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Created: 2019

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Series C.P.5.. Official Records: Papers of Edward Smith Godfrey, Clerk of the Peace, Nottinghamshire, 1806 - 1843

Filmed selectively.

Forbes (Clerk of Peace, Sleaford, Lincs.) to Godfrey, 12 October 1832 (File 4/382)

Details of Lincolnshire transportation methods; possibility of joint scheme in Nottinghamshire.

J. Charge (Clerk of Peace, Chesterfield, Derby) to Godfrey, 15 November 1832 (File 4/383)

Discussing that a joint transportation scheme will be considered.

Series. City Archives, 1723 - 1858

Card index to Nottingham borough Quarter Sessions records: transportations, 1723 - 1858 (File)

The index gives name, date of conviction, sentence, crime and the reference to the Quarter Sessions Record books. There are very few entries for the period 1790-1815.

Series DD ATK. Records of Atkeys of Nottingham Ltd., 18 July 1852 - 1936

Atkeys of Nottingham Ltd. were motor engineers and motor car agents. Filmed selectively.

Correspondence of Sir Albert and Lady Atkey on their Tour of New Zealand (10 letters), 1936 (File 37)

The correspondents include E. Wratten (Auckland), Alice Toner (Auckland), A. Bonner (Auckland), A. Saxton (Wellington) and E. Day (Geraldine). There is also a letter from T. Hastie (Melbourne) on Australian duties on the import of vehicle bodies and a copy of a letter to the President of the Auckland Chamber of commerce on Anglo-New Zealand trade and duties on British goods.

Power of attorney granted to Isaac Hill (Nelson, N.Z.) to R.L. Thorpe (Nottingham) to act re intended indenture, 4 April 1868 (File City DD 3940)

Thomas Ross (Williamstown) to parents, 18 July 1852 (File City DD 16471)

Discusses the voyage to Melbourne; prices and rents; desertion of sailors and street violence.

Thomas Ross (Bendigo) to parents, 3 October 1852 (File City DD 16472)

Ross mentions: work at goldfields; injury; 'swarms of police and commisioners'; food and clothing; licence fee; hopes to return to England; religious services at diggings.

John Till to Isabella Ross, 12 May 1857 (File City DD 16473)

Details the death of Thomas Ross at Maryborough.

Series PR. Parish Records, [c. 1840's]

Vestry book of East Brigford, [c. 1840s] (File 6567)

Includes:Grant of £35 to assist John Hill and family to emigrate to Australia (1p.)...

Series. Turner Family Private Records, 9 November 1855

Filmed selectively.

Letter of J. and R. Turner, 9 November 1855 (File DD 380)

J. and R. Turner (Brighton, Victoria) to their parents discussing the depressed state of trade; difficulty of earning living; a plan to go to Ballarat diggings and the birth of their son.

Series DD 670. Hopkins Collection of Lawrence Material: The Letters, 21 April [1922]-30 Aug. 1929

Letters of D.H. Lawrence to William and Sallie Hopkin, 21 April [1922]-30 Aug 1929 (File DD 670/1)

Filmed selectively.

D.H. Lawrence (Kandy) to Sallie Hopkin (Eastwood, Notts.), 21 April [1922] (Item 40)

The postcard talks about a visit to Ceylon; how it is too hot so going on to Australia and that the East too boneless and negative.

D.H. Lawrence (Oberbayern) to William Hopkin, 30 August 1929 (Item 43)

The letter discusses a novel by Col. Hutchinson; the old Germany; hopes he had good time with P.R. Stephenson but the socialists are merely a little bourgeois over again.

Series DD 686. Papers of Dr. Marjorie Clifton

Filmed selectively.

Eliza Rowe to Aunt, n.d. (File 13)

The letter discusses a forthcoming visit to Australia and family history.

George Dickinson (Bright, Victoria) to Harriet Dickinson (Nottingham), 30 May 1858 (File 16)

Discusses life in Australia.

Series DD 742. Papers of Joyce Eddison, 21 December 1836

Filmed selectively.

James Jephson (Kishu, Pershian Gulf) to Caroline Jephson, 21 December 1836 (File 9)

Discusses the People of Kishy and how the captain of ship has remarkable dog from N.S.W.- half kangaroo, half greyhound.

Series DD 790. Papers of Dame Laura Knight

Filmed selectively.

First typescript of unpublished version of life of Irish acrobat and trapeze artist Joe Bert, who toured India, China, Thailand, Sumatra and Australia. (File 14)

With manuscript corrections and additions. (119 folios)

Series DDH 151. Papers of Buck Family of Farndon, 19 March 1891 - 23 March 1905

Filmed selectively...

William Buck (Patoka Station) to B.T. Pratt (Newark), 19 March 1891 (File 32)

The letter mentiones camping out catching wild horses and offers thanks for assistance to emigrate to New Zealand.

C.J. Parr (Auckland) to Hodgkinson, 28 September 1901 (File 91)

Requests copy of will of father of Samuel Buck.

C.J. Parr (Nottingham) to [unknown], 12 June 1902 (File 92)

Samuel Buck; meeting with members of Buck Family.

Murray, Hutchins, Stirling and Murray (London) to Hodgkinson and Beevar, 23 March 1905 (File 93)

Estate of J.P. Buck.

William Buck (Napier) to Hodgkinson, 9 December 1900 (File 94)

Gives authority to act as solicitor.

William Buck (Nottingham) to Hodgkinson (File 95-98)

Sale of land and tenancy matters. (4 letters).

Series DDH 154. Papers of Harvey of Newark, 9 July 1880 - 22 December 1886

Filmed selectively...

Particulars and valuation of a farm at Darlton, Nottinghamshire, 9 July 1880 (File 42)

The property of Mr Thomas Jackson.

D. Bawler to R. Hodgkinson, 22 December 1886 (File 45)

Regarding rents for Darlton estate.

Series DDH 160. Papers of H.A. Irwin of Ireland and Collingham, 24 February 1886

Filmed selectively...

Dyson Lacy (Bowen) to H.A. Irwin, 24 February 1886 (File 30)

The letter discusses the author's wishes to transfer trusteeship to person in Australia and that there is no prospect of returning to England.

Series DDH 172. Wills, settlements and cognate papers, 27 December 1866 - 1878

Filmed selectively...

Probate will of Jane Andrews of Hobart, later of Newark, died 21 Nov. 1898 (File 2)

Draft authority from Alfred Johnson of Nelson, New Zealand to J. Oldrid and T. Stafford to pay £50 to Charles Johnson, 1867 (File 130)

Deed poll and power of attorney between George Johnson of Melbourne and John A. Ewen of London, 30 October 1876 (File 135)

Nine receipts of George Johnson of Melbourne, Alfred Johnson of Nelson and others for shares under wills of parents, 1876 - 1878 (File 148)

Indenture and release of trusts of William Newbound of Alexandra, New Zealand, and others under will of W. Newbound, 27 December 1866 (File 173)

Indenture and release of trusts of William Newbound of Alexandra and others under will of Mary Newbound, 8 December 1874 (File 174)

Series DDH 177. Papers of English Family of Newark, 22 April 1897

Filmed selectively...

Copy of deed poll and power of attorney between Ann Esam of Warrnambool and Richard Mason of Lincoln to receive shares under will of William English and Kathleen Shuttleworth, 22 April 1897 (File 139)

Series DDN. Papers of Nevile Family of Thorney Hall, Newark, 5 August 1868 - 28 October 1868

Filmed selectively.

Notes on a voyage in William Davie from Greenock to Pt. Otago (8pp.), 5 August 1868 - 28 October 1868 (File 233/9)

Series DDWM 4. Papers of Foster Family, 1888 - 1893

Filmed selectively...

Thomas P. Foster and Charles M. Foster to T. Bescoby (Retford), 1888 - 1889 (File 146-149)

The letters discuss payment of allowance to uncle; name of bank in Sydney; sends deed of conveyance; acknowledges bank draft. (4 letters.)

C.M. Foster (Ulmarra, Clarence River) to H.P. Foster, 14 January 1892 (File 150)

The letter discusses problems with brother over management of property; losses due to floods; bankruptcy of T.P. Foster; impending marriage.

J. Walker (Newark) to T. Bescoby, 26 September 1892 (File 151)

This file details: the death of H.P. Foster; portraits forwarded to Australia; the sending of a letter from C.M. Foster.

Correspondence between T.P. Foster (Sydney), C.M. Foster (Ulmarra), Haig and Heppenstall, Barraud, Regge and Jupp (London) and T. Bescoby, 1892 - 1893 (File 152-162)

This correspondence concerns the receipt of portraits and documents concerning the estate of H.P. Foster and sending powers of attorney. (11 letters)