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Collection Summary

Durham Country Record Office
Collections held by the Durham County Record Office (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1819 - 1989
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M1339, M2836
69 items
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Scope and Contents

Papers 1850-1896 of Hodgkin Family, mainly letter-books 1866-1868 of Jonathan Hodgkin describing his travels in Australia and New Zealand, and meetings of the Society of Friends.

Papers 1848-1927 of Vane-Tempest-Stewart Family, including letters of Capt. R. FitzRoy, Sir Daniel Cooper and J.H. Aldridge of Adelaide to Lady Londonderry.

Papers 1842 of John Buddle, colliery engineer, referring to employment of engineers and clerks in Australia and New Zealand.

Report (c.1955) of Hugh Mackay, carpet manufacturer, of visit to Australia and New Zealand.

Papers 1898-1960 of Sir Cuthbert Headlam. Subjects include evacuation of Suvla and Anzac Cove.

Correspondence 1839-1864 of Pease Family of Darlington referring to travels of Joseph Pease in Australia.

Papers 1832-1977 of Wallis Family of Darlington. They include a sketchbook of James Backhouse recording his travels in Australia in 1832-1838, etchings of Tasmanian birds by Edward Backhouse in 1840, and family letters.

Records 1911-1951 of Cleveland Bridge Engineering Company. Subjects include New Zealand and Queensland railway bridges.

Darlington Library Collection, including diary 1883-1884 of John R. Harker kept on a journey from Darlington to New Zealand on Rangitiki.

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M Series: Journal of Capt. James Cook, 18 February-23 September 1770, British Library Add. MS 27885 (AJCP ref:

Archival History

Filmed at the Durham County Record Office, Durham, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1982 and 1992 (AJCP Reels: M1339, M2836). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

Durham County Record Office, Durham County Hall, Durham, England.

For further information see Durham Record Office. []

Existence and Location of Copies

The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at the National Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

The papers of Robert Stewart (1709-1822), Viscount Castlereigh, 2nd Marquess of Londonderry, are held in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. Selections from them have been filmed by the A.J.C.P. on reels M387-M388; M1661-M1666 Collections held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. .

Finding Aid Note

This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2018.. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

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Adelaide, SA; J. H. Aldridge; Australia; Edward Backhouse; Rev. James Backhouse; John Buddle; Cleveland Bridge Engineering Co.; Sir Daniel Cooper; Darlington, England; Emigrant voyages; Capt. Robert FitzRoy; Gallipoli, Turkey; John R. Harker; Sir Cuthbert Headlam; Jonathan Hodgin; Hodgkin Family; Hugh MacKay; Mines and mining; New Zealand: immigration to; New Zealand: visits to; New Zealand; Paintings; drawings; prints; Australia; Pease Family; Joseph Pease; Railways: New Zealand; Railways: Queensland; Rangitiki (Ship); Society of Friends; Vane-Tempest-Stewart Family; Frances Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Marchioness of Londonderry; Wallis Family; World War I


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition , published 1998. Entry 149, p. 54.[]

Item Descriptions

Fonds D/HO. Hodgkin Papers, 1850 - 1896

10 items

Papers of the Hodgkin Family, including Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866), founder of Aborigines Protection Society, John Hodgkin (1800-1875), and Jonathan Backhouse Hodgkin (1843-1926) of Darlington.

Series D/HO/C25. Letters of Lord Hampden, December 1896

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Lord Hampden (Sydney) to Sir Thomas Burton, 15 December 1896 (File 1)

Introduces J.E. Hodgkin.

Series D/HO/31. Correspondence of John Hodgkin, November 1855

1 item

Filmed selectively.

J.S. Mill to J. Hodgkin, 22 November 1855 (File 75)

Role of East India Company and Attorney-General in drafting of Charter of Justice for Prince of Wales Island, Singapore and Malacca.

Series D/HO/C32. Correspondence of Jonathan B. Hodgkin, November 1866 - June 1867

2 items

Filmed selectively.

J. Hodgkin (Darby) to J.B. Hodgkin, 17 June 1867 (File 28)

Suggests Hodgkin visit A. Woods at Albury; family news.

J.B. Pearse (Darlington) to J.B. Hodgkin, 18 November 1866 (File 37)

Books on Australia and New Zealand; advice on travelling; financial investments; Antipodean friends; weather.

Series D/HO/C33. Correspondence of Jonathan B. Hodgkin, July 1896 - December 1896

3 items

Filmed selectively.

N. E. Buxton (Adelaide) to J. E. Hodgkin, 7 December 1896 (File 9)

Invitation to dance at Government House.

G. Collins (Launceston) to J. E. Hodgkin, 1 July 1896 (File 10)

Dinner invitation.

Samuel Way (Adelaide) to J. E. Hodgkin, 5 Dec. [1896] (File 18)

Dinner invitation.

Series D/HO/C38. Letters of Thomas Hodgkin, August 1850 - December 1850

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Capt. R. Fitzroy to T. Hodgkin, 21 December 1850 (File 11)

Thanks for books; returns copy of British Colonization of New Zealand.

J. Hume to T. Hodgkin, 22 August 1850 (File 25)

Charges of massacre of Borneo natives brought against Sir James Brooke.

Series D/HO/F60-62. Letterbooks of Jonathan B. Hodgkin, November 1866 - June 1868

Copies of letters written by J. B. Hodgkin to his father and step-mother during his trip to Australia and New Zealand, Nov. 1866-June 1868.

F62 also contains copies of letters to other relatives and friends. The letters describe the voyage from England to Melbourne on the Yorkshire Nov. 1866-Feb. 1867 and on to Dunedin in the Albion Feb. 1867; visits to Christchurch, Timaru and Wellington and travels on horseback in the South Island, including the New Zealand Alps and goldfields; birdshooting; meetings with colonists; the voyage to Melbourne on the Bombay in July 1867; meetings of the Society of Friends in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania; travels on horseback in western Victoria and the Adelaide Hills; meeting with Henty Family at Portland; kangaroo hunting and bird shooting; encounter with Adelaide police; visit to Melbourne Observatory; health; religious and moral matters; finances; impressions of colonists; departure from Melbourne in Feb. 1868; voyage to England on Holmsdale. (382 pp.)

Fonds D/LO. Londonderry Papers, 1848 - 1927

8 items

Papers of Vane-Tempest-Stewart Family of Ireland and Durham. Robert Stewart (1739-1821) was created 1st Marquess of Londonderry in 1816. Charles Stewart (1778-1854), 3rd Marquess of Londonderry married Lady Frances Vane-Tempest and assumed her name. Charles (1878-1949), 7th Marquess of Londonderry, was Secretary of State for Air 1931-1935.

Series D/LO/C236. Correspondence of Lord Londonderry, January 1927 - February 1927

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Lord Durham to Lord Londonderry, 11 January 1927 (File 1498)

Private conference on emigration of unemployed, especially miners, to Dominions.

Lord Londonderry to Lord Durham, 3 February 1927 (File 1499)

Unable to attend conference; Dominions offer solution to problem of unemployment.

Series D/LO/C631-684. Correspondence of Theresa, Marchioness of Londonderry, 1896 - 1916

3 items

Biographical / Historical

Theresa, Marchioness of Londonderry (d. 1919).

Subseries D/LO/C631. Letters of J. H. Aldridge, 1908 - 1916

7 letters from J. H. Aldridge (Adelaide) to Lady Londonderry, 1908-1916; Pedigrees of horses, especially Pistol; despatch of Renmark oranges; World War I; refers to visit to Londonderry home.

Subseries D/LO/C644. Letters of Sir Daniel Cooper, January 1896

3 letters from Sir Daniel Cooper to Lady Londonderry, Jan. 1896: sends pedigrees of horses.

Subseries D/LO/C660. Letters of Lord Charles Lambton, n.d.
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Lord Charles Lambton (Penang) to Lady Londonderry, 11 February [n.y.] (File (i))

Account of bison hunting in Malayan jungle; forest clearing; inhabitants of Penang; horse-racing.

Series. Correspondence of Frances, Marchioness of Londonderry, July 1848 - August 1854

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Frances, Marchioness of Londonderry (1800-1865).

Subseries D/LO/Add. File 11. Letters from B. Disraeli, 5 August 1854
1 item
B. Disraeli to [Lady Londonderry], 5 August 1854 (File 5)

Account of scandal caused by F. Lawley, Gladstone's secretary, and his N.S.W. appointment.

Subseries F/LO/Add. File 31. Correspondence, 4 July 1848
1 item
Captain R. FitzRoy to Lady Londonderry, 4 July 1848 (File)

Appointment to command of frigate Arrogant; recall from New Zealand not due to his fault; bitterness on account of apparent failures; trouble he caused Londonderrys by giving up seat of Durham.

Fonds D/NCB I. Records deposited by National Coal Board, Team Valley, 1842

4 items

Series D/NCB I/JB. Papers of John Buddle, January 1842 - April 1842

4 items

Filmed selectively

Biographical / Historical

John Buddle (1777-1843), colliery engineer and partner in Stella Coal Company.

Sir Henry Browne to J. Buddle, 5 January 1841 [ie. 1842] (File 189)

Employment of men in Australia or New Zealand.

Sir Henry Browne to J. Buddle, 17 January 1842 (File 190)

Employment of men in Australia or New Zealand.

T. Gibson to J. Buddle, 23 April 1842 (File 552-553)

Sends testimonial of J. Blackmore to support application of son for post of assistant engineer with New Zealand Company.

T. Sopwith to J. Buddle, 25 January 1842 (File 1331)

Employment of clerks by New Zealand Company.

Fonds D/HE. Papers of the Right Honourable Sir Cuthbert Headlam, 1898 - 1960

7 items

Biographical / Historical

Sir Cuthbert Headlam (1876-1964). Clerk to the House of Lords, 1897-1924, Member of Parliament for various constituencies, 1924-1951, holder of various political offices.

Series 126. Letters of congratulation on appointment to Admiralty, February 1927 - March 1927

2 items

Filmed selectively.

G.W. Pinkney (Invercargill) to Headlam, 7 February 1927 (File 126/169)

Re his work on Docks at Bluff Harbour and as a gardener. (3p.)

'Brinny' [Miss Bryant] (Hawkes Bay) with congratulations. (2p.), 26 March 1927 (File 126/243)

Series 134. General Correspondence, March 1922

1 item

Filmed selectively.

H. Macdonald (East Malvern) to [Headlam], 5 March 1922 (File 134/46)

Tthat his book A Strange Delilah brought back memories of service in Australian Forces in Egypt and Palestine. (6p.)

Series 136. General Correspondence, April 1898 - February 1960

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Sir William Shepherd Morrison (Government House, Canberra) to C. Headlam that they are 'enchanted' with Australia. (1p.), 9 February 1960 (File 136/11)
Walter Campbell re evacuations of Suvla and Anzac, 18 December 1915 - 20 December 1915 (File 230)

'Our anxiety is over and nothing less than a miracle as happened as no human ingenuity alone could have worked the result.' (2p.)

Thomas Alex Headlam (Poona, Queensland) to his mother that has been rowing with St Hill from Tasmania, who knows Headlams in Tasmania. (4p), 24 April 1898 (File 249/1)
Nellie Melba signature on a postcard 'Souvenir of the Australian Bush', 12 November 1909 (File 265)

Addressed to Countess of Cavan from 'Beatrice'.

Fonds D/PE. Pease Family of Darlington, 1839 - 1864

3 items

Series 2. Correspondence, March 1839

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Anna Pease (Belmont) to Henry Pease that Jacob is going to Australia with the Whites. (3p., part crossed), 13 March 1839 (File 2/104)

Series 11. Travel, January 1864 - October 1864

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Joseph Beaumont Pease (Bombay) to Henry re travelling to Australia. (2p.), 12 January 1864 (File 11/180)
Joseph Beaumont Pease (Swan Hill) to Henry, 13 October 1864 (File 11/182)

Re travels in South Australia by coach, rail and steamer; intercolonial rivalries.(10p.)

Fonds D/WA. Wallis Family of Darlington, c.1830s - 1977

12 items

Series 1. Backhouse Family, c.1830s

1 item
Subseries 1/7. Drawings, c.1830s
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Edward Backhouse. Sketchbook of Van Diemen's Land, Flinders Island, Norfolk Island, and South Africa, c.1830s (File 1/7/16)

Sketches by Charles Wheeler and James Backhouse of scenery, flora and fauna (c100p.)

Subjects include: Hobart Town, 1834; Indigenous Australians of New South Wales; Norfolk and Phillip Islands; Wedgetailed Eagle, Van Diemen's Land; Fern Valley, Van Diemen's Land; entrance to Port Davey; Fort Macquarie, Sydney Cove; chain gang going to work, 'are their garments too much torn?'; grass trees, Flinders Island; Sydney Cove, 3 March 1835; Mount Warning; Kelvedon, Van Diemen's Land, residence of Francis Cotton; Port Macquarie tree fern; South West coast of Van Diemen's Land 5 January 1832.

Includes: Miscellaneous correspondence and copies of engravings of some of the sketches.

Biographical / Historical

Edward Backhouse (1825-1873).

Series 5. Wallis Family, April 1937 - March 1977

11 items
Subseries 5/1. Correspondence, May 1940 - February 1941
7 items

Filmed selectively.

Rachel E. Wallis (London) to Amy E. Wallis. Mentions Kulka in New Zealand, 9 November 1940 (File 5/1/1443)
Rachel Wallis (London) to Amy Wallis, 9 June 1940 (Postmark) (File 5/1/1444)
Henry Kulka (Auckland) to Mrs Wallis and Rachel, 10 May 1940 (File 5/1/1445)

Re impossibility of finding work in Wellington, accommodation, work as an architect in Auckland. (3p.)

Rachel Wallis (London) to Amy Wallis, 10 December [1940] (File 5/1/1464)

Re Kulka and possible anti-German feeling in New Zealand.(4p.)

Henry Kulka (Auckland) to Mrs Wallis with Christmas greetings. (1p.), 21 November 1940 (File 5/1/1465)
Rachel Wallis (London) to Amy Wallis, 9 February 1941 (Postmark) (File 5/1/1468)

Re visit to Sadlers Wells Ballet - 'Robert Helpmann is really a magnificent dancer now.'(4p.)

[Anthony A. J. Wallis] (no place) to Kulka (New Zealand). Family news. (1p.), n.d. (File 5/1/1593)
Subseries 5/4. Personal, July 1974 - March 1977
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Ruby Linda Hutchinson (Frankston, Victoria) to Friends Meeting House, Darlington, 29 July 1974 (File 5/4/163)

Requesting help in tracing her family tree.

Phyllis Sieuwright (Melbourne) to Amy Wallis with family news, 13 March 1977 (File 5/4/164)
Subseries 5/5. Society of Friends, February 1940 - August 1940
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Norah Inge (Church of England Zenana Missionary Society School, Singapore) to Mrs Wallis (16p; damaged), 4 February 1940; 26 May 1940; 22 August 1940; 30 August 1940 (File 5/5/55-58)

Subjects include: effects of war; health; 'it is very trying to be away out here, far from it all and hardly knowing there is a war on'; Guide rally; visit to Java; visit from thief; her knowledge of Malay; visit to Kuala Lumpur; defences of Singapore.

Subseries 5/9. Miscellaneous, April 1937
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Announcement of marriage of Wilhelm Puregger and Marjorie Bulcock in Brisbane. (1p.), April 1937 (File 5/9/19)

Fonds D/X. Miscellaneous documents, 1858 - 1989

8 items

Series D/X 246. Papers of Hugh L. Mackay, Chairman of Durham carpet manufacturers Hugh Mackay and Co. Ltd., c.1955

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Typescript account of five-month visit to Australia and New Zealand (4pp.), c.1955 (File 3)

Power of attorney by Nancy Susanna Carter of Parramatta to Messrs C. J. Carter and F. Clarke. (17p.), 4 November 1858 (File D/X/786)

Includes: Copy of Stanhope Hunter Carter's death certificate, died 25 September 1858 at Smithfield.

Mrs L.J. Teys (Merah North) with information on sons of John Dixon of Durham who migrated to Australia in 1820s, n.d. (File D/X/825/1-2)

Includes a photocopy of a lithograph of John Dixon's residence at Cockfield.

Series D/X/899. Family trees, 1989

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Welford Family Tree compiled by Thomas Riley (1p.), 1989 (File D/X/899/3)

Includes: Hilton Thirkell Welford (1860-1932) and family in Timaru New Zealand.

Leighton Family Tree compiled by Thomas Riley (1p.), 1989 (File D/X/899/6)

Includes: Elizabeth and Richard Swinbank of New Zealand (1820s-1850s) and Richard Leighton (1858-1934) and family of Australia.

Series D/X/920. Bowron Family Papers, May 1919

1 item
Subseries D/X/920/4. John and Isabella Bowron, May 1919
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Copy of registration deed of 'Howlands Field' Cotherstone, N. Yorkshire bought from William Robert Holme of Genoe, NSW. (2p.), 19 May 1919 (File D/X/920/4/101)

Series D/X/938. Deeds relating to Cotherstone, Stanhope and Ainstable (County Cumberland), July 1902

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Family settlement between John Henry Bourne of East Molesey, Henrietta Bourne of Cotherstone, Charles William Goodson of Auckland, New Zealand, merchant and others (10p.), 1 July 1902 (File D/X/938/25)

Series D/X/949. The Hewetson Families of Ravenstonedale by Keith Lovet Watson, 1965

2 items
Volume 4, 1805-1899, 1965 (File D/X/949/4)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Chapter XXXVI Descendants of Henry Hewetson of Street, 1717-1783: Joseph Hewetson of London and New Zealand (1805-1899), 1965 (Item ff. 581-600)

Details of Joseph Hewetson and his son Thomas' migration to New Zealand on Olympus 1842 and copies of letters written from Moutere, 1 November 1851, 31 August 1853, 8 February 1857, 25 December 1858 detailing their lives in New Zealand; family tree.

Chapter XXXVII Thomas Hewetson (1832-1896), 1965 (Item ff. 601-621)

Colonial farmer. Copy of journal kept by Thomas Hewetson on voyage to England, on Lord Worsley and Royal Charter, 31 December 1858 to 29 March 1859. Journal in possession of Carolyn Kelly of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Appendix XX Hewetson families in New Zealand of Scottish descent and family trees. (22p.)

Fonds D/CB. Cleveland Bridge Engineering Company, 1911 - 1952

18 items

Series 1. Orders, August 1911 - September 1952

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Roadway Bridge at Waitara. (30p.), 16 August 1911 (File 1/44)

Includes: correspondence with W. T. Johnson (Wellington), costings, proposed design, specifications from Waitara Borough Council; notes on quality of materials and workmanship.

Roadbridge at Creek Street, Brisbane for Queensland Railways. (7p.), 30 October 1911 (File 1/53)

Includes: schedule of quantities and prices, note of securement of tender.

Bridge over Sandy Creek for Queensland Railways. (5p.), 18 December 1911 (File 1/60)

Includes: Correspondence with John Peart (Brisbane), schedule of prices and quantities.

Two deck span for New Zealand Government Railways, Kaihu Valley Railway extension. (10p.), 9 July 1921 (File 1/72)

Includes: quantities and prices; correspondence with W. T. Johnson and Company (Wellington).

Deck spans for river bridge for New Zealand Government Railways at Tarawera (26p. some faint pencil), 6 October 1921 (File 1/80)

Includes: correspondence with W. T. Johnson and Co Ltd (Wellington); notes on quantities and prices; specifications.

Extensions to Balmain Power Station for Sydney Steel Company. (66p.), April 1951 - September 1952 (File 1/181)

Includes: correspondence with Sydney Steel Company and Ronald J. Harvey (London) re problems obtaining steel for the project, which was then cancelled.

Series 2. Tenders, September 1921 - October 1951

9 items

Filmed selectively

Oil tanks at Singapore for Admiralty, 8 September 1921 (File 2/3)

Includes: correspondence with Admiralty, Clayton Sons and Co Ltd (Hunslet), South Durham Steel and Iron Co., Armstrong Stevens and Sons Ltd (Birmingham); quantities and prices; invitation to tender. (49p. some faint pencil)

Joists and staunchions for torpedo workshop Singapore for Air Ministry. (7p.), 11 March 1931 (File 2/25)

Includes: correspondence with Air Ministry, specifications, prices.

Buller River Bridge for New Zealand Government. (21p.), 1 August 1931 (File 2/66)

Includes: note on specifications; correspondence with New Zealand High Commission; Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Co (New Zealand) Ltd (Wellington).

Railway bridge for New Zealand Railways. (16p.), 4 January 1951 (File 2/88)

Includes: correspondence with Ranald J. Harvey (London).

Railway bridge for New Zealand Government. (14p.), 2 July 1951 (File 2/120)

Includes: correspondence with New Zealand High Commission; specifications; draft contract.

Railway bridge for New South Wales. (36p.), 3 July 1951 (File 2/122)

Includes: correspondence with New South Wales Agent General Office, specifications, prices, form of tender.

Bridges for New Zealand Railways. (8p.), 22 July 1951 (File 2/126)

Includes: correspondence with Ranald J. Harvey (London).

Steelwork for Agent General, South Australia. (16p.), 12 September 1951 (File 2/134)

Includes: correspondence with Agent General and Trade commissioner for South Australia; tender, specifications.

Bridge over Hunter River at Denman for Department of Main Roads New South Wales. (95p.), 23 October 1951 (File 2/141)

Includes: correspondence with Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Co Ltd (Seaforth, NSW), Department of Main Roads (Sydney); Agent General for NSW; notes on specifications, quantities, prices; estimate; tender forms.

Fonds D/DL. Darlington Library Collection, 1819

1 item

Series 22. Papers relating to Elections and Politics, 25 November 1819; 14 December 1819

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

Benjamin Flounders (Yarm) to H.G. Bennett, MP and A.L.S. Wortley, MP, 25 November 1819; 14 December 1819 (File 22/3)

Re repealing laws against migration of artificers in time of economic distress. (8p., copy letterbook, faint).

Fonds D/XD. Miscellaneous documents, 1859 - 1884

2 items

Filmed selectively.

John R. Harker. Diary of journey from Darlington to New Zealand on Rangitiki (75p.), 11 December 1883 - 15 April 1884 (File 68)

Details of: Train journey to Plymouth; New Zealand Government van collects baggage; boarding Rangitiki; visited by doctor; sea sickness; no church service; Christmas Day; forming committee to arrange Sunday School and Bible Classes; weather; food; flying fish; illness in heat, measles; sighting other vessels; killing sheep; birth on board; death of Irish woman; death of Harker's baby daughter and burial at sea; birth of son to Harker and wife Elizabeth; poem written by sailors for his dead baby; sighting Tasmania; All Fool's Day tricks by sailors; incompetence of doctor, who is often the worse for drink; Bay of Islands; Auckland 'a most pleasing sight it was to behold'; met by Mrs Busfoot and Mr Wilkes.

Thomas Byers (Melbourne) to brother Henry (Durham), 16 August 1859 (File 105)

Election; loss of Admella steamer between Melbourne and Adelaide; family news; his sons speculating at Bendigo; railway expansion. (8p., photocopies)