Guide to the Papers of Owen Webster

MS 4805

National Library of Australia

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Papers of Owen Webster
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MS 4805
6.99 metres (8 ms boxes + 28 archive boxes + 1 small folio box + 1 medium folio box)
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National Library of Australia


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Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Papers of Owen Webster, National Library of Australia, MS 4805, [box number and series and/or folder number]'.

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Papers on Davison

File. Handwritten drafts and typescript copies of The life and times of Frank Dalby Davison - Box 1

File. Photocopies of Davison letters from the Mitchell Library, and Angus Robertson: AR/1-997 - Box 2

File. Photocopies of Davison letters : Mother, 764/1-710, and Bob Cugley, RC/1-216 - Box 3

File. Photocopies of Davison letters: Palmers, P/1-242 - Box 4

File. General copies and notes of Davison letters: Anne Brown, Robert Clark, Roger V. Carr, Dymphna Cusack, father, re Dusty, re contracts, Dolia Ribush, A.A. Phillips, Owen Webster - Box 4

File. Copies of other Davison papers - Box 4

File. Davison's autobiographical material, early writings (notes, copies)- The Folding Hills, Forever morning. Stories from magazines, Webster's correspondence relating to F.D.D - Box 5

File. Notes on Davison - Box 5

File. Notes, etc. on Davison, copies of Davison family, photographs, descriptions of Davison letters - Box 6

File. Printed copies of Davison's works - Box 6

Series 2. Other papers

File. Correspondence - Box 7-12

File. Manuscripts: drama A handful of clay - Box 13

File. Manuscripts: drama A handful of clay (correspondence relating to it), Men in love, Job. Four on hand - Box 14

File. Manuscripts: novels. Adam Pilgrim: So - Box 15

File. Manuscripts and proofs Adam Pilgrim: So - Box 16

File. Correspondence, press cuttings, promotion, etc., on So - Box 17

File. Manuscripts, notes Adam Pilgrim: Be - Box 17

File. Manuscripts: novels Date with a witch, Weave a circle round him - Box 17

File. Manuscripts: novels Pilgrimage to exile - Box 18

File. Manuscripts: The stream of life, Now we are young, The celebration, The marriage and miscellaneous mss - Box 19

File. Manuscripts: non-fiction. What we all wear (Plus notes and proofs) - Box 20

File. Manuscripts and proofs Read well and remember - Box 20

File. Notes and correspondence on Read well and remember - Box 21

File. Manuscripts and notes, Learn to learn - Box 21

File. Manuscripts, notes, Learn to learn - Box 22

File. Manuscripts, notes Disenchantment. Various non-fiction mss - Box 22

File. Nation review and Sunday review articles. Various articles - Box 23

File. Various articles, including "Radio talks" - Box 24

File. Various articles - Box 25

File. Notebooks - Box 26

File. Diaries - Box 27-28

File. Miscellaneous: Theatre programs, books on CAE courses - Box 29

File. Miscellaneous subject files: The Progressive League, course notes, lecture notes, early schoolbooks, personal papers (school reports, passport, birth certificate, etc.) - Box 30

File. Press cuttings book, photographs of Websters, scientific research on transcendental meditation, psychoanalysis notes, A.J.A. circulars - Box 31

File. Press cuttings, magazines, material on Water Research Foundation, water supply, drought, etc. Other miscellaneous files - Box 32

File. Bound typescript copy of biography of Davison - Box 32

File. Index on Davison - folio 1

File. Press cuttings book - folio 2

File. Rolled photocopies of Davison material - folio 3