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Ian Templeman
Papers of Ian Templeman
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MS Acc03.016; MS Acc05.152; MS Acc06.112; .MS Acc13.005
23.92 metres 18 manuscripts cartons + 13 non-standard cartons + 13 elephant folios + 6 boxes + 3 folio boxes + 1 album
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The collection consists of documents created or acquired by poet, critic, arts administrator and literary press proprietor, Ian Templeman. Some of the documents relate to Templeman's grandparents and parents, most date from the 1970s to 2006.

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Biographical Note

Ian Templeman was born in Perth in 1938. From 1959-68 he taught graphic art at secondary and tertiary level and from 1969-70 he was the National Executive Officer for the Australian Society for Education through the Arts. In 1971 he became the Assistant to the Director of the Festival of Perth and in 1973 he became the Director of the Fremantle Arts Centre. During his time at Fremantle he founded and became Chief Executive of the Fremantle Arts Centre Press which not only introduced many interesting WA writers to a wider public (including Elizabeth Jolley and Sally Morgan) but also established a reputation for quality printing. From 1989 to 1997 Ian Templeman was the Assistant Director-General, Cultural and Educational Services at the National Library of Australia. In 1997 he established the Molongolo Press which published several volumes of poetry before concentrating its efforts on greeting cards. In 1999 Ian Templeman became Head of Publishing, Distribution and Imaging for the ANU's Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies where one of his main responsibilities was running Pandanus Books. The ANU decided to close down this operation in 2006.

In addition to his professional career, Ian Templeman has served on numerous arts committees including the Festival of Perth Visual Arts Committee, 1970-88, the National Inquiry into the Crafts, 1973-75, the WA Art Council, 1972-76, the WA Literary Fund, 1975-82, the Australian Gallery Directors' Council, 1978-80, the Australia Council, 1982-87, the Council of the National Library of Australia, 1987-89, the Public Lending Right Committee, 1988-90, and the ACT Cultural Council of which he was a member, 1992-93, and of which he was the elected Chairman, 2002-04.

Ian Templeman has been honoured for his achievements by the award of an AM in 1989 for services to art and literature and by election to the Australian Academy of the Humanities in 2004. He has published three books of poetry and poems. Articles and book reviews by Ian Templeman have appeared in numerous Australian journals and newspapers including The Canberra Times, Southerly, Island, Westerly, the Fremantle Arts Review and Kunapipi.

Ian Templeman's wife Romola is an artist whose artwork was used for the covers of several Molongolo Press books and for many of the greeting cards published by the Press.

Item Descriptions

Class MS Acc03.016. Original Consignment

Correspondence, reports, literary manuscripts and other papers.

Comprises 5 cartons.

Class MS Acc05.152. Consignment Added 2005

Correspondence, financial papers, manuscript submissions, contract applications, file copies of publications, orders and sales files, image archives (including discs), folios of artworks, prints, posters and transparencies.

Comprises 13 cartons + 2 folio boxes + 12 elephant folios + 1 album.

Series. 196 digital carriers from MS Acc05.152 Box 13

Papers of Ian Templeman [digital carriers] 13/1-38 (Item NLA.MS-DM000378) - Digital-Carriers-Box 6

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13/01/2009 (Item NLA.MS-DM000379) - Digital-Carriers-Box 37

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13/01/2002 (Item NLA.MS-DM000380) - Digital-Carriers-Box 37

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13/1-118 (Item NLA.MS-DM000381) - Digital-Carriers-Box 37

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Published Data/Multimedia on floppy disk

13/01/2003 (Item NLA.MS-DM000382) - Digital-Carriers-Box 10

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Jazz disk

13/01/2020 (Item NLA.MS-DM000383) - Digital-Carriers-Box 10

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Zip disk

13/01/2002 (Item NLA.MS-DM000384) - Digital-Carriers-Box 10

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3.5 inch floppy disk

13/01/2002 (Item NLA.MS-DM000386) - Digital-Carriers-Box 10

Virex Installation CD
Physical Facet
Data CD (any content on recordable CD-R)

13/01/2001 (Item NLA.MS-DM000387) - Digital-Carriers-Box 10

Verbatim Datalife
Physical Facet
5.25 inch floppy disk

Class MS Acc06.112. Consignment Added 2006

Papers relating to Templeman's literary career, Molonglo Press, including a large trade show display, and Pandanus Books. In addition, eight National Library of Australia files.

Comprises 12 cartons + 3 boxes + 1 oversized item.

Paul Hetherington: Photocopies of published poems (not from the one publication, publications not identified) plus some photocopied or computer-generated poems, 98pp, nd (File 1) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: The Emerald Star, typed ms, 73pp, 42 poems, inscribed to Ian Templeman, 5 April 1993, clean copy (File 2) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Canvas Light, typed ms, 20pp, 1 long poem, photocopy, nd (File 3) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Canvas Light, typed ms, 17pp, minor annotations, nd (File 4) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: The Dancing Scorpion, typed ms, 46pp, 36 poems, nd, clean copy (File 5) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Typed ms, 9pp, 9 poems, 'Poems from Paul Hetherington for conversations', nd, clean copy (File 6) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Canvas Light, typed ms, 31pp, 29 July 1997, clean copy (File 7) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Ancestors, typed ms, ';work-in-progress', 37pp, March 1998, clean copy, inscribed to Ian Templeman (File 8) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Photocopies ex published works, 23pp; 20pp photocopies of typescripts of poems by Hetherington and Ken Gardiner; 1p published poem, ';The Man Who Loved Mirrors', (1995) (File 9) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: The Names of Days, 20pp photocopy with comments by Ian Templeman together with 2pp of general comments, 27 June 1999 (File 10) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Copy of application by Hetherington for a 2002 Chief Minister's ACT Creative Arts Fellowship (File 11) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Stories of Water, typed ms, 37pp, nd, clean copy (File 12) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Untitled collection of poems for Ian Templeman, 59pp, 17 June 1994, clean copy, inscribed to Templeman (File 13) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: The Houses of the Sun, typed ms, 19pp, 2 minor annotations, nd (File 14) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Language of the Skin, photocopy of typed ms, 50 poems, 58pp, nd, clean copy (File 15) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: City of Shadows, typed ms, 30pp, 3 December 1991, clean copy, inscribed to Templeman (File 16) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: The Shifting Archipelago, typed ms, 62 poems, clean copy, inscribed to Templeman (File 17) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Shadow Swimmer, typed ms of Molongolo Press Book, 1993 [published in limited edition of 6 copies], clean copy (File 18) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Stepping Away: The Selected Poems of Paul Hetherington, part of typed ms, 29pp, plus 8pp of photocopied comments by Ian Templeman (File 19) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: The Shifting Archipelago, typed ms, revised version, 13 January 1992, 62 poems, clean copy, inscribed to Ian Templeman (File 20) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Photocopies of poems, c80pp, with comments by Ian Templeman (File 21) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Canvas Light, typed ms, 11 July 1997, 46pp, clean copy (File 22) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Stepping Away, Selected Poems (Molongolo Press, 2001), inscribed to Ian Templeman, 28 October 2001; also copy of Blood and Old Belief: A Verse Novel (Pandanus Book, 2003), inscribed to Ian Templeman (File 23) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Canvas Light, typed ms, 30pp, nd, clean copy (File 24) - Box 1

Paul Hetherington: Language of the Skin, typed ms, 66poems, 80pp, nd, plus 4pp of photocopies of pressclippings re Paul Hetherington and 1p biographical note (File 25) - Box 1

Ian Templeman, Icarus, poem for Ian Brown artists' book: 54pp typed mss, several states, complete and incomplete, some annotated, plus 8pp of print copies of etchings intended as illustrations, nd (File 1) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, There is a Man at Our Work, typed ms, 18pp, several states, some annotated, nd (File 2) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, Apple in my pocket, 3pp typed ms, 3 states, 1 annotated, plus 3 other poems, 8pp, clean copy, nd (File 3) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, Take Out One of your Tomorrows, typed ms 5 copies of 1p, nd, clean copy (File 4) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, Roadworks, 16pp typed ms, 4 states, 2 annotated, nd (File 5) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, The True Confessions of Clark Kent, 2 copies of 3pp typed ms poem, annotated, nd (File 6) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, Molongolo Road, 3pp typescript, nd, clean copy (File 7) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, This property is not quite condemned, typed ms of 1p (6 copies) (File 8) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, Snookered, 10pp typed ms, 3 states, annotated (File 9) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, A Proposal to Establish Murrumbidgee Books, Canberra, ACT, 7pp: proposal for a successor to Pandanus Books (3 copies), 2006, plus documents relating to future of Pandanus Press, 2006 (File 10) - Box 2

Proof of Ian Templeman, These Glimpsed Interiors (Molongolo, 1995), clean copy, 77pp [published in edition of 500 copies], plus typescript copies of several poems, 1 email and 3 items re An Incomplete Memoir (File 11) - Box 2

Copy of Elizabeth Riddell, Poems, Designed and decorated by Douglas Annand, Sydney Ure Smith, 1948. No 295 of limited edition of 350. Letter from Sam Ure Smith saying that copies given to those attending wake for Elizabeth Riddell, 1998 (File 12) - Box 2

Elizabeth Jolley, ALS letters to Ian Templeman, 1975-1980 [who published her first book Five Acre Virgin]; re various including Women Writers' Conference, Premier's Award, personal news, Milk and Honey; Templeman's poem ';Haunting me already'; Submission for the Arts Access Brochure about ';The Art of Writing and the Incredible Hunger for Books': ';Reading is part of an instinct in the human being to create from tiny fragments of half realised experience, from fields almost too delicate and from landscape, strange and familiar, some kind of whole experience' (File 13) - Box 2

John Thompson: 11 letters to Ian Templeman, some undated, most 1989/90 plus 3 cards (personal news, getting together, news re National Library and re Templeman's interest in job at NLA) plus 5pp of comments re document by Templeman re NLA's Public Programs Area (File 14) - Box 2

Applications: Templeman's applications for jobs and fellowships, mostly 1999-2000, but some earlier (File 15) - Box 2

Romola: Cards from Romola Templeman to her husband, mostly hand-drawn (File 16) - Box 2

Fremantle Arts Centre Press, Confidential Files, December 1998- November 1989, Documents relating to resignation as Chief Executive (File 17) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, The Watchmaker's Imprint, c50pp of various states, nd, annotated (File 18) - Box 2

Letters, 2003: letters and cards from family, friends and acquaintances, mostly 2003 but including 1p letters 1993 from Randolph Stow with thanks for 2pp of poems and sending some essays and translations for possible publication and 1p letter from Joy Hooton re talking at a course in Bateman's Bay (File 19) - Box 2

Robert Birch: 1 card, nd, and 2 letters, 1996, 1998, re getting together, personal news (File 20) - Box 2

Mixed correspondence, 1982-2006: c20pp of poems from Michael Siboux (?), correspondence re Pandanus Press, also correspondence re reference, thanks you, with literary agents and presses, friends and acquaintances (File 21) - Box 2

Copies of Fremantle Arts Review, FACP catalogues, newsletters and exhibitions, 1980s (File 22) - Box 2

Copy of Elizabeth Jolley, Palomino (Outback Press, 1980), with inscription to Ian Templeman, September 1980; and copy of Elizabeth Jolley, The Sugar Mother (FACP, 1988), inscribed to Romola and Ian Templeman, 13 March 1988 (File 23) - Box 2

Cards and letters from Romola and Amelia (daughter) Templeman, c1990s-2005 (File 24) - Box 2

Documents relating to Peter Sarah (1946-2005), arts administrator (File 25) - Box 2

Copy of Jose Wendell P Capilli, A Madness of Birds (University of Philippines Press, 1998), inscribed to Ian Templeman (File 26) - Box 2

National Library and General, 1989-1997: includes transcript of Oral History interview with Diana Giese, November 1996, and correspondence, memos and other documents (including documents relating to disagreements with Director-General Warren Horton) (File 27) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, February, typed ms of poem, 1p, 6 copies, some amended (File 28) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, In Response to Your Letter, typed mss of poem, 13 states, 1-2pp each, some with amendments (File 29) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, Drafts of poems, c150pp, mostly typed, some handwritten (File 30) - Box 2

Ian Templeman, The Trouble with Fish, typed ms of poem, 3pp, 4 copies (File 31) - Box 2

Typed mss of 43 poems by Ian Templeman for FACP Reading, 24 January 1990 (File 32) - Box 2

Hand-made card of farewell and 50th birthday congratulations to Ian Templeman, with messages from NLA staff (Item) - Folio-Box 3

Weddings, Funerals and Baptisms: photographs, cards, pressclippings, mostly relating to family events (File 1) - Box 4

Ian's Poetry: photocopies of poems from published sources together with typed ms of original poems; copy of These Glimpsed Interiors, inscribed to Templeman's mother; two small duplicated collections of poems from 1973 FACP workshop and 1967 Perth exhibition (File 2) - Box 4

Pressclippings collected by Diana Templeman (grandmother) and found after her death (File 3) - Box 4

Cards from Ian, Romola and Amelia Templeman to Ron and Diana Templeman (File 4) - Box 4

NLA emails, minutes, division proFiles, 1996-97 (File 5) - Box 4

Postcards and letters to parents from Ian Templeman (File 6) - Box 4

Pressclippings collected by Daphne Templeman (mother) while Ron (father) in World War II relating to Japan and World War II (File 7) - Box 4

Ephemera relating to Empire and Commonwealth Games, Perth, 1962 (File 8) - Box 4

Items relating to AM Investiture, Perth, 1989, 2 photographs of Citizen of Year Award, nd , invitations to events in Perth (File 9) - Box 4

Pressclippings collected by Diana Templeman (mother) re Ian (File 10) - Box 4

Wesley College school reports, references and other documents (File 11) - Box 4

Documents relating to grandfather Harry including will, recognition of Masonic service and land ownership (File 12) - Box 4

Documents relating to FACP, 1972-89 (File 13) - Box 4

Documents relating to FACP, 1989, and application for NLA position, February 1990 (File 14) - Box 4

Documents relating to Molongolo Press, 1999 (File 15) - Box 4

FACP 1989: Board of Management Minutes and related documents (File 16) - Box 4

Documents relating to funding and future of Fremantle Arts Review, 1989 (File 17) - Box 4

Correspondence from Peter Rose, OUP, including letter forwarding 3 of his poems for publication, 30 October 1997 (File 18) - Box 4

Curriculum Vitae, c1990, 1997 (File 19) - Box 4

Photocopies of Contemporary Art Society Newsletter, September 1966- December 1968 [Ian Templeman Editor to May 1968] (File 20) - Box 4

Emails re design ideas for Molongolo Press, copies of 2 Molongolo Press publications and 1 card designed by Romola Templeman (File 21) - Box 4

Paul Hetherington, Sketching the Horizon - William Westall on Board the Investigator. Nd., c.40pp., clean printout. (File 1) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, Blood and Old Belief and a Verse Novel. Nd., 84pp., clean printout. (File 2) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, Naming the Days. Nd., 66p., clean printout. (File 3) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, Domestic Suite. 1996. 7pp.. clean printout. (File 4) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, Shadow Swimmer. Preliminary pages only from publisher. (File 5) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, introduction to Donald Friend's Diaries Volume Two. 31pp., clean printout (File 6) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, 1 folder of poems. clean printout (File 7) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, Our Portrait's Field. Nd., c.30pp., clean printout (File 8) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, Drawing with a Knife. Novel. 223pp., clean printout. (File 9) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, 1 folder of poems. c.10pp., clean printout. (File 10) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, 1 folder of poems. c.100p., clean printout (File 12) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, 1 folder of poems. c.100pp. clean printout (File 12) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, 1 folder of poems. . c.100pp. clean printout with some handwritten changes. Letters with comments on the poems by Ian Templeman and Susan Hosking (University of South Australia), 1997 (File 13) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, Application for Assistant Director-General, Public Programs Division at NLA, 16th December 1998 plus reference by Ian Templeman. (File 14) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, 1 folder of poems. c.60pp., clean printout. (File 15) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, 1 folder of poems. c.30pp., clean printout. (File 16) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, 1 folder of poems, small no. of letters between Templeman and Hetherington, about a dozen photographs of Hetherington. (File 17) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, 1 folder of paper re Donald Friend. clean printout. (File 18) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, Stories of Water. 2000, c.25pp., clean printout. (File 19) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, Drawing with a Knife. 232pp. clean printout. (File 20) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, Invisibility. 2002, 225pp., clean printout. (File 21) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, The Names of Days. 2000, 40pp., clean printout. (File 22) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, cv. (File 23) - Box 5

Paul Hetherington, An Irreplaceable Song [on Rosemary Dobson], c.20pp. clean printout (File 24) - Box 5

"Romola", c.50 letters, postcards, cards attached to gifts, from Templeman's wife, c.1984-1990. Personal, romantic, news. And a small no. from Amelia travelling in Europe. (File 1) - Box 6

"Fremantle Arts Centre Press and Papers Relating to Resignation from Fremantle Arts Centre 1989-1990" including letter of resignation to Ron Malcolm, City Manager (19th October 1989) and longer letter also to Malcolm re questionnaire which prompted resignation. (File 2) - Box 6

Printout of a speech by, presumably, Templeman at a dinner at and about Fremantle Arts Centre Press (16th January 1990, 4pp.) Letters of support, thanks, and best for future etc from Lyn Tranter, Tom Shapcott, Sandra Forbes, Nancy Keesing and others, (1990) (File 2) - Box 6

Letters from Andre Juan Carlos Foss. Personal, chat and news, c.1990 to 2005 in printed emails, approximately 100 letters and cards. Appears to be a friend from WA who moved to Polperro in Cornwall. (File 3) - Box 6

Fremantle Arts Review. Copies of 4 issues, 1987-1989 (File 4) - Box 6

Computer generated A4 sheet, Canberra Critics Circle Award 1999 for Literature to Ian Templeman of Molonglo Press. (File 5) - Box 6

ASEA [Australian Society for Education Through Art] Bulletin, edited by Ian Templeman and, in this issue, a poem by him. Issue for July 1970. (File 6) - Box 6

Ian Templeman, A Meeting of Strangers. 1 folder of handwritten drafts and clean printout copies of poems. (File 7) - Box 6

"Correspondence 1995". Approximately 50 letters and cards, personal, friends, colleagues, chat, news. Includes 2 postcards from Elizabeth Jolley 1988 and 1995 and a letter from T.A.G. Hungerford, 1995 (File 8) - Box 6

"General Correspondence post NLA" Approximately 30 letters and cards, personal chitchat, late 1990s onwards. One from Katharine Brisbane birthday congratulations for Pandanus Books, 12th May 2006. Proposal to establish Murrumbidgee Books, 2000, 7pp. Draft of a letter from Ian Templeman re terms to be reappointed as Head of PICS and Pandanus Books, 1p., nd. (File 9) - Box 6

"Ian and General re Publishing". Booktrade ephemera and general professional correspondence. (File 10) - Box 6

"Abschied" by Paul Hetherington. Clean copy. (File 10) - Box 6

"Mr Ian Templeman's Involvement with the Fremantle Arts Centre", transcript of NLA interview with Margaret McPherson, 2nd December 1996, 16pp. (File 10) - Box 6

"Interview with Ian Templeman" transcript of ANU interview, 2th June 2003, 13pp. (File 10) - Box 6

"Recent Correspondence" Personal correspondence, 2003-2005, births, deaths, fiftieth birthdays, thanks, invitations, about 50 letters and cards. (File 11) - Box 6

Tls from Ian Templeman to ANU re terms of voluntary redundancy. (File 11) - Box 6

CV. (File 11) - Box 6

T.A.G. Hungerford, Wong Chu and the Queen's Letterbox. Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1977. Inscribed to Templeman by Hungerford. Paperback first edition. (File 12) - Box 6

Ian Templeman, Dancing Towards the Finish. 7 states of the poem, printouts with handwritten corrections. (File 13) - Box 6

18 folders containing drafts of 1 poem per box. Handwritten drafts, computer generated copies with handwritten corrections. (File 14) - Box 6

1 folder marked "Poems 1990 [the collection so far]. Clean printout copies of 7 poems (some from the previous item) (File 15) - Box 6

1 folder containing clippings and photocopies of clippings of Templeman's published poems. (File 16) - Box 6

One large brown envelope re Order of Australia award to Templeman in 1989. The Order and 35 x 27cms. Also invitation to ceremony, protocol for dress, program for ceremony etc. (File 17) - Box 6

Two medals. One marked, Progress and Citizen of the Year Award, the other, Arts, Culture and Entertainment, both 1978. (File 18) - Box 6

Penelope Layland, "Suburban Anatomy". Poetry. nd., c.60pp., clean printout. (File 1) - Box 7

Nicholas Jose, "Umbrella", nd., 37pp., clean printout. (File 2) - Box 7

Michael Crouch, Tom Hungerford bio, draft 2. Comprising only of chapter 8 "Writing", 25pp., and the Epilogue, 7pp., both clean printout, 2003. With covering letter to Templeman, 26 May 2003, asking him to read these chapters and with points re Hungerford that he would like to discuss in the future and which are relevant to the two sections sent. (File 3) - Box 7

Lesley Kernke, Huba-Buba. Poetry, nd. Clean printout. (File 4) - Box 7

Lesley Kernke, Farmily. Poetry, nd. Clean printout. (File 5) - Box 7

Paul Hetherington, Canvas Light. 40pp., clean printout. With covering letter, 30-31 August 1997, noting changes made to earlier versions and seeking Templeman's opinion. (File 6) - Box 7

Jan Owen, Blackberry Season. Nd., 41pp., printout with editorial changes. (File 7) - Box 7

Peter Raftos, Quark. Nd., 5pp., clean printout. (File 8) - Box 7

Peter Raftos, Can You Hold? 2002, 3pp., clean printout. (File 9) - Box 7

Peter Raftos, For We, Like Sheep. 2002, 4pp., clean printout. (File 10) - Box 7

1 folder of clippings of reviews of Pandanus Press publications, plus general literary clippings of the same vintage, some photocopies, c.2000- (File 11) - Box 7

Adrian Cresar, All the Young Men. Nd., 209pp., clean printout. (File 12) - Box 7

1 folder of childhood clippings and photographs re Templeman, also photographs of Templeman at work functions, trade shows, with authors, with colleagues. (File 13) - Box 7

The Rose Crossing. Nd., 221pp., clean printout. (File 14) - Box 7

David Britton, Cargo. 1993, 67pp., clean printout and covering letter to Templeman. (File 15) - Box 7

David Britton, Satisfaction. Story , 10pp., clean printout and covering letter (File 16) - Box 7

Molonglo Press. Photograph of stand at Sydney Book Fair, nd. (File 17) - Box 7

1 folder clippings re Molonglo Press, also correspondence from poets seeking publication, agreement with Jan Owen to publish a collection, marketing strategies and miscellaneous publishing ephemera. (File 18) - Box 7

3 watercolour, pen and ink sketches sent by Amelia Mollett for Molonglo Press, 1999 (File 19) - Box 7

Tube: Sketch for mural by Robert Birch for Fremantle Arts Centre, 25 x 110cms. (File) - Box 9

T.A.G. Hungerford, Swagbelly Bird-Snatcher and the Prince of Siam. 159pp. clean printout. (File) - Box 9

Sally Morgan, My Place. 2 folders, total 431pp., clean photocopied typescript. (File) - Box 9

No author. The Isle of Goats. c.100pp., clean printout. (File) - Box 9

Molongolo Press (18 folders), 1997-2001 (File) - Box 10

Including business papers including budget reports, correspondence with Australian Greeting Card Association, airconditioning, contacts and supporters, insurance, invoices, telephones, premises, consumable, computers, quotations, occupational health

Molongolo Press business documents (9 folders) (File) - Box 11

Including company documents, artworks, pressclippings, media contacts, promotion and advertising, subscriptions and orders, correspondence, Department of Communications and the Arts, ACT Government

Files re preparation of submission by Molongolo Press to National Council for Centenary of Federation, 1999, on behalf of ACT Writers Centre Conference re Federation Conference, 2000 (File) - Box 11

Paul Hetherington, Shadow Swimmer: pamphlet and copies of reviews (File) - Box 11

Paul Hetherington, Papers re design work for The Dancing Scorpion, 1992 (File) - Box 11

Paul Hetherington, proof of Stepping Away, 2000, 96pp; Proof, 2001, 88pp, with some editing marks (File) - Box 11

Thank yous for invitations to launch of Jan Owen, Blackberry Season, 1993 [first Molongolo Press publication], including brief letters from Geoffrey Dutton and Rosemary Dobson (File) - Box 11

Documents relating to Elizabeth Riddell, The Difficult Island, Molongolo Press, 1994: correspondence from Elizabeth Riddell including copies of the poems with Riddell's annotations, correspondence re the publication, and correspondence re the launch at the Bellevue Hotel, Paddington, April 1994, together with several photographs of Elizabeth Riddell taken by The Australian, 1978 (File) - Box 11

Molongolo Press Greeting Card catalogue, 1999 (File) - Box 11

Paul Hetherington, typed mss copies of poems, c50ppp, 3 May 1996 (File) - Box 11

Paul Hetherington, The Shifting Archipelago, typed ms, 22pp,nd, clean copy (File) - Box 11

Paul Hetherington, This Strange Abduction, photocopy of typed ms, c75pp, 1 amendment (File) - Box 11

Paul Hetherington, The Shadow of that Dancing, typed ms, 11pp, nd, clean copy; A Second Life, typed ms, nd, 11pp, clean copy; 33 poems, nd, clean copy; typed ms, 9pp, clean copy (File) - Box 11

Paul Hetherington, Stepping Away, clean copies of ms (amendments to Contents List) (File) - Box 11

Molonglo Press business records. 25 folders, 1997-2001 (File) - Box 12

Titles on folders include: Literary Awards; Staffing; Canberra Word Festival; Sydney Trade Fairs; Contracts with Authors; Staff Payment Records; Illustrators for Cards and Royalties.

Molonglo Press business records. 22 folders, 1997-2001 (File) - Box 13

Titles on folders include: Sales Summaries; Quotes for Publications (for Corporate Book Publishing, two clients were Wesley College and the Australian Institute of Jesuit Studies); Westpac

Molonglo Press business records. 14 folders, 1997-2001: invoices, statements, orders, correspondence re trade terms, staffing and no ms. material (File) - Box 14

Titles on folders include: Perth Visit; Second Series Pocket Books; Greeting Cards; Security; Pacific Books, USA; Limited Edition Poetry; UTS, Sydney; Australian Publishers Association (File) - Box 14

Postcards published by Molongolo Press, most drawn by Romola Templeman, and included in trade show display (File) - Box 15-16

Class MS Acc13.005. Consignment Added 2013

Early poetry by Templeman, personal correspondence, correspondence with the University of South Pacific, various greeting cards, speeches, ephemera and newspaper cuttings on the arts. There is also a folder on Pandanus Books as well as a screenplay for White butterflies by John Macgregor and a photograph album of Templeman's farewell function from the Freemantle Arts Centre.

Comprises 4 boxes + 1 small folio box.

Correspondence, cards, ephemera, newspapers, 2006 (File 1_2) - Box 1

Tax invoices, correspondence, cards, ephemera, 2010 (File 3) - Box 1

Cards and letters, 2011 (File 4) - Box 1

White Butterflies - screenplay by John Macgregor, 2005 (File 5) - Box 2

Talks and reference articles (File 6) - Box 2

Papers re: Robyn Mundy (File 7) - Box 2

Lectures and talks, 2003-2007 (File 8) - Box 2

Pandanus Books, 2002-2006 (File 9) - Box 3

Correspondence with Andres Juan Carlos Foss, 2007-2011 (File 10) - Box 3

Literature Board, 2006 (File 11) - Box 3

Manuscripts (File 12) - Box 3

Poetry and prose - bits and pieces (File 13) - Box 3

Early poems mss (File 14) - Box 3

Ian's poems (File 15) - Box 3

Farewell cards from the NLA (File 16) - Box 4

Watermark literary society (File 17) - Box 4

Letters, 2008 (File 18) - Box 4

Elizabeth Jolley launch at Curtin University, February 2008 (File 19) - Box 4

Correspondence with the University of the South Pacific (File 20) - Box 4

Letters and cards, 2011 (File 21) - Box 4

Letters, 2008 (File 22) - Box 4

Photo album - Ian's farewell dinner, Fremantle Arts Centre, 16-01-1990 (File 23) - Box 5