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Created: September 1978

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British Drama League (Australia)
Records of the British Drama League (Australia)
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MS 5579
1.8 metres (12 ms boxes)
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National Library of Australia


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Conditions Governing Use

Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Records of the British Drama League (Australia), National Library of Australia, MS 5579, [box number and series and/or file number]'.

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Authored playscripts

Achard, Marcel (File 1)


Achard, Marcel (File 2)


Adamson, C.M. Mrs (File 3)

Call it a date

Adamson, C.M. Mrs (File 3)

Differences at the depot

Anderson, Norman (File 3)

Contest without armour

Atkinson, M.E (File 4)

Can the leopard

Balderston, John L (File 5)


Barnett, Stephen (File 5)

300th performance

Barry, Phillip (File 5)

The animal kingdom

Beneh, S.V (File 5)

The devil & Daniel Webster

Bergman, Hjalmar (File 6)

Mr Sleeman is coming

Blewett, Dorothy (File 6-9)

The first Joanna (8 copies)

Block, Bertram (File 10)

Gas Air & Earl

Bottomley, Gordon (File 10)

Merlin's grave

Bottomley, Gordon (File 10)

The acts of Saint Peter

Brabazon, James (File 11)

People of nowhere

Bradbury, Parnell (File 11)

The fallen angel

Bradwell, Eric (File 12)

Fantasy by firelight

Bray, J.J (File 12)


Brownbill, Catherine (File 13)

Sleep to wake

Byron, Henry James (File 13)

Our boys

Caine, Peggy (File 14)

Dear Jenny, Dear John

Caine, Peggy (File 14)

Too late my brothers

Caldwell, Floralyn (File 14)

The wicked Wang Pah meets the dragon

Campbell, A. Graham (File 14)

Mistress Bottom's dream

Campbell, John (File 15)

The cell

Carey, Robert (File 15)

In the dark

Carroll, Kathleen (File 16)


Catto, Max (File 16-17)

They walk alone (3 copies)

Clayton, Dorothy (File 18)


Clements, Colin C (File 18)


Conroy, John (File 18)

Mr Slattersby

Constanduros, M (File 19)

The lady from abroad

Coppard, J.A.S (File 19-21)

Sordid story (15 copies)

Crawford, Jim (File 22)

Rocket range

Critchley, Louis (File 22)

They also serve

Cusack, Dymphna (File 22)


Cusack, Dymphna (File 22)

Second rhapsody

Dalton, Muriel (File 23)

Crazy pavement

Dalton, Muriel (File 23)

Prisons more frequent

Daly, Augustin (File 23)

Under the gaslight

Dann, George Landen (File 24)

Resurrection at Matthewtown

Dann, George Landen (File 25)

Ring out wild bells

Davison, Dennis (File 26)

Mak the sheep stealer

Deamer, Dulcie (File 26)

In the heart of a woman

Deamer, Dulcie (File 26)

The messenger

Dickens, C (File 26)

A Pickwick story

Donovan, John (File 27)

The miners right

Douglas, A (File 27)

When Greek meets Greek

Drake-Brockman, H (File 28)

The quick and the dead

Dreiser, Theodore (File 28)

An American tragedy

Dreyer, Marien (File 29)

Coffee for sixpence

Dreyer, Marien (File 29)

The moment of truth

Dreyer, Marien (File 29)

Wish no more

Egan, Ted (File 30)

No need for two blankets

Elliott, Sumner Locke (File 30)

The invisible circus

Esson, Louis (File 31)

Diggers Rest - the battler

Esson, Louis (File 31)


Esson, Louis (File 31)

The Southern Cross

Farwell, George (File 32)

Sons of the South

Farwell, George (File 32)

The house that Jack built

Fils, Michael Carre (File 33)

L'enfant prodigue

Fitch, Hilda, A (File 33)

My Herbert says

Fletcher, Bernard (File 33)

Black champagne

Forwood, M.E (File 34)

At the Snob Court Hotel

Francis, Maurice (File 34)

They never come back

Gow, Ronald (File 35)

Deep are the roots

Gantry, Sacha (File 36)

Don't listen ladies

Gertensberg, Alice (File 36)


Gheon, Henri (File 37)

Christmas in the market place

Gheon, Henri (File 38)

Christmas in the market place

Giraudoux, Jean (File 39)


Giraudoux, Jean (File 39)


Glover, Frederick (File 39)


Glover, Frederick (File 40)

The inward part

Goldoni (File 40)

Mine hostess

Gordon, D.A (File 41)

The fencers

Gorki, Maxim (File 41)


Hamilton, Katherine (File 42)

Paterson's curse

Hamilton, Katherine (File 42)

The party man

Hamilton, Katherine (File 42)

The web is spun

Hanger, Eunice (File 43)

Short street

Hanger, Eunice (File 43)

The frogs

Hardy, Ann (File 44)


Hayward, A. Jean (File 44)

Every man his desert

Herald, Heinz (File 44)

Zola and Dreyfus

Herbert (File 45)

The moon is blue

Heywood, John (File 46)

A merry play

Hopgood, Alan (File 46-50)

The golden legion of cleaning women (5 copies)

Hudd, Walter (File 50)

Good blood, bad blood

Hughes, Annie (File 51)

The lucky kid

Hughes, Robert (File 51)

Dead men walking

Ionesco, Eugene (File 52)

Victims of duty

Job, Thomas (File 52)

Uncle Harry

Johnson, Philip (File 53)

April shower

Johnson, Philip (File 53)


Jones, Will (File 53)

Calling gravesend

Judd, Tom (File 54)

Charlie came at 3 am

Judd, Tom (File 54)

The carefree spiders

Judd, Tom (File 55)

Something for nothing

Jury, C.R (File 55)

The administrator

Kastner, Erich (File 55)

Emil and the detectives (Adapted to an Aust. setting by W. Pollak)

Kelen, Stephen (File 56)

Basement of Paradise, Fission in the ointment

Kelen, Stephen (File 57)

A flat to let, The glass triangle

Kelen, Stephen (File 58)

Goshu or The Most Honourable Barbarian

Kelen, Stephen (File 59)

The intruders, Little black girl stepover the bar

Kelen, Stephen (File 60)

Night of the broken journey

Kelen, Stephen (File 61)

Shadow of the Crabbe, The sun shines black in the valley (2 copies)

Kelen, Sylvia (File 62)

The give-away, A Wig-Wam for a Goose's Bridle

Kelen, Stephen Sylvia (File 63)

Birds in the bush The lunch lovers, Passport from limbo, Some years later, The waiting room

Kelly, George (File 64)

The flattering word

Kelly, M (File 64)

The simple sketch

Kennedy, Brian (File 65)

A separate destiny

Kenny, Colin (File 65)

Overture to the dance

Not used (File 66)

Laurents, Arthur (File 67)

The time of the cuckoo (4 copies)

Lawson, Nancy (File 68)

Bligh on the Derwent

Lockhart, H.M (File 69)

The story of Madeleine Smith

Lope de Vega (File 70)

The pastry baker

Lucy, Mary Penelope (File 71)

Chase the dream

Macdonald, Louisa (File 72)

A mask

McDougall, Roger (File 72)

Macadam and Eve

McDougall, Roger (File 73)

To Dorothy, a son (2 copies)

McDougall, Roger (File 74)

To Dorothy, a son (2 copies)

McGowan, Jack (File 75)

Tenth Avenue

Macintyre, Peggy (File 76)

The barren tide of Stavoren

Macintyre, Peggy (File 76)

Our Lady and the Nun

McKinney, J. P (File 77)

The well

McNett, Marie (File 78)

Cradle of glory

Mann, Phillip Grenville (File 79)

Over to mother

Mansfield, Anthony (File 80)

Dancers on a tightrope

Marlowe, Gilbert (File 80)

The dream

Mathew, Ray (File 81)

The boomerang

Mathew, Ray (File 81)

Church Sunday

Mathew, Ray (File 81)

Sing for St. Ned

Meredith, Gwen (File 82)

Ask no questions

Michaelis (File 83)

Revolution wedding

Millar, Robins (File 84)

Thunder in the air

Mitchell, Robert (File 84)

The match girls

Molnar, Franz (File 85-86)

The guardsman (7 copies)

Moore, Eugene W (File 87)

Back to 198O

Moran, V. J (File 87)

A custom more honoured

Morell, Musette (File 88)

Beyond price

Morell, Musette (File 88)

A hearty party

Morell, Musette (File 88)

His gentle art

Morell, Musette (File 88)

The quick and the dead

Morell, Musette (File 88)

Who's looking

Morgan, Charles (File 89)

The flashing stream

Morgan, Charles (File 89)


Morgan, Charles (File 90-91)

The river line (5 copies)

Morin, Catherine and Maud (File 92)

Pedlar's pack

Morrison, A. and McNutt, P (File 92)


Mortlock, Derek (File 92)

The wages of virtue

Naish, John (File 93)

The Maoris

Novello, Ivor (File 93)

Symphony in two flats

Palmer, Vance (File 94)

Christine; The fledgling

Parker, L.M (File 95)

A minuet

Parsons, Dollaud (File 95)

The friends of Valerie Lane

Partos, Glyn (File 95)

September storm

Patrick, John (File 95)

The hasty heart

Pearmain, John (File 96)

Old Moore's almanae

Pearson, Margaret (File 96)

Press gang

Pertwee, Roland (File 97)

Honours easy

Pike, Nora (File 98)

Look thy last

Pillot, Eugene (File 98)

The gazing globe

Pinero, A.W (File 99)

Dandy Dick (incomplete)

Pooley, John (File 100)

The engagement; This was good-bye

Powell-Anderson, Constance (File 101)


Pree, Barry (File 101)

A fox in the night

Ranken, J.L (File 102)

Sisters under the skin

Rayment, D (File 102)

The plot that failed

Raynor, Molly (File 102)

Strange refuge

Reed, Mark (File 103)

Yes, my darling daughter!

Rice, Elmer L (File 103)

Life is real

Richardson, Anna Steese and Kerr, Sophie (File 104)

Big hearted Herbert

Roberts, A.O (File 104)


Roberts, Gordon (File 104)

Ride A-Cock-Horse

Roland, Betty (File 105)

Don Quixote (adapted by Betty Roland)

Ross, Kathleen (File 105)

Lily; The odd one

Rothwell, Geoff (File 106)

Mirrors of judgement

Ruffels, Pat (File 106)

The recurring dream; Operation insanity; The Cornea Club

Sackville, Lady Margaret (File 107)

Alicia and the twilight

Saroyan, William (File 107)

Hello out there; Talking to you

Seymour, Alan (File 108)

The one day of the year; Swamp creatures

Sharp, Cecil (File 108)

Green broom

Shaw, George Bernard (File 109)

Getting married Act I

Shaw, George Bernard (File 110)

Getting married Act II

Shaw, George Bernard (File 111)

Getting married Act III

Shepherd, Catherine (File 112)

Clear stream; Comets across the sky; Connie sleeps

Shiffrin, A.B (File 113)

Kids learn fast

Simons, Kosti (File 113)


Sladen-Smith, F (File 113)

Wonderful zoo

Spewack, Bella and Samuel (File 114)

Woman bites dog

Stellmach, Barbara (File 115)

Dark heritage

Sterling-Lewis, Edith (File 115)

At the court of King Chowderdow

Stewart, Allan (File 116)

The eyes of the beholder (2 copies)

Stone, John A (File 117)

The chorus girl

Swears, Herbert (File 117)

Granny's Juliet

Symons, Alex (File 117)

An unromantic comedy

Tennant, Kylie (File 118)

Tether a dragon

Thomas, Iris (File 118)

What price mercy

Throssell, Ric (File 119)

Babes at Arms; A kiss and a promise

Throssell, Ric (File 120)


Waldron, J. and R (File 121)

No Silver Saints

Wales, Robert (File 121)

Wings on the morning

Ward, Frederick (File 122)

The Chilian bear

Monkey glands!

Warner, J.V (File 123)

As some lone ship

Watson, T.M (File 123)

When peacocks sing

Willard, John (File 124)

The cat and the canary (2 copies)

Willis, Ted (File 125)

The bells are ringing; God Bless the Guv'nor

Willis, Ted (File 126)

What happens to love

Witcombe, Eleanor (File 126)

Don't tell mother

Series 2. Anonymous playscripts

Air raid (File 127)

Authors (File 127)

Dick Whittington at Strutham (File 127)

The dragon (File 127)

The Emperor's carpet (File 127)

Fruity melodrama (2 copies) (File 127)

The horse thief (File 127)

Katie's lovers (File 128)

The King's messenger (File 128)

Le Coquin (File 128)

Marty (File 128)

Only an orphan girl (File 128)

Out in the cold, cold snow (4 copies) (File 129)

The physician in spite of himself (File 129)

The Princess and the frog (File 129)

The puppets (File 129)

The rose and the thorn (File 129)

The shame of Doodle Cooma (File 130)

To please the public (File 130)

Twentieth century (File 130)

The unsociable old man (File 131)

The veiled menace (File 131)

Vile bodies (File 131)

The wandering scholar from Paradise (File 131)

The warrior's husband (File 131)

Way of the cross (File 131)

Windfall (File 131)

Young love (File 131)

Series 3. Miscellaneous playscripts

Untitled playscripts (File 132)