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H. M. Green
Papers of H. M. Green
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MS 3925
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Scope and Contents

The papers comprise correspondence (family, general and business correspondence), drafts, notes, cuttings, card indexes and printed material. The major correspondents are Dorothy Green, C.B. Christesen, Beatrice Davis, W. Cowan, P. Ryan, J. La Nauze, Beatrice Wines, Judith Fisher, G. Ferguson, A.R. Chisholm, C.E.W. Bean, A.P. Elkin, G. Long, J. Passmore, L. Scott, L. Triebel and C. Waldren.

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Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions.For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s).Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

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The earlier parts of the H.M. Green papers were acquired by the Library from Dorothy Green in several instalments, between 1973 and 1990. The last consignment was purchased from the Green Family in 1991.

Biographical Note

H.M. Green was born in Sydney in 1881 and educated in Arts and Law at the University of Sydney. After working for the Sydney Morning Herald (1907-9) and the Daily Telegraph (1910-21), Green worked as Librarian at the Fisher Library, University of Sydney (1921-46). He married Dorothy Auchterlonie in 1944. Green wrote and published extensively, including The happy valley (1925), The story of printing (1929), Kendal (1933), Christopher Brennan (1939) and A history of Australian literature 1900-1950 (1951). Green died in 1962.

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Family Correspondence - Box 1

This Series contains correspondence between H M and Dorothy Green, 1940-62 and letters of Harriet, Isobel and Andrew (6 files).

Series 2. Correspondence, 1928-56

Subseries 2-1. Correspondence received in 1973 - Box 2-3

Arranged in alphabetical order by H M Green, dating from 1933-56. This subseries comprises correspondence with other writers, publishers and literary organisations concerning Green's works and research (Files 1-19). The correspondents include A.R. Chisholm, Dymphna Cusack, Flora Eldershaw, Guy Howarth, Sir Mungo MacCallum, Hugh McCrae and Eric Russell.

Ethel Anderson, 1950; Francis Anderson, 1935; Angus and Robertson, 1945-61; Art in Australia, 1933; Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1944, 1961; Australian English Association, 1942; Australian Institute of International Affairs,; 1948; Australian Journalists' Association, 1948; Australian Limited Edition, 1937; Australian literature chair, 1942-56 (File 1)
Australian 150th anniversary celebration council,; 1937; Australian literature lectures, 1947; Kate Baker, 1908, 1938; William Baylebridge, 1942-56; A.A Bayldon, 1933-45; C.E.W Bean, 1948-50; Paul Bonnet, 1932-61; Henry Boote, 1935; Sylvia Bowman, 1956 (File 2)
E.J. Brady, 1947; Gay Brereton, 1927; John le Buchan, 1933; David Campbell, 1950; A.R. Chisholm, 1944-56; Robert Close, 1948; Kevin Collopy, 1941; Commonwealth of Australia Jubilee competition, 1951 (File 3)
Commonwealth Literary Fund Fellowship, 1951-60; Zora Cross, 1951; C.H. Currey, 1950, 1959; Dymphna Cusack, 1949-50; Eleanor Dark, 1937; Frank Dalby Davison, 1940; Jim Devaney,1943-51; Hazel de Berg, 1959-61; Max Dunn, [195?]; Rosemay Dobson, 1950; Flora Eldershaw, 1944-47 (File 4)
M.H. Ellis, 1941; Brian Elliott, 1955-56; Louis Esson, 1938-42; European Literary Club, 1938; J.K. Ewers, 1951; Fellowship of Australian Writers, 1935-48; L.F. Fitzhardinge, 1946-54; Miles Franklin, 1947; Ann Garnsey, 1945; Leon Gellert, 1949-50 (File 5)
Mary Gilmore, 1934-59; C.H. Grattan, 1945; H. M. Green: copies of H.M Green's letters and; letters of Will Lawson and H.K. Hunt, 1930-58; Frank Hardy, 1951; E.R. Holme, 1931-51; A.D. Hope, 1954; Peter Hopegood, 1933-42 (File 6)
Guy Howarth, 1940-56; Rex Ingamells, 1942-51; F.C. Kendall, 1937-38; Longman Green Co, 1938, 1945; Frederick I. Macartney, 1936-59; James P. McAuley, 1942-45 (File 7)
Sir Mungo MacCallum, 1930-41; Hugh McCrae, 1925-56; Ronald McCuaig, 1941; J. McGrath, 1953; Jack McLaren, 1942 (File 8)
Cecil Mann, 1957; Leonard Mann, 1942; Ian R. Maxwell, 1951-57; Melbourne University Press, 1949-56; Morris Miller, 1934-59; Miscellaneous correspondence (File 9)
G.D. Mitchell, 1953-55; Ernest J. Moll, [195?]; M.W. Moody, [n.d]; J.K. Moir, 1955; Dora Moore, 1937; William Moore, 1937, 1947; Tom Inglis Moore, 1936-58; Ian Mudie, 1941-43; Walter Murdoch, 1937 (File 10)
T.D. Mutch, 1945; G.G. Nicholson, 1939; Vance and Nettie Palmer, 1937-62; John Passmore, 1959; A.B. Paterson, 1937; Brian Penton, 1948; Allan C. Peters, 1937-41; National Council of Women (Bertha Thomas), 1937 (File 11)
Katharine Susannah Prichard, 1932, 1941; Public Library of Victoria, 1950-55; Queensland Centenary Celebrations, 1959; Commonwealth Literary Fund, Queensland 1943; J.T. Quinn, 1938-54 (File 12)
Registrar General's Department, 1955; Barrie and Leslie Reid, 1945-53; Henry Handel Richardson, 1937; F.W. Robinson, 1942-51; Les Robinson, 1943-61 (File 13)
Eric Russell (Angus and Robertson), 1958-62 (File 14-15)
A.L. Sadler, 1947, 1961; C.W. Salier, 1936-48; Michael Sawtell, 1945; Leigh Scott, 1953-62; Percy Serle, 1946-51; A.J. Seymour, 1952; Helen Simpson, 1938-39; Kenneth Slessor, 1938-58; S. Ure Smith, 1938; C.H. Souter, 1937-42 (File 16)
L. Stapleton, 1959; J.J. Staple, 1940; David Stead, 1942; Harry Standish, 1956; A.G. Stephens, 1940; Douglas Stewart, 1940-61; Harold Stewart, 1943-50; J. Stewart, 1947 (File 17)
Dal Stivens, 1947-51; Abbie Stone, 1944-51; Walter Stone, 1949, 1955; Alan Stout, 1950; Frank Strahan, 1962; Bruce Sutherland, 1951; Sydney Morning Herald, 1948-54; Kylie Tennant, 1941-60; W.S. Thurstin, 1944; Sydney Tomholt, 1945-57 (File 18)
A.E. Trendall, 1955; L.A. Triebel, 1954-61; James Tyrell, 1958; UNESCO, 1949; University of Sydney Union,1945; University of Western Australia, 1951-52; R. Wallace, 1938; Francis Webb, 1952; Webster Dictionary, 1934, 1936; Myrtle Rose White, 1954; Frank Wilmot, 1934-38; R. Windeyer, 1947; G.L. Wood, 1935; Judith Wright, 1944-58 (File 19)

Subseries 2-2. Correspondence received between, 1973-1991 - Box 4

This Subseries comprises correspondence with other writers, dating from 1928-1962 (Files 20-28). The correspondents include R.D. FitzGerald, Clem Christesen, E.V. Steel and Sir Harold White.

Series 3. Business papers, 1936-61 - Box 5

This series, received between 1989 and 1991, comprises correspondence with publishers and other writers, cuttings, notes and financial papers, 1925-62. Copies of Green's letters and publisher's proofs are often included (Files 1-5).

The correspondence relating to Green's works including the A history of Australian literature, The happy valley and his work for the Bulletin. The correspondents include Judith Fisher, George Ferguson, A.H. Mclachlan, Percival Serle and Walter Murdoch.

Series 4. A history of Australian literature - Box 6-7

A history of Australian literature, which was published in two volumes by Angus and Robertson in 1961, was Green's most important work. The Series comprises typescripts for chapters 1-21 (Files 1-16).

Series 5. Other writings - Box 8-9

This Series contains handwritten drafts including 'Million' and 'Lockhart analysis', as well as notes of various poems, essays and verses. Copies of some of Green's published essay are also included. (Files 1-14).

Series 6. Cuttings, 1914-55 - Box 10-15

The cuttings contain biographical information on Australian men and women and various subject matters. The files were arranged by Green and they have been kept in the original order (Files 1-42 and 1 carton).

Roy Alexander; William Amiet; Francis Anderson; S. Angus; Ken Attwill; Australia: Characteristics; Australia: Characterisitics: accent; Australian War Memorial; Australia: population, immigration (File 1)

H.K. Bailey; R.T. Baker; S.J. Baker; R.C. Bald; W.M. Ball; R.R.P. Barbour; Charles Barrett; George Barrington; Herbert Basedow; M.W. Bennett; C.A. Bernays; R. and C. Berndt; C.H. Bertie (File 2)

E.G. Biaggini; Dora Birtles; Francis Birtles; Donald Black; Fred Blakeley; F.A. Bland; J.B. Brigden; W.S. Bromhead; A.R.R. Brown; Gordon Buchanan; S.J. Butlin (File 3)

A.P. Canaway; Neville Cayley; Censorship; I.F. Champion; A. Charteris; Charles Chewings; V.G. Childe; A.H. Chisholm; A.R. Chisholm and his 'school'; Caroline Chisholm (File 4)

Francis Clancy; Colin Clark; C.M.H. Clark; P.S. Cleary; Francis Clune; Price Conigrave; Convicts' works; D.B. Copland; C.D. Cotton; G.H. Cowling (File 5)

R.M. Crawford; L.F. Crisp; W.R. Crocker; R.H. Croll; Bernard Cronin; C.H. Currey (File 6)

W.J. Dakin; T.W.E. David; Alfred Deakin; Hector Dinning; W.J. Doherty; Thomas Dunbabin; W.G.K. Duncan; Sir Frederic Eggleston; Malcolm Ellis; H.V. Evatt (File 7)

George Farwell; Ernest Favenc; Sir John Ferguson; H.H. Finlayson; Raymond Firth; L.F. Fitzhardinge; Brian Fitzpatrick; Kathleen Fitzpatrick; C.B. Fletcher; R. Foenander; W.D. Forsyth; Frank Fox; Alexander Francis; Donald Fraser (File 8)

Sir Robert Garran; R.W. and L.F. Giblin; J.K. Gifford; Penryn Goldman; H.E. Graves; J.L. Gray; G. Greenwood; E.R. Gribble; John Alexander Gunn (File 9)

H.L. Hall; Sir Keith Hancock; Alfred Hart; Sir Paul Hasluck; W.E. Hearn; G.C. Henderson; Margot Hentze (File 10)

J.G. Hides; Frank Hives; H.L. Hogbin; C.H. Holmes; Greta Hort; Randolph Hughes; W.M. Hughes; I.L. Idriess; E.M Irvine; E.W. Irwin (File 11)

L.C. Jauncey; W.S. Jevons; Fred Johns; S.M. Johnstone; P.M. Kaberry; Karl Kaeppell; A.M. Duncan Kemp; A.S. Kenyon; J.C.G. Kevin; Margaret Kiddle; Sir John Kirwan (File 12)

J.A. La Nauze; J.D. Lang; C.F. La Seron; Adrian Lawlor; Lewis Lett; Frank Letters; Lionel Lindsay; Philip Lindsay; R.E. Lording; J.R.B. Love (File 13)

M.W. MacCallum; J.E. Macdonnell; D.P. McGuire; McIver, George; MacKaness, George; A.L.G. MacKay; W.J.S. MacKay; Jack McLaren; William McLeod (File 14)

Hector MacQuarrie; N.E. McQueen; C.R. McRae; R.B. Madgwick; C.T. Madigan; F.R E. Mauldon; Sir Douglas Mawson; Ian Maxwell; A.C.V. Melbourne; W.A. Merrylees; J.D.B. Miller; R.C. Mills (File 15)

'Minors': A-F (File 16)

'Minors': G-K (File 17)

'Minors': L-O (File 18)

'Minors': P-S (File 19)

'Minors' T-Z (File 20)

'Minors - Prose': A-F (File 21)

'Minors - Prose': G-K (File 22)

Miscellaneous: A-Z (File 23)

Mit - Mu (File 24)

Nei - New (File 25)

Miscellaneous: 'History' (File 26)

New Zealand - General literature and prose (File 27)

New Zealand - Verse; G.G. Nicholson; E.M. O'Brien; Bernard O'Reilly; W.L. Owen (File 28)

Catherine Langlah Parker; J.A. Passmore; C.W. Peck; Marion Phillips; A.B. Piddington; R.B. Plowman; G.V. Portus; Prescriptions; Sir Grenfell Price; S.H. Prior (File 29)

George Ranken; W.H.L Ranken; Ratcliffe, Francis; Fred Rebell; Recipes; Frank Reid; Sir David Rivett; S.H. Roberts; George Robertson; T.B. Robertson; Colin Roderick; T.G. Room; I.C. Ross; Lloyd Ross; T.C. Roughley; E.J. Rule; Archer Russel (File 30)

A. L. Sadler; Sir Ernest Scott; Percival Serle; E.O.G. Shann; A.G.L. Shaw; Colin Simpson; D.B.W. Sladen; Bernard Smith; K.L. Smith; W.R. Smith; Sir Baldwin Spencer; W.E.H Stanner; John McKellar Stewart; Julius Stone; Catherine Stow (File 31)

T.G.H. Strehlow; E.H. Sugden; Edward Sweetman (File 32)

P.G. Taylor; T. Griffith Taylor; Michael Terry; R.W. Thompson; F.A. Todd; Arthur Torrance; T.G. Tucker; Malcolm Uren; E.A. Vidler; A.J. Villers; Visitors (File 33)

Gladys L. Wade; S.M. Wadham; A.J.A. Waldock; Alan Walker; E.R. Walker; Carl Warburton; J.M. Ward; Russel Ward; War history [WW] II; Frederick Watson; A.S. Way; C.H. Wedgwood; H.G. Wells; W.C. Wentworth (File 34)

M.R. White; T.W. White; H.L. Wilkinson; F.E Williams; H.R. Williams; Chester Wilmot; W.J.V. Windeyer; F.L. Wood; W.J. Woodhouse; Eric Wren; Anstey Wynes (File 35)

A-G (File 36)

H-O (File 37)

P-W (File 38)

Cuttings of pictures of non-Australian authors (File 39)

Miscellaneous cuttings of articles by Green (File 40-41)

Miscellaneous Cuttings (File 42)

Series 7. Card indexes - Box 16

Card indexes used by Green for his writings, containing notes on Australian authors and Australian literature.

Series 8. Miscellaneous item and printed material, 1933 - Box 18

This Series includes Green's letter of application for the Chair of English Literature at Sydney University (1933), photographs, X-rays, reports and printed material.