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Arthur Hoey Davis
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Item Descriptions

Newspaper Reviews (File 1)

Folder of Newspaper Cuttings (File 2)

Copies of Agreements re Steele Rudd's Works -between Angus Robertson Ltd and N.S.W. Bookstall Co Pty Ltd (File 3)

Proofs of photos of Steele Rudd and Eric Davis (son) (File 4)

Copies of Letters etc from Steele Rudd to J.F. Archibald and A.G. Stephens (File 5)

Copy Manuscript sketch by. Steele Rudd "When Dave was in Love" (File 6)

Unsigned Agmts between E.D.D.Davis (Administrator) and Freeman Fishburn (File 7)

Copy of "Steele Rudd's Annual" Magazine (File 8)

Binder of Copies of Letters written by Steele Rudd (File 9)

Folder re "Steele Rudd Magazine Co Ltd" (File 10)

Address given by Professor . J.J. Stable at unveiling of Memorial Cairn at Drayton 14/11/1950 (Steele Rudds birthplace) (File 11)

Notes from Harry Davis (Steele Rudd's brother) and Mrs. Caroline Lewis (nee Davis (Daughter of Edward Davis) niece of Steele Rudd's (File 12)

File of Sundry papers re Steele Rudd (File 13)

Sundry item re "Jubilee Medal" issued to Steele Rudd (File 14)

Stories by Steele Rudd - "Australia Wants an Artist" (File 15)

Stories by Steele Rudd - "Dad and Joe at the Hydro" (File 15)

Stories by Steele Rudd - "Harry Comes to Propose" (File 15)

Xerox copy of some manuscript Steele Rudd's work "The Old Homestead" (File 16)

Letters Steele Rudd to - Mrs Ob. Sharp - Eric Davis- and Winifred Hamilton (File 17)

Residual Matter re Steele Rudd (File 18)

Part catalogue Plan etc ½ acre of the "Old Selection" at Emu Creek East Greenmount Q. purchased by Eric D. Davis for Memorial Grove (File 19)

Residual matter re letters etc - J.F. Archibald and A.G. Stephens (File 20)

Residual matter re biography "DAD" by Steele Rudds Son - Eric Drayton Davis . publication expected February 1975 by Lansdowne Press Melbourne (File 21)

"Steele Rudds and Shop Assistants " Magazine (File 22)

Letter A.H. Fullwood to A.G. Stephens re illustrations Steele Rudds "Selection ' work (File 22)

Letter Steele Rudd to Winifred Hamilton (File 22)

Copies material relating to "On Our Selection"- A.G. Stephens. (Turnbull Library N.Z ) (File 23)

Rough Notes by Arthur Lindsay Davis (Steele Rudds Eldest son) (File 24)

Sundry Letters- Curtis Brown Ltd - Alex Frater- Besley Pike-and J. Achilles (File 25)

Book containing notes by Arthur Lindsay Davis (son of Steele Rudd") (File 26)

Guide notes re biography "DAD" by Eric D. Davis (File 27)

Book. Questions by Eric Davis to his brother A.L. Davis (DecD) (Eldest) and answers by the latter relating to earlier years of their father Steele Rudd (File 28)

Panageric given at graveside of Steele Rudd by his old friend Rev J Scott Macdonald 14/10/1935 (File 29)

Book Item re Winifred Hamilton mentions relationship with Steele Rudd. Five (5) other headings (File 29)

Script of Play "Grubbs Selection" (in bad repair and some missing) (File 30)

"Davis Family Tree" furnished by cousin of S. Rs, Mrs Gladys Lyman Utah U.S.A (File 31)

Scrp Book. Kept by Arthur Lindsay Davis (Eldest son S/R) numerous references "S/R" (File 32)

"People Magazine" lengthy article on late A.E. "Bert" Bailey who became famous in the character role of "Dad" in Steele Rudds plays and pictures re "The Selection" primarily "On Our Selection" as a stage play (File 33)

Copy of script of "On Our Selection " play by Steele Rudd (File 34)

Copy of script of "The Rudd Family " play by Steele Rudd. first successfully produced by William Anderson in Adelaide in 1927, who unfortunately for Steele Rudd at the time, went bankrupt (File 35)

Copy of script of "Grandad Rudd" play by Steele Rudd (hand written by him) (Also successfully produced by "Bert" Bailey (File 36)

Miscellaneous Manuscripts "S/R" (File 37)

Original hand written manuscripts by Steele Rudd (File 38)

"A Son An Heir"

"Among The Cypress Pines"

"Sam Telford, A Girl And A Mob Of Cattle"

"Possums and a Bereavement"

Original manuscript by Steele Rudd of his book "Romance of Runnymede" (File 39)

Birthdays of people- Lone Hand November 13. Includes "Steele Rudd" (File 40(a))

Cuttings from English Newspaper Steele Rudds "When the Wolf Was At The Door" (File 40(b))

(Steele Rudds Bank Pass Book - Greenmount Q 1914 (File 40(c))

Facets of Downs History (File 40(d))

Notes by A.L. Davis (son) about Steele Rudd (File 40(e))

An envelope in Steele Rudds papers found after his death stating contained title Deeds of land at Drayton (2 Allotments) where he was born. He acquired the deeds the early part of this century only to lose them for arrears of rates about 1932 (File 40(f))

Letter from C/Wealth Bank Kings Cross Sydney re "Arthur Holy Davis" (Should be Hoey) (This title would no doubt have amused S/R. -E.D) (File 40(g))

Envelope that contained The WILL of Steele Rudd. It was held and opened at the C/Wealth Bank Kings Cross Sydney after his death in Brisbane on 11th October 1935 (File 40(h))

Miscellaneous Matter (File 41)

Photos and other miscellaneous matter (File 42)

Seven (7) Arch Spring Files of correspondence relating to the Estate A.H. Davis (Deceased) "Steele Rudd". In following alphabetical order: "A-G" "D-L" "M-P" "Q-Z" "Angus Robertson Ltd File" "Legal Items File" "University of Queensland Press File" (File 43)

Copy of Original Deed which finally issued to Thomas Davis (father of Steele Rudd') for "The Old Selection". Thomas Davis first took up the selection in 1870 (File 44)

He called it "Yalcalbah". Aboriginal for "Tall Grass".

Copy of Provisional Lease first issued to Thomas Davis for "The Old Selection" in 1870 when he took it up for settlement. He was the first settler, under close settlement scheme, in Emu Creek, East Greenmount area (File 45)

List of Aboriginal words and meanings of tribal dialects compiled by Thomas Davis who could fluently speak, write, converse and understand same. Grandmother Mary Davis could also handle the tribal dialects of Balonne, Maranoa, and Dawson River blacks in a facile manner (File 46)

Copy of acknowledgments in biography "DAD" on the life of Steele Rudd (File 47(a))

Registered Plan ½ acre site where "Shingle Hut" stood on the "Old Selection". Purchased by Mr. Eric Davis, From present owner (File 47(b))

Mr. David Lipp aged 92, who clearly recalls events relating to my father and the Davis family. The Lipps were next door neighbours of the Davis'. The area is being made into a Memorial Grove.

Original Survey Plan of "The Old Selection" taken up by grandfather Thomas Davis in May 1870 (File 47(c))

Two bundles of photo negatives (File 48)

Mrs. Beatrice Sharp. Became engaged to Steele Rudd in May 1934. They never married. He died in October 11th 1935 (Item 48-1)

"The Bulls Head Inn" Drayton. Q. The oldest remaining relic in Drayton the first gazetted township on the Darling Downs Q. It has since been taken over by The National Trust for preservation. Steele Rudd was born in Drayton about 100 yards distant from "The Inn" (Item 48-2)

Emu Creek State School - East Greenmount Q. As it is today. Steele Rudd's first and only school -he attended from 1875 to 1880. . Left at 12 years of age to go "picking up" on Pilton Station 5 miles away (Item 48-3)

Taken In 1932. Since demolished. The Cheese Factory in Greenmount Township. Here it was in 1908 that the two goats Steele Rudd has bought for his two eldest sons- Lin and Gower- fell into the whey tank and he had to haul them (the goats) out with a lasso, after the local manager had indignantly contacted him (Item 48-4)

A view of Greenmount township looking west. Taken in 1932. The township was only 4 miles from "the old selection" and played an important part in Steele Rudd's life. as seen in the biography "Dad" by Eric Davis to be published in February 1975 (Item 48-5)

Arthur Hoey Davis "Steele Rudd". Aged 26. Taken in Brisbane at about the time of his marriage to Miss "Tean" Brodie of Greenmount (Item 48-6)

The Supreme Court of Queensland- Brisbane. Q. Taken in the early 1900 s. Here Steele Rudd served from 21st May 1885 to 31/12/1903. Rising to be Under-Sheriff of Queensland in 1902. . Much of this building has given way to a more modern structure (Item 48-7)

Another view of the township of Greenmount. Q. Taken 1932. The business premises of V. Brodie Co (Steele Rudd's wife was Miss "Tean" Brodie) at the immediate left (Item 48-8)

A group of Australian Writers in 1904. All were contributors to "Steele Rudd’s Magazine" Also they all were foundation members of the early Sydney Bohemian fellowship "The Dawn and Dusk Club" (Item 48-9)

Standing: L to R. J.A. Philp; Victor J. Daley. Sitting: L to R. E.J. Brady; W.B. Melville; Roderic Quinn.

St Matthews Church of England, Drayton. Q. as it is today 1974. Here Arthur Hoey Davis 's name (Steele Rudd) appears in the old baptismal register (Item 48-10)

Violet Christina Davis ("Tean") wife of Arthur Hoey Davis. Taken at the time of their marriage in Greenmount Q. on Boxing Day 1894. Aged 26 years. She was born on 19th September 1868 (Item 48-11)

Mrs. Violet Brodie "Grandma". Mother-in-law of Steele Rudd. He characterised her in his book "The Old Homestead" as Mrs Brayton in the chapter "She Wouldn't Take Them" He described her as "a woman in a million" (Item 48-12)

Thomas Davis (Grandfather) and Mary Davis (Grandmother) Steele Rudd's father and Mother. Taken in about 1859. Daughter- Jane (left) Mrs. R. Glasby (Decd) and son William Thomas Davis (Eldest) in the family(Decd) (Item 48-13)

The Shearing Shed(on what was then known as "Pilton Station") as it appears today in a state of deterioration. Here it was at the age of 12 Steele Rudd left the Emu Creek State School to go to his first job of "picking up" (Item 48-14)

Known in the "sixties" as the "Mount Sibley Hotel". From 1870 it became known as "The Wheat sheaf Hotel". Situated at Emu Creek East Greenmount about 1 Mile from Steele Rudd's "Shingle Hut" in "On Our Selection". This photo was taken in 1932. Since demolished and replaced by a two storied wooden building. Stands on the main Toowoomba- Warwick (New England Highway) about 19 miles from Toowoomba. Still called "The Wheat sheaf Hotel" (Item 48-15)

Great Grand children of Steele Rudd and his wife "Tean". L-R. David James Glenn; Catherine Glenn; and Peter Steele Glenn (Item 48-16)

All the children of Peter Glenn and Jean Glenn (nee Davis) Son-in-law and daughter of Eric Drayton Davis. Taken 1964.

Great grand children of Steele Rudd and his wife "Tean" Davis (Item 48-17) Karen Davis; Susan Davis; and Bronwyn Davis. Children of Steele Davis and his wife Sybil Davis (nee Wiltshire) Son and daughter-in-law of Eric Drayton Davis. Taken 1972.

Site of "Cobon" 19 Alma Street Clay field Brisbane Q. The first home of Arthur Hoey Davis and "Tean" Davis lived in after their marriage in December (Boxing Day) 1894. The original house has been demolished but the original stone fence in front still remains as shown. Picture taken in 1966 (Item 48-18)

L. to R. Vilet Davis (now Mrs. S.A. Bradley, Bell Q.)(Daughter of Steele Rudd and Tean Davis. Lorna Brodie (Now Mrs George Hogg) Toowoomba Q (Niece of Steele Rudd's and Kitty Stephens(Later Mrs George Jamieson) Kitty is now deceased. She was a daughter of Tottie Neale-later Mrs Tottie Stephens (Deceased) who was bridesmaid for Arthur Hoey Davis and "Tean" Davis. Taken 1921 (Item 48-19)

Arthur Hoey Davis "Steele Rudd" with his three sons. Taken in Brisbane 1919 Eric Drayton Davis; A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" ; Arthur Lindsay Davis (Decd) and Vincent Gower Davis (Decd) (Item 48-20)

A. H. Davis "Steele Rudd" after he went to Sydney to try and further establish "Steele Rudd's Magazine" in 1907. He always wore a moustache - but on this occasion for some unknown reason he shaved it off. It soon re-appeared (Item 48-21)

Robert Davis. A younger brother of A.H. Davis. Taken in his' teens 1888 (Item 48-22)

The character "Dad" as drawn by Arthur. J. Hingston in 1904. He was at the time an outstanding Queensland artist. Drawn for Steele Rudd's book "Dad in Politics". The chapters of which first appeared in Steele Rudd's Magazine. The book has recently bee re-published by The University of Queensland Press (Item 48-23)

"The Barn" as it appeared in 1972 in a state of disrepair. One of the buildings on "The Firs" Nobby Q. -the farming property Steele Rudds from 1908 to 1917 (Item 48-24)

The family then returned to Brisbane. Except. son V.G. Davis who was at the 1st world war.

A typical humourous sketch by Ashton Murphy, a close friend of Steele Rudd's. Drawn for "Steele Rudd's Magazine" 1904. This framed drawing hung in Steele Rudd's home for many years. It once provided a background for the Minister during, church service conducted at "The Firs" Nobby- Steele Rudds farming property from 1908 to 1917.. It caused much amusement for the congregation during the solemn proceedings. After the service no one enjoyed it more than the Rev. William Duffy the visiting Presbyterian Minister (Item 48-25)

"Glengower" The Davis family home in Wagner Road Clayfield Brisbane Q from 1917 to 1923. (The house was demolished in 1972) (Item 48-26)

A caricature of "Steele Rudd" (extreme top right)drawn by A.J. Hingston for "Steele Rudd's Magazine". Steele Rudd had been barred by Cowley the Speaker of the Queensland Parliament from the press gallery because Cowley and many other parliamentarians also, considered that Steele Rudd was ridiculing parliament with his publications of "Dad in Politics" (Which he intended to do) Steele Rudd stated at the time he was obliged to take his short hand notes "amongst the unwashed" in the public gallery. Drawn 1905 (Item 48-27)

"The Steele Rudd Memorial Cairn" erected by The Cambooya Shire Council on the site of "Shingle Hut" at Emu Creek, East Greenmount Q. Erected in 1968 to commemorate the writer's 100 anniversary of birth. 14/11/1868 (Item 48-28)

A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" taken in Sydney in 1935. A few months before his death on 11th October 1935 (Item 48-29)

Geo. A. Taylor. Sydney Artist and friend of Steele Rudd's . A foundation member of Sydneys Bohemian Club- "The Dawn and Dusk Club". Sketched by A.J. Hingston in Brisbane in 1904 (Item 48-30)

Mrs. Violet Christina Davis and daughter Violet (Now Mrs S.A. Bradley, Bell Q) Wife and daughter of Steele Rudd. Seated in the sulky outside "The Barn' at "The Firs" Nobby . Q. with the sulky horse "Creamy" Taken 1914 (Item 48-31)

Steele Rudd interviewing George Reid (Then Prime-Minister of Australia) sketched as a caricature for "Steele Rudd's Magazine" by A.J. Hingston in 1904 (Item 48-32)

Citation on "The Kings Jubilee Medal" certificate awarded to Steele Rudd on jubilee of King George V in 1935 (Item 48-33)

A typical cartoon by Ashton Murphy for "Steele Rudd's Magazine" in 1904 touching on a visit to Brisbane Q by George Reid then Prime Minister of Australia (Item 48-34)

Sketch by A.J. Hingston for "Steele Rudd's Magazine in 1904of George Reid (Prime Minister of Australia) during an interview with him by Steele Rudd (Item 48-35)

The first caricature sketch in "Steele Rudd's Magazine" in 1904. by A.J Hingston depicting from L. to R. J.W. (Jimmy) Blair, later Sir James Arthur Morgan ( Premier Of Queensland) and the then Governor of Queensland Sir Herbert Chermside (Item 48-36)

-Morgan introducing Blair, his attorney General to the over nor who looking through the magnifying glass say "Ah Yes! I see him Now! Steel Rudd was bitter on Blair supposedly a friend of his, for engineering his (Rudds) retrenchment from The Justice Department. Later on however their friendship was re-established.

Steele Rudd (Right) and a friend (unknown) at Medlow Bath Blue Mountains 1932 (Item 48-37)

First War Light Horsemen from Nobby and Greenmount Districts. L. To R. - Tom Lipp; Bob Armstrong; Gower Davis (son of Steele Rudd) Stuart Forsyth; Peter Campbell; Bob McLennan,; Jack Lemon. (All deceased) (Item 48-38)

Scene from "On Our Selection"-talkie taken on location while filming in 1932. Bert Bailey, famous in the character role of "Dad" on the extreme right (Item 48-39)

Edmund "Ned" Duggan. in the leading role in Steele Rudd's play "The Rudd Family". First produced in Adelaide, followed with record houses in Sydney and Melbourne . Taken 1928 (Item 48-40)

Miss Eugene Boland. Talented Australian singer in the early part of this century (20th). As she featured in "Steele Rudd's Magazine" in 1905 (Item 48-41)

Like Steele Rudd she too was a native of Drayton on the Darling Downs Q. The Boland and the Davis families friendship covered a span of many years.

This log "memorial" was erected by Edward "Ned" Davis, Steele Rudd's elder brother on the site of "Shingle Hut". He chiseled into it the names of Steele Rudds "Selection" characters. Erected in 1938 when "Ned "was 74 years, he died there months later. This solid simple monument will stand for generations to come (Item 48-42)

Steele Rudd extreme right with friends at Katoomba, Blue Mountains N.S.W. On his right is Mrs. Beatrice Sharp. Taken 1932 (Item 48-43)

The Davis Family group taken in Brisbane Q. in 1899 (Item 48-44)

Mrs "Tean" Davis nursing daughter-Violet-; A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" and sons Gower; and Lin.

Bert Bailey in the Character role of "Grandad" in Steele Rudds play "Grandad Rudd". Taken in 1917 (Item 48-45)

Bert Bailey in the character role of "Dad" in Steele Rudd's famous play "On Our Selection". Taken in Sydney in 1912 (Item 48-46)

One of Steele Rudd's places of residence in Sydney 1934-1935. Ithaca Road Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. He occupied the bottom left hand flat in the forefront of the building. (Item 48-47)

Another place in Sydney where Steele Rudd resided on and off from 1926 to 1933. -17 Roslyn Street Potts Point Sydney (Item 48-48)

Roslyndale Avenue Woolahra Sydney, where Steele Rudd lived for a short time in 1928 (Item 48-49)

"Moons Building" 43 Adelaide Street Brisbane. On the first floor on the extreme right was the office from which Steele Rudd launched "Steele Rudd's Magazine" in January 1904 (Item 48-50)

Steele Rudd at "Glengower" Wagner Road, Clay field Brisbane Q. The family home from 1917 to 1923. Eric Davis took this snap of his father with the hoe over his shoulder one Sunday morning in 1922 (Item 48-51)

Scene from "On Our Selection "play with "Joe's Kangaroo". Bert Bailey playing the part of "Dad". Bert Bertram (still living in U.S.A. the sole surviving member of the original 1912 cast) played the character role of "Joe" (Item 48-52)

The home of Mrs Beatrice Sharp , 28 Parsley Road Vaucluse Sydney. Here Steele Rudd had a flatette (window between the two Camphor -laurel trees at left) He lived there for about six months until mid 1934 (Item 48-53)

Sons and daughter of A.H. Davis and "Tean" Davis . L to R -Lin; Violet; and Gower. Taken in Brisbane in 1905 (Item 48-54)

Violet Davis (Now Mrs. S.A. Bradley, Belle Q.) and Eric Davis - daughter and son of Steele Rudd. Taken in Toowoomba in 1914 (Item 48-55)

Bert Bailey; famous Australian actor played the legendary "Dad" in Steele Rudd's play "On Our Selection" from 1912 to 1929 almost continuously. Later played in similar roles in film versions of Steele Rudd's works. Taken Sydney 1916 (Item 48-56)

Edward "Ned" Davis chiselling the names of his brother's (Steele Rudd) famous "Selection" characters in the post that "Ned" erected on the site of the "Old Selection" where "Shingle Hut" stood at Emu Creek East Greenmount, Darling Downs Q. - Taken in 1938. Ned was the 74 - he died 3 months later (Item 48-57)

A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" on "Hippy" He regarded "Hippy" as the finest horse he ever rode and he had a vast experience amongst horses. In this picture he was the Umpire of The Darling Downs Polo Association Gold Cup Final- played on the Nobby Polo Ground in 1914 (Item 48-58)

Steele Rudd in Sydney in 1907. He was minus the moustache he always wore. He didn't persist in wearing the Straw Boater Hat for any length of time (Item 48-59)

The Steele Rudd Amateur Dramatic Company. Members of the cast who played Steele Rudd's play "Duncan McClure". Back Row - L-R. Bob Dibley; Bladen Binney; Bert O'Connor; Lister Hopkins; Joe Nolan; Gerald Barlow; Ken McKinney; Harry Drew; (surviving member 1974) John McMaster; Men seated Alex Black; Robert Elliott; (Producer) A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" Norman McWaters. Ladies Miss Isobel Groom; Enid Sheppard; Viola Yaldwin; Elsie Deazley; Miss Gertrude Warren (Now Mrs J. Quirk -Surviving) Mrs. V.T. Yaldwin and Miss Iala Wilkinson (Item 48-60)

The play was produced in Toowoomba for Patriotic purposes in 1915 when this photo was taken.

Vincent Gower Davis (Deceased) 2nd son of Arthur Hoey Davis "Tean" Davis. Member of A.I.F. First world War- original 2nd Light Horse Regiment, late transferred to 41st Battery 11th Brigade Field Artillery. Taken early 1915 (Item 48-61)

Arthur Hoey Davis "Steele Rudd" taken in Sydney 1928 aged 60 years. On the occasion of staging "The Rudd Family" play in The Grand Opera House (Item 48-62)

A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" taken outside the Supreme Court Brisbane. This photo formed the frontispiece to his book "Sandy's Selection". Taken 1903 (Item 48-63)

He is admiring his polo pony "Jones".

Miss Winifred Hamilton. Taken in Sydney about 1928 (Item 48-64)

A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" aged 33. Taken in Brisbane at the time of his appointment to the office of Under -Sheriff in the Supreme Court of Queensland (Item 48-65)

An Australian group styled "The Inky Wayfarers" taken 3/10/1907 (Item 48-66)

L. to R. Standing. A.G. Stephens; "Red Pagan" of the Sydney Bulletin; Lionel Lindsay; Norman Lindsay; (both famous artists) Roderic Quinn (Brilliant poet) A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd"

L. to R. Eric Davis (Son) and Mrs Violet Bradley (nee Davis) daughter, at the unveiling ceremony at Drayton Q. of the memorial cairn to the memory of their father Arthur Hoey Davis "Steele Rudd" 14/11/1950 (Item 48-67)

A remaining part of "The Firs" Hobby Q prior to its complete demolition. The home on the Darling Downs Q. from 1907 to 1917. Situated at the junction of the Toowomba-Warwaick Highway (New England Highway) and the road to Nobby. Taken 1932 (Item 48-68)

Jules Tradent, left of the picture, and Dave Lipp, right. (Dave is presently the owner of the "old Selection" made famous by Steele Rudd. Jules id re-touching and re-chiseling the names on the "Memorial Post" originally erected and chiseled by Edward "Ned" Davis (elder brother of Steele Rudd at the age of 74 in 1938. Ned was helped to erect this poet by Dave Lipp and Eric Proctor, Manager of the Q.N. Bank at the time. From time to time the geraniums and Iris lilies planted originally by Mary Davis, Steele Rudd's mother, about 100 years ago bloom slightly as seen on the lower left of the picture. A half acre of this historic sire has been acquired by Eric Davis who is making the area into a memorial grove (Item 48-69)

"Myora". The Davis family home at (now 842) Sandgate Road Clay field Brisbane. Q from about 1899 to 1907. Though now converted into flats the buildings still retains a lot of its original appearance. - Taken 1966 (Item 48-70)

Originally "Rockeden" Leichhardt Street Brisbane Q. Now called "Brockley". The boarding house where A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" stayed from about 1889 to 1894. How somewhat altered. His room opened on to what was then a verandah on the extreme top right. The building is still in good repair. Taken 1966 (Item 48-71)

Part of the original Attendance Roll at the Emu Creek State School showing the names of the young Davis's enrolled in May 1875 (Item 48-72)

Steele Rudd's first and only school. At the time of enrollment he was 6 years and 10 month old. Over overall he only had five years of school education.

Richard "Dick" Davis and his Wife Agnes. Taken about 1890. Richard was an elder brother of "Steele Rudd" and Agnes was a sister of "Tean" Steele Rudd's wife. A case of two brothers married two sisters (Item 48-73)

Professor Andrew Thomson (Lecturer in English Queensland University) giving the main address at the unveiling ceremony of the memorial headstone of Steele Rudd's grave in Toowong cemetery Brisbane on 14/11/1956 (Item 48-74)

The ceremony was arranged by The Fellowship of Australian Writers (Queensland Division) Facing Camera. L. to R. N.K. Harvey Treasurer) Hon. V.C. Gair (Premier of Queensland) R.S. Byrnes (President of Commemoration Committee) Professor Andrew Thomson.; Eric Davis (son of Steele Rudd)

Memorial Cairn at Drayton, Steele Rudd's birthplace on the Darling Downs Q. Erected in memory of Steele Rudd by The Toowoomba Ladies Literary Society (Item 48-75)

Pilton Polo Team 1914. Winners of Darling Downs Polo Assn Gold Cup (Item 48-76)

L. to R. T. Hamil; R. White; W. Bignell (Killed in action 1st World War) C. Cook (Captain) A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" (Umpire) mounted on his favourite mare "Hippy". This game was played on the Nobby Polo Ground.

Memorial headstone on the grave of A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" Toowong Cemetery Brisbane Q. Erected by Citizens of Australia. Unveiled by V.C. Gair (Premier of Queensland) 14th November 1956 (Item 48-77)

Some of the original cast in their roles in "On Our Selection" play. Drawn by Harry Julius in 1912. (Item 48-78)

L. to R. Fred McDonald "Dave" Arthur "Bert" Bertram "Joe"; Ned Duggan "Maloney"; J. Lennon "Cranky Jack". On the occasion of the initial production of the play at the Palace Theatre Sydney.

Arthur Morgan, Premier of Queensland-later "Sir Arthur" as drawn by A.J. Hingston for "Steele Rudd's Magazine" in 1905 (Item 48-79)

Eva Novak, leading American actress at the time when she starred in 1927 in the film version of Steele Rudd's book "The Romance of Runnibede". Some of the aboriginals from the Cherbourh Native Settlement outside Surgeon Q also featured in filming. Taken 1927 (Item 48-80)

Steele Rudd's personal appeal as Editor of "Steele Rudd's Magazine" for budding talent. December issue 1904. The appeal was not in vain as the history of the magazine proved over ensuing years (Item 48-81)

Famous sketch by Ashton Murphy for "Steele Rudd's Magazine March 1905 (Item 48-82)

It reads -"I've stuck to Queensland up and down as far as I can see, Its only when its wringing wet that Queensland sticks to me".

Bland Holt.- Famous Australian actor of his day. Capable of playing any stage role, also gifted with artistic touch with pen and brush. A deep bond of friendship developed between him and Steele Rudd. This sketch for "Steele Rudd's Magazine" by Ben. J. Lee in 1904 (Item 48-83)

Thomas William Davis. Steele Rudd's brother. The oldest of the family. Taken about 1875 at the age of 20 (Item 48-84)

Memorial Cairn erected on the site of "Shingle Hut" at the "old Selection" by the Cambooya Shire Council to mark the 100 anniversary of Steele Rudd's birth. This was the place of his boyhood home where he found the inspiration to later in life to write his famous "Selection" stories as well as others in a total of 24 books and four plays. Erected 14/11/1968 (Item 48-85)

"Post Memorial" on the site of "Shingle Hut" erected by Edward "Ned" Davis in 1938. St Sibley is in the background over which in his boyhood Steele Rudd hunted kangaroos (Item 48-86)

A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" taken in Brisbane in 1922 (Item 48-87)

Eric Davis discusses one of the recent re-publications of his fathers "Steele Rudd" books with Miss Linda Childs of the Queensland Book Depot (Item 48-88)

By courtesy of Queensland Art Gallery. This Oil painting of "Steele Rudd" by Sydney artist- Joseph Wolinski-. Painted it in 1981 as an entry for the Archibald Prize (Item 48-89)

A.H. Davis "Steele Rudd" sketched by artist A.J. Hingston in Brisbane in 1904 in the office of "Steele Rudd's Magazine". A characteristic posture (Item 48-90)

"Shingle Hut" drawn by Brisbane artist - Gordon Hooper of Wilston Brisbane from a description given by Mr David Lipp Emu Creek East Greenmount Qld. Mr Lipp is the oldest living identity of that part of the Darling Downs so closely identified with the name of Steele Rudd. Also the Lipp family were the closest pioneering family to the Davis home in the "seventies" (Item 48-91)

The character "Dad" in Steele Rudd's book "On Our Selection". Sketched by Alf Vincent in 1899 (Item 48-92)

The ground for the first crop at "Shingle Hut" was cultivated with hoes. Drawing by Alf Vincent in Steele Rudd's book "On Our Selection" 1899 (Item 48-93)

The character "Dad" when he finally got the deeds for "the Selection" in Steele Rudd's book "On Our Selection" Drawn by Alf Vincent in 1899 (Item 48-94)

The characters "Dad" and "Mother" in the Metropolis. "Dad" was drawn by Lionel Lindsay and "Mother" by Norman Lindsay in Steele Rudd's book "Stocking Our Selection" - 1909 (Item 48-95)

From Steele Rudd's book "On Our Selection" In the chapter where the bush fire took the fencing "Joe" asked "Dad" "If he didn't think it was a splendid sight". Drawing by A.H. Fulwood -1909 (Item 48-96)

Eric Davis showing Mrs Lorna Rickert of Nobby, Darling Downs Q., the jockey jacket worn by his father Arthur Hoey Davis "Steele Rudd" on the various occasions he rode at country race meetings in his very early "teens in the 'eighties. The jacket made by Arthur's mother 90 years ago is still in fair repair in the Toowoomba School of Arts. -Photo by courtesy of The Toowoomba Chronicle (Item 48-97)

Lightning sketch of Eric Davis by artist E.J. Stanley at Hughenden Q. in 1950 when Eric was Manager of The National Bank of A/Asia in that Western town (Item 48-98)

Steele Rudd's character "Joe" in his book "On Our Selection" . Drawn by A.J. Fisher 1899 (Item 48-99)

The character "Mother" in Steele Rudd's book "On Our Selection". Drawn by Alf Vincent -1899 (Item 48-100)

The Character "Sal" in Steele Rudd's book "On Our Selection". Drawn by artist A.J. Fisher in 1899 (Item 48-101)

The character "Kate" in Steele Rudd's book "On Our Selection" drawn by Alf Vincent in 1899 (Item 48-102)

The character "Old Skinnerlouse" in Steele Rudd's book "The Book of Dan" drawn by Lionel Lindsay -1909 (Item 48-103)

The character "Joe" in Steele Rudd's book "Our New Selection" as drawn by Norman Lindsay in 1903 (Item 48-104)

William "Bill"Young. boarding house roommate of Steele Rudd's at "Rockeden at Leichhardt Street Brisbane Q for four years up to 1894. Bill was one of the founders of The City Electric Light Co Ltd now The Southern Electric Authority of Old (Item 48-105)

"Dave" another of Steele Rudd's famous characters as drawn by Norman Lindsay in Rudd's book "Our New Selection" in 1903. This appearance was adopted by Fr Fred McDonald when he played the role of "Dave "in the stage presentations of "On Our Selection" beginning in 1912 (Item 48-106)

Bill and Mary Burton (Nee Mary Davis. Steele Rudd's second eldest sister. To a large extent the original "Sandy" and "Kate " in Steele Rudd's book "Sandy's Selection" Photo taken about 1880 (Item 48-107)

Photo of a poster advertisement for "On Our Selection " play when it opened its New Zealand tour in 1912. It toured non stop throughout both islands of N.S (Item 48-108)

Standing. Mrs. R. Glasby (nee Jane Davis) Steele Rudd's oldest sister. Sitting. Mrs H. Beck (nee Margaret Davis) Steele Rudd's third eldest sister Taken about 1900 (Item 48-109)

Margaret Davis (Mrs H. Beck -Steele Rudd's sister) and Harry Davis Steele Rudd's youngest brother and baby of the family. Taken about 1900 (Item 48-110)

Sketch by Ashton Murphy for "Steele Rudd's magazine" in 1964 (Item 48-111)

Artist, Alf Vincent's depiction of the Davis family arrival at "Shingle Hut" in Steele Rudd's book "On Our Selection" published in 1899 (Item 48-112)