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Sydney : Everyones Ltd., 1920-1937
Vol.5 No.330 (30 June 1926)
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Advertising 1
Advertising 1 , 2 , 3
The Motion Picture in India 3 , 14
Advertising 3
Weekly Chat to Showmen Let it Not Be “The Winter of Your Discontent.” 4
Will H. Hays Talks of the Screen’s Progress Motion Pictures Have Long Ousted the Speaking Stage for Post of Honor. 4
What Constitutes a Good Film Salesman The Legitimate Seller of Legitimate Goods. 4
Millions for Films Enormous Plans for the Future 4
A Scoop for Lacey Percival Entire Programme of His Work Filmed Before Governor-General. 4
The Film Tax. Senator Guthrie Replies to A. S. Huckerby’s Letter—Misleading Statistics— The Combine Bogey 5 , 42
Advertising 6 , 7
With Northern Picture Showmen (By Otis' Dieppe) 8
Bright Future for the Movie Showman 8
Have Your Say. 8
Reasons for the Film Censorship Deputy Censor Tells Why. 8
Culver City Studios Expand 8
Advertising 9
Here. C. Mclntyre Throws the Torclight on Universal’s 1927 Output! American Exhibitors are Already Seething with Excitement at Laemmle’s Revolutionary Programme. Big Stars, Big Pictures and Entertaining Stories Place Universal Definitely at the Top! 10
Advertising 11 , 12 , 13
“Miss Australia" on Screen 14
Picture Finished 14
David Martin Back from West 14
Screen Specialists are Best 14
How's This for a Week's Salary? 14
Two in One 14
Tasmania (Week ending June 19). 14
Why American Film Productions Lead the World 14
Advertising 15
New Zealand. 16
Advertising 17 , 18
“The Man on the Box” Smashes More Records 19
Picture Showmen and the Workers’ Compensation Act 19
The Movie Ball 19
The World's Leading Novel 19
A ustralian Cameraman to Record Millionaire’s Tour 19
Railway Town (N.S.fC.) Orchestra Secures Protection 19
"Abies Irish Rose” Company Arrives 19
The Field of Exploitation 20
Advertising 21 , 22 , 23
Arbitration Judge’s Reminiscences 24
Burwood Cinema Ball 24
Les. J. Keast for America 24
Charleston on Screen 24
Off to Flying Start Shortly 24
Universal Adds to Executive List 24
United Artists Films for Germany 24
First Concert Radioed From Canberra. 24
Newcastle. 24
No title 25
Advertising 26 , 27 , 29 , 31 , 33 , 34
First National’s Announcer Will Distribute Output of Cream of World’s 36 , 37
Brilliant Showman “Puts Over” Universal’s "Phantom” in Wonderful Manner 38
Another Australian Picture for City Premiere 38
Union Theatres Master Vaudeville 38
Advertising 39 , 40
Victoria (Week commencing June 26). 40
Birthdays of the Week 40
Melbourne theatres Week Commencing June 26th. 41
Advertising 41
Out!!! 42
Whisperings of William 42
“Miss Australia” Not to Make Stage Appearance 42
Sydney Gives Paramount's Red Indians a Tumultous Reception Street Procession Eclipses Anything Yet Attempted in History of Amusement Enterprise. 42
Advertising 43 , 44
Queensland. (Week Ending June 28). 45
West Australia. (Week ending June 25). 45
"Warner Bros.' Winners." 45
Advertising 46
With the Exhibitors. 46
With the Exhibitors 47
South Australia. (Week ending June 25). 47 , 48
Advertising 47 , 48
Fay Lanphier (“Miss America”) on Stage 48
How a Screen Star Got His Name 48
Two Frederick Pictures for Fox 48
Stanley McKay Cancels Queensland Tour 48
Added to Scenic Staff of Union Theatres 48
M.-G.-M. Purchases French Play, “Maman.” 48
Chaplin in “The Circus” 48
The Charleston Toll 48
Advertising 48
Smythe Bros. for Tamworth 49
Gus to Greet Grainger 49
Beauty of Adelaide's Suburban Theatres 49
Packing a Punch 49
Paramount Delegates Caricatured 49
"The Phantom of the Opera” 49
Exhibitors Anticipating F.N. Proclamation 49
May McAvoy in Metro-Goldwyn Features 49
Sydney Succeeds Sydney 49
Tom Meighan's Next 49
Hollywood to Increase Film Output 49
Seena Owen in “Flame of the Yukon” 49
Advertising 49
From the Departments of Film Publicity 50
More About Coming Releases 51
Sydney theatres Week Commencing June 28. 52
Advertising 52
More Theatres Everywhere 53
U.A. Revival Ballot Results 53
A New Way of Covering the Opposition 53
Something to Look Forward To 53
Triple Race for Director 53
The Popularity of “Rose Marie" in America 53
A Few Don'ts 53
Plots Around Lots 53
Advertising 54
Music and Musicians. A MUSICAL IDENTITY. 54
The Play and Otherwise. 55
Advertising 55
Pertinent Pars About Players 56
Percy Crawford Returns 56
“Miss Australia" Presentation at Her Majesty's 56
Coming N.S.W. Shows. 56
Births 56
Deaths 56
Advertising 57
Adelaide. Week Ending 25th June 57
Brisbane. 57
Perth. Week Ending 25th June, 1926. 57
We Should Encourage Local Composers 57
Advertising 57 , 58
Australian and New Zealand Theatrical Unions to A malagamate. 58
Melba's Farewell. 58
Street Singer With Ambition. 58
Relieving the Tedium of Stage Waits. 58
Praise for an Australian . 58
Midgets In Court. 58
A Coincidence. Is It a Warning, and of What? 58
Professional Matinee of “Our Liz." 58
Artists for Manilla 58
To Aid Alan Wilkie. 58
The Late Dick Kenna. 58
Advertising 59 , 60



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