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Klaus Hueneke
Papers of Klaus Hueneke
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Item Descriptions

Series. Manuscripts, books and related papers

1. Exploration Creativity - a series of adult workshops to explore awareness and expression, written by Caroline Hueneke and illustrated by Klaus Hueneke, CCE 1978; booklet only, 1978 (File) - Box 1

2. Beyond the Cotter, written by Alan Mortlock and I. ANU Press, 1979 (File) - Box 1

Small book, part of a series published by ANU Press.

3. Huts of the High Country A to Z, manuscript, 1974-1982 (File) - Box 1

Initially organised in alphabetical order and then rewritten according to geographical regions. Published by ANU Press, has sold over 13,000 copies. Reprinted seven times and still in print.

4. Huts of the high country: letters, reviews, notes; orrespondence and notes to do with Huts, 1976-1987 (File) - Box 1

5. Huts of the high country: more letters and notes; further correspondence and notes for above, 1982-1984 (File) - Box 1

6. Destroying in order to Save - an environmental history of the Snowy Mountains Scheme, unpublished, 1984-1988 (File) - Box 2

Including manuscript and notes for incomplete book cum PH D thesis, draft chapters and research material and one large file Ph D notes, articles.

7. Kiandra to Kosciusko, manuscript, 1982-1987 (File) - Box 3

Bound between cardboard sheets: Kiandra Feb to June 1919: Yan's Store docket book and publication Report on the Kiandra lead by E.C. Andrews, 1901. Published by Tabletop Press and reprinted once. Sold 4,800 copies and still in print.

8. Correspondence and notes leading towards books Kiandra to Kosciusko and People of the Australian High Country, 1985-1991 (File) - Box 3

The people book was published by Tabletop Press in 1994, has sold over 5,000 copies and been reprinted twice. Complementary oral history tapes and transcripts are held by Oral History Unit. Kiandra to Kossie manuscript 1987, Kiandra to Kossie correspondence 1985-1990, and Kiandra notes, articles, sources, etc.

9. Kosciusko source material for various books including unusual material (File) - Box 4

10. Oral history log journeys to the mountains [note pad]; Oral History records 1978-1991, lists of people interviewed, copyright permission, some letters and transcripts, etc, 1978-1991 (File) - Box 4

11. Kosciusko correspondence with readers and locals, 1990-1994 (File) - Box 4

12. One Step at a Time: published book and five versions of the manuscript (File) - Box 5

Including family history, father's train jumping journey across Europe in 1932 and most of my big journeys. Contains much material, especially family history, not used in final book. Written for Hueneke and future generations of the tribe. See also Walter Hueneke's diaries. Published book: Tilting at Snowgums.

13. Huts in the Victorian Alps and the people who care for them, manuscript and notes; book published in 2003 by Tabletop Press (File) - Box 6

Printed 3000 and sold 1800 copies to date. Won several awards including best non-fiction NSW and ACT Writers Centres, highly commended Victorian Community History Awards.

14. Correspondence and notes relating to Huts in Victorian Alps (File) - Box 6

15. Micro cassettes, field recordings mostly in the Victorian high country for the book Huts in the Victorian Alps, 1995-2002 (File) - Box 6

16. Mountain Landscapes and Historic Huts -Namadgi, Kosciuszko, Victorian Alps, Tasmania; manuscript of photography book published in 2006 by Tabletop Press (File) - Box 6

Printed 2000 copies and sold 800 to date. Mainly a book of colour photos with some text and poetry.

17. The hare, the wallaby, the gecko and the eagle; manuscript for a children's book about The Rock near Wagga; unpublished (File) - Box 6

18. The adventures of Crump, a high country wombat. Incomplete manuscript, unpublished (File) - Box 6

19. Love, Lust and longing in the Australian Bush. Incomplete manuscript, unpublished (File) - Box 6

20. Conquering the Blizzards of Life. Incomplete manuscript, unpublished (File) - Box 6

Intended to be an improvement on 'One Step at a Time', more honest, bigger time frame, the story behind the story.

21. Under the spell of the Wallagoot or A String of Pearls. Manuscript for a book on the South Coast of NSW; incomplete, in progress (File) - Box 6

22. Poetry, mostly unpolished and unpublished. Academic records (File) - Box 6

23. Taped interviews of Hueneke talking about his books to Bill Tully (2XX), Pat Daley, Nicola Smyth, Errol Silver (2CN) and ABC Social History Unit; other interviews including grandmother Gesine Hüneke (her life), Ted Winter (his poetry) and Kate Holmes (about Arltunga in Central Australia) (File) - Box 6

24. Folksongs Hueneke enjoyed, both German and Australian. With tape of Hueneke singing (File) - Box 6

Series. Other written material and related papers

Large file of correspondence with regard to sale of articles and photos; ncludes list of Hueneke's photos at the Mitchell Library in Sydney (File) - Box 7

Folder and list of articles written (File) - Box 7

Samples of calendars produced or contributed to (File) - Box 7

Series. Theses

a. BA Honours 1971. Landscape Studies in the Sydney Region with two maps, 1971 (File) - Box 7

b. M Sc 1976. Ecological Aspects of Casuarina Stricta on the Canberra Hills, 1976 (File) - Box 7

Series. Diaries

Personal documents and diaries of Walter Hueneke, Hueneke's father (File) - Box 8

Mainly of his travels around Europe including an adventurous 12 month walking and train jumping journey down to Morocco in 1932. Documents (all in German) include a scrapbook of photos, postcards and brochures, a passport, membership to various organisations and several diaries, one of which I typed out and translated, and then used as the basis for a chapter in One Step at a Time.

Teaching at Wellington High School, girlfriends, going to Macquarie University; includes some drawings; includes contents list, 1966-1967 (File) - Box 9

Journey to Europe with some drawings; with contents list, 1977 (File) - Box 9

Diary and scrapbook; large volume, 1977-1983 (File) - Box 9

A month in India at an ashram near Mombay, 1987 (File) - Box 9

Series. Trip notes from archaelogical dig, bushwalks and ski tours, etc

Arltunga, Central Australia, 1979 (File) - Box 9

Europe and Kiandra to Kosciusko Crossing, 1977 (File) - Box 9

Jagungal Wilderness, various, 1979-1980 (File) - Box 9

Earthwatch expedition to Cape York, 1982 (File) - Box 9

Various trips, 1982-1983 (File) - Box 9

Trips with daughters and Janis, etc, 1985-1989 (File) - Box 9

Series. Family history

Family history papers (File) - Box 10

Including over 30 significant letters from Huenke's self-educated grandfather Karl Hüneke written in the 1930s and 40s. Also a family tree and documents collected by Huenke in Germany in 1977 as well as interviews with Huenke's grandmother Gesine and mother Klara, etc. Some in German, some in English.

Series. Personal papers

Including significant events, trips away, old passports, school results, certificates, awards, Tabletop Press book lists, etc (File) - Box 10

Series. School exercise books, reports and personal items

a. Exercise books from 3rd and 5th class in Germany, a composition book from 6a at Glenroi Heights Primary School and Science books from Orange High School 1957-59 (File) - Box 10

b. Huenke's father Walter's exercise book for learning English, 1955 (File) - Box 10

c. Guide to Ophir, 1956, which may have kindled Hueneke's interest in Australia's history (File) - Box 10

d. Der Wanderklaus 1954 and Ränzlein 1954, publications from the Youth Hostels organisation (File) - Box 10

e. Atlas showing ships route to Australia. Map of birthplace, Germany (File) - Box 10

f. Magazines from Orange High School and Yanco Agricultural High School (File) - Box 10

g. Justine by Lawrence Durrell with inscription by Caroline Hueneke (File) - Box 10

Series. Personal letters

a. Letters to and from parents (mainly mother Klara), 1960s to 90s, 1960s-1990s (File) - Box 10

b. letters to and from Bill Hughes, Kiandra local (File) - Box 11

c. letters to and from Neil Wilson, planner and companion on many ski tours. Also some letters from his wife Gwen (File) - Box 11

d. letters to and from Ted Winter, ski tourer, poet, champion athlete in the 1930s and 40s. Also some of his poetry (File) - Box 11

e. letters to and from Alan Andrews, author, poet and skier, 1990-98, 1990-1998 (File) - Box 11

f. Letters to and from Kosciusko Huts Association. See also letters to the editor in Newsletter of the KHA as held by NL (File) - Box 11

Series. Speeches and talks

Various speeches and talks, 1970s-1980s (File) - Box 11

Series. Group letters

Circulars, generally sent out at Christmas time (File) - Box 11

Series. Drawings

Assorted drawings, 1960s-1970s (File) - Box 11

Series. Personal photographs

Small box of photographs with date and identification, 1944-2000 (File) - Box 11

Series. Scrapbooks, etc

a. Newspaper clippings 1973-1985 as bound volume. Mainly on Snowy Mts, 1973-1985 (File) - Box 12

b. Newspaper clippings 1985-1990 as bound volume. As above, 1985-1990 (File) - Box 12

c. Newspaper clippings 1991-2000 as bound volume. As above, 1991-2000 (File) - Box 12

Series. Honours Thesis

Copy of Honours thesis on the history of Kiandra by Gatis Gregors (File) - Folio-Box 13