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Scope and Contents

Correspondence 1911-1927 of Professor Frederick Bower. Subjects include: A. Anstruther Lawson; dispatch of ferns and other botanical specimens from Sarawak; Singapore mutiny; Bower's visit to Australia in 1915; article on Australian ferns and botanic gardens at Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Correspondence 1844-1852 of Duncan MacFarlan concerning Presbyterian Church in Australia.

Papers 1846-1895 of Hamilton Family of Rozelle. Subjects include: cattle prices; a typescript by Hugh Hamilton describing journey to Australia on the Earl Grey in 1841; biographical notes by Hugh Hamilton containing description of life in Australia; Bathurst; cattle prices; Morney Plains station in Queensland; and the Victorian goldfields.

Letters of Professor Sir William MacEwen, written from the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia in 1923 to his family. Subjects include: description of voyage on the Tahitr, social life in Sydney and Melbourne; impressions of Australia; and voyage across the Pacific.

Journals of James Allan on voyage to Straits Settlements and China 1872 and to Singapore and Japan 1922-1923.

Papers 1961 of Professor Thomas F. Rodger concerning Mental Health Conference in Christchurch.

Papers 1965-1972 of Professor Robert S. Silver, including press statements (many by D.E. Fairbairn) on water resources projects in Australia.

Papers 1926-1938 of Sir Robert Horn, including speeches and documents on Empire Migration.

Papers 1879-1906 of MacFie Family. Subjects include: Sandwich Islands; sugar plantations in Rau; sandalwood trade; journal of J.W. MacFie's trip to Hawaii on the Auronia, Australia and Mariposa in 1884; Hawaiian financial affairs; Kilauea plantation; and visit of Queen of Hawaii to London in 1887.

Records 1909-1918 of Upper Clyde Shipbuilders.

Records 1888-1896 of Hardie and Rowan relating to Australian and New Zealand mines.

Records 1873-1878 of Netherlands India Dry Dock Co.

Records 1914-1949 of mining company Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons Ltd.

14. Records 1967 of Scotts' Shipbuilding and Engineering Co Ltd concerning a tour of Australia.

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Allan, James; Auronia (ship); Australia; Australia (ship); Australia: flora and fauna; Australia: immigration to; Australia: visits to; Bathurst, New South Wales; Botanists; Bower, Frederick, Prof.; Cattle; China; Christchurch, New Zealand; Earl Grey (ship); Emigrant voyages; Emigration and immigration; Fairbairn, Sir David E.; Hamilton Family (Sydney); Hamilton, Hugh; Hardie and Rowan; Hawaii; Horn, Sir Robert; Japan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Lawson, A. Anstruther; MacEwen, Sir William; MacFarlan, Duncan; MacFie Family; MacFie, J.W.; Mariposa (ship); McAlpine, Sir Robert & Sons Ltd; Melbourne, Victoria: visits to; Mental Health Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand; Mines and mining; Morney Plains Station, Queensland; Morney Plains Station, Queensland; Netherlands India Dry Dock Co; New Zealand; Pacific Ocean; Presbyterian Church; Rau Island; Rodger, Thomas F., Prof.; Sandalwood trade; Scotland Sarawak; Scotts' Shipbuilding and Engineering Co Ltd; Silver, Robert S., Prof.; Singapore: visits to; Straits Settlements; Sydney, New South Wales: visits to; Tahiti (ship); Upper Clyde Shipbuilders; Victoria; Water resources


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 188, pp69-70.

Item Descriptions

Fonds DC 001. Beith Parish, 1851 - 1858

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2697.

Series Vol. XVIII. Clippings, December 1851

1 item
Press clipping from New Zealander re first meeting of Auckland Municipal Council. (3p.), 3 December 1851 (File 2025)

Series. Miscellaneous Documents, 1858

1 item
Prospectus of a map to be published of Australian colonies and notes taken during residence therein, 1851-57, 1858 (File 2139)

By P. Just. Glasgow, Thomas Murray & Son (3p.)

Fonds DC 002. Professor Frederick Orpen Bower, 1911 - 1927

56 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2697.

Biographical / Historical

Frederick Orpen Bower (1855-1948) was born at Ripon and educated at Repton School and Trinity College, Cambridge. He studied in Germany and carried out research at the Jodrell Laboratory at Kew before becoming professor of botany at Glasgow University in 1885. He held the post for 40 years. He was the president of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1919-1924).

Series. Correspondence between Bower and colleagues worldwide, August 1911 - October 1913

19 items

All correspondence to Bower unless noted.

Filmed selectively.

A. Barr (Glasgow) that received letter from Prof. Warren of Sydney that Lawson is a great success, 8 December 1913 (File A16)
C.V. Brooke (London) to Prof. Balfour, 26 November 1912 (File A30)

Re Prof. Campbell's search for fern in Sarawak. (Copy)

Charles Hose (Diss) to Rajah of Sarawak, 23 November 1912 (File A31)

Re ferns of Sarawak. (Copy)

Ranu Mude of Sarawak (London) to Prof. Balfour (London), 25 November 1912 (File A32)

Re beauties of Sarawak.

G.N. Hose (Guildford) notes (File A33[A+B])

Re Sarawak ferns.

Hugh Burkill (Botanic Gardens, Singapore), 20 May 1913, 19 June 1913, 6 October 1913 (File A36-38)

Re entertaining BAAS members returning from Australia; sending flora to Kew.

H. Carse (Auckland) sending specimens of ferns, 18 September 1912 - 29 October 1912 (File A44-45)
L. Cockayne (Christchurch), 20 September 1911, 2 May, 3 October, 17 October, 31 October 1912 (File A52-56)

Re obtaining Botanical specimens.

Charles E. Foweraker (South Canterbury), 13 October 1912 - 15 November 1912 (File A96-97)

Re field trips to obtain specimens of ferns; has refused to run a cricket team.

A. Anstruther Lawson (St. Andrews, Sydney, Liverpool, U.S.A., Univ. of California), 15 September 1911 - 17 November 1913 (File A173-183)

Re teaching at Sydney University, 'students are not a bad lot'; plans to build laboratory in Botanic Gardens; smallpox epidemic; trip to America; requests a lecturer be sent out from Glasgow; beauties of Australian bush. (56p.)

D. McAlpine (Dept. of Agriculture, Victoria), 30 November 1912 (File A189)

Re work on bitterpit in apples.

H. Maiden (Botanic Gardens, Sydney), 17 February 1912 - 5 August 1913 (File A196-200)

Re appointment of Lawson as Prof. of Botany; good relations with Lawson; Bower's attendance at BAAS meeting. (13p.)

J.C. Moulton (Sarawak Museum), 4 December 1912 - 13 July 1913 (File A205-08)

Re Cheiropleuria bicuspis HK from Mt. Lingga. (5p.)

Henry Ridley (Botanic Gardens, Singapore), 16 August 1911 (File A230)

Re field trips; retirement, will not be replaced

H. Ruark (Univ. of Sydney), 21 October 1912 (File A231)

Re appointment of Lawson.

Alfred J. Ewart (Univ. of Melbourne), 29 February 1912 (File A264)

Re his applications for Professorship of Botany at Sydney and Adelaide; conflict with Minister of Agriculture on work on bitterpit.

H.E. Barff (Univ. of Sydney), 22 October 1912 (File A265)

Re appointment of Lawson to chair of Botany.

Lawson ? (Univ. of Sydney) to Chancellor, 30 April 1913 (File A266)

Re appointment of Assistant lecturer in Botany Dept.

H. Ruark (Sydney) on return to Australia, 14 October 1912 (File A302)
Hugh Burkill (Botanic Gardens, Singapore) re Singapore mutiny; sending specimens. (14p.), 9 April 1915 - 18 August 1916 (File B 28A-F)
L. Cockayne (Wellington) re collecting specimens, 18 August 1915 (File B37)
J. Edgeworth David (Sydney Univ.) re Bower's visit to Australia; proposing J.H. Maiden for Royal Society, 27 November 1914 - 5 January 1915 (File B40-41)
Alfred J. Ewart (Melbourne), 16 February 1915, 23 September 1915, 6 June 1916 (File B81-83)

Re problems getting equipment, encloses letters from Dept. of External Affairs and Atlee Hunt that unable to get specimen of Platysoma microphylla from Northern Territory.

T. Johnson (Dublin and SS Moatora off Townsville), 5 May 1914-13 February 1915, 24 December 1914 (File B165-9)

Re visit to Australia and exchange of photographs taken during B.A.A.S. meetings.

T.S. Kirkland (Sydney) re Bower's visit to Sydney, 14 September 1914 (File B177)
A. Anstruther Lawson (Sydney), 2 January 1914 - 30 October 1916 (File B223-229)

Re large classes in Botany; his bad health; war has prevented plans for new Botanical laboratory in Botanic Gardens; McLuckie is his right hand in the Department; his research. (44p. and 4 photographs)

John McLucky (Sydney), 21 January, 31 July, 17 November 1915 (File B237-9)

Re his first impressions of Australia; visit to Wentworth Falls sending specimens; war news received in Australia. (16p.)

J.H. Maiden (Sydney and Armidale), 20 December 1915 - 18 December 1916 (File B242-247)

Re ferns; Botanic Gardens has taken on 27 acres of Government House grounds; effects of war - wounded soldiers on streets and taxation; election to Royal Society. (14p.)

T.G.B. Osborn (Adelaide) sending 2 photographs of children, 15 December 1916 (File B264)
C.H. Osterfeld (Fremantle, Perth) owing to injury cannot attend B.A.A.S, 28 July 1914 - 21 August 1914 (File B265-6)
H. Taylor King (SS Anchises, Hobart and Melbourne), 3 March 1915 (File B329)

Re voyage to Adelaide with Lawson; popularity of Lawson's classes.

W.W. Watt (Sydney) re Bower's visit to Sydney sending copies of his papers; sending specimens. (6p.), 28 February 1915 - 4 May 1916 (File B336-9)
J.J. Wilson (Woollahra) re meeting Bower in Sydney; Lawson's plans for his Department, 2 May 1915 (File B345)
H. Carse (Auckland) sending specimens, 10 January 1917 - 22 July 1917 (File C104-05)
L. Cockayne (Wellington), 17 July 1916 - February 1917 (File C116-7)

Introducing C.E. Foweraker; sending specimens of Paesia scaberula - notes on its habitat; ferns which grow near his cottage.

Alfred Ewart (Melbourne Univ.) to ?, 30 November 1921 (File C174)

Re appointment as Secretary of Committee of B.A.A.S. dealing with Botanical station in Jamaica.

Charles E. Foweraker (N.Z.E.F. Medical HQ, London and Christchurch), 3 September 1918 - 10 October 1920 (File C199-200)

Re his visit to Glasgow; his work tabulating medical statistics; work at Biological Dept. at Canterbury College; news of other NZ scientists.

F.G. Gibbs (Nelson), 16 January 1917 (File C206)

Sending specimen of Paesia scaberula.

Rev. John Holloway (Hokitika - Westland), 30 May 1919 (File C240)

Sending specimens; his busy life looking after 8 or 10 counties.

A. Anstruther Lawson (Sydney), 29 April 1917 - 6 May 1920 (File C324-332)

Re appointing second Botany lecturer due to large classes; his health; Botany school has 450 students - one of largest and most popular in Uni.; Brough settling in as second lecturer; leave of absence; application to Carnegie Trust. (c40p.)

John McLuckie (Sydney), 1 July 1915 - 23 April 1918 (File C347-8)

Re obtaining specimens; accommodation in Macleay Museum; enjoying lecturing.

T.G.B. Osborn (Adelaide), 11 July 1919 (File C377)

Re research.

Report requested by Uni. of Manchester on application for D Sc. degree of TGB Osborn. Report by Prof. Bower on Osborn's thesis, 17 February 1920 (File C378-9)
Telegram from Prof. Lawson (Sydney) re appointment of Small, 30 March 1918 (File C424)
James Small (London) refusing Sydney post, 3 April 1918 (File C425)
W.W. Watts (Wycheproof, Vic.), 18 July 1918 (File C481)

Re article on Australian ferns for Encyclopaedia Australia.

F.E. Weiss (London), 9 February, 13 February, n.d., 16 February 1920 (File C483-6)

Re Osborne's application from Adelaide for vacant Professorship at Bedford College. Includes Osborn's c.v. (9p.)

R. Stephen Adamson (Adelaide, Melbourne), 22 September 1922 - 20 October 1922 (File D3-4)

Re successful trip to Australia crossing Nullarbor Plain; hospitality received; wealth of ferns at Mt. Wilson.

William Brierley (Harpenden) that intends to apply for post of mycologist to C.S.I.R.O, 5 January 1927 (File D19)
Bower to Official Secretary, Australia House, in support of Brierley (15p.), 7 January 1927 (File D19)
Patrick Brough (Sydney) sending his paper; new Botany building; his survey of Mt. Wilson, 26 February 1924 (File D26)
H. Burkill (Kew) re Botanic Gardens at Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, 19 August 1925 - 24 July 1926 (File D32A-B)
Charles E. Foweraker (Christchurch) Christmas greetings on post card of Botanical Gardens, 17 December 1923 (File D101)
A. Anstruther Lawson (Sydney) re development of Botany School; new building; expedition to Brush of Barrington Tops, 29 November 1923, 28 April 1925, 13 May 1925 (File D189-192)

(9p. and 10 photographs of building in progress, and news cuttings)

T.G.B. Osborn (Manchester and Adelaide), 15 February 1921 - 1 April 1923 (File D217-8)

Re visit to England; expedition to Peason Group. Includes 2 photographs.

7 photographs (of new Botany School, Sydney Uni.?) (File D258)

Fonds DC 006. Sir John Graham Kerr, 1924 - 1933

6 items

Correspondence to or from John Graham Ker.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2697.

Biographical / Historical

Sir (John) Graham Kerr (1869-1957) was educated at the Royal High School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University and Christ's College, Cambridge. He made two collecting expeditions to South America before becoming a demonstrator in animal morphology at Cambridge in 1897. In 1902 he was appointed professor of zoology at Glasgow University, where he remained until 1935. He published widely and served on many scientific societies. He was a member of the House of Commons from 1935 to 1950.

Series 1234-1283. Notes and Manuscripts of Published Works, December 1924 - March 1926

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Letters from TL Bancroft, Australia, and Andrew Pride, South American Missionary Society (File 1254)
Thomas L. Bancroft (Eilsvold, Qld), 31 December 1924 (Item)

The problems of raising money - Sir Alfred Yarron refused to contribute; Commonwealth Government suggest Qld. Government should pay; financial state of Qld. Government; already obtained 100 acres on Stradbrooke Island for ceratodus station from Government provided found necessary funds.

Thomas L. Bancroft (Eidsvold) re obtaining larval ceratodus, 27 March 1926 (Item)
General correspondence file (alphabetical), October 1933 - November 1933 (File 1278)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

J.H. MacFarland (Chancellor, Melbourne University) re appointment to vice chancellorship of Melbourne University, 2 November 1933 (Item)
To Prof. Agar re following letter, 13 November 1933 (Item)
'A' and 'B' documents re University of Melbourne vice chancellorship and the University (4p.), October 1933 (Item)
MacFarland and Agar (Melbourne), 11 October 1933 (Item)

Seeking GK's assistance in selecting vice chancellor, list of people approached to assist and paper on committee on the vice chancellorship. (5p.)

Fonds DC 009. Principal Duncan MacFarlan, 1844 - 1852

9 items

Correspondence to and from Duncan MacFarlan.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2697.

Biographical / Historical

Duncan Macfarlan (1771-1857) was educated at Glasgow University and was ordained a minister of the Church of Scotland in 1791. He became the minister of Glasgow High Church in 1824. He was elected principal and vice-chancellor of Glasgow University in 1823 and held the post until his death.

Series. Correspondence and Papers, 26 April 1844 - 29 December 1852

Rev. John McGarvie (Sydney), 26 April 1844 (File f.633)

Introducing Charles Sutherland with comments on Church situation in Australia; protest against Presbyterian Church Bill; support of people for Church of Scotland. (3p.)

William Young (Colonial Committee, Edinburgh), 15 March 1847 (File f.683)

Asking DM to endorse Bill of exchange to defray expenses incurred 'in urging the claims of the Presbyterian inhabitants of Hobart Town'.

Dr Thomas Clark (Edinburgh), 7 April 1847 (File f.685)

Ack. receipt of Australian enclosure to be brought before Colonial Committee.

William Young (Colonial Committee, Edinburgh), 24 December 1847 (File f.690)

Forwarding letter from Rev. McGarvie in Sydney asking for ministers for vacant churches in Australia. (wanting)

To Young that vacancies should be advertised; case of Parramatta, 7 January 1848 (File f.691)
Rev. Dr John McGarvie (Sydney), 25 June 1852 (File f.750)

Introducing Rev. William Purves, delegate from Synod of Australia to General Assembly of Church of Scotland.

Rev. James Coutts (Parramatta) re postal delay; hopes Purves not inconvenienced, 29 July 1852 (File f.754)
Coutts (Parramatta) re Bill for £50, 28 August 1852 (File f.755)
W. Young (Colonial Committee, Edinburgh) re allowance for Coutts at Parramatta, 29 December 1852 (File f.764)

Fonds DC 011. Dr John Barbour of Bournemouth, 1875 - 1877

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2697.

Biographical / Historical

John Borthwick Barbour (d. 1877) gained his doctorate of medicine in 1865. On his death he bequeathed the residue of his estate to Glasgow University to establish a scholarship for the promotion of research in anatomy and physiology.

Series 354-72. Victoria Stream Tin Co. Papers, 1875 - 1877

AJCP selectively copied items from this series (36 pages) including: Debentures; copy of minute of agreement between John Woods and John Romanes 24 March 1875, lease of ground in Victoria; 29 June 1875 EJ Smith (London) to Romanes re lease (copy); share certificate, 1876; balance sheet, 31 May 1877; Directors Report, June 1877; report on meeting.

Fonds DC 013. William James Mackenzie, 1962 - 1967

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2697.

Biographical / Historical

William James Millar Mackenzie (1909-1996) was born in Edinburgh and educated at the Edinburgh Academy and Balliol College, Oxford. He was elected a fellow of Magdalen College in 1933. In 1948 he was appointed professor of government at Manchester University. He moved to Glasgow University in 1966 as professor of government and subsequently professor of politics (1966-1974). He was the author of Politics and social science (1967) and Explorations in government (1975).

Dr P.D. Marchant (Uni. of NSW) to W.J.M. enclosing survey of student numbers in Australia and New Zealand to be published in Politics. (1p.), 12 June 1967 (File f.358)

W.J.M. to Dr Marchant ack. literature, lamenting 'considerable margin of error' in some questionnaires; comments on her survey. (Draft) (4p.) (File f.359)

Survey on political science departments in Australasia. Politics Vol. 2 no. 1. (8p.) (printed) (File f.360)

Paper by R.N. Spann presented at Colloquium on 'The Study of politics in Australia'. Institute of Commonwealth Studies (12p.), 21 June 1962 (File f.361)

Ms. annotations by [?] W.J.M.[?]

J.D.B. Miller. Some gaps in study of Australian politics (22p.) (typescript) (Item f.362)

Fonds DC 017. Commander J Hamilton of Rozelle. Family Papers, 1841 - 1895

7 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2697.

Biographical / Historical

Rozelle House near Ayr was built by Hugh Hamilton in 1754. In 1828 Captain Archibald Hamilton (d. 1848) and his wife, Lady Jane Montgomerie, acquired a life-rent interest in the house, which he rebuilt. His brother Hugh Hamilton (1822-1900), migrated to New South Wales in 1841 and became the owner of Tomabil and Boyd stations in the Forbes district. He married Margaret Innes in 1853.

Bundle 3, February 1846 - July 1846 (File)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Hugh Hamilton (Saltram, N.S.W.) to Archibald Hamilton (Rozelle), 4 July 1846 (Item)

Committee to be formed to report on capabilities of Bathurst area to support railway to Sydney; expects to get good price for his cattle; demand for salt beef.

Hugh Hamilton (Saltram, N.S.W.) to Archibold Hamilton why he has not invested in sheep, 18 February 1846 (Item)

Bundle 53 (File)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical notes by Hugh Hamilton (Item [1])

Childhood in Scotland, leaving for Australia in 1841, aged 18, on Earl Grey, description of other passengers 'single women were a bad lot'. (23p.) (faint typescript)

Biographical notes by Hugh Hamilton; ms. original of [1]. (23p) (Item [2])
Biographical notes by Hugh Hamilton from 1841 voyage to Australia (Item [3])

Life on cattle station at Saltram; borrowing money; his house and garden; floods; property; drought, 1850; moving cattle; abandoned the cattle in cold weather; discovery of gold - 'gold fever'; he forms a company and sets off for Orphir; return to Bathurst to trade in gold; became commissioner, presiding over disputes; returns to cattle run - higher price for cattle in Victoria so takes cattle to Melbourne to sell; 8 week journey; effect of discovery of gold on Melbourne; marries, 1853; buys another property; sells at profit; buys two runs by Darling River; journey to Spence's station on the Darling - his station had been attacked by natives - previous attacks on natives; continue on to his runs - poor land; shortage of provisions; expedition into interior - lack of water; arrived at McCrea's run. (81p.)

(Ms with ms additions and alterations)


Bundle 59, 1841 - 1878 (File)

13 items

Filmed selectively.

'What then? Why another Pilgrim song' Poem on Australian Club paper. (3p.) (Item)
[Hugh Hamilton] to Anna Marie Broke re his life in Australia; life on cattle run and on gold fields as commissioner. (13p.), 26 March 1852 (Item)
The Squatter by J.C. Clements. (Song) (3p.) (Item)
Australian songs by McKelire and Clements. (1 p.) (Item)
Hugh Hamilton (Sydney) to John Hamilton that taken passage on Duncan Dunbar, 13 January 1860 (Item)
Hugh Hamilton (Bathurst) to John Hamilton anxious to return home and see family, James gone to Moreton Bay, 25 February 1859 (Item)
Hugh Hamilton (Sydney) to John Hamilton re return to Scotland; sold bullock station, 13 June 1859 (Item)
Hugh Hamilton (off Lizard) to John Hamilton returns, 14 May 1860 (Item)
Hugh Hamilton (Sydney) to John Hamilton re money received from family; prospects of the colony 'bad government', 11 November 1858 (Item)
Hugh Hamilton (Sydney) to John Hamilton paying off debts; sold cattle at good price, 14 March 1849 (Item)
Envelope of material re Morney Plains station, Queensland, 29 August 1878 (Item)

Including plans, memo of sale, invoices, licence to occupy new run 1877-1879. (17p.)

Parts of interest include:John Dougal (Sydney) to Hugh Hamilton (8/11/1859) letter of commendation from Synod of Australia for his interest in church affairs.

Re plan to rob him of 65 square miles of land [page 3 only].

Archibald Hamilton (Rozelle) to Hugh Hamilton (2/03/1841) re his voyage to Australia.

Bundle 127 (File)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Plan of county of Georgiana, N.S.W., ms note by Hugh Hamilton that shows second station as gold commissioner at Tuena in 1851, camp at Abercrombie (Item)

Bundle 129, January 1853 - September 1857 (File)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Ledger of Hugh Hamilton in Australia, 1 January 1853 - 29 September 1857 (Item)


Details of expenditure, costs of living.

Includes: payments for clothes lost on road and replaced; hotel expenses; provisions; travelling expenses; gold diggers for rations; blackfellow for rations.

Australia and NZ Photograph Album, c 1890s (File Vol 40)

(22p. and 6 loose photographs).

Includes: George and Dundas, Fairlie N.Z. 1895; views of Picton (Dundas and Rutherford in rowing boat); wool team at Clayton; Saltram, Bathurst, 1890; Macquarie River from Ranken's Bridge.

Photograph Album c1890s, 1888 - 1895 (File Vol 41)

1 item
Photographs of Clayton, N.Z, 1888 - 1895 (Item)

[p.26-27, 41-44].

Includes: exterior and interior views of house.

Fonds DC 055. Professor Robert Muir, 10 Feb. 19[?] - 28 May 1912

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2697.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Robert Muir (1864-1959) was a graduate of Edinburgh University and practised as a pathologist and clinician. He was briefly professor of pathology at St Andrews University before being appointed to the chair at Glasgow University in 1899. He held it until 1936. He was the author of Textbook of pathology (1924).

Series 32-33. Diaries of voyage to Australia, 10 Feb. 19[?] - 28 May 1912

4 items
Voyage out to Australia, weather details (Item 32 ff.1-9)
Voyage Australia to London on Mongolia, Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Fremantle, other ships, passengers, Aden (Item 32 ff.10-32)
Runs during voyage (Item 32 ff.33-35)
Continuation of voyage out to Australia, Port Said, Aden, Colombo (Item 32 ff.37-72)

Series 33. Notes on Port Macquarie, notes on Sydney, trees, Australian birds in Sydney Museum; continuation of voyage Aden to London (56p.)

Fonds DC 79. Sir William MacEwen M.D., 1872 - 1923

5 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2697.

Biographical / Historical

Sir William MacEwen (1848-1924) studied medicine at Glasgow University, where he was strongly influenced by Joseph Lister. He joined the staff of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in 1875 and became professor of clinical surgery in 1888. He was one of the most famous surgeons in Britain, undertaking pioneering work in brain surgery and opening up the chest to surgical procedure. He was professor of surgery at Glasgow University from 1892 until his death.

Series 16. Correspondence from William MacEwen to his family, September 1923 - December 1923

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence from Pacific, New Zealand and Australia, 22 September 1923 - December 1923 (File)


Subjects include: voyage on RMS Tahiti; visit to Lae; trip on glass bottom boat to see coral reef; met in Wellington by ADC of the Governor; stay at Government House; with Lord Jellico; banquet attended by 40 medicos from all parts of N.Z.; Sydney - staying with Sir Alex McCormick; spoke gaelic at Highland Society afternoon; at Melbourne, guests of Lord and Lady Foster; social life in Sydney and Melbourne; impressions of Australia on tour to Perth.

Series 25. Correspondence from W. MacEwen Jnr. to his mother, November 1922 - November 1923

3 items

Letters while on a visit to Australia with his father.

Filmed selectively.

(Sydney) due to death of Governor, staying with Sir Alex McCormick; beauty of Sydney Harbour; voyage across Pacific; visit to Tahiti; stay in Wellington - cold weather. (4p.), 16 October 1923 (Item)
(Melbourne) visit to Botanic Gardens with Lord Foster (2p.), 31 October 1923 (Item)
(Melbourne) visit to Nature Reserve (4p.), 11 November 1923 (Item)

Series 56-57. Journal of James W. Allan, Surgeon of City of York (c. 90p.) and Voyage to Straits Settlements and China on SS Antenor, 7 March 1872 - 24 March 1923

Journal with daily entries for voyage to Colombo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Japan, Singapore, Malaya, Suez, Marsailles.

Details of crew illnesses, weather, flying fish, passengers, visits ashore, loading cargo, heat of Singapore, taking on tin and rubber at Port Sweatenham.

List of cargo taken on board on back cover.

Although listed, the press cuttings on Japan at end of volume were not filmed by the AJCP.

Voyage (Select p. 35-66)

Details of voyage from Liverpool, through Suez Canal to Straits of Malacca; visit to Penang; observations on Chinese passengers and opium smoking; visit ashore at Singapore; funeral of seaman who dived into mud.

Includes sketches and drawings of scenery and boats.

Series 85. My voyages by James W. Allan, 1870 - 1923

1 item
Deep Sea Voyages and Visits to Foreign Parts, 1870 - 1923 (File)


1. Atlantic Voyaging (1870)

2. A Trip to China (1872) [not filmed as an account of this voyage is detailed in the previous section]

3. The Cunard Round Trip in the Mediterranean (1882)

4. A Voyage to India and a run up to Darjeeling 1889)

5. On Board the 'Aurora' in 1893: The Record of a Sealing and Whaling Voyage

6. A Trip to the East (Egypt, India, Ceylon, Suva) in S.Y. Nahma (1906-07)

7. A Voyage to South America (1908)

8. To which is added - A Voyage to the Far East on board the "City of York" (1922-23)


Series 181. Photographs of Group Settlements, Western Australia

19 photographs, identified on back.

Subjects include: settler's cottage; post office; school at Group Settlement no. 38; group of settlers at Karridale Hall; timber clearing; British Emigration Delegation.

Fonds DC 81. Thomas Ferguson Rodger C.B.E., 1959 - 1961

11 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2698.

Biographical / Historical

Thomas Ferguson Rodger (1907-1978) was born in Glasgow and graduated from the medical school at Glasgow University. He was deputy superintendent of the Royal Mental School at Glasgow from 1934 to 1940 and then served in the Royal Army Medical Corps, specialising in psychiatry. From 1948 to 1973 he was professor of psychological medicine at Glasgow University. He was the co-author of Psychology in relation to medicine (1963).

Series ff.1-22. Papers from Mental Health Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1959 - 1961

11 items

Filmed selectively.

Conference programme (23p.) (File f.1)

Includes: background information and goodwill messages.

Ephemera (32p.) (File f.2)

Includes: postcards; brochures of scenic tours; certificate of appreciation for Prof. Rodger's speech at Christchurch Lions Club, 29 August 1961; comparative cost of living compiled by Canterbury Public Relations Office.

Personality Trait Disturbances by Ernest Beaglehole (6p.) (typescript) (File f.3)
The mental deficiency services: an analysis of existing policy and the community's requirements. Report by Mental Deficiency Subcommittee of B.M.A., New Zealand Branch (27p.) (File f.4)
Press cuttings (c. 50 cuttings) (File f.6)

Cuttings from unidentified papers re the conference and papers presented.

Princess Margaret Hospital, Christchurch. Commemorative booklet re opening by Governor General (28p.), 31 August 1959 (File f.10)
Will mental hospitals disappear? from a medical correspondent (3p.) (duplicated typescript) (File f.12)
Mental hospitals and the taxpayer: some questions from a medical correspondent (5p.) (duplicated typescript) (File f.13)

On mental health services in New Zealand.

Facts about mental illness (1p.) (duplicated typescript) (File f.14)

Statistics on mental illness in New Zealand.

Programme Schedule (4p.) (File f.21)
Lecture notes taken by Prof. Rodger. (11p.) (File f.22)

Fonds DC 86. Robert Simpson Silver, 1964 - 1972

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2698.

Biographical / Historical

Robert Simpson Silver (1913-1997) was born in Montrose and was educated at Glasgow University, where he studied physics. From 1936 to 1962 he worked in industrial research and design for companies and public authorities including Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), the Admiralty, the Gas Research Board, Federated Foundries Ltd., and G. and J. Weir. He was professor of mechanical engineering at Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh (1962-1966) and professor of mechanical engineering and thermodynamics at Glasgow University (1966-1979).

Series 13/14. Papers on Australia. (76p.), May 1964 - 1972

Includes:Notices re job vacancies for engineers at C.S.I.R.O. (1969-1972).

Press notices re statements (many by D.E. Fairbairn) on water resource projects in Australia (c.1965-1969). Projects included: River Murray development; Snowy River Irrigation; Emerald Irrigation project; Central Queensland; National Water Resources Development Programme; Hydrographic Studies at Grove, McArthur River, N.T.; Australian Water Resources Council.

Correspondence between Prof. Silver and M.A. Brooke (Australia House) re desalination plant on Rottnest Island (12/05/1964-1/09/1964).

Fonds DC 89. Sir Robert Horne, c.1926 - 1938

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2698.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Robert Stevenson Horne (1871-1940), 1st Viscount Horne (created 1937), was born in Stirlingshire and educated at Glasgow University. He was elected to the Faculty of Advocates in 1896 and became a Kings Counsel in 1910. He was elected to the House of Commons in 1918 and immediately held offices in the Lloyd George Government: Minister of Labour (1919-1920), President of the Board of Trade (1920-1921) and Chancellor of the Exchequer (1921-1922). He declined to serve under Andrew Bonar Law and, although he remained in Parliament until 1937, he never held office again.

Series 1/8. Papers, speeches, correspondence, press cuttings on the Dominions and migration (c. 272p.), c.1926 - 1938

Includes: speech by R.H. at Empire Industries Association meeting, 8 July 1926; speech by R.H. at Edinburgh, 26 March 1930 on trade; speech by R.H. at Imperial Institute, 19 February 1931; address by R.H. at Constitution Club, 1 October 1931; address by R.H. at Empire Migration Conference, 11 October 1937; abridged report of Empire Migration and Development Conference, 11 - 13 October 1937.

Correspondents include: L.J. Gavin (Our Empire); N. Chamberlain (Downing Street) on Empire Migration.

Fonds DC 90. Napier Collection, 1855 - 1868

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2698.

Biographical / Historical


Series 3. James R. Napier, 1855 - 1868

3 items
Subseries 3/12. Business Papers, October 1855 - April 1868
3 items
J.R.N. (Glasgow) to A.C. Howden re costs of postal communication with Australia by various routes (4p.), 19 October 1855 (File [1])
Comparative statement (in a mercantile point of view) of the relative advantages of goods or passenger traffic in connection with the conveyance of the Australian mails at different velocities either by the 'Cape' or 'Panama' route (18p.) (File [2])
JRN (Melbourne) to Donald Currie re technical details of voyage from Plymouth on Sussex; intends to visit Ballarat (4p.), 20 April 1868 (File [12])

Fonds DC 096. William D Weir of Eastwood. 1st Viscount, 1937 - 1953

2 items

William Douglas Weir (1877-1959), 1st Baron Weir (created 1918), 1st Viscount Weir (created 1938), was born in Glasgow and educated at Glasgow High School. He joined the family engineering business, G. and J. Weir, becoming managing director (1902-1915) and chairman (1910-1953). He was made director-general of aircraft production in 1917 and president of the Air Council in 1918. He served on many other government bodies in the post-war years and was an adviser to the government on national defence in 1937-1938.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2698.

Series 10. ICI Business Papers, 1937 - 1953

2 items
Correspondence, April 1937 (File 9)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Letter and report from Lord McGowan on visit to Australia and New Zealand, 19 January 1937 - ? (7p.), 30 April 1937 (Item)

References to visit to Perth - business in Western Australia; Adelaide - erection of alkali plant outside Adelaide; Melbourne - visited factories; discussions with P.M. re establishing oil from coal plant; meetings with other industrialists; Sydney; state of Australian economy; New Zealand - talks with cabinet ministers.

General Correspondence, November 1952 - April 1953 (File 32)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Report by Lord McGowan on visit to Australia and New Zealand, 15 November 1952 - 13 April 1953 (Item)

(9p.) [Filed after letter of 4 June].

Includes a copy of letter from R.G. Menzies urging McGowan to visit Australia.

References to visit to Adelaide - Soda Ash Plant - poor financial position; Australian economy; Melbourne - social visits; stay at Government House in Wellington; Auckland; economic position of I.C.I. in New Zealand; Sydney; Canberra; lunch with Menzies, talks with other ministers; political situation; mineral resources; relations with England; comments on ICIANZ staff.

Fonds DC 109. Professor T.R.F. Nonweiler, 1974 - 1975

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2698.

Biographical / Historical

Terence Reginald Forbes Nonweiler (1925-1999) was born in London and educated at Manchester University. He worked in the Scientific Advisor's Department of the Air Ministry (1944-1950) and the College of Aeronautics at Cranfield (1951-1957). He was professor of aeronautical engineering at Glasgow University from 1961 to 1975. He migrated to New Zealand in 1975 and was professor of mathematics at Victoria University, Wellington, until 1991.

Series 10. Personal correspondence, 1974 - 1975

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Carbons of correspondence, 1974 - 1975 (File)

Includes correspondence re his emigration to New Zealand and appointment to Chair of Applied Mathematics at Victoria University, Wellington.

Includes letters to: Registrar, Victoria Univ. of Wellington; Prof. Vere Jones (Wellington); Prof. G.A. Vignaux (Wellington); Prof. B.A. Woods (Christchurch).

Includes letters from: David Vere Jones (Wellington); John Harper (Wellington); Thora Blithe (Wellington).

Subjects include: closing bank accounts; change of address; resignation from University post and societies; N.Z. superannuation; travel arrangements; transporting computer programmes; personal items to take.


Fonds DC 110. Thomas Neville George, 1958 - 1968

6 items

Thomas Neville George (1904-1980) was educated at Swansea Grammar School, University College, Swansea, and St John's College, Cambridge. He was a demonstrator in geology at Swansea and worked for the Geological Survey of Great Britain before becoming professor of geology and geography at University College, Swansea, in 1933. He was professor of geology at Glasgow University from 1947 until his retirement in 1974. He was president of the Geological Society of London (1968-1970).

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2698.

Series G. Visits and conferences, December 1968

2 items
Correspondence, December 1968 (File G/7)
2 items
T.B.H. Jenkins (Univ. of Sydney) to George, 10 December 1968 (Item)

Inviting George to visit Australia as visiting professor under Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship plan in 1969.

George (Glasgow) to Jenkins, problems re leaving his Department at such short notice, 27 December 1968 (Item)
Correspondence, 1958 - 1968 (File J)
4 items
Trail (SS Orion) to George re voyage to Australia, 12 October 1958 (Item)
Trail (Broken Hill) to George, 21 March 1960 (Item)

Looking at metal mining industry; work with Bureau of Mineral Resources in Canberra; holiday in New Zealand; trip to Woodlark Island, P.N.G. to map an old gold field.

Trail (Canberra) to George, 8 April 1963 (Item)

Hoping to work for a PhD at A.N.U.; work mapping goldfields at Misima Island and Woodlark Island; trip to Mawson Station as geologist to A.N.A.R.E.

George (Glasgow) to Trail supporting him in PhD; ack. articles, 22 April 1963, 17 July 1963; 8 February 1966; 1 May 1968 (Item)

Fonds DC 120. MacFie Family Papers, 1838 - 1906

10 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2698.

Biographical / Historical

Robert Andrew Macfie (1811-1893), the son of John Macfie, a sugar refiner, was born in Leith. He entered his father's business in 1829 and in 1838 moved to Liverpool to establish a refinery. He was a director of the Glasgow Missionary Society and served on the foreign mission committee of the Presbyterian Church of England from 1848 to 1866. He retired from business in 1867 and from 1868 to 1874 was a Liberal member of the House of Commons. (John) William Macfie (1844-1924) and Robert Andrew Macfie (1854-1929) were the sons of Robert Macfie.

Series 5. Boxed correspondence, 1838 - 1906

10 items

Filmed selectively.

Great South Land: four papers on emigration. South Australia. 3rd ed. (34p.) (printed), 1838 (File 5/10/8)

Ms. note on back cover by R.A. MacFie that booklet written by class fellow William Smithi who went to Adelaide and founded Nairn.

Correspondence, October 1879 - November 1879 (File 5/27/15)
4 items
John William MacFie (Glasgow) to R.A. MacFie that now is time to send Robert to Sandwich Islands; Mr Watson is going out, 18 October 1879 (Item)
J.W. MacFie (New Ferry) to R.A. MacFie, 23 October 1879 (Item)

Re interview with Watson about Sandwich Islands, advises sending Robert 'the Island is mostly teetotal'.

[J.W. MacFie] (Liverpool) to R.A. MacFie with telegraph addresses for Watson, 5 November 1879 (Item)
J.W. MacFie (Liverpool) to R.A. MacFie re sugar plantations advertised for sale in Rau, 26 November 1879 (Item)
Correspondence, March 1880 - September 1881 (File 5/28/13)
7 items
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. paid £5000 to Robert Jnr, 18 March 1880 (Item)
[?] (London) to R.A.M. that Robert has got into a reputable concern, 19 March 1880 (Item)
J.W.M. (Royat) to R.A.M. re Robert's business, 19 July 1880 (Item)
Tom, King of Sandwich Islands, to East India Co. re Sandalwood trade (Item)

[Filed between letters of 26 June/13 September 1881.] (damaged)

J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. that King Kalakuua has left, 13 September 1881 (Item)
J.W.M. ( to R.A.M. re visit to Sandwich Islands, 16 September 1881 (Item)
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. going to Honolulu on Adriatic, 20 September 1881 (Item)
Invitation for Mr and Mrs J.W. MacFie to attend coronation of King and Queen of Sandwich Islands, 12 February 1883 (File 5/29/4)
Journal of J.W.M.'s trip to Hawaii (60p.), 1884 (File 5/29/7)

17 May - 26 May transatlantic voyage in Auronia, Chicago; Larime - visit to ranch; voyage on Australia from San Francisco, 7 June - 14 June; list of passengers; stayed on Kilauea plantation; journey back to England via America on Mariposa to San Francisco, 15 September - 10 October 1884.

(Some faint pencil)

Correspondence, 1882 - 1885 (File 5/29/16)

(119p. some incomplete).

Mainly letters between John William MacFie (Liverpool and Kilauea Plantation, Kauai, Hawaii) and his father, R.A. MacFie, re Robert A. MacFie Jnr.'s mismanagement of the plantation and efforts to save the money the family had invested in it. J.W.M.'s letters from Hawaii (1884) also include comments on people met; attendance at church; Hawaiian financial affairs; disappearance of old native ways.

Newspaper cutting re marriage of Edward MacFie of Kilauea and Miss Ritson, 23 November 1886 (File 5/30/6)
Correspondence, April 1886 - June 1888 (File 5/30/21)
7 items
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. re Robert, 19 April 1886 (Item)
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. 'Robert right to accept Young's offer', 2 November 1886 (Item)
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. re Robert, 17 January 1887 (Item)
James Dunn, Hawaiian Consul (Glasgow) to R.A.M. re visit by Queen of Hawaii, 2 June 1887 (Item)
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. re visit of Queen of Hawaii to London, 28 June 1887 (Item)
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. re problems with Kilauea plantation, 12 July 1887 (Item)
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. re Kilauea, 5 June 1888 (Item)
Correspondence, January 1890 - May 1891 (File 5/31/17)
10 items
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. that Robert soon to be discharged, 28 January 1890 (Item)
J.W.M. (Birkenhead) to R.A.M. re visit from Adams who had been schoolmaster at Honolulu; problems of Robert's debts, 17 February 1890 (Item)
Lord Derby (London) to R.A.M. re settlement in Western Australia, 10 March 1890 (Item)
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. had hoped Edward MacFie would go out to Hawaii, 11 April 1890 (Item)
Lord Derby (London) to R.A.M. that disagrees with him over West Australia Bill, 5 July 1890 (Item)
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. re resignation of Robert, 27 September 1890 (Item)
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. re news from Hawaii, 8 October 1890 (Item)
[Graham?] (Melton, Toowoomba) to R.A.M. and Mrs MacFie re his economic problems due to drought, lost his sheep, 20 November 1890 (Item)
J.W.M. (Liverpool) to R.A.M. re possibility of Robert returning to Hawaii, 23 January 1891 (Item)
J.W.M. (Rowton) to R.A.M. re finances of plantation, 30 May 1891 (Item)
Correspondence, January 1906 (File 5/32/26)
1 item
Bundle of correspondence re death of Ellison Lady MacClure (sister J.W.M.) during tour of New Zealand (14p.), January 1906 (Item)

Correspondents include: Mabel Easton (Wellington); Dorothy Gamble (Wellington).

Fonds DC 185. Glasgow University Fifth Centenary Congratulatory Addresses, 1951

11 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2698.

Series 31-61. The British Commonwealth - Universities

University of Sydney, May 1951 (File 38)
University of Melbourne, October 1951 (File 41)
University of Otago, May 1951 (File 44)
University of Queensland, April 1951 (File 50)
University of Western Australia, April 1951 (File 51)
University of Malaya, 1951 (File 60)

Fonds UCS. Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, 1908 - 1918

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2699.

Biographical / Historical

Sir John Brown (1816-1896) established the Atlas Steelworks at Sheffield in 1855 and by 1865 he was the largest rail maker in the world. The firm of John Brown and Company was formed in 1864, but Brown parted company with his partners in 1871. Under the leadership of John Ellis and his sons, the company continued to prosper and in 1899 it bought the Clydeside shipyard of J. & G. Thomson. With innovative marine technology, it became the preferred shipbuilder for the Admiralty and the Cunard Line. John Brown & Company at Clydebank built and repaired many battleships in World War II, but in the next two decades its position weakened. In 1967 it merged with four other shipbuilders to form the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, but the consortium collapsed in 1971.

Series UCS 1. Clydebank Division: James and George Thompson, Clydebank Engineering and Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.; John Brown & Co. (Clydebank) Ltd, 1917 - 1918

1 item

Biographical / Historical

The company made ships for the Royal Australian Navy, New Zealand Shipping Co. Ltd., P&O, Shaw Savill and Albion Co. Ltd. amongst others. Their files include technical plans, specifications, tenders, contracts and photographs for such ships as HMAS Australia (1910-1913), HMAS Canberra (1925-1928) and SS Rangitiki, Rangitata and Rangitane (1927). Due to the technical nature and extent of this material, these files have not been listed.

Labour conditions, training, 1917 - 1918 (File 58/2)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Volunteer forces disbandment demobilisation of pivotal men; employment of Australian soldiers awaiting repatriation, 1917 - 1918 (Item)

Correspondence with Shipbuilding Employers' Federation and Clyde Shipbuilders Association re employment of Australian soldiers.

Includes: 10 September 1918. W. Hughes (Australia House) to Messrs J. Brown Ltd. requesting Australian soldiers awaiting repatriation be employed in the shipyards in order to gain experience.


Series UCS 3. Alexander Stephen & Sons Ltd, 1908 - 1909

2 items

Biographical / Historical

The shipbuilding interests of Alexander Stephen & Sons were transferred to UCS in 1968.

Subseries 41. Papers of Stephen Family, October 1908 - February 1909
2 items
Letters, February 1909 (File 41/28)
1 item
Fred J. Stephen (RMS Moana) to Mr Scott, 9 February 1909 (Item)

Re tour of New Zealand - 'no new orders yet'; Fiji and Hawaii 'interesting' - American fear of Japanese influence in Hawaii; opinion of New Zealand.

Fred J. Stephen Letters, October 1908 - February 1909 (File 41/30)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Fred J. Stephen (SS Makina, Sydney; Adelaide Club; Melbourne; Dunedin; Auckland; Canada) to Alexander Stephen, with press cuttings., 10 October 1908 - 16 February 1909 (Item)

(c. 80p.)

Subjects include: details of voyage to Melbourne; meeting with politicians; business meetings - with Burns Philp and others; visit to Brisbane 'Queensland is the coming state'; opinion of New Zealand.

Fonds UGD 3. William Denny and Bros, 1896 - 1897

2 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2699.

Biographical / Historical

The Denny Family was involved in shipbuilding since the eighteenth century. William Denny (1779-1833) began building ships in Dumbarton in 1811 and his sons formed their own shipbuilding firm in 1844. In 1849 it was reconstituted as William Denny & Brothers. In 1862 Peter Denny (1821-1895) took sole charge of the shipyard and engine works, to be followed later by his sons William Denny (1847-1887) and Sir Archibald Denny (1860-1936). The company built all types of ships, particularly cross-channel steamships and ferries. One of its best-known ships was the tea cutter Cutty Sark (1869). The company went into liquidation in 1963.

Series 39. Miscellaneous, 1896 - 1897

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence re construction of Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand steamship Hawea (19p.), 1896 - 1897 (File)

Correspondence and invoices with Arch McMillan & Sons Ltd., shipbuilders and Union Steamship Co. of N.Z. Ltd. re building hull, delivery charges, specifications.

Correspondence re construction of steamship for New Zealand Shipping Co. Mataura (226p.), 1897 (File)

Correspondence re estimates, specifications, cost with N.Z. Shipping Co. Ltd.; includes specifications for triple expansion screw engines.

(Some faint pressed copy letters.)

Fonds UGD 43. Hardie and Rowan. Records, 1888 - 1896

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2699.

Biographical / Historical

From about 1886 the chartered accountants William Hardie and Alexander Allen were in business in Greenock. Their clients included merchants and shipowners. By 1898 the name had changed to Hardie and Rowan, charted accountants and stockbrokers.

Series 43/1. Prospectuses, 1888 - 1896

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Australian mines (c. 400p.) (File 43/1/1)

Includes: Cripple Creek Gold and Exploration Ltd.; Scottish West Australian Exploration Syndicate Ltd.; Turan Gold Mines, Sofala; Golden Plum Consolidated Gold Mines Ltd.; Mount Usher Gold Mines Ltd., Mount Morgan; Lombardy Gold Mine Ltd., Cue W.A.

Misc. Mines, Empire [Australian mines] (c. 570p.), 1888 - 1895 (File 43/1/4-5)

Includes: Rome Consolidated, W.A.; Hainault Gold Mine W.A.; Robinson Gold Mines Ltd., Goolgardie; Sydney Harbour Collieries; Gold Estates of Australia Ltd.; Menzies Pioneers Ltd.; Cuddingwarda Gold Mines Ltd.; Central Queensland Land Corp. Ltd.; Black Swan Gold Mine Ltd.; White Cliffs Opal Mines; West Australian Joint Stock Trust and Finance Corp. Ltd.; Northern Territories Gold Field of Australia Ltd.; Lord Brassy Gold Mines Ltd.; Midland Railway Co. of Western Australia Ltd.

New Zealand Mines (c. 300p.), 1895 - 1896 (File 43/1/7)

Includes: The Tokatea of Hauraki Ltd.; the Tararu Creek Gold Mining Co. Ltd.; New Zealand Minerals Co. Ltd.; Monowai Gold Mines Ltd.; Maoriland Gold Mines Ltd.; Whangamata Property Ltd.; Tasmanian Golden Gate Mines Ltd.; New Hauraki Gold Properties Ltd.

Fonds UGD 67. Netherlands India Dry Dock Co, 1873 - 1878

3 items

A firm of Glasgow merchants Roalte Behrend & Co. contracted with Antonius G. Bosch of Amsterdam, manager of the Netherlands India Dry Dock Co. to execute and supply docks, jetties etc. at Batavia and Sourabaya. Behrend sub-contracted with Hanna Donald & Co. of Paisley and troubles followed. The original contract of 1873 was modified and Scottish firms agreed to take shares in the Dry Dock Co. in 1879.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2700.

Modifications of agreement concerning the dock construction at Batavia and Sourabaya between A.G. Bosch of N.I.D.D. Co. and R. Behrend & Co. (12p.), 1878 (File 1/1)

Modifications of Articles of Association (15p.), 1878 (File 1/2)

Sub contract and agreement between R. Behrend & Co. and Hanna Donald H. Wilson and Cautioners (56p.), 1873 (File 1/3)

Fonds UGD 171. P. MacCallum & Sons Ltd, 1896 - 1910

1 item

Iron & Steel stockholders, Greenock. Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2700.

Series 171/2. Lang & Fulton, ship owners Greenock and its Associated companies

1 item
Minute book Ship Australian Co. Ltd. (69p.), 1896 - 1910 (File 2/3/2)

Minutes of AGM and annual report; gives details of Australian's voyages which included Newcastle, N.S.W., and Sydney and details of winding up after 8th voyage on which she went missing en route to Sydney from Mazatlan, 1908.

Fonds UGD 254. Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons Ltd, 1910 - 1954

16 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reels M2700-M2701.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Robert McAlpine (1847-1934), 1st Baronet (created 1918), was born in Lanarkshire. He had very little schooling and, while still a boy, worked in coalmines and on building sites. He established a construction business and by the 1880s had moved from building houses to building factories and railways. Five of his sons became partners and they took over much of the management of the company after 1906. By the 1920s it was recognised as one of the leading public constructors in Britain, building roads, council housing estates, dockyards and harbours. After McAlpine's death, the company was headed by his son Sir Malcolm McAlpine (1877-1967).

Series 8. New Zealand Crown Mines Co. Ltd, 1910 - 1954

16 items
Subseries 8/1. Corporate Records 1-4, c1914 - 1933
4 items

Filmed selectively.

Register of shareholders A-K (167p.), c.1914 - 1933 (File 1)

Details of name, address, occupation, shares held. Indexed.

Register of shareholders L-Z (150p.), c.1914 - 1933 (File 2)

Details of name, address, occupation, shares held. Indexed.

Register of New Zealand shareholders A-K (130p.), c.1914 - 1933 (File 3)

Details of name, address, occupation, shares held. Indexed. Includes specimen share certificate.

Register of New Zealand shareholders L-Z (129p.), c.1914 - 1933 (File 4)

Details of name, address, occupation, shares held. Indexed.

Subseries 8/2. Accounting Records 1-14, 1910 - 1954
12 items
General ledger No. 1. (c.300p. Indexed), 1910 - c1938 (File 1)

Details of profit and loss account, expenses, bullion in transit.

General ledger No. 2. (c.131 p. Indexed), 1941 - 1949 (File 2)

Details of profit and loss account, expenses, bullion in transit.

General ledger No. 3. (c.192p. Indexed), 1949 - 1954 (File 3)

Details of profit and loss account, expenses, bullion in transit.

Ledger, New Zealand accounts No. 1. (200ff. and Index), 1910 - 1945 (File 4)

Details of bullion, machinery, creditors, timbering, offices expenses.

Journal No. 1 on financial affairs (364p.), 1910 - 1953 (File 5)
Journal No. 1 on financial affairs. (56p.), 1929 - 1952 (File 6)
Cash book No. 1 on financial affairs. (196ff.), 1910 - 1953 (File 7)
Advices. (32p.), 1947 - 1953 (File 8)

Deeds of transfer of shares.

Transfer receipts for shares (unused). Nos. 501 - 750 (File 9)
Balance tickets. Nos. 251 - 500 (File 11)
Receipts, London & Colonial Register (unused) for transfer of shares. Nos. 251 - 500 (File 12)
Dividend warrants (unstamped and unused), 1933 - 1941 (File 13)

Fonds UGD 319. Scotts' Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. Ltd, 1967

1 item

Files on building individual ships, which include plans and specifications, have not been listed.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2701.

Biographical / Historical

John Scott set up a shipyard in Greenock on the Clyde River in 1711 and built small fishing craft. The first steamer to trade between Glasgow and Liverpool was built at the yard in 1819. The family purchased an engine works in 1825 and started to build steamers for long routes to the Far East. Charles Scott started building ships at the Cartsdyke Dockyard in 1850, while his sons established the Cartsburn Dockyard laid out for naval construction. Scott & Company was incorporated as a limited liability company in 1899. The company had a long association with the Royal Navy, building the first Dreadnought battleship in 1909 and building submarines between 1959 and 1975. The dockyards closed in 1981.

Series 12. Correspondence, 1967

1 item
Subseries 12/1. Subject files, 1967
1 item
1967 visit to Australia and South America by Mr Scott and Mr Hilton. Reports, August 1967 - September 1967 (File 12/1/83)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

Itinerary and report on tour of Australia and South America, (10p.), 12 August 1967 - 6 September 1967 (Item [1])
Ms. notes on tour [numbered 14-16]. (4p.) (Item [2])
Visit to Australia. (6p.) (Item [3])

Includes: 1 August 1967. John ? (London) to M.A. Sinclair Scott.

4 August 1967. Dacre Smyth (Australia House) to M.A. Sinclair Scott.

7 August 1967. ? (Glasgow) to Sinclair Scott.

All letters concern his trip to Australia and include introductions to people he will meet.

Folders on visits to Brazil, Argentina, Peru were not copied by the AJCP.

Material re trip to Australia and launching of HMAS Platypus (79p.), 10 August 1967 (Item [4])

Includes: August 1967. Correspondence with Allen Fairhall MP, Minister for Defence (Canberra), Rear Admiral F.W. Purves (Canberra) and Commander D.A.H. Borthwick (Canberra) re orders for submarines.

Filmed from Peru section onwards.