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MS 5689

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Created: 1980

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Sir Neville Reginald Howse
Papers of Sir Neville Howse
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MS 5689
0.75 metres (2 ms boxes + 1 medium folio box)
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Scope and Contents

'Suma' Howse family farm outside Orange, N.S.W. Now Orange airport. 'Nareena' Howse family home in Orange, N.S.W. 'Killiney' Howse family home in Orange, N.S.W.

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Item Descriptions

Orange summer, 1910 (Item 1 a)

Nareena, 1911 (Item 1 b)

Girl Dorothy Morgan, 1911 (Item 1 c)

Nareena, c. December 1911 (Item 1 d)

Suma - winter, 1912 (Item 2 a)

Nurse (Monty) with Howse children, Eril(holding doll) Charles (on right), Grada (on left) (Item 3 a)

c. November 1912 (Item 3 b)

Suma, c. November 1912 (Item 3 c)

Children at Suma L-R Garda, Charles, Eril (Item 3 d)

Garda (Item 4 a)

Charles (Item 4 b)

Winter, 1912 (Item 4 c)

Summer, 1912 (Item 4 d)

Garda (Item 5 a)

Suma (Item 5 b)

Eril (Item 5 c)

Garda and Charles (Item 5 d)

Eril - Suma, October 29 1912 (Item 6 a)

Charles, Eril and Garda (Item 6 b)

Suma (Item 6 c)

Eril and Charles (Item 6 d)

Char (Item 7 a)

Eril and Char (Item 7 b)

Charles and Garda (Item 7 c)

Sir Neville (then Doctor) Howse at 'Suma' with L-R Eril, Garda, Charles (Item 7 d)

Charles on 'Queenie' (Item 8 a)

Charles on 'Queenie' (Item 8 b)

Suma - Summer, 1912-1913 (Item 8 c)

Queenie (Item 8 d)

Bullock wagons with wool (Item 9 a)

Howse children at Suma, Eril on 'Queenie' (Item 10 a)

Eril on 'Queenie' (Item 10 b)

Suma - winter, Garda on 'Queenie', 1913 (Item 10 c)

Charles on 'Queenie' (Item 10 d)

Eril holding John, Garda standing (Item 11 a)

Charles holding John, Garda standing (Item 11 b)

Suma - summer, Eril, 1913-1914 (Item 11 c)

Garda holding John, Eril standing (Item 11 d)

Howse family at Manly. Eril and Garda (Item 12 a)

Eril, Charles (John) Garda (Item 12 b)

Dad (Sir Neville Howse) with children, Manly, March 1914 (Item 12 c)

Eril, Garda, Charles (Item 12 d)

Suma - Eril, Charles, John, April 1914 (Item 13 a)

Suma, 1913 (Item 13 b)

Manly - Garda, March 1914 (Item 13 c)

Suma - Garda, April 1914 (Item 13 d)

Charles and Garda, July or August 1914 (Item 14 a)

Eril holding baby (John?) (Item 14 b)

July or August 1914 (Item 14 c)

July or August 1914 (Item 14 d)

Jack's Benz (Dr Jack Howse, Neville's brother and partner in medical practice in Orange), September 1914 (Item 15 a)

Children (Howse) Suma - Charles, Eril, Garda (Item 15 b)

Jack's Benz, September 1914 (Item 15 c)

Adults on verandah, children on steps, Charles Eril, Garda, September 1914 (Item 15 d)

Suma gate - Jack's Benz, September 1914 (Item 16 a)

View from Suma - looking north, mist in valley (Item 16 b)

Suma, September 1914 (Item 16 c)

Suma, March 1915 (Item 16 d)

Garda and Charles, Manly, March 1915 (Item 17 a)

Garda and Charles, Manly, March 1915 (Item 17 b)

Manly - Eril in distance, March 1915 (Item 17 c)

Manly - Eril and John, March 1915 (Item 17 d)

Howse children at Suma? (Item 18 a)

L-R Charles, Eril, Garda, John (in go-cart) Norman Godfrey (Dr Godfrey, England) (Mum's sister Marjorie's Son) (Item 18 b)

Charles and Eril (Item 18 c)

Suma (Item 18 d)

Macnamara and John (Item 19 a)

Eril (Item 19 b)

Mum holding baby (Alison?) with John (?) (Item 19 c)

Howse children with Cousin Norman - as in 18b (Item 19 d)

Suma, April 1915 (Item 20 a)

Eril and John, June 1915 (Item 20 b)

Suma, April 1915 (Item 20 c)

Killiney - Charles, John, June 1915 (Item 20 d)

Charles, Eril, Norman, Garda and John Killiney, June 1915 (Item 21 a)

John and Alison, Christmas, 1918 (Item 21 b)

John, Garda, Norman, Eril and Cha Killiney, June 1915 (Item 21 c)

John and Alison winter, 1918 (Item 21 d)

Garda and Charles Autumn, 1918 (Item 22 a)

John and Alison, Winter, 1918 (Item 22 b)

John and Alison, Autumn, 1918 (Item 22 c)

Charles with John (Item 22 d)

John, Garda, Charles (Item 23 a)

Mum with Charles (L) and Garda (R) (Item 23 b)

Charles, Eril, Garda, John, Cousin Norman (Godfrey) in front (Item 23 c)

Eril with John (Item 23 d)

Garden of Newstead home of Mum's family (Pilchers) Orange (Item 24 a)

Suma - Garda and John (Nurse Monty?) (Item 25 a)

Charles, John, Garda (Item 25 b)

Garda, Charles (Item 25 c)

Garden and house of 'Lyndhurst' in Melbourne (Item 25 d)

Suma - Charles (Item 26 a)

Bullock team (Item 26 b)

Charles (Item 26 c)

Charles, Garda on tricycle (Item 26 d)

Charles (Item 27 a)

? (Item 27 b)

Dad with Garda and Charles, Suma(?) (Item 27 c)

Manly? (Item 27 d)

? (Item 28 a)

Howse children Eril, Garda, John (Item 28 b)

Howse children Charles, Eril in go-cart (Item 28 c)

Howse children Garda, Eril, Charles (Item 28 d)

Howse children Eril, Garda, Charles (Item 29 a)

Suma - Garda, Nurse Monty(?), John (Item 29 b)

Lyndhurst - Charles and Eril (Item 29 c)

Eril and Charles (Item 29 d)

Eril and Charles (Item 30 a)

Charles (Item 30 b)

Charles (Item 30 c)

Eril and Charles (Item 30 d)

Garden of Evelyn Howse family home Newstead in Orange, N.S.W. - picture of her mother Mrs Pitcher nee Macphillamy (Item 31 a)

Lyndhurst garden (Item 31 b)

Lyndhurst garden (Item 31 c)

Howse family group L-R Charles, Garda, Alison, John at back Eril, Mum, Dad, (all headless) (Item 31 d)

Eril (Item 32 a)

Fishing at Camp of Quarantine Station Victoria L-R: Dr Lewis Smith (London Hospital, England) Dad, Norman Godfrey, Alison, John, (? friends) while Dad was Federal Minister for Health Bruce, Page administration. (Item 32 b)

Garda (Item 32 c)

Garden of Lyndhurst (Melbourne) Mrs W.M. Howse (widow of Dr Percy Howse, brother of Neville) and Alison (Item 33 a)

Garden of Lyndhurst (Item 33 b-d)

Garden of Lyndhurst (Item 34 a-d)

Dr Jack Howse on steps at 'Suma' with Charles, Garda, Eril (Item 35 a)

Starr children L-R Evelyn, David, Neville (and dog) (Item 35 b)

Alison (now widow of Sir Dr K.W. Starr) on board returning from England after his death there (Item 35 c)

Charles, John, Garda at Suma (Item 35 d)

Alison in garden 'Lyndhurst' (Melbourne) (Item 36 a)

Alison (self) (Item 36 b)

Ken (Sir Dr K.W. Starr) with David (Item 36 c)

David Evelyn Neville-Starr (Item 36 d)

John and Eril-Howse (Item 37 a)

Garden at 'Newstead' (orange) (Item 37 b)

Alison (self) (Item 37 c)

Howse children in garden with Norman (Godfrey) (Item 37 d)

Garden at 'Newstead' (Item 38 a)

Alison (Item 38 b)

Garden at 'Lyndhurst' Dr Lewis Smith (London Hospital England - retired) with Alison (Item 38 c)

Suma, Nurse Montgomery(?) with (Garda? Me?) and John(?) (Item 38 d)

Holiday Cottage at Manly(?) Garda, John, Charles, Alison in Lyndhurst garden (Item 39 a)

Newstead - garden (Item 39 b)

Charles and Eril (Item 39 c)

Neville Reginald Howse when medical student at London Hospital England (Item 39 d)

Mrs W.M. Howse (Aunt Winnie widow of Dr Percy Howse) in back garden on 'Lyndhurst' (Item 40 a)

Mrs W.M. Howse (Item 40 b)

Garden at 'Newstead' Orange (Item 40 c)

Side garden of 80 Bobbin Head Road, Turramurra, home of Ken/Alison, post World War I. Evelyn (Buttini), David, Neville (Item 40 d)

Gallipoli (Item 41 a)

Dad - when in federal parliament (Bruce, Page admin.) (Item 41 b)

Mum as young woman (and negative of Mum) (Item 41 c)

Garden of 'Newstead' with Mrs Pilcher and Eril (Item 41 d)

(Names on back of picture) Dad 3rd from left - Gallipoli (Item 44 a)

Dad (Item 44 b)

Ship returning from England after WWI. L-R: including Arthur Colvin, Orange, husband of Dita (could be Victor Hurleys' sister?); Dr Victor Hurley, Melbourne, husband of Elsie; Dita Colvin, Orange, wife of Arthur; Neville Howse (Dad); sitting - Elsie Hurley, Melbourne, wife of Victor; Evelyn Howse (Mum) (Item 44 c)

Gallipoli (Item 45 a)

Postcard from Dad to Eril (sent during Anzac campaign) (Item 45 b)

Picture of Dad 'taken at Luxor by CBB White very... yours NRA' (written on back) (Item 45 c)

Beach at Gallipoli (Item 45 d)

Trenches at Gallipoli (Item 46 a)

Dad at Gallipoli (Item 46 b)

Hospital at Gallipoli (Item 46 c)

Gallipoli, Dad 2nd from left (Item 47 a)

Dad 'Anzac' (written on album), October 20 1915 (Item 47 b)

Captain of ship on voyage to/from England WWI (?) (Item 47 c)

Dad WWI (Item 48 a)

Gallipoli (Item 48 b)

Lifeboat on voyage to/from England WWI (Item 48 c)

Gallipoli (Item 48 d)

Gallipoli (Item 49 a)

Mum on voyage to/from England WWI (Item 49 b)

Group on voyage to England WWI (?Nurse Monty on left of group. Dita Colvin 2nd from left) (Item 49 c)

Mum (as in 49b) (Item 49 d)

The 1st train of wounded to arrive at Heliopolis 9PM April 29 from Gallipoli (written on album) (Item 50 a)

Gallipoli (Item 50 b)