The Southern Cross catalogue 1950 / Southern Cross Windmills & Engines Pty. Ltd

Southern Cross Equipment Pty. Ltd
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Npf 621.69 S727
[South Melbourne, Vic.] : The Company, 1950
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Southern Cross CATALOGUE 1950 1
Warranty 3
[Chapter heading not available] 4
1950 SOUTHERN CROSS Catalogue 4
Southern Cross Organisation 5
Foreword 7
[Chapter heading not available] 8
Southern Cross Diesel Engines 8
[Chapter heading not available] 9
Southern Cross Diesel Engines SPECIFICATION 9
[Chapter heading not available] 10
[Chapter heading not available] 11
[Chapter heading not available] 12
[Chapter heading not available] 13
[Chapter heading not available] 14
[Chapter heading not available] 15
Southern Cross Diesel Engine Units FIGS. 3034 AND 3035 16
Southern Cross Diesel Marine Engines 17
Diesel Engine Driven Air Compressor Units 18
Southern Cross Petrol Engines Mark AX-C 19
[Chapter heading not available] 20
Southern Cross Engines 20
Southern Cross Electric Motors 21
Southern Cross Direct Current Generators 22
[Chapter heading not available] 23
Southern Cross Generating Sets 1 Kilowatt 32 or 50 Volt D.C. 23
Southern Cross Generating Sets Kilowatt 32 or 50 Volt D.C. 24
[Chapter heading not available] 27
[Chapter heading not available] 28
[Chapter heading not available] 29
Southern Cross Generating Sets 20 Kilowatt Alternating Current, 240/415 Volt, 50 Cycle, 3-Phase 30
[Chapter heading not available] 31
Home Lighting Batteries 32
Southern Cross Generating Sets 33
Southern Cross Windmills 34
Southern Cross “Z” Pattern Windmills 35
Southern Cross “AC” Pattern Windmills 37
Southern Cross Seneschal Windmills 39
[Chapter heading not available] 41
Southern Cross Seneschal Windmills 41
[Chapter heading not available] 42
Towers for Southern Cross Windmills 42
Southern Cross “AC” and “Seneschal” Pattern Windmills and Towers 44
Southern Cross “Z” Pattern Windmills and Towers 44
Southern Cross Windmills 45
To Obtain the Most Suitable Size Southern Cross Pumping Plant 46
Erection of Southern Cross Windmills 48
Single Purchase Crab Winches 48
Bevel Geared Pump Jacks 49
Farm Pump Engines 49
Mark DJ Pumpheads 50
Pumpheads 50
Combined Petrol Engine and Pumphead Unit 51
Pump Rod Guides 51
Mark DF pumpheads 52
Mark DG Pumpheads 52
Mark DH Pumpheads 53
Mark DI Pumpheads 53
[Chapter heading not available] 54
Geared Self-Oiling Power Pumps Figs. 2549 and 2550 54
Engine and Geared Self-Oiling Power Pump Units 56
Semi-Rotary Hand Pumps 56
Double Acting Hand Pumps 57
Geared Double Acting Power Pumps 57
Centrifugal Pumps 59
[Chapter heading not available] 62
Combined Petrol Engine and Centrifugal Pump Units 62
Combined Petrol Engine and Geared Double Acting Power Pump Units 62
Pumping from Artesian Bores which have ceased to flow, or nearly so 63
Southern Cross Heavy Duty Syphon Pumps 64
Southern Cross Syphon Pumps “E” Pattern 64
Southern Cross Draw Plunger Pumps “AE” Pattern 65
Southern Cross Heavy Duty Draw Plunger Pumps 65
Southern Cross Flush Cap Pumps 66
Southern Cross Screwed Cap Pumps 66
Southern Cross Bolted Type Pumps 67
Southern Cross Bolted Type Pumps 67
Brass Footvalves and Strainers 68
Brass Strainers 68
Check Valves 68
Tee and Spill Pieces 69
Packing Boxes 70
Spears 70
Air Chambers 71
Suction Chambers 71
Pumprods 72
Combinations of Pumprods and Joints 73
Connections 74
Pumprod to Pump Connections Pumprod Clamps and Pumprod Lowering Tools 75
Galvanised Piping and Fittings 76
Lowering Tools 76
Perforated Casing 77
Water Bore Casing 77
Casing and Piping Clamps 78
Corrugated Flanges 79
Outlet Connections (incorporating Calvd. Corrugated Washers) 79
Tank to Trough Connecting Pipes 79
Tank Washout Plugs 79
Storage Tanks 80
Mound Ring Bolted Type Tanks 81
Soldered Type Tanks 81
Galvanised Steel Tankstands 82
Tank Indicators 82
Brass Tapered Trough Plugs 83
Float Valve Covers 83
Float Valves 83
Troughing 84
Troughing with Angle Steel Frame 84
Horse Troughs 85
Troughing for Wood Frame 85
Irrigation 86
Watering Crops 87
Spray Irrigation with Movable Spray Lines 88
[Chapter heading not available] 91
Southern Cross Irrigation Plants 91
Southern Cross Rotary Lawn Sprinklers 91
Spray Irrigation with Rotary Sprays 91
Process of Drilling 92
Southern Cross Waterboring Plants 93
[Chapter heading not available] 96
Flexible Galvanised Steel Cable 96
Waterboring Tools 97
[Chapter heading not available] 100
[Chapter heading not available] 101
Southern Cross Milking Machines SPECIFICATION 102
[Chapter heading not available] 103
Southern Cross Mark DY-G Power Pumps 106
“Swift” Steam Steriliser and Hot Water Boiler 106
[Chapter heading not available] 107
Separators 107
Tubular Steel Frame Cates 108
Tubular Steel Frame Gates and Stretchers 109
Moulded Seamless Rubber Hose 110
Southern Cross Universal Sprinklers 110
Lubricating Oils and Creases 111
Motor Pull-Out Winches 111
Southern Cross Pump Buckets 111
Belting 112
D. M. Boiler Enamel 112
General Merchandise Lines 112
Ironcoat 112
Water Memoranda 113
Index 116
Terms of Business 117



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