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Created: 2019

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Diary of Mathew Hale, 1 January 1851 - 31 December 1851 (File 4)

Diary records Bishop Hale's work with the Aboriginal Mission at Poonindie, near Port Lincoln. The diary also refers to Bishop Hale's travel especially in South Australia, the Aboriginal Australian families and children, sermons, livestock and crops, correspondence and his reading.

Diary of Mathew Hale, 1852-01-01-1852-08-29; 1853-03-23-1853-03-29 (File 5)

The diary refers to his travels in South Australia, the Aboriginal Mission at Poonindie, church services, farming and visits to neighbouring stations...

Diary of Mathew Hale, 1 January 1855 - 24 January 1855 (File 6)

Diary discusses his work at the Aboriginal Mission at Poonindie, near Port Lincoln. Mostly discusses travel plans, affairs relating to the Mission and its communinity, farming in the area and social news.

Diary of Mathew Hale, 1855-01-01-1855-04-11; 1860-08-16-1860-09-13 (File 7)

This diary describes his life in Adelaide, social events, court cases, visits to schools, meetings of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, and meetings of the Diocesan Assembly and the Synod...

Diary of Mathew Hale, 1 January 1876 - 26 April 1876 (File 8)

Written when Hale was Bishop of Brisbane. It mostly describes his travels, including journeys to Ipswich, Toowoomba, Warwick, Stanthorpe, Dalby and Roma. It also refers to confirmations, committee meetings, visitors and Archdeacon Benjamin Glennie.

Extracts from a diary, 30 December 1851 - 9 January 1852 (File 20)

An account of the illness and death of Takarnarro, an Aboriginal Australian man at Poonindie. (12 pp.)

Archbishop Edward C. Benson (Croydon, UK) to Hale, 1883 - 1884 (File 108-111)

The election of Alfred Barry, Bishop of Sydney; the Diocesan Synod in Brisbane; the selection of a successor to Hale; the possibility of a translation from an Australian see. (4 letters)

Queen Victoria, letters patent creating the See of Perth and appointing Mathew Hale as Bishop of Perth (Copy), n.d. (File 129)

Act of consecration of Mathew Hale as Bishop of Perth, 25 July 1857 (File 130)

Performed at Lambeth Palace by John Sumner, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Correspondence concerning the Poonindie Mission, Port Lincoln, 1850 - 1856 (File 133-66)

Correspondence concerning the affairs of the Aboriginal Mission Station between Hale and the Governor of South Australia, Sir Henry Young, the Colonial Secretaries Charles Sturt and B.T. Finniss, the Surveyor-General George Goyder, Oliver Richardson and others. It includes drafts of Hale's letters.

Drafts of reports by Hale to the South Australian Government concerning the Poonindie Mission, 1853 - 1855 (File 167-74)

4 reports.

Octavius Hammond. Report on the Poonindie Mission ( Parliamentary Paper, 4pp.), 19 September 1857 (File 175)

G.W. Hawkes. Account of the present state of the Poonindie Mission, Observer, 18 September 1858 (File 176)

George H. Farr and William Hawkes. Official report on the Poonindie Mission (copy), 28 August 1875 (File 180)

Report of the Protector of Aborigines, Native School Establishment, Adelaide, for the quarters ending (printed), 1849-12-31; 1850-03-31; 1850-06-30 and 1859-03-31 (File 181-84)

Correspondence concerning the Poonindie Mission, Port Lincoln, 1850-1854, 1895 (File 185-208)

The correspondents include Bishop Augustus Short (Adelaide), Matthew Moorhouse (Adelaide), Charles Driver (Port Lincoln), Captain John Bishop (Port Lincoln), C. Scott, G.W. Hawkes (Point Pearce) and Tom Adams (Point Pearce).

Press cuttings concerning the Poonindie Mission, 1850 - 1880 (File 209-14)

Press cuttings relating to the departure of Hale from Perth, 1875 (File 245-49)

M.B. Hale. Reply to friends at Port Lincoln, written at Fremantle, Western Australia, (printed leaflet), 16 February 1857 (File 250)

Addresses and newspaper cuttings on the occasion of Hale's departure from Australia, March 1885 - May 1885 (File 253-67)

An address delivered by the Bishop of Perth to the boys of the Bishop's School, Perth, 22 February 1862 (File 277)

On the occasion of the death of his son, Mathew Edward Hale, aged 10 years (printed, 10pp).

M.B. Hale. The Government and the opposition to certain rejected clauses of the Education Bill, 13 September 1871 (File 278)

Reprinted from The Inquirer, 20 September 1871.

Letter from His Lordship the Bishop of Perth relating to the support of Aboriginal native children, 23 August 1873 (File 279)

Parliamentary Paper (6pp).

M.B. Hale. A paper on the responsibility of the Church of England as regards the Aborigines of Australia, November 1882 (File 280)

Read at the Church Congress held at Melbourne (8pp, printed).

Extracts from the Independent Journal, 9 July 1858 (File 282-83)

Containing two letters from the Bishop of Perth concerning the transportation of convicts to Western Australia.