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MS 6268, MS Acc11.133

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Papers of Montague Grover
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MS 6268, MS Acc11.133
1.56 metres (11 boxes)
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National Library of Australia


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The collection comprises handwritten drafts, typescripts and cuttings of Grover's memoirs (Hold page one), short stories and articles, as well as miscellaneous cuttings, cutting books and photographs. It also includes the papers of his parents, Jessie and Harry Ehret Grover.

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The collection is available for research.

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The collection was purchased by the Library from Michael Cannon, Grover's grandson, in 2001.


The collection has been arranged into three series. Wherever possible, the Library has retained Michael Cannon's descriptions of the papers.

Papers of Grover's grandson, Michael Cannon, are held in the Manuscript Collection at MS 6205.

Biographical Note

Australian Dictionary of Biography, 1891-1939, p. 133-134.

Date Event
1870 Born 31 May in West Melbourne, the son of Jessie and Harry Ehret Grover
1881 Attended Melbourne Grammar School
1881-1892 Articled to an architecture firm, but the depression ended his hopes of a career in architecture
1890 Began writing short stories and articles for the Bulletin. Later Grover also contributed poems and short stories to Lone Hand and Smith's Weekly.
1896 Joined the Argus
1897 Married Ada Goldberg and they had two sons and five daughters
1902-1903 Travelled to England as secretary to J.C. Williamson
1907 Moved to Sydney
1910-1925 Worked as a journalist for Sir Hugh Denison, owner of the Evening Star (became the Sydney Sun). In 1922 Sir Hugo then sent Grover to Melbourne to start the Sun News-Pictorial (now the Melbourne Herald Sun). The following year they also published the Melbourne Evening Sun. These two newspapers were taken over by Murdoch's Melbourne Herald group. The Sydney papers remained under Sir Hugo's control.
1914 Divorced his first wife
1915 Married Regina Roseville Varley and they had three children
1929-1930 Worked for Murdoch
1931-1933 Editor of the Sydney labour daily, the World
1943 Grover died on 7 March. He was survived by his second wife and seven children.
1993 Hold page one: memoirs of Monty Grover, editor was edited and introduced by Grover's grandson, Michael Cannon and published by Loch Haven

Biographical Reference(s)

Australian Dictionary of Biography, 1891-1939, p. 133-134.

Item Descriptions

Class MS 6268. Original consignment

Comprises handwritten drafts, typescripts and cuttings of Grover's memoirs (Hold page one), short stories and articles, as well as miscellaneous cuttings, cutting books and photographs. It also includes the papers of his parents, Jessie and Harry Ehret Grover.

Contained in 9 boxes.

Series 1. Writings, 1890-1931

The series comprises handwritten drafts, typescripts, notes and cuttings of Grover's plays, poems and short stories. Most of the papers have been pasted onto notebooks and the majority of them were undated.

File 1. Notebook, entitled 'Poetry, various', containing handwritten drafts and cuttings of poems, c. 1890s
File 2. Notebook containing handwritten drafts of poems and list of income from journals, 1897-1898
File 3. Notebook containing handwritten drafts and cuttings, some of which relates to Grover's tour of Europe with J.C. Williamson between 1902 and 1903
File 4. Two typescripts for the play 'The dictator' written while Grover was working for the Argus, c. 1908
File 5. Notebook containing short stories published in Lone Hand and Smith's weekly, 1908-1909
File 6. Notebook containing cuttings of 'One Punch Patsy' from the Bulletin and 'The commercial altruist' from Lone Hand, 1909
File 7. Notebook containing cuttings of short stories, c. 1912
File 8-9. Notebooks containing a compilation of plays entitled 'Curvis comedies'
File 10. Two notebooks containing 'Henry Malone' cuttings
File 11. Photocopy of 'Trip to France in 1920' articles published in Sydney Sun, 1920
File 12. Typescript for the play 'Duck Creek bushranger', c. 1930
File 13. Typescripts for 'April the twenty-fifth' and 'The celebrity', c. 1930s
File 14. Notebook containing cuttings of 'The fable' series, c. 1930s
File 15. Cuttings and typescript of 'In smoke', c. 1930s
File 16. Notebook containing notes and handwritten drafts of 'Man bites dog' and '1931 model'
File 17. Typescript for '1931 model'
File 18. Notebook entitled 'The campers' Decameron' containing cuttings of stories published in Lone Hand, n.d.
File 19. Typescripts of poems, notes and plays 'Doing it all', 'The captain of industry' and 'Gib it Tshillin'
File 20. Typescript for 'The celebrity: a farce comedy'
File 21. Cuttings and typescript for 'The co-respondents course'
File 22. Notebook containing notes and handwritten drafts for Glover's reminiscences 'Dog bites man'
File 23. Typescripts for '1931 model' and 'The green pearl'
File 24-27. Typescripts for Hold page one: memoirs of Monty Grover, editor
File 28. Notebook entitled 'Idylls of the push' containing cuttings, published in the Bulletin, Outpost and other journals, of short stories
File 29. Typescript for the play 'In smoke'
File 30-32. Notebooks containing cuttings of 'Ishmalite nights'
File 33. Notebook containing handwritten draft of 'Jack Nolan's curse' and miscellaneous notes
File 34. Notebook containing cuttings of what appears to be a preliminary version of The time is now ripe
File 35. Typescript for a play 'The patriots'
File 36. Typescript for 'Rodney alias Ryan'
File 37. Typescript for 'The streamline model'
File 38. Typescripts and photocopies of miscellaneous poems
File 39. Handwritten drafts of 'Poetry- various'
File 40. Cuttings of poems from various journals
File 41. Miscellaneous typescripts for poems and plays
File 42. Cuttings of poems published in various journals
File 43. Miscellaneous photocopies

Series 2. Cutting books and photographs, 1880s-1930s

The series comprises cutting books of newspaper cuttings on subjects such as divorce, abortion, court reports on rape cases and maritime strike. Some of the cuttings are loose.

File 1. Cutting book, 1880s-1890s
File 2. Cutting book, 1882-1885
File 3. Cutting book, 1890s
File 4. Cutting book, 1908-1918
File 5. Cuttings, c. 1911-1930s
File 6. Photographs from a visit to Europe, c. 1920

Series 3. Papers of Jessie and Harry Ehret Grover, 1883-1911

Jessie and Harry Ehret Grover were the parents of Montague Grover. The series comprises their cutting books, scrapbook and diaries. The cutting books contain articles on subjects such as British and European royal families, British and Australian politicians, short articles entitled 'Glady's letter' and other social news.

File 1. Cutting book of Jessie Grover, 1883-1895
File 2. Cutting book of Jessie Grover, 1885-1910
File 3. Diary of Jessie Grover, 1890-1894
File 4. Cutting book (include cuttings of 'Glady's letter') of Jessie Grover, 1886-1911
File 5. Four diaries of Harry Ehret Grover, 1867-1913
File 6. Scrap book 'With Sturt's Cadets 1853' and cuttings (1875-1892) kept by Harry Ehret Grover

Class MS Acc11.133. Consignment added 2011

Comprises some of the research files Michael Cannon compiled while producing the volume Hold page one. Memoirs of Monty Grover editor. Includes correspondence, newspaper extracts and other papers dealing with genealogical aspects of the Grover family and articles about, or by, Montague Grover. Amongst other material, one file contains Montague Grover's will and certain papers related to Harry Grover, Montague's son.

Contained in 2 boxes.

Container List

Series File/s Box
1 1-6 1
1 7-13 2
1 14-21 3
1 22-29 4
1 30-36 5
1 37-43 6
2 1-5 7
2 6 8
3 1-4 8
3 5-6 9