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Fonds Adams.. Papers of Adams Family, 1905 - 1907

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence between J.J. Palmer (Kardella, Victoria) and W. Adams (Kettering), 1905 - 1907 (File 8-13)

Death of Palmer's father; will; financial matters; British elections; three-party system in Australia; Labor Party; Agents-General; need for man to have capital in Australia; family news. (6 documents)

Fonds CE (B). Papers of Cary Elwes Family, 1890 - 1891

Filmed selectively.

Diary, 30 October 1890 - 13 December 1890 (File 46)

Filmed selectively.

Detailed account of voyage from Tilbury to Hobart via Cape of Good Hope on Tainui, 30 October 1890 - 13 December 1890 (Item ff. 165-252)

Referring to concerts, theatricals, cricket tournaments. Some pages rather faded.

Diary, 12 January 1891 - 25 January 1891 (File 47)

Filmed selectively.

Account of visits to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Albany (27pp.), 12 January 1891 - 25 January 1891 (Item)

Includes an account of journey in North Island of New Zealand, n.d. (3pp.)

Fonds D. Daventry Collection, 1832

Series 7484. Papers of E.S. Burton of Daventry, November 1832

Filmed selectively.

J. Franks (Calcutta) to W. Burton, 6 November 1832 (File 14)

Supports decision of Burton to go to N.S.W. as Judge of Supreme Court; high regard for Sir Richard Bourke.

Fonds E (GB). Papers of Elwes Family of Great Billing, 1848 - 1859

Filmed selectively.

C. Fitzgerald. Despatch book, August 1848 - November 1849 (File 944)

Register and copies of official despatches to Lord Grey from Charles Fitzgerald, Governor of Western Australia (106pp.), August 1848 - November 1849 (Item)

Subjects include arrival in Perth; exploration; transmission of reports, regulations and newspapers; applications for emigrants; mineral discoveries; estimates; import duties; disposal of convicts.

C. Fitzgerald. Despatch book (322pp.), November 1849 - December 1851 (File 945)

Register and copies of official despatches to Lord Grey from Charles Fitzgerald. Subjects include arrival of Roman Catholic mission from Spain; appointments; arrival of convicts; transmission of returns, reports and newspapers; discovery of guano at Sharks Bay; establishment of Convict Department; aboriginal prisoners; applications for female convicts; erection of lighthouses; mineral discoveries; postage rates; memorial of T. Peel.

C. Fitzgerald (Perth) to Lord Grey, 20 December 1849 (File 946)

Account of expedition to Champion Bay and Murchison River with A. Gregory; attack by large number of Australian Aboriginals. (4pp., draft).

Proceedings of a meeting to organise amateur theatricals in Perth, Valentine Cary Elwes in chair (3pp.), 8 May 1854 (File 947)

Theatre bills (2 on silk) of three amateur theatricals held at Court House, Perth, July 1854 - September 1854 (File 948)

Sarah Dyett (Perth) to V. Cary Elwes, 1855 - 1859 (File 980-90)

Loan of book; advice on religion and matrimony; behaviour of Mrs E. Fitzgerald; difficulty of returning to England; Governor Kennedy; social events; Bishop M. Hale; family news; marriage of V. Cary Elwes. (11 letters, legibility varies).

Fonds F.H.. Papers of Finch-Hatton Family of Kirby Hall, 1888 - 1895

Filmed selectively.

Series 2085-94. Papers of Lord Winchilsea concerning Weinholt Estates Company, 1888 - 1895

Papers include deed of mortgage and trust (15 Oct. 1888); 1894 annual report of Weinholt Estates Company; correspondence of Lord Winchilsea with R. Stewart, A. Blackwood (Melbourne) and J. Huggins (Melbourne) concerning inspection and management of properties in Australia; and reports of A. Crombie and W.B. Slade of Saltern Creek, Katandra, Fassifern and Maryvale Stations, Queensland (1895).

Fonds G (K). Papers of Gotch Family of Kettering, 1836 - 1840

Filmed selectively.

Copy of will and codicil of John O. Davis of Canning River, Western Australia. Probate granted, 13 February 1836 - 19 August 1840 (File 919)

Fonds Holt. Papers of Holthouse Family of Hellidon, 1839 - 1891

Filmed selectively.

Edward Holthouse (Adelaide, Auckland) to parents and other members of family, 1839 - 1871 (File 388)

Strength of dissenters in South Australia; experiences in New Zealand; farming; relations with Maoris; New Zealand economy; Governor R. FitzRoy; return to Adelaide in 1845; purchase of properties; South Australian Constitution; progress of Adelaide; visit to Palmerston. (28 letters, most written crosswise).

Edward Holthouse (Adelaide) to nephew Edwin Holthouse, 1877 - 1887 (File 389)

Family news; medical matters; concern in Australia about New Guinea and New Hebrides; financial matters. (27 letters).

Thomas Le Gay Holthouse (Auckland) to mother and Charles Holthouse, 1841 - 1843 (File 390)

Economic stagnation; financial and family matters. (3 letters, very poor legibility).

Thomas Le Gay Holthouse (Ballarat) to Henry, Charles and Annie Holthouse, 1858 - 1880 (File 391)

Family news; financial problems; Ballarat society. (7 letters).

Thomas Le Gay Holthouse (Ballarat) to Edwin Holthouse, 1881 - 1891 (File 392)

Financial matters; duties at Ballarat District Benevolent Asylum; influx of doctors into Victoria; growth of Melbourne; exchange of photographs; presidency of Ballarat Medical Society; family news; sale of property.

Fonds Loake. Records of Loake Bros. Ltd.; shoe manufacturers of Kettering, 1893 - 1896

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence and agreements concerning agencies, 1893 - 1896 (File 34)

Includes agreements dated 19 June 1893 and 18 July 1896 with Lion and Mosely, merchants of London and Sydney, concerning agency for Loake Bros. in Australasia. (4 items).

Fonds NPL. Northampton Public Library Collection, 1837 - 1850

Filmed selectively.

Series 1651-1729. Papers of Rev. Abner Brown, Vicar of Pytchley, relating to emigration of rural poor to Australia, 1837 - 1850

The papers, which are in no apparent order, include:...

Fonds WH. Papers of Ward Hunt, 1868

Filmed selectively.

C.B. Adderley to W. Hunt, 15 January [1868] (File 227)

Colonial Office proposal to clear off New Zealand claims; new state of affairs in New Zealand should not be marred by haggling dispute.

Fonds X3834. Diary of Philip Wake, 1848 - 1852

Diary of Philip Wake kept at intermittent intervals (157pp.), 31 July 1848 - 11 January 1852 (File)

Describes voyage from Portsmouth to Melbourne; work on sheep station on Lodden River; visits to Melbourne and Mt. Gambier; kangaroo hunting.

Fonds. Miscellaneous Documents, 1852 - 1937

Filmed selectively.

G.J. Whincop to J.M. Mobbs (Pytchley), 6 January 1937 (File YZ5247)

Search for wills and certificates in pursuit of fortune left by John Mobbs in 1791; money raised by Australian members of family. (copy).

G.J. Whincop to J.M. Mobbs, 15 April 1937 (File YZ5249)

Impending return to Australia; search for 1831 marriage certificate lists addresses of various Mobbs. (copy).

Two cuttings and notes concerning 'Mobbs Millions', referring to meeting in Sydney to form 'Mobbs Millions Investigation Association' (File YZ5250)

Thomas V. Dickins. Journal kept on on voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne (36pp.), 15 November 1852 - 7 April 1853 (File ZA1451)

Detailed account of voyage, including storms, Christmas celebrations, mutiny by sailors, gambling, auctions, visit to Cape Town.

Printed poem by W.R.B. entitled 'The log of the ship Norfolk on her second return trip from Victoria' (7pp.), 22 June 1858 (File ZA1452)

Deed of conveyance from Thomas F.L. Edmonds (Diamond Creek, Victoria) and Elizabeth Edmonds (Northampton) to J.A. Stephens and F.J. Cotton of property at Guilsborough, 8 August 1879 (File ZA4357)

Fonds ZB85. Papers of Attenborough Family, 1855 - 1869

Filmed selectively.

Power of attorney from Thomas Attenborough and Mary Attenborough (Melbourne) to George Attenborough and Richard Attenborough (London), 25 April 1853 (File 6[a])

Power of attorney from James Attenborough, Thomas Attenborough and Mary Attenborough (Melbourne) to George Attenborough and Richard Attenborough, 10 November 1855 (File 6[b])

Power of attorney from Mary Attenborough, Thomas Attenborough (Melbourne) and James Attenborough (Barnsdale) to George Attenborough and Richard Attenborough, 22 May 1869 (File 6[c])

Fonds ZB91. Documents deposited by Messrs. Becke Phipps, 1865 - 1888

Filmed selectively.

Papers concerning financial affairs of Elizabeth Tibbits (London), 1865 - 1888 (File 12)

Includes two letters of W.T. Smith (Melbourne) concerning goldmining in Victoria.

Fonds ZB324. Records deposited by H.L. Percival of Moulton, 1865 - 1885

Filmed selectively.

S.W. Long? (Adelaide) to sister, 27 September 1865 (File 4)

Family news; urges sister to emigrate; clothes needed by emigrants; orchard. (incomplete).

S.W. Long to sister and H.J. Percival, 28 October 1867 (File 5)

Death of father; family news; Government borrowing for public works; Chancery cases.

Rebecca Long (Jamestown, South Australia) to aunt, 30 September 1885 (File 14)

Family news; Jamestown and its churches; inquiries about Salvation Army. (incomplete).

Fonds ZB351/1. Papers of Langley Family, 1879 - 1982

Filmed selectively.

Marjorie Stentiford. 'The Langleys of Northamptonshire, being an account of family history of Warwick Langley who emigrated in 1836'. Adelaide (17pp., typescript), 1982 (File)

J. Pearce. Obituary of Warwick Langley. Transcribed from Bible Christian Church Magazine (1p.), February 1879 (File)

Fonds ZB351/2. Papers of Dickins Family, 1865 - 1982

Filmed selectively.

Jill Roy. 'A search for the Dickins Family'. Panguna, Papua New Guinea (5pp., typescript), [1982] (File)

Copies of letters to Joseph Dickins in Victoria from family in England, 1865 - 1869 (File)

Photograph of Joseph Dickins at Kyneton, Victoria, n.d. (File)

Includes photographs of Thomas Dickins, "Grandfather Carter and Aunt Emily" and "Mt Pleasant" at Langley near Kyneton, Victoria...