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Item Descriptions

Ian Castles papers whilst attending University, 1950s (File 1) - Box 1

Letter from Mr Fredrick, Headmaster of Wesley College Melbourne - Scholarship, 12/02/52 (File 2) - Box 1

Letter from Ian Castles to Mr Butlin at ANU looking for a research job, letter to the Australian National Library applying for appointment and response from National Librarian H.L White saying he had a job. Preliminary certificate in Librianship issued to Ian Castles, 28/11/51 (File 3) - Box 1

Various correspondance about Ian Castles appointment as Senior Treasury Representative in London, 1952-1958 (File 4) - Box 1

Various papers relating to Treasury Appointments, 0/0/1971 (File 5) - Box 1

Various correspondance relating to Ian Castles appointment as an OBE, 1960-67 (File 6) - Box 1

Letter from the Secretary Prime Minister and Cabinet re Ian's apointment as FAS, 1/06/78 (File 7) - Box 1

Correspondance relating to Ian Castles appointment as Secretary of the Department of Finance, A/g Secretary of Prime Minister and Cabinet and Australian Statistician, 1/06/73 (File 8) - Box 1

Financial Review article "New Rules for Number Games", 1978-1986 (File 9) - Box 1

Letter from Ian to Professor Karmel about possible election to the Adademy of Social Sciences of Australia, and associated papers, 1/11/89 (File 10) - Box 1

Letter from Special Minister of State about appointment as part-time non-judicial member of the Australian Electrol Commission, 1/03/89 (File 11) - Box 1

Ian Castles appointment as an AO, 21/05/86 (File 12) - Box 1

Letter notifying the Prime Minister from the Minister Assisting the Treasurer, about Ian Castles appointment to a group of experts to study International Capital Flows, 1/02/90 (File 13) - Box 1

Minute from Bill McLennan A/g Australian Statistician to the Treasurer informing that Ian Castles had taken private legal action against a Senator at his own expense, 28/05/90 (File 14) - Box 1

Letter from Ian Castles to Mr Graeme Scott, Public Policy Forum, Ottawa regarding congratulations to Statistics Canada (File 15) - Box 1

Letter from Fred Pooley to Ian Castles relating to his nomination for membership to the board of Reserve Bank of Australia (File 16)

Re-appointment of Ian Castles as Australian Stastician, and associated papers, 1/04/93 (File 17) - Box 1

Letter from Mr Hope, Chancellor University of Wollongong, suggesting that Ian Castles might be an appropriate person to become Vice Chancellor of University of Wollongong, 21/03/94 (File 18) - Box 1

Ian Castles tending his resignation as Asutralian Statistician, and associated papers, 31/08/94 (File 19) - Box 1

Ian Castles resignation as part-time non-judicial commissioner of the Australian Electroal Commission and his reappoitment as an acting member, 7/09/94 (File 20) - Box 1

Seating plan for Ian Castles farewell dinner, 14/11/94 (File 21) - Box 1

Certificate for the election of Ian Castles as an ordinary member of the International Statistical Institute, 26/01/95 (File 22) - Box 1

Letter from Michelle Dawson, Secretary of the Military Superannuation and Benefits Board saying that Ian Castles has been appointed Chairman during Bill Cole's absence, 19/04/95 (File 23) - Box 1

Fax from Jim Wright, Under Treasurer SA, to Ken Henry, Secretary of the Treasury, putting forward Ian Castles for consideration for appointment as a Commonwealth Grants Commission member, 1/08/01 (File 24) - Box 1

Draft of interview with Ian Castles, ex Treasuity Finance and Chief Statistician, ABS, 8/06/00 (File 25) - Box 1

Letter to Ian Castles from Ben Potter, Australian Financial Review Opinion Editor seeking an essay for publication on Ian's tussles with the IPCC, 9/07/03 (File 26) - Box 1

Letter to Ian Castles from co-editors of the "International Policy Network" asking him to joing the editorial board of the Electronic Journal of Stainable Development, 16/05/06 (File 27) - Box 1

Series of photos of Ian Castles, and other people including Chris Higgins, Secretary to the Treasury, 1990s (File 28) - Box 1

Numerous newspaper articles re Ian Castles and his activities, 1975-1995 (File 29) - Box 1

Ian Castles CV, 1/06/03 (File 30) - Box 1

Perth Meeting of ANZAAS, August 1959 - Ian Castles' report on the main presentations, 03-Sep-59 (File 1) - Box 2

Minute to Dr Roy Cameron from Ian Castles - Real National Income and Economic Growth, 02-Feb-61 (File 2) - Box 2

Minute to Mr Bill Cole from Ian Castles - Market Operations and Debt Management and associated papers, 12-Dec-66 (File 3) - Box 2

Note to the Chief of the Imperial Defence College UK commenting on Ian Castles' presentation, 06-Aug-69 (File 4) - Box 2

Minute To Mr Whitelaw from Ian Castles - Planning and the Japanese Economic Performance, 10-Aug-70 (File 5) - Box 2

Minute to MR Bill Cole from Mr John Stone on Economic Growth - a Reassessment - with draft paper by Ian Castles, 23-Jan-73 (File 6) - Box 2

IPA Review article - Is growth worth having - with Ian Castles as a joint author, Apr-73 (File 7) - Box 2

Minute to the Treasurer from Ian Castles - Abolition of Means Test - with attached analytic article, 08-May-73 (File 8) - Box 2

Paper - New Directions for Growth - 45th ANZAAS Conference, Perth - plus numerous correspondence from government (Bill Cole) , academia, industry and overseas., 05-Jul-73 (File 9) - Box 2

Trevor Swan to John Menadue re Ian Castles contribution to the Income Security Review, 28-Aug-75 (File 10) - Box 2

Correspondence to and from Ian Castles and Austin Homes on Poverty Lines, 15-May-75 (File 11) - Box 2

Ian Castles to the Prime Minister on family allowances, 01-Apr-76 (File 12) - Box 2

Ian Castles to the Prime Minister on family allowances, 04-May-76 (File 13) - Box 2

Cabinet Submission on family allowances, July 1076 (File 14) - Box 2

Ian Castles to the Prime Minister on Rationalisation of Pensions and Benefits, 01-May-77 (File 15) - Box 2

Ian Castles to the Prime Minister on Work of the Income Security Review, 12-Apr-77 (File 16) - Box 2

Ian Castles to the Prime Minister on Income Security Review reports, 14-Jul-76 (File 17) - Box 2

Ian Castles to the Prime Minister on Income Security Review Reports, 01-Jul-76 (File 18) - Box 2

Papers on Ian Castles' participation on a Task force on Economic Policy for Royal Commission on Australian Government Administration chaired by Nugget Coombs, 10-Jul-75 (File 19) - Box 2

Appointment of Ian Castles as Chairman of the Income Security Review by the Prime Minister, including some inter-departmental correspondence including from Sir Fredrick Wheeler., 15-Sep-75 (File 20) - Box 2

Ian Castles to the Prime Minister re possible Personal Tax Reductions, 18-Nov-76 (File 21) - Box 2

Correspondence between John Stone and Ian Castles re advice to the Prime Minister on US deficit matters, 08-Jul-77 (File 22) - Box 2

Ian Castles' assessment of Dr Richardson's paper on "Distribution, Poverty and Redistributive Policies", 04-Aug-77 (File 23) - Box 2

Letter from Ian Castles to the Prime Minister on Professor Henderson's Comments on the New Tax Arrangements, 10-Oct-73 (File 24) - Box 2

Letter from Ian Castles to Harvey Jacka (PM, 16-Nov-77 (File 25) - Box 2

Letter from Ian Castles to Secretary PM, 15-Sep-78 (File 26) - Box 2

The National Times, December 1978 "Fraser's Own economic Guru", 01-Dec-78 (File 27) - Box 2

Letter from Ian Castles to Prime Minister on Unemployment, Technical Change etc., 6 Oct 19783 (File 28) - Box 2

Letter from Ian Castles to Mr Mahar on "Real" Exchange Rates, 11-Oct-78 (File 29) - Box 2

Study Group on Structural Adjustment - Submission by Department of Finance - heavily Ian Castles, Aug-78 (File 30) - Box 2

John Rose (PM, 01-Feb-79 (File 31) - Box 2

Article by Ian Castles to appear in The Australian Accountant on - Meeting the Financial Needs of Parliament, 04-Nov-80 (File 32) - Box 2

Personal note to Ian Castles thanking him for arranging dinner of farewell, 27-Mar-81 (File 33) - Box 2

Letter from Ian Castles to Minister for Finance on "Our Multi-Million Dollar Men in the Ministry" andassociated correspondence including from Bill Cole (PSB) , Geoffrey Yeend (PM, 21-Aug-81 (File 34) - Box 2

Appointment of Ian Castles as Acting Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, 22-Jan-82 (File 35) - Box 2

Administrative arrangements establishing the Department Of Finance separate from the Treasury - Ian Castles involved, 1983 (File 36) - Box 2

Managing the Public Purse - an address by Ian Castles to the Australian Institute of Public Administration, ACT Group, 23-Feb-83 (File 37) - Box 2

Thank you note from outgoing Minister for Finance, Margaret Guilfoyle, 07-Mar-83 (File 38) - Box 2

Letter from Andrew Podger to Dr Edgar, Director, Institute of Family Studies Ian Castles' note attached, 06-Apr-83 (File 39) - Box 2

Correspondence between the Prime Minister, the Treasurer and the Minster for Finance on a review of the Treasury / Finance split of functions, 01-May-83 (File 40) - Box 2

Letter from Ian Castles to the Minister for Finance on "Indexed Securities Again", 16-May-83 (File 41) - Box 2

Letter from Ian Castles to Minister for Finance on "Public Business Enterprise" - a critique of Stretton's comments on the role of government, 24-Feb-84 (File 42) - Box 2

Economics and Anti-Economics - paper presented by Ian Castles on 18 May 1984 to the 54th ANZAAS Congress - plus extensive correspondence with readers of the article and associated replies - including with the Editor of the Economic Record, 18-May-84 (File 43) - Box 2

Managing Government Expenditure - Address by Ian Castles to the Government Accountants Committee Seminar, 24-Oct-85 (File 44) - Box 2

John Stone to Ian Castles - personal note, 16-Oct-85 (File 45) - Box 2

Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Government Administration, Oct-85 (File 46) - Box 2

Letter to Justice Kirby, Chancellor, Macquarie University - submitting Ian Castles' name for consideration as Vice-Chancellor - and associated correspondence (File 47) - Box 2

Draft responses to Professor Stretton, Oct-85 (File 48) - Box 2

Letter from Robert Haupt, The National Times, suggesting Ian write a weekly column for the paper, 14-Feb-86 (File 49) - Box 2

Paper by Ian Castles commenting on Peter Self's "Political Theories of Modern Government", 26-May-86 (File 50) - Box 2

Letter to Mike Keating thanking him for organising Ian's farewell from the Department of Finance, 12-May-86 (File 51) - Box 2

A presentation given by Ian Castles to the 15th Conference of Economists at the Seminar on Economic Policy Information - Facts and Fancies of Bureaucracy - and associated correspondence, 26-Aug-86 (File 52) - Box 2

An Address given to the Economic Society of Australia and New Zealand by Ian Castles - The Last of the Renaissance Men, 1986 (File 53) - Box 2

Various papers on: Appointments to Chairmanship of the Public Service Board, Appointment to Treasury, Budget 1973 -1974 etc., Tariff Cut - July 1973, Economic Planning, Budget 1975-6, and The Split - mostly likely authored by Ian Castles, solely or in association with other contributors, 1960-1980 (File 54) - Box 2

Letter from Fred Gruen to Sir Fredreck Wheeler attaching Ian Castles paper 'On the desirability of an expansionary stimulus', 29-10-1974 (File 1) - Box 3

ACTU Congress Wages Policy decision, Sep-75 (File 2) - Box 3

Various papers on the Income security Review, including letters from the Prime Minister in partictular appointing Ian Castles of full-time chairman of this review, May-75 (File 3) - Box 3

Memo from Ian Castles to the Prime Minister on 'The Big Budget Options', 03-07-1978 (File 4) - Box 3

Formal appointment of Ian Castles as Australian Statistician, 10-04-1986 (File 1) - Box 4

Various letters of Congratulations, Apr-86 (File 2) - Box 4

Papers relating to function held '50th Anniversary of Sir Roland Wilson's appointment as Commonwealth Statistician' including copies of speeches, 29-04-1986 (File 3) - Box 4

Letter from Ian Castles to Bernie McKay, Secretary of Department of Health on Census priorities and other matters, 03-Jun-86 (File 4) - Box 4

Letter from Ian Castles to John Deeble, Director Australian Institute of Health re the establishment of the AIH, 30-Jun-86 (File 5) - Box 4

Various newspaper clippings about 'GDP Flash' Estimates, Jul-86 (File 6) - Box 4

Correspondence from Max Neutze to Ian Castles about the accessibility of Unit Record Information, and the reply from Bill McLennan as A/g Australian Statistician, 01-08-1986 (File 7) - Box 4

Letter from Chris Higgins, Treasury to Ian Castles offering Congratulations on the 1988 Year book, 03-08-1988 (File 8) - Box 4

Paper entitled 'Facts and Fancies of Bureaucracy' by Ian Castles for the 15th Conference of Economists and associated comments and correspondence, 26-08-1986 (File 9) - Box 4

Letter from Bill Borrie to Ian Castles recommending that Ian produce 'The Statisticians Report', 09-10-1986 (File 10) - Box 4

Speech notes for Ian Castles delivered at a ceremony to launch ABS Telestats Service, 22-09-1986 (File 11) - Box 4

Draft of the 'Fiscal Incidents Publication', 25-09-1986 (File 12) - Box 4

Michael Stutchbury article from the Financial Review 'Are We Still the Lucky Country After all?', 26-11-1986 (File 13) - Box 4

Australia's Post War Economy Growth: Measurement and International Comparison by Dowrick Nguyen with commentary by Ian Castles, 24-11-1986 (File 14) - Box 4

Paper entitled 'Social Statistics and Social Change' by Ian Castles presented to the 3rd National Conference of the Australian Population Association, 3/5 Dec 1986 (File 15) - Box 4

Speech of welcome by Ian Castles, Australia Statistician for the 11th Asian and Pacific Conference, 9-13/2/1987 (File 16) - Box 4

Letter from Neil Blewitt, Minister for Health advising Ian Castles that he has been appointed as a member of the Australian Institute of Health Interim Management Board, 10-02-1987 (File 17) - Box 4

Correspondence concerning the need for a comprehensive statistical collection on Public Sector Indebtedness, 07-05-1987 (File 18) - Box 4

Letter from John Stone, Consultant, to Ian Castles about John Stones piece ' Is Anyone Listening?', 10-02-1987 (File 19) - Box 4

Paper entitled 'Government Welfare Out-dated; Who Benefits, Who Pays' delivered at a Royal Australian Institute of Government Seminar, 10-04-1987 (File 20) - Box 4

Note from Mike Keeting, Secretary Department of Finance to Ian Castles re the effect of Government benefits and taxes on household income, 31-03-1987 (File 21) - Box 4

Letter from Ian Castle to Phillip Redfern, ex boss of the UK Population Census re the Register-Based Census, 09-07-1987 (File 22) - Box 4

Address given by Ian Castles to launch the Directory of Social Statistics, 28-07-1987 (File 23) - Box 4

Paper presented to the ANZAAS congress on 'Money Income Distribution and Redistribution in Australia, Sweden and the United States 1984', Aug-87 (File 24) - Box 4

Letter from Ian Castles to Percy Allan, Secretary NSW Government Treasury re the status of various correspondence, 17-08-1987 (File 25) - Box 4

Letter from Brian Cox, Director General Australian Archives re the ABS statement on destruction of Census forms, 09-12-1987 (File 26) - Box 4

Various papers relating to the visit to the ABS by Mr Zhang Sai, Director General, States Statistical Bureau of China, Feb-88 (File 27) - Box 4

Correspondence and reports etc. on Parliamentary discussions re the Household Expenditure survey, 1988-1989 (File 28) - Box 4

Correspondence and reports etc. on Parliamentary discussions re the Household Expenditure survey - continuation of previous file, 1988-1989 (File 29) - Box 4

Letter from Ian Castles to Mr Don Cameron, MP re the application of the secrecy provision, 16-03-1988 (File 30) - Box 4

Launch of Year book Australia 1988, welcoming speech by Ian Castles, Australian Statistician, 11-07-1988 (File 31) - Box 4

Correspondence with the Australian Press Council regarding a complaint against eight newspapers, 31-10-1988 (File 1) - Box 5

Address to Cairo ISI, 'Dissemination and use of Census data', 09-10-1988 (File 2) - Box 5

Speech by Ian Castles, Australian Statistician at the launch of the 1988 Year Book, 11-07-1988 (File 3) - Box 5

Paper presented to the Australian Population Association 'Australia in Profile: The Statistician's Report', Aug-88 (File 4) - Box 5

Letter from Ian Castles to Brian Cox, Director General Australian Archives '1991 Census: Report on Evaluation of Name-Identified Records', 28-09-1988 (File 5) - Box 5

Correspondence concerning interactions with the Senate Estimates Committee C, Nov-88 (File 6) - Box 5

Letter from Noel Butlin, ANU re the Horrie Brown Library, 17-02-1989 (File 7) - Box 5

Letter from Ian Castles to John Hewson, MP, Shadow Minister for Finance regarding the treatment of housing costs in the Consumer Price Index, 17-04-1989 (File 8) - Box 5

Correspondence re the conduct of the 1989-90 National Health Survey including a summary paper provided to the Minister Assisting the Treasurer, May-89 (File 9) - Box 5

Address by Ian Castles on the occasion of the launching of the Colonial Micro Fiche Project, 12-10-1989 (File 10) - Box 5

Newspaper article by Tom Dusjevic in the Australian Financial Review 'New Rules for Numbers Game', 15-11-1989 (File 11) - Box 5

Newspaper article by "Insider" titled 'Hidden Costs of new CPI figure', 07-05-1989 (File 12)

Letter from Brian Howe, Minister for Social Security to Paul Keating, Treasurer about the charging policy of the ABS, 04-12-1989 (File 13) - Box 5

Issues relating to Statistical Coordination, 15-07-1991 (File 14) - Box 5

Letter from Ian Castles to Graeme Glenn, Secretary Department of Industrial Relations about the setting of salaries in the Public Service, 08-11-1991 (File 15) - Box 5

Paper by Ian Castles 'Living standards in Sydney and Japanese cities: A Comparison', Sep-91 (File 16) - Box 5

Letter from John Hewson, Leader of The Opposition to Ian Castles commenting on the first edition of 'Australian Economic Indicators', 05-03-1991 (File 17) - Box 5

Paper published in the journal of the Royal Statistical Society entitled 'Responding to User Needs', May-90 (File 18) - Box 5

Launch of the 1991 Census of Population and Housing Awareness campaign, 24-07-1991 (File 19) - Box 5

Paper presented to Australian Society of Archives titled 'Privacy and Access to Census Records', 30-04-1991 (File 20) - Box 5

Minute to the Treasurer from Ian Castles about the re-appointment of Norm Oakes as Chairman of ASAC and about the revised release date for the National Accounts publication for the March quarter, 11-06-1991 (File 21) - Box 5

Admin circular to all staff about the ABS Corporate Plan, 19-08-1991 (File 22) - Box 5

Electronic message to Ian Castles from Jeffery O' Donnell re destruction of Census Records, 05-09-1991 (File 23) - Box 5

Letter from Kevin O'Connor, Privacy Commissioner about the ABS' entry in the 1990 edition of the Personal Information Digest, 21-08-1991 (File 24) - Box 5

Report of the working party on the Measurement on International Capital Flows (Ian Castles a member), 12-07-1991 (File 25) - Box 5

Opening address 'Designing Information for People' given by Ian Castles to the Communications Research Institute of Australia and associated papers, 14-10-1991 (File 26) - Box 5

Photocopy of publication 'Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income 1989' (published in Economic Trends #459) and associated papers, Jan-92 (File 27) - Box 5

Address to the Advisory Council on Australian Archives, 'Disposal of Name-Identified Census Data', 13-03-1992 (File 28) - Box 5

ABS news release - ACT Treasury Head to be new ABS Deputy, 03-04-1992 (File 29) - Box 5

Newspaper article in The Australian 'Statistician figures he can help business', 01-05-1992 (File 30) - Box 5

Minute from Ian Castles to Tony Cole, Secretary Department of the Treasury regarding timing of release of June quarter National Accounts, 21-08-1992 (File 31)

Draft of a speech Ian Castles gave to CEDA's Joint Committee Conference on the topic of the trend in inflation, 21-08-1992 (File 32) - Box 5

Speech by Ian Castles at the launch of 'Australia's Environment: Issues and Facts', 01-06-1992 (File 33) - Box 5

Speech by Ian Castles at the opening ceremony of the International Association of Official Statistics, Ankara, 22-09-1992 (File 34) - Box 5

Letter from John McLenaghan, Director Statistics Department IMF to Mr Castles regarding measurement of international capital flows, 08-10-1992 (File 35) - Box 5

Letter from Ian Castles to Mrs S Pedersen on the disposal of Name-Identified Census records, 30-10-1992 (File 36) - Box 5

Letter from Kevin O'Connor, Privacy Commissioner on various issues that arose in connection with the last Census, 10-11-1992 (File 37)

Various correspondence with the General Editor, Australian Dictionary of Biography, 21-12-1992 (File 38) - Box 5

Letter from Ian Castles to the editor, Australian Financial Review on national accounting matters, 29-04-1993 (File 39) - Box 5

Occasional newsletter, International Association for International Statistics, May-93 (File 40) - Box 5

Letter from Ian Castles to John Goldring, Chairman Advisory Council on Australian Archives regarding 'Disposal of Name-Identified Census records', 10-06-1993 (File 41) - Box 5

Letter from Australian Statistician to the Remuneration Tribunal - 'Submission to 1993 Review', 04-06-1993 (File 42) - Box 5

Letter from the Governor General to Ian Castles thanking him for assistance ABS provided, 23-06-1993 (File 43) - Box 5

Correspondence on errors in National Accounts and Balance of Payments, Apr-93 (File 44) - Box 5

Paper presented by Ian Castles to the 1993 Conference of Economists 'Earning and Spending in QLD 1939-40 and 1988-89', 28-09-1993 (File 45) - Box 5

Letter from Chris Wainwright Lincoln University New Zealand commenting favourably on ABS Publications, 28-02-1994 (File 46) - Box 5

Address by Ian on the occasion of his presenting the Blue Books 1838-1881 to the Minster of Arts on behalf of the State Library of South Australia, 25-10-1994 (File 47) - Box 5

Correspondence with Barry Jones MP regarding the concept of 'Australia as an Information Society', 04-10-1994 (File 48) - Box 5

Various newspaper articles about Ian Castles and the ABS, Nov-94 (File 49) - Box 5

Eulogy by Andrew Podger at Ian Castles Funeral (File 50) - Box 5

Eulogy by Bill McLennan at Ian Castles Funeral (File 51) - Box 5

A Mathamatical Formulation of Human Development Index, 1975+ (File 1) - Box 6

ABS Paper - "Inter-Country Comparisons by International Agencies: The Distribution of Household Incomes", 1994 (File 2) - Box 6

Treasury Executive Minute "UN Report on Income Distrubution in Australia", 07-06-1974 (File 3) - Box 6

Ian Castles paper at a CSAAR Seminar on "OECD-Eurostat PPP Program and the ICP", 27-11-1997 (File 4) - Box 6

Memo from K. Hochgesand, Chief UNESCO to Mr Gul Tanghe-Gulluova, Human Development Office about the use of Population Estimates, 09-01-1998 (File 5) - Box 6

Ian Castles paper " The Human Development Report 1997", 1998 (File 6) - Box 6

Ian Castles paper "Reporting on Human Devlopmen: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics", 1998 (File 7) - Box 6

Ian Castles as Vice President of the ASSA on HDR issues, 1998 (File 8) - Box 6

A article by Ian Castles published in Population Development and Review 24 (4) tiled "The Mis-Measure of Nations" a review essay on the Human Development Report 1998, Dec-98 (File 9) - Box 6

Email from Michael Ward, World Bank on the ICP, 19-02-1999 (File 10) - Box 6

Minute from Hermann Habermann on ICP, 19-02-1999 (File 11) - Box 6

Note From Ian Castles to Hermann Habermann on International Comparison of Prices (ICP), 26-05-1999 (File 12) - Box 6

Correspondance on the combined enrollment rations used in the Human Development Report (HDR), May-99 (File 13) - Box 6

Letter from Ian Castles to Dr Selim Jahan, Human Development Report Office on "Gross Enrollment Ratios", and associated correspondance, 20-05-1999 (File 14) - Box 6

Email from Hermann Habermann on further ICP issues, 10-06-1999 (File 15) - Box 6

Email from Ian Castles to Colin Butler on HDR/Peen Tables, 11-07-1999 (File 16) - Box 6

Email from Denise Lievesley, Director of the Statistical Office of UNESCO re HDR, 15-07-1999 (File 17) - Box 6

Email from Ian Castles to Hermann Habermann re Human Dev Report and associated reply, 19-11-1999 (File 18) - Box 6

Email from Denise Lievesley, to Denis Trewin re Human Development Index, 22-06-1999 (File 19) - Box 6

Newspaper articles "The Age", 08-12-1999 (File 20) - Box 6

Lecture given by Ian Castles to the Graduate Program in Demography at the ANU on "The Human Devolpment Index Approach and its Limitations", 26-07-1999 (File 21) - Box 6

Statemement to the Australian Industrial Relations Commision from Ian Castles on "Earnings in Equality in Australia", Nov-99 (File 22) - Box 6

Ian Castles as Vice President of the ASSA summarising the HDR situation, Dec-99 (File 23) - Box 6

Email from Toni Makkai of the Australian Institute of Crime regarding Crime Statistics used in the HDR, 10-10-1999 (File 24) - Box 6

Newspaper article, The Australian, "Lies Lies and Damming Statistics Exposed in Quest for Reality", 03-11-1999 (File 25) - Box 6

Draft paper by David Henderson on: "False perspecitve: the UNDP view of the world", 08-11-1999 (File 26) - Box 6

Paper by Ian Castles "Reporting on Human Development: Lies Dammed Lies and Statstics" - speaking notes, 08-11-1999 (File 27) - Box 6

Letter to the Editor of the Canberra Times from Ian Castles "what does globlisation mean", 05-12-1999 (File 28) - Box 6

Letter from Ian Castles to all the members of the ASSA writing as a small "A" Statistician, Dec-99 (File 29) - Box 6

Letter from Ian to Tim Collbatch taking umbridge about some published comments, 15-12-1999 (File 30) - Box 6

Luncheon talk by Ian "The Mis-Measure of Nations" at the Centre for Inderpendant Studies, 17-02-2000 (File 31) - Box 6

Draft of an Ian Castles paper " The GDP (and Household Incomes) are Measures of Economic Quantity, 17-02-2000 (File 32) - Box 6

Email correspondance to and from Joanne Groube of Dept of Work Place Relations requesting comments for their submission to the Capiltal Safety Net Review on income distribution in Australia about the UN HDR, 27-02-2000 (File 33) - Box 6

Article in Australian Financial Review re errors made by James Wolfensohn, President of the Wold Bank, 29-09-2000 (File 34) - Box 6

Statement to the UN Statistical Commission by Richard Jolly, Principle Coordinator, Human Development Office, 02-03-2000 (File 53) - Box 6

Email from Bill McLennan to Ian Castles on HDR discussions at UN Statistical Commission, 05-03-2000 (File 36) - Box 6

Paper by Smeeding, Ward, Castles and Lee - "Making Cross Country Comparisions of income distibutions", 03-08-2000 (File 37) - Box 6

Letter from Willem De Vries Deputy Director, UN Statistics Division about setting up " The Group of Friends of the chair", 05-04-2000 (File 38) - Box 6

Stasticial commison report re the discussion of the HDR, 05-04-2000 (File 39) - Box 6

Letter from Richard Jolly to Ian Castles putting forward his points of view, 17-03-2000 (File 40) - Box 6

Letter from Hue Stretton to Ian Castles re the use of PPP estimates, 19-03-2000 (File 41) - Box 6

Letter from Richard Jolly to Ian Castles responding to Ian Castles paper which was tabled at the UN Statisical Commission, together with Ian Castles reactions, 25-04-2000 (File 42) - Box 6

Correspondance relating to a meeting Ian Castles had with Selim Jahan Deputy director of the HDR, 14-06-2000 (File 43) - Box 6

Newspaper article by Ross Gittins Syd morning hearlad "wealth gate widening? That's rich", 05-07-2000 (File 44) - Box 6

Email from Ian Castles to many accademic collegues on "norwegan study on gobal inequality", 02-11-2000 (File 45) - Box 6

Discussions between Ian Castles and Professor Partha Dasgupta, University of Cainbridge and associated correspondance, 03-11-2000 (File 46) - Box 6

Email from Ian MacCrdie organiser of The Friends of the Chair forwarding their report to Ian Castles, 03-11-2000 (File 47) - Box 6

Copy of the reports of The Friends of the Chair of the Statistical Commission, 01-12-2000 (File 48) - Box 6

Rejoinder from the HDR Office to the report of The Friends of the Chair, 04-12-2000 (File 49) - Box 6

Minute from Ian castles to Denis Truen responding to the comments of the HDR Office, 19-12-2000 (File 50) - Box 6

Combined email from Ian Castles to Timothy Smeeding on the HDR, 22-12-2000 (File 51) - Box 6

Email from Timothy Smeeding to Jacob Ryten re the exchanges relating to PPP, 18-01-2001 (File 52) - Box 6

Correspondance between Ian Castles and Professor Prakash concering weeknesses in the HDR, 29-09-2002 (File 53) - Box 6

Report made by the Friends of the Chair of the UN Statistical Commission "An Assessment of the Staistics Critisms made of the HDR 1999", Nov-00 (File 54) - Box 6

Letter from Ian to Denis Trewin, Australian Statistician concerning Ian's involvement with the HDR saga, 16-11-2000 (File 55) - Box 6

Email from Simon Briscoe, UK Financial Times re possible Financial Times article, 29-11-2000 (File 56) - Box 6

Observations by the HDR Office on the report of the Friends of the Chair of the Statistical Commission, 04-12-2000 (File 57) - Box 6

Email from Ian Castles to Sakido Fukuda-Parr - continuing the discussions about the HDR, and her reply, 16-12-2000 (File 58) - Box 6

Letter from the Australian Treasury to Mr Jonathon T Fried, Senior Assistant to the Deputy Minister Department of Finance, Canada on Statistical Issues for the March UN Statistical Commission Meeting, 27-02-2001 (File 59) - Box 6

Various online and newspaper comments on dodgy statistics, 15-07-2001 (File 60) - Box 6

Email from John Keany to Ian Castles re "Income Distributions', 08-01-2001 (File 61) - Box 6

Discussion about Ian Castles and David Henderson possibly producing a book on the recent international discussions, 12-03-2002 (File 62) - Box 6

Correspondance between Ian Castles, Nicholas Stern and Shaida Badiee (both of the World Bank), 14-07-2003 (File 63) - Box 6

Correspondance from Shaida Badiee to Ian Castles on Statistics on Energy Use and Emmissions, 10-09-2003 (File 64) - Box 6

Correspondance between Ian Frances Bourguignon, Chief Economist World Bank re the mis-use of statistics, Jan-05 (File 65) - Box 6

Letter from Ian Castles to the Editor of 'The Age' re comments Dr Cairns made about economics being known as "The Dismal Science", Mar-94 (File 1) - Box 7

Letter from Deane Terrell Vice Chancellor of ANU and Professor Max Brennan, Chair of the Australian Research Council inviting Ian Castles to be a member of the review team for the Institute of Advanced Studies, 17-07-1994 (File 2) - Box 7

Letter from Ian Castles to Senator Vanstone about the outcome of the review from the Institute of Advanced Studies, 12-07-1996 (File 3) - Box 7

Directors note, from the ASSA, May-96 (File 4) - Box 7

Letter from P Andersen, Head of Economic Research, Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) re the possibility of Ian Castles doing limited work on a paper for the RBA, and associated correspondence, 28-12-1994 (File 5) - Box 7

Letters to Ian Castles from John Richie, General Editor of the Australia Dictionary of Biography, 30-05-1995 (File 6) - Box 7

Letter from Ian Castles to Professor Mairead Browne, Chair ANU Library Review offering comments, and a follow up letter of 23/10/1995, 19-08-1995 (File 7) - Box 7

Notice of meeting of the Economics Society Of Australia Canberra Branch, Speaker Ian Castles "The Last of the Renaissance Men", 01-09-1995 (File 8) - Box 7

Letter to the Editor, Canberra Times "Sweden not the a head of Australia", 20-10-1995 (File 9) - Box 7

Letter from Dr Merideth Edwards, Acting Secretary, Department PM, 02-02-1996 (File 10) - Box 7

Letter from Ian Castles to the Australian Research Council titled "Funding Strategies for Basic Research", 30-04-1996 (File 11) - Box 7

Letter from Fred Gruen, Research School of Social Science, re comments on Classical Economics, 29-03-1996 (File 12) - Box 7

Papers concerning the Australian Research Council "Review of the Institute of Advanced Studies", including letters to the Prime Minister and newspaper articles, Jun-96 (File 13) - Box 7

Selected essays from newsletters from the ASSA "Scientists, Economists and Statisticians", 1996-1998 (File 14) - Box 7

Address by Ian Castles headed "Reflections of a Superannuation Locust", May-96 (File 15) - Box 7

Various working notes and papers relating to Sir Roland Wilson, including an obituary Ian Castles wrote, Mar-97 (File 16) - Box 7

Letter from Heinz Arndt to Ian Castles on "NLA Collection Policies", 05-06-1996 (File 17) - Box 7

Various correspondence from Professor Arndt, Paul Bourke Professor of the ASSA and Ian Castles about Professor Arndt's resignation from the ASSA, Sep-96 (File 18) - Box 7

Note from Ian Castles "Malfous, Essay: The Achievement", 14-10-1997 (File 19) - Box 7

Letter from Ian Castles, Executive Director of the ASSA to the ABS on "Review of the Australian Standard Research Classification", 11-07-1997 (File 20) - Box 7

Death notice for Sir Roland Wilson, KBE including the eulogy given by Ian Castles, Nov-96 (File 21) - Box 7

Address by Ian Castles to the 'National Scholarly Communications Forum', 17-07-1997 (File 22) - Box 7

Note from William Coleman, University of Tasmania to Ian Castles "Congratulations on Directors Note in March 1997 issue of the Newsletter" of the ASSA, 30-07-1997 (File 23) - Box 7

Paper from Ian Castles presented to the ASSA Symposium: Wealth, Work, Well-Being, titled "Measuring Wealth and Welfare: Why HDI and GPI failed", 10-11-1997 (File 24) - Box 7

Letter from Heinz Arndt to Ian Castles re Ian's paper "Measuring Wealth and Welfare", 16-12-1997 (File 25) - Box 7

Letter from Professor Sue Serjeantson to Ian Castles re the outcome of the governance consideration of the review of the Institute of Advanced Studies, 17-06-1997 (File 26) - Box 7

Notice of a meeting at the University of QLD - The 8th Colin Clark Memorial Lecture to be given by Ian Castles, 05-06-1997 (File 27) - Box 7

Various assorted papers and comments on the review of the National Library of Australia Collection Policies, Jun-96 (File 28) - Box 7

Ian castles directors note from ASSA newsletter "Lies, Outrageous Lies and Statistics", Apr-97 (File 29) - Box 7

Ian Castles contribution to the CSAAR seminar at Griffith University on four topics: The PPP Program, Measuring Wealth and Welfare, The HDR 1997 and Going for Growth, 28-11-1997 (File 30) - Box 7

"Fred Guen's Contribution to Public Policy", including a speech Ian Castles gave at his commemorative dinner, 18-12-1997 (File 31) - Box 7

Handwritten notes of a eulogy that Ian Castles did for Jack Garrett's funeral, 1998 (File 32) - Box 7

Note from Ian Castles to Professor Paul Bourke accepting appointment as Senior Advisor to the ASSA, 19-01-1998 (File 33) - Box 7

Ian Castles short comments for publication in a CSIRO book "Measuring Progress, Is Life Getting Better?", 19-04-1998 (File 34) - Box 7

Letter from Ian to Dennis Trewin, Deputy Australian Statistician submitting his report on "Accounting for Progress", 25-05-1998 (File 35) - Box 7

Letter from Ian Castles to Dr Rob Sims, Port Jackson Partners on "Origin of Economic Rationalism'", 02-07-1998 (File 36) - Box 7

Email from Ian Castles to 'The Oxford Companion to Australian History' concerning the final copy of Ian's entry on "Historical Statistics", 19-04-1998 (File 37) - Box 7

Letter from John W Longworth, Executive Dean Facility of Economics and Law Unit QLD offering an appointment as Visiting Fellow, 22-05-1998 (File 38) - Box 7

Various correspondence between Ian Castles and the University of Queensland about the paper he presented at the 8th Colin Clark Memorial Lecture and associated papers, Mar-98 (File 39) - Box 7

The Scientific Consensus, Aug-99 (File 1) - Box 8

Letter from Judith Whitworth, Director John Curtin School of Medical Research asking Ian Castles if he would join the Anural John Curtin School Board, 06-12-1999 (File 2) - Box 8

Newspaper articles on "Are the Poor Getting Poorer", 15-12-1999 (File 3) - Box 8

Letter from Ian Castles to Professor Andrew Glen re "National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans", 13-05-1999 (File 4) - Box 8

Email from Ian Castle to Colin Butler and others re "Energy Efficiency in China", 09-12-1999 (File 5) - Box 8

Academic rowe about the closure of the Urban Research Program, Nov-99 (File 6) - Box 8

Email from Colin Butler to Ian Castles re UNDP / HDR and associated papers, Jun-99 (File 7) - Box 8

Outline of a project to produce a book "The Tasmania Economist : Policies for a Better World, 1919 -1951", 28-09-1999 (File 8) - Box 8

Letter from Amanda Fitzgibbins to Ian Castles thanking him for agreeing to be interviewed and enclosing a copy of the interview, 30-09-1999 (File 9) - Box 8

Memorandum to all fellows of the ASSA re 1999 Symposium and Cumminham Lecture, 08-12-1999 (File 10) - Box 8

luncheon talk by Ian Castles for the Centre for Independent Studies "The Mis-Measure of Nations", 17-02-2000 (File 11) - Box 8

Email from Chris Heyde to Ian Castles re "Statisticians of the Centuries", 10-03-2000 (File 12) - Box 8

comments by Ian Castles on professor Morrison's paper "The Construction and use of Measures to Guide Micro-Reform", Mar-00 (File 13) - Box 8

Correspondence between Geoffrey Harcourt and Ian castles on " Facts and Fancies of Human Development", 27-06-2000 (File 14) - Box 8

Letter from Denis Trewin to Ian Castles re participation in an expert reference group "Measuring Australia's Progress", 05-06-2000 (File 15) - Box 8

Email from Ian Castles to Deane Terrell re Noel Butlin, Archive Centre, 07-10-2000 (File 16) - Box 8

A letter to the editor of the Australian Financial Review by Ian Castles on "The Thrust of Policy for Public Funded Research" and one response, 18-10-2000 (File 17) - Box 8

Email from Malcolm Gillies to Ian Castles re "CISC submission to Chief Scientist", 30-10-2000 (File 18) - Box 8

Memorandum of agreement between William Coleman, Alfred Hagger, Alan Rose and Ian Castles re the writing of "The Tasmanian Quadrant - Copland, Bibliand, Brigden and Wilson "Founding Fathers of Australiana Ecnomicics", 07-02-2001 (File 19) - Box 8

Indicators of Social Health in OECD countries prepared by Ian Castles for "Measuring Australians Progress" Reference Group Meeting, 22-02-2001 (File 20) - Box 8

Draft of a paper Ian Castles prepared - "The Nature and use of Measures of Economic Quantity: The Work of Australian Economists 1932-52, Jun-01 (File 21) - Box 8

Various comments on the "Sceptical Envoi mentalist and His Critics", Oct-01 (File 22) - Box 8

Various papers relating to Ian Castles being asked to give the ABC Boyer Lectures, Aug - Nov 2002 (File 23) - Box 8

Discussion paper by Ian Castles "Evaluation of Donor Performance Monitoring Initiatives" and associated papers, 06-11-2003 (File 24) - Box 8

Comments on "Definition of Statistics", 2003 (File 25) - Box 8

Paper presented by Ian Castles "GDP and Economic Welfare: Views of The Inventors", 2003 (File 26) - Box 8

Email from Richard Eckersley to Ian Castles re "Economics", Oct-00 (File 27) - Box 8

Various articles and newspaper articles on "The Rights of Women", Dec-00 (File 28) - Box 8

Ian Castles paper "Australian Official Statistics 1822-1945: From Blue Books to White Papers", Apr-05 (File 29) - Box 8

Letter from the Honrable Greg Hunt to Ian Castles thanking him for his contribution to the Bureau of the Meteorology Board, Mar-06 (File 30) - Box 8

Papers relating to the nomination of Ian Castles as Honorary Fellow of Queens Colleague Melbourne, Jan-08 (File 31) - Box 8

Letter from the Centre for Applied Macro-Economic Analysis, ANU welcoming Ian Castles as a New Research Associate of the Centre, Feb-10 (File 32) - Box 8

Email from Walter Starck to Ian Castles re "Economists and the Environment", 07-03-1999 (File 1) - Box 9

Email from Richard Eckersley to Ian Castles re "Economics", 07-11-2000 (File 2) - Box 9

Newspaper article by Ian Castles "Lets get rational about Economic Analysis", 03-05-2001 (File 3) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to various people re "Response to Nicholas Stern, World Bank", 07-10-2001 (File 4) - Box 9

Exchange of messages between David Henderson and Ian Castles, 8-10 Dec 2001 (File 5) - Box 9

Letter from Michael Ward, World Bank to Ian Castles re "Environment Debate", 19-02-2002 (File 6) - Box 9

Note to Ian Castles from Bob Foster re "IPCC's SRES projections", 07-04-2000 (File 7) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to JACKS colleagues re "Statement AAS on Climate Change", 04-10-2001 (File 8) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to The Canberra Times Editor "inter-governmental panel on climate change", 03-05-2000 (File 9) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Rick Marshall re "Lord May and Kyoto", 27-02-2002 (File 10) - Box 9

Comments by Ian Castles on Steve Dowrick's paper "GK or Afriat: does it matter?", Feb-02 (File 11) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to various colleagues re "climate change: science, statistics and politics", 03-05-2002 (File 12) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Jerry Ellis and John Zillman re "climate change workshop", 17-07-2002 (File 13) - Box 9

Notes on "Meetings with Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC in Canberra", Jul-02 (File 14) - Box 9

Email from David Henderson to Ian Castles re "diffusing the message", 05-09-2002 (File 15) - Box 9

Paper by Aynsley Kellow titled "the failure of the Kyoto process", 10-09-2001 (File 16) - Box 9

Draft outline by Castles and Henderson re "progress and the anti-liberal denial: the case against new millennium collectivism", 06-03-2000 (File 17) - Box 9

Letter to the editor of the AFR "ehrlich was the one demolished in TV encounter", 22-04-2002 (File 18) - Box 9

Email from Aynsley Kellow to Ian Castles re "special report on a mission scenarios", 16-08-2002 (File 19) - Box 9

Article in The Canberra Times by Ian Castles "greenhouse-emission calculations quite wrong", 29-08-2002 (File 20) - Box 9

Outline by Ken Tallis, ABS on the "MIT models", Aug-02 (File 21) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Rajendra Pachauri re "IPCC special report on emissions scenarios", 27-11-2002 (File 22) - Box 9

Richard Begley, Australian Greenhouse Office circulating a draft report on IPCC SRES Emissions Scenarios, 28-11-2002 (File 23) - Box 9

Article in the Time by Elizabeth Feizkhah "Warming the Books?", 03-03-2003 (File 24) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Rajendra Pachauri re "special report on emissions scenarios", 30-11-2002 (File 25) - Box 9

Email from Neil Ferry to Ian Castles re "start-points and end points", 23-12-2002 (File 26) - Box 9

Draft notes and final draft from a meeting to discuss critiques of the IPCC special report on emissions scenarios by Castles and Henderson, 07-01-2003 (File 27) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to John Zillman re the TGCIA meeting recently held in Amsterdam, 16-01-2003 (File 28) - Box 9

Economist article "Hot potato" re the Castles and Henderson's criticism, 13-02-2003 (File 29) - Box 9

Transcript of a ABC radio interview titled "global warming projection based on unsound figures: statistician", 17-02-2003 (File 30) - Box 9

Briefing prepared by Ian Castles on "IPCC's special report on emission scenarios", 19-02-2003 (File 31) - Box 9

Letter from John Zillman to Ian Castles reporting how IPCC - XX meeting viewed the Castles Hendersons critisms (unfavourably), 25-02-2003 (File 32) - Box 9

Paper by Ian Castles read to the Institute of Public Affairs "forecasting global output and emissions", Feb-03 (File 33) - Box 9

Article by Castles and Henderson " the IPCC emission scenarios: an economic-statistical critique", Jun-03 (File 34) - Box 9

Galley proof of an article of Castles and Henderson economic emissions scenarios and the work of the IPCC for the journal energy and environment, Dec-03 (File 35) - Box 9

Email from Ken Tallis to Ian Castles re "US (MIT) temp change modelling", 18-02-2003 (File 36) - Box 9

Unknown author article titled "the Kyoto protocol and two grumpy old men", Mar-03 (File 37) - Box 9

Email from Bob Shacklton to Castles and Henderson re "comments on your critique of SRES scenarios", 01-03-2003 (File 38) - Box 9

Email from John Zillman to David Henderson re "draft report on Paris meeting", 19-03-2003 (File 39) - Box 9

Email from Rajendra Pachauri to Ian re "emissions projections", 19-03-2003 (File 40) - Box 9

Galley proof of an article to appear in EE vol 15, 1 titled "Emissions Scenarios : A final response", Mar-03 (File 41) - Box 9

Paper by various authors entitled "IPCC SRES revisited: a response", not dated (File 42) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Ken Tallis titled "SRES emission tables", 15-04-2003 (File 43) - Box 9

Emila from Ian Castles to David Henderson titled "messages to Neil Ferry 2003", 06-05-2003 (File 44) - Box 9

One page summary of the Castles-Henderson Critique of the SRS - Author unknown, 12-05-2003 (File 45) - Box 9

Article by Castle and Henderson "economics, Emissions scenarios and the work of the IPCC", 07-06-2003 (File 46) - Box 9

Newspaper article "warming pundtis will feel the heat" the Australian opinion, 08-07-2003 (File 47) - Box 9

Newspaper article by Hugh Morgan titled : beware of hot air and incredible Kyoto estimates, 11-07-2003 (File 48) - Box 9

Articles by Ian Castles "contributions to national academies forum online conference 2003: population and environment in Australia", 15-09-2003 (File 49) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Anyseley Kellow titled "mann and miles", 29-10-2003 (File 50) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Robert Boulton titled "late final extra", 28-01-2004 (File 51) - Box 9

Newspaper article by Ian Castles in The Weekend Australian Financial Review titled " climate work built on unsound economics", 07-02-2004 (File 52) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Vicky Sara, chair BoM advisory board re "the clearance within the Bureau of scientific papers, articles and other publications by officers of the Bureau", 02-03-2004 (File 53) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Denis Trewin re "the IPCC and the castles-Henderson critique", 02-03-2004 (File 54) - Box 9

Online opinion, by Ian Castles "the role of the IPCC is the assess climate change not advocate Kyoto", 19-04-2004 (File 55) - Box 9

Letter from Ian Castles to Howard Bansey, Australian Greenhouse Office re climate change scenarios, 20-04-2004 (File 56) - Box 9

Various articles from the economist titled "garbage in, Garbage out" , "hot potato revisited", "science of hot air", "hot potato", Jun-04 (File 57) - Box 9

Newspaper article by Ian Castles titled" pumping climate propaganda" , The Australian, 04-06-2004 (File 58) - Box 9

Letter from David Borthwick to Ian Castles re "IPCC SRES emissions scenarios", 07-07-2004 (File 59) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Colin Butler re "your report to the Fenner conference", 21-07-2004 (File 60) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Roger Beale correcting statistics in the UNEP's "global enviromental outlook 3", 07-08-2003 (File 61) - Box 9

Email from Ross Garnaut to Ian Castles and the resulting letter to the editor of the asutralian on "PPP measures of economic science", 17-12-2004 (File 62) - Box 9

Statement by Ian Castles "global warming - the balance of evidence", responding to comments by kevin Hennessy, 12-09-2004 (File 63) - Box 9

Galley proofs of a publication by Ian Castles "IPCC silence : three letters to dr Pachuri that remain unswered" to appear in enegry and eviroment, Aug-04 (File 64) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Chris Heyde titled " statistics and climate change", 07-11-2004 (File 65) - Box 9

Weekend essay by Ian Castles titled "climate work based on unsound economics", Nov-04 (File 66) - Box 9

Series for emails from Ian Castles to and from Nicholas Stern and Shaida Badiee, World Bank, on "statistics of energy use and emissions", Jan-05 (File 67) - Box 9

Article by William Nordhaus on "should modelers use of purchasing power parody or market exchange rates in global modeling systems?, 14-01-2005 (File 68) - Box 9

Series of emails supporting the use of PPPs, 25-02-2005 (File 69) - Box 9

Evidence submitted by Ian Castles to the select committee on economic affairs, house of lords london for the enqurint into "aspects of the ecomonics of climate change", 2005 (File 70) - Box 9

Artricle by Castles and Henderson "international comparisions on GPD: issues of theory and practice", Jan-05 (File 71) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Nasir Khilji on "Congratulations on EIA's adoption of PPP convertors, 17-08-2006 (File 72) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Henry Derwent re "Defra/HM treasury memorandum to HOL committee (many missing pages), 25-08-2005 (File 73) - Box 9

Letter from Shaida Badiee to Ian Castles replying to Ian's letter to Franscois Bourguignon, 24-04-2005 (File 74) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Paul Holper concering claims Mr Holper made in a canberra times article on 13 september 2005, 03-11-2005 (File 75) - Box 9

Letter from Enrico Giovannini, Director of Statistics OECD, to Franscois Bourguignon re the use of PPPs, 04-08-2005 (File 76) - Box 9

Written evidence to the select committee on economic affaris HOL London by Ian Castles, 24-01-2006 (File 77) - Box 9

Article by Willian Nordhous published in "ScienceDirect" titled "alternative measures of output in global economic-environmental modles: purchaing power of parody or market exchange rates? And associated papers, 06-03-2006 (File 78) - Box 9

Article by Castels, Henderson etal publication in World Economist "climate change: the sern review 'OXONIA Papers'", Jun-06 (File 79) - Box 9

Email from Kevin Hennessy to Ian Castles re "economics and statistics", 07-07-2006 (File 80) - Box 9

Comments from The Wall Street Journal Editorial: hockey stick hokum, 14-06-2006 (File 81) - Box 9

Written submission of Stephen Mcintyre before the US Sub committee on oversite and investigations, 19-07-2006 (File 82) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Dr Pachauri re "release of record of IPCC discussions", 26-06-2005 (File 83) - Box 9

Email from Ian Castles to Jean Palutikof suggesting that no useful purpose would be surved by disagreeing to be a expert reviewer for the contribution of working group II, 03-09-2005 (File 84) - Box 9

Various comments on the Stern Review, Feb-07 (File 85) - Box 9

Editorial comment in Climate change (2006) "how should emisions projections be evauilated?", 2007 (File 86) - Box 9

Article by Lawrence Solomon, National Post titled "The ten denyers", 02-02-2007 (File 87) - Box 9

Article by David Henderson re "Goverence and climate change issues: The Case for review", 14-06-2007 (File 88) - Box 9

Email from David Henderson to Ian Castles re "CCSP GH Gas Projections", 18-07-2007 (File 89) - Box 9

ASSA and Crawford School Roundtable - Economic Growth and Well- being - A seminar in honour of Ian Castles Ao) - Agenda, 21-22/11/2012 (File 90) - Box 10

Measuring Real Income and Well-being - Invited Papers and relevant Castles' contributions (File 91) - Box 10

Measuring Inequality - Invited Papers and relevant Castles' contributions (File 92) - Box 10

Climate change and limits to growth - Incited Papers and relevant Castles' contributions (File 93) - Box 10

Economics and Anti-economics and relevant Castles' contributions (File 94) - Box 10