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A. W. R. Vroland
Papers of Anton Vroland
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MS 3991
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Item Descriptions

Series 1. General correspondence, 1930-1972

Letters from relatives and friends of Anton and Anna Vroland, on personal matters and topics such as native plants and birds. Correspondents include J.B. Chifley, A.W. Jessep and Frank Tate.

Correspondence (File 1) - Box 1

Correspondence (File 44) - Box 6

Series 2. Biographical and family notes

Includes the biography of A.W.R. Vroland and his father, Carl Vroland, A. Vroland's Teacher's Certificate, 1876, the obituary of A.W.R. Vroland and the Vroland family tree.

Various papers (File 37) - Box 5

Series 3. Education, 1929-1972

The correspondence contains requests for, or praise of Vroland's teaching aids, the organisation of various teaching subjects, educational administration, the publication of Vroland's books and his retirement from teaching. Correspondents include F. Tate, J.A. Seitz and L.W. Shears, as well as many of Vroland's former pupils and teaching associates.

There are teaching notes on a variety of topics e.g. literature, grammar, botany; handwritten essays and speeches on educational topics e.g. progressive education, administration, co-education, teaching aids; typescript articles and broadcasts on education; verse; plays written by Vroland e.g. Balancing the budget, and by others; spelling charts; educational publications; news cuttings; photos and one box of teaching aids.

Papers re education (File 2-16) - Box 1-3

Papers re education (File 34-36) - Box 5

Papers re education (File 38-43) - Box 6

Papers re education (File) - Box 7

Series 4. The New Education Fellowship, 1942-1958

Correspondence with the Premiers of all states regarding the condition of Aborigines in Victoria. Letters from J.B. Chifley, Professor A.P. Elkin, J.F. Collopy and R.C. Mills. The papers include a statement of aims, reports on meetings and conferences, news letters e.g. The New Outlook, 1927-1929, and papers relating to the visit of Professor Carleton Washburne in 1949.

Papers re the New Education Fellowship (File 17-19) - Box 3

Series 5. Aborigines, 1936-1971

Correspondence from Pastor Doug Nicholls, the Hon. W. Watt Seggatt, G.O. Reid, Dr Charles Duguid, John Dedman, Dr Donald F. Thomson, L.D. Edwards, the Hon. J. Brady, the Hon. K. Dodgshun, J.G. McKenzie, W.C. Wentworth and C.B. Christensen. There are also numerous letters from aborigines. The letters concern the conditions and education of aborigines and requests for help. There are also reports of criminal charges against aborigines, press releases, notes on the Australian policy toward Aborigines, the bulletin and annual report of the Council for Aboriginal Rights, book reviews, aborigines' schoolwork, the 1945 Annual Report of the Victorian Aboriginal Group, photos and copies of various journals, booklets and pamphlets.

Papers re Aborigines (File 20-30) - Box 3-4

Papers re Aborigines (File) - Box 6-7

Series 6. The Australian Church, 1924-1952

Reports, news cuttings, sermon plans, notes for talks, pamphlets and typed text of speeches.

Papers re the Australian Church (File 31) - Box 4

Papers re the Australian Church (File 32) - Box 5

Series 7. The Depression and economic conditions, 1930-1948 - Box 5

Correspondence from H.S. Gullett, Professor L.F. Giblin, D.S. Copland, C.A. Tranter and G.M. Prendergast. Topics of correspondence and notes include the standard of living, inflation, unemployment and retrenchment. Also included is the report of the Victorian Anti-Sweating and Industrial Improvement League for 1947-1948.

Series 8. Publications

Publications by Vroland and others on topics such as history, capital punishment, Esperanto, the United Nations. Also included here is a manuscript compiled by A. Vroland and R. Donald entitled The early history of Strathbogie.

Miscellaneous publications (File 36) - Box 5

Miscellaneous publications (File 39-42) - Box 6

Miscellaneous publications (File) - Box 7

Series 9. Material added April 1976

Lessons: Words the Romans spoke (File 45, 46) - Box 8

Lessons: Latin to help English (File 47) - Box 8

Lessons: We do it now (File 48-49) - Box 8

Lessons: handwritten numbered 6 to 51 (File 50-51) - Box 8

Lessons: Know your own language (File 52-54) - Box 8

Copies of New Austral Grammars Grades II to VIII (File 55) - Box 9

Printed material including articles by and about him; draft and printed copy of Some words of ours; press cuttings re International Conference of the New Education Fellowship in 1946 (File 56) - Box 9

Photographs; correspondence including sympathy messages re his death; copy of his The early history of Strathbogie (File 57) - Box 9

Notes used in the Tour-Card Plan (File) - Box 10-11

Photographs of Aboriginals Lake Tyers, Vic., c.1900 (File) - Box 11

Series 10. Material added February 1986

File titled "Printed (Publications) Work and Articles" (File) - Box 11

Correspondence 1943, 1953 (includes a letter from Keith Murdoch) (File) - Box 11

Aborigines (File) - Box 11

Birth Certificate (File) - Box 12

File titled "After Retirement" (File) - Box 12

Short biography of Carl Vroland (Anton's father) (File) - Box 12

Notes about schools at which Vroland taught (File) - Box 12

Vroland and the A.L.P (File) - Box 12

Victorian Teachers union (File) - Box 12

Australian Church (Charles Strong) (File) - Box 12

Articles (File) - Box 12

Correspondence and Notes (File) - Box 12

Correspondence (File) - Box 12

Photographs and Miscellaneous Papers (File) - Box 12

Census of Victorian Plants, 1901 (File) - Box 12

Notes on Education (File) - Box 12

Notes on biology (File) - Box 12

Series 11. Material added November 1997

Correspondence, 1938-1957; Five letters to Anna Vroland, 1957-1974 (File 1) - Box 13

Inspector's Report Book, 1923-1932, reporting on Vroland's teaching performance at Elsternwick School (File 2) - Box 13

Teaching aides including 1904 exercise book titled "Little questions for little people" (File 3) - Box 13

Miscellaneous papers including articles and plays (File 4) - Box 13

Newspaper clippings and journal articles about Anton Vroland (File 5) - Box 13