - research

Hughes Mr D.B. (Head of Rural Studies, Sydney Tech) (Item SU396)

TAFE issues

Cutt Mr James (Item SU397)

Resource Allocation for Tert. Education

ACOA (prelim sub) (Item SU398)

study opportunities

Torrens CAE (Item SU399)

CAE/TAFE/Uni duplication

Ballarat CAE (Dr E.J. Barker, Director) (Item SU400)

importance of courses offering general, vocational studies

Dept. of Children's Services - Qld (Item SU401)

need for job skill training in educ.

Dept. of Community Welfare W.A. (Item SU402)

responsibility for yr. 10 school leaves

College of Law - N.S.W. (Item SU403)

practical legal training

Rosoworthy Agricultural College - Dr D.B. Williams (Item SU404)

relationship Dept. of Further Educ.

Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee (Item SU405)

historical survey of development of universities

W.A. Student Bodies (Item SU406)

collective statement of student ideas

Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation (Item SU407)

model for future provision of post-school education

Wright Ms A. F. (Item SU408)

youth problems - relative learning

SCV/Vic Principals Liaison Committee to CIET (Item SU409)

copy of sub-Vic inquiry - colleges to resources flexibility

Dept. of Education - Qld (Item SU410)

national efficient use of resources

Shepparton Technical College (Item SU411)

TAFE concerns, college programs

Dept. for Community Welfare of S.A. (Item SU412)

Royal Aust. College of General Practitioners (Item SU413)

establishment and maintenance of standards in general practice

Australian Physiotherapy Association (Item SU414)

adequate training provisions

Australasian Commercial Economics Teacher's Association (Item SU415)

changing emphasis in commercial and economic education

Australian Teachers Federation (Item SU416)

education and the development of the total person

N.S.W. Apprenticeship Council (Item SU417)

primary objective of educ. courses should be vocational

Bendigo Technical College (Item SU418)

philosophy of TAFE

Dept. of Veteran's Affairs (Item SU419)

training of medical undergrads

Public Service Board - Qld (Item SU420)

categories of secondary school leavers

Master Builders' Federation of Australia (Item SU421)

industry characteristics

Dept. of TAFE - N.S.W. (Item SU422)

community misunderstandings re: TAFE

CSIRO (Item SU423)

staff structure and recruitment - attrition rates

Dwong Prof. Lee Dow (Item SU424)

preparation of teachers

Committee on Overseas Professional Qual. (Item SU425)

wastage of migrant skills

TAFEC (Item SU426)

University of N.S.W. (Item SU427)

community contacts, access, continuing education

Seaforth Tech Coll. TAFE Committee (pre. sub) (Item SU428)

Australian Graduate School of Management (Item SU429)

planning and funding difficulties

Salisbury College of Advanced Education (Item SU430)

Tasmanian School of Art (TCAE) (Item SU431)

problems of creative arts education

Aboriginal Community College (Item SU432)

ACT Secondary Principals' Council (Item SU433)

weaknesses & deficiencies in ACT secondary/technical systems

Hydro-Electric Commission (Tas) (Item SU434)

Community Standards Organisation (Item SU435)

Dept. of Labour Relations Consumer Affairs - Qld (Item SU436)

imbalance in TAFE funding

Metal Trades Industry Association (Item SU437)

funds for TAFE

Duke Dr C. ANU Centre for Continuing Educ. (Item SU438)

learning opportunities for adults

Australian Council of State School Organ. (Item SU439)

role of schools

Zonta International - Sydney (Item SU440)

Kelly Mr R. (Item SU441)

Tauber Mr E. CSIRO (Item SU442)

shortage of qualified personnel in uranium industry

Women's Studies Course, Flinders University (Item SU443)

special provision for women.

Melbourne State College (Item SU444)

general terms of reference

Rodda Dr H. J. - Chairman Planning C'ttee University of Adelaide (Item SU445)

growth of system, availability of places

Cumberland College of Health Sciences (Item SU446)

Australian College of Education S.A. Chapter (Item SU447)

over rapid growth of CAEs

Public Service Board - Commonwealth ACT (Item SU448)

Community Relations Commission (Item SU449)

ANU (Item SU450)

Law Society of N.S.W. (Item SU451)

Department of Further Education S.A. (Item SU452)

prelim. submission

Australian National Commission for UNESCO (Item SU453)

Western Australian Post Secondary Education Commission (Item SU454)

transition from training to work

Australian Bureau of Statistics (Item SU455)

Mr Horscroft S.L. (Item SU456)

funds for TAFE

Adelaide CAE (Item SU457)

resources wasted with tripartite system

Chartered Institute of Transport (Item SU458)

transport education - study of total system

Adult Education Board, Tasmania (Item SU459)

advantages of non-institutional orgs

Marcus Oldham Farm Management College (Item SU460)

agric. educ - need for separate colleges

Curriculum Development Centre (Item SU461)

role of CDC - education and society

National Institute of Dramatic Art (Item SU462)

theatre arts in Aust. tert. ed. drama courses

University of Adelaide (Item SU463)

submission to S.A. Inquiry

Rusden - State College of Victoria (Item SU464)

Brisbane Kindergarten Teachers College (Item SU465)

courses, present and future plans

Trades and Labour Council of W.A. (Ms E. Ciloms) (Item SU466)

education work and life choices

Australian College of Education - Vic Chapter (Item SU467)

North Coast Regional Advisory Council - NSW Dept of Decentralisation Development (Item SU468)

problems in meeting regional needs

Australian Society of Accountants (Item SU469)

membership requirements

Emery Dr F. (Item SU470)

work and leisure and education

Duke Dr C. (Item SU471)

'Open Education in Australia'

Dept. of Immigration Ethnic Affairs (Item SU472)

needs of ethnic groups

National Youth Council of Australia (Item SU473)

needs of non-academic student neglected

Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (Item SU474)

dangers of training for specific vocations

Dunn Mr S.S. - Chairman ERDC - personal sub. (Item SU475)

Federation of Australian University Staff Association (Item SU476)

careers advice at university level

Dept. of Employment Industrial Relations (Item SU477)

preliminary submission

State College of Victoria at Coburg (Item SU478)

Office of Research in Librarianship (Item SU479)

external studies

Australia Metal Workers' Shipwrights Union (Item SU480)

accelerated structural change in the economy

National Council of Independent Schools (Item SU481)

Educational Facilities and Services

Burwood State College Staff Association (Item SU482)

Teacher Education

Macquarie Valley Productivity Groups (Item SU483)

Productivity Improvements

Orama - Regional Advisory Groups (Item SU484)

Cultural centre and unemployment

Hilder Mr David (Item SU485)

intellectually handicapped people

Dubbo City Council (Item SU486)

Post-secondary education

Regional Director of Extension. Dept. of Agriculture - Dubbo (Item SU487)

Rural courses at community colleges

Dubbo TAFE College Committee (Item SU488)

Annual report

ASET (NSW Association of Spec. Educ. Teachers) Central West Branch (Item SU489)

Post-secondary education for the intellectually handicapped

Australian Society for Music Education - Dubbo Region (Item SU490)

Post-secondary education

Telecoms - Dubbo NSW (Item SU491)

Education & Training in the post-secondary field

Parish of the Holy Trinity - Dubbo (Item SU492)

In service training - open university

Sergeant Mr D. Commonwealth Dept. of Educ. Dubbo (Item SU493)

Decentralisation of Education

Dubbo Chamber of Commerce (Item SU494)

Post-secondary Education

Palmer Mrs Carolyn (Item SU495)

Art and Craft Education

Dubbo Educational Association (Item SU496)

Deficiencies in Post-Secondary Ed.

Mason Mr J. - Member for Dubbo (Item SU497)

Post-Secondary Training

Macquarie Regional Library (Item SU498)

Library Training

Dubbo Base hospital (Item SU500)

Estab. of a community college in Dubbo

Cobar Shire Council; Mines P/L; Development Committee, TAFE Committee (Item SU501)

Needs of Isolated Communities

Sydney Teacher's College (Item SU502)

Educ. needs of individuals and labour market

Catholic Diocesan Centre - Archbishop Little - Melbourne (Item SU503)

Catholic Tertiary Education

Interdepartmental Working Group on Women's Affairs (Item SU504)

Education and Women

Sheldrake, Peter Nilsson, Neil, Flinders Uni (Item SU505)

Methodological issues in examining tertiary education

Social Welfare Department - Victoria (Item SU506)

Vic. Post-Secon. Educ. C'tte

N.S.W. Higher Education Board (Item SU507)

Objectives & Functions of NSWHEB

ENCEL Professor S. (Item SU508)

Community Education

Interim A.C.T. TAFE Authority (Item SU509)

Search conference on Further Education

Baker Mr P. G. (Item SU510)

"People who seek to enter work"

Ray Mrs V. (Item SU511)

Apprenticeship training

Commonwealth Department of Education (Item SU512)

Matters of interest to Committee

Sydney University Appointments Board (Item SU513)

Employer Opinion Surveys

Dora Mr J.A. (Item SU514)

Nature of work

Shelton Ms C. V. (Item SU515)

Special School Facilities

Strizenec Mrs E. E. (Item SU516)

Need for resource personnel

Catholic Education Commission, N.S.W. (Item SU517)

Objectives & courses of Educ. Instits.

Association of Librarians of Colleges of Advanced Education (ALCAE) (Item SU518)

Libraries in tertiary education

Bankstown Technical Education District Committee (Item SU519)

Bankstown Technical College Objectives

Hamerston, Michael T. (Item SU520)

Literacy - role of teacher education

Council of Preston Institute of Technology (Item SU521)

Industrial Training Commission of Victoria (Item SU522)

Baker Mr I. (Item SU523)

Role of Technical & Further Education

Association of Heads of Independent Girls Schools of W.A. (Item SU524)

"Breadth & Depth" of School subjects

Tertiary Education Advisory Council - Vic (Item SU525)

Survey of tertiary institutions in Vic.

Lindsay Dr A. W. (Item SU526)

Evaluating performance of tertiary in

Schuller Dr T. (Item SU527)

General comments on terms of reference

Workers Educational Association of S.A. Inc. (Item SU528)

Interests of W.E.A.

Tasmanian Technical Colleges Staff Society (Item SU529)

Vocational training

Hall E. C. (Item SU530)

Industrial Design Education

Sachsse Mr M. (Item SU531)

Adult Education

Association of Principals of Victorian Technical Institutions (Item SU532)

Teacher training; Manpower forecasting

Illawarra District Council of Technical and Further Education (Item SU533)

Progress & increase in technical Educ..

Aust. Veterinary Association Ltd. (Item SU534)

Post-secondary education for veterinarians

The Central Industrial Secretariat (Item SU535)

Role of Education and Training

Women's Union Committee (Item SU536)

Report on Seminar Held by A.C.T. Women's Union Committee

Australian Trade Union Training Authority (Item SU537)

Trade Union Training

School of Navigation, Sydney Tech. College (Item SU538)

Radar Simulator Facilities

Australian Universities Law Schools Assoc. (Item SU539)

Report on Legal Education

Sandover Dr J. A. (Item SU540)

Educ. Systems in Aust. with particular ref. to S.A.

Mount Isa Mines Limited (Item SU541)

Technical Education

Hearne, D.A. (Item SU542)

Horticultural Studies

Newcastle College of Advanced Education (Item SU543)

Gen. survey of Year 12 H.S. students in Hunter Region

NSW Institute of Technology Students Assoc. (Item SU544)

Vocational Education Needs

Maloney Mr R. R. (Item SU545)

Maximisation of Opportunities for Students

ICI Australia Ltd (Item SU546)

Education system and the labour mark - Survey of employers

Sanraysia Community College of Technical and Further Education (Item SU547)

Community Colleges

The Australian Ceramic Society (Item SU548)

Training in Ceramics

Commonwealth Department of Transport (Item SU549)

The Western Industries Association (Item SU550)

Employment of Tertiary Graduates

Joint Sturt College/Flinder Uni. Committee (Item SU551)

Relations between the two institutions

Hospitals Dept., S.A. (Item SU552)

Basic Nursing Education Settings

Capital Territory Health Commission (Item SU553)

Health Manpower Planning and training

Tasmanian Minister for Education, Recreation and the Arts (Item SU554)

Education and Employment

Australian Institute of Tertiary Educational Administrators - Victorian Branch (Item SU555)

Planning and Developments in Post-Secondary Education

Victorian Council of School Organisations - Victorian Federation of State School Parents Clubs (Item SU556)

Educational Philosophy

Orange Agricultural College (Item SU557)

Future development of Orange Agricultural College

The Lady Gowrie Child Centre (Item SU558)

Early childhood education programmes

Department of Productivity (Item SU559)

Orange Technical College (Item SU560)

Training systems in the technician field

Australian Automobile Chamber of Commerce - National Retail Motor Training Industry (Item SU561)

Direction of secondary and post-secondary education

The Electrical Contractors Assoc. of Tasmania (Item SU562)

Training for electrical trades mechanic apprentices

Australian Union of Students (Item SU563)

Education Facilities and services

Australian Assoc. for tertiary education in journalism (Item SU564)

Tertiary Journalism courses

S.A. Government (Item SU565)

Hospitals Health Services Commission (Item SU566)

Education Planning & the needs of Health Care

Warburton, Dr J. W. (Item SU567)

Publication/Educational Broadcasting in Australia

National Training Council (Item SU568)

Manpower Training Programs

Computer Science Committee - Melbourne Uni. (Item SU569)

Studies in Computer Science

N.S.W. Department of Labour Industry (Item SU570)

Youth Training

South Coast College of Further Education (Item SU571)

Finance for Technical and Further Education Sector

Department of Education - Victoria (Item SU572)

Career Education Association of the A.C.T. (Item SU573)

Development of Career Education

The Melbourne Chamber of Commerce (Item SU574)

Accountability of education to the community

P. Cole and S. Spear (Item SU575)

Work experience in secondary schools

Conference of Australian Museum Directors (Item SU576)

The role of Museums in education

Department of Labour Industry - S.A. (Item SU577)

Sydney metropolitan Technical and Further Education Principals Committee (Item SU578)

Views of Principals of T.A.F.E. Colleges

Department of Labour and Industry - W.A. (Item SU579)

Apprenticeship Field Training

Yallourn Technical College (Item SU580)

Regional TAFE College

South Australian Women's Advisory Unit (Item SU581)

Post-Secondary Education for Women

Lloyd, Mr B. E. (Item SU582)

Development and effectiveness of Tech. education

Cooper, Mr B. (Item SU583)

Creation of training specialists

Gordon Technical College (Item SU584)

Pugh. Mr. C. (Item SU585)

Education policies and modern democratic society

Whitehorse Technical College (Item SU586)

State College of Victoria at Hawthorn (Item SU587)

General Terms of Reference

Glass Containers Ltd. (Item SU588)

Ceramic Engineering

Fitzgerald R.T. (Item SU589)

General terms of Reference

National Library Council's Advisory Committee on Science and Technology (Item SU590)

Information Retrieval Processes

Magnusson, E.A. (Item SU591)

Privately Financed Tertiary Institutions

Smith, Dr S. (Item SU592)

Post Primary Education

Council of Nature Conservation Ministers (Item SU593)

Education and Careers in nature conservation

Cupper L.G. (Item SU594)

Technical School Students Attitudes to Trade Unions

Australian Council of Trade Unions (Item SU595)

General terms of Reference

Association of Principal Officers of Regional Colleges of Advanced Education (Item SU596)

Role of Regional Colleges of Advanced Education in Tertiary Education

Council of the Burwood State College (Item SU597)

General terms of reference

Commercial Bank of Australia Limited (Item SU598)

General terms of reference

Johnston K. (Item SU599)

Career Education

Tasmanian Government (Item SU600)

Academy of Social Sciences (Item SU601)

Youth unemployment

National Advisory Committee on the Handicapped (Item SU602)

Training of Handicapped Persons

Evans J. (Item SU603)

Holistic Education

Heads of Colleges of Melbourne Univ (Item SU604)

General Terms of Reference

MacDowell, J. R. K. (Item SU605)

General Terms of Reference

N.S.W. Department of Education (Item SU606)

General Terms of Reference

Victorian Minister for Special Education (Item SU607)

Work education for the Handicapped

Australian Reading Association (Item SU608)

Teacher Preparation in Reading

News, J. (Item SU609)

Sport in Schools

Technical and Further Education Teachers Association of Australia (Item SU610)

Technical education

Department of the Environment, Housing and Community Development (Item SU611)

Manpower Planning

Office of Youth Affairs (Item SU612)

Youth unemployment

Tertiary art Education study - visual arts (Item SU613)

Tertiary art education

Footscray Institute of Technology (Item SU614)

General terms of reference

Institution of Production Engineers (Item SU615)

Engineering education

Australian Frontier Inc. (Item SU616)

Australian Voluntary Service Scheme

De Lautour, R. (Item SU617)

Schooling, education and Australia

Hospitals and Health Services Commission (Item SU618)

Future planning and development of Health Manpower in Australia

Footscray Technical College (Item SU619)

Educational Development at FTC.

Prahran C.A.E. (Item SU620)

P.C.A.E. T.A.F.E. Activities

Victorian Education Department Planning Services (Item SU621)

Developments in Policy.