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Ann Turner
Papers of Ann Turner, 1901-2009 (bulk 1975-2004)
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MS 8861
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MS 8861 comprises correspondence with Lloyd Ross, 1977-1982, about research into trade union history, including William Paisley Earsman, Robert Samuel Ross, the Victorian Socialist Party and the Victorian Labor College. There is a copy of a letter from Lloyd Ross to Harry Pollitt about Tom Mann and the Victorian Socialist Party, 19 March 1936 (1 folder).

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Biographical / Historical

Activist, oral historian and academic. Ann Turner was born Ann Barnard. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in 1950 and a Diploma of Education, 1951, at the University of Sydney, and a Master of Education at the Universities of Melbourne and New England, 1980-1987. She taught in primary and post-primary schools in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and London, prior to taking up positions as lecturer at Hawthorn Institute of Education and the University of Papua New Guinea, 1972-ca. 1990s. Turner edited a number of publications, including school texts, and recorded oral history interviews for the National Library of Australia.

Item Descriptions

Class MS Acc10.138. Original Consignment

The Acc10.138 instalment comprises draft manuscripts, correspondence, family papers, photographs, notes and personal papers. The drafts principally relate to two publications: Ann Turner's Historical dictionary of Papua New Guinea (1994, 2nd ed. 2001); and A short history of Papua New Guinea, by John Dademo Waiko (1993, 2nd ed. 2007). Much of the correspondence in the collection is between Turner and Waiko discussing amendments to Waiko's books. The photographs include images used in Turner's Historical dictionary of Papua New Guinea, as well as some of Turner's uncle, explorer Michael Terry. The latter include photographs of Terry on expedition in outback Australia in the 1930s, a signed portrait and Terry in court dress at Buckingham Palace in 1939. There are also letters from Terry addressed to Turner's mother, Charlotte Barnard, most written in the 1970s. The personal papers include Turner's work and study records and a short history of the Barnard family. In addition there is a book, Let's get cracking by Athole Stewart, in which there is reference to Turner's grandfather, Lieutenant-Commander Anthony Hunter Terry; and, a war diary from World War I kept by Terry (5 boxes).

Plastic bag containing Papua New Guinea (PNG) history photographs, c.1991 (File 1) - Box 1

Plastic bag containing PNG history photographs. Includes one slide and page layouts[?] (File 2) - Box 1

Photographs of 1933 Michael Terry expedition in Northern Territory, inside the cover of a publication 'The 1896 & 1982 Carnegie expeditions' by Dr WJ Peasley; envelope marked 'Carolyn' - containing photographs (possibly family), c.1901; spiral bound collection of research material entitled 'Prehistoric rock engravings at Thomas Reservoirs Cleland Hills rock carvings, Western Central Australia - Robert Edwards', and 'Cleland Hills rock carvings and Jimium carvings, Kimberley'; loose photographs in a plastic bag of Michael Terry, including a signed portrait, 1937, and one in court dress at Buckingham Palace, 1939., c. 1901, 1937, 1939, 1983 (File 3) - Box 1

Book, 'Let's get cracking' (1943) by Athole Stewart and a WWII war diary, writer unknown., c. 1943 (File 4) - Box 1

19 floppy disks, contents unknown (File 5) - Box 1

Small box of glass negatives (File 6) - Box 1

CD-ROM containing a National Library Oral History interview of Peter Neilson (TRC 4635); plastic folder of 4 floppy disks, annotated 'notebook backups - Earsman, Owens + JW's [John Waiko's?] PNG text, JW's school text chapters 1-17'; 'Letter of appointment, engage Assoc Prof Ann Turner as an advisor of the Centre of Australian Studies of Nankai University, Sep 20, 1993' in a red velvet cover., 1993, 2000 (File 7) - Box 1

Plastic bag of loose papers, including: photographs of Edgar Waters, 2007; "M's" [Michael Terry's?] letters, 1953, 1976-1977; notes; a letter from Gary Shearston enclosing song lyrics by and about Edgar Waters, 2009; a radio broadcast script by Michael Terry about Lasseter's reef; and news cuttings., 1953, 1976-1977, 2007-2009 (File 8) - Box 1

Plastic bag of loose papers, including: a 'selective curriculum vitae' of Ann Turner; and notes and correspondence relating to, and annotated drafts of, John Dademo Waiko's 'A short history of Papua New Guinea' (1993), 1991-1992 (File 1) - Box 2

Plastic bag containing three manila folders: 'Research grant' (research on Earsman), 1995; 'ARC expenses', 1995; 'ARC - correspondence', 1995., 1995 (File 2) - Box 2

Plastic bag containing nine manila folders of papers. One folder is entitled 'Personal 1992' (correspondence, largely with professional colleagues), and the others relate to oral history interviews and are entitled: Martyn Wyndham-Read (oral history transcript); Mike Derum (correspondence, 1994-1995); Hugh Stretton (correspondence, bibliographies, 1998); Christine Wallace (correspondence, news cuttings, 1999); Connie (Concetta) Benn (curriculum vitae, 1999); Jean Bedford (letter and notes, 1998); R. (Keith Rory) Barnes (notes and correspondence, 1998); and David Marr (correspondence, notes and research material, 1998)., 1992-1999 (File 3) - Box 2

Plastic bag containing five manila folders of papers: personal correspondence and other papers relating to Dr Jerzy Gray, 1997-1998; 'Personal, current 2/4/90' (largely photocopies of cartoons); personal correspondence, c.1975-1990 (includes a short piece about the Barnard family, Turner's own letters, and correspondence relating to work and family); correspondence, 1990; 'Current', April 1990 (correspondence, bank statements, etc.); and correspondence and papers relating to an oral history interview of Sara Dowse, 1998., c. 1975-1998 (File 1) - Box 3

Plastic bag containing six manila folders, a yellow cardboard envelope, loose papers and a spiral-bound research grant submission. The folders are entitled: 'China, May, information, 1999'; 'China, arrangements and finance (leave), 1999'; 'China cuttings, 1999'; and 'HIE [Hawthorn Institute of Education?]- PNG, 1985-1989'. There are also tax records, 1988; references for Turner and other papers relating to her application for a lectureship at University of PNG, 1990; and original personal documents (educational qualifications and divorce papers), 1950-1988., 1950-1999 (File 2) - Box 3

Plastic bag containing five manila folders and two letters (2006). The folders are entitled: 'Nancy White' (includes correspondence regarding her papers and the text of an address by John Waiko to the Australian State Education Minister's Conference, 1997); 'OUP publication', 1997 (re Waiko's 'A short history of PNG'); and 'Waiko', 1994-1997., 1994-1997, 2006 (File 1) - Box 4

Plastic bag containing four manila folders entitled: 'Waiko 1991, some SHPNG [Short history of PNG] and Dorney[?] Review'; 'Waiko 1993 including Shadow Education Policy'; 'Waiko and PNG info 1994'; and 'Waiko 2005'., 1991-1994, 2005 (File 2) - Box 4

Plastic bag containing four manila folders and loose papers, all pertaining to the 2nd edition of 'A short history of PNG' by Waiko., 2003-2005 (File 3) - Box 4

4 floppy disks containing the manuscript of Turner's 'Historical dictionary of Papua New Guinea'., 1994, 2000 (File 4) - Box 4

Plastic bag containing eight manila folders and loose papers, all pertaining to Waiko's 'A short history of PNG'., 2003-2004 (File 1) - Box 5

Plastic bag containing four manila folders and loose papers, all pertaining to the 2nd edition of 'A short history of PNG', 'Papua New Guinea: a history of our times' and a school text on PNG, all by Waiko., c.2003 (File 2) - Box 5

Plastic bag containing four manila folders and loose papers, all pertaining to Turner's 'Historical dictionary of Papua New Guinea'., 1993, 2001-2002 (File 3) - Box 5