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Collection Summary

North Yorkshire Record Office
Collections held by the North Yorkshire Record Office (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1785 - 12 May 1965
Collection Number
M2112 - M2115
106 items
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Scope and Contents

Records of Northallerton Quarter Sessions 1785-1853 and York Quarter Sessions 1827-54, including calendars of prisoners.

Papers 1867-74 of Pulleine and Cowell Families of Clifton Castle, including correspondence relating to Frederick Pulleine's sheep farm in New Zealand.

Papers 1863-65 of Sir Henry Havelock-Allen concerning his service in New Zealand and the Maori War.

Papers 1823-33 of William Gowan on colonisation in Australia.

Papers 1853-56 of Frederick and Arthington Worsley relating to shipping and New Zealand wool trade.

Correspondence 1873 of Sir John Lawson on the Tichborne case.

Correspondence 1964-65 of County Archivist concerning identification of First Fleet convicts from Yorkshire.

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Material selectively filmed at the North Yorkshire Record Office, Northallerton, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1988 (AJCP Reels: M2112-2115). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

North Yorkshire Record Office. Northallerton, Yorkshire, England. For further information see North Yorkshire Record Office catalogue (

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The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at theNational Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

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Army officers; Australia; Convicts; Cowell Family; First Fleet to New South Wales; Gowan, William; Great Britain; Havelock-Allen, Sir Henry; Lawson, Sir John; New Zealand Wars; Northallerton Quarter Sessions; Pulleine Family; Pulleine, Frederick; Quarter Sessions; Tichborne case; Trade: New Zealand; Wool and woolgrowing: New Zealand; Worsley, Arthington; Worsley, Frederick; York Quarter Session; Yorkshire, England


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 351, p135.

Item Descriptions

Fonds I. BG. Board of Guardians Records, 1840 - 1843

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2112.

Series BG/HEL. Helmsly Minutes of Board of Guardians, March 1842 - April 1843

2 items

Filmed selectively.

John Wilkinson and family to be given money and clothes on the occasion of their emigration to Sydney. (2p), 12 March 1842 (File)
John Wilkinson to be allowed £11 to emigrate to America. (3p.), 15 April 1843 (File)

Series BG/RM. Richmond Minutes of Board of Guardians, April 1840

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Notice regarding offer of free passage to New South Wales for persons under 40 to be printed and distributed throughout Richmond Union. (5p.), 11 April 1840 (File)

Fonds II.P.R.. Parish Records, 1850

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2112.

Series PR/SVL. Staveley, March 1850

1 item
Other papers, 28 March 1850 (File PR/SVL/22)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Return from Secretary of State concerning the present whereabouts of Dennis Andrews transported to Van Diemen's Land in 1829 (1p.), 28 March 1850 (Item PR/SVL/22/5)

Fonds III.Q. Court Records, 1785 - 1857

8 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M2112-M2113.

Series QSB. Working Paper of the Court of Quarter Sessions, January 1788 - September 1790

4 items
Subseries. Presentments and Indictments, January 1788 - September 1790
4 items

Filmed selectively.

Northallerton, 27 January 1788 - 21 April 1789 (File)
2 items
George Dent. Transported (2p.), 27 January 1788 (Item)
James Annison. Transported (2p.), 17 March 1789 (Item)
Richmond, 26 November 1789 - 15 January 1790 (File)
1 item
William Meek. Transported (2p.), 26 November 1789 (Item)
Petitions, 13 September 1790 (File)

Inhabitants of Hutton to William Grenville on behalf of George Dent and letter from Grenville to Chairman of Quarter Sessions. (3p.)

Series QSG. Quarter Sessions, 1785 - July 1857

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Subseries. Northallerton Records, 1785 - October 1853
3 items
Calendar of the prisoners now confined in the House of Correction at Northallerton…and of those who are to take their trials at the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, 14 January 1817 - 18 October 1853 (File 1)

Includes details of transportees. (623p.)

Draft and copy orders relating to transportation, 1785 - 1850 (File 2)

2nd. 39 documents.

General Goal Delivery, 14 October 1817 - 13 October 1823 (File 3)

Includes details of transportees. (29p.)

Subseries. York Records, July 1827 - July 1857
2 items
Crown Calendar, 28 July 1827 - 8 July 1857 (File 1)

28 Jul 1827, 22 Mar 1828, 19 Jul 1828, 21 Mar 1829, 1 Aug 1829, 9 Jul 1831, 17 Mar 1832, 14 Jul 1832, 22 Mar 1834, 14 Mar 1834, 16 Dec 1843, 6 Mar 1852, 10 Jul 1852, 11 Dec 1852, 8 Mar 1853, 9 Jul 1853, 10 Dec 1853, 7 Mar 1854, 12 Jul 1854, 2 Dec 1854, 7 Mar 1855, 10 Jul 1855, 8 Mar 1856, 9 Jul 1856, 6 Dec 1856, 9 Mar 1857, 8 Jul 1857

28 documents.

Includes details of transportees. (175p.)

General Gaol Delivery, 19 March 1830 - 2 December 1854 (File 2)

15 documents.

19 March 1830, 9 July 1831, 12 July 1834, 11 July 1837, 12 July 1843, 8 March 1845, 6 March 1852, 10 July 1852, 11 December 1852, 8 March 1853, 9 July 1853, 10 December 1853, 7 March 1854, 12 July 1854, 2 December 1854

Includes details of transportees. (22p.)

Fonds IV.R.. Religious Records, 1843 - 1896

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2113.

Series RQ. Society of Friends, 1843 - May 1896

1 item
Subseries RQR. Richmond Meeting, 1843 - May 1896
1 item
Correspondence and papers, 1843 - 28 May 1896 (File RQR/7)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Publicity pamphlet concerning publication of A narrative of a visit to the Australian Colonies by James Backhouse. York. (2p.), 1843 (Item RQR/7/152)
Printed letter from yearly meeting of Women Friends held in London, 20 May 1896 - 28 May 1896 (Item RQR/7/271)

To Women Friends of Australasia. (2p.)

Fonds ZAW. Clifton Castle: Pulleine and Cowell Family Archive, 1867 - 1874

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2114.

Biographical / Historical

Frederick Arthur Pulleine (1843-1908), the son of Rev. Robert Pulleine, grew up in Kirkby Wiske near Thirsk, North Yorkshire. In 1862 he migrated to the South Island of New Zealand and became a farmer in the Marlborough district. He married Lucy Butt at Blenheim in 1868 and they had seven children. By 1872 they were living in the Thames district on the North Island, where Pulleine was an auctioneer and commission agent. In 1880 the family moved to Australia and settled in Adelaide. He established a fruit drying business and was the first secretary of the South Australian School of Mines in 1889-90. He returned to New Zealand in 1906.

Series ZAW 170. Correspondence recording a New Zealand Sheep Farming Venture, 5 October 1867 - 21 October 1874

2 items
Deed of co partnership, 6 April 1868 (File)

Between Joseph D. Tetley, Richard Beaumont, Godfrey W. Beaumont, Dudley Beaumont, Digby Garforth, William M. Hammick, William W. Hawkins, Frederick A. Pulleine, and Henry Wharton, in business of sheep farmers in district of Awatere, Marlborough, New Zealand. (9p.)

Correspondence 92 letters. (294p.), 5 October 1867 - 21 October 1874 (File)

Correspondents include Frederick Pulleine, New Zealand, James Pulleine (his uncle), Clifton, various members of the Beaumont Family, New Zealand and England, Henry Wharton, Dover, J.D. Tetley, New Zealand, H. Tetley, Bedale, Coutts and Co., Sir George Grey, London.

Subjects include Frederick's dissolute character, the sheep farming venture and its failure, Tetley's abscondment from Sth. America leaving Frederick in straightened circumstances, Frederick's disagreement with R. Beaumont, liabilities of the partners and the banks.

Fonds ZBA. Peirse Family Archive, 1814

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2114.

Series ZBA/21. Personal Papers, December 1814

1 item
Sir John Poo Beresford's Naval Letters, 3 December 1814 - 21 December 1814 (File ZBA/21/9)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Sir John Poo Beresford (1766-1844), 1st Baronet (created 1814), was the illegitimate son of George Beresford, 1st Marquess of Waterford. He joined the Royal Navy in 1782 and was made a lieutenant in 1790. From 1795 to 1814 he commanded ships in the West Indies, the English Channel, the North Atlantic and the North Sea. In 1814 he was made a rear-admiral. His second wife was Harriet Peirse of Bedale, Yorkshire.

To Sir John Beresford from convicts on board Indefatigable, 3 December 1814 (Item ZBA/21/9/73)

In praise of Captain Bowles and his exemplary treatment of them.

Mathew Bowles to Beresford, 3 December 1814 - 6 December 1814 (Item ZBA/21/9/74-75)

Re. conditions on board for the 200 convicts.

Sam Chambers, on board Duncan, to Beresford, 8 December 1814 (Item ZBA/21/9/76)

Regarding his inspection of conditions on board Indefatigable

Bowles to Beresford requesting permission to make way to Rio de Janeiro due to number of sick on board, 21 December 1814 (Item ZBA/21/9/77)

Fonds ZCZ. Messrs. Edmundson and Gowland, Solicitors. Ripon Archive, 1844 - 1852

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2114.

Agreement between Edward Other surveyor of Auckland and Thomas Henry, storekeeper of Auckland, 6 September 1844 (File ZCZ/676)

Re. piece of ground at Remnera, near Auckland purchased by Other from native chiefs.

Conveyance by E. Other, Bedale, Yorkshire to T. Henry, Epsom, Auckland of allotment of land in suburbs of Auckland, c.1848 (File ZCZ/677)

Harris, Auckland to Other re. sale of farms and purchase of allotments, news of recent arrivals (4p.), 1 June 1852.[c.?) (File ZCZ/678)

Fonds ZDG(H). Havelock Archive, 1863 - 1865

62 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M2114-M2115.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Henry Marshman Havelock (1830-1897), 1st Baronet (created 1858), was the son of General Sir Henry Havelock. He enlisted in the 10th Regiment and served in Persia and India, where he was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1857. He served in New Zealand in 1864-65, where he was deputy assistant quartermaster-general under Major-General Duncan Cameron. He was promoted to the rank of major in 1864, colonel in 1868, and major-general in 1878. He left the Army in 1881. In 1880 he inherited the estate of his cousin Robert Allan on condition that he change his name to Havelock-Allan. He was a member of the House of Commons (1874-81, 1885-92).

Series ZDG(H) III 4/3. Papers of Sir Henry Havelock-Allen during his service in New Zealand, September 1863 - March 1865

62 items
Subseries 1. Military Papers, 20 November 1863 - 16 November 1864
15 items
Details of field force, 20 November 1863 (File)
Two reports on military operations of 20 November 1863 from Camp Rangiriri, 23 November 1863 (File)
Statement made by Private George Linstrorn, 2nd. Battalion. 18 Royal Irish Regiment, 18 January 1864 (File)

Camp Kaihuru re. loss of bridle.

Report on skirmish on 11 February, 12 February 1864 (File)
Havelock, Te Awaruntu to Colonel re. condition of the troops, 9 March 1864 (File)
Havelock to Dawson asking which of the casualties are married Reply 7 April, 31 March 1864 (File)
William Naylor to General Cameron, 10 April 1864 (File)

Re possibility of peace; William Thompson to Naylor: issue doesn't rest with him alone.

Consumption of oats; hay; forage issued at Te Awaruntu; distribution of transport, 1 May 1864 - 10 July 1864 (File)
Commissariat Transport Corp. state of compliment, 10 July 1864 (File)
4 miscellaneous documents re completion of huts and Private Felix Logan, July 1864 (File)
Correspondence and statements, 11 November 1864 (File)

Re Havelock's servant taking a horse from the lines. 7 documents.

Correspondence re the taking of a letter by Cpt, Fisher from Havelock's table., 12 November 1864 - 16 November 1864 (File)

7 documents

Memo and telegrams re Havelock's servant taking a horse, November 1864 (File)

5 documents

Miscellaneous documents: War in America, receipts, draft despatch (File)

9 documents

Maps and sketches, 30th December [?] (File)

Including Paterangi, Taranaki, strength and distribution of the defence, militia and volunteer forces and armed settlers, Auckland.

Note that Havelock won the VC. 10 documents.

Subseries 2. Quarter Master General Departmental Memoranda, 2 September 1863 - 8 November 1863
9 items
Instructions for Officers commanding escort, convoy and posts on the Great South Road (4p.), 3 September 1863 (File)
Voucher for cartridges, 9 September 1863 (File)
That above instructions not applicable to attacks on convoys on the road, 17 September 1863 (File)
Extract of general order no.591, 2 September 1863 (File)

Re reporting matters of importance.

Methods to guard against surprise attack (File)
Deployment of convoy parties. 2 documents, 24 September 1863; 20 July 1863 (File)
George Pierce, Auckland to Officer Commanding Razorback, 19 September 1863 (File)

Sending box of books to form a library for the troops.

Covering parties for bush clearers, 24 September 1863 (File)
Notifying of any absences of men from the Great South Road Post, 8 November 1863 (File)
Note Book, 1863 - 1865 (File 3)

Containing an intermittently kept journal of the campaign. (Blank pages not copied, 33p. )

Subseries 4. Notes by Havelock on his activities and conduct of the War, 1 November 1863 - 9 February 1865
11 items
2 pocket notebooks, faint pencil only legible paper copied (5p.) (File)
Note in Maori (File)
Parts of journal (4p. and 2p.), 21 (December?) 1863 (File)
Journal (18p.), 26 December 1863 - 14 January 1864 (File)

Includes some Maori words at front.

Queen's Redoubt, 'Dear General', 5 November 1863 (File)

Re state of affairs in NZ, troops deployed, cleverness of the enemy.

3 pages of notes (File)
Battle of Rangiriri (23p.), 20 November 1863 (File)
Notes on Baptism and colonists attitudes to natives, 6 February 1865 - 9 February 1865 (File)
Notes on military theory against Maoris (6p.), 1 November 1863 (File)
Notes on Sir George Grey and other military matters (8p.) (File)
Note by Brigadier General Commanding in NZ, 9 December 1864 (File)

That Havelock has not been under fire since 2 April 1864.

Subseries 5. Miscellaneous items about the Campaign, 21 March 1864 - 10 January 1865
6 items
Notes on the War written at Nelson (13p.), 10 January 1865 (File)
Notes on how to defeat the Maoris (6p.), 21 March 1864 (File)
Part letter[?] 'how matters have gone since my arrival' (File)
4 documents of rough notes on War and politics in NZ. (File)

'The Commander in Chief quarrells with the Governor'

Dates engaged (2p.) (File)
Diary (6p.), 12 August 1864 - 14 August 1864 (File)
Subseries 6. Miscellaneous Papers, 30 October 1863 - 11 March 1865
13 items
Notes on politics and native affairs (4p.) (File)
Description of a military engagement, death of Captain Swift (File)

Note at end to Mr. Beaton, sorry that report in pencil. (12p.)

Rough notes, 4 documents including sheet of music (File)
On board Bounty Sermon [?] (8p.), 11 February 1865 (File)
List of things to do[?] (File)
Notes on guns (File)
List of things to do[?], 8 November 1864, for 9 November 1863 (File)
Abstract of letter, 13-Dec (File)
Notebook (4p.), 30 October 1863. Schedule 11 December 1863 (File)
Press cutting (File)

Re New Zealand.

Note of names and addresses (File)
Medication (File)
Receipt for telegraph, 11 March 1865 (File)
Subseries 7. Printed Pamphlets, September 1863 - 5 January 1865
7 items
Mr. Cardwell's despatch and Maori lore (17p.), August 1864 (File 1)
Southern Provinces Almanac (pp. 203), 1863 (File 2)
Panuitanga C. Grey (1p.) (File 3)
Mr. Staffords speech to his constituents at a public meeting, Nelson (5p.), 5 January 1865 (File 4)
New Zealand - its occupation and defence against native aggression by H.J.Warre. Journal of Royal United Service Institution, September 1863 (File 5)

(pp. 151-[illeg])

C. Partridge. Calumny refuted: the colonists vindicated and the right horse saddled; or a brief review of mis-government in New Zealand the cause of the native rebellion. Auckland, 1864 (File 6)


Henry Sewell. The New Zealand native rebellion: letter to Lord Lyttleton. Auckland, 1864 (File 7)

Fonds ZFL. Mauleverer Brown Archive, 1823 - 1833

4 items

William Gowan (1788-1857) of Arncliffe Hall, North Yorkshire, was the son of Colonel Clotworthy Gowan. In 1833, on the death of his aunt Frances Mauleverer, he assumed the name Mauleverer in lieu of Gowan. He was a member of the provisional committee of the South Australian Association (1834).

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2115.

Captain Henry Cock, Hobart to Gowan, 28 April 1823 (File ZFL/186)

Re arrival from Cape, backward state of the inhabitants, criticism of Governor Sorell. (crossed and faint)

Elizabeth Fletcher, Tadcaster to Gowan, 20 May 1833 (File ZFL/187)

Re political situation in England, requesting information on the Australian Agricultural Association and NSW for Lady Grey.

Statement of the principles and objectives of a proposed national society for the cure and prevention of pauperism by the means of systematic colonization. London, James Ridgway, 1830 (File ZFL/188)

G. Poulett Scrope. Extracts of letters from poor persons who emigrated last year to Canada and the United States. London, James Ridgway, 1832 (File ZFL/189)

Fonds ZFW. Wyvliffe of Constable Burton Archive, 1855 - 1888

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2115.

Biographical / Historical

Marmaduke D'Arcy Wyvill (1849-1918) of Constable Burton Hall was a member of the House of Commons (1895-1900). John Banner Price was the Deputy Assistant Commissary-General in New South Wales from 1844 to 1855.

F.F. Coxworthy, Melbourne to Secretary of State, 28 August 1855 (File)

Praising John Banner Price, Commissariat Dept. of the Army, who had served in NSW.

Correspondence of M. D'Arcy Wyville, 11 July 1885 - 5 October 1885 (File ZFW/7/5/24)

Letters, telegrams and other documents between M. D'Arcy Wyville, E K Law (Sleaford) and John B. Price (London), concerning the stealing of money by J.B.Price's son Edwin while working for Law and the decision to send him to Australia. Includes notices for 'Victoria' line of Australian clipper ships, Orient and Pacific Steam Navigation Co. and Dominion line to Canada and US. 46 documents.

Correspondence of John B. Price, 20 August 1885 - 14 November 1888 (File ZFW/7/5/27)

John B. Price, London to his son Edwin (Sydney), details of family life and comments on Edwins letters from Australia. Also includes J.B. Price to M.D'Arcy Wyville, to Wrench (City Bank, Sydney) Haviland (Sydney) and Fairbairn (Sydney) re. helping Edwin and J.B. Price's own time in Australia.

51 letters.

Fonds ZLB. Draycott Hall Archive, 1905

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2115.

Biographical / Historical

Draycott Hall near Reeth, North Yorkshire, was the home of the Denys-Burton Family. Sir Francis Denys-Burton (1849-1922), 3rd Baronet, was the owner of the estate from 1881 to 1922.

Series ZLB 37. Printed Books, April 1905

Western Australia: South Western Division: the land for settlers: for particulars apply WA Government (26p.) (File ZLB 37/14)
Western Australia: South Western Division: the land for settlers: some instances of success (8p.) (File ZLB/37/15)
Walter James, Agent General, WA, London to 'Sir', April 1905 (File ZLB/37/16)

Enclosing above pamphlets and extolling virtues of Western Australia.

Fonds ZNK. Zetland (Dundas) Archive, 1791 - 1816

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2115.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Thomas Dundas (1741-1820), 2nd Baronet (succeeded 1781), 1st Baron Dundas (created 1794), was a member of the House of Commons from 1763 to 1794. Margaretta Arden (1768-1851), the wife of Charles Perceval, 2nd Baron Arden, was a natural history collector and patron of John Lewin.

Series ZNK X 2. Papers of Thomas, 1st Lord Dundas, 1791 - March 1816

2 items

Biographical / Historical

Thomas 1st. Lord Dundas (1741-1820)

Lady Arden to Dundas, 20 March 1816 (File ZNK X2/1/2082-3)

Enclosing a list of the seeds of the 'choisest flowering shrubs in New South Wales' gathered by William Wilson in July - August 1815.

Advertisement proposing to erect a pyramid in memory of Captain Cook, 1791 (File ZNK X2/22/24)

Fonds ZON. Worsley of Hovingham Archive, 1853 - 1857

2 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2115.

Biographical / Historical

Frederick Cayley Worsley (1803-1884) was the son of Reverend George Worsley. His brother Septimus Worsley was a merchant in Wellington, New Zealand. Their elder brother, Sir William Worsley (1792-1879) of Hovingham Hall, was created 1st Baronet in 1838. Arthington Worsley (1830-1861) was the son of Sir William Worsley.

Series ZON 13. Personal Papers, September 1853 - February 1857

2 items
Subseries ZON 13/9. Papers of Frederick Cayley Worsley, February 1854 - May 1856
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Frederick Cayley Worsley (1803-1884).

Letters from his brother Septimus in Wellington, New Zealand, 5 February 1854; 21 February 1854; 1 June 1854; 21 May 1854; 23 July 1854; 12 September 1854; 12 May 1856, 2 nd (File ZON 13/9/1 - 10)

Subjects include description of New Zealand and trips made to interior, problems of building in an earthquake zone, building a new jetty, hunting whales, sending out new settlers from England.

Subseries ZON 13/14. Papers of Arthington Worsley, September 1853 - February 1857
4 items

Filmed selectively.

Papers relating to shipping and New Zealand wool trade, September 1853 - February 1857 (File ZON 13/14/1/1-28)
4 items
Articles of co partnership between Frederick Young, Merchant of Cornhill and Arthington Worsley (5p.), 20 September 1853 (Item 1)
Frederick Young (Torquay) to Arthington Worsley, 30 August 1854 - 3 September 1854 (Item 2-3)

Re. the business arrangement between them and lack of news from New Zealand.

Septimus Worsley (Wellington) to Arthington Worsley, 11 July 1854 - 23 February 1857 (Item 4-28)

11 July 1854, 26 August 1854, 28 August 1854, 10 January 1855, February 1855, April 1855, 10 May 1855, 18 (May)? 1855, 1 June 1855, 4 January 1856, January 1856, (7 March 1856)?, March 1856, April 1856, 23 April 1856, 29 May 1856, (and blurred copy), illegible date, 4 July 1856, August (1856), 12 December 1856, 19 December 1856, 25 December 1856, 23 February 1857

Subjects include emigration to New Zealand, activities of the provincial Government, an earthquake and re building, the firms merchant ships and what goods to send, merchants from Sydney and Melbourne are undercutting him, negotiating a Government loan.

Some letters are crossed and blurred.

Fonds ZPT. Scrope of Danby Archive, 1919

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2115.

Biographical / Historical

Danby Hall at Thornton Steward, Wensleydale, has been owned by the Scrope Family since the sixteenth century.

Series ZPT 24. Miscellaneous, September 1919

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Anne Goulter, Convent of Sacred Heart, (Rose Bay Sydney) to her Godfather Scrope, 9 September 1919 (File ZPT 24/52)

Re her vocation and life in the convent.

Fonds ZQH. Chaytor of Croft Archive, 1812

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2115.

Series ZQH 11. William Chaytor of Spennithorne, July 1812

1 item
Miscellaneous Papers, July 1812 (File ZQH 11/1)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Crown Calendar for Yorkshire summer Assizes holden at the Castle of York, 18 July 1812 (Item ZQH 11/1/209)

Includes: List of prisoners under sentence of transportation.

See also: QSG Quarter Session York Records (p.2)

Fonds ZRL. Lawson of Brough Archive, 1857 - 1873

4 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2115.

Biographical / Historical

Brough Hall near Catterick was the home of the Lawson Family from about 1575 to 1975. In 1837 Sir William Lawson (1796-1865), 1st Baronet (created 1841), built a Roman Catholic chapel on the grounds dedicated to St Paulinus. It contains a memorial to his second son Henry Lawson who was drowned in New Zealand in 1857. His first son, Sir John Lawson (1829-1910), 2nd Baronet (succeeded 1865), attended Stonyhurst College at the same time as Roger Tichborne and was a witness in the Tichborne Case in 1873.

Series ZRL 9. Personal Papers, January 1857 - May 1873

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Subseries ZRL 9/13. Henry Lawson, 3 January 1857
1 item

Biographical / Historical

Henry Lawson (d. 1857)

Photograph and lines written on the death of Henry Lawson, second son of Sir William Lawson, who lost his life in New Zealand, 3 January 1857 (File ZRL 9/13/1)
Subseries ZRL 9/14. Sir John Lawson, 2nd Batt, April 1873 - May 1873
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Sir John Lawson, 2nd Batt (d. 1910)

Correspondence on the Tichborne case, 7 April 1873 - 28 May 1873 (File ZRL 9/14/32-47)

7 April 1873, 10 April 1873, 14 April 1873, 2 May 1873, 3 May 1873, 5 May 1873 and 6 May 1873, (subpoenas to attend court on 8th May and 12th May), Friday, 9 May 1873, 10 May 1873, 16 May 1873, 19 May 1873, 22 May 1873, 28 May 1873 (2 letters).

Sir John to Stephenson asking for his expenses to be paid, 13 April 1873 (File ZRL 9/14/32-47)

Fonds VI. Other Records, 1964 - 1965

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2115.

Series CRONT 16/1. Correspondence concerning identification of First Fleet convicts from Yorkshire, December 1964 - May 1965

3 items

Biographical / Historical

John Cobley (1914-1989) was a Sydney physician, book collector and historian. His books included The convicts 1788-1792: a study of a one-in-twenty sample (1964) and The crimes of the First Fleet convicts (1970).

Messers AT Grey and J. Cobley, Sydney to 'County Archivist', Yorkshire (File)

Includes a list of convicts tried in Yorkshire of whom they would like further details.

Notes by North Riding County Archivist C.K. Croft-Andrew on the convicts. (File)


Correspondence regarding information on the transportees, 2 December 1964 - 12 May 1965 (File)

Correspondence between Croft-Andrew, OS Tomlinson, City Librarian, York, J.H.Glen, Town Clerk, Kingston Hill, Sir Bernard Kenyon, Wakefield, A.J. Thomson, Agent General's Office, NSW House, Messers Grey and Cobley, Sydney, Norman Higson, County Archivist, Beverley, Governor Wakefield Prison and RW Gelsthorpe, City Art Gallery and Museum, Wakefield regarding information on the transportees.

Dates include:2 December 1964, 15 December 1964, 15 December 1964, 16 December 1964, 21 December 1964, 24 December 1964, 30 December 1964, 30 December 1964, 31 December 1964, 1 January 1965, 4 January 1965, 4 January 1965, 4 January 1965, 4 January 1965, 5 January 1965, 5 January 1965, 7 January 1965, 7 January 1965, 8 January 1965, 8 January 1965, 8 January 1965, 11 January 1965, 18 January 1965, 19 January 1965, 20 January 1965, 12 May 1965.

Fonds OUTFAC 99. Yewdall Family, 1879 - 1880

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Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2115.

Ann Riley, on board Olaki to New Zealand to her parents and brothers and sisters, 16 December 1879 (File OUTFAC 99/19)

Re. life on board 'our bed is three feet wide and has to hold my husband, myself and Tom', food - wish had bought more supplies with them, arrival at Port Chalmers on Christmas Eve. (9p.)

Richard Riley, Dunedin, to his mother and family, 26 January 1880 (File OUTFAC 99/20)

Re life in Dunedin 'we have boxes for tables and chairs', hopes to get work.