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H. D. Thompson
Papers of H. D. Thompson
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MS 6622
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Item Descriptions

Series 1. General Papers

Correspondence (File 1)

Notebooks, diaries and photographs (File 2)

Plans, contracts, and/or specifications (File 3-4)

Including: Gallery of public hall, Corowa, N.S.W.; un-named church; Masonic Hall, Corowa; Dept. of Public Works, Brisbane, - flagstaff at a State School; Office premises - J.R. Fairfax, Pitt Street, Sydney (annotated); Wodonga Turf Club; Residence of C.B. Fairfax, Bellevue Hill/Double Bay, Sydney; Residence at Germantown (now Holbrook, N.S.W.); Family residence - E.L. Jones at Burwood, N.S.W.; Hospital, Corowa N.S.W.; Homestead residence

Copy of N.S.W. Act No. 13, 1908 (File 4)

Miscellaneous agreements (File 4)

Publications including Albury sewerage bylaws, The Metal trades Referees and Storekeepers' guide, 1897 (File 5)

Sydney Architectural Association journals (File 5)

Series 2. Architectural Plans

Mechanics' Houses, Strathfield, 1892 (Item 1)

Cottage, 11 Nicholson Street, Burwood, for T.J. Thompson, 1892 (Item 2-3)

Proposed laying of water pipes, Corowa Public Hospital (Item 4)

Room for yardman Corowa Public Hospital (Item 5)

Garage, wash-house and stables, Samuel Nixon, Albury Road, Corowa (Item 6)

Additions to Nurses' quarters. Public Hospital Corowa (Item 7)

Refractory Ward, Public Hospital Corowa, February 1919 (Item 8)

Residence, Kiewa St. Albury for T.H. Griffith (Item 9, 10, 11)

Residence, Kiewa St. Albury for D.A. Thompson (Item 12)

Station Homestead, Corowa, W. Knight, 1909 (Item 13)

Residence, Albury Road, Corowa, Samuel Nixon (Item 14)

Additions to Star Hotel, Corowa (Item 15_16)

Hotel Plan (Item 17)

Competitive Plan Presbyterian School Hall, Albury (Item 18)

Unidentified large private building or school (Item 19)

Large detailed sketches, unidentified, marked elevation to Bolsover St (Item 20)

Homestead residence, Kirdeen Estate, Culcairn (Item 21)

Hospital, Walla Walla (Item 22)

Literary Institute, Ranger Street, Corowa - Proposed Gallery of Public Hall (Item 23-31)

Grandstand, Wodonga Racecourse (Item 32)

Cottage, Henty, J.J. Keighran (Item 33)

New Billiard Room, C.L. Griffith, Albury (Item 34)

Cottage, T. Oatley, Culcairn (Item 35)

Alternatives and additions, The Brigalows, Bralga Street, Burwood for Brown, 18-2-1889 (Item 36)

Residence, Germantown, Gordon McLaurin (Item 37-38)

St Patrick's Presbytery, Albury (Item 39-40)

Residence Dr O.O. O'Shaughnessy, Kiewa Street, Albury (Item 41)

Unidentified Sketch, Elevation to Pitt Street and George Sts (Item 42-43)

Culcairn Shire Council Chambers, 31-10-1910 (Item 44)

Corowa Hospital Additions (Item 45-46)

Hospital, Swift Street, Albury, Dr Cleaver Woods (Item 47)

Operating Room and Sheds, Hospital, Albury, 9-1-1911 (Item 48)

Extension of stage, Mechanics' Institute, Albury (Item 49)

Unidentified plan, 15-4-1912. Contractor J.H. Perry (Item 50)

R.H.C. Blackie's Buildings, Dean Street, Albury, 22-11-1911 (Item 51)

Additions to Motel, Yerong Creek, A. Beard, May 1911 (Item 52)

Additions, Albury Brewery, Albury, Brewing and Malting Co., 13-7-1903 (Item 53)

Unidentified Shearing Shed and quarters, 27-4-1911 (Item 54)

Woolshed and Shearers' quarters, Taecutta, Mate Co, 27-4-1905 (Item 55)

Shearers' Hut, Brae Spring Station, Mate Co (Item 56)

Wool Showrooms, Smollet Street, Albury. Richard P. Blundell Co., 19-8-1907 (Item 57)

Residence, Corowa, H. Ogilvie (Item 58)

Additions to Homestead, Bowna, Albury, O. Hore, 16-10-190? (Item 59)

Homestead, Little Billabong, John McH. McLaurin, 20-9-190? (Item 60)

Cottage and Residence, Bonegilla Street, Albury, C. Griffith, October 1905 (Item 61)

Alterations, Younghusband, Row Co. Pty Ltd Albury (Item 62)

Masonic Hall, Kiewa Street, Albury (Item 63)

Homestead, Bolinda Glen, Corowa, F. Knight, 25-6-1910 (Item 64)

Residence, Redland Road, Corowa, C. Howard, October 1919 (Item 65)

Council Chambers, Muswellbrook (Item 66)

Showroom and new front. Simons, Edwards Co. Sanger St. Corowa, 25-3-1912 (Item 67)

Stables, Mate Co. Albury, 18-10-1901 (Item 68)

Operating Room, Corowa Hospital, 1906 (Item 69)

Homestead, Balldale, E. Knight (Item 70)

Homestead, Howlong, W. Leahy, 19-9-1910 (Item 71)

Cottage, Castle Hill, J.R. Jones, January 1889 (Item 72_74)

School of Arts, Walla Walla, 18-1-1913 (Item 75)

Homestead Residence, near Corowa, H.R. Leapord, 29-5-1923 (Item 76)

Grease Trap M.M.W.B (Item 77)

Alterations and Additions 149 Macquarie Street, Sydney, 19-6-1895 (Item 78)

Tomb, Rockwood Cemetery, 9-7-1886 (Item 79)

Cattle Dip, Unidentified, 15-6-1896 (Item 80)

Homestead, Howlong, R. Leahy (Item 81)

Portion Midlands Counties Hotel, Ford Street, Beechworth Mrs Warden, 3-4-1910 (Item 82)

Mechanics' Institute Albury, new gallery to seat 75 (Item 83)

Residence, Yerong Creek, A. Beard, 23-1-1923 (Item 84)

Sketch plan of stairs (Item 85)

Remodelling Mechanics' Institute, Albury (Item 86)

Additions to Bank premises, Balldale, Bank of N.S.W., 1-12-1913 (Item 87)

Skating rink, Wagga, Stanley May Co (Item 88)

Roman Catholic Church, Henty, August 1910 (Item 89)

Pavillion, Showground, Albury (Item 90)

Industrial Hall, Albury, 1910 (Item 91)

Boarding House, Henty Thos. Keighran, 11-5-1911? (Item 92)

Homestead near Corowa (Item 93)

Cottage near Albury, F.M. Lynch (Item 94)

Homestead near Corowa, H. Leopard (Item 95)

Homestead, Corowa, F. Knight, 8-3-1909 (Item 96)

Residence, Tallangatta, Mrs W.H. Buchanan, 21-3-1903 (Item 97)

Proposed new roof to Billiard room for T.H. Griffith (Item 98)

Unidentified homestead (Item 99)

Plan for Shire Council building (unidentified) (Item 100)

A cottage at Strathfield for Mrs Walter Hardie (Item 101)

Cottage A.R. Troup (Item 102)

Drawing and sketch of church (unidentified) (Item 103)