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Created: August 1978

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Graham Perkin
Papers of Graham Perkin
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MS 5852
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Item Descriptions

Personal letters re Mr Perkin's appointment as Editor of the Age, October 25 to November 30, 1966 (File 1)

General correspondence, 1967-1969 (File 2)

Includes copies of correspondence between Malcolm Fraser and T.L. Lewis, February - July 1969, marked in ink: "Personal and confidential with compliments of Malcolm Fraser".

General correspondence and memoranda, 1970 (File 3)

Includes short personal letter from William McMahon re Perkin's visit to the Philippines for the One Asia Assembly.

General correspondence, memoranda and related articles, 1971 (File 4)

Includes: Letter 26/8/71 from Kan Ichi Kubo, Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan; Correspondence with British High Commission and Embassy of the Republic of China, Canberra; Letter 10/12/71 from Prime Minister McMahon's Press Secretary about an Indian Ocean Pact; Letter 30/7/71 from F.M. Dowling, State Leader DLP, to R.J. Hamer, Acting Premier Victoria, about Universities.

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1972 (File 5)

Includes: Monday Conference transcript 9/10/72; Letters from Kim Beazley, M.H.R., re interview with "Woroni", October; Letter 16/4/72 from Keith Waller, Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs, about Michael Ramsden; Letter 13/6/72 from E.R. Meagher, Minister of Housing, on editorial "High Rise Bungling".

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1972 (File 6)

Includes: Letter 3/3/72 from F.P. McManus re Government's proposed Arbitration Act; Letter 17/3/72 from Andrew Peacock re 18-year-old vote; Letters October from William McMahon and Andrew Peacock about A.A.P.

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1973 (File 7)

Includes: Correspondence about Wilfred Burchett.

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1973 (File 8)

Includes: Letter 25/1/73 from F.P. McManus re D.L.P; Letter 27/11/73 from Ivor Greenwood re prices and incomes referenda.

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1973 (File 9)

Includes: Letters, February, from Doug Everingham on fluoridation; Transcript of interview with Dennis Minouge and William McMahon; Letter McMahon 21/8/73

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1973 (File 10)

Includes: Letters September/October from Gerald Long re Reuters coverage of Indo-China news; Letters re closure of Perth's Independent Sun; Letters August/September from John Hardingham re N.Z. herald.

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1974 (File 11)

Includes: Letters July from F.P. McManus re D.L.P; Letter 26/2/74 from P.M.'s Press Secretary re Marcos regime in the Philippines.

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1974 (File 12)

Includes: Letters from Clyde Cameron, Minister for Labour, on Tripartite Industrial Peace Conference.

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1975 (File 13)

Includes: Letters and statements, F.P. McManus on Report of the 1975 Special Conference of the D.L.P; Letter Patrick Shaw, February; Transcript of meeting of Public Servants Ethical Conduct Committee, 25/3/75.

General correspondence, memoranda etc, 1975 (File 14)

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1975 (File 15)

Includes: Letters, September, from D. Kemp on Law Reform Commission; Letter 10/9/75 from Frank Moorhouse re R-rated movie The Americans baby.

General correspondence, memoranda, etc, 1976-1978 (File 16)

Includes: Letters from F.P. McManus about D.L.P.

Letters of condolence on Perkin's death, 1975 (File 17-26)

Cards from floral tributes to the late G. Perkin, 1975 (File 27)

Obituaries, order of service for funeral, biographical notes (File 28_31)

Perkin's own alphabetical subject file, of correspondence and other material (File 32-40)

Speeches, lectures (File 41_43)

Speech notes (File 44)

Speeches, lectures, articles, marked "Journalism notes" (File 45)

Conferences, seminars, etc (File 46)

Broadcasts, interviews (File 47)

Articles (File 48)

Newspaper articles (File 49_50)

May 1974 elections. Correspondence, articles, etc (File 51)

1974 elections. Political policy of the Age (File 52)

Joint Committee on Pecuniary Interests of Members of Parliament, 1975 (File 53_54)

File of correspondence marked "A.A.P. - News Limited" (File 55)

File marked "Reuter" (File 56)

File marked "Medicine" (File 57)

File marked "Law Institute of Victoria" (File 58)

Personal material: Tax forms, application forms, passports, identity card, Who's who details (File 59)

Appointment diary, 1974 (File 60)

Appointment diary, 1975 (File 61)

"Punch" appointment diary, 1974 (File)

Caricature of Perkin at the Wilkie-Deamer 1972 Memorial Address, 8/2/72. Plus news cutting about the Address (see folio run) (File)

Photographs - (see folio run) (File)