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Nance Osborne
Nance Osborne Music Collection
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MS 5899
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Conditions Governing Use

Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Records of the Nance Osborne Music Collection, National Library of Australia, MS 5899, [box number and series and/or file number]'.

Item Descriptions

Do we believe? / words by Clifton Bingham; music by Ed St.Quentin (File 1)

Cornish Christmas carols (File 2)

Ah! how sweet / Purcell; arr. by A. Moffatt (File 3)

Bavarian folk song (File 4)

The Russian Nightingale / Alexander Alabief (File 5)

Give us love (File 6)

The Parlour / words by Edith Kelly; music by Claude Arundale (File 7)

Feast of lanterns (File 8)

Bethlehem (File 9)

I will sing of Thy great mercies (File 10)

Bravura- with variations/arr. Adam (File 11)

Various;: Dearest soul, Come to Arcady, Tell me lovely shepherd, Odalesque, The highwayman, The little dreamer. (File 12)

Various: Vespers, All's right with the world, If you should go, The medlartree, Cradlesong,Fairdaffodils, I know a bank, Dear Adonis She never told her love, Away to the meadows, Tell me, lovely shepherd (File 13)

Where are the songs we sang / by Noel Coward (File 14)

The gate of the year (2 copies) / by Peggy Spencer Palmer (File 15)

She had a letter from her love (Merrie England) / by-Edward German) (File 16)

When we were very young / by A. A Milne; music by H. Fraser-Simpson (File 17)

Widmung (Devotion) / Robert Schumann (File 18)

My Johann / Grieg (File 19)

I am the gillie of Christ (File 20)

Elfenlied (File 21)

Zueignung/Richard Strauss (File 22)

The Blessed Virgin's expostulation/ Henry Purcell (File 23)

The auld side car/ words by P. J O'Reilly; music by J. Airlie Dix (File 24)

Chanson de Marie Antoinette (File 25)

Air de Zemire et Azor (File 26)

Sweet Bird /poetry by Milton; arr. by Henry R. Bishop (File 27)

The Nightingale's song (Air du Rossignol)/c. Saint-Saens. (File 28)

The Blue Danube/ Johann Strauss (File 29)

Hark, the echoing air / Purcell, Verdon G. Williams (File 30)

The mocking fairy / words by Walter de la Mare; music by Frederick Keel (File 31)

The sleep that flits on baby's eyes (File 32)

When I bring you coloured toys / Rabindranath Tagore; John Alden Carpenter (File 33)

Jamie, come try me / words by Robert Burns, music by Howard White (File 34)

The earth is white (File 35)

Happiness /words by Evelyn Fullerton; music by Edith Harrhy (File 36)

Reverie (File 37)

O whistle and I'll come to you my lad/ arr.Vaughan Williams (File 38)

Various: May morning, In springtime, Thais, The auld side car, Le Rossignol, I will love Thee, O Lord, Shepherd lullaby, A lovely evening in summer 'twas, Two brown eyes, Spring, Starlight, Necken - Polska (File 39)

Light, my light (File 40)

I am like a remnant of a cloud of autumn (File 41)

The sleep sea / wordsby Mary Gilmore; music by Bernard de Oleveira (File 42)

The ten virgins / A. R Gaul (File 43)