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Created: 2019

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Series. Australian and New Zealand Sales Ledger of Lever Brothers Ltd and its subsidiary companies (1 volume), January 1925 - December 1937

The volume, which is unpaginated, is arranged by company, beginning with Lever Brothers (Australia) Ltd. in Sydney. The statements cover periods of three months, six months, or a year and usually provide the sales figures for each week within those periods. The major products are listed separately, while minor products are grouped under headings such as 'other laundry soaps'. Occasionally, there is a breakdown giving the sales of a major product in each of the Australian states.

The list of Companies are as follows:
  1. Lever Brothers (Sydney)
  2. Edible Oil Industries (Sydney)
  3. J. Kitchen and Sons Ltd. (Melbourne)
  4. Rexona Pty. Ltd.
  5. D. and W. Gibbs
  6. W.H. Burford and Sons Ltd. (Adelaide)
  7. New Zealand Soap Co. (Wellington)
  8. Rexona Pty. Ltd., New Zealand.

Lever Brothers (Australia) Ltd., Sydney: Sales, January 1925 - December 1937 (File)

Products include Sunlight soap, Lifebuoy soap, Monkey Brand soap, Pear's soaps, toilet soaps, Rinso, soap powders, Lux, laundry soaps, scourers, scouring soaps, Sunlight oil cake, Sunlight coconut oil, edible oils and fats, margarine, glycerine, candles, toiletries, toilet soaps, linoleum polish.

Edible Oil Industries Pty Ltd: Sales, June 1934 - December 1937 (File)

Products include Copha, Vegetol, Bakkerol, Olonut and margarine.

J. Kitchen and Sons, Melbourne and Sydney: Sales, December 1925 - December 1937 (File)

Products include Velvet soap, Witch soap, sand soap, toilet soaps, soap powder, glycerine, margarine, edible products, tallow, fertiliser, soda crystals, Rexona products. The sales figures for 1925-1927 are divided by states.

Rexona Pty Ltd, Melbourne: Sales, June 1933 - December 1937 (File)

The products include ointment, soap, shaving sticks, shaving creams, shampoo powder, tooth paste, hotel soaps.

D. and W. Gibbs Ltd, London: Sales, June 1936 - December 1937 (File)

Products include small dentrifice, large dentrafice, tooth paste.

W.H. Burford and Sons, Adelaide: Sales, June 1925 - December 1937 (File)

Products include Signal soap, No. 1 soap, No. 2 soap, toilet soaps, snowflakes, linoleum polish, tallow, starch, soap extract, glycerine, white naptha, Epsom salts, soda crystals, sand soap, egg preserver, bone manure, meat meal. The sales figures for 1927-1928 are divided by state.

New Zealand Soap Company, Wellington: Sales, June 1925 - December 1932 (File)

Products include olein oil, glycerine, paraffin wax, tallow, bonedust.

Lever Brothers Ltd, Petone, New Zealand: Sales, March 1925 - December 1937 (File)

Products include Sunlight soap, Lifebuoy soap, Pear's transparent soap, Pear's opaque soap, Lux, Monkey Brand scouring soap, Rinso, glycerine, edible fats and oils, Vim scouring soap, Pear's preparations.

Rexona Pty Ltd, New Zealand: Sales, March 1934 - December 1934 (File)

Products include ointment, soap, shaving sticks, shaving cream, shampoo powder, tooth paste, hotel soaps.

W.H. Burford and Sons Ltd, Adelaide: Export Sales, December 1925 - December 1927 (File)

Sales to Straits Settlements, Federated Malay States, Ceylon, Netherlands East Indies.

J. Kitchen and Sons Ltd, Melbourne and Sydney: Export Sales, December 1928 - December 1929 (File)

Sales to Netherlands East Indies, Straits Settlements, Federated Malay States, Hong Kong, India and South Africa.