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Created: July 2012

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Lockwood, Rupert
Papers of Rupert Lockwood
Date Range
1851 - 1998
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MS 10121
15.0 metres (82 MS Boxes + 15 Archive Boxes)
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Scope and Contents

According to Rupert Lockwood's biographer, Rowan Cahill, some of Lockwood's papers were destroyed in a fire in 1957. Certainly there is little in the collection that documents Lockwood's career as a journalist before that date. The papers in the Lockwood collection consist of correspondence, writings, notes, research material, photographs, sound recordings and printed material relating to Lockwood's life as a journalist, writer, Communist Party member, historical, industrial and political researcher, and editor. A major portion of the collection comprises drafts of his pamphlets, articles and books, particularly of Black armada, War on the waterfront and Ship to shore. Notes and research material, including titled subject files, are also abundant. Records documenting Lockwood's role in the Petrov Affair include copies of official records, including 'Document J', correspondence, articles, news cuttings and printed material. Many of the photographs were collected by Lockwood when editor of Maritime worker and reflect the subject matter of that journal. There is also correspondence and submissions from readers sent to him as editor. Family who are represented in the correspondence include Lockwood's siblings, Douglas, Allan and Lionel Lockwood, ex-wife Betty Searle and his children, in particular Penny Lockwood. Other correspondents include Vic Bird, Tim Bowden, Tas Bull, Rowan Cahill, Veronica English, Irina Golovnya, Ken Gott, Jo Hawke, David McKnight, Ron Maxwell, Bernice Morris, Helen Palmer, Katherine Prentice, Paul Stenhouse, Russel Ward, Judah Waten and Douglas Wilkie.


Available for research. Not for loan.


The papers of Rupert Lockwood were received in eleven instalments between 1997 and 2011 from Lockwood's daughter, Penny Lockwood.

The National Library holds all Lockwood's published works in its General Collection, with the exception of The miraculous union: a hundred years of waterfront unionism.

In the Manuscript Collection there are also: a typescript of an article entitled "What is in Document J" by Rupert Lockwood at MS 1337; the papers of Lockwood's brother, Douglas Lockwood, at MS 6575; and transcripts of interviews of Lockwood by Tim Bowden at MS 9114.

There is a portrait of Lockwood by Keith Looby held in the Pictures Collection, available online at This portrait was donated to the Library by Penny Lockwood.

In the Oral History Collection, there is: an interview of Lockwood by Hazel de Berg at ORAL TRC 1/1245; and an address by Lockwood at the National Press Club on 11 November 1987 at ORAL TRC 4045.

Papers collected by Rupert Lockwood c.1970 for a written history of the Waterside Workers Federation are held in the Mitchell and Dixson Library Manuscript Collection at the State Library of New South Wales at MLMss1956.


The papers were created and collected by Lockwood. After his move to a nursing home, the collection was placed in the custody of his daughter, Penny Lockwood. Ms Lockwood filed a small portion of the papers inside titled files, but in general there was little evidence of order amongst the collection at the time of receipt by the National Library.

Physical arrangement of the collection follows the order in which each successive instalment was received, with the arrangement of files and loose material within the original boxes largely retained. Loose material in some instances has been collocated in containers at the end of the sequence of files within the original box. See the concordance list for locations of files inside boxes and their relationship to original accession/box numbers. Lockwood's files have been retained (sometimes inside plastic bags), but fragile material, loose papers and those originally in envelopes have been rehoused into archival containers by Library staff.

In addition, an artificial intellectual arrangement within a series framework has been imposed on the collection by the Library. Lockwood's file and envelope titles (and/or those of Penny Lockwood) have been retained in the finding aid file titles and can be distinguished from Library-allocated titles by the absence of square brackets. However due to Lockwood's habit of filing material on a range of subjects into the same file/envelope etc, the majority of file titles in the finding aid do not represent all material inside containers. Rather, file titles and descriptions summarise material formats and highlight subjects and/or correspondents which/who are represented inside containers by significant amounts of material.

Biographical Note

Rupert Ernest Lockwood was an Australian journalist, writer and editor. He was born in 1908 at Natimuk in the Wimmera region of Victoria, to parents Alfred Wright Lockwood and Alice (nee Francis). After Alice died in 1913, Alfred married a woman of German descent, Ida Dorothea Klowss. This event led to the family being subjected to anti-German harassment, a theme which figures in Rupert Lockwood's autobiographical writings. Alfred was proprietor of the local West Wimmera Mail newspaper, which he used as a forum for expressing his personal views. Alfred also involved his children in the newspaper's production, as a result of which Rupert not only grew up setting type and using the printing machine, but from the age of fourteen was reporting local news. Rupert was educated at Natimuk State School and Wesley College, Melbourne.

In 1930 Lockwood joined the Melbourne Herald as a cadet journalist, and in 1933 became chief Parliamentary press reporter in Canberra. In 1935, he sailed for Singapore, where he undertook a variety of newspaper jobs and travelled throughout South East Asia, China and Japan, witnessing the Japanese military in action in China. He travelled via Trans-Siberian Railway to Russia and thence to London. Here Lockwood joined the Australian Newspaper Service and used this as a basis for travel thoughout Europe, including Germany, Italy and Spain, where he reported from Spanish Civil War fronts in 1937. His experiences in Spain in particular radicalised his existing anti-fascist political leanings, fostered during his time in bohemian Melbourne and by a period as Herald unemployment roundsman.

In 1938 Sir Keith Murdoch recalled Lockwood to Australia, where he resumed his work at the Herald and Canberra press gallery. However Lockwood's involvement with the Australian Council for Civil Liberties and an incident in which he insulted Deputy Prime Minister Menzies at a Canberra Press Gallery dinner, led to Herald management disapproval and Lockwood seeking employment elsewhere in 1939. In this year he also joined the Communist Party of Australia (CPA), and although he kept his membership a secret until 1942 when the Party was legalised, he became the subject of Commonwealth Investigation Branch surveillance. Lockwood produced a number of communist pamphlets and became a regular public speaker for the CPA during the 1940s-1950s.

Lockwood worked for ABC Weekly and the labour paper Daily News over the next two years. Thereafter he worked in labour movement journalism for the next 45 years, including as associate editor of the Waterside Workers Federation journal, Maritime Worker, 1952-1985, and as Communist newspaper Tribune Moscow correspondent 1965-1968. During this latter period Lockwood toured Roumania, Czecholslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, East Germany and Hungary and inside the USSR. His articles were published in Pravda and other Soviet, East German, Hungarian and Bulgarian newspapers. After his return to Australia in 1968, Lockwood began to disengage from the CPA.

Lockwood was brought to public notoriety in 1954 at the time of the defection of Soviet spies Vladimir and Evdokia Petrov. During the Royal Commission into Espionage in Australia in 1954-1955, Locwood was examined for nine days in the witness box regarding the authorship of a document, known as 'Document J', which was handed to ASIO by Petrov. He was ultimately cleared of being a Soviet agent, but the Petrov Affair remained the incident for which he was best-known. In later years he was sought after by students, television and film producers and journalists, particularly for his knowledge of the 1930s-1950s.

Apart from his writings as a journalist and pamphleteer, Lockwood's published a number of books, including Black armada (1975), Humour is their weapon (1985), War on the waterfront (1987), and Ship to shore (1990).

Lockwood died in 1997, survived by his ex-wife, Betty Searle, and daughters Penny, Althea and Andria.

Cahill, Rowan. 'Geo-politics of a soul: Rupert Lockwood (1908-1997)', in Labour History, no. 72, May 1997.

Cahill, Rowan. 'Rupert Lockwood abroad, 1935-1938: genesis of a Cold War journalist', History Cooperative's Conference Proceedings (2007),

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Correspondence, 1912-1998 (bulk 1960-1992)

This series comprises letters and cards to Lockwood, largely for the period from the 1960s to his later years in hospitals and nursing homes. Whilst there is also a strong presence in the collection of Lockwood's letters to family members, generally he did not retain copies of his own correspondence to others. Major correspondents include Lockwood's siblings, children and grandchildren, Ken Gott, Rowan Cahill, Tim Bowden, Irina Golovnya, Katherine Prentice, Tas Bull, Ron Maxwell, Douglas Wilkie, David McKnight, Vic Bird, Russel Ward, Helen Palmer, Judah Waten, Jo Hawke, Veronica English, Bernice Morris and Paul Stenhouse. In addition there is correspondence with publishers, Waterside Workers Federation office bearers, Maritime Worker readers and contributors, and union colleagues. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of material together, correspondence can be found throughout the collection. Likewise, papers other than correspondence are scattered throughout this series.

[Family correspondence; printed material], 1992 (File 6) - Box 1

The publications comprise a journal containing an article by Rupert Lockwood and a history of Natimuk by Allan Lockwood.

[Correspondence, including a lettergram from Bob Carr], 1975-1998 (bulk 1991-1998) (File 8_9) - Box 1

Includes: letters relating to the Australian Journalists Association Gold Honour badge awarded to Lockwood in 1995; letters and notes written by Lockwood; family history papers; sympathy messages received by the family after Lockwood's death; and a list of people to invite to his wake.

[Greeting cards and postcards], c.1995 (File 10) - Box 2

[Correspondence, notes and newsletters], 1972-1997 (bulk 1992-1997) (File 15) - Box 2

[Correspondence, largely from Rupert Lockwood to Penny Lockwood], 1988-1993 (File 19) - Box 4

Includes: biographical material about Lockwood; news cuttings; notes written by Lockwood; copy of an extract from Alice Lockwood's diary; and a photo, captioned 'Meeting Leichhardt Stadium, the turbulent years'.

[Suspension file contents: correspondence and articles and drafts by and about Lockwood], 1938-1991 (bulk 1984-1991) (File 21_22) - Box 4

The suspension file was titled 'Press releases - to do!'. Contents include: typescripts and copies of articles by Lockwood on the Petrov Affair (1984), 'Wilfred Burchett's retreat from Moscow' and a conference paper, 'Seeing Red -- and darker colours' (1991); transcripts of interviews of Lockwood by Tim Bowden of the ABC (1973-1974); an article about Lockwood by Rowan Cahill (1991); and a file of correspondence of the Waterside Workers Federation from 1938 entitled 'Kembla support', largely messages of support for the Federation's embargo on loading scrap iron onto SS Dalfram bound for Japan.

[Correspondence, research material and notes:] CPA, SU [Soviet Union?], 1984-1990 (File 24) - Box 4

Includes: notes on the Communist Party of Australia; draft excerpt relating to the Waterside Workers Federation; and an itinerary and notes on a trip to China in 1989.

[Correspondence, publications and] book reviews: Ship to shore, War on the waterfront, 1981-1991 (File 26) - Box 5

[Correspondence], 1979-1995 (File 36) - Box 6

Correspondents include Rowan Cahill, family members, David McKnight, Douglas Wilkie, Vic Bird and Jim Davies.

'Dad' [ie Rupert Lockwood. Correspondence], 1986-1994 (File 37) - Box 6

Correspondents include Drew Cottle, family members (many of the letters are from Rupert Lockwood to Penny Lockwood), Rowan Cahill and Katherine Prentice. There is also a photograph of Lockwood dated 1993.

Letters, documents, articles, photos etc. Rupert Lockwood - in Penny's [ie Penny Lockwood's] custody, 1965-1968 (File 38) - Box 7

The documents largely relate to travel in Cairo and Russia, whilst Lockwood was a correspondent for the Australian Tribune. Correspondents include Arthur Calwell and the Waterside Workers Federation.

[Correspondence], 1969-1970 (File 39) - Box 7

Includes a funeral oration by Lockwood for George Docker, 1969. Correspondents include Betty Searle [Lockwood] and Douglas Wilkie.

[Correspondence and research material], 1981-1997 (File 40) - Box 7

Includes a paper by S. Cooper entitled 'The Sino-Soviet split re-visited', 1981. Correspondents include Rowan Cahill.

Letters, personal, family, ABC etc, 1968-1977 (File 41) - Box 7

[Letter from Don McLeod, with papers relating to Document J and to his involvement with Aboriginal people in Western Australia], 1980-1984 (File 43) - Box 7

[Correspondence], 1972-1987 (File 44) - Box 7

Includes a photograph of Neville Wran. Correspondence is from family or relates to the launch of War on the waterfront.

[Correspondence], 1971-1973 (File 45) - Box 7

Correspondents include Russel Ward and family members.

[Correspondence], 1966-1994 (bulk 1978-1994) (File 46) - Box 7

Includes a photograph of Lockwood in Egypt in 1968, and Russian ephemera dating from the 1960s. Correspondents include family members, Katherine Prentice, Ken Gott, Drew Cottle and Rowan Cahill. One letter from Cahill contains information about M.H. Ellis in relation to the Petrov Affair.

[Family] correspondence, 1974-1978 (File 47) - Box 8

[Correspondence:] family, general, historic, business, accident VW [Volkswagen], 1972-1975 (File 48) - Box 8

Includes a statutory declaration by James Frederick Staples attesting to the characters of Rupert and Betty Lockwood and that they had severed connections to the Communist Party of Australia, 1973.

[Correspondence and draft], 1951-1994 (bulk 1993-1994) (File 49) - Box 8

The draft relates to Petrov. Correspondents include Douglas Wilkie, family members and Steve Brook. In addition there are copies of letters from journalist John Fisher to Dr H.V. Evatt seeking employment and accusing Lockwood and other Australian Communist Party members of creating problems for him in Europe, 1951.

[Correspondence], 1969-1976 (File 50) - Box 8

Includes a 1976 letter from Lord Mountbatten of Burma, commenting on Lockwood's Black armada, and explaining his part in the Indonesian Dutch shipping industrial dispute. Other correspondents include Lockwood family members and the publisher Rigby.

Letters, stamps, 1968-1979 (File 51) - Box 8

Largely letters addressed to Penny Lockwood, particularly from her mother, Betty [Searle] Lockwood, and from Rupert Lockwood. Other correspondence is addressed to Rupert Lockwood, from his publisher, Rigby, and from Helen Palmer.

Letters etc: family, political, historic, 1969-1976 (File 53) - Box 8

Correspondents include Penny Lockwood and other family members, the ABC (including Tim Bowden), Don Watson, Russel Ward, Tom Uren and Alan Marshall. Contents include a photographic slide of Lockwood speaking in a park.

Olde [sic] letters: Moscow etc, family, general, 1967-1989 (File 54) - Box 9

Correspondents include Franca Arena, Helen Palmer, Judah Waten (regarding Frank Hardy), the publisher Rigby, family members and Eastern European journal publishers re articles by Lockwood. Contents also include a eulogy for Bob Allen (author unclear) and photographic negatives of divers and other scenes from Broome, Western Australia.

Letters: family, SU [Soviet Union?], historic etc, 1962-1974 (bulk 1968-1970) (File 55_56) - Box 9

Includes personal and professional mail received by Lockwood after he returned from Russia where he was the Tribune correspondent. Correspondents include: Geoff Sharp and others regarding Lockwood leaving the Communist Party of Australia, and Wilfred Burchett. Other contents include photographs of Russia, India and Singapore dated 1962, many of Phil O'Brien and his family, and photographs of the 1974 Brisbane floods.

[Correspondence], 1970 (File 57) - Box 9

Correspondents include family members, the Waterside Workers Federation, Vic Bird, Katherine Prentice and Peter Hopper.

Letters: memorabilia, 1982-1988 (File 58_59) - Box 10

Correspondents include family members, Rowan Cahill, the ABC's Bill Bunbury, Katherine Prentice, Betty Nesbit and Ken Gott.

Letters: family etc, 1971-1978 (File 60) - Box 10

Correspondents include family members, Russel Ward, the ABC and Mick Healy.

Letters, 1985-1988 (File 61) - Box 10

Correspondents include family members, Katherine Prentice, Ken Gott and Rowan Cahill. Contents also include Lockwood family history material.

[Personal correspondence, including to and from family], 1948, 1993-1996 (File 334_335) - Box 51

Includes: an interview of Lockwood by Steve Brook published in the Journal of the Indonesian Association; a copy of a House of Representatives Question without notice and the reply, relating to Lockwood's travel plans in 1948; Francis family history material; and a copy of a letter awarding Lockwood a Gold Honour Badge for services to Journalism and the Australian Journalists Association.

[Correspondence, including to and from family, and personal papers], 1990-1996 (File 336) - Box 51

Includes: a letter to Lockwood from Joe Goddard protesting at Lockwood's portrayal of his father, Joe Goddard, in Ship to shore; and a letter from Rowan Cahill, sending a copy of 'Rupert Lockwood and the spooks'.

[Correspondence and personal papers], 1990-1995 (File 337) - Box 52

Includes: an excerpt from David McKnight's book, Australia's spies and their secrets, sent by Rowan Cahill to Lockwood with his comments about the book; and a transcript of an excerpt of the diary of Alice Ellen Lockwood.

[Correspondence], 1988-1994 (File 387) - Box 60

Correspondents include: Hale and Iremonger (regarding rights to War on the waterfront and Black armada); and copies of a threatening note from David Bearlin.

[Correspondence], 1988-1992 (File 388) - Box 60

Correspondents include family, Katherine Prentice and Irina Golovnya.

[Correspondence], 1982-1993 (File 389) - Box 60

Correspondents include Hale and Iremonger (regarding editing of a Waterside Workers Federation history) and Rowan Cahill.

[Letter to Lockwood from Jim Comerford regarding Edgar Ross and his influence in the Communist Party of Australia at the time of the 1949 strike], 1988-1991 (File 390) - Box 60

[Correspondence], 1985-1995 (File 391) - Box 60

Correspondents include family, including Betty Searle, John Bell (regarding a visit by Professor Irina Golovnya to Australia), Ken Gott, Drew Cottle, Rowan Cahill, Ron Maxwell and Katherine Prentice. There are also copies of: a request from Lockwood to the Waterside Workers Federation for an advance for his work on The miraculous union; a letter from Lockwood to Jim Beggs of the WWF, about a threatening note from David Bearlin; and an extract of entry for Lockwood's birth.

[Correspondence], 1985-1995 (File 392) - Box 61

Includes: a letter from Mrs B. Poniewierski regarding her research into Japanese people in Australia; a short note from Tas Bull; and snaps of Lockwood with unidentified others at a social gathering.

[Correspondence], 1975-1992 (File 393) - Box 61

Correspondents incude Drew Cottle, Ken Gott, Rowan Cahill, Vera Deacon, ABC's Bill Bunbury, family members, Margaret Ely, Katherine Prentice, Michael Threlfall, Ron Maxwell and Tas Bull. In addition, there is a copy of a letter to Lockwood from Lord Mountbatten of Burma.

[Correspondence, largely get well cards and wishes], 1992 (File 394) - Box 61

[Correspondence], 1971-1992 (File 395) - Box 61

Correspondents include the Australian Literature Board (regarding a project by Lockwood), Russel Ward, Rowan Cahill, Vietnam War correspondent Pat Burgess, Laurie and Tricia Brereton, Ken Gott, Drew Cottle, Betty Searle, Katherine Prentice, Irina Golovnya and Vic Bird. In addition there is a letter from William Heinemann Australia rejecting the manuscript of Black armada, and a photograph of Irina Golovnya with two other women.

Personal letters, documents etc, 1974-1984 (File 396) - Box 62

Correspondents include Betty Lawson, family members, Ken Gott, Katherine Prentice, Russel Ward, Max Brown and Rowan Cahill. In addition there is a letter on Minister for Aboriginal Affairs letterhead regarding research into the Reed Inquiry of 1943 and a memo and article on the death of Jim Healy by Stan Moran.

[Correspondence and notes], 1979-1998 (File 398) - Box 62

Letters include messages of condolence to the family after Lockwood's death in 1997 and letters and cards to Lockwood whilst he was in hospital in 1992. Correspondents include David McKnight (to Betty Searle, regarding Lockwood, Document J and spies in Australia), Katherine Prentice, family members, Vic Bird and Ron Maxwell. In addition there is a photograph of Lockwood in 1995, at the time he was awarded the Australian Journalists Association medal.

[Correspondence of Penny Lockwood, largely from Rupert Lockwood and other family members], 1959-1991 (File 426) - Box 67

Includes: an issue of Annals Australia containing an article by Lockwood (1991); obituaries for Douglas Lockwood (1980); an article by Lockwood, 'Wimmera boyhood', published in Overland; and an issue of Outlook containing an article by Lockwood, 'As long as the heirs of Stalin remain ...'. Correspondents include family members, Alan Marshall and Katherine Prentice. Subjects covered in the letters include travel and Lockwood's departure from Moscow. There is also a letter from Lockwood to Manning Clark regarding an introduction written by Clark for a book by Tas Bull, Politics in a union: the Hursey Case (1977).

[Personal correspondence], c.1993 (File 442) - Box 69

[Correspondence and financial records], 1988-1990 (File 452) - Box 71

[Personal correspondence and financial records], 1984-1989 (File 453) - Box 71

[Correspondence], 1987-1990 (File 454) - Box 71

Includes an article by Lockwood entitled 'Recollections of the Sharkey Case' and a letter from an editor regarding cuts to Lockwood's manuscript, 'Tempestuous shore'.

[Correspondence], 1977-1991 (File 455) - Box 71

Correspondents include Irina Golovnya, family members, Drew Cottle and Ken Gott.

[Correspondence], 1980-1990 (File 456) - Box 71

Correspondents include Betty Searle, family members and Drew Cottle.

[Correspondence and taxation records], 1974-1989 (File 457) - Box 72

Correspondents include family members, Betty Searle, Drew Cottle and Ken Gott.

[Correspondence], 1984-1990 (File 458) - Box 72

Correspondents include family members, Drew Cottle, Irina Golovnya, Ken Gott and Rowan Cahill.

[Correspondence], 1986-1991 (File 462) - Box 73

Correspondents include Katherine Prentice, Natasha Deakin, Ken Gott, Vic Bird, Bernard Smith (re Noel Counihan), family members, Rowan Cahill, Drew Cottle and Irina Golovnya. Also includes an itinerary for a visit to China made by Rupert Lockwood and Penny Lockwood in 1989.

[Correspondence], 1985-1991 (File 463) - Box 73

Correspondents include family members, Katherine Prentice, Drew Cottle, Ken Gott and Beth Gott (advising Lockwood of Ken's death), Rowan Cahill, Anna Murdoch (addressed to Allan and Frank Lockwood) and Vic Bird.

[Correspondence], 1989-1991 (File 464) - Box 73

Correspondents include Irina Golovnya, family members and Katherine Prentice. Also includes receipts and ephemera from Lockwood's visit to China in 1989.

[Correspondence], 1984-1992 (File 465) - Box 74

Correspondents include Katherine Prentice, Rowan Cahill, family members, David McKnight and Drew Cottle. Also includes a memorandum of agreement between Lockwood and Hale and Iremonger Pty Ltd for War on the waterfront.

[Correspondence], 1978-1991 (File 466) - Box 74

Correspondents include family members, Irina Golovnya, Drew Cottle, Laurie Aarons (second page only) and Tim Bowden.

[Correspondence], 1987-1991 (File 467) - Box 74

Correspondents include Drew Cottle, family members, Bernard Smith (regarding a book he was writing on Noel Counihan), Rowan Cahill and Vic Bird.

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, photographs, Chinese business cards and notes], 1957, 1985-1991 (File 482) - Box 75

Includes: photographs of Lockwood; papers relating to a wreath for the funeral of Lionel Lockwood; and 'Notes on Japanese espionage in Australia'. Correspondents include Drew Cottle, Katherine Prentice and Rowan Cahill.

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, news cuttings, printed material and photographs], 1942, 1977-1994 (File 516) - Box 82

Includes: family correspondence; snapshots of family; and an article by Lockwood, 'Miracle in Minnesota'.

[Letters from Allan Lockwood and family history material] (File 523) - Box 82

[Assorted loose papers, including news cuttings, speaking notes, correspondence, articles and a photograph], 1912, 1983-1997 (File 548) - Box 86

Includes copies of fliers regarding a referendum 'to alter the Constitution ... to make laws with respect to Communists and Communism'; an Australian Dictionary of Biography entry for Alfred Lockwood written by Allan and Rupert Lockwood; a photograph of Waterside Workers Federation delegates, 1912; and condolence cards following Lockwood's death.

[Assorted loose papers,including correspondence, research material and photographs], 1973-1981 (File 554) - Box 87

Includes an article, 'Dr H.V. Evatt's hour of glory: the Petrov conspiracy'. Correspondents include family members, Ken Gott, Katherine Prentice and publisher UQP (regarding Black armada). There is also material relating to a Lockwood family reunion and the funeral of Lockwood's brother Raymond.

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, news cuttings, printed material and ephemera], 1960-1993 (File 567) - Box 88

Correspondents include family members. There is also a letter from Lockwood to Stewart West MP regarding the launch of War on the waterfront and publicity material for the book.

[Correspondence of Penny Lockwood and Althea Lockwood], c.1982-1983 (File 569) - Box 88

1981 grant program [Australia Council Literature Board: application by Lockwood, including correspondence with publishers and the Board], 1974-1981 (File 574) - Box 90

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, a diary and ephemera], 1968-1985 (File 582) - Box 91

Correspondents include publishers, Russel Ward, Ken Gott, family members, Lockwood's Russian girlfriend Tanya, Rowan Cahill and Pat Connelly. There is also a copy of a resolution by the Maritime Branch of the Communist Party of Australia expressing their 'contempt for Rupert Lockwood, ... for his current writings in the anti-working class press ...'.

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, news cuttings, notes and printed material], 1963-1994 (File 603) - Box 94

[Assorted loose papers, including notes, notebooks, correspondence and photographs], 1973-1993 (File 613) - Box 95

Correspondents include family members, Russel Ward and publishers. The photographs depict Polish seamen meeting with Phil O'Brien in Gdansk.

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, notes and notebooks], 1970-1995 (File 634) - Box 97

Correspondents include family members, Katherine Prentice and Irina Golovnya. There is also a transcript of an interview of Wilfred Burchett (by The economist?) entitled 'Turn Hiroshima into the antinuke base' (1982).

Series 2. Personal and family papers, 1951-1998

Papers specifically relating to Lockwood and Lockwood's family. They comprise: Lockwood's own taxation, financial, medical, legal, official and other personal papers; diaries and other records of family members; family history material; papers relating to Lockwood's property in, and interest in the environment around, St Albans, New South Wales; biographical material about Lockwood; and obituaries and funeral documents for Lockwood and family members. Correspondence between Lockwood and family members is largely to be found in Series 1, Correspondence. However, due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of material together, family correspondence may be present in this series. Likewise, personal and family papers can be found throughout the collection.

[Diary of Alice Lockwood (nee Francis), 1899-1913; family photographs; family history and transcript of excerpts of Alice Lockwood's diary] (File 1) - Box 1

[Copy of diary of Alice Lockwood] (File 2) - Box 1

[Obituaries for Rupert Lockwood; programs for his funeral; and articles written by Lockwood and others], 1995-1997 (File 11) - Box 2

Spain - ABC [transcript of interview of Lockwood by Tim Bowden, and notes] (File 113) - Box 17

[Assorted loose items, including a diary containing addresses, a menu for Lockwood's retirement celebration and a syllabus of lectures presented by the Rationalist Association of New South Wales], 1964-1995 (File 176) - Box 27

[Papers of Penny Lockwood], c.1981 (File 178) - Box 27

[Assorted items, including a 1975 diary, Australian Journalists Association items, a photograph of Lockwood and a Waterside Workers Federation stop work meeting stamp book], c.1951-1979 (File 179) - Box 27

Wages, [tax] returns and other personal [papers], 1956-1960 (File 202) - Box 29

[Biographical material on Lockwood, photographs, news cuttings about Petrov, and correspondence relating to a film proposal on Lockwood's life], 1973-1986 (File 237) - Box 35

The proposed film was a program in the Smith St Films series, 'The other Australian'. Includes a transcript of the ABC program by Tim Bowden, 'The making of an Australian communist' (1973).

[School papers of Penny Lockwood] (File 274) - Box 40

[Ephemera, largely relating to horses and horseriding; correspondence of Penny Lockwood], 1952-1960 (File 304) - Box 45

Hospital bills. [Includes other personal papers and family correspondence], 1989-1995 (File 331_333) - Box 50

Includes: a letter written by Lockwood to Bob Carr and forwarded to Carr on Lockwood's behalf by his daughter, Penny Lockwood; passport-style photographs of Lockwood; and a speech text, possibly written by Tim Bowden, delivered on the occasion of Lockwood's birthday celebrations in 1989.

[Notes and MacDonald Valley Defence Association letterhead:] St Albans, [Graeme] Sheather, history, sand (File 427) - Box 67

[MacDonald Valley Defence Association:] Ainslee Bailey's affidavit - lawyers' letters, St Albans, speakers' notes (File 437) - Box 69

[Personal papers, including financial and medical records], 1957, 1981-1993 (File 448) - Box 70

Includes an agreement between Lockwood and David Ell Press Pty Ltd for publication of Humour is their weapon.

[Taxation records], 1983-1985 (File 449) - Box 70

[Assorted loose papers], c.1985-1988 (File 450) - Box 70

Includes: passports of Lockwood; transcript excerpts from the diary of Alice Lockwood; a photocopy of a photograph of Lockwood, Penny Lockwood, Jim Snow MP and Andrew Refshauge MLA; other uncaptioned and captioned photographs, including one of Ted Roach.

[Assorted loose papers, including photographs, printed material, notes and correspondence], c.1975-1990 (File 481) - Box 75

Includes photographs of Lockwood and other family members and of the Lockwood family tree.

[Passport of Rupert Lockwood], 1964 (File 495) - Box 79

[Personal papers, including tax returns], 1976-1983 (File 504) - Box 80

St Albans, photos, Loren's drawings, 1975-1977 (File 528) - Box 83

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, family history material and news cuttings], 1990-1997 (File 545) - Box 85

Includes: condolence letters to Penny Lockwood following Lockwood's death; a note from Penny Lockwood to Lockwood's girlfriend in Russia, Tanya, informing her of Lockwood's death; information about Alice Francis (Lockwood); and an article by Penny Lockwood about a trip to China by Lockwood and Penny during the Beijing democracy uprisings in 1989.

[Receipts and insurance records:] St Albans accident, 1980 (File 601) - Box 93

Series 3. Communism and the Petrov Affair, 1916-1997 (bulk 1941-1991)

Lockwood joined the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) in 1939, an action which attracted government surveillance over a prolonged period. After World War II, he represented the CPA in Europe and was leader of the Australian delegation to the World Peace Congress in Paris, 1949. He became embroiled in the 1954 Royal Commission into Espionage in Australia after the defection of Vladimir and Evdokia Petrov, largely in relation to the authorship of what was termed 'Document J', a background briefing document on Australian politics and history supplied to Tass News Agency correspondent, Viktor Antonov. Lockwood confessed that he had written parts of the document but claimed that it had been altered by an unknown third party. Lockwood worked for the CPA's newspaper, the Tribune, as their Moscow correspondent between 1965-1968. His experiences in Moscow led to disillusionment with Soviet-style Communism and on his return to Australia he resigned from CPA and published a series of articles in 1970 in The Australian newspaper explaining his change of view (see 'The Lockwood file' in File 140, Box 22). Lockwood was also interviewed by ABC's Tim Bowden for a number of programs in the 1970s relating to his CPA membership and role in the Petrov Affair.

This series includes: copies of 'Document J'; surveillance reports by the Commonwealth Investigation Branch; articles and conference papers by Lockwood and others (principally Rowan Cahill) and research material, news cuttings, drafts and notes about the Soviet Union, Communism, Petrov, Lockwood's association with Communism and other related material; papers dating from his period as Tribune correspondent; and transcripts of ABC interviews of Lockwood. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of material together, papers relevant to this series may also be found throughout the collection, particularly in Series 1, Correspondence (letters to and from Lockwood during his time in Moscow), Series 8, Notebooks and notes (some of which appear to document the same period), and Series 9, Subject files.

[Article by Lockwood about Lorraine Murray and related material], 1941-1948 (File 5) - Box 1

[Article by Rowan Cahill, 'Rupert Lockwood and the spooks'], 1996 (File 7) - Box 1

Notes: Communist Party of Australia, Soviet (File 103) - Box 15

[Copies:] paper by Lockwood delivered to the Evatt Memorial Foundation Conference at Sydney University Law School, 'Seeing red -- and darker colours', 1991 (File 110) - Box 17

[Copy of Document J], 1954 (File 126) - Box 21

[Text written by Lockwood for an Australian newspaper series, 'The Lockwood file'], 1970 (File 140) - Box 22

Notes for tapes [Lockwood's life and involvement with Communist Party of Australia] (File 151) - Box 24

[Unidentified note and outline of study course:] 'The history of the Communist Party of Australia' (File 155) - Box 24

Notes to help in Radio 2GB interview: 'Menzies answer to Stalin's Gulag', c.1985 (File 174) - Box 27

[Copies:] paper by Lockwood delivered to the Evatt Memorial Foundation Conference at Sydney University Law School, 'Seeing red -- and darker colours', 1991 (File 175) - Box 27

[Assorted loose papers, including notes and a copy of the 'second page of Lorraine Murray's letter to Desmond Alexander'], c.1989 (File 177) - Box 27

[Cuttings, notebook and letter to Lockwood from Don McLeod], c.1984 (File 203) - Box 29

[ABC radio program, To Lockwood with love ... , relating to Petrov twenty years on: transcripts of interview of Lockwood by Tim Bowden and program script], 1974-1975 (File 205) - Box 29

Soviet, Solzhenitsyn, Sakharov, delegate reports ... [cuttings, notes and publications], 1968-1970 (File 222) - Box 31

Speakers' notes: Soviet Union, food, economy, personal notes, 1965-1966 (File 226) - Box 32

[World Congress of Partisans of Peace material,] other Peace material, miscellaneous cuttings and letters, 1948-1964 (File 277) - Box 41

Includes the text of a report delivered to the Congress by Lockwood, who was leader of the Australian delegation.

[ABC radio programs transcripts: 'To Lockwood with love', part two; 'Petrov twenty years on', parts two and three], 1974-1975 (File 300_301) - Box 45

General, Hardy, ABC etc [including transcript of radio program 'Petrov twenty years on', part three and copies of correspondence regarding the program], 1973-1976 (File 302) - Box 45

[ABC radio program transcripts: 'To Lockwood with love', part two; 'Petrov twenty years on', part one; 'The making of an Australian communist'], 1973-1989 (File 303) - Box 45

[Transcripts of ABC radio programs, 'To Lockwood with love' and 'The making of an Australian communist', and a Smith Street Film treatment for a program in the series 'The other Australian', 'A portrait of Rupert Lockwood'], 1973-1975 (File 315) - Box 47

Speakers' notes - Soviet (File 322) - Box 49

[News cuttings:] Australian articles and Soviet replies, 1970 (File 365) - Box 56

[Assorted loose news cuttings, including copies of articles about the Communist Party of Australia], 1947-1990 (File 370) - Box 57

[Article by Lockwood published in Annals Australia, 'Gorbachov's Russia'], 1990 (File 376) - Box 58

[Article, publication and discussion paper], 1959-1992 (File 397) - Box 62

The article is entitled 'Farewell Jack Child, a hero of the AJA', and the Communist Party of Australia New South Wales State Committee discussion paper is a 'Draft statement on major economic, political and social problems facing the people of NSW and the Communist Party program' (1959).

[Notes:] memoirs, Moscow, USSR (File 416) - Box 65

[Drafts and notes:] manuscript, Tanya, Moscow - three years; memoirs (File 418) - Box 66

[Assorted loose papers], c.1990-1991 (File 422) - Box 66

Contents include: a typed list of 'Chronological notes on Australian socialism'; and Lockwood's paper to the Evatt Memorial Foundation Conference, 'Seeing red --- and darker colours' (1991).

[Assorted loose papers], c.1970-1991 (File 423_424) - Box 67

Contents include: papers from a Socialist Scholars Conference (1970), including one by Lockwood, 'Comment to Dr John Playford's papers, 'The myth of the sixty families'; and a copy of a pamphlet by M.N. Julius, The truth about the Brisbane Line.

[Ephemera and conference paper:] Socialist Scholars Conference and Sixty families, 1970 (File 432) - Box 68

[News cuttings and notes:] Communist Party of Australia, records, documents, Mark Aarons, 1966-1984 (File 433) - Box 68

Includes: CPA Congress papers (1967); 'Trends in literature in Australia' by Judah Waten (1966); and an issue of Discussion: a Communist forum on Australian and international affairs (1967).

[Copies of Commonwealth Investigation Branch reports on Lockwood:] dossier - Rowan [Cahill] Overland article, 1941 (File 436) - Box 69

[Research material and notes, including on the Soviet Union and the history of the Communist Party of Australia], 1916, c.1984 (File 440) - Box 69

[News cuttings:] Communist Party of Australia, 1959-1985 (File 443) - Box 69

Includes a small publication, Notes on the history of New Theatre, Australia.

[Manilla file entitled 'Israel' but containing a publication and news cutting on USSR and China], 1969 (File 447) - Box 70

Socialist Scholars' Conference paper [by John Playford, 'The myth of the sixty families' and Lockwood's response to the paper], 1970 (File 521) - Box 82

[Correspondence, thesis, notes and research material:] spooks, 1969-1992 (File 522) - Box 82

Includes: an address book containing Moscow addresses; notes of Lockwood's returned by a researcher, including correspondence of Jim Comerford regarding Petrov and the 1949 Coal Strike and a 'Statement by Rupert Lockwood from which quotes may be made' about the strike; and other writings by Lockwood.

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, news cuttings, research material, printed material and articles], 1967-1995 (File 550_551) - Box 86

Includes an item by Lockwood, 'Reds under the beds. The Menzies-ASIO Cold War dilemma'; an article by Rowan Cahill published in Overland (1988), 'Heroes and villains'; and a copy of 'Report of Royal Commission on Australia's security and intelligence agencies on term of reference (c)'.

[Notes:] Petrov (File 560) - Box 87

[Research material on Petrov Affair, following the release of official records in 1984] (File 562) - Box 87

Includes a transcript of a program on 'Nationwide' about Petrov, which included an interview of Lockwood.

[Notes relating to Document J, Petrov and Communism], c.1954 (File 564) - Box 88

Includes: notes by Lockwood, 'What is in Document J'; and a list of questions for a documentary about Petrov, Lockwood's links to the Communist Party of Australia and his attitude to the Communism of the Soviet Union.

History Communist Party of Australia, first draft - to 1941 [by Stuart Macintyre(?), with comments by Betty Searle and correspondence between Searle and the author], 1997 (File 566) - Box 88

[Assorted loose papers, including ephemera, news cuttings, publications and family history material], 1964-1995 (File 572) - Box 90

Includes: a reading list about Petrov (1984); a typescript of Part 2 of the ABC program, 'To Lockwood with love' (1975); and a seminar paper by Kim Beazley MP (1976).

[Letter from Mrs B. Poniewierski (aka Barbara Winter) regarding espionage in Australia research; notes and news cuttings], 1949-1961, 1995 (File 575_578) - Box 90

Series 4. Waterside Workers Federation, 1882-1993 (bulk 1940-1985)

Lockwood became associate editor of the Waterside Workers Federation's (WWF's) journal, Maritime worker, in 1952 and remained in that position or as editor until 1985. The WWF amalgamated with the Seamen's Union of Australia in 1993 and is now the Maritime Union of Australia. This series includes: material relating to Lockwood's editorship of Maritime worker and his retirement from the position; drafts, proofs and notes created by Lockwood whilst writing a centenary publication, The miraculous union (1985), and the history of the Melbourne Branch of the WWF, published as Ship to shore (1990); research material; Federation election ephemera; photographs; and WWF correspondence and files. See Series 1, Correspondence, File 22, Box 4, for WWF correspondence relating to the embargo on loading scrap iron onto SS Dalfram bound for Japan in 1938. For photographs collected by Lockwood to use in Maritime worker, see Series 11, Photographs. See also Series 6, War on the waterfront, which touches on WWF subjects and includes WWF material, although this book was not written under the auspices of the Federation. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of records together, WWF-related material can be found throughout the collection. For the same reason, unrelated papers are present in this series.

Maritime Workers resignation, 1985 (File 42) - Box 7

Draft manuscript and typed copies of Lockwood's resignation letter.

Farewell messages (retirement), 1985 (File 52) - Box 8

[Draft: Ship to shore: parts III and IV] (File 91) - Box 14

Drafts [Ship to shore] (File 107) - Box 16

[Draft:] The miraculous union. Centenary 23 May 1985. Melbourne Branch of the Waterside Workers Federation, 1985 (File 129) - Box 21

[Drafts: Ship to shore, parts II and III.] 1890 strike, 1902 birth of Federation, 1987 (File 130) - Box 21

[Drafts and notes: Ship to shore.] Sudan, Boxer, Boer - work from war - anti-Asian, Russian scares, Cerebus, military history (File 133) - Box 21

[Drafts: Ship to shore] (File 142) - Box 22

[Notes: Ship to shore.] Australian history (colonial, imperial), defence, White Australia Policy etc, 1928 Depression, postwar 1918. (File 152) - Box 24

[Drafts and notes: Ship to shore]. Thirties international, Russian scares, Maoris, Boxer (File 153) - Box 24

[Drafts: Ship to shore] (File 154) - Box 24

[Drafts and notes: Ship to shore] (File 159) - Box 24

[Drafts and notes: Ship to shore] (File 161) - Box 25

Includes a page from notes or a letter about Black armada and plans by a 'left wing group in Melbourne ... to do some working class plays', including one 'on the Dutch ship dispute'.

[Waterside Workers Federation (Maritime Workers Union): published rules, constitution, rates of pay], 1882-1956 (bulk 1927-1956) (Item 163) - Box 25

Includes an issue of Longshoremen's Bulletin, 1942.

[Drafts: Ship to shore] (File 166_168) - Box 26

[Drafts: Ship to shore] (File 169) - Box 26

[Drafts: Ship to shore] (File 170) - Box 26

[Drafts: Ship to shore] (File 171) - Box 26

[Drafts: Ship to shore; and correspondence and parliamentary media releases], 1990 (File 172) - Box 27

Includes a March 1990 issue of Socialist action and a record of comments by John Laws on radio 2UE on 23 November 1990.

[Assorted loose papers, including Waterside Workers Federation material, drafts, publications and news cuttings], 1974-1988 (File 181) - Box 27

The WWF material includes: wharfie jokes and nicknames; constitution, rules and guide; photographs of members and delegates; and a memo regarding commissioning a writer to compile a history of the Federation.

[Charlie] Fitzgibbon documents [ie union election material], c.1989 (File 211) - Box 30

Cuts from Melbourne history [ie Ship to shore] (File 213) - Box 30

[Drafts, publications, notes and news cuttings:] research on Melbourne Waterside Workers Federation:, c.1962-1964 (File 217) - Box 31

[Suspension file contents: 'Speaking notes', correspondence, notes, Ship to shore drafts and research material], c.1976-1995 (File 223) - Box 31

[Drafts and publications, including Maritime worker], 1985-1987 (File 227) - Box 32

[News cuttings, union publications and correspondence relating to the Waterside Workers Federation], 1953-1985 (File 295) - Box 44

[Waterside Workers Federation material], 1955-1975 (File 299) - Box 45

Includes: printed material relating to the 1956 WWF General Strike; a thesis by Peter Hopper, 'The 1919 Fremantle Lumpers' strike' (1975); a statement by Jack McPhillips of the Maritime Branch of the Communist Party of Australia, expressing contempt for Lockwood's resignation from the Party (1970); and a memo book containing a waterside worker's employment records (1955-1956).

[Assorted loose papers, largely relating to the launch of Lockwood's books, War on the waterfront and The miraculous union], 1985-1987 (File 308) - Box 47

[Notes and photographs of 'Whyalla Branch'] (File 323) - Box 49

[News cuttings and publications, including issues of Maritime worker], c.1942-1963 (File 363) - Box 55

[News cuttings about Mr J. Cadden of the Waterside Workers Federation, Melbourne], c.1940, 1977 (File 373) - Box 58

[News cutting about the Waterside Workers Federation centenary], 1985 (File 375) - Box 58

[Waterside Workers Federation election ephemera, newsletters and other papers:] industrial information, photographs [of the funeral of Jim Healy], 1960-1982 (File 429) - Box 68

Includes a 'Report by Phil O'Brien as Australian delegate to World Peace Council Presidential meeting ... at the Polish Parliament House, 1973'.

[Waterside Workers Federation file:] ecology and environment - (Newport PH; nuclear powered ships including Tuxton issue; stop Omega), 1976-1978 (File 430) - Box 68

[Waterside Workers Federation material: copies of ephemera and a 'Brief outline of history and structure of Waterside Workers Federation of Australia'] (File 460) - Box 72

[Notes and submissions from Lockwood on proposed changes to Maritime worker] (File 461) - Box 72

[Issues of Maritime worker and other publications], 1990 (File 469) - Box 74

[News cuttings, notes and drafts:] Bruce, Beeby, Menzies, 1977-1981 (File 472) - Box 75

[Notes and drafts: The miraculous union] (File 476) - Box 75

Waterside Workers Federation history, photographs etc, 1970-1991 (File 480) - Box 75

Includes: photographs of ships, dockside machinery and Bob Hawke at a Waterside Workers Federation conference; and a WWF Federal Office memo regarding a Bicentennial project with a 'Brief chronology of WWF history'.

[Assorted loose papers, including photographs, drafts and notes], 1982-1991 (File 484) - Box 76

Includes: a letter from Drew Cottle; photographs used in Maritime worker, including a Fretilin rally, Jim Cairns and container ships; photographs of Lockwood at a 'Port Kembla opening of War on the waterfront'; a speech from a Waterside Workers Federation centenary event; and 'Chronological notes on Australian socialism'.

[Photographs and news cuttings], 1965-1986 (File 497) - Box 79

The photographs include images of: a Fretilin rally; Waterside Workers Federation President Jim Healy and Secretary Harry Bouquet(?); Lockwood at a Centenary event; Melbourne Branch President Jim Beggs with a group; and Bob Hawke.

[Annotated proofs and memorandum of agreement for Ship to shore] (File 498_500) - Box 79

[Waterside Workers Federation correspondence and a royalty statement], 1991-1992 (File 502) - Box 79

[Assorted loose papers, including photographs, notes, drafts, correspondence, news cuttings and printed material], 1977-1992 (File 508) - Box 80

Includes: Maritime worker photographs, including one of Lockwood taking notes for the journal at a presentation by C.H. Fitzgibbon; a letter from Irina Golovnya; article by Lockwood, 'The shipping cartel'; and a copy of a letter from Lockwood to Mrs Hill about the death of her husband, Ted.

[Assorted loose papers, including news cuttings, notes, correspondence, photographs and printed material], 1903, 1974-1992 (File 509) - Box 80

Includes: a Maritime worker letter, 'Iran report', and an article, 'Islam "threatens" progress' by Iranian worker Farhad Yawari; an 'Open letter to Australian Labor Party members ... and unions' regarding ALP changes in New South Wales; photographs of Tas Bull and Harry Bridges; an annotated copy of a 'Brief chronology of Waterside Workers Federation history'; and a letter from Ted Roach to Lockwood regarding union action against Groupers.

[Assorted loose papers, including news cuttings, photographs, notes and correspondence], 1960, 1982-1989 (File 510) - Box 80

Includes: Maritime worker photographs, including a shot of Bill Gardner, the first wharfie Lord Mayor; and a Royal Institute of Naval Architects Centenary meeting paper by J.C.R. Sundercombe, entitled 'One hundred years of merchant ships on the Australian coast'.

[Proofs: Ship to shore] (File 515) - Box 82

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, news cuttings and printed material], 1968-1991 (File 518) - Box 82

[Manuscripts and poems submitted to Maritime worker, and correspondence], 1975-1980 (File 530) - Box 83

[Assorted loose papers, including news cuttings and notes], 1984-1986 (File 546) - Box 85

Includes a card celebrating Lockwood's retirement and signed by Waterside Workers Federation staff and members, including Tas Bull.

[Drafts and notes of Waterside Workers Federation Melbourne Branch history by Lockwood; WWF memos regarding Black armada], c.1961-1985 (File 593) - Box 92

Includes: a photograph of 'Eric the Red' blessing a new bakehouse; a Waterside Workers Federation memo regarding funding for Black armada; and a 'Brief chronology of the WWF history'.

[Notes, drafts and news cuttings:] Waterside Workers Federation and pig-iron, 1946-1988 (File 605) - Box 94

[Assorted loose papers, including drafts and notes], 1956, 1970-1993 (File 608) - Box 94

Includes: draft chapters of Ship to shore; World Peace Council material (1970-1971); an undated circular 'For the guidance of Torres Strait Islanders who will be voting for the first time'; an electoral map of Baroona; and a statement by Dr H.V. Evatt on the Suez Canal crisis (1956).

[Proofs: Ship to shore] (File 628) - Box 96

Series 5. Black armada and related material, 1946-1993 (bulk 1970-1983)

Lockwood states in the introduction to his book, Black armada (1987), that he 'addressed many meetings to incite and maintain boycott of the Dutch' during the Indonesians' fight for independence after World War II, providing him with firsthand experience of Australia's role in its neighbour's break with Dutch colonialism. This series includes: drafts, manuscripts and proofs of the book; other writings by Lockwood on Indonesia; letters (largely copies) to Lockwood from Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma regarding his role during the boycotts; other correspondence relating to the book; and printed material. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of records together, material relevant to this series can be found throughout the collection and unrelated papers are also present in this series.

Paper on Indonesia by Lockwood; journal Indonesia, no. 10, 1970; copy of The glugs of Gosh (File 3) - Box 1

Kabar, magazine of the Australia-Indonesia Association, vol. 5, no. 2, 1975 (File 4) - Box 1

[News cuttings, correspondence, draft excerpts, including from Black armada], 1973-1985 (File 29) - Box 5

Includes a proposal from Lockwood to the Waterside Workers Federation Council to underwrite the publication of War on the waterfront.

[Draft excerpts from Black armada] (File 30) - Box 5

[Draft:] 'The Indonesian exiles in Australia, 1942-1947', published 1971, 1971 (File 63) - Box 10

Black armada: first half of manuscript (File 85) - Box 13

Indonesia: put aside, rewritten (File 86) - Box 13

Black armada: draft (File 88) - Box 13

[Drafts of Black armada, notes and research material]: 'Irian "more pro-Dutch than the Dutch"' (File 100) - Box 15

Black armada, Parts I-II [manuscript], 1964 (File 120) - Box 19

Black armada, Parts V-VI [manuscript], 1964 (File 121) - Box 19

[Drafts: Black armada.] Economic, investment, islands (File 124) - Box 20

Black armada: second half of manuscript (File 125) - Box 20

[Drafts: Black armada] (File 149) - Box 23

[Reviews of Black armada, correspondence and article, 'Alfred Wright Lockwood, a memoir'], 1975-1976 (File 218) - Box 31

[Drafts, research material and notes:] Black armada - reviews, Lord Mountbatten letters, West Irian articles, c.1958-1988 (File 240) - Box 35

Letters regarding Black armada, 1970-1977 (File 241) - Box 35

The correspondents include Mick Healy and Rowan Cahill.

[Drafts of Black armada:] West Irian manuscript - New Guinea, Dutch, boycotts, Dutch and Australian policy, c.1975 (File 244) - Box 36

Indonesian pamphlets, miscellaneous, c.1946-1975 (File 262) - Box 39

Includes memos relating to the forthcoming publication of Black armada and a request by Lockwood to the Waterside Workers Federation to assist with sales of the book.

Black armada: reviews, letters, c.1976 (File 280) - Box 42

Black armada: reviews, newspapers with reviews, letters, c.1976 (File 281) - Box 42

Black armada: reviews, letters, 1968-1976 (File 282) - Box 43

Includes letters from Arthur Calwell and Stephen Murray-Smith, and copies of two letters from Lord Mountbatten.

Notes: 'Indonesia calling' (File 326) - Box 49

[Typescript:] first part of manuscript, Black armada, 1975 (File 417) - Box 66

[Letter from Mick Healy about Black armada and other papers regarding Indonesia], c.1982 (File 541) - Box 85

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, notes, drafts and photographs], 1977-1988 (File 547) - Box 86

Includes a copy of a letter from Mohd. Boudan regarding discrepancies in Black armada.

[Galley proofs: Black armada, with author's corrections] (File 602) - Box 93

[Research project and issue of Kabar], 1974, 1993 (File 607) - Box 94

The research project by Steve Brook is entitled 'Australia, Indonesia and the Cold War: 100 cartoons'.

Reviews: Black armada etc, 1975-1976 (File 627) - Box 96

[Manuscript:] Black armada, parts 3 and 4 (File 631) - Box 97

Series 6. War on the waterfront, 1935-1992 bulk (1942-1988)

This series contains material relating to Lockwood's book, War on the waterfront: Menzies, Japan and the pig-iron dispute, published in 1987. It includes: correspondence of the WWF relating to the embargo by the Federation on loading scrap iron destined for Japan; other correspondence; photographs; research material, including on pre-war Australia-Japan connections; notes; and drafts, manuscripts and proofs of the book. Lockwood headed most of the files and drafts for the book, 'Kembla'. See Series 1, Correspondence, File 22, Box 4, for letters of support to the WWF for their embargo on loading scrap iron onto SS Dalfram bound for Japan in 1938. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of records together, material relevant to this series can be found throughout the collection and unrelated papers are also present in this series.

[Drafts and notes: War on the waterfront], 1986-1988 (File 33) - Box 6

[Draft:] Kembla [War on the waterfront] (File 77) - Box 12

[Drafts, correspondence and photographs:] Kembla [War on the waterfront; and letters relating to Black armada], c.1986-1988 (File 82) - Box 12

[Drafts:] Mitsui [War on the waterfront], c.1942 (File 84) - Box 13

[Copies:] 'Blood sport at Nanking: rehearsal for Port Kembla?' (File 108) - Box 16

[Drafts: War on the waterfront.] Kembla (File 114_116) - Box 18

[Drafts: War on the waterfront.] Kembla (File 117) - Box 18

[Drafts: War on the waterfront.] Kembla (File 139) - Box 22

[Drafts: War on the waterfront.] Kembla (File 143) - Box 23

[Draft: War on the waterfront, chapter 5]. On side of Japan (File 144) - Box 23

[Drafts: War on the waterfront] (File 145_146) - Box 23

[Draft: 'Investment for war'] (File 147) - Box 23

[Drafts and notes: War on the waterfront] (File 157) - Box 24

[Drafts: War on the waterfront] (File 242) - Box 36

[Drafts and notes:] speech, Canberra, Petrov, ASIO, Drew Cottle - ASIO, Japanese agents - documents (File 413) - Box 65

[Drafts and notes:] 'Menzies' conclusion (File 438) - Box 69

Letters, documents etc related to pre-Pearl Harbour associations between Japanese and Australians (see War on the waterfront...), 1936-1981 (File 439) - Box 69

[News cuttings, notes and drafts relating to War on the waterfront:] Menzies, 1950-1984 (File 441) - Box 69

[Assorted loose papers and empty containers], 1935-1992 (File 445) - Box 70

Includes: a copy of a Commonwealth Investigation Bureau dossier on Charles Cousens, regarding his relationship with the Japanese, Sato, and statements by witnesses; Annals of the ACP; and photographs and images of ships.

[Reviews, publicity material and summary of contents of] War on the waterfront, 1987-1988 (File 474) - Box 75

Includes a speech by Stewart West MP at the unveiling of a plaque in commemoration of the SS Dalfram dispute 1938-1939.

[Notes, news cuttings, drafts and correspondence:] Menzies, investments, 1978-1985 (File 501) - Box 79

Includes a transcript of a letter from Irina Golovnya and a copy of a letter to 'Tassie' from Les Mad Dog Stuart containing memoirs, including of the Waterside Workers Federation.

'Essington Lewis: the BHP Chief knew Japan would return the pig-iron' (photostats) (File 531) - Box 83

'Port Kembla visit stiffened up the leaders' (File 532) - Box 83

[Material on Japanese pre-war infiltration in Australia] (File 533) - Box 83

The material appears to be National Archives of Australia records.

'BHP's Christmas lockout: empty kids' stockings on the road to recovery' (File 538) - Box 84

[Typescript and copies of chapters of War on the waterfront] (File 539) - Box 85

[Draft chapters of War on the waterfront] (File 565) - Box 88

[Notes and drafts: War on the waterfront] (File 584) - Box 91

[Notes: War on the waterfront] (File 585) - Box 91

Includes a 'Short history of the Kembla Branch' dated 1942.

[Proofs: War on the waterfront] (File 586) - Box 92

[Drafts: War on the waterfront] (File 587) - Box 92

Notes: [War on the waterfront] (File 588) - Box 92

[Notes and drafts of War on the waterfront:] rejects from manuscript (File 590) - Box 92

[Notes and drafts: War on the waterfront], 1942, c.1976 (File 595) - Box 93

[Drafts: War on the waterfront] BHP, Lewis, trade diversion, Japanese history, Lang's Labor Daily Support, James Menzies and son Bob, Menzies' pro-Nazi quotes (File 596) - Box 93

[Notes, news cuttings and drafts: War on the waterfront] (File 626) - Box 96

Series 7. Other writings of Rupert Lockwood, 1929-1994 (bulk 1960-1993)

This series comprises drafts, manuscripts and copies of Lockwood's writings on a range of subjects, including excerpts from unidentified books, articles, seminar papers, speech texts and lists ('catalogues') of Lockwood's published works. In some instances the published title is written on the container or suggested by the header which Lockwood used on most of his writings. However in many cases the title of the work is unclear or the typed information may in fact be research notes collated by Lockwood. A significant amount of material relates to the history of German immigrants, Lutherans and Wends in Australia, which Lockwood refers to in autobiographical writings (eg 'Wimmera Boyhood', published in Overland, see Bag 243, Box 36 in this series). See Series 5, Black armada and Series 6, War on the waterfront for material relating specifically to these books, and Series 4, Waterside Workers Federation, for drafts and other papers relating to The Miraculous union, Ship to shore and articles published in Maritime worker. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of records together, material relevant to this series can be found throughout the collection and unrelated papers are also present in this series.

[Draft typescript chapters from an unidentified manuscript by Lockwood; publications; correspondence], c.1988 (File 20) - Box 4

Includes a copy of a letter from Lorraine Murray to Desmond Alexander regarding Document J, with annotations by Lockwood.

[Copies of unidentified excerpt: 'Chapter 10. New perspectives: ineptitude or sabotage?'] (File 25) - Box 5

ANZAC, Russia [drafts] (File 28) - Box 5

[Draft excerpts, correspondence and news cuttings], c.1985 (File 31) - Box 5

Includes: draft excerpts from Black armada; draft excerpts entitled 'Mitsui'; and a memoir by Lockwood published in the Wimmera Mail-Times.

[Drafts:] 'Spies welcome - except at Yampi Sound'; Kembla [War on the waterfront] (File 62) - Box 10

Manuscript:' Marie Antoinette let me eat cake', parts I and II, pages 1-198 (File 64) - Box 11

[Draft:] 'Lost in the minotaur's maze: problems in researching the Brisbane Line' (File 65) - Box 11

[Draft:] Casey (File 66) - Box 11

[Draft and news cuttings:] miscellaneous Soviet[?] history, 1968-1969 (File 67) - Box 11

[Drafts and notes:] Memoirs ... Manuscript - Wimmera. Some biographical notes. Fisher: 'no say whatever'. Rupert Lockwood biography (File 68) - Box 11

[Draft, research material and notes:] Wesley (File 69) - Box 11

[Draft:] CSR history, blackbirding, c.1960 (File 70) - Box 11

[Draft:] US penetration (File 71) - Box 11

Contents also includes an empty file entitled 'Rupert Lockwood's mss on C.S.R.'

[Drafts:] Russian scares, Sudan, Boxer [Boer?], Republicanism, c.1985 (File 72) - Box 11

[Draft: autobiographical writings by Lockwood, including information about the Wends/Sorbs in the Wimmera] (File 73) - Box 12

[Drafts:] Convicts, bastion, India, military. Rough research notes, unprocessed on Australian history, with particular reference to the motives of Australian colonisation ... Taken from Australia in 1965 - not used abroad, c.1965 (File 74) - Box 12

[Drafts, notes, research material:] Expeditions, Navy, Army, Base, Shenandoah, responsible government, nationalism ... colonialism, c.1963-1976 (File 75) - Box 12

[Drafts:] Important expeditions, New Zealand, Sudan, Boer War, Navy, Army, White Australia Policy (File 76) - Box 12

[Drafts and notes:] Germans of 1848, Italians, Wends - bibliography, Natimuk etc. Vectis-Wilson history (File 78) - Box 12

Paper delivered by Rupert Lockwood to the Australian Society for the Study of Labor History, Sydney: 'British imperial influences in the foundation of the White Australia Policy', 1964 (File 79) - Box 12

China article [published in The Australian]; abduction - recovery. [Drafts and notes:] Australian imperialism, racism, Japan, Chinese, military, c.1989 (File 80) - Box 12

[Drafts and notes:] Natimuk, German immigration, Tollner[?] gold escort, c.1979 (File 81) - Box 12

[Drafts and notes:] Very rough research notes, unprocessed, on historical matters related to Australian colonisation and development of responsible government. Taken from Australia in 1965 and not used abroad, c.1965 (File 83) - Box 13

[Draft excerpts and notes] (File 87) - Box 13

Includes writings by Lockwood on Churchill, Judge George Beeby and Prime Minister Stanley Bruce.

[Draft:] America invades Australia; [notes:] Australian Broadcasting Commission (File 92) - Box 14

The file entitled Australian Broadcasting Commission contains notes relating to the Petrov Affair from Svetlana Alliluyeva's Twenty letters to a friend.

[Drafts and notes] (File 93_94) - Box 14

[Drafts and notes] (File 96) - Box 14

[Draft:] Spain (File 97) - Box 14

[Draft:] 'The angry heart' (File 98) - Box 15

Content is on Australian mining industry unions and strikes.

[Drafts, notes and research material], c.1993 (File 99) - Box 15

[Drafts and notes:] Crime [Campaign to abolish crime in the USSR], c.1966 (File 101) - Box 15

[Drafts, notes and research material:] agriculture, industry, economic, c. 1966 (File 102) - Box 15

[Drafts and notes:] China, 1989 (File 105) - Box 16

The content relates to a visit to China by Rupert Lockwood and Penny Lockwood.

Photocopied bromides of 'The tempestuous shore' (File 111) - Box 17

[Drafts and notes: White Australia Policy; Australia and the German Consul-Generals 1923-1939; and other fragments] (File 112) - Box 17

[Draft: untitled excerpt] (File 118) - Box 18

[Draft fragments] (File 119) - Box 19

[Draft:] 'Australia's ruling monopolies: Collins House', 1962 (File 122) - Box 20

[Draft:] 'Australian struggle for national shipping' (File 123) - Box 20

Collins House draft: monopoly (File 131) - Box 21

[Drafts and notes: Soviet Union.] USSR general, personal observations; Poland - USSR 1939 and Mocsar, Soviet agriculture, Comecon (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance); [draft of] 'Drumbeats', bibliography (File 134) - Box 21

[Drafts: German and Irish backgrounds to Natimuk] (File 135) - Box 22

[Drafts and research material:] Wends, Hochkirk, Lutheran article, the Herrnhut Commune (File 136) - Box 22

[Drafts and notes: Germans in Australia; the Irish connection; Lockwood family history] (File 137) - Box 22

[Drafts and notes: White Australia Policy] (File 138) - Box 22

[Drafts: Lockwood's observations about USSR; mass media in Australia] (File 141) - Box 22

Manuscript: 'Marie Antoinette let me eat cake', Part III and conclusion (File 148) - Box 23

[Drafts: Germans in Australia], c.1981 (File 150) - Box 24

[Draft: Germans in Australia] (File 156) - Box 24

[Drafts: various subjects, including Ship to shore, Germans in Australia and White Australia Policy] (File 158) - Box 24

[Drafts and notes: various subjects, including Soviet failures and Ship to shore] (File 160) - Box 25

Drafts of Australian [newspaper] articles (File 164) - Box 25

[Drafts and notes:] Indian connection, China connection, military; Kembla, White Australia Policy, Japanese in New Guinea. Taken from Australia in 1965 and not used abroad, c.1953-1964 (File 165) - Box 26

Articles - Wochenpost, East Berlin etc (File 173) - Box 27

[Assorted loose papers, including notes and draft excerpts], c.1988 (File 180) - Box 27

Clippings, miscellaneous, [and draft, 'Not-so-Common Market'], c.1962-1964 (File 184) - Box 28

[Drafts, research material, notes and correspondence:] Left history - CPA etc; Menzies etc; 1950s etc, 1972-1993 (File 204) - Box 29

Includes an article by Lockwood, 'When Joe McCarthy invaded Australia' (1980), and papers relating to the creation of the 'New Left Party' in 1991. Material unrelated to the CPA or Menzies includes assorted drafts, family correspondence and letters addressed to Drew Cottle regarding Kennosuke (Ken) Sato.

Rupert Lockwood - catalogue [ie lists of his publications, correspondence etc], c.1978 (File 210) - Box 30

[Paton-Wilkie-Deamer address] by Lockwood, 'Media liberation', 1982 (File 212) - Box 30

Manuscripts etc: [publications and notes relating to Germans in Australia], c.1938-1972 (File 221) - Box 31

Personal and general USSR: [notes and drafts], c.1961 (File 225) - Box 32

Includes a letter from Vivienne Chiplin, wife of Rex Chiplin, Tribune correspondent in Moscow, to Alan Cross, teacher of Gymea, describing life in Russia.

[Drafts, news cuttings and notes:] USSR - lots of notes - some important, 1968-1972 (File 236) - Box 34

[Research material on Germans in Australia:] Wends, memoirs Natimuk ... and copies of Overland article, 'Wimmera boyhood', 1975-1981 (File 243) - Box 36

Listing of Lockwood's publications and manuscripts (File 267) - Box 39

[Cuttings book containing articles by and about Lockwood], c.1929-1940 (File 362) - Box 55

Includes articles contributed by Lockwood to the ABC weekly whilst he was employed as a feature writer.

[Draft: 'Marie-Antoinette let me eat cake';] Commune Messiah (Herrnhut), Metternich, c.1987 (File 408) - Box 64

[Draft: 'Brisbane Line: a reappraisal' and correspondence, largely from Drew Cottle and Rowan Cahill], 1985-1987 (File 410) - Box 65

Includes a copy of a CIB secret investigation report on Lockwood, a report from Rowan Cahill of CIB files on Lockwood and a summary by Lockwood of Cahill's findings.

[Draft and correspondence:] Communist Party of Australia, Maoists - Bull, waterfront, Communist Party intervention, English Socialist intervention, coal strike, Chifley on Asia, c.1989 (File 411) - Box 65

Includes uncaptioned photographs of Communist Party speakers in a park.

[Drafts:] memoirs, Moscow, CPT, Party, 'important notes on Moscow correspondent term' (File 412) - Box 65

Includes: a tribute to Norman Docker by Lockwood; and a draft entitled 'Misrepresenting the USSR'.

[Typescript (copy) of] 'Monopoly in Australia', 1961 (File 414) - Box 65

[Typescript (copy) of] 'America in the Pacific', 1963 (File 415) - Box 65

[Drafts and notes:] B.A. Santamaria (File 435) - Box 69

[Manuscript of unpublished book by Lockwood on Australia's shipping problem (File 459) - Box 72

Israel interview with Dr Ehrlich overseas (File 475) - Box 75

Book reviews, Maritime worker notes etc, 1981-1985 (File 524) - Box 83

Manuscript, notes [Germans in Australia] (File 536) - Box 84

Manuscript [and research material: Germans in Australia], 1934, 1962-1977 (File 537) - Box 84

Includes a Natimuk Historical Society publication, 'Recipes and hints of the early settlers'.

'Rulers of Australia: the Adelaide Group' (rough draft, not used) (File 543) - Box 85

R.E. Lockwood articles, letters etc, 1976-1982 (File 559) - Box 87

[Manuscript:] 'Review of the oil cartel in Australia' (File 568) - Box 88

Preliminary draft: chapter fourteen, 'Pirate partners' (File 598) - Box 93

[Assorted loose papers, including news cuttings, correspondence and drafts], 1965-1994 (File 604) - Box 94

Includes a telegram from the Branch Secretary of the Australian Journalists' Association regarding an actor (John Howard) who was to play Lockwood in a film.

[Assorted loose papers, including news cuttings, correspondence, notes, drafts and printed material], 1976-1993 (File 606) - Box 94

Includes: an invitation from ABC's television program "Media watch' to Lockwood to be interviewed for the program (1993); Vic Bird's publication, 'SS Silksworth dispute of 1937: a memoir'; and an article by Lockwood, 'Monopoly in Australia'. Correspondents include Rowan Cahill, family members, the Australia Council's Literature Board (notifying Lockwood that he was unsuccessful in his 1981 grant application) and Ken Gott.

[Manuscripts:] CSR - colonial sugar; CSR, American Tobacco Co., ICI, ACI (File 609) - Box 95

[Drafts:] Casey - aid and comfort for Germany; Casey Senior and Junior (File 612) - Box 95

[Drafts and news cuttings:] BHP Circle, Kembla, Lewis, Isaacs, c.1960-1961 (File 616) - Box 95

Series 8. Notebooks and notes, 1943-1993 (bulk 1953-1993)

This series comprises notebooks and notes created of Rupert Lockwood, as well as unsorted loose papers identified by the Library as 'notes'. Some of the notebooks contain notes taken by Lockwood during his period in Moscow as Tribune correspondent, 1965-1968. Notes relating to specific subjects or books of Lockwood can also be found in the relevant series. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of records together, material relevant to this series can be found throughout the collection and unrelated papers are also present in this series.

[Notes, draft and research material], c. 1960, c.1990 (File 23) - Box 4

Includes draft excerpts about ANZACs and a notebook marked 'Memoirs'.

White Australia Policy [news cuttings and handwritten notes], 1953-1993 (File 32) - Box 6

Rough research notes on White Australia Policy, c.1963 (File 34) - Box 6

Includes a photograph of Bob Hawke.

Wool and Japan: research notes on history and significance of wool industry. Taken from Australia 1965 - not used abroad, c.1965 (File 90) - Box 14

Notes [includes notes on Menzies] (File 106) - Box 16

[Notes and cuttings], 1951-1959 (File 187) - Box 28

Notes 1977, 1978-1987 (File 294) - Box 44

[Notebooks] (File 316) - Box 48

[Notebooks and appointment diary], c.1976 (File 317) - Box 48

[Notebooks] (File 318) - Box 48

[Notebooks and loose notes] (File 319) - Box 49

[Notepad and loose notes], c.1983 (File 320) - Box 49

Notes (File 321) - Box 49

Notes (File 324) - Box 49

Notes (File 325) - Box 49

[Loose notes and notepads], c.1980s (File 327) - Box 50

[Loose notes and notepads] (File 328) - Box 50

Includes notes on Mongolia and China.

[Notepad:] military, traditions, local, India, China, Crimea, Sudan, first military measures in Australia, convict soldiers, Balmain (File 329) - Box 50

[Loose notes; Waterside Workers Federation financial ticket], c.1943-1948 (File 330) - Box 50

[Notebooks. Subjects include the Soviet Union and the White Australia Policy] (File 399) - Box 63

[Notebooks. Subjects include Australian history and relations with Japan] (File 400) - Box 63

[Notebooks. Subjects include Czechoslakia, Russia, Bulgaria, Roumania, the Baltic States, Siberia, Polish trade unions and Indonesia], c.1976-1985 (File 401) - Box 63

Includes two small diaries used by Lockwood as address books.

[Assorted loose notes, including personal correspondence], c.1988-1992 (File 403_404) - Box 64

Notes (File 405) - Box 64

Notes, c.1989 (File 406) - Box 64

[Assorted loose notes] (File 407) - Box 64

[Assorted loose papers, including notes], c.1985 (File 421) - Box 66

Contents include: a speech by Hon. Peter Morris MHR at the launch of Lockwood's, The miraculous union; and a draft describing Wilfred Burchett's departure from Moscow.

[Notes and notebooks], 1960s? (File 468) - Box 74

[News cuttings and notes:] League of Rights; Red Bill - referendum; Casey; Groups; Catholics - Irish; Melbourne Waterside Workers Federation; bibliography, 1957, c.1988-1990 (File 479) - Box 75

[Notes] (File 506) - Box 80

[Notebooks containing notes on Vergelis, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries] (File 553) - Box 86

[Notes] (File 561) - Box 87

Notes [and drafts] (File 563) - Box 87

[News cuttings, drafts and notes:] New Guinea, history, politics, Australian colonialism. Rough notes ..., 1962-1968 (File 579) - Box 91

Includes a draft article by Lockwood, 'Australian Government prefers illiterates as New Guinea Ministers'.

[Notes and photograph:] Threlfall (File 580) - Box 91

[Notes, drafts and correspondence:] Jane Duff, Aborigines (treaty), Ebenezer mission (Antwerp), c.1981 (File 581) - Box 91

Includes copies of a letter from H.C. Coombs, representing the Aboriginal Treaty Committee, to Lockwood, inviting his participation in treaty work as a public speaker, and Lockwood's acceptance letter.

Typed notes on BHP (File 583) - Box 91

[Notes and drafts:] Herald sharelist, BHP and Port Kembla, Menzies, Japan, Casey - Germany 1914, Niall, Lewis (File 594) - Box 92

[Notes and news cuttings, largely about BHP], c.1986 (File 597) - Box 93

[Assorted loose papers, including notes, photographs and correspondence], 1975-1992 (File 483) - Box 76

Includes: a transcript of an ABC interview by Tim Bowden, 'To Lockwood with love' (1975); photographs of a plaque honouring 'Men on the Port Kembla waterfront who refused to load pig-iron for [Japan] aboard the SS Dalfram' and of Ted Bull addressing a United Pensioner-Unionist rally in Sydney (1975); and a copy of a letter from Lockwood to the editor of the Bulletin regarding an article about Petrov.

[Notes:] Steve Cooper. Economic ownership USA-Australia (File 471) - Box 75

[Notes and drafts:] Groupers, Ted Bull, Rourke, Wallington (File 517) - Box 82

[Notes and drafts:] Groupers, Communist Party intervention, Healy, Fitzgibbon, L. Merson (File 519) - Box 82

[Notes and drafts: Black armada and War on the waterfront] (File 589) - Box 92

Includes: an unaddressed proposal for War on the waterfront and a seminar paper by Sondra J. Silverman, 'Political strikes'.

[Notes and drafts:] US investment - 'Control through patents', American companies, US penetration, Britain, Australia etc (File 610) - Box 95

[Assorted loose papers, including correspondence, notepads and photographs], c.1962-1968, 1993 (File 614) - Box 95

The photographs include images of Lockwood's Russian girlfriend, Tanya (1968), and a Queensland Trade Union Congress, 1962, including Waterside Workers Federation delegates Phil O'Brien, A. Arnell and H. Pritchard.

[Notes and drafts:] Cabal of Nine, McLagan, Germans (File 615) - Box 95

[Notes and printed material:] CSR - in Fiji, c.1954 (File 618) - Box 95

[Notes and news cuttings:] Japan, Asia etc, 1968 (File 630) - Box 97

[Notebooks] (File 632) - Box 97

[Notebooks] (File 633) - Box 97

Series 9. Subject files, 1937-1986 (bulk 1951-1983)

This series comprises files of material which have titles on them indicating the subject coverage of the material within. Files contain news cuttings, correspondence, drafts, notes and publications. The original file titles can be distinguished from other information that has been added by Library staff by the absence of square brackets. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of records together, material relevant to this series can be found throughout the collection and unrelated papers are also present in this series.

[Subject files] (File 188_200) - Box 28

Subjects include: Australian companies and American interests; Communist Party of Australia; Lord Casey; and a draft by Lockwood, 'Eight columns of invaders'.

[Subject file:] Australian capital, history, gold etc (File 201) - Box 28

[Subject file:] 1928 and Depression, c.1937 (File 208) - Box 30

[Subject file, including correspondence:] Soviet Union and Marxism and Leftisms, c.1975-1979 (File 209) - Box 30

[Subject file:] Political Science - University of New England research papers, c.1978-1982 (File 214) - Box 30

[Subject file:] Labor history (File 224) - Box 31

[Subject file, including drafts:] Sea to bases, South East Asia etc, 1963-1964 (File 228) - Box 32

[Subject file, including drafts:] New Guinea, c.1958-1961 (File 230) - Box 33

[Subject file:] colonisation in Australia - rough research background notes. Taken from Australia in 1965, not used abroad (File 231) - Box 33

[Three subject files:] investment; 'undone, stow'; [untitled] containing research material on Indonesian political prisoners (c.1975), c.1960-1975 (File 232) - Box 34

[Three subject files, including drafts:] internationalism; 'current'; tobacco, 1953-1961 (File 233) - Box 34

[Subject file:] 'theologs' [ie 'theological students' exemption from conscription'], 1967-1972 (File 234) - Box 34

[Subject file:] conscription - Australia - 'since the book', 1966-1980 (File 235) - Box 34

Includes ephemera relating to avoidance of/resistance to the Australian National Service draft.

[Subject file:] 100 years, Waterside Workers Federation, c.1985 (File 238) - Box 35

[Subject file:] Communist Party of Australia and Soviet Union, 1970 (File 239) - Box 35

[Subject file, including drafts and correspondence:] Aborigines, c.1961-1963 (File 245) - Box 36

[Subject file:] Lockwood - Petrov, c.1941-1985 (File 246) - Box 37

[Subject file:] Aborigines [and White Australia Policy], 1961-1970 (File 247) - Box 37

[Subject file:] Banking - history, merchant bankers (File 248) - Box 37

[Subject file, including drafts:] Sharelists (miscellaneous) (File 249) - Box 37

[Subject file, including drafts:] Delegates' reports, USSR, c.1970-1984 (File 250) - Box 37

[Subject file, including drafts:] USSR, Kruschev, Stalin, Lenin, bureaucracy, chauvinism, 1968-1971 (File 251) - Box 37

[Subject file, including drafts:] Soviet Union - important written notes on economy, bureaucracy, GDR [German Deomocratic Republic], radio, 1966 (File 252) - Box 38

[Subject file, including drafts:] Soviet Union policies etc, c.1969 (File 253) - Box 38

[Subject file, including drafts:] Soviet - background; Czechoslovakia, 1972 (File 254) - Box 38

[Subject file:] Soviet Union advantages, USSR general, 1981 (File 255) - Box 38

[Subject file, including drafts:] USSR, censorship, purges, [Alexandra] Kolontai, c.1969-1970 (File 256) - Box 38

[Subject file, including drafts:] Soviet Union, c.1980-1982 (File 257) - Box 38

[Subject file:] Indonesia etc, Griffith [University visit by Lockwood], Seamen's journal, c.1979 (File 258) - Box 39

[Subject file:] New Party (SPA [Socialist Party of Australia]) formed; John Sendy statement; SPA (Maritime Branch); missing Maritime worker; chronological notes, 1970-1983 (File 260) - Box 39

Includes a publication by Rowan Cahill, Notes on the New Left in Australia (1969).

[Subject file:] [Alan] Ashbolt [paper delivered at the] ACTU [Australian Council of Trade Unions] Media Conference; Canberra Fightback, 1981, 1986 (File 261) - Box 39

[Subject files:] Aborigines, [television in Australia and Japan], c.1964-1966 (File 263) - Box 39

[Subject file:] history, Australia, manuscripts, notes etc (File 265) - Box 39

[Subject file:] wool, Bank of New South Wales, c.1951 (File 269) - Box 40

Includes a paper by Lockwood entitled 'Notes on American stockpiling for war, the American blockade attempts against People's China, the USSR and the People's Democracies, the American attacks on Australian and British economy and independence and the general crisis affecting Australian economy', which has been annotated 'Prepared for Communist Party of Australia propagandists 1951'.

[Subject file, including drafts:] USA in Australia, c.1955-1964 (File 272_273) - Box 40

[Subject file:] Japan etc, c.1963-1964 (File 275) - Box 41

[Subject file:] Middle East, 1969-1974 (File 278) - Box 41

[Subject file:] Aborigines; Harrow - cricket; Jane Duff, 1957-1960 (File 283) - Box 43

[Subject file, including drafts:] clippings, US penetration etc [of Australian economy], 1953-1964 (File 285) - Box 43

[Subject file, including drafts:] Australian imperialism; Burns Philp; Bank of New South Wales; Papua-New Guinea; blackbirding; 'R.N.'; military, 1956-1978 (File 286) - Box 43

[Subject file:] Aborigines, c.1946 (File 287) - Box 43

[Subject file:] Fremantle 1919; thesis, 1938, 1984 (File 288) - Box 43

[Subject file:] Solzhenitsyn; Depression, 1972-1974 (File 289) - Box 43

[Subject files, including drafts:] military; British regiments in Australia; Garran; racism; responsible government; convicts; gold; White Australia Policy - China etc; Japan; Australia-Japan relations;, c.1963 (File 291) - Box 43

[Subject file:] New South Wales capital, 1959-1961 (File 292) - Box 44

[Subject file:] monopoly; US penetration etc [into the Australian economy]; Japan - clippings, 1951-1963 (File 293) - Box 44

[Subject file:] communards, oldest unionist (File 296) - Box 44

[Subject file:] Francis family, Vera, [West Wimmera] Mail Office photograph (File 298) - Box 44

[Subject file:] when Joe McCarthy invaded, racism, [William] Lane, Lawson ... need for Labor to win power after Strike defeat, 1945-1983 (File 428) - Box 67

[Subject file:] Japan, 1961-1964 (File 527) - Box 83

[Subject file:] oil - newspaper cuttings, 1962-1964 (File 617) - Box 95

[Subject file:] miscellaneous companies - newspaper cuttings, 1956-1960 (File 621) - Box 96

[Subject file:] oil - manuscripts (File 622) - Box 96

[Subject file:] sharelists (NBA, BHP, ACI, ANZ, CBA) (File 623) - Box 96

[Subject file:] US economic penetration - cuttings, notes, sharelist Mt Isa etc, 1950-1964 (File 624) - Box 96

[Subject file:] oil - research documents, publications, 1956-1962 (File 625) - Box 96

Series 10. Research material, 1851-1997 (bulk 1953-1989)

This series contains material identified by the Library as research material, including papers inside files on which content description or titles have been written and loose papers on specific subjects. The papers include news cuttings, typed and handwritten notes, drafts, printed material, ephemera, correspondence and photographs. A significant amount of material relates to the history of Germans in Australia, a subject of family and local history interest to Lockwood. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of material together, research material can be found throughout the collection, particularly in Series 8, Notebooks and notes, and Series 9, Subject files. Research material relating to Lockwood's books, Black armada, War on the waterfront and those he wrote for the Waterside Workers Federation, can be found in those series. However due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of records together, material relevant to this series can be found throughout the collection and unrelated papers are also present in this series.

[News cuttings, publications, drafts and reviews], 1942-1989 (File 27) - Box 5

Includes: drafts of Black armada, 'Memoirs' and a Melbourne Waterfront history; and a book proposal from Lockwood to the Australasian Book Society for War on the waterfront.

White Australia Policy, migration, [Sir William] Yeo [draft, news cuttings and research material], c.1964-1968 (File 35) - Box 6

Includes a paper by Rowan Cahill entitled 'Return of the Sea Devil: von Luckner in Australia 1938'.

[Profiles of Australian companies] (File 89) - Box 13

[Research material, notes and publications], 1965-1987 (File 104) - Box 15

Includes English language Soviet publications and the text of a lecture delivered by Sir Arthur Fadden at University of New England, 1972.

[Germans in Australia: notes, bibliography, drafts], c.1978 (File 109) - Box 16

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) media: notes on press, proprietors, career, Wesley, notes from Paton, Deamer, Wilkie address, Daily News (File 127) - Box 21

Aborigines - up to Wilsons, Wimmera tribes, Antwerp Mission, Jane Duff (File 132) - Box 21

Curtin - wartime; ALP appeasement; Fallon - anti-Sovietism; [includes drafts] (File 182) - Box 28

[Cuttings, notes, photograph and publication], c.1968-1981 (File 183) - Box 28

[Draft, cuttings and publications:] press culture, press owners, 1959-1964 (File 185) - Box 28

Miscellaneous clippings [and drafts], 1953-1964 (File 186) - Box 28

[Parliamentary papers, including Caucus papers, relating to uranium policy, originally in an envelope addressed to J.H. Snow MP], 1981-1983 (File 215_216) - Box 30

[Two files containing cuttings, drafts and notes:] coastal shipping, c.1982-1983 (File 219) - Box 31

Early independence etc [ie of Australia, including the White Australia Policy and navy] ... Research notes ... taken from Australia in 1965 and not used abroad, c.1963 (File 220) - Box 31

[File of papers of Roy Forward, Press Secretary to Minister of Defence, Hon. Lance Barnard MP], 1973 (File 229) - Box 33

Clippings, miscellaneous, 1970 (File 259) - Box 39

Research notes relating to Australian and world history, the White Australia Policy. Taken from Australia in 1965 and not used abroad (File 264) - Box 39

[Correspondence and papers relating to the National Symposium on Imperialism held in Sydney], 1972 (File 266) - Box 39

'The American stake in Australia : dollarless dollar investment': research notes of Rupert Lockwood, c.1965 (File 268) - Box 39

[File of correspondence of, and biographical information on, Martyn Monson] Threlfall, 1957-1961 (File 270) - Box 40

[Assorted loose papers: cuttings, correspondence and publications], 1975-1981 (File 279) - Box 42

[Research material, notes and letter:] Pyjama girl case, c.1986 (File 284) - Box 43

[Photocopies of images of ships] (File 290) - Box 43

[Biographical information about members of the Threlfall family], 1851, 1937-1961 (File 297) - Box 44

Includes original documents (1851) relating to the appointment by the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs at St Petersbury, of Edmund Monson Paul as Russian Vice Consul in Sydney.

[Assorted loose papers], 1975-1996 (File 312) - Box 47

Includes: a proposal by Andrew Moore and Drew Cottle (as editors) for a book entitled 'Red devils, white knights: the Petrov Affair and Cold War anti-Communism in Australia'; an ABC program transcript of 'To Lockwood with love', part I; an article on Frank Hardy by Dulcie Mortier, 'But the living are many'; and a transcript of an interview of Lockwood by Steve Brook and Rosemary Taylor about Natimuk.

[Cuttings books and photographs, largely of and about Mr and Mrs Martyn] Threlfall, 1915-1931 (File 367_368) - Box 56

[Assorted loose news cuttings], 1969-1997 (File 369) - Box 57

Photographs and press, 1973,1984 (File 374) - Box 58

[News cutting about Canberra], 1969 (File 377) - Box 58

[News cuttings and newspapers], 1939, 1972-1985 (File 378) - Box 58

Includes a copy of an article written by Lockwood in 1939.

[Three files of news cuttings:] religion, cultural conditioning and oil, 1955-1961 (File 380) - Box 58

Includes: an issue of a newsletter 'The examiner', containing an article by B.A. Santamaria entitled 'Religious apostalate and political action' (1955); a letter addressed to 'Catholics of Australia' from Joseph Buturovich, Dean of St Louis Roman Catholic Church in Moscow (1953); and publication-ready photographs of Lockwood amongst unidentified groups of men, women and children.

[News cuttings and newspapers], 1929, 1970-1991 (File 386) - Box 60

Includes: an article about the first hundred years of the West Wimmera mail; an article about Communist Ted Hill; a number of articles written by Lockwood; a prose-poem by D.J. Lake, The portnoyad; and copies of news articles from the 1920s and 1940 about Waterside Workers Federation members.

[Research material and drafts:] New Zealand [Waterside Workers Federation] levy documents; Groups [Groupers] (facts and figures), Casey, c.1951-1992 (File 409) - Box 64

[Drafts and notes:] Forty-eighters - '48 revolution, Wends - Noack, German settlement, Wimmera (File 419) - Box 66

[Drafts and notes: various subjects including Germans in Australia and the White Australia Policy], c.1978 (File 420) - Box 66

'Brisbane Line: research notes' (File 425) - Box 67

[Publications, news cuttings and notes:] Frank Hardy, 1958-1987 (File 434) - Box 68

Includes: notes by Lockwood and statements by others of their experiences with Hardy; and an 'Extended treatment for a Television documentary by Margaret Smith: The other Australian, a portrait of Rupert Lockwood'.

[News cuttings and printed material], 1960-1994 (File 446) - Box 70

Includes news articles about Lockwood and family members and reviews of Lockwood's books.

Menzies clippings; United Nations; Nehru attack, 1960-1984 (File 470) - Box 75

[Notes, news cuttings and correspondence], 1989 (File 473) - Box 75

[News cuttings about Frank Hardy], 1989 (File 477) - Box 75

Bibliography (File 478) - Box 75

Entries from diaries and notebooks kept by J.R. (Jim) Comerford re 1949 General Coal Strike (File 496) - Box 79

[Research material: Germans in Australia], 1980 (File 503) - Box 79

Research notes: White Australia Policy, New Guinea, Melbourne, Labor etc, Newcastle, John McDonald, c.1981 (File 505) - Box 80

[Assorted loose papers, including notes, news cuttings, printed material and photographs], 1985-1990 (File 507) - Box 80

Includes a photograph of IWW members charged with treason.

[Assorted loose papers, including news cuttings, printed material and drafts], 1953, 1990 (File 520) - Box 82

For posting to overseas [:Australian Builders' Laborers' Federation rules], 1911 (File 526) - Box 83

[Notes and printed material:] White Australia Policy, Soviet, Poland, Gallipoli pamphlet, SPA, c.1980 (File 529) - Box 83

[News cuttings and drafts: Germans in Australia], 1985 (File 534) - Box 83

[Notes and drafts: Germans in Australia] (File 535) - Box 84

[Notes and drafts: Germans in Australia] (File 540) - Box 85

Research notes: 'The BHP circle' by Rupert Lockwood (File 542) - Box 85

[Assorted loose papers, including news cuttings, printed material, correspondence, drafts and notes], 1976-1986 (File 544) - Box 85

Includes a copy of Lord Mountbatten's letter about Black armada.

[News cuttings on Japanese investment in Australia], 1951, c.1960-1970 (File 555) - Box 87

[Notes on banks], c.1959 (File 556) - Box 87

[News cuttings:] Chinese, 1963-1979 (File 557) - Box 87

[Publications, notes and news cuttings:] Singapore, Japan, Regional, pacts, Indonesia, South East Asia, c.1964 (File 558) - Box 87

Subject of the material relates largely to the presence of the USA in the Pacific during World War II.

[Research material: CSR and Australian sugar industry], c.1955 (File 591) - Box 92

[News cuttings and printed material:] CSR, research notes, letters (File 592) - Box 92

Fiji: newspaper clippings, 1957-1960 (File 611) - Box 95

The Holden story: General Motors in Australia - research notes, 1964 (File 619) - Box 95

[News cuttings and notes:] police, 1953-1960 (File 620) - Box 96

Series 11. Photographs, 1900-1995 (bulk 1965-1987)

Many of the photographs in this series were used by Lockwood whilst editor of the Waterside Workers Federation journal, Maritime worker, and depict wharfside scenes, ships, machinery, marches, strikes, rallies, groups of WWF officials and members, branch members and events, and picnics and other recreational services provided by the WWF for its members. In addition there are photographs of Lockwood, many taken during his later years, and of him at book signings and other events. Family photographs, a signed photograph of boxer Jimmy Carruthers and souvenir photographs of Russia and China are also present. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of records together, photographs can be found throughout the collection. Correspondence and other papers which were filed with the photographs are also present in this series.

[Photographs of Rupert Lockwood and others] (File 12) - Box 2

[Photographs, including a number of Lockwood and his daughter Penny Lockwood], 1928, c.1990 (File 338) - Box 52

Includes images of a memorial march in Innisfail (1928).

[Photographs, including a Vietnam Moratorium rally in Sydney], c.1970 (File 339) - Box 52

[Souvenir postcards of Russia], 1965 (File 340) - Box 52

[Photographs, largely of stopwork meetings and protest marches], 1956-1983 (File 341) - Box 52

Includes images of: dockside industrial action relating to vessels Malaysia and Roma; strikes in Lithgow; an anti-Vietnam War rally in Sydney; and Bob Hawke marching with WWF officials.

[Photographs:] Aborigines, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, 1971-1972 (File 342) - Box 52

Includes: images of Aboriginal leaders Mick Rangiari, Bobby Secretary and Bill Day of Darwin; and a short manuscript article by WWF Darwin Branch.

[Photographs, including] Geraldton Branch, 1907, c.1985 (File 343) - Box 52

Includes images of: Bob Hawke with Lockwood; the unveiling of the Tom Edwards memorial; and a WWF Melbourne centenary event.

Photographs for Port Kembla book [War on the waterfront], c.1952-1972 (File 344) - Box 52

Includes photographs of Gough Whitlam at a press interview and Wally Galbraith.

[Photographs:] Harrow, [Johnny] Mullagh, Paton-Wilkie-Deamer lecture, Tom Pikunoff in Moscow (File 345) - Box 52

Indonesian photographs (File 346) - Box 52

[Photographs:] Tashkent (File 347) - Box 52

[Family photographs, some with explanatory notes], c.1900-1920 (File 348) - Box 53

[Photographs:] demonstrations, May Day marches etc featuring WWF members and branches, c.1970s (File 349) - Box 53

[Assorted uncaptioned photographs], c.1970s (File 350) - Box 53

[Photographs:] wharves, cranes etc, working areas (File 351) - Box 53

[Photographs:] accident prevention/safety; amenities, first aid rooms etc (File 352) - Box 53

[Envelopes containing photographs depicting WWF branches and members], 1932, 1942, 1970-1977 (File 353) - Box 54

Branches are Port Hedland, Port Augusta, Innisfail, Launceston, Darwin, Coffs Harbour, Cairns, Burnie/Strahan, Broome, Bowen, Beauty Point, Derby, Edithburg, Brisbane, Esperance, Grafton, Hobart and Fremantle. Other subjects include: the Melbourne WWF building; Federal Organiser Leo Lenane; WWF Credit Union; and portraits of employers.

[Envelopes containing photographs depicting WWF branches, officials and events], c.1980s (File 354) - Box 54

Subjects include: portraits of Australian politicians, personalities and sport; picnics, ballet etc, football, bowling; branches in Port Kembla, Newcastle, Mackay, and Port Adelaide; [WWF] Federal Council; and N. Docker, Assistant General-Secretary.

[Envelopes containing photographs of various subjects], c.1968-1980 (File 355) - Box 54

Subjects include: Australian politicians, including Jim Cairns and Bob Hawke, fighters and other personalities; sport; Maurie Wellington; WWF Albany Branch; picnics; and Island seamen.

[Souvenir photographs of China] (File 356) - Box 54

[Photographs of Russia, largely waterside and naval scenes] (File 357) - Box 55

[Assorted loose photographs, including Maritime worker images and photographs of Lockwood and family members], c.1969-1995 (File 358) - Box 55

[Assorted loose photographs and photocopies of early Melbourne maritime scenes] (File 359) - Box 55

[Assorted loose photographs, including Maritime worker images and family photographs], 1924, 1949, c.1972-1980 (File 360) - Box 55

Includes: two 'Fretilin photos from Brian Manning'; shots of Bob Hawke, Bill Hayden and Neville Wran; two Searle family photographs; and images of Vietnam marches and other parades.

[Assorted loose photographs, including Maritime worker images], c.1987-1988 (File 361) - Box 55

[Photographs: portrait of unidentified VAD nurse, and uncaptioned snaps of a cricket match and social situation] (File 402) - Box 64

[Signed photograph of boxer Jimmy Carruthers] (File 451) - Box 70

The inscription reads: 'To Jim Healy. From one fighter to another. Yours Jimmy Carruthers'.

[Photographs:] T.I. Bull, ports and demonstrations, 1968-1977 (File 485) - Box 76

Includes: portraits of Bull and images of him with John Healy, Bob Hawke, Fijian Dock Workers and others; colour family snapshots; postcards; protesters, rallies and meetings, including anti-Vietnam protests, policeman and arrests.

[Photographs:] demonstrations, 1968-1977 (File 486) - Box 76

Includes: images of protesters, rallies and meetings, including anti-Vietnam protests, policemen and arrests.

[Maritime worker photographs:] Old Federal Council, Townsville Branch, [Bill "Turkey" Flowers], 1956-1974 (File 487) - Box 77

Includes images of: meeting halls and other buildings, including housing; the first aid post; wharfie protests; workers at docks; the 1974 federal election; peace seminars; and Don Minogue speaking. There are also handwritten letters to the editor.

[Photographs:] ballet, Waterside Workers Federation [portraits], various bowling teams, 1971-1977 (File 488) - Box 77

Includes: portraits, in which the only person identified is Dennis Marsden; lawn bowls teams; the Port of Melbourne team; Brisbane Women's team; Port of Newcastle team; Port of Sydney team; images from the International Transport Workers Federation, Asian Regional Dock Workers Seminar; and a fundraising/carnival day.

[Photographs:] dinners and images for [Maritime worker] March issue (File 489) - Box 77

Includes images of: various social events; ships and dock workers; board meetings; construction sites; and Melbourne docklands.

[Assorted loose photographs] (File 490) - Box 77

Images include: colour harbour snapshots; wildlife; anti-Menzies demonstrations; docklands; store fronts; shipping containers; Jim Beggs and family; people with injuries; miners; warehouses; mining equipment; R.Cowles; Jack Haines boxing; and industrial clothing. Also includes news cuttings, magazine proofs and articles.

[Assorted loose photographs] (File 491) - Box 78

Images include: shipyards and shipping containers; Queenstown; Canberra; Jack Hassen; sheep and shearing; various public speakers; and Vietnam. There is also a postcard to Lockwood and other loose papers.

[Photographs:] industrial clothing, C.H. Fitzgibbon, Harry Bridges, A.G. Fulton and H McDowell, past Presidents (both deceased), 1967-1982 (File 492) - Box 78

Images include: Fitzgibbon at meetings and conferences; demonstrations; public speakers; social events; various portraits; Tom Supple; J. Roper in Townsville; H. Teasel portrait.

[Photographs:] All Ports Jubilee Conference, Sydney; Soviet and China; miscellaneous unidentified; andBob Bolger, c.1979 (File 493) - Box 78

Includes a souvenir photo set of waterside residences and postcards. Images include hunger strikes; meetings and social events; Gdansk, Poland; military equipment; protests; Vietnam; ballet classes; and rallies.

[Photographs:] miscellaneous, includes old Federation photos, 1965-1980 (File 494) - Box 78

Images include: union meetings; portraits of Tom Healy and others; school groups; Bob Allen; protest posters; protests and sit-ins; Nauru village shots; social events; press conferences; and dock workers.

[Photographs:] Federal Officers, Federal Office; veterans and retired members; old pictures, 1965-1980 (File 511) - Box 81

Images include: portraits of C.H. Fitzgibbon and Tas Bull; retirement parties, a retired members conference and a retired members parade; rallies and marches; John Healy; docklands; family photos; Max Ryan; social occasions; ships; and Harvey Black.

[Photographs:] ships [and other images], 1959-1985 (File 512) - Box 81

Includes images of: ships in dock and at sea; seals; industrial clothing; meat packing; a Brisbane Branch march; protests and rallies; picnics; dock workers; a Women for Peace march; Italian seamen's strike.

[Photographs:] 'One', 1969-1985 (File 513) - Box 81

Images include: meetings; N. Docker and A.E. Bull; a retired members conference; Ronald Kreiger; Belorussia; an anti-nuclear rally; machinery; Gunnar Karlsson; bowls clubs; Ted Bull; dock workers; the International Transport Workers Federation; L. Symes; a family holiday; Jack Fegan; American protesters; and the 1969 Federal Council.

[Photographs:] 'KWV' (File 514) - Box 81

Images include portraits, including of Harry Bridges, and Ivan Kudj in Minsk. There are also newspaper cuttings and transparencies.

Series 12. Sound recordings, 1978-1993

All sound recordings in the collection are in this series and all are on audiocassette. They include interviews of Lockwood, interviews of Lockwood's wife, Betty Searle, and recordings of a party in Lockwood's honour at the time of his retirement as Maritime worker editor, 1985.

[Sound recordings, largely interviews and radio programs relating to the Communist Party of Australia], 1978-1987 (File 13) - Box 2

Includes a recording of the proceedings at Rupert Lockwood's retirement party in 1985, and a number of interviews by Betty Searle (Lockwood) and Penny Lockwood of women Communist Party members.

Stewart McCrae 12/12/1978 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006409) - Cassette box 329


G Tape C90

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Petron 2 and Cecilia and Stew (Item NLA.MS-SAV006410) - Cassette box 329


Tronictape C60

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Betty Lockwood talking to Penny Lockwood 21/09/1980 to 11/11/1980, Amirah Inglis(/) on the CPA in the 30s and all of us. (Item NLA.MS-SAV006411) - Cassette box 329


Scotch 90

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Rupert Lockwood, Roy, Penny, Katherine, Loren, Nadine Dalgarno 22/12/1981, Melbourne Ken Gott's House (Item NLA.MS-SAV006412) - Cassette box 330



Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Lockwood, Nadine Dalgarno- Melbourne 22/12/1981 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006413) - Cassette box 330



Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Dulcie Mortier the CP with Betty Lockwood, Roy Forward and Penny Lockwood (Item NLA.MS-SAV006414) - Cassette box 330


Memorex 90

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Dulcie Mortier the CP, David Live/ Aladdin Sane (Item NLA.MS-SAV006415) - Cassette box 330



Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Communism and feminism Sat. 5/05 "Coming Out" ABC (Item NLA.MS-SAV006416) - Cassette box 330


Crescendo C90

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Facing Out, To have been a woman in the Communist Party of Australia/ To have been a member of the Communist Party of Australia (Item NLA.MS-SAV006417) - Cassette box 330

More information on cassette



Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Fred Rose IAS, "The Dialectics of becoming an Anthropologist" Seminar 2/06/1983 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006418) - Cassette box 330

More information on cassette


Dindy Black C90

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Fred Rose IAS 2/06/1983 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006419) - Cassette box 330


Dindy Black C90

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Rupert Lockwood Retirement Party 26/07/1985 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006420) - Cassette box 330

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Rupert Lockwood Retirement Party 26/07/1985 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006421) - Cassette box 330

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Deregulated Telephone/Privatisation-Chris Bulford 30/10/1985 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006422) - Cassette box 330

More information on cassette



Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

"War on the Waterfront" Talking History 7/11/1987 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006423) - Cassette box 330



Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

[Sound recordings: radio interview by Lockwood; tape 2 from Lockwood's retirement party; and interviews of Betty Lockwood (Searle) about her life from 1930 to 'pre-Petrov'], 1978-1985 (File 162) - Box 25

Bag 162, Sound Recordings; Betty Lockwood 1938 to pre 1950 (New Theatre) - Pre petrov, 1938 to 1950 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006424) - Cassette box 331


Sony C90

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Bag 162 Sound Recordings; Rupert-Spanish Civil War ABC August 1978 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006425) - Cassette box 331


Hitachi C90

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Bag 162 Sound Recordings; Rupert Lockwood Retirement Party Tape 2 of 2 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006426) - Cassette box 331

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

[Sound recording:] Lockwood talk at Historical meeting, 1993 (File 549) - Box 86

Bag 549; Lockwood talk at Historical Meeting August 1993 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006427) - Cassette box 331

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

"Word of Mouth" " Books and Writings" Review by Tim Bowden (Item NLA.MS-SAV006429) - Cassette box 331



Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

[Sound recordings of review of Humour is their weapon - laugh with the Australian wharfies, and letter from Tim Bowden], 1985 (File 552) - Box 86

Review of Humour is their weapon for "First Edition" by Tim Bowden (Item NLA.MS-SAV006428) - Cassette box 331



Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

[Sound recordings of Lockwood's retirement party and a letter to Penny Lockwood from Tim and Ros Bowden], 1985 (File 570) - Box 88

Rupert Lockwood Retirement Party 26/07/1985 Tape 1 of 2 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006430) - Cassette box 331

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Rupert Lockwood Retirement Party 26/07/1985 Tape 2 of 2 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006431) - Cassette box 331

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Rupert Lockwood Retirement Party 26/07/1985 Tape 1 of 2 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006432) - Cassette box 331

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Rupert Lockwood Retirement Party 26/07/1985 Tape 2 of 2 (Item NLA.MS-SAV006433) - Cassette box 331

Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Series 13. Printed material, 1920-1997 (bulk 1959-1991)

This series comprises books, including Lockwood's books, Black armada and War on the waterfront, journals, newspapers, ephemera and publications containing articles by Lockwood. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of records together, material relevant to this series can be found throughout the collection and unrelated papers are also present in this series.

[Publications, largely fiction], 1959-1984 (File 14) - Box 2

[Publications and news cuttings, many containing articles by or about Lockwood], 1977-1997 (File 16_18) - Box 3

[Chinese English-language publications, personal correspondence and a memo book containing earnings on wharves], 1967-1990 (File 206) - Box 29

[Publication: Rydge's], 1957 (File 207) - Box 30

[Issues of Vanguard (Communist Party of Australia)], 1986 (File 366) - Box 56

[Assorted loose news cuttings, including issues of Maritime worker and Vanguard], 1964-1989 (File 371_372) - Box 57

[Books by Lockwood:] War on the waterfront and Armada hitam [Black armada], 1983, 1987 (File 381) - Box 59

[Publications and ephemera], c.1920, 1959-1988 (File 382) - Box 59

Includes: a printed Waterside Workers Federation code book, used for official communications; an Outlook discussion pamphlet on 'Nationalisation ... road to socialism'; several Paton-Wilkie-Deamer Newspaper addresses; and a Communist Party of Australia 'Draft program towards socialism in Australia'.

[Bound volume of issues of] Labour monthly, 1926-1929 (File 383) - Box 59

[Ephemera: federal election material, Australian Labor Party fliers etc], 1961-1968 (File 385) - Box 59

[Publications], 1959-1991 (File 444) - Box 69

Includes: a paper by Dr E.C. Fry, 'The Communist Party in Australian history'; and a Communist Party of Australia report of the Central Committee, delivered by L. Aarons.

[Annotated newspapers], 1972-1985 (File 571) - Box 89

Series 14. Writings by others, 1948-1991 (bulk 1972-1985)

Lockwood was in demand by researchers, as evidenced by the amount of correspondence he received from them (many to be found in Series 1, Correspondence). Amongst his papers are copies of theses sent by those he helped, as well as articles, memoirs, conference and seminar papers and speech texts collected by Lockwood in the course of his own research and professional activities. For written submissions sent to Lockwood when he edited Maritime worker, see Series 4, Waterside Workers Federation. Due to Lockwood's habit of filing a range of records together, material relevant to this series can be found throughout the collection and unrelated papers are also present in this series.

[Study:] New South Wales capital (File 95) - Box 14

Reviews of Lockwood's books, c.1990 (File 128) - Box 21

Bill Wood. [Newsletters produced by W.A. Wood, 'View from 28a: Mosman newsletter'], 1974 (File 271) - Box 40

[Manuscript:] 'Oil - King Oil and his dominion in Australia' by J.G. Andrew, c.1932 (File 276) - Box 41

'November eleven: a filmed political history', script by John Hughes, 1978 (File 305) - Box 46

[Thesis by Len Richardson: 'The labour movement in Wollongong New South Wales 1928-1939'], 1974 (File 306) - Box 46

[Thesis by Andrew Robert Cottle: 'The Brisbane line: a reappraisal'], 1991 (File 307) - Box 46

[Assorted loose papers, including an A.W. Dickson Memorial Address by J.F. Staples to the Printing and Kindred Industries Union], 1982 (File 309) - Box 47

[Assorted loose items, including conference papers], 1977-1985 (File 310) - Box 47

[Conference papers from the Okinawa International Conference against Military Bases], 1981 (File 311) - Box 47

[Assorted loose papers, including letters addressed to Jim Snow MP], 1985 (File 313) - Box 47

[Writings, including poetry, by writers other than Lockwood], 1973-1989 (File 314) - Box 47

[Copies of articles by Cecil] Sharpley, 1949-1952 (File 364) - Box 56

[Papers on Australian union history written by Leila Thomas and Gerald E. Caiden], 1962-1966 (File 379) - Box 58

Things I hear, 1954 (File 384) - Box 59

[University of New England history course material], 1972 (File 431) - Box 68

[News cuttings, notes, speeches and other writings by Mr J.F. Justice Staples], 1972-1984 (File 525) - Box 83

Includes: an article by Iranian Farhad Yawari on Iran (1979); and a speech by Justice Staples, 'The case for compensation for David Combe' (1984).

Tim Bowden: POW [ABC program transcript, 'We became things, not people'] (File 573) - Box 90

Thesis by Ken Mansell: 'The Marxism and strategic concepts of the Communist Party of Australia 1963-1972', 1980 (File 599) - Box 93

[Thesis by Garth Pilkington:] 'The Melbourne Press Manufacturers Trade Union and conservation movement news, 1978 (File 600) - Box 93

[Article by Gay Summy, 'The revolutionary democracy of J.F. Cairns'], 1972 (File 629) - Box 97