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MS 727

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Collection Summary

Gilmore, Mary, Dame, 1865-1962
Papers of Dame Mary Gilmore
Date Range
1865 - 1962
Collection Number
MS 727
2.34 metres (13 Archive boxes)
Language of Materials
Special Collections (Manuscripts)
This finding aid was revised and published with the assistance of the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust


Scope and Contents

The papers comprise correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts of poems, sheet music, photographs, press cuttings, scrapbook, and printed material.

A description of the Dame Mary Gilmore Collection appears in W.H. Wilde Courage and grace: a bibliography of Dame Mary Gilmore (Melbourne, 1988).

Conditions Governing Access

Available for research.

Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Papers of Dame Mary Gilmore, National Library of Australia, MS 727, [series/file/item number]'.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

The papers held at MS 727 were received by the Library in several instalments between 1958 and 1991.

Other collections containing letters and papers of Mary Gilmore include the following:

Kate Baker (MS 1533); W.P. Bluett (MS 4714); J.H. Catts (MS 658); Alec Chisholm (MS 1880), M. Condon (MS 2375); Ralph De Boissiere (MS 8402); Harold W. Eather (MS 2015); Edward Findley (MS 2111); Annie Louise Green (MS 8574); Elioth Gruner (MS 8965); Clement Hosking (MS 2680); Norman Jeffery (MS 1948); Marie McNiven (MS 2012); and W. Farmer Whyte (MS 970).

The Library also holds records of the Mary Gilmore Centenary Committee, 1964-65 at MS 1696.

Separated Materials

Papers of Mary Gilmore are held at MS 1662, MS 1695 and MS 8766 and diaries, 1940-49 are held at MS 614 (copies: originals held by Mitchell Library, Sydney). Small collections of letters by Mary Gilmore are held at MS 633, MS 1728, MS 1888, MS 2685 and MS 5644.

Other papers of Dame Mary Gilmore are held by the Mitchell Library, Sydney; the Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra; and Charles Sturt University Regional Archives.

Biographical Note

Mary Cameron, poet and journalist, was born at Mary Vale, Woodhouselee, near Goulburn, NSW, on 16 August 1865. She was educated at Brucedale, near Wagga Wagga, and later at Wagga Wagga Public School. Between 1877 and 1895 she taught in a variety of schools in New South Wales. She became involved in the New Australia movement and on 31 October 1895 resigned from teaching and sailed to Paraguay on the Ruapehu. Cameron remained at the Cosme settlement in Paraguay until 1899. She married fellow colonist and Victorian shearer William Alexander Gilmore (1866-1945) in 1897 and their only child William Dysart Cameron Gilmore (1898-1945) was born at Villarica, near Cosme. Before returning to Australia in 1902, she taught English in Rio Gallegos in southern Patagonia and wrote for Buenos Aires papers.

Gilmore's verse first appeared in the Australian Worker in 1902, and from 1908-31 she edited the women's page of this newspaper. Her first published volume, Marri'd and other verses appeared in 1910. Other publications include The passionate heart (1918), Hound of the road ( 1922), The tilted cart (1925), The wild swan (1930), The rue tree (1931), Under the wilgas (1932), Battlefields (1939), and Fourteen men (1954).

In 1937, in recognition of her contribution to Australian literature, she was made a Dame of the British Empire - the first woman to receive this award for services to literature. Dame Mary was a founder of the Lyceum Club, Sydney, a founder and vice-president in 1928 of the Fellowship of Australian Writers, an early member of the New South Wales Institute of Journalists and life member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Dame Mary Gilmore died on 3 December 1962.

Item Descriptions

Series I. Manuscripts and typescripts of poems (unpublished and undated)

For the purposes of this inventory "unpublished" means any verse not included in the published works listed in Series III below. The series comprises 21 folders.


Arrangement is alphabetical by first line.

Series II. Manuscripts and typescripts of poems (unpublished but dated), 1883 - 1959

This series comprises 61 folders.


This material has been arranged in order to allow:-

(1) a broad survey of Gilmore's verse. This is possible since the arrangement is basically chronological. However in some cases Gilmore has conjoined variously dated pieces with similar titles. Also variously dated poems often appear on the one sheet.

(2) location of a specific item. This is possible since the arrangement of poems under each year is alphabetical by the first letter of the first line.

Series III. Manuscripts and typescripts of poems (published)

Poems subsequently published in the eight books listed below have been separated and arranged alphabetically by first line in ten folders. Series III is by no means complete and it is likely that there are drafts in Series I and Series II which should be placed in Series III.

1. Battlefield

2. Fourteen men (3 folders)

3. Marri'd and other verses

4. The passionate heart

5. The rue tree

6. The tilted cart

7. Under the wilgas

8. The wild swan

Series IV. Sheet music

Eight pieces, including drafts and copies of "Australian Battle Cry", "Six poems by Dame Mary Gilmore set to music by John Arcot" and Six songs from the South (words by Mary Gilmore; music by G.H. Clutsam) (3 folders + 1 volume).

Material added 13 July 1972 comprises manuscript and printed scores of 'Australian battle cry' (arranged by Evelyn Grieg), 'The green, green hill' (music by Louis Lavater) and Yesternight (music by Maie E. Coulson-Blair) (1 folder).

Series V. Scrapbook, 1923-54

1 volume containing hints, recipes, etc., also some articles on socialism, Aboriginal place names.

Series VI. Correspondence - outwards, 1940-59

Articles for publication and letters to editors by Gilmore (27 pieces). See also MS 727/XI/5.

Series VII. Correspondence - inwards, 1957-1959

See also addition 13 July 1972.

Batty, Joyce. A.L.S., together with Typ. D. "Jiembra - the dancing star: an Australian legend", by Joyce Batty, n.d (Item 1)

Condon, M. L.S., on her American trip, n.d (Item 2)

Kahan, L. A.L.S on portrait of Gilmore, n.d (Item 3)

Murnane, A. A.L.S. on scheme for a city gate, n.d (Item 4)

Purves, John. A.L.S., together with poem "Uaruatjira" by John Purves, n.d (Item 5)

Booth, H. Roy. A.L.S., 8 April 1957 (Item 6)

Geikie, Mildred. A.L.S., 27 April 1957 (Item 7)

Sara, H.M. L.S., 19 September 1957 (Item 8)

Foley, T.J.N. L.S. from Chairman of British Tobacco Co. about lung cancer and smoking., 22 November 1957 (Item 9)

Gilmore, M. A.L.S. (not sent) to T.J.N Foley on cause of lung cancer., 25 November 1957 (Item 10)

Whiteman, D.G. A.L.S. from Manager of Lake Midgeon station on Aboriginal antiquities., 7 January 1958 (Item 11)

Kennedy, John. A.L.S. about Kennedy family at Narrandera., 27 March 1958 (Item 11A)

Smith, S. Murray. L.S. and Typ. D. on Hiroshima panels, and copy of L.S. by Gilmore sent to Sydney Morning Herald., 12 February 1958 (Item 12)

Weekes, Elaine. A.L.S., 17 March 1958 (Item 13)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 14)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 15)

K., Elizabeth. A.L.S., 12 April 1958 (Item 16)

Russell, W. McRae. L.S. from President Council of Victorian Literary Societies on Crouch Medal., 4 May 1958 (Item 17)

Scully, Henrich. A.L.S. on his book, and newspaper cutting relating to Mary Adolphus Daly., 7 July 1958 (Item 18)

Foster, Rene. A.L.S. enclosing her review of Prosper the Commonwealth by Sir Robert Garran., 7 July 1958 (Item 19)

Flentje, N.T. L.S. from Head of Dept. of Plant Pathology, Waite Agricultural Research Institute about trace elements., 8 July 1958 (Item 20)

Martin, Richenda. A.L.S. concerning David Martin's latest book., 7 August 1958 (Item 21)

Jensen, H. L.S. making appointment., 11 August 1958 (Item 22)

Mass, Nuri. A.L.S., 12 August 1958 (Item 23)

Greenless, Gavin. L.S. from editor of Building worker on Gilmore's acceptance of position of Club Marshall in Building Worker Birthday Club., 13 August 1958 (Item 24)

Peters, Janet. A.L.S. Birthday greetings., 15 August 1958 (Item 25)

Haynes, Edith. A.L.S. Birthday greetings., 15 August 1958 (Item 26)

Kidsell, Una. A.L.S. Birthday greetings., 16 August 1958 (Item 27)

Chaplin, Harry. L.S. Birthday greetings., 16 August 1958 (Item 28)

Martin, John W. L.S. Birthday greetings., 18 August 1958 (Item 29)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 30)

Edmondson, Maude Elizabeth. A.L.S. re husband's passing - early memories of Gilmore's teacher., 17 October 1958 (Item 31)

Bernard, K.R. L.S. re correction of Gilmore's newspaper article on architecture., 3 December 1958 (Item 32)

Casey, R.G. L.S. re Age letter, and photocopy of letter concerned., 15 December 1958 (Item 33)

Fisher, Judith. L.S. returning rejected manuscripts., 1959 (Item 34)

Higman H. Lawton. A.L.S. recalling Cosme and other matters., 1959 (Item 35)

Murray, Margaret. A.L.S. Birthday greetings from Asquith Girls' High School., 1959 (Item 36)

Brookes, E. Stanley. L.S. re Bread and Cheese Club., January 1959 (Item 37)

Moran, Stan. L.S., re May Day Procession., 6 January 1959 (Item 38)

Fletcher, Harry. A.L.S. re Tribune article on brainwashing., 6 January 1959 (Item 39)

Roderick, Colin. L.S. requesting access to Lawson material., 7 January 1959 (Item 40)

Foster. Rene. A.L.S. on mother's death., 8 January 1959 (Item 41)

Martin, David. L.S., 11 January 1959 (Item 42)

Aboriginal Australian Fellowship. Typ. D. (Circular), 12 January 1959 (Item 43)

Souter, Brenda and Ailsa. A.L.S. reminiscences., 14 January 1959 (Item 44)

Langdale, Violet. A.L.S. reminiscences., 27 January 1959 (Item 45)

Kegland, Carl. A.L.S. on literary matters., 5 February 1959 (Item 46)

Fisher, Judith. L.S. on Gilmore's manuscripts for publication., 24 February 1959 (Item 47)

Foster, Rene. A.L.S. requesting biographical material, 5 March 1959 (Item 48)

[Item transferred to another series]. (Item 49)

Layner, P. Stuart. L.S., 26 March 1959 (Item 50)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 51)

Burke, K. L.S. "Australia's pioneer women" on T.V., 2 April 1959 (Item 52)

Kuhn, M. A.L.S. on family matters and literature., 10 April 1959 (Item 52A)

Reilly, H.J. L.S., 11 April 1959 (Item 53)

Copley, M.P. L.S. from Secretary, May Day Committees on the Mary Gilmore Award for 1958. Includes Judges' Report., 13 April 1959 (Item 54)

Pople, J.V. A.L.S. requesting criticism of her poetry., 16 April 1959 (Item 54A)

Waten, Hyrell. A.L.S., 24 April 1959 (Item 55)

Carroll, Paul. A.L.S. mentioning the early history of the railways., 11 May 1959 (Item 56)

Heseltine, H.P. L.S. requesting material on J. Le Gay Brereton., 20 May 1959 (Item 57)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 58)

Greenless, Gavin. A.L.S. describing sea trip to London., 23 May 1959 (Item 59)

Mawdesley, Christine. A.L.S. recollecting J.K. Moir. Mentions letters from Masefield., 23 May 1959 (Item 60)

Fletcher, Gregory. A.L.S., 24 May 1959 (Item 61)

Heseltine, H.P. A.L.S., 26 May 1959 (Item 62)

Pouder, Catherine. A.L.S. giving news of the Fellowship of Australian Writers and various writers., 26 May 1959 (Item 63)

White, Myrtle Rose. A.L.S., 26 May 1959 (Item 64)

Lavery, Mrs. Robert. A.L.S. asking for advice., 27 May 1959 (Item 65)

North, Fay. L.S., 29 May 1959 (Item 66)

Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival Committee. Typ. D. (pamphlet), May 1959 (Item 67)

Butterley, H.M. A.L.S. from the Secretary of the Sydney Branch of the English Association., 1 June 1959 (Item 68)

Foster, Rene. A.L.S. on plans for biography., 7 June 1959 (Item 69)

Puckeridge, L. A.L.S., 11 June 1959 (Item 70)

Higgison, T. A.L.S., 12 June 1959 (Item 71)

Daughter of the poet John Farrell. A.L.S., 12 June 1959 (Item 72)

Darke. Stella. A.L.S., 12 June 1959 (Item 73)

Tearle, Sheila. A.L.S. relating early history of Wagga., 13 June 1959 (Item 74)

Tearle, Sheila. A.L.S., 13 June 1959 (Item 75)

Scrogie, Stella. A.L.S., 14 June 1959 (Item 76)

MacGregor, Peter. A.L.S., 16 June 1959 (Item 77)

Foster, Rene. A.L.S. requesting biographical material., 17 June 1959 (Item 78)

Street, Jessie. L.S., 18 June 1959 (Item 79)

Barrow, Thomas J. A.L.S. requesting criticism of his poetry., 16 June 1959 (Item 80)

Scrogie, Stella. A.L.S. giving reminiscences., 16 June 1959 (Item 81)

Simpson, Eileen Masters. A.L.S. requesting advice on publishing., 17 June 1959 (Item 82)

Tearle, Sheila. A.L.S. giving information on early Wagga., 23 June 1959 (Item 83)

Donaldson, W. A.L.S. quoting and explaining Robert Burns' Look up and see., 21 June 1959 (Item 84)

Horner, J. L.S. from Hon. Secretary of Aboriginal Australian Fellowship., 22 June 1959 (Item 85)

Walsh, Robert. A.L.S. requesting material for school project., 25 June 1959 (Item 86)

Duril, Walter J. A.L.S., 25 June 1959 (Item 87)

Scrogie, Stella. A.L.S., 28 June 1959 (Item 88)

Evans, Miss V. L.S. requesting criticism of poetry., 30 June 1959 (Item 89)

Mackaness, George. A.L.S. requesting permission, in due course, to publish the Cosme letters., 3 July 1959 (Item 90)

Rice, Dorothy. A.L.S. on Henry Lawson., 3 July 1959 (Item 91)

Adie, Leslie. A.L.S. requesting material for school project., 3 July 1959 (Item 92)

Storrie, J.D. A.L.S. invitation to Gymea Lily Festival., 5 July 1959 (Item 93)

Mackaness, George. A.L.S. on Cosme letters., 7 July 1959 (Item 94)

Foster, Rene. A.L.S., 14 July 1959 (Item 95)

Tearle, Sheila. A.L.S. on Wagga history., 21 July 1959 (Item 96)

Grundfest, Eileen. A.L.S. requesting autograph., 29 July 1959 (Item 97)

Series VII. Correspondence - Inwards - Addition 13 July 1972, 1957-1959

Correspondence, 1957-58. Correspondents include Book Collectors' Society of Australia, Clair White, Stephen Murray-Smith, Edith Haynes, Herbert S. Groves, Rev. Armand Whitehead, J.K. Moir, Ada Warner, Australian Aboriginal Fellowship, James McAuley, W.E. Steele-Smith, Albert E. Leane, Dr W. McRae Russell, Dr A.L. McLeod, Bernard Peach, R.H. Croll, Helen Cameron Roberts, H.M. Green, Philip Whelan, Jessie D. Fisher, Sheila Searle, Dorothy Catts, H.J. Brophy, Colin Newsome, Brownie Downing, Grace Cheers, Maude Healey, B. O'Donovan, E. Ailsa Lewis, and Rita Turner (2 folders).

Series VIII. Correspondence - inwards, 1959-1962

Jensen, H.F. L.S. invitation,, 1959 (Item 1)

Bardsley, G. L.S. from Aboriginal-Australian Fellowship re Stuart case., 6 August 1959 (Item 2)

Street, J.M. L.S. invitation from Australia-Soviet Friendship Society., 6 August 1959 (Item 3)

Bell, Thea. A.L.S. on communism and culture., 6 August 1959 (Item 4)

O'Sullivan, N. L.S., 10 August 1959 (Item 5)

Hale, K.G. A.L.S. on the Mormon Church., 14 August 1959 (Item 6)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 7)

Eather, H. A.L.S., 15 August 1959 (Item 8)

Horner, J. L.S. from the Hon. Sec., Aboriginal Australian Fellowship., 15 August 1959 (Item 9)

O'Sullivan, N. A.L.S. mentioning Will H. Ogilvie., 15 August 1959 (Item 10)

Singleton, K.A. A.L.S., 16 August 1959 (Item 11)

Byrne, H. A.L.S., 16 August 1959 (Item 12)

Simmons, J. A.L.S. mentioning J.K. Moir., 18 August 1959 (Item 13)

Darke, S. A.L.S., 18 August 1959 (Item 14)

Mawhinnew, W. A.L.S. mentioning Captain Andrew Logan and Cosme., August 1959 (Item 15)

Grace, H. A.L.S. and poem., 19 August 1959 (Item 16)

Hingston, A.L. A.L.S. and poem "Namatjira"., 19 August 1959 (Item 17)

Roberts, D. A.L.S., 20 August 1959 (Item 18)

Walsh, M. A.L.S. requesting criticism of her poetry., 20 August 1959 (Item 19)

Simpson, T. A.L.S. mentioning Mrs. Aeneas Gunn., 21 August 1959 (Item 20)

Anderson, N, Typ. D. circulars from Aust. and N.Z. Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament., August 1959 (Item 21)

Bluett, W.P. A.L.S. re Aboriginal studies., 6 September 1959 (Item 22)

Batty, Joyce. A.L.S., 7 September 1959 (Item 23)

Grigg, K.N. A.L.S. on Henry George's economics., 8 September 1959 (Item 24)

Hale, K.G. A.L.S., 20 September 1959 (Item 25)

Favier, D. A.L.S., 20 September 1959 (Item 26)

Tearle, S. A.L.S. re Gilmore's forward to John Farrell's poems., 21 September 1959 (Item 27)

Ford, R. A.L.S., 23 September 1959 (Item 28)

White, M.R. A.L.S. mentioning Will Ogilvie and Oliphant Shaw., 23 September 1959 (Item 29)

Currie, Grace. A.L.S. requesting criticism., 30 September 1959 (Item 30)

Critchley, L. Typ. D. from the Fellowship of Australian Writers., October 1959 (Item 31)

O'Donovan, B. A.L.S. giving news of the Hay Historical Society and Hay centenary celebrations., 6 October 1959 (Item 32)

King, F. L.S. from Building Trades Group re a "Peace Discussion"., 6 October 1959 (Item 33)

Gymea Bay Public School. Telegram invitation., 8 October 1959 (Item 34)

Lorenz, C.M. A.L.S. from Australian Stage and Society Club P/L - invitation., 8 October 1959 (Item 35)

Everett, A. A.L.S. - child's letter., 8 October 1959 (Item 36)

Baulch, M. A.L.S. relating a plan for the Aborigines., 14 October 1959 (Item 37)

King, J. L.S. invitation to Blind Book Society party., 26 October 1959 (Item 38)

Williams, B. A.L.S., 30 October 1959 (Item 39)

Edmondson, M.E. A.L.S., November 1959 (Item 40)

Kenafick, K.J. L.S. requesting information on "The workingman's paradise"., 15 November 1959 (Item 41)

McAuley, J. L.S. - circular from Quadrant., 12 November 1959 (Item 42)

De Cook, N. A.L.S. - religion., 18 November 1959 (Item 43)

Wagga Wagga Primary School. L.S. - invitation., 19 November 1959 (Item 44)

Robjoy, H. A.L.S. mentioning Shaw Neilson., 20 November 1959 (Item 45)

Mackenzie, N. A.L.S. from Director, Social Science Research Council of Australia., 25 November 1959 (Item 46)

Smith, B. Hart L.S., 11 December 1959 (Item 47)

Lane, Hilda. A.L.S. from niece of William Lane., 22 December 1959 (Item 48)

Conlon, T.J. A.L.S., 22 December 1959 (Item 49)

Halliday, D.J. A.L.S. - questions concerning wheat growing in Temora., 31 December 1959 (Item 50)

Jeffery, N. A.L.S. and processed document "1925 - organising in Queensland" [the Communist Party in Queensland]., 1960 (Item 51)

Jeffery, N. A.L.S. and cutting from Common cause dealing with the story of Rothbury., January 1960 (Item 52)

Tearle, S. A.L.S. mentioning Rosalind Singleton and the Riverina New State League., 4 January 1960 (Item 53)

Fox, L. L.S. from husband of Mona Beard., 13 January 1960 (Item 54)

Harrison, K. A.L.S. with information on Paraguay., 14 January 1960 (Item 55)

Whyse, I. A.L.S news of the Poetry Society of Australia., 14 January 1960 (Item 56)

Stuart, J. A.L.S. with information on Paraguay and Ernie Lane., 22 January 1960 (Item 57)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 58)

Mumford, R. A.L.S., 4 February 1960 (Item 59)

Noscovich, J. A.L.S. enquiring about Captain Noscovich, a Dutch explorer., 4 January 1960 (Item 60)

Milne, J.W. A.L.S. requesting information on a poem by Gilmore, 23 January 1960 (Item 61)

Maxwell, M. L.S. requesting a reference., 8 February 1960 (Item 62)

McColl, R. A.L.S. mentioning Hugh McColl and James H. McColl., 16 February 1960 (Item 63)

Maxwell, M. L.S., 16 February 1960 (Item 64)

Munro, F. L.S. re memorial to James McLeod, 18 January 1960 (Item 65)

Alston, Joy. L.S. from editor of Salient., 22 February 1960 (Item 66)

Kuhn, M. A.L.S., 22 February 1960 (Item 67)

Hume, S.H. A.L.S. requesting information on Argyle Macallum and the history of Yass., 24 February 1960 (Item 68)

Morgan, S.J. A.L.S. reminiscences., 26 February 1960 (Item 69)

Wilkinson, M. L.S. requesting criticism., 17 March 1960 (Item 70)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 71)

Williams, T. A.L.S., 4 April 1960 (Item 72)

Smith, W.J. A.L.S., 8 April 1960 (Item 73)

Foster, Rene. A.L.S., 10 April 1960 (Item 73A)

Roderick, C. Circular from 1960 Grenfell Henry Lawson festival., 12 April 1960 (Item 74)

Lester, M. L.S. and programme relating to 1960 International Women's Day Committee., 13 April 1960 (Item 75)

Fisher, J.D. A.L.S. narrating the history of the Nixon family of Merryvale., 24 April 1960 (Item 76)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 77)

Anon. A.L.S. giving details on "Brent of Bin Bin", Cosme and William Lane., 26 April 1960 (Item 78)

O'Loughlin, P. L.S. from Acting Director of Drama and Features, A.B.C., 2 May 1960 (Item 79)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 80)

[Item transferred to another series] (Item 81)

Morris, D. A.L.S. requesting information on Rev. Greenwood., 6 May 1960 (Item 82)

O'Donovan, B. A.L.S., 8 May 1960 (Item 83)

Scholes, C. L.S., 14 May 1960 (Item 84)

Horswell, G. Typ. D. circular from Arts Council of Australia, N.S.W. Division., 20 June 1960 (Item 85)

Weiss, A. L.S., 21 June 1960 (Item 86)

Phillips, R.S. L.S. requesting information on history of labor movement in the Riverina district., 18 June 1960 (Item 87)

Moon, W.J. L.S. centenary of the public school at Myrtleville, N.S.W., 20 June 1960 (Item 88)

SMoon, W.L. L.S. giving details of the history of the Myrtleville school, 24 June 1960 (Item 89)

Watson, K. L.S., 21 June 1960 (Item 90)

Christesen, C. L.S. on Meanjin affairs., 21 June 1960 (Item 91)

Smith, S. Murray. L.S. requesting reminiscences., 21 June 1960 (Item 92)

Haylen, L. L.S. from President, Australasian Book Society re an Appeal for Australian literature., 21 June 1960 (Item 93)

Hancock, M. L.S., 27 June 1960 (Item 94)

Haylen, L. L.S. re Humpty-Do rice growing, 12 July 1960 (Item 95)

Reid, S.A. A.L.S., 3 August 1960 (Item 96)

Coggins, B. A.L.S. re Gilmore's early life, 17 August 1960 (Item 97)

Clark, N. A.L.S., 22 August 1960 (Item 98)

Clarke, J. L.S. re visit of Soviet writers., 25 August 1960 (Item 99)

Williams, J.R. L.S. birthday greetings., 24 August 1960 (Item 100)

Purcell, N.T. L.S., 20 September 1960 (Item 101)

Fleming, A. A.L.S., 30 September 1960 (Item 102)

Huon, L. de K. A.L.S. family history., 22 October 1960 (Item 103)

Morton, E. L.S. Mary Gilmore Award., 11 November 1961 (Item 104)

Wallace, A.J. A.L.S family history., 15 November 1961 (Item 105)

Masterson, K. A.L.S. politics., 16 November 1961 (Item 106)

Purcell, N. A.L.S., 22 November 1961 (Item 107)

National Committee to Invite a Delegation of Soviet Women., 28 November 1961 (Item 107A)

Bluett, W.P. A.L.S., 17 December 1961 (Item 108)

Gray, Iris. A.L.S., 1962 (Item 109)

Tulip, E.M. A.L.S., 1 January 1962 (Item 109A)

Litchfield, Christa. A.L.S. life of Rev. John Flynn., 6 January 1962 (Item 109B)

Marriott, H. A.L.S., 10 January 1962 (Item 110)

Rodwell, H. A.L.S. on Andrew Beattie (fl. 1880), 14 January 1962 (Item 110AA)

Purcell, N. A.L.S., 17 January 1962 (Item 110A)

Alexander, M. A.L.S. poetry by Coral Anne Brown for criticism., 21 January 1962 (Item 111)

Foster, Rene. A.L.S., 3 March 1962 (Item 111A)

Wilson, R. Typ. L.S. World Youth Festival., 19 March 1962 (Item 112)

Parkes, J. Typ. L.S. Benelong bulletin., 26 March 1962 (Item 113)

Pouder, C. Typ. L.S., 1 April 1962 (Item 114)

Barham, M. A.L.S., 3 April 1962 (Item 115)

Series IX. Miscellaneous items received by Mary Gilmore, 1917-1962

The series includes letters, programs, circulars, reports, pamphlets and publications. See also the additions of 1972 and 1991.

Byram Mansell: artwork and letters to Gilmore, 1950-1951 (Item 1)

A booklet created by Byram Mansell entitled on the front cover 'In the Dream Time' which encloses three stories under the title 'Australian Legends', the stories being 'How the sky was lifted', 'The rain cloud' and 'The fish cave'. The cover is illustrated in ink and clay pigment and inserted on the inside cover are two letters to Gilmore from Mansell. The first page includes an inscription to Mary Gilmore from Mansell, dated 1950. There is a separate copy of 'How the sky was lifted' in a hand-made paper, painted cover, inscribed from Mansell to Gilmore in 1951 and a decorated wallet containing b & w photographs and news cuttings of Mansell's work, together with a letter to Gilmore, 1950. Also included is a typescript entitled 'Report on Aborigines in Australia', 1957, and a program for the Bolshoi Ballet, 1959, both sent to Gilmore by Jessie Street.

Aborigines - report on Aborigines in Australia, May/June, 1957 by Jessie M.G. Street (Item 2)

Appeal of Soviet writers to the writers of the world (Item 3)

Biblionews - various issues, 1958 - 1959 (Item 4)

Bolshoi Ballet - programme (Item 5)

Celtic Fellowship and Folklore Association - Syllabus for 1959, 1962 (Item 6)

Chair of Australian Literature Fund - leaflet (Item 6A)

De Vries, Sydney - Sydney De Vries Memorial Scholarship Reunion (Item 7)

English Association - report and syllabus (Item 8)

Fellowhship: a monthly magazine of ... social and literary criticism: v.4, no.4, November 1917; v.6, no.6,, Jan. 1920 (Item 9)

Folklore Association of Australia - report, 1958-1959 (Item 10)

For the bairns - four poems by children (Item 10A)

Gilmore, Mary - Programme of speeches at her birthday party, 22 August 1942 and various issues of Bohemia. 1 (Item 11)

Halinbourg, Beryl - This wonderful age: [poems] (Item 12)

Herb of life - [pamphlet] (Item 13)

Hilder, Brett - Exodus from Sydney Island in Walkabout, October 1959, p.14 (Item 14)

Hill, Ernestine - autographed poster (Item 14A)

Hiroshima panels - illustrated folder (Item 15)

International Women's Day, March 8, 1959 - leaflet (Item 16)

Lafargue, Paul - The socialist ideal: [pamphlet] (Item 17)

Lawson, Henry - The loaded dog: [annotated by M.G.] (Item 18)

Lawson, Henry - Commemoration by the H.L. Memorial and Literary Society of Footscray, 1928 (Item 19)

Lee, Geoffrey - exhibition (Item 20)

Miles Franklin Award 1961 - invitation (Item 20A)

Palmer, V - list of tributes (Item 21)

Paterson, A.B. - checklist of his Bulletin contributions (Item 22)

Public Library of New South Wales - invitation (Item 23)

Publishers' circulars (Item 24)

Simpson, Eileen Maston - Mountain verse (Item 25)

Singabout: journal of Australian folk song: v.3, no.1, Summer, 1958 (Item 26)

Tito, President - interview report (Item 27)

Wagga Wagga - information booklet, 1947 (Item 28)

Wildflowers - Western Australian wildflowers (Item 29)

Women's International Democratic Federation - Bulletin No.1, January 1959 (Item 30)

Wood, W.A. - election pamphlet (Item 31)

World Council of Peace - pamphlets (Item 32)

Xmas Cards and birthday telegrams (Item 33)

Series IX. Miscellaneous items received by Mary Gilmore - Addition 13 July 1972, 1956-1958

Programs, booklets, agendas and other printed items, 1956-58 and two issues of the Bulletin, 1957 (2 folders)

Series IX. Miscellaneous items received by Mary Gilmore - 1991 Addition, 1917-1962

Publications added to the collection in 1991.

BOLAM, A.G. (Anthony Gladstone): The Trans-Australian wonderland (Item)

In Box 11.

KENNEDY, M.L.: A breath of Australian bushland (Item)

In Box 11.

GILMORE, Mary: Marri'd and other verses (Item)

In Box 11.

GILMORE, Mary: Battlefields (Item)

In Box 11.

GILMORE, Mary: Old days, old ways: a book of recollections (Item)

In Box 11.

GILMORE, Mary: More recollections (Item)

In Box 11.

SHARKEY, L.L.: Socialism in Australia: communist view on democratic socialism (Item)

In Box 11.

ROSS, Lachlan: From Rossville to the Victorian Goldfields in 1852 (Item)

In Box 11.

GILMORE, Mary: Hound of the road (Item)

In Box 11.

GILMORE, Mary: Selected verse (Item)

In Box 11.

GILMORE, Mary: Under the wilgas (Item)

In Box 11.

WHITE, Clair: Ramajerri: an Aboriginal ballad (Item)

In Box 11.

WHITE, Clair: On sadness and delight (Item)

In Box 11.

Catalogue of the fine antique and reproduction furniture, rare... 'Babworth House' (Item)

In Box 11.

RICHMOND, B.: Time measurement and calendar construction (Item)

In Box 11.

GILMORE, Mary: The wild swan: poems (Item)

In Box 11.

FOX, Len: Chung of Vietnam (Item)

In Box 11.

Singleton Public School centenary celebrations (Item)

In Box 11.

MARSHALL, Jock: Journey among men (Item)

In Box 11.

PEARCE, Harry Hastings: Thomas Kennedy's march from Creswicks Creek (Item)

In Box 12.

WONGAR, B.: The sinners: stories of Vietnam (Item)

In Box 12.

Commonwealth of Australia jubilee 1951. Official Commonwealth programme of the celebrations (Item)

In Box 12.

WRIGHT, Judith: The two fires (Item)

In Box 12.

Australian fauna at the Sir Colin MacKenzie Sanctuary (Item)

In Box 12.

Exhibition of contemporary photography by Geoffrey Lee of Sydney (Item)

In Box 12.

CATO, Nancy: The dancing bough (Item)

In Box 12.

MARTIN, David: Poems of David Martin (Item)

In Box 12.

UNWIN, M.J.: Booran, a tale of early Australia (Item)

In Box 12.

NELSON, Tom: The hungry mile (Item)

In Box 12.

COLLINSON, Laurence: The moods of love (Item)

In Box 12.

Silhouette of Silverton: souvenir booklet 14th September 1958 (Item)

In Box 12.

The Anzac Memorial Hyde Park Sydney (Item)

In Box 12.

McCONNELL, T.R.: The history of Barham (Item)

In Box 12.

MOORE: T. Inglis: Bayonet and grass: poems (Item)

In Box 12.

WHITE,John: The wattle and the rowan (Item)

In Box 12.

GILMORE, Mary: Fourteen men: verses (Item)

In Box 12.

BENNETT M.M. (Mary Mortgomerie): Human rights for Australian Aborigines (Item)

In Box 12.

BAYLEY, William A. (William Alan): Upland pastures (Item)

In Box 12.

GILMORE, Mary: The rue tree (Item)

In Box 12.

CROLL, Robert Henderson: An autobituary (Item)

In Box 12.

RUHAN, Olaf: Naked under Capricorn (Item)

In Box 12.

HOSKING, Clement: Old tales in a new land... (Item)

In Box 12.

HARRINGTON, Edward: The Swagless Swaggie and other ballads (Item)

In Box 12.

MAXWELL, Mary (Mary Madeline): Peeps into the past (Item)

In Box 12.

DAVID, T. Edgeworth, (Mrs): Funafuti, or, three month on a coral island (Item)

In Box 13.

WHITE, Clair: Ramajerri: an Aboriginal ballad (Item)

IDRIESS, Ion L: The great boomerang (Item)

In Box 13.

Baringa 1956 (literary magazine of Wagga Teachers' College); contains a program of opening of the Dame Mary Gilmore memorial gates at the College (Added 1975) (Item)

In Box 13.

Series X. Photographs

Asuncion, Paraguay - market place (Item 1)

Cosme, Paraguay - a group of firewood cutters (Item 2)

Flynn, John, Rev (Item 3)

Gilmore, Mary (Item 4)

Hokitika harbour (Item 5)

Mary Gilmore Memorial Gates at the Teachers' College, Wagga (Item 6)

Mosque at Mecca - plan (Item 7)

'Mother's Wilga Tree' (Item 8)

Series XI. Press cuttings, 1921-1960

Press cuttings kept by Mary Gilmore including cuttings on personal and biographical topics (1924-1961), cuttings of Gilmore's poems published in newspapers and the Bulletin (1919-1957), cuttings of Gilmore's column for the Tribune entitled "Arrows" (1956-1960), cuttings on Australian literature and writers (1919-1960) and letters to the editors of various newspapers. There are also miscellaneous cuttings relating to various general interests. Subjects include Australiana, local history, health, and the English language. There is also a small group of printed items including a copy of the New Australia Colony's monthly magazine Cosme (14 folders).

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